The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE''BIGHT 'SDBIIfE: Hamhn's Curve Ball Too Much For St. Louis; Cubs Win I? GEOROE KIRKSEY United Press Stiff Correspondent NEW YORK, Aug. 22 (UP)—One day and one ball game can make a whale of a difference hi a pennant race. Yesterday the Cardinals had Use Reds on the run nnd were surging forward on the crest of an inspirational wave which seemed destined to sweep them Into the National League championship. Today the Reds had recovered their equilibrium, and the Cardinals had come up with a bad case of jitters. By beating the Phillies, 7-0, the Reds regained their confidence and increased their lend to .4(4 games. The Cards were knocked off, 1-1, V>y the hustling Dodgers, who arc fighting to finish ahead of the Giants, and now have to look to the rear lo be careful the up and coming Cubs don't overtake them. The Cubs nosed out the Giants, 4-3, and ate only Wi games astern the Cardinals. If the Cards think they can overtake the Reds, the Cubs have a right to .think they can hoist, themselves into second place. John Nlggeling, the veteran rookie from Indianapolis, let the Phils down with seven hits. Frank McCormick and Bill Hershebcrgerl with three hits each, led Die Citi- cinnnl! attack, each driving In two runs. The Cards looked like a tired ball club as they Jumped through hoops for Luke Hamlln, who won his isth game — first Brooklyn pitcher to win that number in three years. The Dodgers moved into fourth pince half a game ahead of the Giants, who dropped to . fifth. The Cards made two error.?, Jimmy Brown and Don Padgett dropping pop flies. Dolf Camllll hit . homer No. 20 with a mate on. Stainback and Parks made three lilts each In the Dodgers' 14-hit attack on' Sunkcl and Warncke. Larry French, who knew what he was talking, about when he told P. K. Wrigley that Gabby Hnil- nett wouldn't give him enough work, pitched the Cubs to n seven- hit 'victory over the Giants. French drove in two runs himself. Hank Letter's double in the eighth drove in the winning tally. Yesterday's hero —Luke Hnmlln, Brooklyn curve-bailer who cooled o(T Die red-hot Cardinals with a seven-hit pitching performance for Victory No. 15. Puts Hammerlock On Lonclos Jim Lomlos. famous heavyweight wrestler, and his bride, tlic former r N, v' R ° c ' wltc of st - ^Hs. following wedding in Beverly Hills. UIHI. New Mrs, Loiulos is nmaU'ur flyer. Couple left for Honolulu on honeymoon. Today's Sport Parade l!y IIKMIY aicf.EMOHK BASEBALL STANDINGS NEW YOHK, Aug. 22. (UP)—Tlie outcome of the Loit Ambers-Henry Aniistrcjijf fight tonight Is a subject tlmt doctors, not sportwjltcrs, should discuss. It is n topic that lends itself more to the austerity cf a clinic than :o the hubbub of the city r:om, lo :he aroma of formaldehyde than lo Hie ripi; smell of printers' ink. • For tills reascir. If both men were in top physical condition, there could be no doubt ns to llie. cnlcomc cf Die fight.-As a fighter, in the true and strict sense, Armstrong Is superior-In every way. He '•Its harder, he hits fnster and he keeps rolling at a clip few men of the prize ring have approached and perhaps none Ims exceeded. Hut there is the chance that hustling Itenry is not, in what the Bulgarians so aptly call "zc pecnk." Thus, needing a physician's measured advice befcic predicting an outcome, I had made arrangements with my family physician, a prominent quack, to visit Anmtrong's camp and lo^k the champion over. I However, he—(he doctor, not Artn- 1 strong—was so busy trying to beat Northeast Arkansas I. W. . Caruthersvillc 30 Paragculd 31 Newport 25 Joncsboro 1C and in his fight willi Roderick in England he could only hit with his wrists. He says they arc well again, nut brown and hard, knuckles level ready to withstand the thousands of punches he throws in n fight. If he Is tolling the truth, I have given you a winner, given you an easy winner. If the making of the 135-pound weight limit lius not robbed him of (lie strength to whirl through 15 fast rounds, he'll stop Ambers. He had him on the door twice in the last fight, cnce for a count of nine. No dowager who ever outgrew her corset hart a harder time losing weight than lias Armstrong during the past three weeks. For several days Ins biggest meal was a glass of water, skimmed. For his birthday, which occurred during training, they gave him hard-tack, made with no butter or sugar, nnd for dessert a prodieested stick of gum. They say Ambers never Icses to the same innn twice. He was beaten by Pedro Montane?. lie lost to Steve Halalko and Tony Canzoneri, nnd he even was held to a draw by the walking shadow of Baby Arianendi. But each time he came back dancing and shoving and laughing, and each time the return bout was over the Ambers hand was raked. 'Hie men who lay the betting odds set great store by this. That is why they've chalked the'odds down frcm Ihe 4-1 of the first bout to 7-5 for the second engagement to- Southern . Memphis ............ 73 Nashville ........... 69 Chattanooga ........ 70 Atlanta ...... . ..... 75 Knoxvllle ...... '.!" GG Birmingham ...... sc Little Rock .......... 51 New Orleans .......... 51 National League W. Cincinnati .... 73 St. Louis ' 65 Chicago •. 53 Brooklyn '.55 New York 55 Pittsburgh ' 59 Boston 47 Philadelphia 34 American League W. New York 78 Boston 70 Chicago ' 63 Cleveland .. 55 Detroit '/.'. 58 Washington 50 Philadelphia 39 St. Louis 33 Pct. ,000 .008 .490 .308 Pet, .57,5 .557 .560 .551 .51G .431 .425 .332 Pet. .031 .591 .518 .505 .500 .403 .435 .318 Pet. .G9G .031 .558 .518 .513 .431 .318 srmc 380,000 oilier doctors Into "Ighl. But they forget cue impor- print with n book of medical cxperi- lant thing. enccs, that he didn't have time ' Ambers Isn't facing the same man lo go. ; the second lime toniglit. The Arm- Therefore, I, who have dim- s t''cng he fought the first time was culty distinguishing between a bot- drinking blood all through the last sij: rcumls. Tonight— if the hands nre right— there may be no last six rounds. lie cf aspirin and n compound fracture of the skull, am 'forced to list the merits anil demerits of these 133-poundcrs who light tonight nt Yankee Stadium, I nm forced to give you Armstrong, whose nntiic Isn't that at nil. Actually it is Jackson. But if it were Mclntyre or Van Buren or Smith or Cohen—lie stilt wculd be cue of the 10 greatest fighters this country ever lias known. The last time Armstrong—or. Jackscn—Imight Anibevs. most of , " viii ^ vi » HU-HU, no-run game yen thought the bout «ns close. But' "B»insl the Warden, Mo., team take it from Referee Arthur Dono- lnst week, has been nominated as van,- whn was nearer Armstrcng tllc starting hurler for the West that night than you or I or anyone M<=mphla«s agnlnsl tlic Coca Cola but Ambers, Henry won 12 of 15 ' Bottlcrs here tonight, The game rounds. Only pride kept him frcm ! wl11 s!af l at cl s' )l o'clock, winning all 15. In an early round I A 2 nillst - Buck, Manager W. H. Ambers hit him in the nniitli with C!lovcr w111 probably make his an ii|ipcrciit and opened a gash of s ' al '" n S choice between Ivy nnd frichlful proportions i Wnrrlngton. Tlie Bottlers arc "'•- '-"- of tho local City Soft- Pcrfecl Game To Hurl Here Tonight, Robert Duck, star West Memphis, Ark., sottball hurler, who hurled a no-lilt, no-run game Bleed poured trcm it like oil from a gusher. But the spectators never ; saw a drop. Round aiter round Armstrong swalbued it, fighting' oil nausea. Round after rcund he ' itever took a backward step, but, , nys in, puuchin'. ,' ', League which recently closed Is season. The West Memphis "2x4's", who • under Ihe banner of the West Lumber and Supply Co., „,„ - "M — i--i,J fe.lll, .303 way under the ceaseless pctmciir.g Even the Stars Need Pointers clthe West Mcmphians are taking in a lot of territory with their title claims nnd hope lo convince the "2x4's" tonight that Iheir claims should be confined to Criltenden county. Yesterday's Results Xorlhrasl Arkansas League Night games: Parngculd 2. Joncsboro 0. Non-pert 7, Caruthcrsvllle 1. Southern Ix-npne Knoxvlllc 5, Chattanooga 3. Little Rock 3, New Orleans 3. Atlanta 18, Nashville 6. Only games. National Leafuc Cincinnati 1, Philadelphia 0. Brooklyn 1, St. Louis 1. Chicago -1, New Ycrk 3. Only games. Open Amerci^n I.enguc date. Tigers Are Potentially Strong But Moore Has His Problems By WILLIAM J. TOOKES United Press start Correspondent ATLANTA, Gn., Aug. 22 (UP) — Louisiana State's "dream" team of 1937—which became a nightmare 1938—was graduated almost In toto last sprjiig and Coach Bernic Moore Is starting from scratch with % youiie Tiger squad that has nany possibilities. Only a few players are back to emind Moore ol the collective leadacho his heralded stars proved ast fall. Young Bnssey, the temperamental (osser of bullet passes, lias another year but he has been I ihlfted to quarterback where the' :oacli figures his blocking duties will be arduous enough to keep him 'n line. Ends Ogden Bauer and Ken Kav- mnugh also return, but they will )c remembered as heroic figures even when the rest of the L..S.U. ilevcn was gojng to pieces in most of Its major games., Kavanaugli merited All-southeastern honors and with his long reach, should come In handy as n pass-snatcher for the new Tiger. The , manpower continues to roll In at tlic school Huey Long put on the football map and Moore has 50-odd candidates from which to choose men for the eight gaps that graduation left in tho start Ing lineup. Jake staples, the strapping substitute fullback who led his mutes to victory over Vanderbilt In one of L.S.U.'s fe\v good days last season, figures as an Important unit of the olTonse. Staples will be called on for plenty of line bucking with his 203 pounds. The halfback team of Ashord Simes and Bob Fitc should step along if the blocking comes up .to par, nnd Charles Erdman aixl Charles Anastasio saw enough service last year to stamp them as valuable reserve halves. Graduation left a severe tackle shortage, but Red Whitman, Irving Campbell and Paul Plttman have n smattering of experience at tho Important posts. They lack llie heft of their predecessors, Eddie Gatto and the huge 13en Frieucd but scale close lo the 200-pound mark at that. J. W. Goree and Jake Messing, both leltermcn, return for regular duty as guards and Dave Bartram, who got in a few games, will be on call to give them relief., ." Gayle Monget, substitute for Dick Govmley at center last year, will get the starting assignment unless one of a couple of sophomore prospects shows first-string stuff. Coach Moore says his team will be "fair," but adds: "A conference title seems out of the question." ' The endless flow of manpower, however, should enable the Bengals to stick with their toughest opponents and a better record than last j'car is probably the unannounced goal of their mentor. : The Tigers have carded a gruel- ling schedule, starting with Qle Miss—tlie team that started them off on the wrong paw last fail— and ending with Tulane. which completed the debacle. Ole Miss, Holy Cross, Rice, Vtmderbllt, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Auburn round out the schedule and a few victories In that list should salve, the wounds the beugal has been nursing these many months. Jonesboro Coach Wants to Avoid Conflict With Big Battle Here JONESBORO, Ark., Aug. 22.— Football enthusiasm already gen- iralcd over the state and partlcu- arly northeast Arkansas by Ihe early seascn meeting of the Pine 31uff Zebras and the Blytheville Chickasaws at Blytheville has Coach clarence Gels of Jonesboro striving to change the date of the Jonesbcro-Hot Springs game here Tlie chicks and Zebras meet at Blythevllte the night of Sept. 28 vhlle the Hurricane and Trojans arc slated to battle here on the ame night. Gels, trying to get the late changed to Thursday night Sept. 28 said: "We won't have a handful there f we dcn't." The Chick-Zebra battle bids fair :o produce another early season .hrlllcr such as the same two teams iirnbhed last year when the Zebras ncsed out the Chicks by the scant nnrgln of a pcint after touchdown at Pine Bluff. ll.irpiln Offered Thief . EASTLAND. Tex. (UP) — Well' Lotief will meet anyone half way.! i When a thief took several dozen sheets and pillowcases from his ; automobile, he ottered to allow any- ; i one returning the merchandise lo 'keep half the lot. Furthermore, 'Loticf said he would treat the thief Hall, Long Beat Byrd, Garabaldi Tlie flying head scissors, favorite weapon ol Tigej- Long, proved Ihe deciding factor In Ills hard- earned win over Tony Garabaldi, tough St. Lotitsnn, at the Legion arena here last night. It was this hold that gave Long the third fall and enabled him to remain In the number one position among light heavyweights appearing here. Ciarabaldl proved one of the ((Highest opponents Long has been called upon to face In the local arena and gave the Florida Beneal a battle from the opening hell A body pin gave Long llie first fall after a 14, minute struggle. Tony scored tlie second to even matters when lie slapped a surf board hold on Long In ten minutes, then Long gained the final advantage in another 1) minutes with his old reliable flying head scissors. Floyd Byrd's rough and ready methods availed him nothing against Long Bill Hull, tlie human skyscraper from Texas, who surrendered the first fall to Byrd by virtue of a body pin then came hack to sweep (he second and third falls in succession with his highly perfected hook scissors, a hold that has been Hall's best weapon in recent bouts here. Byrd's f:il was won in 15 minutes while the time of Hall's tumbles were five and 15 minutes. CHlPiCE PELS IN SERIES Look For Easy Pickings Now; Vols, Lookouts Threaten By United Trtjs The Memphis Chicks hoped lo; easier pickings today as they mov ed into the camp of the New Or leans Pelicans for a last-ditcl fight to save their Southern Asso elation lead from the double as sault of Chattanooga and Nash ville. Refreshed by n day's rest anc with half n game of the lead re gained, the Chicks were in a fa vorable spot to pull themselves lo gcther and fight to the finish, Bu the Lookouts and Vols, deadlocked two games back, were both deter mined to get to the top ns the> look on the Knoxville Smokies and Atlanta Crackers respectively. The Smokies halted the Lookouts winning streak at six straigh yesterday, winning 5 to '3 Ijehlnt the.tight pitching of Kohlman and Bertram. The Smokies grabbed (lie lead and held it on three runs ii the first inning, brought about largely by Babe Young's 18th homer of the year. Tlie Vois divided a double-header with the Crackers, dropping the opener under the tremendous scort of 18 to 6 anil coming back lo take the nightcap 7 to 1. Tlic Crackers lashed out with 20 hits in the first game, driving three Vol pitchers to cover with the barrage. Al nubcling was the leader of the offensive with four hits two of them doubles. Orlin Collier muffled the Atlanta attack to /our hits In tlie nightcap. The Little Rock Travelers drove across seven runs In the eighth Inning to hang up a 3 lo 3 decision over the New Orleans Pelicans and put a double lock on last place for tlic Loulsianans. Today's schedule: Memphis at New Orleans, Atlanta at Nashville, Chattanooga at Knoxville and Birmingham at Little Rock. TUESDAY, 'AUGUST 22, 193? To day'c Games Northeast Arkansas League Jonesboro at Caruthcrsvlllc. Newport nt Paragould. Southern League Memphis at New Orlcnns. Chattanooga at Knoxvlllc. Birmingham at Little Rock. Atlanta at Nashville. National League Pittsburgh at Boston. St. Louis nt Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. American league New York at Chicago, night. Washington at Cleveland, night Boston at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Detroit. Historic f.o£ llcqitcathed NORRISTOWN. Pa. (UP)—A log book of (he U. S. S. Constitution was bequeathed to a grandson In the will of Mrs. Helen S. Clayton, whose estate was valued at $209,195. Crab Found lit Pearl Blister SYDNEY. N. S. \V. (UP) - A small crab, perfectly preserved, was I found Inside a pearl blister by a.' pearl mounter when splitting 'oils-1 ter from shell at the workshops of Sydney pewelry firm. Museum experts said the crab had evidently crawled into an open pearl oyster In search of-food. I Read Courier News want ads. Buffiilos provide -about 25 per cent-of the milk supply In India.- COAL CASH PRICES FOR AUGUST (Two Ton I/its) Pyramid .1x2 S5.00 Pyramid Lump ..§5.25 Ky. I,nni|) A Grade S5.50 Green Mark S6.25 Summit §9.00 Your order must be on my book by August 29. Small .id- ditlon on charge accounts. L. I. RICE COAL CO. Phone 244 Resume Tonight Where They Left Off Bloody Bout Year Ago NEW YORK, Aug. 22 (UP)- l;ey go again tonight amidst a splatter of blo:cl and crunching of H , e , nry , Arn>sir »"S nnd Lou , the toughest pair of little fellows on earth. , for the "Shtwclghl nship of the world and the odds stand. 8 to 5 in favor of Armsrong, but let this be fair warning that betting on this one is like e your money on whether a buzz-saw can lick a trip-hammer. The mcon that will come riding up the sky over Yankee Stadium at 1C oclpck tonight probably will shine down on the greatest lightweight fight since Benny Leonard nnd Lew tendler sent the specta- -ors' hearts popping into their throats on a June evening in 1923 boys are ready ami they're sharp. Both of them have hearts as big as balloons, hearts that send them in swinging and Jabbing when the brain Is paralyzed by punches. They knsw each other's style, for a year ago Armstron° lock, the title from Ambers by the thinnest whisper of & decision In Madiscn Square Garden. Armstrong's victory a year ago is tlic chief reason why the cdds favor him at 8 to 5. No cue who was in the Garden that night will ever forget what he saw ns the.brawl drew toward its blcody close Arm- slrcng, the little negro wllo comes as close to perpelual motion ns any human can, kept moving In and ^unpins lP lmihes. Ambers, back against the ropes, darted lefts and rights lo tlic jaw tmlll it seemed that he couldn't lift his arms for the next cue. There was n curious bobbing going on around Armstrong's adam's apple, and next day It came out that he had swallowed a quart of his own gore for /ear that If he spit it out the referee would slop the fight. Armstrong got llie decision, but Ambers was the stronger at the end. Henry the Hammer, in fact was fighting in a teg for the last two rounds and was so dazed that u T" L t ° Wi ™° eonier aftcr Sports Program Widened At Birmingham-Southern BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP)-Blr- mlnghfizn-Soulhorn College, which recently nmnimeed it would abandon Intercollegiate football after the 1939 season, plans to erect a $100,000 .gymnasium and swimming pool lo carry cut an Intramural spoils program. L. N. Shannon, chairman of the college planning board, said the new program would be devised to touch Ihe life of every student physically able to participate and would emphasize participation in sports and supervised tody building. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service ON THE STANDARD TIRi!^ THE THRIFT SENSATION OF 1939 H^W YOU CAN GET ONE OF THESE AMAZW<j T*I«5S AT BUY ONE AT LIST PRICE AND GET THE NEXT ON€ v AT 5 0 % D rs COUNT T<r*$tone STANDARD SIZE 4.40.21 ( 4. 50-21 { 475-19 [ 5.00-19 { 4.50-20 ( 5.00-20 \ 5.25-171 5.50-17J 5.25-18 5.50- 18 ( 6.00-16. TH lit 71.. $7.20 7.45 7.60 9.50 8.65 10.35 M«I n» 30% Diicaunl ' $3.60 3.73 3.80 4.75 4.33 5.18 tike For 2 Tfici $10.80 11.18 11.40 14.25 12.98 15.53 YOU SAVE 53.60 3.72 3.80 4.75 4.32 5.17 tmt mat nclufc four OH TIre-Olher Stas Proportionals!, im~ A 50%.DISCOUNT AISO APPLIES TO IHE PURCHASE Of THi 2nd TIR{ ON THt fOHOWING AS liOW AS UNDER" : THIS' SIZE 5.50-16.. 5.50- 17 { 5.25-18 1 5.50-18 ( 6.00-16.. 6.00-17.. For Th» $14.15 14.65 13.35 15.95 16.50 Till 50% Dltcovnl $7.08 7.33 6.68 7.98 ._8.25 Firestone CHAMPION For ! lli.i $21.23 21.98 20.03 23.93 24.75 rou SAVE $7.07 7.32 6.67 7.97 8.25 SIZE 6.00-18.. 6.25-16. 6.50-16.. 7.00-15 7.00-16_ 7.SO-16.. Prica Foi Ih, 111 Tlr« $17.15 17.95 19.35 21.35 21.95 27.80 N..I 1iM 50& $8.58 8.98 9.68 10.68 10.98 13.90 Prki for $25.73 26.93 29.03 32.03 32.93 41.70 YOU SAVE $8.57 8.97 9.67 10.67 10.97 13.90 AJOYE PRICES INCLUDE YOUR OlD TIRE— OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW Firestone HIGH SPEED SHE 4.75-19 5.00. 19' 5.25-17, 5.30-17'; 5.25-18, 5.30-16' 6.00-16.. 6.25-lSt For Thi tit Till $10.30 13.20 12.00 14.35 17.40 Tlrt 50& Diicovnl $5.15 6.60 6.00 7.18 S.70 foi 1 Tli.i $15.45 19.80 18.00 21.53 26.10 YOU SAVE $5.15 6.60 6.00 7.17' 8.70 t SIZE 4.40-21 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-17 ( 5.50- 17 \ 5.25-18 f 5.50-18 f 6.00-16.. Firestone CONVOY Prl« Foi Tlii 111 Tin $8.35 8.60 11.00 10.00 11.95 w« "o* Ditto unl $4.18 4.30 5.50 5.00 5.98 Piles Foi i Tli»i $12.53 12.90 16.50 15.00 17.93 YOU SAVE $4.17 4.30 5.50 5.00 5.97 ABOVt PRICtS INCLUDE YOUR OlD TIRE— OTHER SIZES PROPORTION AlIlY LOW FOR GREATfST SAFETY AN3 ECONOMY PUT A NEW TUBE IN EVERY NEW TIRE LIFETIME GUARANTEE NO TIME OR MILEAGE UMIT SrcFircitone Tirtl matte i« (lie Firctfouc Factor* timl Exhitiiirm nniMinj^at Nru> Yotk V'arM'i'FaiV. Alto i-ffif the fircitonc Exhibit at the Go I Jen Gate International Erpsnition o\ San Eianc'isco. PHILLIPS Listen to iftc Voic Orchestra, unjct ioi , „, AlfriS \v CO. 5th & Walnut Phono S10

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