The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1934
Page 2
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PAGH TWO BLYTHKVILLB, (ARK.) OOUBEER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 20. 1934 ", American Legion, Auxiliary v. To Have Joint Program. '-• The American Legion mid its ~° auxiliary will have u joint pro- ,,.f,iam this evening, 7:30 o'clock. »t •'the Woinan's club in observance ^ 01 ill c-Clnld Writari 1 work. Each »! year sixh u program is given at •>•• this time of the year. — Mrs. E. C. V.'oocison, Cliild Wol "The Proper Thing" Hooklngs spent Saturday iind Sunday at Dell. The Slh'crdalc. Mo., 13. Y, P. U. Iwlil services Iverc Sunday nlfilu. Miss Gcrlie Hedge spent Tucs- diy with her broUicr, I'reachcr Hedge. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Flcenun and son were guests Sunday of Tlieii! :iro many Jorms of Intro-' Mrs. Flccmnn's |>;i!CiiU>, Mr. and o >™xW'nOY. t [, !( . tlon!¥ !lm | m!lll y forms to avoid. Mrs. J. W. Oslwinc. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gn. W. Hubtm i am really a happy woman. »••; ur.d Dr. A. M. Wailibiirii. wl-.n iias,.,. 1]( . wonl .•.,,,,^,,1" j s preferable J -H. King visited ut Kosctoiul The members of our Saturday ".'_ the [Million In tlu u-siwi. | 01I f 0rma i occasions to the word Monday. Nlijht' Club voted to appoint a a,-. l:uvc avransc-d this projram: In-i-introduce." The younger person There will be a three night pro- committee to sec the pastors ol "• vorruie.iv, tens"America, tUo ISrau-lj, a 'i W n\s presented to the older B"»n at tlie sclioolhmibc Iierc May their church to have U>e preach»-; lifu!"; tall: 'How the American,;.. ll)L . |nore ,,, b i hl| . u i s ], c j, | )ut a " " " ' ' -- -••---• „. Legion and Auxiliary Can A*sbt L:clUlcmilll is „]«.„.., presented lo "'' '," , X C!fa !i' ai |" . SoCla ' I ' l ' o;) ' i ..i lady, even il K m«H,lic Is nn old • kius cf Our Coanlry. Mcs. How- j t(m!cmnll ol Brcll , (iistlnclion nnd islaticii." Ni'ill P.riA; >il!;, "Tlic Child or Today," Miss Winnie Vir-i.,,.,.,,-,. t'i! Tui-ncr; benediction. 'duuion j.i dignitary of Hie church. In the briefer form o[ inlro- Bits oj Netis iMostls- Personal commonly used, "Mrs. Worldly. Mvs. Nonnnn." if Ihe Wo nunir.s are said In the same tone Manila Society — Personal Inn hour moved up or down ;ts 0112 'may see It until sometime in the afternoon each Sunday. If they agree to do this then ve can gel home by daylight and that would give us several hours rest which no one will deny we need. Of course they may not accept nl tlie tciins we set out and we mas have to arbitrate the matter. 1 i new ,oiuc ..,,,.,., " B ' y i. II • Manila, is and won't I be happy lor ,1 voice it Is not apparent who .,„„,„» |acC( ,' arm , m| I 1 ; Inlroduccd to whom; bill, by mo i,i n ., \, „..„ -, , h M «m»« h « U« more important ™$* ^'in'.I^own" |lter and h« chlUrc ptisan's immc, I can be made an i,,,i nl , n w T<m-iu>m of nivthp | tlllll cn togctnei. u ilcar BS H,o U| >, (he words "May J^a "nl".ow,iWed- °"' y *™ ho " ! S 11 present" had been used. '. oilier forms of Introduction »ve; !"Mrs. Jones, do 1 you "know Mrs. you - of ialc-Lfsl. Mrs. Mcditcli- en end daunliter. Miss Betty, and'V 011 you "don't or "Mrs. Hoblnson, have Mrs. Jones?" In Intro . , :,iv- S'c\n:s Polf-r. who ur- lrtucm B a Kcutlcinnn to u lady yon ;^i coinpr,!-i?il hiiii. will Mum in ten ; i' 1;i >' isk Wr - s » 1l(h tr hc l!ns mct Lions club at noon. . Mrs.' \V. E. Green and Mrs. lite Harrison were in Monottc Monday having some dcntol worli done. hll ' rt ' . Mrs. -Fi-nnk ls««<a of BWnevllU cnllarca - i house tl0 not th '" k thei:c k nnythln e >' .^ i ni ','he world quite so nice as a ino inosl <ii-! thcr aml hel . children silting >i my Pa SKI my. clinrcl and how I have kmged to ha Sister and Junior know soinethi of a church service he would mnK nn effort, • to arrange His service so that I could be there with in (Copyriylitcd.) «^i i:iore dnys. ! Mrs. Jones, utit you nnust not ask ' F. Joh'ia, who had a stroke ofi jlrs - J0'»*-" sllc 1«« lnct Mr - pavalys,!.-, :.Svua.vy -.vilcvnoou. is Smith. , A yoMiig niunied eirl is improvins; ' , i Introduced to an older spinster. ' " Billy mvcr. SMI of Dr. nn'd " Jollcs '. slmke . . . Mis. "W. i : . 13r;-,wr, wl-o has Iran i '"»"ds with Mr. Smith," or 'Mrs. tli for sovci«l nionilis. is'Jo"cs. 1 want, to make you QC" !»' slowly Improving. kualntcd with Mrs. Smith." Do Ea'c-i Ho^sdl who \vis ill lor'" 01 Introduce one us "My Friend" :< V-CL-:;, is uinv able lo lie up i bllt -™ 11 C1 <" fn t ""'J' " llul " - or • Mrs. Mollic' McElaiu :uul "son.! "'"X sister" • or "my ccii5ln"-but Mai. will to to-Jonosbovo lomor-! U) P !clc °" 1 " P"rlicular .pcison io-,v for iho h- E h school literary i ™ ""'V .friend" is bad manners, for ir.cct where Mnl will parilclpal'i! 1 ' 1 'mulius Mrs. Smith is "my friend in llio declamation contest.''. 'l lim i >'°." n ?°-' n •'''OU'SW:". Dol|ft Mrs. J. W. Adams'si-., and ''son. say "Mrs. Smlth, % m'eet Mrs.'Jonea." visited her aunl, Mis. W. T. Coats, I Tuesday. Mrs. J. E. Crowe left Tuesday nlghl for her home in Detroit, Mich., after a visit, with her parents. Mr 1 , nnd Mrs. K. L. Caraway. Fred Fleemitn wns In town on ivislness \Vcilnesilay nnri wa^ rv' guest of the Lions club ot tlie Yon can'l gel Hie Isxnlive I noon luncheon. " ~ Mrs. Shclton nnd Mrs. R. J. Me- clKwingilislribiUcslliolas.itiveuniformly wlmum shopixd in Jonesbovo il«o«RUuut tlio iiitMl'iucs and Tuetduy. Pi'ancis, r.nd i!an;lucr, Miss Sim- shlcc, have r.icved to the W. D. 'i Jones home on West Ash street. Mr. nnd Mrs. J.' W. Adiims jr., have liken l!i c McMnllliis npart- inent on Werf Muhi itrocl. Mrs. C. W. P.cale nnd daughter. Mrs. J;ick SlmtTri-, of Little Rock, Avoid reitetltlon of names when nccou'ipiinlccl by Thomas Phillips Mr. aiid Mrs. of Washington, ' , ._ D. C.. who 'have been visiting', A, " ----- "and family, went' to N « vcr Head Collier News Want Ads. CHEWING LAXATIVE CLEANSES BETTER on tan'l yet l!ic laxnlivc in^rctlii'iiVi from Fecn-n-nunt witljoiit chewnig—nml chewing illsIribulcs lliolas.ilive ur ! '—'•• UuoURUuut Urn iuU'Slmes nud ^..^ previous >jlivii juito tliat is nci'ilcii, Rev. J. W. Moore vtis in Jones- Clogged, dry wjulc mailer Iwcomcssofl, boro Tuesday and took Mrs. Knight Oul . A V*>-l<*™K- ll>« «-,,ll s O f ,„•" Leachvllle to the hoiiiltttl " lin ",f l « :ll> »' 1 ."' ! ml " a D " tt f r - u '" . . ' ' ; licious }«n-ii-miiit » Ine clicwinj; gujn i i li-c-vtivc lliat rnlisls the nicl of nature. H 25«i KltUn Hid Black Spot i » a thoroi. B h clr.millg Ins.livelhal acts .„_ promptly—naturally—nnil is free frmn o[ .Mr side of 10 , rt and . , ; d , Vrni-u-minl y" U dangerous Mrs. Lucy V. Beuhuiucs pel. cut, ,-t,,,, Fctii-a-mint for TOiistijnUiD. loc Snowball, guve blrlli lo 24 pure , ^ t druegisb cvcrywfu-rc. your husband white kittens. The 25lh had a _!_:.__„_:! lo a social equal as "Mr. Brown." 'jiny black spot, on Us forehead.' •—^" 11 " Call' him "John" or "my husband." Altogether, there were five litters. | Your husband should introduce you to his' kicliil • actiii'alnlnhces (is 'my wife." - : 'Popl«r .• today to spend UiC| M r . nl id Airs. .Aclc .TJiomas have "Nothing Like It" Say Lovely Women No wonder beautiful wotnei love this new face powder made liy exclusive French ptocess. MELLO- C. Kail Jonesboro weekend wllh Mr. nnd Mrs. Httr-iniiifdViiic'cl 'Tiic' : b"lrih''of"' V Tt" '"soil" OLD' stays - on longer. Prevents old PiiilliiVs. • • |jamc r E'lrl \vclyhlne 7 pounds 'i' r ee pores. So smooth and line, it • ' 'The W Mr. Stone of Leach- 'Wrads naturally with any com- Ovc-, rrcdusllcn Kilk-rt lien Ivillc nilcrt Ills regular appoint- V^ion ^»dglves_ fresh, youthful of I Hemorrhoids (Piles) cured without the knife. Other .!«Ul d!st»«s treated. Varlcowd 1)RS. MES If NIES 5H W. M»Jn Phone 9»- IANK, Mo. itUPi—The strain! ment here Sunday and Sunday bloom. No irritation. No flaky or aylng five legs in one dnyinighl.' '' |) )Ml J' !oofe - Ncvcr lc(lvcs the Ekln . . '.~. proved fntnl for a hen in a local j Mr. and Mrs. George Farley mid-*?.-• p:odi!cc house. • ,. -| iji-j 1 clifldrrh and 'Mrs. iva''TPrnnccs' '••• It's wonderful'. 50c ami —Adv. 3 I L. G. MOSS lilytheville's Cul-Ratc UNDERTAKER Why Pay' A Rig Trice? Throe Popular Flavors - - „ Pecan Cnin , 0 Ohocolalc ^ Vanilla I. Ben Miller's famous Ice Cream is JNow Available At Kirby Bros. Drug Store Corner Main and Broadway Different in laste, the rich, smooth flavor ol I. Ben Miller's ice cream will quickly win your approval. Manufactured since the 1904 World's Fan ,this tec cream has become famous for the consistency of ils ingredients. It Costs No More . . Try It and Be Convinced! PINTS QUARTS 25c 50c Famous since 1904 . . . the richest in butterjat of any ice cream eoer shipped to BIytheville . . . 1&% butter fat. COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday GREENS Mustard, Kale Turnip 2 Bunches for 5c SPINACH, Fresh Garden. Pound 2V 2 c [ SPARE RIBS, Salted. Pound 5c |j| NECK BONES, Not Frozen. Lb. 5c TOILET TISSUE, Waldorf. Roll 5c Bunch Ic I! APPLES, Winesaps. 100's. Each 3c GREEN ONIONS, SUGAR, Best Granulated. 10 Lbs. 47c J RAISIN BRAN, Skinner's. Pkg. 12c EGGS, Guaranteed Fresh. Dozen 14c Grape-Nut Flakes, Free spoon. 2 for 17c SALAD OIL, Quart 25c; Pint 14c HENS, Milk fed. Full dressed. Lb 17V 2 c |;| BACON, Sliced. Swift or Krcy. Lb. 15c SQUASH, Pound 9c COFFEE, Liberty Special. Pound 18c SKINNER'S Macaroni . Spaghetti tic STRAWBERRIES, Louisiana. Pint lOc COFFEE, Sunny Brook or Canova. Ib 27c CRACKERS. All Crisp. 2 Ibs 18c; Ib. IQc LIPTON'S TEA, Free tumblers. % Ib 22c SALT MEAT, FLOUR, M. Jane. 24 Ibs 85c; 12 Ibs 47c GREEN BEANS. Fresh. Pound IQc CHEESE, Wisconsin No. 1. Lb. 17*/ 2 c LETTUCE, Fancy Hard Heads. Each 5c II CUCUMBERS, Fresh. Pound 12c fittl Boili'ii;, I'uuud ... Streak-O-Lcan, Found 6 lie .. 9c PHILLIPS, NEW POTATOES, Tomato Juice or Vork & Ilcaiis Can 5c FLOUR, No Risk. 5 Lbs. 28c K Lte 58<: 20 Lbs 8!K; Pound 3V 2 c BELL PEPPERS, Extra Urge. Lb. 12c KIDNEY BEANS, Joan of Arc. Can 7c | SALAD DRESSING, SAUSAGE, Pure Pork. Pound lOc CELERY, Jumbo Stalks. Each 7c 19c PALMOLIVE SOAP, 3 for 13c PEAMUT BUTTER, Peerless. POTATOES, Fancy Red. Pound 2c GROUND BEEF, or Hamburger. Ib 6V 2 c COFFEE> Lady Alice. Pound 22c FLOUR, Blue Bunny. 12 ]b 49c; 24 Ib 98c SALAD DRESSING, SOAP, Tahle Garden Quart Pint IZc P. & C. or White Giant Size Bars 6 for 25c SUPER SUDS, PORK SHOULDERS, 2 Pkgs. 15c Half iir Whole Lb. PRESERVES, Von Allmen. 16 oa jar 15c PEARS, Libby's. No. 2V 2 Can 19c CHERRIES, Rosedale. R. A. 2y 2 can 19c TOMATOES, New Deal. 2y 2 Can I2c SALMON, Rosedale. Tall Can 15c PORK STEAKS, Real Lean. Pound I5c JELLO, All Flavors. Package 5c RICE, Fey. Blue Rose. Pound BEANS, (1. Northern or Navy. Lb. 4c MEAL, 5 Lbs. lOc; 24-Lb. Sack 39c GINGER ALE, Quart Bottle. Each lOc LEMONS, Doien 21c COCOA, Mothers. 2-Lb. Box 17c BEEF, Chuck or Brisket Roast Lb. lOc MILK, Collate or Van" C»mp 6Sm. or 3 Lge. 17c MACKEREL, Salmon Style. 2 for 15c MUSTARD, Marco. Quart Jar. Each CLEANSER, Sunbrite. 3 for , 14c PEACHES, Rosedale, No. 2% Can l5<; TISSUE, Liberty. 2000 sheets. 2 for 15c CORN FLAKES, Miller's. Regular lOc DOG FOOD, All Brands. 3 for 27c No. 2'/ 2 Can Fruit Salad 26c No. 2'/ 2 Can Peaches - - IGc No. 2!/j Can Pineapple - I9c Nu. 2'/z Can Aprieuts - - Itlc imn SPECIALS SPARE RIBS, Not, Frozen. Lb. lOc FRESH CORN^ Ear 5c LIMA BEANS, Large Size. Pound JOc BROWN SUGAR, Loose. Pound 5c SPINACH, Ark. Special. No. I Can Sc 12c HEANS, BIytheville. 3 Cans 25c LARD, Best Compound. Pound 6 J XjC CORN, Pride of Fair field. Can 8c SALMON, Merrimac. Lge. 21c; Med. lie CKAB MEAT, Geisha. Lge. 51c; Med. 25c SOUP, Phillips. All Kinds. Can fie PICKLES, Bread & Butter, Jar 15c SALT MACKEREL, Large Size. Ea. 15c TURNIPS, With Tops. Bunch 5c SHRIMP, Wet or Dry Pack. Can lOc TOILET TISSUE, Northern. Roll 6c OLEO, All Brands. Pound lOc MATCHES, Pet Brand. Box 3V 2 c VINEGAR, Bring Your Jug. Gal. 18c MILK, Pet, Carnation or Libby.^S 6c BUTTER, Am. Maid or Cresta. Lb. 24c APPLE BUTTER, Cardinal. 2-lb. jar 13c HAMS, Armour's Star. IUlf or U'ook Lb. 15c SELOX, Large Size 12c; Small Sfee 5c PINTO BEANS, Pound TOA1ATOES, Fresh, Firm. Pound 9c VEAL CHOPS, Or Roast. Pound lOc ORANGES, Large Si>-e. Dozen 23c CABBAGE, Texas Green. Pound 2c SNOW DRIFT, 6 Lbs. 69c; 3 Lbs. 35c SWEET POTATOES, Pound 3%c APPLES, Ark. Blacks. Pound 7c PANCAKE FLOUR, Pillsbury. pkg lOc TOMATOES, Standard. 3 Cans 25c SOAP, Lifebuoy or Lux. 2 Bars for 13*: WEINERS, Franks - Bologna. Lb. lOc CHERRIES, Red Pitted. No. 2 Can 12%c MALTED MILK, ''''TrmiS"' 15 ' i.i* te ™* 43c GRAHAM CRACKERS, Uneeda. Lh. 18c VANILLA WAFERS, Pound 18c CAULIFLOWER, Snow White. Lb. 12c PICNIC HAMS, Swift's. Pound 13c RAISIN BRAN, Skinner's. Pkg. 12c CORNED BEEF. Libby. No. I sq. can 17c OLIVES, Rosedale. Quart 31c; Pint l ( Jc MUTTON, Roast or Chops. Lb. 17V 2 c WESSON OIL, And Mixer. All for 49c

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