The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1949
Page 11
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' THURSDAY, APRIL 28, BLYTHEVII.LE (AKK.) COURIER NHWS British-Indian Ties Are Lauded Churchill Praises Agreement by India lj| To Stay in Realm By Edward Curtis LONDON", April 28 —-Winston Cnurchill today hailed the new B:-) commonwealth agreement as a passible .step toward merging the, Unlir>d Suites with a United Europe. "This I say to nil my iriend.s." the wartime prime minister told a rhcerhit House of Commons, "it is the cuty of u.s nil to try ovir best to make ihis* new expression of um!y of our world wide ii.ssoeiu- iion ot .Mates and nations A practical n::d lasting success. "I fee! tiie tides of the world favorable to our voyage." He snkl ihc world might now see com in", into view -An even larger s.uith^si.s of sUUc.s and nations comprising both the United States of Anvjiica and a United Europe. Sutrh an association, he continued, mivUt briti£ to "a harassed slrngshn? humanity real security and freedom for hearth and home/ India \vil! cnr.timic a.s a full nieni- * cr of the 62-year-old commonwealth She accepts the king as the "symbol of (lie tree association" i embodus and as its head, bu Gears'." VI will not he monarch o India. Ar. elected president \vii ,^ake the place of the king's gov ^j nor-Centra 1 in that Asia tic sub conti:ier, t of 300,000,003 people. The other membersB r i t a i n Canada, Australia. New Zealnm South Africa, Pakiston and Ceylon — continue as constitutional mon- arches owing allegiance to the king, Bit of Ice )bituaries PAGE ELEVEN 'Take 'Er | n/ Gov'ner fcites Tomorrow For Blytheville Insurance Man iHeral .services lor O. T. Will- , am, 68, Blylheville Insurance | salesman, will be conducted at 3 >.in. toinorio" at the Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. I'. H,, Jemlgan, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church .Huvlal will be in Klmwood Cenielery. Mr. Wlfiinuham died at 7:15 last ight at the home of his .son W. J. Willingham, EiOli North Fifth Street. He had been ill about a year but his condition was considered serious only three clays ago Born In Water Valley. Ky., Mr. WillHghnm moved to Blytheville 25 years ago. In addition to his son he Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ruby Willi rrgh.u m, and one daughter, Mrs. Lee Richardson Jr., of Blylheville; two other sons, W. J, Willingham of Blytheville and Navy U. Ralph WillingVmni o. Opn, 1/icka. Fla,; one brother, Alec WULlnuhnm of Memphis and one -sister, Mrs. Daisy Albritton of Lakeland, Fla. Mrs. E. R. Reynolds Dies In Rochester, Minn. Mrs. wihna Reynolds, about 29, wile of E. R. Reynolds, 1517 Hcurn, diet] kv.t night at Mayo Brothers Chmr in Rochester, Minn,, where she had been a patient for about two weeks. Mis. Reynolds, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boiirlnnd of Dell had been ill for some time and during Iht past year had been patient at John Gaston HospiU and at a Little Rock hospital before goiny lo Mayo's Clinic. Her body will be returned her* 1 for burial, but arrangements an incomplete Her husband, an em ployee of Shelton Motor Company •A P as en route to Minnesota whel she died A sister-in-law, Mrs. J. C Lynn of Manila, was with her the time of her death, Mr, and Mrs. Reynolds have on son, five-year-old Terry Reynolds. Wilma Carlberg, of Cheyenne, Wyo., holds $4800 worth of diamonds let In this tungsten steel rotary bit. Weighing 20 pounds, the bit is used to drill through hard rock in search ol oil believed lying 15,000 feet below the ground near Cheyenne. Quick Hospital Care Is Ticket for Burns WASHINGTON — <&} — Don waste valuable time in altemptc first-aid when someone in yen house gets severly burned, a Chicng doctor warns. Just wrap the pa lent in a blanket, a .sheet or eve an overcoat—and get him lo hospital fast. Is the advice of D Harvey S. Allen. Don't try to apply a poultice nny dressing, don's even wait call your family doctor, says tl • Northwestern University Medic school surgeon. Just "EO to n ho jiitat" as quickly as possible, f says, so that treatment can con • mence rapidly, He spoke at a su ' geon's meeting here. He says that invariably pear: try to give some kind of first a! in such cases instead of speedir tho patient to hospital care, t pointed out that the role of tl blanket, sheet or evercoat won prevent, further infection from ge ting Into the burned area. He siiys he never uses an anesthetic or analgesic (pain-killing procedures) on severly - burned children, and rarely on adults be- Navy in China Ready to Take Americans Out WASHINGTON, Apill 1!B (,Vi — I're.sHenl 'lYimmn declared loday lie Nnvy is amply prepared lo ro- nove alt AriH'iii'itns from fa'hiui^hal. Tho 1 ( :o.sldenl (old a new.s eon- Vrenr i r lit 1 niHH'i.slimd ihero \vrro ropoL'U Uio Nnvy had run out i>n low IhiraH'iioil by Chinese C'oin- S/Jtvil'iit}! M'lciDitlv, lie .safe! thct" 1 Is i HI kiuidLiiion in liii'l lor uny ^-uch iTpinl. Tho Nnvy, Mr. 'Vniiium went on. l:ns dcti*' nn t'MTttriK job »1 Shiin- '.hni n nd lius ht-t'n vemly at nil limi-s to t.tki' out Amninins lu tho city riu- Inu'r. Pri'.sUletn Wilson, the i-.sUJciH Mild, left KlumuhLit wliu .•iiiL.-U'i! timi the Pivfilitrnt I'ten-e and I'icMdi'nt Vim lliut-n nro .still HvaiT'tblf 1 for lurlher evartuition. 1 ;. The Pic.Miii'nl Wilson .titled from The Navy, he nditeil, lin.s been Bailable nl nil times lo help these romiv.t'Lt'iu! llner.s remove Anierl- fsin.s and still Is ready to do so. "Tlin-r nro no Nnvy t'ombiit shijks llu-i;: on 1 tlLric?" u rejiorter n.skod. ' Yi'.s. ilii'ie arc," Hie 1'iosJdcnt replied. An old-fashioned hip bath ts delivered to Maria Carroll. 87, by an employe of London's Old People's Welfare Department. The duor- lo-door bath service la available to old folks who have no hnihmg facilities !n their homes. After the balh, the tub is picked up ami loaned to someone else. Kitty — With Stripes Down T Back —Unwelcome in Alley Hear the City Hall« nien In Ihe 200 block 3n M:im Street were tip in arms .oday all bcciiuse ol an unwanted •vast lluit Inis been h;ingins around the block !or the past two months. And no wonder. The unwanted ipsf IL a hill grown skunk Hint *-s Si^ u[J housekeeping under a arcUoase in the alley. No'wdy .seems lo know just how long the kitty has been hanging nrounrl mid only a few have actually soon T but business men In the b!o:l: have reported smelling hiffs' of it for more than two months "There's no doubt about U." Second \V; ra Alderman J. L. "Jocli?" N T ab'.-r.s said, "It's a .skunk. I've smel'pcl to<i many of them/ 1 Uiit nipht a small gronj) of n roused U'.sinejssmcn decided th U the kitty h;ui over-stayed its wel- comr and ?,et nut to serve an eviction notice. Led by Alderman Nub- crs. thn businessmen summoned the Fire and Police Departments, dug a hok under the foundation of Ihe v;rrehouse and saturated the *kitty's living quarters with blnoxirin ga.s hoplup to force it out of hiding. Bu^ kitty stayed nut. And today there was the mixed aromas of skunk and binoxide gas In Ihe area. But Alderman Naber.s says hn'r. not giving up. "I'll get him if it takes two month.s," Vie boasted. Parking Violators Fined One niftii was fined und n .second fort cited u cash bond hi Municipal Cmut thi.s morning on n t-liiu'^e •»f ovct [miking in n 10-inhuilc piU'k- itin /uiiL 1 . C. J. lirown was llnoj $;• with $'J.5U sus|)Cndcd (i\ lu-havior und I'etc Hilby a $-.51) oush bond. Negro Deaths (liuvc.sUli- service's (or Kint'slinc Ilim-ls, ti, who IVHS uili'm-illy cliokul to clMlh lust Kimiluy. vri'ro con- ducted in NO. 15 Cemetery near Marlrm today by Rev. T. c. McCoy. Her pnrwita and several brothers anil slslrrs survive. The Home Pun- cr:il norm: was in charge of ar- vuui I, (he first l'ilm-c' of \V;ilr>. i: iH'lirml to have bcTii binn BURDETTE Pltono: Blytlicvillo A ttv\v sole to your worn It applied by us menus wen i 1 besides limtweiH' tlnu Is ivully tjood looking- H-fl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOe SHOP 121 W M B I KJ ST. Luxora Peace Officer Promoted, New Night Marshal is Appointed LUXORA. Alt:., April 2D.--Ctlan- ge.s hi the city lulministnidmi \VEM - C luiiiuniic'cd hero diis wci'b by W R. Head, city n-tofdcr. ,Jw MVu:inlcl was appointed cll.v inni-slml, succeeding R. N. l-\irbi'.s, vuicrun |)rncc officer of mmiy years. MI. Mc- Dnnlcl wci.s e]e\'alecl froir. ihc pnsl- Uon of nielil imirsliul. i\ which ll*: hn.s iiRld for Iwo j-cnrs. Horace Limtscy vns npiiolnircl night niiiisliul. fillliiR !)»• vunin<:y crcntcd by Mr. McDmiici's piuma- llon. 'I'hc cliuui;es in (lie police force were mndc effective iimtic- dlntcly followlllR (he iue c |- i»g of (he rcociilly clcctt-it town Poles to Have Juries WARSAW. Poland, April" 3R- i,V\ j lutlon estiiljlUtihm the il«ht lo triul by Jury. Shu-r the end of Ihr war trials usually have heen \\r\i\ brfore i threo-jiulne ti IbniuOs, without n l ^- i council. C. 11. Thomiis has boon npiKiIul treasurer, snct'ecdins Mls.s Norti \\'fso. recent^nutfnn \vn-s iiLTPplcri by members of the new council. Sratl Alloy SIGN & NEON SERVICE Itoiler Slfm Heller Service K08 No. Franklin I'liunc 3W.I • V Service — That's Our Motto! We spurt; uo cllDi'L In providing an UXTUA L'Vfryduy pre.scMpium service which UU-IILIS exiv» convenience to yon Keel irec to rnll on us lit nay lime Prompt tie- livery service L'honc 507 WOODS DRUG STORE FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATERQADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 3. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BL06. BLYjtEyiUE ARK. • 9fa»& 3mM2525 ctuisc of the possibility oT shcxifc. He added "we've been aninzcd at how little pain a patient lins" if cold air Ls kept, from getting at the burned area. 1 95 Multi-Colored, Light Blue Balenciago Green Leather Red Leather Yellow Straw Tan Straw Procter & Gamble's new TIDE has swept in a NEW WASH No soap-no other "suds"-no other washing product known-will get your family wash as CLEAN as Tide! BLACK FABRIC WHITE FABRIC FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 West Main Blytheville World's CLEANEST wash! Actually BRIGHTENS colors! World's WHITEST wash! Into your machine ftorn Tld* . . . • nd out on your lino ftoc* th# cleanest WJIRJI you ever hunji u;il Yen, Title fteis your whole family wnah cleaner than any soap or • ny oilier wii.sliin^i pro<lu<-f, ')'(<!*• loaves clothes free from dirt, an actually removes Ko;ip film. too. Surprise! Junt noc how pretty and ftny your Aonp-Htillcd wnnh prlnti look . . . after Tide remoiv.t the film thai'* miiHkin^ them. Tide actually hrffifitetis them . . . nml (Jow It jfl/t'/y, (oo. \\'ltli all it* rerrlflc clcnntiift [lovvor, Title's truly for all your wnshnhlea. TIDE GETS CLOTHES CLEANER THAN ANY OTHER WASHDAY PRODUCT YOU CAN BUY —aef TRULY SAff Hew miracle suds! More Mills In hnrilcsc vvntor! Iwmls svuls Unit took ililTi'ruil./ivJ itlf- fi-rcut. Wonderful in tlic tlislipan, tool Tulc for (!islir^ . . . MH' how they spvrklc, even vvltlunit TIDE WORKS EXTRA MIRACLES IN HARD WATER! OCEANS OF SUDS! NO WATER SOFTENERS NEEDED!

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