Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1896
Page 6
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"but it iff usually that nothing but a. mere formality;" "Sol thought," returned tie girl, "and I was prepared to deny it without argument, but the facts set forth in his petition were sufficient to make me hesitate and wonder whethct his case had really been properly presented in the first trial." • "Upon what grounds did he make the application?" asked ; the judge, scowling. . "Well," she replied, blushing a little,"you see, he proposed by letter, and his conteiition was that the case was of that peculiar character that cannot be properly, presented'by briefs, but demajids oral arguments. The fact that the latter had been omitted, he held, shold be held to be-tin error/and the point was such a novel one that 1'corisented to let him arglie it; Then his arguiceut woa so forceful'that T granted his.petition, and consented to hear the whole cose again. jl>o you think—" "I think," said the judge, "that the court favors the plaintiff/'—Chicago Post. Blackburn Elected to Lead Delegation to Chicago — Other Political News. Lexington, Ky., .June 4,—The democratic state convention wns called to order ut 9:30 o'clock Thursday niorning-, with the number of delegates greatly, thinned out, n number having- returneu to their homes. The chair at once culled the report of committee^, but there was a long delay, Ouly Silver M«ii Wnnt«d. The repprt of '.lie committee on pur- mnncnt orguni/utions niiidu and adopted arrang'i'S for a vompli'tfi reorganization of the party machinery from pro cinct coimnittccuiiiii up. Every £0l<! mui\ is to- bu liivd and n free silvi-r Blackburn man appointed in his stouJ. JIaj. P. P. Johnson,'of this city, is named as the i-hainiiun of the .•state con- tra.l commit toe, nnd it can bu -.stated that only free silver inon will ho nominated for COII«T;'KS outside the Louisville district this J'ull. Col. Brecklnrlclj;!' .Malccs 11 Sl»'uch. Col. \\'. C, IV lirccUinrHl^x- >vns called on for a speech, nnd his :ippi ariince on the stag-e brouyln. forth n uu-rent o£ applause. lie was the lirst .•-,-.>Id bnp 1 to given n show by the sih:i- beetles. lie made a -Strong- speech f.vr sound money, nnd, strange to * ,y, when he apolog-ix.ed for his lcng\'.:y remarks, free silver men yellrd: "do on." Sound Money I^cli'Kii'u. 1 * UitHpuliMl. ' The credentials committee reported shortly after ten o'clock. The majority report threw out thu 1 sound money delegation from Graves county, the Sixth a-nd Seventh wards nnd half of the Eighth and Ninth \vnnH of Louisville ond half o£ those from Bourbon and Kenton counties. The majority report was adopted by n vote of 078 to 2U. Tin 1 unseated delegates then left tin- hall. . The cxpoctiid boit of the ivrwiininf? Louisville sound money deli'gntes did not take place. Tho commute'. 1 on per- tnaiu'iit organi/.:itioii thP'i made ils report, , The report nnmi'd Hon. Charles^K. Wheeler, of McCnioki'n. for perm.mcnt chairrnaTi, The report ot tin- eoirmiitUre or; ppr- Irnncnt- oi'fj-anixat.ion w;is ndoptivl, nnd Mr. \Vheeli 1 ! 1 tool- the clinJr, 3io made u pica for harmony. Senator Llae'kbuni, P. W. Kardin, Tohn S. Shi 1 a and Conp-r'essJiian Vs. T. Ellis \\-vre i.'h'oted di-lo^Hcs at largre'to the Chicafj-o oouvenl.ion by acclnmatioiu nrnjorlry Hoport on Kt;H»littloim Adopted. The majority report of tho eommiuoe on resolutions wns passed witli n. whoop lift"!- the minority substitute lincl been 'nii-od siiflieiently by the silver huruor- is t.>i. .. Tho .report reivlfinns democratic principles and dechires for free coinage, and that the secretary'of-the treasury should exercise his legail rjg-ht to redeem all 0.°™ oblig-nt'ions in gold or silver, as may- be convenient; opposes issuance of bonds in time of peace for- the maintenance" of the g-old-reserve or ic-r nr.y other purpose; opposes the na-, tional banking- system and contraction cf the currcnuy by rct-iremei.it of greenbacks or otherwi*;. The resolutions condemn Gov. Bradley, declare for party lovnlty nnd 'instruct delegates to Chi- ca'tfo to cast the vote of Kentucky a« n unit for Jo C. S. IJlackburn for president. The minority report favors 3 g-old standard nnd opposes free coinage. The electors for the state at larpe nrc Ifon. W. B. Smith,'of Madison, and- Jnmc's P. Tarj-'in, of Kenton. The con- ventior; adjourned ;it J:S7. -. ]lun Xnt Withdrawn, Frankfort,- Ky.; June J.—The story Rent out Tuesday night withdrawing- Gov, Bradley 1 from the presidentini ran.' is antho:;itatively don led. The story was linsed on nn interview pnbli.slied in a Louisville paper, but the interview"contains no inference to warrant the story and Gov. Ilr.rJley's /close p'olitical friends say wns not intended to convey any such impression as has been piveii it. Chairman Unrnott, of thp republican stale central committee,-wa; seen Wednesday night just after emerging from n two hours' conference with the ffovornor, and he siud the latter had not even suggested in the remotest way t-hat he had n.uy idea of quitting the. fight. ' „ ; ' Froo Sllvor Conference, Cohimbus., 0., June-4.—The free sil- rer conference held Wednesday was not ns largely attended as its projectors expected.- The advocates of. free silver who have uot determined to leave their parties to secure unlimited coinage o> BJJver. generally ignored the call, so tlini only the radical wine of the silver THE BEST SPRING MEDICINE is SI.MA\ONS LIVER REGULATOR—don'i -forget to take it. The Liver gets, sluggish during the Winter, just like all nature, and trw system becomes choked up by the accumulated waste, which, brings on Malaria, Fever and Ague and Rheumatism. You want to wake up your Livei now, fciit be sure you take SIMMONS LIVER REGULASpR to do it. '.It alsc regulates the LivSri-keeps it properly al work, when your system will be free frou poison anJ the whole Dodv invigorated. You get 1'HE BEST BLOOD when your system is in Al condition, and that will only be when the Liver is kept active Try a Liver Remedy; once and note the difference. But take only SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR —it is SIMMONS LIVER RFOULATOR which makes the difference. Take it in powder or in liquid 'already prepared, or make: a tea of the powder; buttakeaiJrtMONS LIVER REGULATOR. You'): r, na the RED Z on ever} package. Look for it. J. H Kellin & Co, Vliilade'ihta, Pa. SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these UttlePillfc They als» relfcve E.j-trcss.from Dyspep'sb, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. _. A per- bet remedy for Dizzlntss, Nausea, Drowsl. ness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Painlr the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the BowcU. . Purely Vegetable. : PIIL entail party was represented. Ilenry'T. Uiles, of Toledo, was chairman, and E. D Slai-k, of Cleveland, who wns the populist candidate for attorney-general of the state two years n£o,.was secretary. Gen. A. J. Warner, president of the National Bimetallic league, was present, nnd addressed the conference upon the plans of the national silver convention which is to be held at;St. Louis on July 2.'i. He said he believed that the national democratic convention would ltd opt a free silver platform and if it did it would not be iiecessary to hold the silver convention; but it would not do to presume that the convention would do this. At his suggestion ex- Congressman Butterworth, of Cincinnati; E. J, Blandin, of Cleveland; H. T. Miles, of Toledo, and A. J..Warner were chosen delegates-nt-large to the silver convention, A committee was appointed to select the district delegates. The convention was called to order a'. 8:30 p. m., but the committee on credentials not- being- ready to report, thp other iwo committees could not report. The time was tnl;e:i up in speeches by - Kvan li:. Settle, free sihxr candidate >'or <.n!ijyre« from the Ashland district, I'.i-n. !'. Wat Ihirdiu and others. After the speeches the convention ndjourueii, until ten o'clock this morning. Virginia Dcmocrntn for Silver. Stantc;-.), Va., June J.—The democratic state convention was called 1o order at noon by ]lon. J. T.' Ellyson, chairman of the state committee. Mr. John Bell Bigger was made temporary chairman ami Joseph Lhitton, of Appomattox, temporary secretary. In assuming the chair Mr." Bigger made one of the briefest speeches in his public life, lie at once proceeded to the business before him. Senator Daniel, who was one of the most conspicuous figures of the gathering;'occupied the seat with the Lynchburg delegation in thu body- of tho. hall. ' The various district-meetings Thursday morning elected their delegates to Chicago and their district electors'. Al! of the ten districts, except the Second, elected silver representatives to Chicago. -That,district'was carried by the gold men. Those mentioned for delcgatcs-at- large are; Senator John \V. Daniel, W. A. Jones, Hoge Tyler ond. W. B. Mcll- waine. : At one p. m. the convention, after appointing the usual committee on credentials, took a recess to 3;.'JO. Mr. .Daniel is chairman of the committee on platform. The gold men on this important committee" include B. B. 'Mrinford. u-u<] Lieut;-Gov. Kent. A strong free silver platform will be adopted. 'Thespir- it manifested in the district 'meetings was to secure-party harmony. KttiiHii.1 DciuocrntH. '. Top'eka, Kan., June 4.— The Kansas democrats on Wednesday elected n delegation to the national convention and bound them to vote for no presidential candidate who was not unequivocally in favor of the free coinage of silver at the ratio.of sixteen to one. The silyer men were so far in the majority thut the few golditc delegates were not even heard-and toe proceedings were carried on by the friends .of silver with harmony and dispatch. The great majority of the delegates in the convention were in favor of fusion with anti-republican parties, aqd it is considered probable that the' state convention that meets at- Hutchiuson August'4 will "take steps to unite with the populists in nominating a state ticket, and that a similar'combination-will be made in each of the congressional districts. The platform adopted commends the administration in so far ns regards Cleveland's vigorous foreign .policy, his efforts- for tariff reform, his firm stand toward Spain; and the "Americans held in Cufean prisons. "But," said Chairman Blair, -.in submitting his report, "the committee differs totally ar.d radicnlly with the president on theallr absorbing question of .finance, and therefore resolved: 'That we demand the. free and unlimited coinage of both, gold and silver at a ratio of sixteen to one, without any effort toward inter- nutional agreement, believingthisgreat country.' capable, of taliing care of itself.'" The .resolution provided that the-delegntes to the national convention .be instructed* to. vote for no man for tlie presidential nomination not holding weH-known. views favoring, free "silver. Mulno Pormllut Convention. Lewistou, Me., June 4. — The Maine' liopulist convention was held in Aubiirn .Thursday. Isaac IS: ( ClarR; of Bangbr, re-ported for the committee on credentials, 425 delegates, -Q. "D,, Cha-pmnn , made remarks censuring Senator Allon, of Nebraska, for his speecli in congress advocating paper currency on a silver mid gold basis. Mr, Chapman introduced a resolution against trusts anrl monopolies and demanding free coinage of silver at a ration of sixteen 1o one. James K. Champion, of Portland, led off in the defense of Senator Allen, nnd in opposition to the adoption of the resolution. The resolution was tabled. Ur«fi;cm I'upulUtM Win. Portland, Ore., June 4,—Latest returns indicate thnt the populists have elected both congressmen fro7n this state. The republicans control the legislature. In the First congressional district the returns from 13 counties give 1 Tongue (rep.) 14,233, Vauderburg (pop.) l'i,04S. In the Second district ten counties give Ellis (rep.) 7,0.'i:i and . Qiiinn (pop.) 7,237. The legislature stands; Senate, republicans, 20; democrats, 1; populists, 0, House, republicans, 31; populists. 0; democrats, 5; bimetallisms. 3; doubtful. 10. BIRDS SHOW AFFECTION. Largest und Stronerot of the Flock U«lp the Llttlo Ones. . Numerous incidents have been recited showing- how tho larger and stronger animals have assisted . and . protects.') smaller and weaker ones, says the New York World. Among the birds, however, there is a practice which is just as interesting-::is any of the acts of consideration performed by animals. A striking instance of that is shown on the continent, of Europe. For smaller birds to attempt to ftj across the broad Mediterranean would, because of the inadaptability of their wings and powers of endurance, be impossible. To reach a warmer climati through Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine would be quite as certain to result it their death. Through the kindliness of the crane, however, the small birds are enabled to reach the warmer climati with little effort. When the crane, is about to migrate it flies-ill wide circles close to the ground, uttering a loud and peculiar cry, as of alarm, and can be heard at a great distance. The small birds recognize it as a call for them, and they immediately fly to the crane and take up a position on the crane's back. When he has al! the passengers he can carry comfortably the crane starts on his long journey. Arrived in the warm south lands the small birds fly from the back of their friend and are safe for the winter. FACES, WILL BE RELEASED. ood New" Received In London from Pretoria by Sir. Kolilnnon. London, June 4.—Mr. J. B. llobinson, the South African millionaire-, who is .jpw in London, received a dispatch today, from Pretoria, the r-apiial of the South African republic, saying- that John Bays Hammond, the American mining engineer; Col. 1'rincis Jlhodes, brother of Cecil Khbdos; George Tnrrar nnd Lionel Phillips, the four lenders of the ' Johannesburg reform committee, whose sen.U-nce of death wn.s commuted to 1") years' imprisonment, wjll be released from custodyJFridny. \Vhcrc Clio Timber Goes. One of perhaps many little considered vays in' which the forests ot' the- coi:n- I'V are being cato-.i up is in supplying hnbcr for railway Limber work.. There. ire 2.000 miles of 'l.rcstle structure in the United States, according to an estimate by tij 1 Forestry Division. This trestle work hns l-o be replaced entirely every nice yea.rs, on an average, and every jvcar Umber amounting to CGO,- 000,()0o''feet, board measure; is used for this purpose. Nearly nil the timber is cut from the Inrq-est nnd finest trees. The annual expeiidilure on this work is estimated at about S7.000.000. Tho-Dcad In -TC J«b fewer tb-nn J.173 persons hive been buried in Westminster abbey. TIIE MARKETS. (iraln. Provisions. Etc. Chicago, June 4. WHEAT— Moderately act!ve ; a.n<] higher, June, 55fc@5G!"!c; July, 5GK«?5?i8°; September, 57@5SVic. CORN-Kaslor. No. 2, 27VJS2W: No - J yellow, 27W2Sc; June, -27i*c: July, -7%n "7-Hc and 2Sc: September, 2S%<JMS?ic and 29c; October, 29%©29V4c • and 2!)' ( 4@29»(,c. OATS— Steadier, with moderate trading. June, 17J*c; July, 17%(ffJSc: geptembcr, IS (ffilS'Ac. Samples tlrn-.er. No. 5, 17^@lSV=c; No. 3 white, ISWSiWic: Xo. 2, 17«(gll.Sc: No. Z white, 19%@20e. BARLEY— Offerings not so heavy aa they havo .been. Market still .easy and slow. Thin quotable, 24@26c; fair weight, but off color, 27<S5>29c. Good color, fair to prood weight, 2S@)32c; choice, -33C, fancy a shade over. MESS PQRK— Oltorlnfrs rather liberal <ind demand fair. Prices steady. Quotations ranged' at «.90@(M5 for cash: JC.M$ 6.95 for June; J6.9G@7.02Va for July; $7.07^4® 7.20 for September. IjARD— Demand moderate and offerings free. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at t-1.05@4.cr7% for cash; W.O&3M.07& for June; S4.10@4,J2Mi 'or July, and H25©4.32% for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries, ]0©15c; Dairies, 8@13o. UVE POULTRY— Only moderate demand. , Turkeys, 6«@9c;" Chickens, 7&c: Ducks. 9@10c per pound; Gecso, per dozen. $3.00®4.00. . ' N'ew York, June 4. WHEAT— No. 2 red, firm, moderately active.. July, 63%@64ttc: September, C3%@ 63%o; December, 66?4@65%c. CORN— No: 2. coaler, moderately active. No. 2, 33*4@34}4c; July, S4 3-lC@34Sc; September, 35 3-16035KC. OATS-No. '2 dull, easier. State, 24&28e; Western, 23@28c; July, 23c bid. BUTTER— Fancy steady, fair Demand. CHEESE — Quiet: Part skims, new, 2O «4c; full skims, Hi@2c. .. • EGOS— Firm; fairly active. Western. !ic. Freights firm, Live stock: Chicago, June 4. CATTLE— Market slow, best light grades firm, others dull and weak. Pair to best beeves, $3.3iJ@4.30; stockers - and feeders, }2,00(({i3.SO'; mixed cows and bulls, $1.4003.53; Texas,- t2.50®3.50. . < HOGS^-Market opened steady, closed stronger. Light, JS.lOG&STVs; rough packing, K.78&2.90; mixed and butchers' J3.00® S.30; heavy packing and shipping, $2.90®3.15; pigs, J2.7C(S'3.fl5.- PINCHED AND CASEWORK, As Worn by Many American Women/ [SPECIAL TO CHJH IADY BnAT>r.HS 1 The " tell-tale face " is worn hy many American -n-omen, and is a symptom of symptoms, a signal o£ distress. While xvomen'do all in their power to hide their condition, the practised eye soon detects the trouble. ' When pains and aches are felt ir> erery part of the body, when faint- cess, dizziness, and that bearing-down feeling prevail, •when loss of sleep and appetite are reducing flesh 'daily, when the society of friends is irksome, and the hopeless "blues" predominate, then the face is pinched, haggard, and careworn, -and prompt relief is necessary, or a beautiful life will be sacrificed. An American woman, Lydia E. Pinkham, a student of -women and their diseases, twenty years ago succeeded in producing an absolute cure for all diseases "of women. Lydia E. Pi»kha»i3 Vegetable Compound stands to-day as it did then, pre-eminent. Mrs. H. Wampler, of Barabo, Wis., whose letter we were permitted to publish last year, writes that she hopes Mrs. Pinkham will continue to use her name, as the publication in newspapers of the account of her own wonderful cure and relief from years of misery has been the means of influencing many suffering women to try Lydia E. Pink- Lam's Vegetable Compound, and become well like herself. Mrs. Wamp!.* feels, < and rightly, too, that in this way »he ia doing a great good. • The COAST LFNE to AUCKINAC ••-•>• *• TAKE THE-«-v—- MACKINAC DETROIT PETQSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steei Passenger Steamers The Greatest Perfection yet attained In Bolt Construction -Luxurious Equipment, ArtlMlC Furnishing, Decoration and EHIclent Service. injuring the highest degree of .. ; COnFORT,. SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PER WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit .fMackinac PETOSKEY. "THE soo.» MARQUETTE, ' AND DULUTH. LOW PATES to Picturesque Mido'ruc al Return. including Heals anJ Berthi. Fro... Cleveland, SiS' from Toledo, $15; from Detroit. JI3-SO. . EVERY EVENING Between Detroit find Cleveland i Connectir.g at Cleveland with Earliest Train* for rill points East, Somh and Southwest and at Detroit (or all points North and Northwest," Sundiy Trlpi Juno, July, August and Septembir Oafc EVERY DAY BETWEEN ' -. 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