The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1934
Page 4
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PACBfQPl (ARK.) COURIER NBW§ FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THB COURIER NKWS CO, PUBU8HBWI O. R. BABOOCK, ttUKu H. W. HAINES, Admtinng Sole Nation*! Advertising Bepn»caUtl»e»: Arkansas EwUIts, Inc., New York, Chicago, Cetrvlt. St. IXKito, Dallas, 2UKM Citr, MemphH. Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at Hie post office flt B^thcvlUe, Arkansas, under act ol CongMM, October 9, 1917. Served ay the United Press " SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in CMS ««y or BlvtiicviUe, 15o per •«>ir nr S650 cor year in advance, ^y mMvtltSa R radius ol M miles, »3.00 per rear 11 W for six montfcs, 8Sc fcr tUte month*; $ mall to postal » 0 »es two to elx Uiclualw. $0.50 per year, In zones seven aitf fight, per year, payable in advance. as careful when conditions are favorable as we are when limy aru uiifuv- orable, our auto Irafl'ic toll would cease to foe u national Hcamlnl. —Uruci; OiUon. Watch Your Driving On Fair Days, Too One of the (iticcrwil things about automobile traffic *u the fact that whenever there is a spell of nasty winter weather, which coats Hie streets with ice and makes driving extrit- hazai-dous, one is almost certain to lind Hie accident rate dropping abruptly. One good-sized city gave a graphic illustration of this lust mouth. Us police traffic deiiarlmcnt is undermanned, and it does not ordinarily keep its traffic situation very well under control. Since the start of the year, fatal automobile accidents had been occurring at the rate of about one a day. _. , Then came a violent cold spell. , The streets were icy, treacherous; snow flumes lillcd the air, eultiiiK down the vision of drivers; ami iicdestrians alike, aiul adding nn extra risk to the situation. • -. * t » And immediately the city's, accident rate dropped to an asloundingly low point. Instead of killing someone every • day, its motorists killed no one at all— until the storm had passed and traffic conditions became safer. In this startling reversal of logic, there is a neat little moral for motorists all over the country. It is pretty clear proof that auto accidents do not come from dangers inherent in the now of traffic. They comq simply motorists and pedestrians take risks that they have no business to lake. When the streets arc dry, and every car can be kept' under perfect control, and drivers and pedestrians alike can see without difficulty in every direction—then is the dangerous time. Motorists drive too fast, they cut in and out of traffic lanes, they try to beat the other fellow across intersections. Pedestrians trust tu their nimbleness of foot to dart through lines of heavy traffic. The result, of course, is that many people get killed and a far greater number gels maimed. * * .' But when bad weather conies, so that it's hard to stop a car suddenly, and the footing is uncertain—well, then we get wise to ourselves and slop taking chances, and, as n result, accidents diminish. If we could take the trouble to be Fatal Relics of War Mines put into the sea during Hie World War still are afloat. A. Finnish steamer recently found one in the Baltic Sea and had it destroyed. Since the war one Swedish naval officer has I omul and destroyed more than MO •drifting mines—hideous engines »f death, waiting to slip into the paths of unsuspecting ship captains. That such hazards still on the high seas i.s rather shocking lo one's KCIIKC of security. Hut when you slop to think about it, the wonder is thai tin-re arc not more of them around Lu cause tragedies. Mines were lossed into the water in an indescribably prodigal manner during the war. When the armistice arrived, the allied navies spent months picking them up; but in the very nature of things it was inevitable that lliuy should miss a tfrcal many. Tho world really, is very lucky lhal these derelict mines have not proved u far greater hazard lo post-war ocean traffic. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark) The Editor'* Letter Box 1 <l ii ! ^~ *? 'f^T>", r^=^ -, I ir.t'. mill the roll of ihcsu staking ' work, and sec what is your can- elusion. • I for one, want employment, but I do noi want a place t.liat another FavoritUin in Itclicf Woik ITo lhe editor:) Last' summer Mr. Kossevcll and his udvUers saw lhe pressing need of work for the unemployed millions. Fro:)) thr NfUA, a greal act, was born several children, one wlilc:-. affected ulylhsvllle citizen* most war, the e reat CWA, making it, pa.-;s;b!o for thousands of people to earn food, clo'.hing and shelter. Are those people now employed": imall percentage. caused CWA tn pass out ne new .sc'.'eme take man can -fil! as well. IT MOftK. Permit me to say. lish this and lei 'us get the pliin so'.us so the ground can be broke before it. gets tco hard to plow. Also, Mr, Editor, please allow me to suggest that, we set Mr. Georg NEEDS Bar'rani to secure the land and ar• range with the ministers to begin as one of work at once. , thousands, I mean 10 use every effort in my poiu-r to sec that PUf.-l, has net 01)0113!) inlluence lo destroy another ijreal plan to make ihr" country more harmonious. It can be dnn'o, and I bollevc Hie men of [lie cabinet ni'ci Mr. Hopkins, rti- rcstor cf FliKA. mid our great" com- mander-in-c-ief. Franklin D. E. W. GRAVES Blylheville, Ark Pile of Trousers Halted Pursuit manaer-m-c.uei. rT.inxiui u. uuu:,-: CLEVEIjAND (UP)—A band o! cvcil. believe it can be don?. But robbers here added insult to in- <:vt.Li, in.aJv.*v it «.«,, UK u^**-. *.,u. -- — —favoritism n;i:l political null inns; ]"'">' wllen they made M victim-, no to lhe i;arba;;D anci let. BJIIOVO- doff their trousers and toss them Icnce have i'.? sway. ''ito a heap to forestall pursuit. , What publishing doings al; hTe holdup occurred as Hie 1-1 '.the regist'.'aUcu office? Giving nesvs- 'men were playing cards in ihv O. 13. COONE 213 W. Ky.. Blyllievillt-. T..' Ket to the Still Shipping Liquor The little inland of Aliqiidon. home port for a fleet of rum-runners Ihrongh- oul lhe prohibition era, is not yet lin- islicd with the task of supplying liquor for thirsty American citixens. Kxamiiiution tif Hie li«|iior import ligwes for December, recently released by the Department of Commerce, shows that this tiny island in that month, sent to Ihe United Slate;; distilled limiors worth §180,000 and wines valued at §131,000. Since the island itself ferments no wine and, distills no liiiuor, these stocks obviously originated farther afield; and one probably is doing the islanders no injustice by suspecting that to a certain extent they represent slooks • laid in in the smuggling days.- And one wonders: Will Mi<|iielon cease shipping liquor to the United Slates, once these slocks arc gone, or will it continue to maintain its place as a source oi' supply for lhe American market, making its shipments leg- ully instead of surreptitiously'.' "Say, Joe, when we use two more hoxes of this soap we can gel a silver K«up spoon." ... preferred, people, who cmild not be honestly classed as unemployed yiven preference. . many worthy and well qualified un- | A Jch for Hit Ministers employed lett KUvndliv; around I'.'.c i (To tlie etlHor.1 doer needing to work. | As Ihls thin;; of work and relief T.:'..-e people «•.«• many of the 1 "" money is so pressiiwj and so many friend.'!, \vlio could enjoy radios anrl. Ihin^:; have fallen short, with ';v- anlomobiles, were owners of hons-. crybody wanting lo do liir, bit. es tn town and farmers vvilh mules please allow me lo make tlii 1 ; su?- ,-— — — and tractors and other implements, jgcstion. Let us Marl what we inity ''<•'« Augist: go out unU fill up 111; county'..-'call a ministrclal garden. Let the i ,. ministers of Blythevilk 1 both whits and colored arr&nye for some idl-j , land near town on which tn grow tuc nation. It reached tbe Prcsl-1 tinck to tan. . ; dent. Ha casi about, saw no \vsy [ The roimty a?na could instruct] to correct the mistake and injusti! 1 .-i them in canning. Thc govern-I es other lhan to abolish thc frrcat.! irient v:ould furnish the cans. ! beneficial plan. I Then in the fall llics 1 :- minister;; The CWA dM! Who killed Uel could o;:eu uy cafeterias ni the goose that was laying U:e gulden j schools to serve free lunches to the needy children. How enob- quotii. The result was natural. Tiles' ?ou!e complained froai all OVP' County Jud;e ZAL 13. HARRISON GEORGE \V. UAKHAM For Member CT Conarts^ CUNTON L CALDWELL For Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON Rc-£lection for Second Tcrir Scarlet Fever Antitoxins Prevent and CmvDisease Tbls Is tbe secnntl uf I wo nrli-• '!ln- i; who has net had clr.^ by I>r. l-'h-hbfin on cause; •••rarlcl fever, however, may no! and cure of scarlet fever. • develop thes: antibodies. Therefor. j » e i modem medicine tielps (he body lo BY I)K. MOlUtIS K1SHHE1K I form aiitisuUslBHc.cs without hav- Ertilor, Journal cf the American' ma 1111 littack of Fcurtet fever. Medical AssnrLilion. nnfl ol j what iv rrally unrs Is lo give lhe llygcia, (he Ilr.illh Magazine Ipstie:;! a very mild dose of scarlet Whenever your body is in-1 fever toxin iieveloi>ed from lhe vnded by poisons of ucniis, it-germs that cause Ilia disease. In begins lo develop substances which the modern system, five very small oppcse tlie elleels of these i»iso: - -s. doses are injected underneath the . c The next child of N T 1RA \vas born, linjj. "I' T or as eft. as you do it to, ERC or something. one ot these little ones you tio i: Arc we going to stand by and see . unto me." etc. It would save the it crucified oa the cress of p:::-| jtovDiiiii:nit thai cxpcn.w. a:me of , tici? I luink if li'.e fair minded! thws minl^lers av<? excclhm cooks i people of this city will take an in- j already, cthcir cculil learn liow. and 1 tcretit. aiul look into ih^ •'.-s the lauor for ill this v;oul-J of tl-c new dral. you will find little straws p-hi'.ini;. you will f'u::l people an^ous. competent, trusi'.voi'tliy and v.-ithuut available m-an; of £'.i;i- , Thcsj sut5tai)c:s, which circtilale ! s ki:i on: week apart. In the scrum ot the blood, aro I .„,,,„ sr , nim -, lc ' th , lody lo known as antitoxins. | d ,. cc anliMibstanci-s against • nothing as the are paid by the c':nrch. It wcu'.d not interfere ^lt!i their mmist-erial duties for ihey only work on Sunday, so . ... ...., --.. .... ... --------- _ port, nsking for j)incc-.i that arc: there would he six days to work filled by acquaintances, v.-ho they ; in the garden. Besides it would be know a'.'e not working in crder | practicing thc golden rule, "DD un- dcpemients may have three meiils \ to OLliLvs as yo-i would have ol'ers n day. | do unto yo'.i. Go iisk for the roll of thos; work- 1 Mr. Editor. 1 licpe you will pub- Tor County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Cl«k HUGH CRAIG ADDTSON 6J11TH R. B. (SKKRT) STOUT For County Court Cierk I''IiED FLEEMAN For ne-EUcction for 2nd Term For Asstssor R. L. (BILLY> GAMES B. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of Chtrk:isawba Tov.nshtp JACK ROBERTSON it your utKly dots not- develop *moimt.s of Un- oj _ son _ Ti . L . illU !subalniice? may c i rc ,, h(e in thc Woo[1 fol - __ aunicionl *moimt.s of slronff ami-| lhcll c i rc ,, h(e in thc Woo[1 fol - [oslns to oppose the poison, you are ;,„.„.„ v .- nrs nllrt , vhil( , lhe mi likely to develop serious complica- in thc ^ C(jy t ,. c . )aticn| . ^^ |10 - Iwis and iwrhaps die from lh= dcvc i 0;) « car i rt ; C ver. • v ftccUs ot Uic poisons. | . ' What we want is not clerical domination, but a stale ruled by tlie Christian spirit. —Chancellor Dollfnss ot Austria. » • >• American minds are electric, inking on new ideas much more ([uickly than English ones. —Phyllis Bcnlley, British author. * * * We are not dcsliueil cither lo salvation or destruction, regardless of what we may do ourselves. —Norman Thomas. Modern science, however, takes • dvantage of this new knowledge I,. skin Wbt has been drvclopeci o — ! Uy [Juctoi-^ to find which people ,nd helps (lie bcdy by siviii!; i: | ^rc likrly (o ieruni ot the horso contains the nntitoxins. 'I'lio scrum tlien rfin he withdrawn ami injected imo the ibln tc-i'. i:, £i:npie. A amount cf (3:? lo;;ic £ta:ict:; is injvrv.'ti undci'r.cuth tilt iatient who has scarlet fever. fl!ln ' Use of (his substance in many | Ii the in-rton i'.-=Icd has enough Ihoiiauids nf case.1 indicates that ( :iulisiibslaiuv in h:s Uloorl to iiro- it has n-al virtues in shortening ] '-<.'; I him :'.v:ii:)si th cdisri-sc. th? thc attack ol the nu ' lions. irtuc.s in Ehcrlei'.ing !e;i linn KV:H:ISI th cdisn-sc. th? scarlet fever ancl in ! •'!->" dors 1:01 .ijipoar to be ch.nigcd. number of complica- 1 H. however, he doc:; 1101 liavc: If you have once had . e orie! fever you nre not likely to c.ucl) It again, because the anlis;ibst;uices that you have developed rcinum in your bcdy and prevent yo;i Irom having the disease again. ei:ough antitcd:.s. a pink spal will (:L-v.-lop at tho p.Ti:it where the injection w?s n'.ar^c. People who lliur, (icvc'.O]) a pink ^o! need In have t^ie iivi 1 ):IJI-L- l ; .ir.s of tlip Ecarlii fever toxin, to stimulate them into development cf tile necessary an'.L,ub5tances. KATHARINE -—,. VIAVILAND.TAYLCtJ (WClN J (l<j!i"V o I er questioned, siuil- the other way—' ing. Sue drew buck the grilled rartcriusly but briTfly 5he tn! gate whtc'n Lottie h?.d chcked opcu her story. Hnlf way thronsh t>i Lottie's, lips set in tbe suce; : other peoplo with you; a man am nil. umnlli.. I,, nil lid Ihrn rrluriM to r nsk* F.oltir rn n hllr I"!,-],) hri* [„% l):ivirl, hi. I tn rsiHTi- :incl vL, if ,!r.-lil.- c,< rftiiT '.-in Trr n ,i,r.-,T. I !ito." slip negao. "but—' "I remember you very well. Miss Trcadway," he answered honestly. "Will you sit down?" "Thank you. 1 want to speak to yfja alone, please." "1 think you'll fiml II more CODI- fortable by the doorway." I'ablito ' IJEFOKB M a r c i a left Lollic sought liean. She said en- citedly^'Tve been lislcniu'— " "Watclia talkln' about?" Ucau <lcmantleil shortly- Slie told DIM. "She's still In tlierc." Louie finished with a back- OUT OUR WAY I-S: 80RKJTHIRTV VEARS TOO SOOM. CABINET CLOSEUPS FRANCES I'liUKlNS Secretary ol Labor Emeicency lioi.'si'v.; Cri|K:.'tii and Feciriai Am?iu?tK'y Aiimiii-j iistmlion of Public Works, all! | rather c:ore!y re!r,trri. you! notu. to the weifi-re of iabci'. Hi.t >h-.' Is aL«o a nu'inbor of !h_ Cci;nci] of N*a'.:"i:.',l lJ'fe-'..s:'. wants to tell Hie wliole thins: who stocd. snUen anil obstinate. AT last, thonclit Marci.i. slie wa .„„,„, liMi-Tosbctl lier nnd I" 10 Birl w ' 15 scarlK n: "' silc ' 11 - wwipl.t a snfteiiin: of mooil. Mar- " l( > n " a ™' 1 " ll1111 - l ' pllic '' •la. on her way' to «mfc-«ion < ^ asi11 " •' ! " (l :nm c °"' ly ' :l:en:hi or C:.):n as siie never bail I " c1 '- al1 "sbi!" she said. "There's nolliin' elfc lint ?ails for Key Wcsl and N'ew Vnrlr." j "Oil. Ehni np! I don't need j mifpe." "Tlierc's a lidle boat sal vic-j i" >HT tafciii'i oilier. The Cluldr.ii's Worr.en'.- Iinreau, j will) ;'.:rlhcrmj ; tl'.Gb 1 .- H-:pcilivi' rl. us .six!:, fro And t!i? Cr.iicd 1 proved under lier direct!': v.o.Ean- o! --:.= nf propic | eye. ,:,s lin.ploy- .. ,' n ,', .-'of ",-itl ' itr ' ' yi::r- in the ihiM. . t i, a( SV as suflUicnily clu.=e :n i:cr= , "I'd h::ie to ECC d Hiecrowilert : !or n low-voicen lalfe. am: wnitcd" ;\ 3 |. e v.-aitcil he s-'iw that some- "Say—ihty'll never set TKC-'." nnn; was mnkin;; ii difficult for. i:k!;cd ':p the bng. his liiil s:i i hy the run Tlicy ' \vin^ rt r.'«irl ol rorl joil : IT] pnst the tliinninp . tn reii r fi rlie c^umr> ! "If cr lo spenk. "If you don't n:i:'.:l 1 l;e [niirimircfl. "Cidil. i.- moke clears ll'.c ;nr:-i Mi' | llrlit co:it. "Sa Ions. ki : '." lie s'n't. !< . e n:ukc.", ".Mri-Vtie we'll rnea In bcl] il ::Dt n't i'. bow i Uefi.TC." jr.".t::i!! ofiic:r !!V WII.I.IS THOHMIIN .NK.S Service Slaff ('IHT>. i.nnlcnt \VA5HIXGTON -- "iiM «ia-.»n ibir.Ll iiidntrr. Fraiir.-^ ivikins ai.other lo brini! veiy dt-finltc exp:rier.ce and ctualifica-.i':; 1 .- to icr pc^t. For nearly 20 ;.v.tu slic las been a worker ir. :1 of sccial ;>r.d labor prcii> Fevv:r extra duties hav to hrr in llic course of U:c New ; Deal (hav. to some casir.n maniivr ot tin- ui'omei cvciy turii. Cordial nnd •', .-i:= I;- <!ctvi:n/,icd iir.d Un- uc;s ;\i-.:tl sl:c '.'.ants. •,'riva;-.; life r.'ne is Mvs. WLLO.I iinri :iio'.i:?r of a Ut'r. b'.it ^3ic- li.nj^lrs ii- v her v-n. "al! field j . i • (A-.-: n't '.otk' I'tliK I,M» • NC3C [1:;)T lis livcj." tbr- l'jt,!llo . :^i?:i'> Mrivcr lohl M^rdn. a? He | liroucht n small l:i:::il'l ,;i(;ct! (I:o ial- before a rroccry , lieUt o^en *>^E ':o i:er. ',1:,'. "l : pEtair3-" : "K:;cli.~b!" *!ie cc::n S!;e r.-t <,•:; am! looked abn::.' "Vcs. 1 Irnrr.ert lo r:ir- CI.-UT'^ force came liiirryin? fro;:i aa n:t to =re ilio s'tranrei'. \viii:o Iw Von i:i::y n: Itni? ins; octet! Maicia rjus llir , hope yon v'f " loll. : was '!" He cr.'iM ri'M. : Louie peered dmvn 111" s'r,ir= ' 0 [ UUn, liiiaiiinc wii.-.; I: •lirnn^ii tiir qrilJe 1 ! r:ato ai the her. new-fivrier. "\Vli.itch.i w.Tnt?" Ene ! •'I'm (inil r «e:l. I!..,::'; yo;: ' "1 bnve co:i:c to FCC £e:i-)r J:Ktn ' r! y vi^il—" ^i l --.:1;::.2 v.,n,- even •'"" j tc.-- e;i.->' (or ;if»'^. !:: "— "- i.-^h fiiui'1 c! anno, c.irc tor tlicm. 1 .>: the hie :i! brg;:::!i- rlos? v r/c?"' "£i:ie liavL 1 !" be ii^voe:';. '*V : *> at^: -\ little rmoliuli thai i,-:-ce I'> •Ii !;:• voiip rfjj^li !:c ailikd. "Wt;;. k:- = i inc." .H'.tl f^tenicd into i!:e t;,\'.:;ih i!i-i r w;,^ wnitlnjr lor Marcia. ^n]l^l!•? ;i> lie did ?o. 'I'be [niJy. be toM (ie iiri(cr. bad decided lo renir*:n ^' itefiiilicly. "Ah!" iniiriui-rei] l~? il:ivcr. He InnVr-il over I.if t!n .'• iler slyly aiirt he anil lienu ft- ch:i:i£c«l a [i,-itei'ijal, nuclei.-t.ia-i-"'-; Town Council Always A",rccs e DAMAHI5CO1TA, Me. (OPi !.icm-. Fclv tcw " s c!1 » eq;:al D.unariscot- 11 Mil; IU OUiiiU liivll.V L J.iCni* . --i"i i. i [i. ui i^iiiiim i^^-^v bcrf, yet she has -several i:r,;]ort- i [a '» tl:c pcacefulnesb of mmiici- ' ••V.'li;,: (or 1 " "Ihat. my chti'l. IP Iriiilly your ' i ia(t l{y lig'.ttci. !;ari cor.p oi.i. N'crv ar-3:r." ,V:ird:i a:isvvcrcil coolly. | 0 :ifly tlie crn-1-.eil It In a tray an:i 'Is lie tn?" yiiUtln!:i2 ibis iuna^in? ! j oo h another. He ttr;:ck creature would nave been stude j aB <) hciil n !or tier. a ant duties in addition to the rcg- ' Ml afta 'i s ' ' Vot a dlsscnlins vote dcrariment work. .was cnJt at thc tour, niEC'.in? rtts Slie Is a meintcr of thr FerJ- yc a ""i overy or.e of !l:e nine tiKn crsl Board fcv Vcc»>icna\ Fxiuca- flr-d one \ canrt'.dMcs br : .i'.3 tion. Fcc'.'i'il Employmii:! B 1 ibili- elected to office on tin initial '•>.'•!- tation Board. Public Works tot. eaougli- for Mnrcla it they hafi iK:en on Hie same level. Lookinf up made tt more difficult. • « • T OTTIB appraised thc visitor a; ^ (i3nk\y us hal (he grocer ar.ti ills cierks "Ilo ain't bere." fl'f CHID loo loiirtly. Vnr Pablito ocaf Uer rtEvver atit 1 t>;>ufareil bebi.i'l Hit a?si:rn]; all the ir.ort tiiSkuil. "He IJfit IJe.i-.rt vcl[-coi^io'cnr<- (1^- ^e:--i\ui\ w.a? uux gnur,; to t'£ e:-.-y. "UHinn U." h- ; nuttcicJ l>a: -ilnijfl. "TEi:s is what comes 0 ' . :ieg:ccllij' biisiiicsE. I'm as sc;i:ecl r- tlie ni.-.iic: j,i; «hen I null Sing Sing." Slie though 1'he Uicmors ol l^jtlle's goJtlby too. Lotlle was u awtul good dW." I'll jutldcnly. "He c«" ! 'l r.oi possible ] .-Inns to film, have comtnlUci! such .1 crime', liow I ~vM kill, "ac awtui gooo xn could lliey b,i\e accused biro o', rcilcctccl n:ournfully. "H I Thfn ^!.e ?.il4. "1 bavo IK-OII try lnc tin >f.,: = in find \D.I Oil. ili.n 1 tje afraUl! Veu t.^i'e nr,:!.-.::p | snarrled Der II would bave savci j ii'.e a Ictu trouble." Ht was Ibic , • uu ci 1.---I Clu l!v '-•nntinin-'ll

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