The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 28, r.I.V'niKVll.l.K (ARK.) rOlMUKR fCKWS DefenseWrangle May Be Probed House Members Ask Facts on Sullivan's Sudden Resignation PACK NtNE Air Force Officially Declares Flying Saucers Are No Joke WASHINGTON, April 28 'A; ..,-.„„ Den.ands were raised ill Confess ! lhll( \ ]wre . u . c .., U1 „,,, yesterday for detailed intniiiie.i imo abilities" lu tile the reasons for Secretary of the ' Navy Sullivan's resignation. a iiicccini 1 , of the Hcniso Si?!-\i{*i:,s Committee ihal a Armed special .subtoMirniUee be apj>omted 10 make [in investigation. But he did not press tin* proposal when Chairman Viiisim iD-Ga) told him the full committee would ""raise the question thoroughly" when it considers IffjUj'.aUon to give the defense secretary hddiiiona) powers. Scvorul Republican .senators also are ai-kiiiii an inquiry. SwMivan quit with a blast at Secretary of Defense Johnson for halt- incj corMniction of the USS United States vhich would have been the world's liuiH'-sl airci ivfl carrier. While Chairman Tydings (D-Mrf) o[ the Senate Armed Service, 1 ; Committee chalked up the matter as a "CIQ.ICC: incident." GOP counnities members said they thought the* By Klton <!. WASHINGTON. IK. l.l'i- The Air T'aive said o£lid:iily ves- terdi\y (Ij'uii! .saucers "nre not a Joke. " ', liui in the same liri-alh. Hit Air Fcjrtc said it is convinced from nearly mo years of careful study ! IlllllH S)fi)tj- | mysterious IUTUI! j manifestations. [ Ou-the-sixit inquiries uud suljer fir)dint>.s hiuc .shoun simple exphma- ; thins tor many o! tho tliiiins people -saw or thouyhl they «a\v in the sky. Nevertheless, a paper prepared by he Intelligence Division of Hie Mr Material Command nl Wriuhl- 'Httcrson Field, Oliio, dedares: "The saucers are not a joke. Nether are they cause for alarm to tlie population. "IMany of the Incidents already tm'e answers—meteors, balloons, falling stars, birds in flixhl. ng devices, etc. Some oi them still end In qm'stlon inai -s." The /aper added that (In- "correct lading uf Hie venuiinuin i«.-r- centaKc Is still the job of project Saucer," of the Intelligence Division. The (Kiper, ixiscri on tiir IOIIK Air f\irec study, i'cvie\vs in detail "fliui Scientists, the pajifr suy* u had to believe lluu ;my tei'hin- cully establish^ ran* would rv\m here, flaunt its uUlHty in im-stor- UHl.s Wiiys UVCM [IK 1 ,VC;U>, l)lU iNU'h unit simply c«> ;uv;iy \vUhmil <>un rMablishiiiR emiliu't." '• tli.i! hf r, -lutU'ii 1m-. nc\ri iii-i'ii i'i»n\ li'lcil nt (; ',M'>,i niiKiil vinlallni- the l,u\s nl Illis slulr. nr ' •acti'l. thai In- das ncvrr hern .inv otlu-r .-.l.ili-. rclalivc to ale s;ili> ' ibr. .-I- t.> M'll IlITI- h 111.' Uiull'l- 1-MllM 10! ,,,,,'Kltl,.U l)!'u illlUhl! Oil .S|.'.\l,l - ' piTSiMit, the nuxsl impui t.ur 1 ;km in (he Middle he.. ;-rt';U KOolugK' trough t'xirn.lm.- Un;nii;h Iran, Irmi. H;uuti ln. ami ihi- soikdoin.s ol Kuwait. i Bahrein unci Qatar. fttoup should dig deeper into Lhc dispute. llemocrals In Follo\v Tydings Dfljnocral.s appt-ai'Ptl willi)ig to follow Tvdins.s Sllllivau him- ^/r:lf .-should ask a congressional airing of his dinerences with Johnson. But Senator Bridge* tR-NH), top- ranking GOP committee member, told rcixjrters he thought there was "an understanding" with TycUngs to call up Sullivan far an explanation "in view of the conflicting Kta-.emHnts that have been bandie.1 about." Shortly a-fter his resignation announced by the White House, Sullivan released a letter he had sent to Johnson in which he staled in effec.1, that the Na\T,' had not been ^iven an opportunity to present ils side of the carrier question ThR project had been under attack hy Air Force backers who sale the huce flattop would allow the Navy to intrude on the air arm'f strategic lx>tHbing a.ssignmeat. In hi? letter. Sullivan expre fear that Johnson'* action might lead to additional ivhiitliiiE away of navp.l funclio]s,s. Sullivan -empliasizerl that con struction of the carrier had been approved by the President and Iho Sonaie ami armed service.s comniiiiees. a. He also stressed that Congress * last year voted the motley to start It and the House approved extra, funds to keep the work going. Courier News Want Acis. Nona: Notice i.s hereby given thai tin- umliMsiBUed has filed with the C'um- njssinner of Revenues ol the Slate' "t Aikitnsas lor permit to .sell ;iim nispi'nsr Oi'i'i at retail on the pic- mi.H's described as l;u S. Main St.. many of the hundreds ot re]K»rls of strange living discs and other objects, i The paper .said the possibilities thai the saucers are foreign air- \ craft have been considered. -nut," it adds, "the reported performance of the discs Is so superior Lo anything we nwc yet approached In this country that tt is consldcre'' only an accidental discovery of a degree of novelty never before achieved" could suffice to explain such devices." The investigators also considered — but dismissed—.some other and even IP.SS likely possibilities, like Ihls: Visitors from Mars—dismissed because although Unit planet is believed by somr* astronomers possibly capable of supporting life, it appears (o be relatively desolate and inhospitable. 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