Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 5, 1987 · Page 11
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 11

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1987
Page 11
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TV-ENTERTAINMENT Wednesday, August 5, 1987 Albuquerque Journal Page 11, Section A RR Rio AL 2 4 5 7 13 14 29 RR 3 5 6 SF 2 4 5 7 13 12 LA 2 4 5 7 13 6 2 KNM2- Independent 4 KOB-NBC 5 KNME-PBS 7 KOAT-ABC 11 KCHF-Reliqion 13 KGGM-CBS 14 KGSW-lndependent 23 KNAT-Religion 48 UNI-Spanlsh 9 12 Cable Movie Channels AL RR Clnemax 3 19 SF 23 LA 21' fjOft the Air MASK Popeye Flintstones Q;News(6:15) News (6:45) Today Q 0ff the Air Weather (6:45) TimmyL'ssie Mr, Rogers fj News Morn'g jNews (6:45) Good Morning America Q) Spanish (5:30) IDwight Pate Faith J. Swaggart ffl Morn'g News jThe Morning Program : O J. Swaggart Rangers Dennis Scooby-Doo IfliVRoy Blizzard iRichard Roberts IJoy AMC Ofl the Air 'A&E Hopi Songs-Fourth W'rld Italians Fashion CBN FIytng House Gentle Ben Father Kn'ws Hazel rCD Call-in Policy I mel DIS iWalt Disney Presents Mouse Club Mousercise ESP Business SportsCenter SportsLook Surfer Mag. HBO LIF Greatest Sport Upsets (6:15) MOVIE: The Brass Ring Marcus Welby, M.D. F.l.T. IWokYan MAX MOVIE: Home of the Brave (5:30) ('86) MOVIE: i NIC :Denms Special Maple Town Lrttle Koala SHU Muvm: i ne Longsnoi (Ku-ia, ab) IMOVIE: UNI Milagro Paloma Mundo TBSiJeannie -4- Bewitched SafeHome Hazel TMC MOVIE: Vision Quest (4) TNNCiff the Air ;M0VIE: Baby: Secret'Lost Crock Chase JVideoC'ntry i USA Cartoon Express WGN30Z0 iHeathcliff WORTalk (5:30) jRomper Room Zoobilee Q j.ouGrant jMOVIE: Return of the C Another World Santa Barbara ' Q Gourmet jNature Mystery! I f One Life to Live General Hospital (D Roberts(1 1 :30) Something Beautiful Faith ONews jStopwatch jThe Price Is Right CD Shopping Key to Channel Numbers: AL Albuquerque, Over-The-Air Channels Incredible! C Burnett LeaveBeaver fj1 J. Robison R. Cherry 700 Club I AMC Off tne Air MOVIE: Dead ol Nignt(45) AiESkag (11:30) Rising Damp MOVIE: Northern Lights (78) iCBNDoris Day Bill Cosby Bums Allen Flying Nun Hazel CSP House Floor Debate DIS MOVIE (10:30) Wart Disney Presents MOVIE: ESP Pro Football (11) 'Auto Racing World Sport HBO MOVIE: View to Kilt (10:30) MOVIE: A Flash of Green LIF jRegis Philbm's Lifestyles Call to Glory MAX MOVIE: Iron Eaqle (11:30) (PG-13, '861 MOVIE: Turkey NIC Special Little Koala Star Trek SKQ MOVIE: Hot Millions (11) MOVIE: Mask (PG-13, '85) UNI La Hora del Gane TNT Espectaculo TBS MOVIE: The Power (11) Tom & Jerry & Fnends IMC MOVIE: The Chosen (1 1) TNN MOVIE (11) CrookChase MOVIE: The Servant ('63) Be a Star Fandango Percentages !USA Love Me iMake a Deal Hot Potato yVGNoda hyllis Kofier iDUjsj5ujTny W0RMOVIE: Shield Fatw rth (11) Q MOVIE: The"Night Digger (R, 712 . J Nem Wheelort. Highwayjo Heaven Q Business MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour Nature QNews 3'sComoanv IStranoers Head Class CD New Mexico Tonight PTL Club O News Entertainm nt Mike Hammer ( Ser Spoon facts of Life iFall Guy 'Religion The Axtells !k Haqm iDouq Clark AMC MOViE. Dead ofNight (5) .MOVIE: A Gin in Every A4E Vietnam ,20th Century Irving Dangerously CBN Oaktan The 700 Club CSPEveni of the Day DIS ;Kids, Inc. Kids MOVIE: Dot and Keeto t ESP Billiards: 3rd Annual 9-Bajl iBowling:GreaterBuftalo HBO MOVIE (5) i LIF Vay O'Brien Leadfoot .MOVIE: Absolute Beginners 7 'MOVIE Your Three Minutes MAX MOVIE (5) MOVIE: Llac Dream C87) Mr. Ed 'My 3 Sons NIC 'Donna Reed A Sothem (SHO MOVIE: TjMseJslandJ5 iMOVIE: An Amencan in IPnhre Snnnnla limantmir F Mnrharha Din f.alo TBS Baseball: (5:30) San Dieoo Padres at Atlanta Braves TMC MOVIE: The Bndge on the River Kwai "(S) "("'57) TNN Nashville Now New Country USA Riptde MOVIE: WUSA (PG, '70) WGnfBaseba'll: (5:30) Chicago Outsat PittsburghPirates " WQRjNews" ""Chance Life "MOVIE" The Front (PG, 76) CountryMusic Television Q CNN News (12:05) yj J. swaggart -II The 700 Club Q) MOVIE: CarnyJ12:15) (R, mm jmmm?m f "Off tne Aif ' " """" i Q Late Night ' CI Off the Air jNighjwatchjJIP) (J35) ; gj Poke Woman -Off the Air fQ R Shankle :D, Bennett 'Praise'Lord iPraise'Lord MCMuViEDeadolNighi(4b) fAlC MflUlF- lnconh:no Ralror iE MOVIE: Josephine Baker The Improv I !CBN The 700 Club jBenCasey itsr louay iiiwasningion (iu) a m T.J-.. lit-., i- nn I In. DIS toe Harriet MOVIE: The Boy Who Could Fty (PG) ESPWmners SportsCenter jGolf: LPGA Boston Five MOVIE: The Gutter' Dome (84) " HBO Undefcover I UF llnvestment Advisory (1 1J MAX'MOViE'flron Eagle (PG-13, '86T" NIC Car 54 ""' "jMonkees l Spy SHOt Anderson MOVIE: Vanessa (R, 77) HUNI TNT tRaphael u Dama de Rosa TBS MOVIE: GcNeighbor Sam 054) TMC MOVIE: Best Revenge (R, '83) JNN Croon Chase VideoC'n"tryjOtf the Air LUSA)MOVlEChildren of theCorn (1130) (R) ' irVGNMOVIE (1C30iUverne Laverne jft'QR;MOViE Hawk.'the Sayer (81) MOVIE: USA Tonight AM Stations KABQ (1350) Spanish: news every 2 hours KAFE (810) Oldies: morning national news KAMX (1520) Album rock; local morning news KARS (860) Country-Spanish K0A2 (730) Contemporary Chnstian KDEF (1 150) Contemporary-noslalqia KKIM (1O0O) Chnstian talk; SRN Satellite news KKOB (770) Adult contemporary KLTN 1240) Spanish; on the air 24 hours KQEO (920) Oldies; on the air 24 hours KRZY (1450) Country; local news hourly KTRC (1400) Easy listening, local news hourly Rancho, SF Santa Fe, LA Los Alamos Disney ' 16 17 27 20 The Movie Channel 19 2 25 Home Box Office 21 24 24 Showtime 26 American Classics 20 Playboy 26 Other Cable Channels AL RR SF LA WGN-Chicago WOR-New York WTBSAtlanta USA-General ESPN-Sports CBN-Family Nickelodeon-Children's 6 22 11 8 15 20 28 34 29 11 10 7 17 22 14 6 8 11 19 9 17 11 10 16 16 26 Underdog Centurions J. Swaggart Jeannie WheelFort. Scrabble Sesame Street Sesame Street Who's Boss? Bargain The 700 Club God Answers Praver Pyramid Card Sharks , Donahue 4-- ' G.I. Joe Transformers Defenders GoBots M. Hickey iSinqers jiuMiim. .i.iihhhui N. Harmon lJ!Ili,i!MIJ( MOVIE: The Big Trees ('52) The 700 Club iBachelor House Floor Debate Morning! Pooh Corner ID. Duck Dumbo Rollermania Hydroplane Racing (7:10) ('82) Couples MOVIE: Looker (PG, '81) jPeople Crisis Our Group Baby Knows State Fair ('45) MOVIE: Pmwheel Treasure Island (G, 72) Mr. Bill Latino Amalia Batista MOVIE: Born to Be Sold ('81) Legend (6:45) Be a Star .MOVIE: Tender Is the Night (Part 3) ('85) : Fandango .Nashville Now Gong Show Candid Cam. ;For Money Candid Cam. Incredible Hulk The Waltons Fay. Martian Monkees Buddies House Calls Rebels ('81)"" iRambo iSilverhawks The Waltons lOprah Winfrey Masterpiece Theatre Kangaroo .Sesame Street Divorcert Superior Crt iNewlywed Dating God Answers Prayer Joy Junction L. Secreto Guiding Light She-Ra He-Man jHourJMacjazine Ghostbusters Little Pony Another Life 1. Sumrall Praise'Lord iMOVIE: A Girl in Every Port faoJdeflAge Signature Father Kn'ws iGreen Acres Rifleman Atta Girl, Kelly ('67) DTV Championship Wrestling Truck & Tractor Pull ('84) MOVIE: Sweet Dreams (PG MOyIEL.J?!J?Uie Mkove Me (PG.J79) Just Another Missing Kid ('82j TV ' Can't Do "ILassie MOVIE: Turtle Diary (PG, 85) Dennis jubteJ)areMonkees MOVIE: Detective School Dropouts (PG) La Dama de Rosa iChispita Como Duele Callar IFlintstones ,Flintstones .Addams Munsters ;MOVIE: My Science Project Nashville Now Ljackpot New Country jStumpers iSmurls Chain React. iDance Party ifthncthiictprc G.I. Joe Transformers J5amaby Jones t ;Hawaii Frve-0 M0yjE:ASmall Town in Texas (PG, 76) Nigjrt Court Glony Days !St. Elsewhere jOn Assignment Hollywood: Silent Film MacGwer i. ; . . rioiei God Answers Prayer Faith JJSA Tonight Magnum, p.i. The Equalizer MOVIE: Doctor Detroit (R, I Praise Lord '83) Praise'Lord Port (52) ,MOViE: Dead of Nignt (45) MOVIE: Josephine Baker jThe Improv " " "Snapshots Hardcastle & McCormick (G, '86) jMouseterp'ce :Edisons Danger Bay SportsCenter Open PGA Tour (PG-1386) Are" Up (R. 73) MOVIE: Used CarsjR, '80) Dr. Ruth The Legendary Ladies MOVIE Breaking Away (PG, Car 54 cj . i o 'Monkees Pans ('51) Brothers Hard Knocks Mnhnprn MOVIE: Fort Worth i815i ( 51) MOVIE: Tender Is the Night(Part 3) ('85J Crook Chase "jVideoCntry Be"aStar Fndays Fandango Petrocelli News USA Tonight C. Burnett Darkside c Entertamm'nt God Answers Prayer JN ightw atch -Faith iPraise Lord PraiseLord jOttjrie A Off the Air Ben Casey Girl fromU.NC.LJE Today in Washington IMOVIE: Atta Girt, KeyJ215) ( 67 Classic, Final Round JPGA Tour Motion " MOVIE: A View to a Kill (2 10) (PG. '85) llnvestment Prescribing MOVIE: In Cold Blood (R, '67) Muvit: I he Sin of Harold Uiddiebock ((i '47) MOVIE: Heartburn (155) (R, 86) -4 Leonela La Hora del Gane CNN NewsjMT. MooreBob Newhart MOVIE The Happy Hooker (1 45J'75)iFilm Shorts Door to Door (PG, J84J JjBeJhinner jFive Minutes CNN News MOVIE: Adventures of Frontier Fremont BJLobo Discover KVSF (IZtsoi Adult contemporary; news hourly KXAK (1310) Christian; news on the hour KXKS (1190) Spanish; local news hourly KZIA (1580) News. talk, politics KZSS (610) Adult contemporary FM Stations KANW (89 1) Education KAHS (107 1) Traditional country KFLQ (91 5) Chnstian music KFMQ (107 9) Album rock; ABC Rock Radio news KHFM (96 3) Classical, hourly news KICH (103 3) Spanish contemporary 19 16 16 21 9 15 10 18 22 31 12 18 15 30 8 25 27 15 15 20 Program Guide 28 Programs air three hours earlier than shown. Monkees Secret Agent ChanceLife Knot's Landing Days of Our Lives Mr. Rogers Aerobics Reading Creative Love Boat All My Children Faith J. Haggee lifestyle R. Roberts Young and the Restless As the World Turns Matt Houston PTL Club Get Shape Art Linkletter Religion J. Swaggart Golden Age jAdventure Rockline Skag Here Come the Brides Daughter Patty Duke ;You and Me MOVIE: Little ShepherdKingdom Come Motion Getting Fit Pro Football MOVIE: A View to a Kill (PG, '85) ! Mothers Wok.'Yan Attitudes Breaking Away (PG, 79) MOVIE Louie Anderson at Guthrie Guadalupe Perry Mason MOVIE: Hot Millions (G) Leonela MOVIE: The Power (PG) iFilm Shorts MOVIE: The Chosen (PG) New Country MOVIE: Mule Train ('50) .MOVIE: Children of the Corn (R, '84) little House on the Prairie News News MOVIE: Shield of Falworth iFlintstones Thundercats Wonderful World of Disney jDayTire Squares 'People's Crt. iNBCNews Reading ;3-2-1 Contact Timmy'L'ssie iToo Close Benson M.A.S.H iABC News Circle Sq. 'Superboqk The 700 Club SplrtSecond Jeopardy! News CBS News Smurfs The Jetsons Did. Strokes Facts of Lfe i Praise Lord 'Praise'Lord ( 52) Skag MOVIE: Dead of Nignt ( 45) Montreux Rising Damp i Big Vaey Hardcastle & McCormick Debate iCall-ln Dumbo jPooh Corner jMouse Club D. Duck SportsLook ;PGA Tour SportsCenter Scholastic - 13, '85) MOVIE: The Brass Ring J-MiL iPeople Crisis Our Group MOVIE: The Beniker Gang NICK R'CKS Can't "Do Spartakus ;Mr. Bill IMOVIE: Treasure Island Noticiero "Victoria Down Earth leave Beaver Sanford Son .Baseball (PGJ55) MOVIE: Bndge River Kwai CrookChase VideoC'ntry Be a Star Fandango Cartoon Express Airwolf Good Times Jeffersons Benson Baseball Matt Houston jPyramid Entertainm'nti jTheAvengers U nexpected "Beyond 4News The Tonight Show IB. Miller Golden Years of Television National Audubon Society News " MASH Nightlme Too Close Frederick JJ5nce . Jerry Barnard News Taxi (10:35) ,Hot Shots (11:05) SHojieyrnooru i Praise Lord The Late Show Alio, 'Alio 'Reliaion !J. Havford 2 MOVIE: A Girl in Every Port ( 52) Vietnam Bure Allen f20thCenturylMng Dangerously I la roucno laurei naroy jacn eenny Today in Washington ;MOVIE: The Great American Cowboy (G, 73) JSpqrtsLook j&ll Dance .Fly Fishing TTom Mann 1 st & Ten U ndercover Regis Philbin ilnvesment Advisory 79) ICrazy AboutJheMovies r, nA.j ii. tj il. o r :A. Sothem M)VIE . Detective School Dropouts (PG) l- Arvtereon TmoViE: Speedway (G" 68)" ' MOVIE: The Chosen (PG, '81) Nashville Now i New Countryj Edge Night Search ,MOVlE I l MOVIE: Sheena (PG, 84) Cannon Country MusjcTetevision CNN News(4:05) U. Haqqee Uerry Barnard "Spanish iReliqion Joy !j. Wimber Success-N-Life J. Swaggart iSuperbook MOVIE: The Great American Cowboy Getting Frt Nation's Business Today Business . MOVIrEFina) Justice 4 2b)JR, '85) jFamirji Med. Physicians' Journal Update ft Figures !MOVIE:J:nter the Dragon 420)JR, 73) iGeorqe Little Pnnce Lassie Mr. Wizard MOVIE HOTS (3 50) (R) MOVIE Mask (PG 13, 85) 'Follow Me jj. Swaggart Rrtmo Vital Mijagfo CNN News TorrL&Jerry 4 Fnends iMOVIE: The Bndge on the River Kwai ('57) jstock MaTkeTJt hat Girl Great SpaceCoaster laveme jFaith 20 Muppets jMASK jj. Swaggart" The 700 Ck)b Talk " KIVA KKBR KKJY KKOB KKSS KLSK KLYT KMGA KNMQ KNYN KRST KUNM KZIA KZRR (105.1) All hits; rock countdown Saturday (98 5) Adult rock 100 3 Easy listening; business, 4 30 p.m. 93 3) Pop-adult contemporaty (97 3) Contemporary hit, local news (104 1) (also 100.9) Contemporary-variety (88 3) Chnstian hit (99 5) Contemporary easy: news hourly 105 9) Contemporary hit; Top 40 105.5) (also 95.5) Country 92 3) Country; local news, weather (90 1 i National Public Radio 1101.7) News, talk, politics (94 1) 24-hour album rock AiE-Arts Entertainment 23 32 FNN-Finance 12 13 TNN-Nashville 17 30 Lifetime-Women's 25 22 CNN-News 9 36 CNNHeadllne-News 24 37 C-SPAN-I 31 33 C-SPAN-II 34 18 MTV-Music Videos 26 21 VH-1 -Music Videos 32 UPI News - 27 Weather 18 31 Educatlon-UNM 34 Local Religion 33 Government Access 30 Community Cable 27 Bulletin Board 12 FCC Strikes Down F airness FROM STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS WASHINGTON The fairness doctrine requiring broadcasters to present all sides of controversial issues became history Tuesday when the Federal Communications Commission voted to abolish the 38-year-old policy. In a move that shifts the battle over the issue to Congress, the FCC voted 4-0 to scrap the doctrine on the grounds it is unconstitutional and unnecessary and hinders broadcast coverage of important issues. "Because we believe it will serve the public interest, we seek to extend to the electronic press the same First Amendment guarantees that the print media have enjoyed since our country's inception," said FCC Chairman Dennis R. Patrick. Reaction from consumer groups was swift, and congressional supporters of the doctrine promised quick action in the House and Senate to enact the doctrine into law. Broadcasters have long opposed the policy as an infringement of their constitutional right to free speech. They also say stations' fear of running afoul of the doctrine has inhibited coverage of controversial issues. Earlier this year, Congress passed a measure to make the fairness doctrine a law. President Reagan vetoed the bill and Congress has not been able to override the veto. Local reaction from television and radio station managers was supportive of the decision. "The term fairness doctrine is a misnomer," said Andrew Hebenstreit, president and general manager of KGGM-TV, Channel 13. "It's one of those political footballs that has a name that is fancier than the reality. It sounds like a good thing because everyone wants to be fair, of course. But in reality it opens the door to assaults on your editorial judgment, which make it very difficult to function as a journalist. Stations are more likely to steer clear of controversial issues than to get bogged down in some bureaucratic quagmire that requires them to respond to what might sometimes be the very fringes of society." He added that KGGM has "always endeavored to be fair in its news coverage and give opportunity for all sides of an issue to be covered." However, he cautioned, "when a bureaucracy tries to implement that kind of a thing, what they end up trying to do is legislate good judgment." "Basically, we were never too concerned with the intent of the Fairness Doctrine because we believed if the station wasn't being fair, the public would be quick to perceive that," said Max Sklower, general manager of KOAT-TV, Channel 7. "We were always squeaky clean about trying to present all sides of any controversial issue." Sklower said the doctrine was formulated at a time when there were only one or two radio or TV stations in a market and it was TV Viewers Favor Comedy By Jerry Buck AP TELEVISION WRITER LOS ANGELES "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd," NBC's smart new series of urban angst, had its best finish last week as it placed eighth in the prime-time ratings. The strong showing by the Thursday night series, starring Blair Brown, helped NBC to its 27th consecutive No. 1 finish in the A.C. Nielsen Co. ratings. The show's rating this week, 14.5, was lower than last week's 14.7 when it finished 10th. The combination of falling ratings and a rising rank reflected the shrinking size of dog day evening audiences. NBC won the week with an average prime-time rating of 12.4. CBS was second with 9.9 and ABC was third with 8.9. NBC also was first in evening news with a 10.0 average, while CBS and ABC tied for second with 8.7 averages. The rating is a percentage of the nation's 87.4 million households with televisions. "Molly Dodd," which has been renewed as a possible replacement series in the coming season, was the only show in the pack which wasn't a rerun. KNMZ Seeks Chapter 1 1 , Permission To Incur Loan As anticipated, KNMZ-TV, Channel 2, filed for Chapter 11 reorganization late Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Albuquerque. Channel 2 Associates, which owns and operates the independent VHF station, also asked for permission to incur a $220,000 loan to keep it operating through August and September, according to court documents. The company last week indicated it was considering filing for bankruptcy protection from its creditors and intended to stay on the air after doing so. In filing its petition, Channel 2 listed $10,992,312 in total assets, and $15,211,837 in total liabilities. Under Chapter 11, a company obtains a federal court order that frees it from the threat of creditors' lawsuits until it can develop a plan to put its finances in order. The process is used by financially troubled El V IJoctrme necessary to ensure that all sides of an issue were presented. Newspapers, he said, were never subjected to the doctrine, and instead used the First Amendment as a guideline. Nowadays, the saturation of nearly all markets with an abundance of TV and radio stations makes the fairness doctrine unnecessary. Ron Sack, general manager of radio station KNMQ-FM, and a member of the National Association of Broadcasters board of directors, said the NAB believes the doctrine was "unconstitutional and a violation of First Amendment rights." Sack said the FCC decision now enables broadcasters "to operate the same way as newspapers." The doctrine, he said, "restricted rediscus-sion of a lot of issues, contrary to what it was supposed to do." He noted that the FCC decision to throw out the doctrine does not mean it is a dead issue. Some members of Congress, he said, are attempting to legislate the doctrine into law by attaching it to some other piece of legislation that President Reagan might hesitate to veto. The doctrine, formalized in an FCC report in 1949, has evolved primarily though commission decisions and case law. It requires radio and TV stations to cover "controversial issues of public importance" in their communities and present contrasting views on those issues within the same program or during other station programming, as long as overall coverage is balanced. If someone buys time to take a position about a controversial issue, the station must ensure that its overall programming covers all sides of the issue by selling ads or making free time available to groups with opposing views. The FCC's action to end enforcement of the doctrine came on a lawsuit brought by the Meredith Corp., a broadcast group based in Des Moines, Iowa, after the commission found that Meredith's Syracuse, N.Y., television station had violated the doctrine by airing a series of advertisements advocating construction of a nuclear power plant. A federal appeals court remanded the case to the FCC and directed the agency to consider Meredith's constitutional arguments. In its reconsideration of the case, the FCC determined the doctrine violates the Constitution's First Amendment guarantees of free speech. "No matter how good the intention, there is no way for government to restrict freedom of speech or the press and foster a robust and unfettered exchange of ideas," said Diane Killory, FCC general counsel. The commissioners also dismissed justifications for the doctrine that are based on arguments that the broadcast spectrum is a limited resource. With more than 1,300 TV stations and 10,000 radio stations on the air, the scarcity argument advanced in an earlier court case is no longer valid, Killory said. "Married . . . With Children" was the highest-rated of the low-rated Fox Broadcasting Co. lineup, but finished behind the lowest-rated show of the top three networks. Here are the prime-time television ratings as compiled by the A C. Nielsen Co for the week of July 2'-Aug 2 Top 20 listings include the week's ranking, with full season-to-date raaking m parentheses, rating for the week, and total homes. An "X" in parentheses denotes one-time-only presentation 1. (1) "The Cosby Show." NBC, 214 rating. 18 7 million homts 2. (2) "Family Ties," NBC. 209. 18 3 million homes 3. (31 "Chetrs," NBC. 17.9, 156 million hones. 4 (7) "60 Minutes," CBS. 16 3, H 2 million homes. 5. (61 "Growing Pains," ABC, 15 5, 13 5 million homes. 6 (4) "Murder. She Wrote," CBS. 15 2, 13.3 million homes. 7. (31) "Designing Women," CBS. 14 8, 129 million homes 8 (33) "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd," NBC, 14 5, 12.7 million homes 9. (46) "20-20," ABC, 144, 126 million homes. 10. (8) "Moonlighting" ABC, 14.3, 12.5 million homes. 11. (5) "Golden Girls." NBC, 14 1, 12.3 million homes. 11 (22) "Three on a Match" - "NBC Sunday Nigh: Movie," 14 1, 12.3 million hones. 13 (9) "Who's the Boss'". ABC, 14 0, 12.2 million hones. 13. (27) "ALF," NBC, 14 0, 12.2 million homes. 15. (36) "Valerie," NBC, 13.7, 12 0 million homes 16. (16) "Newhart," CBS, 13 5, 11.8 million homes, 17 (42) "Cagney it Lacey," CBS, 130. 11 4 million homes. 10 (16) "Choices of the Heart" "NBC Monday Night Movies." 130, 114 million homes 19. (14) "Amen," NBC, 128. 11 2 million homes. 20 ( 29) "Hunter," NBC, 127. 11 1 million homes 20. (60) "St. Elsewhere." NBC, 12 7, 11 1 million homes. firms that want to stay in business. In the meantime, the company is requesting a federal bankruptcy judge allow it to incur an interim debt of $220,000. A motion filed with the court states that since filing for Chapter 11, the company has relied on an unsecured loan from Carlyle Capital LP. Carlyle Capital is the limited partner of SB Associates, which is the general partner of Channel 2. The petition states that Carlyle is also a limited partner of Channel 2. Channel 2 "requires operating monies on an emergency basis for payment of wages, rents, utilities and other necessary expenses essential to the preservation of its assets," the motion states. The company contends it is unable to borrow money on an unsecured basis and "is unable to borrow money on a secured basis from any source other than Carlyle," the motion states. 7 7

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