The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE. (AHK.V COUK1EH NEW9 PAGE THREE MODERN HCHE NEW/ Conducted for this newspaper In (he interest of ll« women rcRdws Ijy recognized aulhorlllej on all phase* of tauc making. .Florence Krobeck, Editor Sirs. George Thurn. Associate Editor i'or Afternoon Tea or l . I IA Tl \ IIIUIHIIS UCU Ihe l.unch Box Inev Are on-flavored am lo .Please. monds first by pouring boiling wa- gar; four eggs; two cups flour; two : ler over the fiesrly shelled nuts; teaspoons taking uowrter; the grat- >l«l stand a few inlnuii's, then run m rlnti o: DIM.- icmoir, one IwlJ ti-a- oif the brown husks in a clean u-.i'kpo'.n snh; one teaspoon vanilla, 'towel. l/;t the nuts dry, then shce mend tin' shortening with the su-1 ! thinly wit.i a »narp jwrin-j knife. 1 add salt, lemon ilnd and va- , I Or grind in tl'.e food chu;i;H'i', o: .nilla. ihe iK-aton eggs one at n time, | chop in the chopping bowl. I Limiting well as t::ey are added. Halslns, brown sugar, ciniiiiinun i T:ien add the flour and taking and granulated art- cihei-| \:.,M\I -> s;f;rd to-j.'t.ior. Stir well. i!eior.iliO!i!> usiiJlly tuuisd on to;) b.ike. in ,m oblong shallow nan rub- ut the finished coifcu' cake. " '" ' - • . Worn iced, altr.c igh the b. FOR f IT the eook- grind frnll iced, 111 >n tre large cities have in irce:H 'months been pouring a yellow, Icm- iclng over their ; simple colfce cake*. Tnis do^s make the cake festive in appjar- 'ante and addi u iH'w llavor to ll as !)>ar Riders in lilyllieviUe: i well. Use your own Judgment and Ho many limes the cooking laslc about this. I preltr me old .School audience- for simple- Ushioned i-^p? \vilh cuke. 1 ! to serve wit.o afternoon tea and cinnamon, or witn siii and colfrc, lo tuck into the chil- monds. dn-n's school lunch lx>x and the husband's lunch box. The coffee So many who attend Ing i-Tlrol ask lor "a bt;l W.HI shortening, in a moderate j salad divsslm;." T.:ore. Imvc a??u oven. 351) di'jifi.v lor one half hour, far l'H> many fruit salad recl|ii'.i Spread •,>.!:!! a IUI!-> iinboaten c B »!»hlcli tall for K hipped cream |)Ile<l 'on top in <|ii:i]il!lles anri a maraschino cherry. This destroys Ihe oi)J?ctive oj I lie saliicl, wblc.-: Is to nrtd fruit to ll'o menu. ai>p;-ll/lng In apjK'arance and tlavor. The rich cream [s hardly suUeil in such w!ie:i tlon:- and sprinkle tlitckly wil:i brown sugnr anc! cln- PIGGLY «|* KROGER *i STORE Prices for Friday and Saturday STRAWBERRIES -a* Pints 121c m:non. su^ar; l',i:inU Kuilini hall i-iip shortening: one cup thivc esy;: rind o( o!U> hall l-nion ai:il ,of one orange; jiikx- o! one half orange; one ta- b:e.spoon iemcn juice; one teaspoon The Collctr t'akc following cak vanilla; one milk; two cups mixture . cake, or Kiichen as Gorman house- : should be baked in a shallow, wives c:01 many ^ood iculiK 1 have selected lde:U lor this. Bo .i nre nvailaWc but rrojn lliem three o:itsia!idi!in :nrs which are sure to l>!ease ino^l lumilie^. The German rccipcj nearly always, use thinly sliced almonds on tap 01 t.-.c cake; blanch the a!- p.m. Use one and one hall cups .su^ar; one lourlh cup s. two eggs; one cup iiulk, flour; four teiif]xxj]K baking ]X)w- (ier: ten raisins. Blend i':r sliortening a:W sii({- ar veil together, add tlie O-<BS one NERVOUS, RUNDOWN i>n;ui:i.i. i ai a time, beating constantly, then f.vo and add tl)--' fruit juices and flavoring. Mix tl'.e flour and bakln; powder and slfl twice, t-eu slir Into the first mixture alternately \dtli the milk. Place the raisins in the bottom of a deep, round fancy lube cake pan 'this pan is called a bundt) which Mrs II. C. Siln^. A;V: . sail'. I lc«jk Di. l-hTn-' \Vriit lo Dr. t'rirtt- ; Clinic. iM one [curtli cup. Hour: four tea- Lpoons uaking powder; grated rind of one Icnrjsi; c!)op;>ed or slic- etl aljiior.ds, about cue half cup. Blend the shorten!!).; and sugar, add the beat-in egg yo'.ks. and th.2 lemon rind .stirring constantly. Mix the flour and baking pa'.vder shortening. Poi and sill i•*ire. add lo t.'.e first mi<- ' ture and bake ture alternately with the milk.j or an hour. | n Last stir In ir.e .stiffly beaten egg 350 degrees, whiles. Rub the shallow pan wiiii Sand Torle shonenlng. pour in the batter. Potatoes Table Triumphs Found a .salad. beloiiKin;; 0:1 dessi'i-ls Instead. The dressings given Iwbw are consiltiiied to enhance (,.•.<• fruit mixture nnd add to it-s health va'.in- :i( the same line. Gr.iiK-fruil Dressing Oi;e hall cup sugar; one third cnp \shue grape jiilct 1 lor red OT| purple Juice); two tablespoons | lemon juirc. Mix, let slnnd in gtoss Jnr in refrigerator until very i cold. Shake, then p'mr over ftuyl fruit salad. WHh Oil One fourth cnp oiive oil; twr | taWespocixs Rrnpcfnijt jv/ice; Oranges Hulk l-'Iuridas . r i I'oinxl.s Grapefruit iMursh Sueclk'ss (i I's. Kach is well rubbed wild I half teaspoon salt; one- fourth tea-1 mr In l-e cake mix- .sp"wn paprika; 0113 half teasp°3 !: f:rly-flvc minutes powdered sug,ir; a moderate ovt-n. tenion }uire. I'jT'rt.! s l> rinlt!e W ' L "' granulau'd sugar .t'tli my'l al1 '' cinnamon and tiie sliced al- .-uUi-| monds. Hake in a moderate oven. s y | :15U degrees, twenty-five minutcj. ' \, !t ^.\ Blitz Coffee Cake -I'jri." 1 One cup shortening; cne cnp su- Six csigs; one cup sugar; one cup before two tablespoon 1 | In Hie o'.'dei g'.v-!' en. in a battle. Cork, shake, eh!!! in the refrigerator. Shake we!! | erving. Peaches t'nrrant Jelly One i':ir(i cup jnln;l oil; one anil one half tabl05]>oons lemon juice! one eighth caspoon sail; oiif 1 lialf j ll urrant jelly, melted in!l| the npprr part of a double McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY FHEK DKIJVKKY Specials for Saturday and Monday r ARIl I'liro or Compound "^ 1 *k L flail , round i ~2 C ~ ~~ 4c I'uunil CHEESE I'ountl BACON SQUARES Pound 12c PORK CHOPS End Cuts Pound SLICED BACON Pound 15c HENS Full i)res.scd I'otini] SAUSAGE 1'urc Meat Pound 5c shortening; one halt teaspoon cne cup coriLitarch; one cup flour; one half lemon, juice and rind; two t"aspoon<; baking powder. Blond the shortening and sugar table-spoon cu: .well together, add yolks, mix tre flMir. cornslarcli and.A feu 1 grains of ]>aprika. baking powder together and sift Combine all in-<rcdient.s, then twice. Ad<! to the mixture nith the beat well, and chill. Serve with !e:no:i hiire and grated rind. Po!d any frui'. salad. the s'TNv beaten whites Into the j Wilh Crram batter. Hake In a smiare or round O"" t-ird cup pineapple juice;! cake pan. well nibbed with short- one third cup lemon juice; onej en;nz. for forty-five m'mntes in a third cup sugar: one teaspoon i 350 degrees, or moderate oven. |cornstaic!i; oi:e fourth teas|K)on I Lemonade Cake salt; one egg beaten; a tab!es]ioon ! • One and one raif cups .sn?ar: ,or two of so'.ir cream. Mix dry in- one fourth -pound almonds chop- eredic-ms, add fruit juices, cook In ord fine; on? and one hajf cups enameled saucepan until smooth grated wlicle w^fat bread or »"d pour onto the well beaten egg. crumbs: one fourth teaspoon baking powder; one fourth teasnoon cinnamon; grated rinj of cne lemon; six c?g whites: one cup lem- omdc. Mix th? first five in^rcdisnti wi'.'.i Ihe f rated rind and ad:l th? ahitra of tiie e^s boitpn to a froth. Phcc | in a soring form, or round cak? oan. rubbed \vith short-jii'.m. 'and bake in a fniriy s.o\\ oven. 325 degrees, for about an liour. W;:i!c M !l ^ n (he cake is still hot. j>o:ir one cup : juice. JELLO Or Gelatine 3 Packages BAKING" 0 OWDER Snow iin. AH For 18c 25c FLODR s Square Deal. Self Rising •IS-I,I>. Sai-k $1.75 Kxcullo 55-0/. Uox BEANS Ulythcville. N<>. 2 Can :i for 19c 25 c Pure Cane. In Clolh \\-AK 1(1 Pounds 49c SOAP Canuiv liar 5c SALAD DRESSING Dainty Quart Maid Jar 27c of hot i.imo'nadc over it. a t;aspo:m- ful at a time until a!l parts are well saturated. -•Maple Pie One and one third c'.tps <oii5 can) sweetened condensed milk: two thirds cup maple syrup; one hnlf Thin with a little sour cr?am. Have all very cold and pour on any fruit mixture. With Maple Syrup One egg yolk; one f^urt 1 ': cup maple syrup; three fourths cm- cream, wr.ipped; juice of on? half lemon. Beat the yolk well In the. upper part of an enameled double | br>il?r. adding map'.e syrup a»d cook j a minute unitl thick. Let coo 1 ., fol- cream, and add the lemon ' Do not use a maraschino cherry, nor top the entire sa'.-.ui with cream. Simply use enough to [ blend the salad parts together. I With Cream Cheese I Mash one half of a cream chees* 1 . ! thin it with a little cream. Add enough juice from canned raspbpr- cup pecans; on: fourth teaspoon j ries or strawberries, cherries or salt ;one half cup w.'i;>iiin-» cream j other fruit to cDlor it slig-tly. Chill or two cgs ivhiles: tivo tablespoons granulated sugar; v^nilln -.v.ifcr pie cnist. i Thoroughly Wend the i,,ilk and mn],lc syrup i,, a ; : cav, sa ,,:c pin. Brin.; ta boiling over a low heat' ^.>d boll, stirrnfg cons: lt ,iUy nhm,t i four minutes uiit'l tl-c mixture ' until ice cold. ad mixture. Pour over fruit „ . ... ..„..,,. % ' "?" nV°^ 1°. ' , °'" " AM[lu " tl - A h - '"1" ™ ™ l * Ulat " OUSC(I "' 0 nl " Soll ' uo saloo:i> lall(lm:lrl: of 1Irl ">- BUTTER (Golden Hod Pound 27 c Klytheville No. 2 0;m 10c COFFEE Heech Nut. :i5r Value Pound Can 29c GREENS Turnip or Mustard Hunch 5c NEW POTATOES Pound 5c LETTUCE Nice Firm Heads Each RADISHES Or Green Onions. Home Grown Hunch TOILET SOAP Fairy 1 ft** IOC WASHING POWDKR I«irgc Uox GOLD DUST WASHING POWOBK 2 Small Hi)\os GOLD DUST CLEANSER ( L 14c Sunny Monday. White Laundry Ihickcns. Coal, cf.op jiecans' anil add part to mixture, savm* tile rest for the tan. Add sal: Pour inn p!c tin (9 inrtn «-hich lias been lined w':th vanllb wafer crusl. Cov- or with v.-r.ij>pe<l cream or in?rinj>u* : nade by l)cal:ng egg whites until still and adciirij sugar. Sprinkle «Hh remaining chopped pecans. If meringue is used, take unlll :t broivus a little in « ino;ler;\!e ! iveii CI50 degrees P.). Chill before ! serving. ! Vanilla Wafer I>ic Cmsl i Iloll enough vanilla waters to" make three Barters cii;i of crumb 1 ;. "lit eno-jsh vanilla wafers ii\ qviar- tci's to stand around t!:c edge of t:-c pie plate. Cover the bottom of the plate with crumbs and fill in tl'c spaces between the wnters. Po'.ir in the filling as usual. —Mrs. Gc:rge Tlmrn. fiox I.unch Sales Indicator CLEVEWND (UP)-Bi]Slness recovery \s thought .written in the irowth of box lunch sales here to m increasing sumber of men rc- turiiiu(.' to the city's factories. Heads of two box lunch concerns both said that their business had ioubled In the past year. :ttr . gi hmi5c Uic Prcsby - terian Church of Mist, from here. The micon is Iran nixed nnd the material Irauled lo Mist to conslviict the church. Greenland Eskimrcs sometiuie? use igloos for emergency or when no other housing material Is available. IN UUKNS! BOILS! ITCH! Regardless of liow serious or aggravated the form, have for n quarter of a century, yielded to cross Salve's powerful germicidal and healing action. 30 cents nnd 50 cents at all dealers. Honest money hack guarantee. The Cross Salve Co.. Inc., Marion, Kentucky. Head Cornier News Want Ads. Raw Milk Phonr 74 Craig's Dairy SWEET&PUREFLOUR *\s A If Kill QUALITY ALL rURPOSK FLOUR A t Good Grocers Kverywhere THE CRAFT ON CO. niSTRIW.TORS BLYT11KV1M.E. AKIV. Avondule Cabbage New (iroen Heads Pound Oranges Navels 150's. Doxen Butter COUNTRY CIA)I!, I'ouiid SI'ltlNG H]{(K)K, Pound Tomatoes sTTiiri? '" ir ^ ti °' s fi c illlJUli ICach 0 Fresh in H 1 1,1). iU'i CO-CO-A LUX FLAMS VINEGAR (;a "" n ^ h 22 C MOTOR. OIL T, ONIONS NEW POTATOES TWINKLE I TTV [•'LAKES KmiiH Size Ift^ KtniiH Size Iftt WESSON OIL '5U 18 C & RKANS c. c. LEMONS Cillif - S. IT BANANAS "*""; K19 U LUX SOAP ,) for I for SOAP SYRUP °,,,, 52 r 1^^. •I. 1.1' - - I'lC l^rcnch, .Lb.2Ec,: .Silver W •IS-1.1). SiH-k -") 2-1 -1.b. S:if!( 85c Tomato Juice ('. C. },fTfe >/i Cnn Sugar Fine Granulated 10-!b. Paper Bags Lard Compound 8-!b. Carton 57c 45-lb. can $2.98 4-lb. Carton 29c Pears !S eachl2Jc mm Old Hose SOAP OFFER 7 LarRc I'. & 0. 1 Medium Ivory All For 25c PANCAKE ™ m £fTf- CRACKERS ,!;i>.^ 20° l.;inre l.oaf 1(\C Karh lu m i-iplon'g. 1/2 Ll). .Jflc 91C '/ 4 I.l>. Carton LL PI mm c. c. 20 Lbs. <iOc one HI ll-s S3r: 5 His Ld APRICOTS vj, c ;, NAVY BEANS 10 ...s.39 (: Mil K ItllLIV c c 6 Sm. or .3 l^rgf C. C. \V. Wheat, 1AC Rye or R-.iBin IV Small - - - 38c - - - 75c SOUP FRESH EGGS KIDNEY BEANS^7^ CHERRIES CLEANSER LiKh '?rlO ..MACKEREL T "":^ r 25 OXYDOL w J'K PICNIC HAMS Sh3nkless 4 ^ dlbs Ayerage 14c Roast Shoulder, pound 17c Brisket, pound 7 l-2c Thick Rib, Lb. 13c Bacon Squares Smoked Pound Salt Meat For Pound PorkChops Center Cuts, 1710 Pound - - - ll 2 Knd Cuts, irC Pound - - - - 1J Pure Lard ID Pound Limit Pound Bacon Hl.ACK HAWK. Sliced, -|Q<J Pound id ORIOLE, Sliced Pourd IT? Roll Butter 26c Spare Ribs anrl Mealy Pourd Weiners Poun-l Full Dressed Pound 1 Pound Pork Link Sausage Cello, wrapped D A J-h fnr 1 Package C. C. Pancake Flour DUlll 101

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