The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
Page 7
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TUESDAY, -A UGUS'i 1 . -22;;.J.939-~ -- ~~~ " ~~ ' Wanted JOc .CSo 1 .OOo Experienced lady bookkeeper am i stenographer. Answer in owi I mdvmtlu; Write Hex xx LA ]£^"^L_ Ncws 21-pkJi Notice $Ww License < US31FIED INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecu '!*"• Inscrllons: One time per ]jne Tj»'o limes per line per da} Jhiec timei per lino per day Six ti'iics per Ibie per <loy Montr, rate per line Cards of Think!, 50.. X, Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or »i 'inies and stopped bcfoie e\pna Von will be charged for the nuiu- ier of times l!ie add appeared and adjustment o( !)lll made. All Classified AdvertLsing copy luomitted by persons residing out- • I'hone 35 Ude of the citj be accom ' —~ - pnmed by cash Kates raiij be eis H()r S,'l]p nr R HJ 1 computed f:om aboit table ^^"^~>"i^ IH ll toJ^S^^X ™^^r<^ K No rcs[miiMblLt> will be taken ! 29 __ tor more than one incorrect, nicer- «-» - ~ tion ol any classified ad. ! {J&lfy For Kent Residence at 111 i. Dins Llectuc »dtei heaier elccdic sto\p nnd Cpleman oil hcafei finmslnd. 1-hone J. B. Hassoii, 421. 22-ck-lt 3 room fin rallied ip-!jtnienr~cIuT trie stove and refrigerator. Call 4J3-W. 22-ck-M ,60c' 780 FOR VOIIft COKVENll-'NCK IAKE l'HKP,Uti:i) TO six VOOK FISKtNTi 01.1 SlOHf SHOUSE-HENRY HAJiDWAKB CO. AT *> , Ksf 18 pi. "3 Comfortable front bedroom Outside entrance 515 Walnut. pi 1; nc 35 >- _ 21-clc-28 Cool, south bedroom. Gnnigc, Rea- somblc Mrs Simmons, 818 WaJ j^ft- 2l-ck-<f -oiii'Rrtory mialtty nnd rnrvlce In n-itri products Cattle fici. ol Bane's ntseasr In best of physical -audition (H'l nit Qr-\-e Umrv W,! J for Hnlsi-Ps Grade A Rn* \Tilk. Cream. Country Butter, But termllk. extra or holiday order.' 'nsjvcllon encouraged anytime I la 1?Mi's Dairy «*rnmlsr<l land. Home 2 Washing, Ironing 2 lovclj furnished looms adjornlnl bath Garage Men onlj (,13 \\al nut. Phone 859-W. ' 21-ck-28 Expert washing and Ironing cheap Rou°h dry and fini h 6 quilts 61.00. One day service. Willie Hell Green, behind City Tee Plant. 8-ck-9-8 4 room unfurnished Bath. Phone 816. c. apartment. Abraham. 21 ck ' >ti 3 room furnished apartment •'.OS W. Kentucky. Mrs. Sisk. 19cklf <>nii«- Sluggish uxer work ott (he lute to rid jourself of constl nation fc as pains and that sour mink fecline. ^nke one box o, 3 roojii fui'iiMied niiartinent. COS No. 5th. Mrs. Elinn Crowder. ACTIVE LIVER ?V it all Klrtu VJI.I.S Help Wanl.ed One and two room furnished _ apartments. TOl W. Asli. 18pk23 3 loom furnished apartment. Downstairs. 108 W. phone 683. LOCALLY Most beautiful and highly saleable line of fine fabrics for Fall and Winter ever presented by The A 3 tets lent to bath! Nice.;'large bedrooni opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Now. Walnut. 22-ek-U Sale l"V"- iitv - li "J H1U tt. Kentucky, Nasl1 Company, famous makers of Ilipk23 Qtlden Rule Nash Custom Tailored Clothes. This.line will be avail- cnvcn- able to the public wilhin the next B-ck-U few days by a local salesman Man of ability wanted. Wonderful Kales opportunity lor right man Write full details. The A, Nash Company, 190C Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. FOR SALE-- 1937 Inick. Frijidaire Ford drink piek-nn Help Wanted box, live Dayton computing scalps Cclorcl1 woman to cook and do Hobart sllcer. Allen adding ma- , , 8C " cral I'PHSBW'ork. Kitchen elec eliiiie,: two glass shoiv cases, maut block, etc. This property" foreclosed ami can be sold at bargain trically equipped throughout Go"orl QUa|ters. $5 per week. Mrs. W. A. - - „ „„, „, , J ,,, t .,,,. 1 Whistle, Kosctand, Ark, prices. Call Reid & Evrard. Blytlie- i ^ ^~^'"~ "Me, Phone S63. 21-ck-SS 1 \Vail tOcl Tf* SAFE. 38x48. Weight' 3500 pounjs^ . . . 23-pk-23 . TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ck-9-5 Cypress Gum O,IK, ASH timber on 400 acres of woodland, 8 miles southeast BlyUiovlllc. D. B. Gnr- ner. ArmoreK 3-pk-9-3 EXPERT Kl AND ACI5TYLRNE WELDING f|*K line and heavy wi sprciallv. Barksdale Mfe Co. welding a 1'linne in or Res. 1018 DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dauscrmis ;u,d expensive to lirivc with Steering and Front Wheels out' of .iiljiisl- nirnt. Kccpinj; (hem in K i:,,a onlcr is so slmnlr' ,1111! inexpensive you .should never trust (n chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR in- clrn1)iij7-ad,i'is!tucni of all Ball SocUef joints — tightening froiil Spring Clips and shark- Ics. (Farts i:xtra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The almvc inclurtcs a cnnmlctr INSPECTION and KKI'OUT 011 conrtilion of \Vliccl Ali?nincii( and factors affecting (i rc n-fiir.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. One nat-ion rtest: one typewriter desk; one user! typewriter; one loiir-drawer filing cabinet; Small adding machine anri liirjje safe Tom Little Chevrolet Co 17cM-i complaint of (he [ilntntiff Hurst. Dated (tils 21 day of AIIJT. id:)o HAHVCV MOHHS Clerk Nclll Reed, Atl-y. (or l'lt( Ed H, Cook, Atty. ad Lit'cm. 2-'X> 5-11! WAKMNli OlllH-K Hilly Viiinrll' is sviuncd to appear In Ihe Chana-ry Court lor the ChicknsawljH ntstvlct of Mis- slssl|>i>i County, Arkansas, within thirty days nflcr the date hereof, lo answer a comiJblvu lileil n;;.iliv>l him by Carolyn Vainell. Dated this August. 21, 19'i!) HAHVEY MOH1US, Glcik Reid and fivriml Attorneys for rialutllf. An clij Vl|!>lt> 111 and (hi uni ano. Ihese thin til rn tj« in < thrtc MaUs n uil gnnte t ixiMmil I In fund uin i $111-, 0 "0 Okhhom,, mity «f -j Ihe $priOOJ xns, $ ( n , m , ( , u | , hi tin I ".'«, "> (hiiuiun UiiUp..,ml 1 , hl i",', 1 S - r>(1 .j, , u (lit bisls of thcii Martin Aborn tries n liti coon hunting, not .in the Ohio woods, but up a Cleveland telephone pole, liacoon, whom ninny thought a polecat, jumped 25 feet into bushes. Cluised out, it was snared and sent to zoo. Ice JOHN CE COLD WATKIIMEI.ONS Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINKOW.-3 ~ Earl D.imcn, Cor. Railroad & Ky. WARNING OltHKK IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. W. M. Hursl, Plaintiff, vs. No.' C980 Mary Ruth Hurst, Defendant. The defendant, Mary finth ffui-st, s w-arnecl to appear within tliirt clays in (he court, named in the inption liercol and answer the Three Colleges Receive Rogers Memorial Fund LOS ANGELES (UP)-^Vholui-. ship funds totaling $210,01)0 been allotted to time stale k'Ci-sltlcs bv the Will Rogers morial Sdioliushlp Fund c.jn- mlssicn. arcordlno to anuoiincc cjil of Jesse 11. .Jonra. dmitcnrtn I Ihi- o. The three universities chosen are Hie University of Oillfaniln at mm,,,,, , u ,,,. T .huKOd (ommltlu on ,,j,i liliii (uul •'''"liii-'Uiiis lo pulMnrienliai uidunlc Hcmd nnd i:i.\cii\l $100 uncl $'i)9 HUM I'olleiie expenses and mcdli-ii nient. A $500 fellowship trr ||ic fiuallllod (iriicliiulv student. he awarded u physl^m, c'lipped student Irenl- tmsl t I. GUARD Optometrist "Jily tJrni •''1st In Glnsws 203 F()U YOUU POULTRY le.uhtug ciircer. A 5WD iinnual medical fund to - ."... «i>.>iibi4i i IIIIM [.ij ue.u.scd for the purcliise of mij'rtl- - o>c 3 ln!,ses heuhm nldb inxl cum- supplies and 1 ju>liliih 'AUmr l'«|iulj| HLACKl'OOl, *»i (Ul>) Jdfolj,-C'>hmillon arc colowii niiibfl^oj Mudid minute °< A«ntn is creating such a fuiore In BlackjTOoI that thousand, of hondfiyumkeib aic qu'euliij; » t > to sec it nt n s!ilHliij> a head. The first {•illicitly II VU? exhibited more tlian 2CO.OOO iicpplc pilii to' tlarc at A(hm "»<! Ihe promoters of the iDLj about is a HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured IS. S. A. legislator, Arthur ——. 9 Italian river. 10 Ifi a short time. 11 Ycjlow bird. 13 Portion. IS Jokers. 17 Pertaining to urns. 19 Row of a scries. 21 To slug. 23 Lov/ tide. 25 Musical note. 51 Pattern blocks 27 He is belief. 32 Kind. 34 Window parf. 56 Ale. 35 iffght before. 58 Platform. 30 Lava. 37 Vended. 39 Net weight of container, il Tree. 'S3 Those who inherit. •!5 Beast's skin. 47 To calm. 49 Palpus. Ansvvcr to Previous Puzile lURMSl H Powder ingredient. IB Prophet. 16 Fold of string. 20 To storm? 22 Small inscd. 24 To lay a rocd. 25 Herb. ' 28 Dress fastener 20 To relate. 30 Go on (musfe). 3 1 Bird's of prev. VERTICAL 3 Giantesses of fate. •1 Electrical term. 5 At this lime. C Canoe. 1 Constructed. -- 8 To depart. OCI.-H-H active in —_ 12 Alleged force. 57 Bird since- a hoy. 13 ffc was for- 53 Wickedness. 6< He is a mem- mcrly a nc\vs- G2 Dye her of the paper cv/ncr C4Postscript. u ' i> ' • or • 65 Bach (abbr.) !M Musical note. 6D \Vhile. Gl African Iribe member. 63 Qualities. CO He has been 38 Brownish yellow. 40 To iRnore. 42 Drinking c up. 44 Slumbered. 467Jrops of eye fluid. •18 Lowest. 50 Fairy. 52 Building position. 55 Self. . Sth i Walnut Phone 810 Nice, fin liens and fryers other poultry nl nil ' <VK DIIKSS AMI lltl I STICKLKI{.{J()0|)\VIN CO. 40G t O|ilo;»c ill>llipvllle. C'orrccd} Cured Willuwl Sui-Rery, mill (iiiaranlt'cd ftifhmil (ounnpiiiuil "J> ifi ,, n ,| hiunilcsf, inellioci las.s of Him. f, om wmk „,„, \V»n(cd (n Triulr '1IH-S Of DlllS flSSUll!, tliods clt, tiealul bj om otnee A fJOOl) AH ILK For S'I'OVK WOOD or iiiiytliinj; of value DKS. JN1ES & NJES f>l 1 IMllt) III) M: null I- .4 ,.1, Now Kocalcrt »t 101 Niuib Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIIWAIIWS, 1'rnprlctor iMI Maki-s uf lU-liulll TypcjvrJd'M. Ailill» K Dlnclilnrs Calculators—HciiiUrliiK— Carts— uih tioiij Wert Optometrist 'UK MAKES 'KM HICK" Over Jcic Isaacs' Store I'honc CRlNGa-.-w-ip -THE;V KfcEU HEEM.' ('6CRO' ooe R.60-HWR6D GRINGO' SEE OUR. FAIR LADY HELEM^ LON6 TO LEARN YOUR PATE-- FOR THOSE SHE FAVORS SHE ORDER PUfe'.COM tt'ASFl TIJRTJS Calling (he Turn BY KOY CKANE IT'5 TH WPPA-HDl-A FEMITV SECRET; EASV. OBOV, HElLSELL \T FOR ilO.OOQl W'rlA,T!VpUDOM'T , AMD HE'S HAD IT TOR YEARS. THEM vo|W nj (THE BIA1E4 HASWT HE USED (Toil ^— : -r HIS WiFE-" 1 -— $5, HAVE WU60HE HARDLV ' Not Sn Funny, Lard Mow DiO WE we HAD A SOLC E WAIJOMS AROUND UNDEf? VEFlY HOSES ? WWT fou HAVEMT GOT A CRUSH ON HIM, HAVE YCW, BETJ7 ? WOMV YOUR DAD GIVE US THAT JOB WITHOUT MUBBIN ? 1 KNOW MOW vie C&N FIND HIM 'Irs A OUCH I IT'S AIL YOUR. FAULT NUBSIM SORT OF DISCOURAGED Htt.\ I .. WOULD DIDN'T AMD IT'LL

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