The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECBMBEK 15, 19J.J Conservation Reports Soughf Performance Record Must Be Submitted By January 15th l : inal elate for farmers to file re! J nf' ls cf ! !cr ' 0 ™anee under tlic 1944 Agricultural Conservation Pro- srmn is j!m 15,. according'to-A-c ;-lfl Ings, chairman of the countj ri Die-A committee. Payments will not be mnde for any conservation practice carried out on farms under the 1944 Triple-A program mi- pifV ?, re ? ort or P crf °™nnce Is led with the county Trlple-A v of- liec «t Blytheviilc on or before thai late, it was lumoimced Farmers of t)ie county have teen requested by w. D. Gentry,,,coum ty administrative officer, to visit I ie eoimty office as soon as .'pos,?™e and make their reports of pwoimimce which Indued (heisoil building practices and other conservation measures executed' on ffims.antl the extent to which the', practices were carried out Per- : foraiancc reporters .will .not visit individual .larms in .the county and it is, necessary tar'Stumers to 'report performanpe at the county; of-. Dirt, moving operations for ter-i rti=es, dams or. reservoirs must-be completed before the program year ends; on Dec. 31, even' though such work, as vegetative protection .of outlets,has been completed. In-making their reports.'to thii county offices, farmers .Have beeil asked to bring information concerning the acreages devoted, to various sail building practices and the extent to which conservation nmteri-. ais such ns limestone, superphos- phate, .and legume, seed have been used! and .information concerning din moving operations such, as ter- mcing, ditching and pond or re- servior construction. All of /this information will be needed so'that the report may be completed. .War Maps Available Another Esso War Map, the third lias been published by Esso Marketers and is now available to the public. Featuring .the Pacific area, it covers everything from' Calcutta to the Solomons and from Darwin to Vladivostok. All the material was compiled, edited and drawn this year especially for Esso War Map III from the latest and best sources Using six colors for the iirst time, it includes a special map of Japan and adjacent sections of Korea and Manchuria un n scale of 62 miles to the incli. This inset shows hundreds of probable bombing objectives. To give'a more realistic picture of the rugged country sonic nf the troopi are fighting in, War Map m uses plastic shading to show mountains. The 27 special insets show strategic islands and cities thai are or will be In the .headlines. Among these is a very .'complete'map of the -Philippines:* The'tunnel fronT Japan' to Korea, believed to be in use now' is shown. War Map III is available at Esso dealer stations. ' BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS Britain's Mystery Ship .- Afeoye is, tljp'tjrentcst.battleship ever built in Britain, shown Just ,,'.i[ter,bcitiB liumotiod miiier sponsorship of Princess Klizabetli 'So ./scet'e^ are details cm|ceruiiig (lie MonliiiR JuggoViKiut that even lira '•• j_'* • ' '• nimie cannot yet be wealed. Garirie Requires '"• , >•''* V C 1 ^^\_^^JlX. | [ | ^_1 • '-"O--1.1 , u 1*1 1114111,- 1,11 V 11J IV I Hi MUV TL""' 1 ' V : '"'. ' 'l i '" ." ml IJcppt-r, fill n-ltli tlicapylcs, KCW I TIQn QtYie-Mpnt llp ' rtlb wllh S!llt . ni'tl mast- uii- . . v^ii iv- i»iGVJl covered In a slow oven 1300 lo Mo peeled iincl quartered Ui'l apples; 'i tensions snlt; imd pepper for one duck. Clenn the duck, wnsli tlio- ' sprinkle cavity with salt .Game. is'plentiful this, year in Mississippi county and 1 , soine.'am- munition is beliifc. allowed 'hunters. Regular/meat .'supplies i arc smaller fhairlast year and .so game brought in- by .the 'hunterMiia'y- vyell he used to extend the ment ration. '.vyiieti-properly prepared for the table. . game Is decllloiis^-food, but Miss .Cora, .tee ' Colcman,i c'oiinty Home -perrionstraUon Agent, -says Ml since !t:.does differ..from other 'meats, . there -a few '.Important points;tp know:, about -its -care in order to keep'it good "°8'' ws F '-> en 1300 lo lender. Apples utes with l cup orange juice. Peanut duck stuffing may be used instead of the apples. H'retmire.s 3-4 cup stale bread crumbs, !i cup s>helle ( i peanuts finely clioppcd, V'. cup heavy cream "or mxlihlle'd evaporated milk, 3 tablespoons butler, a feiv drops of onion Juice, stilt, pepper, nnd dash cayenne. Mix tlie Ingi-edients in the order given and proceed as with the apples. Meal of intiskmt (marsh rabbit) is dark, red, fine grained, and not Uie v "? (g , ln «'eak stilt solution (1 tablespoon salt " V!E to l 1" ai ' 1 wnlel '' to draw out the Wtal S «S' -f r r 'r kinS '"' me[lium ^""^S ! p fat; ' Sd meat T, Tn^' f , • ' J ?f nuse C1I|> to " (lla c »ts»l>: '.'i teaspoon he SU fe ' I S ", dde<i ' in W<»'«slcrshlrc sauce. Soak the Mod Zvof n ml »y P ° rk 8iv f mcat overnight In salt water, drain, Se bacon BUhoUgl1 sotnc " E °P lc ««d salt, pepper and onion; ilnnner ' pprtant game. : - Add about 1 cup water, ;y rabbit, wild about 30 minutes until deer are im- thick enough to rcrvc. Pheasant, mc at is quite like chick- Rnhhlt shniil,! IV, t , , r-iiuH-WUH. meat IS QUIIC llkC Cll Ck- In P^.S^Sln's^t 1 ™ 1 meMC1)tit "••">•». Ate, chicken Luxora School Will Close Next Wednesday LukoRA, Ark., Dec. 15.-Uuxora- Consolidatea school will suspend its schedule for the Christmas : hoi-, "lays, beginning on Wednesday Dec. iO and classes will resumed until Jan. l, as announced by T. D. Wilkins, superintendeJit. . Read Courier News Want.. Ads. MARGARETS BEAUTY SHOP . i , \ 104 S. FIRST Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems MODERN EQUIPMENT EXPERT BEAUTICIANS iccipes are suitable for cooking cup water; for ''•'For "roast iiirf ri,, n t „ er ' rtot wilh butter and brown in ,_*« .roast. Mid-duck use 2 cups moderate oven (350 degrees P.) for GIFTS of DISTINCTION —It's Smart to Shop At— The Gift Shop [ Modern & Antique Gtfto . , MOSS BRYAN DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nifhts 9:30 to I O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE 'Admission 60c Ind. Tat. HATS •S} AQUA-PRUF HATS are far above Ihe average for smart practicality. Made Water Repellant through an exclusive process, they retain their'handsome shape and style . . . look better, . , smarter longer... and you need not worry about being caught in the rain wearing an Aqua-Pruf T 6.50 and 7.50 JOE ISAACS, Inc. In Blyrheville Since 1902 S. D. Carpenter Awarded Honor Former Form Agent At Osceola Presented : Award At Chicago Stanley D. Ciu'iichlcr, for n'hiim- iier or years agricultural agent of South Mississippi county wllli hendniini-tei-s in o.sccoln, was "warded the Distinguished -Service award ot the National 'Association of county Agenls In CWca«o lost Now Pitlnskl ' county IIROIH at Little, nock, MI-. cniTOiiIci- was <lts- irict agent after icAving .Mississippi County and , n member pf the state Allotment. Hoard in > 1035-3G nil the Agriciniwul Adjustment i-mmnlllce ii-liea he became Pulnskl County agent in 1037. ' Only, other agent .In. Attonsns. lo icceive this coveted honor was LOVKKI Davis of Keeping in Practice Overseas ntv Keiser Students Plan Christmas Pageant Tuesday KEISER, Ark., Dec,' 15-One hundred and 50 -students of the Kelsw [iiammar, elcmcntnry and high schools will appear Tuesday nlRl|t il o clock in n performance- of the pageant "Chhslmns", by Satis N Colcman, to be given at the Auditorium. Frances Morris n ,,,i s . L. Gentry •vlll play HID leading roles In pan- lominc while Betty Jo« Clni-k narrator, and the various choirs will tell the Christmas story. T)>e 'production will be directed by .Miss Mary Elizabeth Jordan public school tmislc instructor anil iccompanlsl will |, 0 n c tty Joe Crews. lley, uli'ls, don't worry—Hie Vnnlia ovcrsetis.nrb ke'eplntj Ihch- q\\e- urm driving ability ship-shape, as Imilcnled. by. th'p'imhuniiii'icr, above, liohliilB hiinds wllli his "dnloVnii- they -pcdhl' their bikes ii n phlli In Nlimqiicn.aiollnnd;^' •:•• 'Mrs. Stelling Takes Zed Cross Post Here Mrs. Howard O. sidling, wife of the commanding officer nt Dlythc- •i»e Army Alj- Field, hns been appointed chairman of the Army 'ana NIXVJ- Women's Aclivlliei for Clilck-' fuwbn District Chapter ol the incriean Red Cross. ' The appointment was announced today by Kendall Berry, chapter chairman. - • . , Mrs. Sidling .succeeds' Mr,s. Kurt M. Lantan,- \YAIININO OKDEK In (lie (Jlmittt-ry CutiK, Olilcku- sawlin Dl-ili-ii-l, Mississippi County, Arltatisas. Curtis K. Smith. Plalnlllf, vs. No. uoai Hi-ryl n. Smith, IX'Ti'iulanl. Tin) defendant Dcryl li. Smith Is hereby warned to appnir within Ihlily daysUn the court mitncd-ln Ihp caption hi-rcof and answer Ihe rciuiplnlnt of tho plalntUr Curtis E .Smith. Unted nils' M day of December IDI'l. 11AHVEV MOIiHIS, Clerk By Doris Mulr, D. 0, Trunk 0. Doiijjlns, Ally, for Pitt. J. Clrnlmiii Sudhiny, , Ally, ad Lltem. , 12]K>-22-20-l|!> Chrlslmns caiols were impdried '"to England S0 on after the Norman Con<mcst. ..'• ' | ' 3D minutes. Add 1 cup -hot water, cover, bake in stow oven (300 degrees F,) until tender. i' OT SKT'l'MiiMENT OF ADMIM S T It ,\ T o It S, GDAK- 1MANS AND OIJIIATOKS. Notice Is hereby ylvcn that K«t- llcinents have been Illcd iiiul will be subject to conllnnnUon nt the De- rcnilier ai, IBM leini of the chancery com I for the ChLcknsnwlm District of Mississippi Ciiimly. Arkan- sus In the followlni; mnllcrs to-wlt: No. 152B Final Sclllcmenl of F. Uon Smltli, Executor of Di% P U Smith, ISstnte. ..No. 1630 Eslntc of n. M. Ellis, Mrs. Hay Prlchnnl, Gmu'dlan. Notice ol Intention to apply to suld court for leave to ^ make final settlement of DON'T SUFFEIt with rolds' inu.Hcli! ndic.^ atnl eoro litront. Tuko SI, ,lu^o|)h A^piijjt foi' iioick ruliuf. WorWulnruMlsolbr at. 10;. MiK UK) tull- Ict MM only 3S(!, Liist Kt. Joaoj)h Aspirin. 'accmint And ' lor her cllschiirfjc/'ns t>vloli.'QU;ii'<ltiin. No, IBSO Filial roiwi-'L and-account of Ce-ncvn lliir(nViiy (l Adinlnlstnili'lx of Lindsay W. llai'iuviiy.'ttstiiU' No. 1582 Final.'rcpurl of \v. ,1, Wuinlerllch. Admliilntraior or Floyd Kliibolvlng, Esi'n'it!. 1 No., 1574 .Ailinial 'repDrt and ao- coimt oJ.'OHlyc W. 1 MlkL',.A(lmlnls- U'atrlx of Uie-Oabriel Mike, Jr, K-i- tnte. •'•,.'.••-,,'. ' No. .lo'2fi. Final ropol-t of llnlTln Newsoni,, Administrator uf. Norn ThpniaBon, K^itiilc. ' No, 1241 Kliinl repoii'of Ivy C'raw- foid, ouui-dlnn of Colon I-:, M n y 0 No. ,U41 .Phial ,ropml. of Ivy W. Crawford, Ouiiidliin of Akin Cock- No. 1130 Final report of fvy Craw- PAGE'TkREfr .. * "-»vtn.v\i in wm illJUVQ miUlei-3 will hereby take notice Hint wttlonit'iil.s urn on illf in the Coimtv mill I'rulwtc Clcik'h oiflce and aio Miljjt'ct tci lusprdlon by any Intor- e.slcd parties. "lltl'll UllS lll<> Mtll (toy O f Jjj. combor, 1011. . T. W. I'OTI'KH, Comity & I'l-obate qlerk Hy Wlxabetli lllyllie, Hcptity Clurk. \VAII,Nl,\(i OIIDI-H Miu-y I'Vi'gusiin Is warned to ap- i'Ur In tin. Clmncei-y Court for the , .-- -..v uun, jkvfuvj w answer a co nplalot filed against'her by Russell CjFerguson, v atCd th ' 6 8ilt dny of HAEVUY MORRIS „„, . „ Chancery Court Clerk Reid & llviaul, i Attorneys for I'latn'tlfl. ' 12,8-15-22-29 t Mrs In CM'I i, «trji ' »liriukni''nl)ranu 1'ou breathe M ? r Caution; UKjoiilycsdirceUjil.Qct-- IPENETflOKOSEOROPS> Approximotcly 600'acres of good icmcj, ideally located en concrcf'e highway;quarter mile from schools, A good tenant wiH probably be able to con- tinue.on this farm;as,long as hG desires. Must have 'sufficient equipment and farming afeiJity. ; : • • Cot! Miss Morrison 65, Osceola, Ark. URGENTLY .NEEDED NOW AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Haglin, Missoura Valley and Sollitt (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at §1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions.. Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS W yon arc Tien engaged in .in essential activity nt yonr highest skill, «o not apply; . Men nnclcr 21 and women unticr IS must fmve wagc release form signed by pnrcnta wlilch be oblalncd »t Employment OlflK, bcc«n«-r this one's Hniid Painted!-With sport shiits,, he'll like woolen tics—plain, plaid, afup- cd. Salin-brocades (in the grand niannei-) ' come in ' Cathcdial Colois! _ You'll never go wrong with n shirt-matcher stupe! FESTIVE -.MINDED T-l ES Soft-(a-lhc-loiich Blogador sltipcs, ticat foulard de- |..lfl signs, modern art prints!

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