The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 6
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t»AGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW9 THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HAINES, Advertising Sole National Advertising Representative*: The Thomas P. Olark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, AUanU; Dallas, San Antonio, Sin Francisco. Chicago. St. Louis. Published Every Altcmoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1817. Siiyed by tiie United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier ID the city ol Blythoville, Uo per wefk or $6,5? per year In advance. By moll rlthtn a radius of Bt mUw, J3.00 per year, ll.SO for sU months, i)5c [or throe months; oy B'.nll In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 55.50 per year, lu tones seven «:d eight, $10.00 per year, payable In tdrar.c*. Disillusionment Is Needed Now that the Uniteti Stales government lias made available §18,000,000 for feed and seed loan 3 in Die Mid-South the worst of the fnnn finance difficulties in this territory will scon bo over, or at least so the Memphis Evening Appeal and Die Arkansas Gazelle seem to think. We wish they were right, but they ar; .fust as wrong as they can be, and their failure to learn the real facts before making such expressions as appeared in their editorial columns yesterday only nuikes more difficult the task of obtaining measures adequate to the situation. It is true the government has miulc v.'!?:'.*: scans to be amp:? provision for : '' '•''"'. fertilizer «ml similar c.x- ; .-:- ; ' crop productir:n. [•; has made ::-.- i.'i'o'.v.i-.jii at all for human food, and farm labor cannot make a crop without food. The farmer who gives n first mortgage on his crops to obtain feed and seed is not going to bj able to obtain Cocci for his men and their families. Is it the thought, of those who think the leal loan law meets the situation that farm tenants arc to be fed by the Red Cross from now until the crops are marketed? \Ve should hope not, but under the present Inw that will be the only resort for fann- ers who are forced to look to the government i.'or crop financing aid. It ought to be clear in Memphis and in Little Hock, of all placas, that the real need of this territory i; credit adequate -to -permit something approximating normal farm operations. Loans for feed and seed will not solve the problem, nor will millions for Itcd Cross doles, unavoidable as the latter are at this time. What is required is an opportunity for farmers to borrow, as they have been able to borrow in other years, to carry on their operations until their crops are ready for market. The best plan that has been offered, in our opinion, is that embraced In Senate Bill 5M1, ' introduced by Joe T. Rabin-on, under which the federal treasury would be drawn upon for the capital needed to establish agricultural linaiico corporations in the drouth stricken areas. Tin amount of federal money necessary would be insigni- ficant compared to the proposed $2f>,- 000,000 appropriation to Ihe !Je;l ('i-.).-i.s, and the benefits would be immeasurably greater. A similar bill, providing for • stale aid in the formation of such corporations, has hcen introduced at Little Uock. It is immaterial from which source the help comes, but it is essential that it be obtained. And the great newspapers of the Mid-South ought to take some leadership in obtaining it, rather than to blindly acclaim the h'.nc- lits of a so-called relief measure that in actual practice will provide no important relief at all. ^LYTIIEV]LLE.j_ARK.)_COymER_ NEWS Hard on the Palient Eleven learned doctors have spunl many months studying (he condition of America's chronic ailment, the; lujuor problem. They have reached the conclusion that the Eighteenth Amsnd- mcnt-Volslead Act medicine that the patient has hern taking for ten years is not only disagreeable stuff to lake, but has failed to bring about the desired improvement. Hul because of their inability to agree upon any other prescription, and out of deference to Ihe prejudices of the palient's guardian, they recommend continued administration of the same old stuff. IVhat About Next Year It is a Rood thing that the Ulythe- villo schools are '.;oing to run for UK- full term, but Ihcre is nothing ver.- pleasant about the financial situatioi. that the district must face next year. To finish oul this year will require about ?] 5,000 of money raised for next year. Will^ no more revenue than is in sight now funds for next year would be inadequate anyway, and borrowing from next year's money to solve tbi, year's problem is simply going to make next year's problem doubly serious. The truth of the, 1 matter is that present lax laws and present assessment methods do not provide sufficient money to operate the schools of lily- theville on a decent basis. Until that fact isi generally realized and a remedy provided our schools cannot attain a safe financial condition. i ^^^SC I' .jj'-A- -i 1 i T' -I -I i r t-~f»i I V "<"- s.*\ '^S^Vj'illkjii i^m rvl'M-l ^?/^ liE£i:/ rr?f4^ ^Mv't VSifexlil UiKf • f^ Wgf^ ' l ^i^^^M if?.-,''k Vn&£i : $tUa&.- r 'J(''}\ i '^^S^"''"')/'^'"'--' ^JiJill 13, 7 "• '^J 1 / -if^.V-s f.1 •',?!t.i3j Siipi)res.scil desire. •ami in association wilh i!ie absoru- tlcu of the bacterial pjlsons there may be fsvcr snd a general rnr- •tion cf the boJy. : BeciiusecflliDdirnculty In c-u-- mg, changes take piaee hi the i u f,g s whereby they become constantly partially distended wuh air 1 ,? Clings about furtiier dlfrtcUty V •breathing and mere WMr on the heart because It Is hardsr u> Jot • the bt'ocd 1 ' am ° UIU ° f ° XreM lnt ° ! Obviously ihe treatment of bronchitis depends on many faciors. A Ktod, climate is important since in •!™ l l if y U:< ; " atlenl u relie «d from (he smoke and the fumes and the dust which keep his tissues constantly vriialeci. i, '"'Actions in the nose.Uiroai and teeth as well as in th? sinuses shouw be cleared up b eca ,, se u^ act o pour germs ,-onsiantly Into the limes, lucre are various d-u-s |v Hch are eliminated by means of he respiratory mucus membranes l«hen taken internally. These drugs I -ave the value of combatin- the iecrms which may be on th>»-. iace of the mucus membrane's ' ' Tncrc are other drugs which aid I a fiee now of mucus, thus s ,. vln< . j to wash the surfaces of th« micu°s membranes free irom l:!c 1 rl MU" materials. It U exc:.eJin s l tant thai the palkw get P l e m£ «si and the attending pHvsic. , can drag, wifie! \v w b of great service in aiding J|VEDNESDAY,_JANUARY 21. 1031 NATURE'S CURin : Rl UjWASIIINGTON i m Sff OllL[I£R_ IS 6OT ilTTiE Hose THAN A SINSLE DEGREE FRCW ,-) f Hi TRCK NORTH POLE ANP IS A MUCH SW£R. fioioe NEEWE, 8ECAOSE 7H£ POINTS' (WANV DEGREES W£ST Op Na<5.7» w THE EAS'KRN UNITED S7/ln=S AND /VWNV OS5BEES EASroF NORW.iN TTKE WESTERN STATES 1 .,. SOUTH CAROLINA TO iAKE SUHERIOf OO£S 7HE COWR4SS POINT Rocky ™» 1!V KODNLY DL'TCIII | Ni'A s.-ivicc NVnl-ji- i V/ASHl.NUiLiN.—I: th;ro =r Bcri^.i 'i.i.-.:np:; :i s iht :n: str.r.ds rcsdy, under tiie l:tw lislp the farmer "just as far a: • i> «!lh:is to .go in ccntrollin-' '''••'" ] " :Illi > t - ii i P -" That is, he ex- A Pcmisylvnnln 'college served ten free to Jts students duriiii,' cxninitiation week recently. A more timely beverage would have been nerve tonic. explcrer of tii »a!,,s, ,vas born a , a . F'on 0 ',vi.i s h-s education a - Cnanc-ston Coiisge. s c he taught mathematics on a warship for two years. A few years later served as a topographical eivl- " ccr ,, to «M> Drench cxi>!orjr, Jean Kico «. His experiences with Nicollet furnisiicd him invaluable training for use in his later career and gave him a desirs for further i western adventure. : In 1842 Fremont crossed (lie Kccky Mountains and riemon- si:atEd the feasibility of an ov«r- i I land route across the continent i A year later he explored Great i bait Lake and in 1845 he esan- m:U ihe watershed between the j Mississippi and the Pacific. I During the Mexican War Frr- ! cleared no-'.hern Californio ' ;of Mexican troops, bin, quarreling! , with his superinr officers, re. signed his captaincy. In ' 1859. ^lt:r an expedition ' u;> the Kin : 'Civamii!. Fremont, ciossod ov er to i Caliloruin. whc-re he scitled. The following year United States senator from the new state. In 1850 lie was the Republican and Anti-slavery candidate for the presidency. In 1801-2 he served in the V^ular army as major general. '..;; resigned rather than serve under Gcne-rnl Pope. He later became governor of Ari/ona. Deputy Makes Record in Dry Enforcement SEATTLE, WASH. (UP) — One lone deputy sheriff in King County has cost the bootlegging business nearly a quarter of 'a million dollars in the past three years. Averaging OIK airest a day dining that period, the deputy" never once used his gun or swim" his blackjack over the head of a vci- tim. C. K. EoJia was the deputy named as the worst Singh menace :n the stnto, so far as bootleggers and moonshiners were concerned. llr. ccnf:jcai?d and destroved mnr? than S!OS,000 vorth oi liciucr r.aiapliernalia. and lias earned for the. state about S115.000 in fines. Jail sentences meted out to his victims totaled 24,020 days. [Town Has Two Murders ('' in Forty Years 1 . PORT TOWNSEND. WASH -J (UP)—Killings arc 50 rare in' Port Townsend that a son of'V-a lawyer who served as 6cK n L counsel in the last murder?,'!; will tK the defending la-x^er i, the first murder trial here' in "n years. . •" The father was John D K a j r . field, the son, John F. Dors both : of Seattle. ' It was in the days of sailing vcs- seis that Fnirficid cam= to Per' Townsend to defend Dominion Co-' clla. Italian fruit vender who kilie- 1 John Deletis, his Greek partner c-i July. 3, 1880. Coella was finally convicted and sentenced to life bu'. was later paroled. Dore will defend M:-s. L'jln Gene degree murder for in: slayiuo o r Hilsinger here or. a charge "of "nrsE her husband. George F. Hiisin"er Fort Vvoruen warrant ofricer. The Raiian Cchseiir.1 seaiecl -n people (hun the Yalj Bj-.vl. t:j;.\ Inue Wife Sects Lcgnl Permission lo Crash Slug J'imy.—Headline. | A Jane Doc wnrmnl, or something? Oirl out onr way says they must have hud the necwrc Idea during the Revolutionary war when the Miuuto Men fought. No small Indication of Thomas A. Edison's ingenuity is that utter Inventing the phonograph IIL- went deaf. Within the next four ycais. the astronomers say, we're In for a period of falling stars; more than fell, even, when the talkies cnmc in. OUT OUR WAY By Williams _i5i_ I "Even mucus tart jv.,.^ igj.j Utiiiids unique," conniit.'iiu ihe En- : i renu cf AgrlciLlliii'.!! Lcc.: : ..:uii>. ; I Ovoiprotiiiciion ol wh.'jt p'llc.i : j nil stoi-ks of that gr.iin .«Tcckinj ; the price. The clroiigl:: rsctucc-tl j ccrn. hay nnd pasturaijo to t : c I Mimllcst crop in years/ C:i;mpl;iy- I mcnt and hard times over a wi:!c- , f[ircact area nil (!cv\n U::' .Ic-.ii-iua " i lor cotlcii. men 1 ,, dairy i>io.::icls an i I other ngrlciiliu:-;il c. :ninc;iitii=. I Oenernl cciiiinasjliy y.n:s were: | down all over the wcrlii. L-.;i;li:is tu i :tlie deprcfjlon m o;u u\\r. raw ma- ! : '.crlals. ! There «.\s very litii.-- i.: e Fsr;:. |Bo:ird fciiid <!o i.:;:..-, ;,![ thai. ' he p , ', , - . , ^.nilv • EAT IT? llOluvucd bililKl 15H3. ! 'Clean Is Iir.porlaiU in Treatment of Brouehitisi in;> coughing n-.crtai:-.-:M hci::.; to throw , • ?'- I tlu r&rci-;]i ;,i;;,,-,.- t , cit-ir' ' I . - - Mi;.-.-!..; I There ar» ci^- ,- " C ^,W," .„ ' rne air that is ii:h.-.:r.-: :r,^i ? :i • wihch the b.^c'ic'ri. "aW lla ', ","•'-sn Iti.e ii3; L ' and throiis:: ; . mouth,' rat or i:; wi-r 1 - -iin- v!ni"r^ - ,l:rcfci.\l',y ilie (oiin.r. ... = .j V.- s.i g:o.i; th.i:' •'' •),!•'...,. "|".- - GO _ Ti-US COPtMER , ' 6oT A SMAS AM' X PROVE. I ai-ents, particularly mothers, are paying a lot of attention to children's diet these days. For it is far more economical and pleasant to keep a child well by feeding- him correctly than by nursing and doctoring him back to health. Of course the doctor should be consulted regarding what a child should eat and what he should not eat. Hut do you realize that the leading manufacturers of lood now seek the advice and approval of the leading nutritional authorities in the country, relative to he claims they make for their products in their advertising? In other words, food advertisements are reliable sources of information regarding diet. They are based upon the results of the latest approved scientific discoveries about vitamins, minerals and roughage in relation to vigorous bodies, clear 'jomplexions, sound teeth and properly regulated systems. So read t! K \so advertisements carefully. Consult your doctor about them. Very often the advertiser invites you to do this because he has asked authorities, whom your doctor respects, about those advertisements first. Pj 9» it ft P ,| y \> ']

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