The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1930
Page 6
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'VISAGE' SIX'vt, _BLYTHlWll.,l,rc. (ARK.)' COUftiER NEWS LOU BROOKMAN AUTHOP OP "RA8M .BOMANC&* HEBE TODAY CEL1V MITCHELL, IT. fncn > K«W ; tlfe wbra kbe I«HV#H lk« koiM IB Valilwarr wliero the hn« llvrd Wllk krr K>amtt<rt»» uollifri MAROAktrr MOnERS. lo lain krr fuller, JOH\ MITCHIXL. n«J )if r irmBdMutkrT (• K >1nlrl7 Ni'HT Vork <HtIli>r. Tk«> jrlr) Jia* nn4 rTm kBow« »fr f.lkcr «n. llvlnff vnlll Ike ^njr kr rn«c lei Ike Halllmirc •MpaflHFMT. . Cella koti iiappairi! BOB nor.RRS, k<r mntkrr'ii >rr- opd k«bniiil. (e k« brr fnlbrr. .MllfWIl un-crrd Colin a life «( ^oallk nnd hfnurtflnUJy t\trr- Itilaic • ckDAIccJ. SUt ttfc hrr rinxk^r. uHnwnt£ iknt KArrnrtr Hoi;er« fmK «frlnHnlT III mid nhe tret UAN\i;k rillll-.'lillS, ynunc been turn rkBl irumr Anf Oll . ?fk* U ln»rl]r etmt 111 at rair lu tkr «n ko«r. MRS. TI1OMAK MITCHELL. brr urUlocrnllr rrr*wtM*1krr, rrltl^IirB . Ike K'rl mid ••(llMr« 'frnlnlBfc fir ki*r »<'• .1.1) ttrttt. Nllrkrll «nii, Crlln In (can.- l.alfr iknt r.vcninjc k* .•^1U A l^lrpktinr Hvnikrr nnd Evelyn Parsons, who hail beautiful .at IS, could still toads In any public Her srnllo • • • • CUB was dressed In black chiffon. "^ It was a slinplo frock BO far as ornamentation goes. Judged by lne and effect ft. was pure' Paris. The iklrt. appearing to lie the all mincS I possiblo covering abou^ Hie hips, flsfci! to mysterious, bell- like iiroportlnns Iff ore It reaclieil I tlio floor, 'I'ho tcwllcp, £ccinlnf;ly | nn l.jwcr tlinu ol)icr ovcnlnR I EOWHB, conveyed Implications nil Ilia more Marked hocaii^e of the froek'« <t Mil lire design. .\o\v no (f\ WITH TUP. STOHV CHAPTER XV Kvclyh hnd bought iho Jresa In i the French capital, nor liatt.Elio j regretted ono rent of Us diilra- | geolia price, Hlio whs a wodrui with "dress tense." <.* Now stio touched tlie ulilo otithc r.'VEI.YN 1'AHSONS' tioiiiloir wns » nw » HEMly n* a woman will. 1 mi- 1J like a turqolse .Jewel Ixis lni :ll>la lo mlst fc'lvlng a flnal^at ir> •.'.•:ilcli the owner's Ivory nnd Rolilen i' lial wlllch ls n'rcnrljr po.rtent. Kho i.-auty was set off as craftily .is ilie ! ">° k "I 1 lier mirror, iuspeetliig tlie I- a'eler designs settings for "awlesR rudy of lic-r lips. ;.- m s. . i It KOR not deference to Uio mem- Mrs. I'nrsons was sltflnf; nt the I ° r >' ot nwlghl I'arsons. In his gravo •'-•' mouths, wlilcli Imil per- formed a firm line and Der eyes KT.JW calcnlallnK, her beaujy l.lka tbo purring felloe Kvelyn'G pkek, tillky exterior concealed claw?. -i ' • Two Hofily cliaded Inmpa llk^nl: nated tlio living room. Kvclyn t ai standing liesldo tho central win' dow In a poso she knew was be- coining. she cpasfdered. then withdrew to n low divan. Slie had rcmcmliercd tliat (h'o llghtini; thrro would UQ morn^attnrluE. ' Hoso cniernl Ihd mom carrying a I ray and glasses, ' "I'nt Ilirin hf;ro—on Iho coffee fable," Krolyn [nslriiclcij. "And hrlnc that hoi.ot clfiarels, wll| yon?" ' ' ,'.. M.ikliiK a man; comforlalilo, wai to Kvelyn ParaoiiK flio firs( Rsson In enicrtalnhiK. Klip, was 1 nlwuys vjfy. careful about, this. 1 'Tlio litll rang. ^ v . - . if Thorn waa srnrcely time''for'Mrs. her »[>pearanc« won »tte»tloa. .'.' "Never mind my looks, John." the wonsn said quickly. "\ wan( to hear what Ihh Is that l« botV- erlng you." "W«ll, I'll story." illtchcll put liav? to tell,you a dowu It* I siaok»?" empty glass. "Mind It "Do,' by all means! "I tllnk -you knew," the nun wont, pn clowly, 'years ago abou( my—raarriace. I was la.Chfeifo. 1 Met my wlfo out there. We dtdjrt coiao .lionio hecausfc of—parepfa.1 clisfipprova). That was at flf«'t. Afier four years we were divorced. You rr-merober?" Kvelyn nuililed. . . "i./KuesB yoji didn't know,though, that there was a child. Klie'.s always been with—heir mother. Seemed to be tlip plac« for a Klrl. Margaret wanted tier, nf course, and I didn't contest. Had no place to take her anyhow. Srie'i MONDAY, SRPTRMBBR. 29. '1930 •(C«tlnu«d from Drttrlplltin nf- UQih on -t*i t^inlii «t ihr (lir.t r.l htltl Luff 7 YVI-2 7 n 0 i. 7 !.-, in 17 i M-2 si-i- n 44", • lion of K 0 O AdillUM 1 a 2 2 K [ark'i Aitdltli 4 Te«n of '4 m' MX r>*ierljt« Pimp RAITKS «' to S&p.'o fi»rne W^jn i Sarn S/irn •**• ri] ifitfif. ."••in* J"*]no K*me. ."•mill* si!!!? J ir.c rni* Same Sftlfil loa to S* tf ^ Sir,!.- eflre) •': • '" NftJnat'nf' Perino, Firm of Corporitkn: U*t on l«iMk - • ! '. ' , J. 1.. TlHwt-11 Drill IngtHon )V|la Jn.-t«oi) J. I.. TUwell S H 'Tltr 3. 11. • T»l« . S. U. 'I'ate S. 11. 'I'arf :K 1).- T«i p 11. >V. UVi/f B. ' .1). j Hrr.v n W. H. 'Hall 0. W. (i.. W. Swlnnev I!. W. finlnni.!- (i. W. S«lpr,4 fi. W. SilinVf ft. W. 8»l«r.»>- <l!'tt'! Sulnnrj f«. W.' ('^wlnnt'y <i. w. SwMini-r CI) ilf- - Stn'illi Tom' Vlrn-e Tniil* firlce D«U • ' " C.- i.e. Kct<lo<-k e 0. A. TJnirinan 1» 20 23*31 * I B..,. | |'f HtWlB I B*BI! J S*me , J - g*™» SuMtTliloa of L*to^4*6.7^«r 8 JO 1 1 12 su 3 4 - 7 Nl-2 9 S f. El-2 9 i.o Ifi 19 20 34 115 \v i-y >29 41 42 4 t M €0 64 ' 65 « "'. St. & M 12& ; - • •41 °<»Kt*cr-. H H B I) C Tcwn I l l 2 i 4 4 -J r £ V f f> r * K 1* i-Sfco SdfJJf W. ; W, Hkft'i'Bir NW W W HarM - Ucknovp Unknown S. K'.. Bnr.» atth A tlllt Ion— 1 1.. f. Nolljr 1,. P. Kiillv tfimi . i,. p. .S'i]lV AdiUi«— LtaehTilli ' K^tnc Sirrit* S*Dlf Of M»llA S»Jj:i- Pjln'i« Kamr Same Sriinp Sarrp yjjjj SK>J:P* S»rne '^'"P Sftftic . -*-'injr Sfl I/I C 1 \V \l, flroand* W. M. (Sraonil. .1. W. Swilra " Jrn. W. l.n*c.n .;. 1^, .MrMiflrra J. K. Ui-Mailrrp Anrlp .Icntf A>Dlr Jonck M. S. WU^mftn Will CarUripl.l IlilUry .Ittiiib .Ir.o. II. DrAv(- EfF' l.'ajf Co H. -A! Sn:ilh M. A.. Fiulih J. T. Anr«lnuiy M: sw NW SW SK HW HW SW I. »U 1 It 2 .'01 1 ftK ).o 1 I NH Ixila 2t-7 ."ol 10 NF. J.ul 1 fJW J.ot l ,SK l.ol 1 SW SW 8W si: fi>: XK XW SI-3 .NW ^*K K 1! . HK NK NK fi* NW SW :.•<»: .sw sw sw .W, 4.3:1 « 'HI-) Xf. NtK cl 11 R- of 11. .NW XK Cornt,^ i;rati>ni ?'•- SI -2 .1. K. Mr.Mailr;r> 1 •*'• - s '^ C. (i.. Sfci|il.-5 Kfl xw - s » ' l:. If. ,'runh.vili-j S'jfiilK - A llrnA-u .M-2 M-i •f): SK i t-fn j. 10 '- 10 . 10 10 . in PR n n si: i 7 7 7 II 2.1 ^ S 1 ^> 4 t 4 4 4 I'rl. 11 NW V K. -in .;'ii 27 <0 Kin* 40 £sn« 40 Fan:*' 40 Saimi *l>. . Pan-,,. - Twp: J4-.\". • 4.02 • .Same C.u:i • Sauir 11 M "'JIIH1 'l!4y ^;,n,. 1.45 ,l4rne H1.74 Siu:e :i.'A Harno 40 Ptme 'l'»p. l.'i \ ?.'* - SIMM.' j'O ' Knm« 1>|i. 11 .V. 40 i-1^1,1 r*|i. l!i N. 40 Satnr- 40 Rumt 40 SM,!H 4.33 Satno «» • Stni* ;• 11 ^IIIIK 4'l Sau:r 10 > Smne 40 Satn« Wi 0. » w. c. * w. c. w W. 0. w w. o. ^ Alden L«n4 R 13 K Dnkn 11. V, Vllrkc H. V. Mllckf J. 0. <'o H. Mllrlit 1 J. l'. Co .1. 1!. t'o s'. H 8 B ii a K .1, M. Ki n. r. /i u io i: Itrc.n i. till Hnikn i fill R 11 K MllFif ( ].. W. Go • 1..- W. <>o 1... «'. Ho 1.. W. Cc i:. s'. pji Mrf. I..W. <lr. fkllil.Mrr i. IV. J'. Hale\V. I 1 , fluid W. 1'. Hall- W. 1'. Hair WooJ Woo.1 WooJ Wo*! Vooii a Co; lo^-ri raoi) won rMn Parsons to turn her "head ' and liera in New York now. 1 table IrjFpecting tlie a i;tran'ii of pcarlp. : "'lailrd Kvelyn to put on tlio black "Here, Rose, will you fasten iKO"". 61 'e n though tlie conservative ! element of BOCloly whlcli slio .\\ns The ' niald fastened t'io pearls j always careful io ro.nsldci- would -ihout ,i 'tliroat which, under lamp 1 |1IIVB approved the choice. Evelyn l:>rlit.- failed tn show a "trace of| cl ios-o Iho blnck'dress us she >c<' r. :c. The. Jewels, hung half wny Iw.lrd Evelyn Parsons' ivalsl. They Ho did not hesttat« at 'her' slight exclamation. . .• "Ve«. she's here at my mother'* house, llcen hero three days; '\I want to do—wtll, what a fathtf should'for her, Kvelyn! I've ^o't T-ore- perfect.- evenly matched luarls,. arid, as Mrs. Parsons was v.'ell aware, harmonized \vllh her her perfume. Onwrilly Hlie wns mourning her liuslnnil, 1'rlvnlcly that moiirnlni; hail ceased inonihs back. The widow, iittrncllro anil worldly-wise, shoulders to iho iiropcr angle, to ossuaio llio tjuct drijrPB ot cordiality tn her smllii before ilosn Hollered In dm unest. "Welcome, .loliu Mllrhnll!" Tlio woman cunio forward with outstretched band. . the money. I want xo.Klve ."d'ooil tvening. flood ol yon to I her clmnce. 'You' see she's neirer. let mo come, Kvelyn." . . ; . .. 'really had' a'nyihloK-f-'' ••.'•. ';• '•' '.'"Nonsense. I'm so nwfully (lad . "How old In she? to RC-C you! Hero in lliln l]ot'city —how nn earth do you men .stand It? I mean..slaying here nnil \vorli- IIIK In otticef. It's a treat io have, you coiuo and lull: to mo. 1 I 81 . ii!ond coloring and added ilellcm-y ] hn<l returned to Now VoYk Irom in her rnaluro charms. ' :i \* moi.ths nn the continent, bring- 'That's all aov, Rose." 1 1«B a splcnillil vvarclrobo nnd deft- The maid dlsnpiK-arcil. Evelyn J nllo plnns /or acquiring Ihisliaud drew the stopper from a '. Number Two. Dwlght Parsons licnvy vial of perfume. !t was: -tod been satisfactory enough, l.'-avy perfume, too— spicy, exotic : 'hough never really rich. Dlond .ind rophlslicattd. Mrs. Parsons: beauty snmctlmc-s fadss swiftly, touched her ear lobes, her- lliis and ' n "d Mrs. Parsons saw the fiHiiro "f horie-yoii weren't going 'oiit?V "Wlieu I lave the oiiiwrtnnlly of staying chatting'.' .No; ' linger tips with the scent. Tiieh .she..'stood nnd . surveyed herself In tho mirror.. Sho smiled ; t)irough shvcwd eyes. Dwlyht had been a boyhood frleuil ofiJohn Mitchell. Tho Par- :-t tlio familiar reflection, appmis-1 sons homo was ono of lliu few at ing and, ovlilenfly" "iatisTcil r.-llh ' "'lilcli Mllclicll called regularly each detail. (whenever be visited the metropolis Kvelyn Parsons was fi years old.-j during his long ycavs'.of icsiilcnco Xo orio would have surssed tier • In Chicago. . ..' over: 35..- . ., Kcrenels- Evelyn Parsons smiled She was a rather small woman, -is slio touched a flame to her C!K, had a roundei] p-.-eltlhc'sa ofi'aret and saicd off across tho lio- ; face and.-figure, and no one except Evelyn herself knew whm It cost to keep dowa that fatal hlii- to the measurement nt v?hlch rlznn from an npiMieil window. The nuarlmcnt rfus high up, cool cveu on a sultry evening. Evelyn called it a "small place." but ii stayed. Constant diet; exercises, she lived nlono with her mnld, c-.'ipcaslve massage. ' , Hose, nnd two Pekingese dogs. She It was her golden hair, though, that .was always' mentioned wheu acquaintances npolco'of "that iirct- iy Mrs.'ParBons." Tonight - tie gleaming tresses - which dcucd''ero drawn back into m, low knot. Her shoulders anil '.arms wore . creamy white. There' ; were chin 'lines and liny. .CIISJ-CTOSS wrinkles about her blue -ejts which worried i Mrs. Parsons, hut th» them. *lectrl« glow concealed WHS lUvidiii;; her tlmo between tho apiirlmcnt in town nnil n' comfort:: ablo house on I.oug Island because of dlsngfieable details concerning Dn'Ight'H estate, Involved in Tvhat seemed Intermlnablo legal tanglca. Kvelyn consulteii a clock. Nearly nine! Mllcliell should be there any moment. CUE tapped the ash from her clg- u aret absently. Sho \yas no •'j longer smiling. Evelyn • Pavsoi»' indeed! , "Dill you were, going!"-'-'' "Now, John! Of course I'm not. I've— postponed tlio engagement, tt was nothing that I wanted to dn, really. I'm awfully fortunate -to be able to pet out nt it." Sho leaned fonvnrdi hands h'ctd together, smiling guilelessly. ' i Mitchell's faco was serious. "Well, It's a lilg favor to me, and I appreciate II. I'm up against a problem— well, to tell you llio triitli I don't know what to do; Tonight I felt that I needed to talk to someone. - You wore the only one 1 could think of wlio would 'umlevslaiid— " j"Tlien I'm glnd you came! Mitchell moved impatiently, lie- fore he 1 could continue Mrs. Parsons imurcd a leverage' into a glass half. filled with Ice. 'She held It toward- him. ' : .. "You'll, linvo some?" 'she. asked nwcelly. "ir.will maVe you feel c.oqlcr.'* msn took the' glass, -tlrnnk tft^ly. - , . , 'Theilnterriiptlon had Ueen'mcely- llnieil! 'Mitchell surveyed lils'host-' "Jov6, but you look cool!' -How do 'you 'Wnuase It?" Silvery laughter the auswer. Romel^lng. more than laughter spoks frau Kvelyn Parsons' eyes, but slid was quick tn nvert them. Sh« had decided It was high time "She'll he 18 next montli. 'Ce- Ma's her name. Of course, aha'i gone to s<jtipot, oitd ,h,er mother "did everything the co'ulil,' I ji'iiait—;•'./ "Has H«r mother—m irr I »'i. again?" Mr«. Parsons .asked;..%'-> ^llchell. ihook', his liead..., x T1l«.-: merest cbadow'. ;of • ''dlfipleaEutf* Kvelyn Parsons' facViikV sha said rjothiogi .. :;' ' .'•)",' "I'm telling you the'wliclo thjhg' so you'll understand," the nian continued. "Mother was opposed \u tho whole plan at flrst. -I liiS to talk her into It. You see, Ev'0. lyu—well, you tee, when - a man fects to ho my UKU he feels dln*er> eiitly. Things you're r.-nrkOi1> hiri^ [or.don't look like so much! '-Ud you—iinilcistand what I'm tryliijj to .say?" ' ..• ' • -•' -i.'j "1 think I do, 'Joliu." ;' '; "I hoped you'd luu^erBtand. 5u't you seo the Ivoutilo'ls she ought'to .nii'et young peonle,. have, a good time. I thought mother couldHiVe care of, that, hut I see she can't.' Mother's behiud 'the times. She. thinks The world is Btill ruled p> tho "Four Hu'idre'd.". Wants "(6 take Cclia abroad this fall. That's all right, hut what is sho going to i!o; In the meantime? Tonight; I found her-rl mean Cclia—crying."'•The poor dear!" Mrs. Parsons'' voice was honeyed softness.. "You were right to come to me. JohiL' '•Hiiv here's what we'll do—" It wus an hour and a half Intt that the door of .Mrs. Parsoni apartment closed behind Join Mitchell. ' In the turqoUe boudoir Erelyn Parsons laU aside her j«»Tl«, "it's! gofng to b« e.vullantly. "liasy!" B* C«mUaaed)' . whl«p«rtil ; ' '' ' Local Stiidents Win Honors at Mid-Soulli Fair Tnu Kappa Epsilou frnteiultyliousp til Belolt college here. Bees gained entrance to l!ie house through n lefrlgerator drain pipe. Si i! Blytlieyille hi«h' 'school agr'lcul- tiira] students..-members, of the dosses' -of ''Charles T. Cromer. Smith-Hugh,^ Inslfuctbr,' retiiniiKi fr'-in the Mid : South fair Saturday with $23.50 In prize money -ond n big slireaf-ot.ribborts, awards won in a number of departnienls. In competition vitii teams from sefenty - schpnlij. throughout the HidtSouth the. local poultry judging fifth, for a priw of Sop; Members of the team are R. A. Nelson, who won third individual honors, Boyd Goodwin and Eugene Perry. In. a similar competition ihe Blythevllle crop judging team placed uventli,' with C.' Smith ranking ourth in .individual • honors.- Other members of- the team were Paul .Kirkendahl and Louis Freeman. The Blytheville dairy cattle judging -t?am, made up of James Edwards, Howard Boone nnd Alton Hotiil. piactd twentieth. In the t«n'ear corn exhibit Blytheville. boys .won prizes totaling $10.60. Sam Johns received $4 for fourth place with while corn, Eugene.' Perry won 1250 for seventh place, and Kinnard Waters won SI .50, for; nineteenth place. W. L. Fitzgerald placed tenth with yelloa- corn for a prize of $2.50. While at Memphis the boys were the guests of' the Mid-South fair as&ocittiior. which purnished them '_with meats and provided sleeping ccomodations for those from points too distant to permit them to return to their homes at nigh*. ° E 1 S AROI1NI> ' ' c »' d ' ( ° Oregon City-12 miles-!, CITV, Ore.. (UP)-El- two and one-half hdurs. He expects (Ifrly, crlppk-d. John Ciirrinstpn to' travel to • tos Angeles by |hc traveled via pnshmobile from Port- sariic mode '..' ££: L', .««»„ 16 Kainr X. L. Ha)>»' > Addition - Lji.-l.nllt 1 t'rihj.own II. -rioh'r.r, l.nk/inwr. Unknown Ti Fame "• Sau.r, y Sa(iii» f> Paino O. M. Jicktor.'i Aiattioc- tlatlhiwt' Addltlo'l—L« .2 .Sinn* •i ' fjsmB W.n:e Same Same Barr.c L'ntiio^r u i .KfcV^ n .Sr .rto'y^ «'. ;J.'.'Wo'C(! •It. o: . thiiai s. .1! Ma.nt»:« h'an^e wi' Srcond-Additfojj— Lfi, ;> Saino S •I. Hi Alton Alton 'h'1-5 W1-! 8 II Kl.2f.t-tt '' '• wi-a 1:1-2 4 Ntlcon'a a , • .\i-s xi-i si-e o si-: ;> 9 •i Simo S»n« . Tint. Addltlu- ^tm. .«.ni4 Same -S.rne J. ,\failbfws ' " C.' H. (i.'nitr llrpl ^ Clmale Jlvnl t: L'lioale 11. J. :l)avis Hnh San.l>/» L«irtTilH . . .. I.. I'. Kekcr 7 B W 1-2 ! S*C«BI H K K 1 It. II. O.rn-r Same S»me !5am* Osrar A. A. A. A- Tom 'H. Sanio SithdlTillM of Lot 4, Bl«cl A SaViif Park Addllion—I^aciTUJ« I .'ill , 1-1 i 171 17.'. I7C 1X2 SI--J i si; ms 194 L'04 209 21(1 , 21-J •JIX 22.', 220 2L'7 211 7 240 is ir.o !(.! 102 JOJ 104 103 tos 107 U7- 11 ii 1:1 l-ttmt M.lnil, M Will ,lr,hn«1r. llnrty . hrani 11. W. i:n««n II. «'. '.I'vvtn II. '«'. II. \V. .OoVan Stme Saini' Siine i> Co. (tan'h - fi: -Knij 17 17 18 7A CA FA PA PA fA 11A UA 11A Siu-.f Viiit:> Sanie , Sar.te S.yne f-'a'me Sa,rae Samp -Kamo Saiitu Sa.r.e Sams Same Same Hain't* Sl KM, 1'.Burl K. H. Oorir EiU-anli. i- .SVIfeon l.ullier, IfKlsy If. «'. Ptnmui •Jro. -l.axcr. K. 'A.'. -Unify ^aine A. J. H. 0, W 1,1,1' TowrFite ' <?o. M. A.- BiTiltl. M. A. Srnilh M. A. Pjoiih ToKmiie Co. r l'o»nsife. . Co. To*-«iit« Co. A. H. -,Ke)l J. U«vi< Smllh SmilL Modern in Every I $& W a -fi ?. J M I HONET IN FRAT HOUSE BETX5IT, Wls. lUPl—More than 10X) pounds of honey were found by carpenters between the walls of the 1 Lee-Coppedge Gin Go.,; Inc. Ginuors and buyers of (lotion and Cotton Seed A new electrically equipped MURRAY Ginning System with five approved cleaning machines, assuring you the licst possible sample and lint turn-out from your cot ion. ^•••^•^•^^S-:-^ . "A A B B B B U B C. i: t'; C •t! 1) Y. K t: K K V. E K K E Y. K f. l; t: F. E E r; B i: r. K K F 0 I! (1 n u o n n ii o H K H H H U K U U 11 H n n H H H U H H H H H B H n ] I I I 1 t Saliia ll: T. I Sahie K. W. Dn---L*a.enTlU • • .Same Sane } Unknown ' (rnktcm-n Uukjown - l/nlnnwn - Hu'kirdlon Sima S.' V. aaino \!ri. K..A. aam> Mr«. Ii. A.-.Jones .Suae ,.w. M. Rhode* SJBW W. . —. --.:;. »«nw W. M. nift(d»> Sarae. W. M.. Baidm B»rct Tom Cot«ta«4 Samp Unknown Sa»ne . - Untr.'.wr, S*me • Unkno 1 Unknown JlrAtow. -V. .^'Si-nil A. S, 'K, .\. s.,5. A.-H.- SWtt S.nij Saiur . SVm'o ' .1. W. Ht)tat,t J. -W. . A. A. M Maraard A. A. A. A. ». A. Mafnird Cif*I Cep«l llflle San Unknown UaVttown Unknown .\kernatbyt.H<,wen C. D. Aitibranner Addition-- . Jet SWBO . S*'mV Pi'rr.e Maolla . : K. S-. Huil'bn - H. S.' Hui!*on H. *: -Hudsoii cii ' i, .larh' Key . <1. . H.' Cdnrad " -Unkno K. M.-'t'opp K. .M. <To|If,liKe f.'. .M: Copp K. M. i'ofjp' -•Hob Ve llnb "V C."0: Stewart 'Uhkno'ii-n II. A. Aihabrada«r Addition—Manila • Sane El- .Inn. 'SVinhir ••• 0 K • (l^ •C> K' Oardn* 0 i: r.tTi~. r . XE- SW Xt; . SB X\V sw- :.-\v si: '.sw sw s\v 40 40 f.n,71 • 40 .-.0.71 40 2 .XW -S'K 2 1.01 7 St' XI: 10 Ki-3' sw M; it» Wl.3 SW XK Kl X'w .viv in '. i 1 ; i SW X\V . if) l.ol 1:1- SK x\v : io SK XW . -,'li ,st: NW. -_'n SW .N.W L'.; '••' St; :u •Nw Kt: . jr, HB st: ar, .1. j. Clio' i:. M Samp l.ti.i-T C. ' Sain? l.oni-v l\ ' Same K, 1.. Kit Driver Driver Urivir Drlvrj- llrlve'r UrUvr Driwr llmrr i'r.ur-,- .Voi:/ij: Voutip . 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Smith Same O.'A. Smith Sam'j • I). A; Srnllh Same ll..A. Xmilh Sirce .1. K. MrMtalrrii Sime ' . I,.' Saaer T. I,. Mitchell T. U ilitohrll JIa< Mref H..H. Cx)k H. U. Cook Manila Star« .r«) Star* To! Same Smn. • Same .Same Sam.e Satne "Uanlta Sarrie r^lwarj Same . A. 8. .B»l| Ramp Man Ha Tr.nris tie ' AddlUoa—Mi alia Slrae .1. S. Ptlij John ?»rn» J. P. 1'ellj- John Same .1. S. 1'elty John Slot w. W. 'Cox Same t.onnle . ramb. Sane LocDtA Parilh Same l^nnie 1'ari.h SaHe W. TV. .Cox Same W. W. Coi .t. W. l.alaier Sam* J. W. I.a[aver Same - 0. Sherwood Same 0. Sherwood Eatoe Myrtle Sherwocrt Same Myrtle Sher*oo4 Saqie Mr». S.TXRap&dal* Same Mr). S.b.Kaiidale Same A. A. Vaynird .s*me A. A. alaynard Same Mallla .W.ilVet Sirr.e Millie WalVer Same Mallie Walker Same Maul* IVtlker Sair.e -Matlli Walk.r Parae K. E. Knot* Si-.e j. \v. Lafaver Sair.r J. W. .l.afaver Sam* - W. W.. Cot Sarae W. J. Wood Kama W. J.' Wood ?am« W. .1. Wood Same W. J. Vitt Saur J. W. IJeadoT r?ime J. W. Ura .9 ' 9 •« 9 '9 l ff Same Same -Same Saint Same . W. Sie-ptu . _ .1. W. S(ppher..4 .1. W. Sl*j.heo« J. W. Stepher,. .1. \y. Supheni .1, V(. .Stpr.heni J. W. »e P J,en« .1. W. 8l«ph(n< J. W. .1. w. J. \V. stpphpet .1. W. Mepheca J. W. St.-pIiPiu .1. W. Stepl.rni .!. W. Stephrni .1. \V. Sl^krni .1. w. Stephrna Samt Same Samp S«MP Same '•'•' : S«me 9 ."amp. 10 Same 10 Same 10 - Sarat . 10 S».-ae ,1, W. Slepneni I' 1 Same .1. W. Slepnenj 10 Sarue. .1. W. Stephen _ 10 Slme J. W. Stpphen WUllford * Otrtlin'i AddlllM— Ha«iu. 2 S«me H«;tle Mar Orirsa 1 Same Haltie M.y Qrirr.i 2 Same - \V. B. Caton 9 r. Samt J. \v. 4C Same Ashabianer TOWB of Tariro 2 Saae U. A. Portl 1 Same, Bunrl, Bros 3 S»me .0. Huffman Ett. JLTTHEVILiE DIST1IOT Twp. : 14 X. K 8 E T>ls. of Sec. l«t ! XW 13 SI-2l.ot 3 XW IS S. of B. SW SW N' K SE NW NF. SK NK SW XE SB NW SE NW 8. ot K. 8. Nl-J XK r.. ol L. ' NE XE Sec. Arre» I Sair.t P. W. t.i '• Fame ]'. \V. l.t Twp. 14 X. I! 9 K. S.05 40 40 40 40 40 40 Same Sine Same Sfctne Tl. D. D. D. D. Farrir r'arrar V»rrai F«T«I OU-- 23 S7.63 Saonjo ft W. 11. Triiman D. Danl.U SE XVY T«p. u N. R 12 E Saau w. C. WM4 -to Buy: -Want lt> Sell -Want Work -Want Help -Lost Something -•Found Something No matter want you >yhat will you gel quick action by using Courier News WANT ADS j 1

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