The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, December 15, 1944
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VOL. XLI—NO. 230 BlythevUle Dally Newt BlythevUle Courier 'HEVILLE^COURIER NEWS — :—_ *-•*• ^T l*v»luE»Aol AHKAnnAH AND jV^tlrui.iAExn «(*»»*«•..*. • BlythevUle Herald Mississippi valley Leader ARKANSAS AND 8OUTHKA8T MISSOURI Y, mocKMnj-m 10, KjLsjwmr IN SULU SEMK *** - mm _• : - . • : — — 1 ,—___^_ 7 ' SINGLB COPIES FIVE CENTS Seventii^Army Invad^Reich F.D.R. Creates New War Ranks; Promotes Seven Temporary Five-Star Grades Given Army And Navy Chiefs WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UP)— Attention: Yardblrds. You now have 30 promotions to win before you stand at Hie top of the military ladder. President Roosevelt has signed legislation creating new five-star generals of the Army and five-flag admirals of the Fleet. And he promptly nominated seven of the nation's war leaders for the; positions, unprecedented in American military history. The Cpmmai.idcr-in-chief listed Generals Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower and Arnold as his applicants for a fifth star. The new rankings will be com. parable to the British rank of field marshal. Navy Leaders Nominated For promotion to Admiral of the Fleet, the President named Admirals King, Nimitz and Leahy. He still may appoint another naval leader to fill out the quartet of "super admirals" permitted bv the bill. Aiid tile leading contender for the rank seems to be Admiral William Halsey, commander of the Third Pacific Fleet. Although nis promotion may le regarded ns .a slight to Admiral Raymond Spruance, who, as commander of the Fifth Fleet, apparently alternates with Halsey in leading major operations against the Japs'. ; rershing Still No. 1 General Pershiug, who led. the American Expeditionary Force of World War I, still will be the nations ' highesl-ranklngr Army bfflceif holding .the "title "General of the Armies," created for him by a special; act, of. Congress. The-new "super-ranks" have been created to give top American Army and Navy commanders prestige equal to that of their counterparts in the British and other Allied, armies. .' Eisenhower, as supreme commander Allied Forces in western Europe. ,is itheoretically .•.'out-ranked" By his. subordinate, Britain's Sir Bernard Montgomery, who was prompted to JiWtl ^marshal last summer.' ' ' The new promotions will be temporary and may be held only for tile duration of the war. However they renew speculation Reconversion Comes to California U. S. Envoy Criticizes British Policy In Italy As Churchill Backs Reds In Polish Dispute Third Invasion Of Reich Today Af Wissembourg General Patch Loads Forces From Alsace Across The Border I'AHIS, Dec. IS' (U.P.)-Ainerlcaii troops have crossed' 'Iho German (rentier again, our Third Invasion of (he nelch. The new Invasion was made by Ihc Seventh Army this morning, .sinking, into Germany from Al. t«ce. Tlie Seventh Army advance swings the spotlight. On the western front .from the Rocr and Suar livers south to the new front. The: -central of. three Seventh Army columns, all-racing for the •--•• > v,...- boidcr, imidc the first crowsmn In lcrcilcc > <l<i«tiK llls speech - before Ihc.vicinity of Wlsscmboiuy "low 'Commons. H« said ho and his forever, the rlent-hnjul column., a -S 1 .!:. 8 . 0 . 01 ;*.'.!!!?:'- A»tl;oiiy Men. were i lose J«y United Press Allied pliins for n post-war world mo ninnlng Into stormy cross-currents of diplomacy. Today, Prlmo Minister Churchill sided full-force with • Russia. In Its boundary dispute with Ihe Polish Bovcrnmciil-in-cxllo. No sooner had Chin-chill llnlshcd Ills speech supporting Moscow, lhan u member of his own Kovrniinoiil rose (o iittor slinging crlliolsin. More crlllelsin' canV from liomo from the lips of the American envoy to Ihe, Vullcmi, Myron Tayl.u, on Britain's policy or..(haling iKiilon -in .{lie midst of this apparent dissension, c6riie repented III-R!IIKS (or another mcctins of tlio Allied 1% lluee, unit the rcsiroiiscK Ihat President RoOBiivell cannot get nway until Fcbrmiry at Ihe curliest, while Premier Blalln is loo busy flgl " (ho, aciinans to leayo • Must-ow. : Invltr.s Coiiferenrc.',' .Churchill, lilmsulf Issued the mti cst (ecluf for, another big three m ull n- With cancellation of some; war contracts, many small plants reconversion to manufacture of postw-n- civilian products , in California Inve stnrlod partial At left, above, fruit juice pressers, Hotel'Hermit' Decides ; fo Talk Keeps Up With War ', Although Secluded For Past Six Years ST. LOUIS, Dec. 15 "(U.P.)—The wealthy hermit of St. Louis' swttnk Hotel Chase broke down today" to let a reporter into his r'coin. Tlie newsman was the first stranger to gel in and swap words with 53-year-olrt Helmuth Setz in six years; since the graying scholar decided to retire in seclusion; as he says, "to think and study and read." . • Setz's hermit retreat is- quite a place, a pleasant room high above , most of that the three-star generals will be the roaring traffic on the west Boosted to fil! top-rank vacancies. ' side at St. Louis. For six years ^Lieutenant Generals Brchon he has- never left that'• room'. He bomcrveu, Ben Lear, Omar Brad- ignores all knocks at his door and -,?'' if? 00 vi v vers Rntl Mnrk Clark, won't even answer the phonc'-Thc fourth'sla' ^''tenders for a ; same maid has taken'In. l,i.vmeals. 'Meanwhile nnminees, selected to guide tlie ship of state, have been tossed back on the floor of the Senate after the wavering Foreign Relations Committee finally okayed Archibald MacLeish. T*ie five other nominations were approved by safe margins. •hat the battle for the , . , • "• —-v -....v, >[iiLi out; oiiyti 11VJ otner presidential never once has looked up or spoken »"»"•""-<-''"-'•'» when .she came in. Each (lay she has taken him in the newspapers, and the next day took them out again, still unfolded, unread. But Set?, has been getting 'the news-. 'He talked to the reporter about the war with Japan, and he knew Ihc score was in it, too. But he couldn't make it clear . But there are definite indications appointment of the Pulitzer Prize winning poet as assistant secretary merely has shifted from the committee room to the Senate floor Heart Ailment Claims Life Of Local Resident Mrs. Snllie Cavalier Simpson died last night, 11:45 o'clock a few min- ules after having been stricken with a heart attack. She was 75. At her home, 529 Lumcratc, she rilr.j almost instantly. Funeral arrangements arc Incomplete with Cobb Funeral Home in charge. Born in Kentucky, she moved to Blythcvilte. in 1913. /She was the grandmother ot four men serving In the armed forces. • Members of her immediate family include two sons, Willie and Lee Cavlsher, and n daughter, Mrs. Walter Brooks, all of BlythevUle. Two Alarms Yesterday Two runs" were made yesterday atternoon by the fire department. A car became ignited while parked near Hubbard Furniture Store at 5:30 p.m., but the flame died out almost immediately and firemen were not needed. , A fire was started by combustion of an oil mop In the linen closet of Greyhound Bus Station, about 7:30 p.m., but firemen extinguished the fire before it spread. For Yule Shippers < Host' of i 'hie , .of i 'heeadhig; BlythcvUJe stores plan to remain o|xm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and . Saturday nights to take care of the anticipated last^mlnute Christmas rush, It was announced today fol- owing a check made by the Chamber of Commerce. This will, shoppers, with no , time. during the day to shop, three nights- in addition to the usual Saturday night : hours, it was pointed out. All of the business, except certain essential business and eating Places, plan to be closed Christmas it was.said, i ': Ashcraft And Ware Begin Life Sentences .MEMPHIS, Dec. 15 (UP)- Two men convicted of; connection with the murder of Mrs. Zelma rda Ashcraft, have begun serving life imprisonment, terms nt the state pcni- Nashville. The two, E. E. Ashcralt, the husband of the murdered woman, and n Negro, John Ware, were convicted for the third lime in Memphis after their case had been appealed to Die state and the milted states Supreme Courts. just why he look his books and papers and locked himself in hotel room back in 1039. KnoxYille Firemen Battle Great Blaze KNOXVILLE. Tenn Dec (UP)-After an all-night fight in Barfield Road Work-To Beiiii Hard Surface Highway Will Be Constructed To Mississippi River With (he work order Issued Wednesday for the new road Ho the Mississippi River at Em-field; work is expected to get underway by Dec •!2, it was, announced. W. D. Cobb Is to be resident engineer for Ihe 'project which calls (or remaking thcV gravel road and hard surfacing the road .with a bituminous mateials. ; The same base will be iused for the new -road bul the new lop will be six or eight Inches thick, It lias been announced. - i : . It is expected .that all .of the new gravel will be laid'within the next two months, despite Winter wcalli- cr, but the hard surfacing will not be done unlll early Spring when danger of freeing is past, it was hacl tho half a mile away. Veteran Units Led by General Patch of. dnailal- cun'al laine. the three coluiiin.s rolled forward early lotlny on n 20- mile front, His men are veterans of .'the southern France. Invasion which got underway. Just four inonths ago today. •,','. Clinton B. • Conger, tho United Press correspondent: with the Seventh .'Army, ,say's « German frontier, sign 'dated ;182G marked the point-where the,, first Americans crossed the Palatinate Stale .-)! laennniiy. Conger 'reports he stepped across- -along a narrow footpath in the -v.-ake of-the tlrst invaders. • ire' adds :thc Ainerlcahs were; firing form :the ;hip nl vc- ' over. It was the PalatlmolcVoutb Which. Napoleon used to overrun Germany 150 years ago.' • ' Three Springboards .The new.. Invasion gives the Americans three spi-liigljourds on German sol)..The first \ out west of Cologne b'y iiiirt Ninth Armies. And the second .summer. , , . 'ever, wns on the sub- Jecl of the JdissOTpollsh , boundary dispute. Churchill endorsed the ll»s- TODAV'H WAK ANALYBIH Exiled Polish Government Is Facing Crisis »y "AVID UnJIed I'rm jjt«M Writer Great l)rU(\tn virtually'lias cast "drift Ihc PoltMi government-Ill. Prljiie ' Minister Oliurolilli ' c nl the inicHor idduy when hu went before Commons and uiufoiwil Russia's views conccrnliiK Iho RiWilnn- Potoh boundary dispute, the oiio grout schism bclwi-on Moscow iiiid Ihc ' Polkih govci-nmont-ln-exili;. ChurchlU's. address t« Com n ions niorcovcf, cqiutltuUvi virtual rec- tAW^tSSiiS U5 ^•^"^"^'•^'SS: ^='^erS, ^ MIS Sa-JSU Ob. -lie British Premier, .In . very W'o of (his now operation it blunt words, acknowledged anil "i"" ' emains unknown'• ' supported Russln'/j claim tp « large i lok >° "^ slice of enslern PohUid. And he] However, there Ls not a shadow Ills government..solidly be- " f tlouht that this h an uniwtant 10 Sbvliil.scheme io 'rcconi- !V?^ U 1)v ^'e enemy to Urn the by giving her Ihc ,, K , °f Ulc Philippines buttle In of. Enemy Expects New Invasion 01 Philippines 400 Carrier'Planes Hft Luzon Targets, , Tokyo Radio Claims Bj- United Prtui A pa«erful American convoy today was reported to be steaming ihroiish (he Cenlial Philippines this aflcinopn and Ihe enemy bfc- "cves major acllon In this area nu»> bo Imminent H With the Ormoo campaign almost oior and an air blitz of Luzon urt- ucrway, the Japanese report slglil- liili n Inrgo American flotilla in the Hum Son , j. Sulu Sea lies southwest of on the other side, the mest- 01 n sido, of the Philippine chain In Iho Sulu Sea Ihc convoy would uin soutji towanrd Mindanao, the mrgul Island In the Philippine^ nor h toward Luzon, the most im- jioiiliinl In thp cimin, or u cou]<1 staiul on this explosive Issue. i.'Afl 'comitciunUon .for the- 'loss ot territory In tlio east, 'Churchill said Poland Woiilcriw- given the greater part of East, Prussia mid he -added that Hrllaln would oiler no objection If the poles also pushed tliulr wcslorii boundaries'- Ihto Ciernmny proper.' '.-'•' '','•. ' '" • ,' Jills KxUcrt ; OoVeriimenr '' Churchill .also, expressed a slmip ' ' ., for thu'iiow Pollsli 5',".!' !»,MlJc;.tir.ifl«rProinlci' .ilaVskl,: ami 'ciillc-d i(|)6i'r"tli6 . . to feslore fpnhcr 'Premier (vliko- ' . , . , At. one point the, British 'premier Inlcrniplqd:-hls discourse pu Polimd ..„ -------- ... I" ^iterate his. opinion! tliat the . wns carved I Wlir '" Europe-mny. extend well Into ay the First » 0!<L spring, aiul probably Into thu _.. : - ...I the second summer. ..-' • foothold in the Si\ar,.was won by And he cstliimlcd that the Ocr- Ihe flilrd Army. ' mans iilrendy have lost bclwow-'fl But the Seventh Army front Is n " (I 7 million nicn In the War.' the, only one where the "American* 1 .' ; When • tin'; finished his statement arc moving ahead today. The First -.?' ""Ush |)01lcy on Poland, 1,1 non' ' ' . . Army Ls gttlherlng' slrcnglh' •nlonB :! f crvnl ' vvc , IlGiiry • nulkcs, • v .,. • , the Rocr river for a/drive toward ; """'cdiatcly, challenged ll)c prime Cologne. And stiff German resist- •••mmistor.s stand. Raikes Insisted that aucc virtually has slallcd Cleneral • l " e f ""! rc European' peace dopviiils •• tually Patton's forces In.the Saar. • on a freoIy-ncBotlfttcd B 8 recniont Howc'vcr, the. first Army -seized": J'Pl'Wecn.the'Poles t.nd'nusslnns, nr m nonr riniio ivimi-A iim ii'.'ot. He..atklca: •, • ^ f •• • 'The Atlantic . Charter Ims become a ghost that-'a ghost laltl at rest today.'" . ,'..,' the Rocr .castle where: the Inst Germans- were holding• out on ' f lie west river bank In a-night, assault. More than 050 American Dying Fortresses Hew from 'Britain to pound Industrial and mil targets in will be able to travel over western Germany after two days with methods to be'used °' inactivity due to bad weather. said. Traffii (he roat not yet announced. . The stale' highway will have lt.s engineering c rcw, with : Dc.spilc cloudy weather, the hcavy- denai imcnt ' wights bombed boh Kasscl and - thcJ bitter cold weather, Knoxville lirc- Joiner Youth Enlists Lewis Lee Lanior, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B, Lanier of Joiner, has enlisted in the Navy through the .Memphis recruiting station. "It's difficult to give any concise reason," he said, "but it wasn't any fear of the world or dislike for people." Nor could his brother, Carl, with whom Setz shared a S2,800,COO estate, shed much .light on the mystery. They are tlie sons of a pioiicer lead mining magnate. Carl says he hp.s seen Helmuth only one in a while in recent years and that for years before Ihat Helmuth followed 1 , men have bmiight under control a fire that razed two down-town business houses. The long battle resulted in five firemen being taken to a hospital for treatment. Damage Ls estimated at $150,000. The two stores destroyed were Ihe Lnnc Drug chain's largest Knoxville store and Wormcrscr's Hal Shop Cause of the fire has not yet been determined. ChilA ""° Burned an active, outdoor life in Colorado! KNOXVILLE, Dec. 15. <I;PI_A and was quite interested in his mining business. He was married, loo, but that broke up a decade ago, after 12 years of married life. Hclntuth is just as vague about the future as about the present. He said he might return to the world rome day, but right now— "there is still . much to be done My studies, you know." N. Y. Stocks A T & T ................. 164 7 . 8 Amer Tobacco ............ 66 Anaconda Copper ....... 28 3-8 Beth steel ............ 64 7-8 Chrysler ................. 92 3-4 Coca Cola ................ i3fi Gen Electric ............. 43 Gen Motors Montgomery Ward Gi 1-2 52 six-year-old.girl, Peggy Lou Clevcn- ger, died of burns .today which she received when her four-year-old brother set her clothing on fire. Tlie tragedy was discovered when the mother of the-.chlldren returned from the grocers with a grapefruit for the little girl's breakfast and found the child in /lames Chicago Rye open high low close Dec... 109ft 111 May . 108% 109 109-Ti 110% 110 107 li. 108ii 1087s prior Mr. Cobb In charge, antl other workmen will be employes of Mem- pins Sand and Slonc Company which lu,s the contract. Mr. Cobb was In Little nock today for final arrangement', to beginning work. Princeton Survivor Arrives Here On Leave 'William K. Taylor, seaman first class of the Navy who survived sinking of the carrier Princeton in the Philippine fight recently, arrived home last night for a leave following arrival in San Diego several days ago. _ He Is guest of his mother. Mrs. laylor Sr., and other members of his family at 511 Broadway. • - To Remain At Home WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UP) — The Office of Defense Transports; Hannover. The raids- failed to attract any German fighters from snow-covered fields In tlie target Eighth K In Italy, Canadian troops of the Eighth Army continued to expand their bridgehead over the Lamone river in the fact of repeated German counter-attacks. Incidentally, the London r.vllo reports a record achievement for engineers of the Eighth Army. The engineers threw a portable bridge across a canal on the approaches to Bologna in five hour.s although Ihcy were under constant enemy fire. As for Ihe eiwlorn front, tho Russian advance at Budapest lias Mowed down today under Iho weight ofMeperate German C.-HUI- ler-atlacks, ley rain and muddy battlefields. Soviet front dispatches- say the pans are counter-attacking at vital sjwt -in the Budapest As Taylor Hpcak.s for.'Italy, President Roosevelt's porBonaf envoy to the -Vatican Myron J.Taylor, asserted [list I) r l- Inlu's thesis Is that the Italians arc a bcalcn enemy iinjl must lie made lo "pay and pay". Taylor siwkc at a dinner hi Rome tendered to touring members of UIL Congressional Mllllnry Affairs Com- wcslern IwundArlcs 'into toslcrn Ocnimny. , Thoiio are nlnlosl Identical with tlie dcniands made by ih"o Lublin Coinmlttcc Immediately iiftcr 1U qrgaiiizntloii July; WHS 'announced lust At thiU time; the Lublin Committee • demanded' the'inclusion' |n postwar. Poland.-of "nil East: Prussia tnost of, Pomcrmiln, mid other por- '«».?,of:'eastern Germany. • Tlic Lubllu Committee, Incidentally has accepted.Russia's proposal 'to establish tlic Ijolmclury •between! the two' countries along the so-railtd CU.ri'.on < Line, "-which:, -would place lira, two big Polish, cities of Vilno and LWOW in 'liusijliiii tdi i Koi-y. Ever since the Lublin Committee was created, Ihcro has hcch bitter imllllcal femliiif; between It and Ihe Polish govcrnmciit-lu-cxltc: rho -latter claim.'! Us legitimacy because' It stems directly from the legally-constituted government. In Poland nt the time the war, started. . Both the United Stales and Great Britain recognise this goveriimetit- . •• on'-tHii Tlils latcsf 'cncmj broadcast follows nn earlier Tok>o" repojt of a new ami powerful currier plane "•""""lit on Litzcm Tlie enemj says a fed ot 400 carrlcrbascd plane 1 ; cai- iletl out the mlds, bul the ronoit which has not hu>n'confirmed docs not mention the extent of the dam- nse Nol any coiihfcr nctlpn bj the Japanese nit force < ^ Mciiiiwlilic further details of the attack on Jiipheld LMori yesterday lll-A 'r,nn.l.*_ !„ i *^, ^ ., ,. «^j In ' from United Press 1-lojd ^TupUng who • O 'shlp W the curler fold, opbitttlug off th 0 island Tiiullntf snjs a Navy spokesman eslliimlei that J4T Jap planes were bngccd Three'enemy ships also, aio reported siink by (he ilnvol ah- Itevlioie In the Pacific Diea- Icr The Japanese radio, hi another unconfirmed broadcast announces two more B,-28 raid-; on 'lokyo Thq Jajra say'no damage was done by Ihc fire bomb? dropped by uhal tl\ej term nuisance raiders A reconnaissance flight b| n B-29 also is. reported by the radio Tokyo, this (ii-exllc, but llussln broke Off re- 'one over the 'lir)portnn't*Kobe'dsfikn and withdrew Its recog- , inmislrlal area for the flrsl lime I" China our newly appointed ulllon In iota. Not over the boun- mittec. His remarks brought a retort from Representative Kllday, oi Texas, one of the louring members who expressed tho opinion that H- laly's Fascist government could not have remained In power and entered the war against the Allies, without the support of the Italian people. 'Hie most pressing problems of all, of course, as In Greece, where a radio report today says relief trucks h.ive slopped going outside Britlsh- coiurollcd territory, and that assistance for the Greek |TOpulatlon virtually has ended. Manila Marine Returns Of the Mid-South Marines who helped recapture Guam, a number arc licing returned to the United N.' 0. Cotton lion has Issued another plea for civilian;,- to curtail non-essential holiday travel. The ODT rays mdrc ' open high lhan 750,000 mllilary persDiinrl In Mar. . 2188 2193 the United Stales are eligible for May . 2183 2186 Christmas leaves and jvill I>c using July . 2145 2149 Mil and bus Hues' during that Ool. . 2047 2049 timc - ' ' Dec. . 2175 2100 t •• • low close 2187 2192 2183 2185 2143 2149 2042 2CUG 2042 2173 2190 2169 2186 2180 2143 G/s Forsake Foxholes For Lights Of Paris gay last night 15 ' gayer than she's been since the Hbcratio... Hundreds of Gls, some with the mud of Germany still caking their 22 5 ' 8 , ClmCU and boots ' descended on the 81S-8.;clty to celebrate, to celebrate an Y In I uepV^ 1 ^". •;•••• ^viir^^^^" 6 "^' 10 "^- ° " ' ' 135-8,' - tee-lined for the 191 - 8 ! wnl ' cst niBht clute . wl"> battle pay ' * t » ............. . w> ae Standard of N J .......... 55 3-4 bulging out of e ' ver y pocket. It Texas Corp ............ ... 48 1-2. a night of fun - was Packard U S Steel . - —- ,as they waited for S 1-4 transportation home. Some will fly 60-1-2-some will travel by ship. But last night they had only one thought, and that was to forget the foxholes. Here's how Ihcy went about It. They showered down 100 franc notes in the nileries, Ihcy drank champagne, and they flirled with lovely Parisian showgirls. Tiring of being cnlcrlalned, they starlcd entertaining. The Joes clambered over the stages, grabbed musical Instruments and hit a couple of hot licks. Evcr,v,now and then an argument would break out between veterans and some of the socallcd "chalrborne" iroops stationed In Paris. The arguments were hot and heavy but none reached the fist- swinging stage. A Thomasviltc, Oa., officer, Lieut. Leon Nccl, was one of the celebrants. Asked what he was going to do when he got back to the states, the lieutenant said: "I'm going home and shoot quail." Then as an afterthought, Nee) added: 1 "It'll be nice for a change to shoot at something that doesn't shoot back." McClaln, son of Mr. and Mrs P T McCIftin of Manila. He is to arrive homo soon, it has been announced by the Marine Southern Procurement Division In Atlanta. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YARDS-(WFA>_ Livestock: Mngs 0,000, all salable. Top 14.15; 18-270 IDs. 14-14.10. 140-ICO Ibs. 12.75-13.60. Good sows 13.40-13.50. Cattle '1,200, salable 2,700; calves 1,000, all salable. Mixed yearlings Ja heifers 10-12,74. Cows 7.15-10.50. Cannors and cutters 5.50-7.50. Slaughter steers S.25-1G.V5. Siaugh- Ici heifers 8-16. Slocker and feeder steers 8-13.50. Weather ARKANSAS — Pair an<j warmer this afternoon and tonight. Lowest temperatures tonight near freezing. Saturday fair In south and v,w. cloudy niid colder in north portion; Dec, - dary dispute, but In n dispute over Polish, demands, for nivbivcitlga'- tlon of Qernian-hisplreii clainis th»t Russian troops. had rnurdcrctl Polish people. Russia wcrtt'lo great lengths , to produce evidence that the murders actually Were com- inlttcd by the Germans; but the Kilter dft- never has been heated. Since that time, however, the boundary dispute has become the overshadowing issue. Russia's original views on the icconslruclloii of I'olnmlwcrcbiucd on establishment of the Curan Line as the boundary. Ant! Moscow has not budged n single inch from that position. The British government made several attempts to induce llio exile government una'er former Premier Mlkolajczyk to negotiate Ihe mnbnssfldor, Major General patiick Hurlej, reicrtls that he has participated In talk? bctftern the Clil ncsc Commuslsfs antl the Chlui Nilllonat Government But he decline"; to discuss Ih6 nature of tlie conversations / - Body Of Actress Unclaimed Today Bur Mexican Actors Guild Wants Shrine ' Fot Lupe Velez HOLLYWOOD, Dec. is! JUPl— mdoxes . boundary differences with Eussia. Lif pmoxes P But the Poles each time rejected - AtMl hns 5omc ^ for this Ihe Curzon Line n.v tho settlement, 'in Hollywood a person with "a , wel- Today, Prime Minister Churchill known name, an Stress lies Ih sate sharply criticized the new Polish , unclaimed, behind "h? cold "ill -of •""""•"'"" ....... •"- n ---- '- ° government, clezcewskl as under Premier anil-Russian, and called upon the London Poles to return Mlkolajczyk to the premiership. As for the legalistic aspect of Die boundary dispute, nothing Li clearly defined. Both the Poles and Russians ca)i put up a good argument (or the territory In dispute. Poland Itself has had a stormy history. At one time her boundaries Included great tracts ot land both cast and west of It, and even included East Prussia. At other times, Poland completely disappeared from the map as a nation, with Russia's cznrs ruling some parts, the Prussian Junkers ruling others- End the Austrlans holding the rest. Poland did nol exist during World War One. Afterwards, she was reconstructed, but tho boim- dary dlspulc was an Issue then. A commission suggested the Curzon Line as a boundary, but Poland rejected It then, and backed It up with force ot arms against a weak Russian Bolshevik government. Tlie Poles simply took the terri- :ory they wanted at gunpoint, and lorced Russia to sign the treaty. Now, the shoe Is on tlic other loot. New York Cotton vfar. May July Oct. 2188 2194 2185 2182 2187 2180 2144 2146 2141 • 2042 2047 2041 2179 2187 2179 2193 2184 2183 2179 2145 2141 2046 2141 2170 mortuary. , Shc Is Lupe ' Vclez, tlie star who pullcrl herself to fame, and shoved herself from life. As yet, uo one has appeared at Hollywood's Forest .Lawn Memorial Park Mortuary "to clatrh the body of the 34-year-old Mexican actress who diet! by her omi hand ycsterdaj.' 1 ; . Attendants at the mortuary say 1 they are still, waiting for someone to claim the body and. arrange for the funeral. : ; '•'. The curlain fell suddenly on the lite of the star who enacted so many of the dramas of life. The final scene was played without a show of her tempestuous characteristics. For she died quietly, beneath silken sheets, of an overdose of sleeping '-pills. •'•However, this closing act was"nbl without its scenario.. Miss Veies wrote two notes. One was to her lover, Actor Harold Ramond, Slid the other was to her secretary, asking Ihat she care for the star's aged mother in'jfexlco. And in, her native land/ Mexico, the news :pt Ihe actress' death attracted great attention. .'..:'. Already, plans are being made -to return tlic star to the land that gave her' birth! An .official ot, the Mexican Mctors Guild said steps will be taken to have Miss Vclez's body returned so that it can rest in a shrine.' Chicago Wheat open hlgfi low close Dec. . 169-H 169%. 168K. 189X.169VI Nfay , 164K'J«4j".isjfc'l«!j 164<i

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