The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1952
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DEC. SO, 1952 little Justification" Seen for Arkansas' High Gasoline Price LITTLE ROCK .tffl — An Arka fcas Legislative Council report sa there "seems to be lltllo Justific tlon" of for the high price of re ular gasoline In Arkansas. Reporting on a survey 6f tru( ITALY'S MODEL MODEL- lliria Pompili, above, has been named "Italy's Top Model for r !952." The American beauty experts who judged the contest have awarded lliria a trip to this country, where she will spend at least a month some time during 1953. Maid of Cotton Picked Tonight MEMPHIS (0>> r The nation most sedate beauty contest entere Jts final lap today with 22 prett girls from 12 cottonbelt state competing. Judges who will pick the 195 Maid of Cotton tonight settle down for several hours of Individ ual interviews with the girls, mo of them college students. Party manners, poise, fami background, talent all these coun as much as beauty. To the winne goes a year-long International lou as King Cotton's "ambassador." The new maid will be picked lat tonight after the girls, and a 'ere of fashion models, parade before a admlssion-by-Invitation-only and ence. MASONS (Continued from Page 1) grand high priest of the Grand Roy •1 Arch Chapter of Arkansas. Installed la*t night were the lowing lodge officers; Royal Arch Masons — Maurlc Banders, high priest; Clarenc Dowdy, king; Shields Edward scribe; W. H. Stovall, Jr., captni of the host; Earl Damon, princip; sojourner; A. Claud Alexander, roy al arch captain; Rex Warren, Ilrs vail; Pulton Ellis, second vail; Jon Edwards, third vail; Robert Blay lock, secretary; Raleigh Sylvester treasurer; Eddie Ford, .guard; Ra Hall and J. I,. Bonrland. stewards. Knights Templar — Maurice San ders, commander; L, E. Baker, gen eralissmo; Shields Edwards, cap tain of the guard; Ed. D. Cook, pre late; Haleigh Sylvester, treasurer Robert Blayiock, recorder; W. H Stovall, Jr., senior warden; Johi Edwards, junior warden; Rex War rea, standard bearer; Franklin At kinson; sword bearer; Louis Isaacs warder; Eddie Ford, sentinel; .... ^''H 'Ik' C ^i ^H YOU'RE WRONC-Ann Hart is near the water, all right bul she didn't hang her clothes'on a hiCKorr limb before coining down lo Ihe sea. Ann, who is spending the winter In St. Petersburg, Fl.i., is wearing a bathing suil behind lhat towel. Only old barnacles, such as the ones on the post she's leaning against, Could fail to lake a second looX .when Ann goes b'y. and gasoline laws in Arkansas, Ih survey suggeslcd that If the gaso line prices could be reduced, Eom 3 million dollars could be realize from an additional one cont gasb line tax "without Increasing Ih cbsl to the consumer." The report also suggested "a nev. and stringent truck size nnd weigh lasv lhat is definite and clear." It said lhal Arkansas law mn fixes the maximum gross load as based' on lire slp.e, while th state Highway Commission base weight, limits on maximum allow able n.xle loads. Arkansas has a higher true weight limit than the six- surround ing stales, snid the report, whlct also urged that weight enforce merit,, be consolidated into a singl agency, preferably a new divlsioi of' the Etate Police. It found fault with Arkansas reciprocal motor vehicle agree ments~ with 33 other states becaus "out of state vehicles use Arkan sas highways In greater proportlo than resident trucks." Full reciprocity was supposed I allow each stale lo gain as much as it lost, "but Ihis has nol provei true In Arkansas because of It geographical position as a 'bridge stale," the report said. Under a reciprocal agreemenl residents of both slates are allow ?d to operate In the other state without purchasing licenses. Obituary Wheat Services To Be Tomorrow Services for William I. Wheat 25 year-old Blytheville man who died yesterday as a result of Injuries sus' talned In an automobile accident are to be conducted tomorrow a 3:30 p.m. at Calvary Baptist'Church by the Rev. P. H. Jernigan. Burial Is to be in Elmwood Ceme tery with Harry Wheat, Bobtr Wheat; Darrel W. Lloyd. I^ogan Per ' kins. Jr., Joe Singleton, Charles Singleton and Jimmy Epperson as active pallbearers. Honorary pallbearers will Include J. H. Childress. Ed Eddings. Donald Durrough, Ernest Woods, Nelson Brannan, Morris Sale Frank Swindle. • Bob O'Neil, M. Holland and James Edgman. Mr. Wheat, who worked for s. J Colien Co.. is survived by his mother, two brothers, two sisters one daughter, Linda Gail Wheat' two sons, William Wheat and Phillip Wheat; and his former wife Mrs Thiline Wheat, all of Blytheville. Cobb Funeral Home is In charge U.N. (Continued from Page 1) startled out of its lethargy ' The presentment, filed by the Jury said "an overwhelmingly larct group of disloyal u. s. citizens' had Infiltrated the U.' N. staff Since then, 18 have been fired a> security risks. ,v, K . C li, y L "' e jury f °reman, said that Cohn, a special assistant U. S attorney, and Lane, the regutai u. s. attorney, co-operated with Ihe Jury's probe. Bul on Dec. 2 when the Jury was preparing to make Us report lo Ihe court, Kelly testified, an effort was made to Mock 11. He said he was told Ally. Gen. McOranery sought a delay. There was no comment from Mc- Oranery. "Didn't Want Presentment Made Kelly said he was Informed by ?ohn that "Acheson didn't want the presentment made" because it recommended that a new Jury be set up to conllnue the investigation of Red Infiltration of the U, r-f Another juror. Zimmerman, said he was convinced "the State Department had a big slake In Ihis nvestigalion....!! wanted to hush it IP because we weren't very complimentary to the stale b.epnrt- nenl." "^ Keating told newsmen he will ecommend to Herbert Brownell Jr.. who will be attorney general n the Eisenhower administration ' hat ' a new Investigation aunched in New York. "I am Just as incensed as u urors were over this situation -testing said. Keating said (he commillee ma all Acheson to the witness stn omorrow. be the nd (AKK.T COURTED COLD GUARD FOR COLD WAR-West Berlin police while away Ihe weary .hours while on guard duly al Ihe British-Soviet n=r7f1Sl mC !u iBi i" S in snow scu| P'ure. Their Communist counterparts across the line regard the policemen's art with cold disdain. Pope Calls for Prayer Crusade For Oriental Clergy, Faithful By FRANK BRUITO VATICAN CITY W| _ p opc Piu XII has called for i crusade o prayer on behalf of the clergy an faithful of the Catholic churches o the Oriental rite. He said the pllgh of these churches, most of Iher behind the iron curlain, had move him to tears. He made Ihe appeal in an en cyclical released today and direc ed specifically at the hierarchy an clergy of the Roman Catholi Church's Oriental rite. But hi words assailed persecutions in a Eastern Europe and the Far Eas against both the Oriental and Lstl rites of the church. "In many regions where the Orl enUl rite particularly flourlshe Atom Spy Eludes Press and Public LONDON l/p, - Dr. Alan Nunn May, the West's first convictec atom spy, was still hiding out fron the press and public today mor than 36 hours after his releasi from jail. Spine British newspapers organ zed a virtual nation-wide man Hint. Most, press activity centerei about, the cottage of .Nunn May': brother, Ralph, in the "quiet r litUi village of Chalfont St. Peter, 21 miles from London. May, 41, was released aller serv ng six years and eight months o a 10 year sentence for giving tin Russians samples of'uranium ma terlals used In the first American A-bomb. He WRS brought, to tria n 1948. He got time off for goc< behavior. Foreign Trade High KARACHI. Pakistan (/Fj—Afghan Stan's foreign trade in transl ihrough the Pakistan port of Kar achl has hit a record high o S«.23I),000 for Ihe first nine month of 1952, Import statistics show. Fo all of 1851. landlocked Afglianls- an's transit, trade here was onh 535.010,000. TOLLS FOR HIROSHIMA f ashioned by Swiss craftsmen, the giant bell above will soon be shipped to Hiroshima, Japan where it will be installed in a miss.on church. Children of Lucerne, Switzerland, paid (or the bell with money that they raised by holding paper sales. f crosomc A BaMw'in-rmilt Acrosonic Piano in your home wiil'add a wealth ol musical enjoyment. It has beauty, stamina, and a tonal capacity amazing in so compact an instrument. Sec one . . . hear one . . . play one and you will have no other piano, ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc 20S West Alain |>l, onc •J. \V. ADAMS, Msr. r ^ —Good Rcinndlilnncd Pianos there has been unleashed a new tempest, which seeks to' oi-er- throw, devastate and destroy in misery flourishing Christian communities." he declared. In references to churches of both riles, he added: "We cannot pass over In silence thgse faithful of the Latin and Oriental rite, who, after being driven from homeland and hearth and deported Into unknown and dlsl ant lands are now deprived of their nghtlul priests, who coulrt console, help and direcl Ihem, and extend to • (hem the heavenly comforts of religion." Pre-war figures sel the lolafof Oriental rile Catholics In Eastern Europe at about ten million, most ., „ n lhe E "(ern Ukraine and Romania. Since the war, many,have been forced from their homelands-by -ommunlst authorities-some lo aioerln, All Catholics In Eastern Europe, including both those of Latin and Oriental rite, number about 50 million. .loned Ihe persecution*oHhe church in Bulgaria, where Bishop Eugene Bossllkoff, bishop of Nicopolls, and three other priests recently were Condemned to death. The Catholic churches of the Oriental Rile recognize the authority of the Pope but do not follow an Ihe Roman customs and ceremonials. They are nol lo be confused wilh the Greek or Russian Orthodox churches. Although lhe encyclical was addressed to the Oriental Rile churches, its context clearly indicated the Pope's criticism also was aimed at Persecution of members °' , l . h 1 LBli n Rite of the Roman Calhollc church in East Europe "We know that today there are multitudes of the faithful | n Oriental regions who weep, bitterly as as they see their bishops put to death Mother Gives Life for Fifth Child and a Merry Christmas PAGE FIV2 ST. ALBANS, VL ,„, _ ,, otlur! today praised the courage of Mrs Mary Decelle, 32, who didn't le he knowledge of sure death spot Iho birth of her fifth child or the family's Christmas observance. *»..,. ri n ^".-(jn 4iui,G. ii-turncd 10 ine Hospital to facp thp a,^Cih^U^£mce rtea ' h ' s ". c - hcr husb °"< 1 " boy la,sl Saturday, then died o. cancer less than 24 hours later The brave mother had pleaded with doctors lo be permuted to leave Kerbs Memorial Hospital so she could spend the holiday with hcr family at home. She promised to return the day Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Mar May J| H.V ' Open High Low 1:15 .3350 3364 3335 3360 3'TO 3410 3405 3408 3442 3412 3412 3449 3421 34.19 34S2 , 3420 New Orleans Carton Mar May ------ 3363 3410 3441 Open High Low 1:15 3358 3405 3438 3365 3355 3416 3404 3448 3437 Chicago Corn • Open High Low Mch . .. 163H 164U 163H May . .. 16T.S 168U- IMS Chicago Wheat Open H| 8 h Low Mch May Soybeans Open Jan \, Mch .. May .. July .. 300 ^ . 30214 . 302 H . 30C-K S33H 237 H High 302 304 3Q3'.S 3 (mi 232 H 236 H Low 299 Vi 301»; 301 y. 300?', 1:15 163', I 167 It 1:15 233 237 1:15 2 89'A 302 30 Hi 301 Ntw York Stocks * T nnd T ............... 159 1-8 Anier Tobacco Anaconda Copper . 65 !_ 41 7 8 .............. B55 _ 8 Chrysler ................... 0,7 Coca-Cola i n ... ......... Gen Electric ..... ".'.'.'.'.'" 71 3-B Gen Motors ............... gg ^_g Montgomery Ward ....... .' 80 3-4 N Y> Central Int Harvester J C Penney Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Sturiebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Scars 22 5-8 33 60 1-2 46 1-2 28 3-8 38 39 7-3 77 3-4 • 58 1-8 59 7-8 4! 1-4 46 1-4 S Steel .. Sou Pac Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III W— (TJSDA)— Hogs 14.500- fairly active: steady to 25 lower than Monday's average; weights under 220 Ibs mostly at full decline; bulk; choice 180-230 Ibs 18.25.05; several hundred head uniform choice Nos. i and 2 mostly 100-220 Ihs 18.75; few loads ' ]«,«• 240-270 Ibs 17.50-18,10; few ' Ibs 16.75-17.25; „ .„„ „ „„ 18.50-; 120-140 Ibs 15.00-16.15; sow, 400 Ibs down 18.00-75; largely 15.50 down; heavier anws 13.00 - 14.50; (ew 14.75; boars 10.00-13.00 lq 18.25; 280-300 150-170 Ibs 1726. Cattle 3,500, calves 1,200; little Good nnd choice butchers yearling authority; as they behold so man of their churches destined to pro fane uses or left In squalid abandonment," the Pope's letter declared. The Pontiff also mentioned per secutions in Romania and the Soviet Ukraine which he said were directed br>th against the faithful of the Oriental Rite and those of the Latin Rile. "If in past centuries some par :icular dogma of Catholic doctrine was Impugned, today, on the contrary, as you well .see, the Comm u n I s t government authorities rashly go even further. They seek .o banish from public life, from the domestic scene, from universities, from schools, and from the life ol all populations, the sacred rites, nstitntions and laws, indeed all hat Is divine or has relation lo divinity as if they were .dealing vith matters of mythology and evil omen." RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. TUESDAY "MACAO" Robert Milchum William Bendijc WED -THURS "RED RIVER' John Wayne Montgomery Cliff Joanne Dru . . ray steady; ulillly and commercial cows H. 00-10. 50: .MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sim 1:0fl Always a Double Feature after Christmas for a Caesarian section. Doctors let her go home about 10 days before Christmas and on Dec. 26 she kept hcr promise and returned lo the hospital to [ace the parents knew was Inevitable. Dr. Waller Rain said last nlehl, "Mrs Df—!'- w-5 r>—• n [ || 1( , mos t courageous women I've ever met In my life. Siie held the child long enough for Us to take it and then she died." Dr. Rath said permitting Mrs. Decelle to leave the hospital so she could be homo for Christmas was "a big chance" because surgeons knew she was (lien living only from day to day, "Bill," the doctor added, "the will, determination and courage of Mrs. Decollo prevailed." •>, Appeared Happy The woman's 2fl-.vesr.old husband Morton, an electrical mechanic, said that although his wife knew she was suffering from cancer and all hope had been given up fcrsaviiiR her life, she appeared to be happy on her last slay nl home. Doctors said that nilliough Ihe newborn child appears "strong and vigorous." tests are being made (o determine If be sutfered any Ill-effects from his mother's cancerous condition. Mrs. Decelle was found lo be suffering from cancer about two months ago when she was six months pregnant. The four other Decelle children are George, 8; Mary Susan, B; Judith Lynn, 3'/ 2 ; and Nancy Jean. Also at the Decelle home for Christmas were Mrs. Decelle's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Crowder of Mayodan, N. C.. nnd her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, Earl Stewart of Branford, Conn. Decelle said he met his wife while serving In the Army. They were married In Greensboro, N. C., June, 1345. 410 New Year Holiday Traffic Deaths Predicted CHICAGO IfFi — The National Safety council today estimated that 410 Americans will die In traffic accidents during the four-day New Year holiday period. The organteation last week estimated that 590 would be killed In molor vehicle accidents in Ihe four- day Christmas week end. The total n an Associated Press survey was 562, an all-time record. The previous record was 555 In the four-day Christmas holiday In 1836. Accidental deaths In this year's Christmas holiday were 744 as compared to last year's record 7«9. Included were 82 persons killed in fires and 106 others who lost their lives in various types of accidents. TUES-WED Douhle Feature GREGORY PECK — PLUS — 'TWO WEEKS TO LIVE' Wilh Lum & Ahner ALSO CARTOON Adams Appliance Co. Inc. TTTw Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. Phone 58 TUESDAY "CAVE OF OUTLAWS" Alexis Smith MacDonald Carey // WED-THURS THE GOLDEN HAWK" Rhonda Fleming Sterling Hayden Beautiful Spruce Christmas Treei, Country Ribs and Backbones Good Tennessee Sorghum. Fresh Oysters A LARGE VEGETABLES Fine Foods at PICKARDS Grocery & Marktt Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries VARIETY OF FRESH 5 EVERY DAY IN We Deliver Christmas- Trees Candies Nuts Fruits Fancy Fruit Cake Fruit Cakes Mixes Glazed Fruits FRUITS AND THE WEEK. 1044 Chickasawba WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT?-"Pup" Pouuj c.imi off the shelMast night, and had a pouring good time. Mis Poiiery Rets baked 1'* °Tb "^ b "' SaJ ' F '' C '" b ° iU8ei?d (f ho cv " enacted by uE^g, fl^?£ f ^ ~< ^TplS which were on display al a pottery exposition in Paris. SUGAR BOWL FOOTBALL TELECAST OLE MISS GEORGIA TECH New Year's Day — 12:45 p.m. WMCT - Channel 5 rBrought to you through the courtesy of your local FAST, -EFFICIENT NATURAL GAS INSTALLATION! Let a bonded gas organization install your natural gas system and, be sure its done right! Installation available on monthly terms. CITY ELECTRIC CO. 109 South 5th Phone 8187 FOR SALE Beautiful stucco homo . . . two bedrooms, 2 tile baths . . . plafc g i ass s | unvcr w j ( j, tyronxa bnse. Attic fan, wall-to-wall carpeting . . . draperies floor furnace . . . all cedar lined closets. Guest house in rear with, complete bath, hardwood floors, knotted pine walla, ntlic fan, cedar lined closets. Ideal location. Shown by Appointment only. JOHNNY MARR . . . phone 4111 or F. B. JQYNER . . . phono 4446 for the COURIER NEWS in Osceola, call BILLY BEALE, 567-M

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