The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 5
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21, Quest of World's Auiomobile Speed Record (ARK.) w*i~<-u *X^•*•••*•*•'K'*!- 1 -*-*^* 4 ***"-- vj*f»i«.- JEvUSS*^i^'if^£Si«>i l y*:.,vift4( chopper. Hardy 1 cover cnrrots an News of ilio Blytlicvilie Schools lemon rinds with water nnd cook Swlbury School In mponse to tulks on feodlin the bhds through the winter Hav- vey MorrU anct Herman I'owy. pupils ot iu grade, worked for idnum two \\i-.-ks to make n house. They brought It to wlwo! Momlny for Inspection. The cla-s was, much pleased \uln this liuius. ami now plum nra eo ], lif r om ,,. ( [ j for Ihe construction of several move ,'blrd liouirs In the nenr future. Clnidi' in had only three lardles for Use month ending January u When tne IA children woic weighed for January It WHS found Unit all hiul Kumod fl i,d only t,vj were Etlll below normal. Mary Joe l-'lsher Ims presented the 1A library with two story Im!--; The L'H children have- lately h:ul n readily contest, i'cuiry Burks was voted U;e bcs( reader. She won the | prize which wits „ clay modi-ling set. She has a pleasing rc-idluv id voice mitt tlie children like to he,\i I! I Kllzabol i r Wr "-lMue Judd. i until tender. Cut onirge In very clu! * ilnik In hcr'clnss. ; thin slices nnd remove seeds If ne • cessary. Combine sugar and lemon ""d J "tk Taylor are all In' the s: . juice and add 1-2 carrots, lemon ' rind, orange slices, cup boiling wa- j tor. Cook until « little O f |]ie mix . ture tried on a cold saucer jellies. I Pom intc fusses and cover with , paraflne v.;-.i>n cold. ; Combination Marmalade • The following rccliic Is for combination marmalade that is i combination marmalade that is On Friday, Jar 5 the punlls in i ntV tC ;, r"l'"f'" alade '""«' ??•"*. ™<Wed' S, ^lea," | entirely wlUi oranges. These Oi^you sufTcrinj frcqu illd to dieeslion. T the exercises shown above as an . ~ j j . -•"•-•- «' »>.i- v.^wi^ict-^ ^IEU^II aoove a.s an O'vmuie rh,h nr r- rf " Ot "^ 1 ' ecolnm ™ de(1 as 5' :t ^ ^dcrs. but- these young men, membzrs of the O-jmpu, Clnh of C,l,forma. swear by u. Th'n Olympics gather on a beaeh frequently to indulge mp-floys, after which (hey nip into the Pacific for n bit of swimming. jl,000,000 Temple .in Desert Oninje Marmalade Six oranges, sugar. Wash fruit and cut in halves, ecop out or squeeze to remove juice. Cook peels two or three hours in pieiijy of water until very tender. The peel should be easily pierced with a brcamstraw. Drain and when CM! enough to bajidle scrape off all the white, leaving _ only t!ic yellow outside. Cut into I match-like pieces. Weigh juice and ll )lll P free from membrane. Use an .. I squat amount c-f sugar. Cook puln the marma ade wUl be particularly and juice, sugar and rind for two relished later when -Jaded spring Hours! Turn Into jellv glasses and appetites need roninir up. ' | cover ivfth |.ar n fl,,e ffhenlold - ••'=• *~ ""^ unit ftjiiiust everyone onr> large grap? iruit, i large or- lla d »uide a decided gain. Only two net 1 Innrn ,„.„„., ,. _ .... pupus WDre fomi(| (o te ns inii( _ (i 5 nve pounds underweight. Mrs. Davis, Margarefa mother vlslter t,1if 3D grade Tuesday afternoon of last week. The 3A grade has finished lh;lr weekly readers and more than three-fourths ot the class here icorcd above the standard average ;rade for silent reading. The 3A grade Is glad to have L, T. Bates Join ilielr class. Me came Irom Garland school of I ittie Rock. The children of the 3A grid- were weighed this week and only two out of thirty-four chlldiV-n were seriously underweight. On Monday, Jan. 12'tli, u, e 4n pupils gave the following program In cbapel: January's Garden—four boys; The Year Is a Clo:k—fourteen pupils; song, The Steigh-rldc-class- the Psalm of Winter-Fay Ramsey; playlet—the Anniversary; characters: Father —Edmond -Collins; . J-U-— f~IL<-lll |L itllgC Ui i ange. 1 large lemon, i'4 cup« cold j water. 10 cups granulated sujar Wash fruit and wipe dry. Cut ! Into quarters. Cut thc quarters , through the peel and pulp Into very ; thin slices. Discard seeds and whlt» I pith in the center. Add cold wa- ; ter nnj let stand orer night, in j the morning coak until p«l i s verl . ; tender. It will take several hours Set aside again until the next morning. Then add sugar and ecok mull .syrup thickens. Turn Into sterilized glasses and cover with parnfmc when cold. This will make nboiit 12 large glasses of marma- lede. One very cheap and cxcel!cm Kumquats can be used In of oranges. The kumttuats arc cu j Thu is wel! flavored biit not quite ln lhm sllccs wit 'i seeds remove^ ^..: [ i marmalade ia mad^ carrots. •..:•: 11 as. sharp and distinctive pure orange variety. * » • Carrot Marmalade One pound cairOs, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 4 cups sugar. Wash and scrajie carrots and put through food chopper. Squeeze jutce ! from lemon and put rinds through i;, c j covered with-cold water and alloy ied to stand 21 hours,'ed uri til tender and again set aside-for 24 hours. Measure and use.three cups sugar to four cups fruit juu juice. -Cook until thick and pour into sterilized jelly glasses. Cove with paranne when cold. The Murnion Temjilc at ^Icsa, Aril. By NEA Service ; C !:rist of the I,at[er-Uav saints i T..C mnsslvn Si.ODO.OOO Mormon; "Large panorama paintings dect-' Temple a Mesa, Ariz., resting - ing evenly in ihe lif- of Joseph en thc banks of an irrigation canal Smith, founder of the Mormon rim through the desert thousands. church, decorate the walls" of yeais ago bv an unknown race \m/>nr, .1 b^u— —, jrr ^F«KA?K. nn-a 0 ^ ^^£s r ^r-^ ^c^r^ir^^i ~?-"^- -- anlral valley ol Ariiiiiu whcrp the T1 ,, r- r |n-t, i D temple stands V.MS oner l ;U ;r.:-c „„„:';, ^- c.tiai R C o;n, radiant In white sands, hurlinj a defy to the f,?" b " " shts> "' lcan ""3 ! «>ry and . hi-dy pioneers who sought to con- T>'" nir ,],, n -.„,„ . . .. %--.ucr t;ic desert. Edene Cjar " en Ko=m, depicting It was a little more than a half ' century ago that, n few ;uormcm "n out ficm Salt Lake City to ex-1 1'lore the then comparatively un-1 known southwest. They found in j thc Salt nivsr Valley, about. 20! miles from Phoenix, traws C f n \a"t: Irrigation system near ttie ancient •' city of Los ilucrtc*. There were, 233 miles of canals r.nci laterals t built presumably by a lost race TJ30 ' to 5COO years before.. . t \ '' With ths as a nucleus (iie ,~iror- mons hewed a homeland frcm waste lands and buiii, a prosperous o'gan- i2atic.n. In 1D22, at tcr yeprs of promotion, the temple \vas start-d It was nve years In the buildln' temple is a terrn cotiD-farrf structure 184 by 128 tcot and risir." in the center oi a -io-acrc park' The lower ficor is devoted to lecture rooms, corridors, offices and thc luplSstry. is partly tab^- ground". The upper part signifies the living, the lower part, the dead. Thc foundations are 12 feet thick a;:d thc walls of concnte and stc.y, are four feet thick—strong cnoiuh. it Is bclievcfi. tn ricfy the ravages of lime and disaster. Treasures of the temple include a mnfstve baptismal font of bronze nmi tile tortio s:po:i the back of 12 life-sized oxen, georgeo;ts rooms exquisitely circcralrU in gold nnd nnrblc. =r.crcd rccms with the'r great altars where are porforniej ,'-he marrlajes of those high in the '->ors of Ik." temp',0 are c^o.w.-i vcr to a'.! but those who ar? ''embers of '.lie Church of Jesus SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Sernce >Vri!cr As t'nc jelly glasses are emptied why not nil them up with marma- ' lades and dried fruit tatters? Citrus fruits are in their prime and arc inexpensive at this season and i Cosliver.ess or conslirs- lion h.u ., bid and even *lnEcr«>s cffc.-t if it ii n^lcctcil. Alsnysusoa «. mM( | purc -, l<! l.ixativo lo restore functioning. way :« 8 NMur"uiieTfI I - 1 We are now writing applications for crop loans and would be pleased to have you come in and discuss your situation with us. Our office in the First National Bank is open and can be reached through thc side door of the bank on Second street. Agricultural Finance Corporation Sam Thomas, • Secretary. ier; however, slie luis ninny Jack Mi-culstlon, Jticlc .,-„„,.. grade. Their teacher tiled to "call Ja <* Chlshlom "Dllly" but Billy Virncr Billy Laverly and ie to the 2B (jrnd., „ so they named .lack Chu,,,,,,,,, Jackie now-Wow" as he Is such a jolly, happy little boy he reminds them of the jolly Unele stories. On Friday, Jan. 5, the pupils In , - Inj to note that almost everyone ... - ,'i|uarc' club m,'l J-ini arj 8 and i-ircti-d the follow ins "nlcei- lor the second senu-Mi-r: Iwardi. pa-Wrist; llulu - v:c ' Q pvoflilenl; Willl; Mne Moore, .-.mi-iaiy; jjunpy Kl'-Ji- ni-r, ttciisun-i; Kvitlre Nash, report- llie -M r>x:m plans to observe Wi-efc which L-,I;|IK Jan. 17. the |irot?ram was n piacilclnu of tlu- Hr." dtill. AS the nic alarm was ' a rnpltl tin- siiultMiis mude uidcily ixii jroin (hi- sii Junior High . rNaniliiaiioii". begin today Jiuiloi- lllgh i>. T, A. had a "hob>y |>»:i;iiiin Wi:diit-yiluy alt:rnoon. I.«• liiibtihs ot (he pupils we -^'* L-«T;II]N oni). i (, ; nr.^un ^ ^,| l[]t . pt]j )t ] S \v L i r .» o n ihe 511 boy.swrieOeleak-d by the (""U'll m Ihe K -hool. MK sttuk- »A buys In 11 fo, ;cci . Blllll( , Mominy ; ui(in\ uml .\| r . Ij,,,,;.],-, j^,,,., afternoon Jan. ,3. .ru-ju,, tlal for Uu- $1 t or the room Hie 511 Hindi, rnjoyrd nM-ilmj i. having tin- nuist muthers iires-nl new boo,: -AIIHJ- rioy.-, In FruniT.- I ' ri «"l> 31 Hoy Srouts lu-ld an o!.--Dy Homer liamlall, la.,t week, I " : "i «f Mlla-r.s Mjnduy ,'lght Bl In tlii! 5A-lODiii (iiille n bit of- ll:l ' Aunciy. N. n. M f!mr( | Wil!l l.iten-st Is lioin|{ B | 10W1I hl (ll( , U1 . | i-lretrd -..-uKi,- p.,i, ( ,[ i ci ,,|,, r . Clt)r . blc n-ndhiif. -I-;-.,, children Imvo hiul !<'<"' l^mey, Hot:-e lli.rp. Hal Moore unihiiiilly yood proannni ttc ' 10 elcctrd pairol lenders. which con»klrtl of Djijic S | 0r(t . s '„„.' -sworing the roll cull with „ mule - ' f*-"' •- I 1.HLI Illy ;>. W, Ham Hauls | lns K[maM (rom St, Louis. ;. Ulck Duncan lu ls moved to ll;|. ptiti, Ark. Tlier<- were no tardle* by the boys of the (Jli group last nionlh . The Oil Iwys won ovi-r thc WJ's In » soccer unnie las IF, Oil Wednesday. J lln . 15, t!u . pupils were wtlgheit lo month. Some of them h'ad'nclthe: nor lost, innde ajijireclnblc gnlns *" ccE(In »" ls „„,„ , , trfn . . , " run" ui me itii.l grnde, .has been absent from sclwl this week on account of Illness. The students of gratis OA recently were given a clmncc lo ulve a •temomtraifem of their <laily pro- Birom. Mrmbcrs of ihe represented the various members of "1C faculty. It Bnvi , (ho sUlcients opportunity lo esngxcrnlc the out standing characteristics of I 10 teachers. The students who appear- g ™ <"' P™*™« - teacliers'w e Emmahnc Pn,je, Mary «,,„ miins . i" J cy Clnll ' e McCauly. Diet Ulitds. C. A. M Lange School '.in \vi-ek the sixth fi r,,do hail llu'lr mnul.!!ly o| U b nu-ctlug f,t which tin- lolluwlnij projram was Music, Urn-rile OtMctle- Jokes Hi>\vaid Moore; story, Pauline M[l .' i liuic: sonijs. "Around the Corne-" i 'The Moon is Low' 1 , group of I iiuls: reailliirj—-Tongue Tied", Chrlstim- Turner; son^— "Under- [ii'iUli Ihe Uki-lclo Moon," Mary I-.m.lce Liiyson nn;l b.inih Pauline hvruiil. The program was followed by a business mectlnsi al which plain lor (In- second .semester were discussed. With money from candy sales Uio tlxth grade has bought a steel cabinet of which they are vcrv promt. The sixth guide soccer team played Suilbiiry Tuesday, Tiic score was II to 12 In favor of Sudbury. A program Is being planned for the outgoing GA's. It Is to be given sometime next week. The third evade pupils brought thimbles, bends, match boxes, siimtl pieces of tin, nnd wood to school. With these materials they made a inlnliuiiro goll course on thc sand Iftom" Tlie fifth urade puplh AaVlF b-°n iinklnc penmanship booklets Tlie'-e booklets are now on display In the class loom. The fourth grade pupils ore p'C-- parlne their penmanship Ijcoklets We were sorry to lose Jewel Shanks irom the fourth gra<b Sne Ims entoed the Catliollc school, Next week , Is National Thrift week, The fouitli grade Is planning a program lo observe ihcwM'; The following is a review or n't i grade activities lor the past seme.s- Tlie Thrift Club wiis omnli-M to encourage thc children to favo Ihcli- money. The club during th-, semester has addsd quip a bit of new material to the reo-n Including n steal cabinet, 0 new books, a year's subscription to the Cieosniphlcal Magazine, rmd clmris lor history and geography work. th J» history class makts reju- tar weekly reports on their library reference work. The soccer ball team with Dan lUrlnytou ns captain has won ml of It.s games with the exception c-r The Tliriri, Club had Its mestlnz Iiicvlay afternoon and the follc-v- l"g program was glvtn: Piny—Lonesomest Penny; pi-no olo-J-ln pie Gtant's Onrd-n" Surah I'aulliic Evrurd- Christine Turner. table. The boys whittle °" 1 the program wen; Mnry LouLso «.cy. who gave n list of (.he principal events In the life of •'Stonewall" Jackson; Lorraine Secoy, who told th.' story of the life of nob'-rt k- Lee; and c»lln Douglas who save A resume of a slory'nkoul Benjamin Franklin. These nu-n were bom dm-liur tlic mouth of January. . The program started very calmly with a reading from the Bible and a giving of the Lord's praver The first, thing on the prozntn was rcce.-is:s and (tie neon hour. 'Hie fourth.grade has a new 'pupil. I'nulliic Peiuberton. who came Eat Everything without Fear of Indigestion foo<ls to Tarilau '>=» roua health thou- thenwelves If Pun down take DitPIERCE'S Golden Medical Discoveru *r MI oxua Aroars ' 2" nt1s ne enwelves favorite foods Ju »t as you h»ve to. Mrs. Arvcna Bowers, of 1230 Jackson St., Topcka, Knna. saya- Five ] years I was troubled with gas , bloating and dizzy spells, llut lanlac toned up my whole system and increased my weight 10 ibs." If you Biiirci' from indigestion I Ens, dizzme*s. headaches, constir.-i- | tlon or torpid liver-give Tanlnc • Jl. «? u 0 '" ytm! ^ hc first lj °t- tle often briiifa the needed relief. - Tanlac is a good, pure medicine' made of roots,, barks, and herbs that are recognized by tl.e United fctatcs Pharmacopoeia. Get it from ist to *y- Your ocan't b,eb YOU. C vJUB-ZERO cold of winter or tropic heat hold no terrors for the motorist using the new BE SQUARE Stabilized Motor Oil— the perfect la- bricant in an) season of the year. Made of Barnsdall's own selected crude, refined and doubly purified and filter finished—here is the motor oil motorists have been waiting for. Barnsdall's answer for thc all season motor oil, made possible by the exclusive Stabilization process a result of over 70 years pioneering. Thc oil you should use for the sake of safety and economy . . . obtainable wherever you see the B/w BE SQUARE. OF OVER YEARS has mad*possible . BE SQUARE Stabilized MOTOR OIL BE SQUARE StabH- ized Motor Oi) leads all others by 5 points of superiority in refining that make it the outstanding motor oil, triumph of Barnsdall's 70 years of pioneering. Obtainable wherever you sec thc Blue BE SQUARE (HE Guiding Symbol or OVEJ 70 TEAK! PIOI.dllnG Soptr-Gi, ETI1VI Time, o\tr the Colum bit Nfi^ork for i!ie natkal ptcgtjci of the MOTOR on THE WORLD'S FIRST REFINER

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