Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 22, 1976 · Page 19
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 19

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1976
Page 19
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ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Wednesday, September 22. 1976 A-19 Television Series Found Lacking 'Joe' 'How CouM You Imw? My 'Rhoda?' Today's Calendar V-' BvRP.TTVrHIT.nrBC Then Rh mnvprl tn Nw that ha wom't tinnnu An A ...... ... . . .. TV Review By DAVID EDEN , If "Starsky and Hutch" lived in the West during the 19th Century and had a sister who was missing and presumably living with an Indian tribe, then you might have some idea of what 'The Quest," a new show this season seen tonight at 8:30 p.m. on KOB-TV Channel 4 is like. ine Quest" is not a cop show but is the first new Western to be on TV in a couple of years, characters, . Morgan (Kurt Russell) and Quentin Beau-dine (Tim Matheson), remind me of the kind of. magical comaraderie that Starsky and Hutch have. This first episode has the brothers, one raised by Indians the other by the white man, accompany a Cavalry detail to raid (and massacre) an Indian village in the hopes of locating their sister. The scene at the village is very bloody and maybe too violent The Array rescues a white girl and her child, but the girl is not the brothers' sister. However, they take her under their wing and help her fry to adjust to the new world of the white man, the world she had left behind her. And that is the trouble; we have seen in countless old Westerns the saga of a white girl freed from the Indians only to be shunned by society. Even with the good acting, well-done scripting and production excellence, there are still too many tired story lines from old Westerns floating around in my head to make this new Western a refreshing one. But if Starsky and Hutch can breathe life into the tired cop show genre, maybe Russell and Matheson can do the same with "The Quest" "AirsFair"premiered Monday night on KGGM-TV Channel.13 and my first reaction was to try desperately to like it. Richard Crenna (who plays conservative columnist Richard Barrington) is a fine actor, and I thoroughly enjoy Bernadette Peters (whoplaysliberal photographer "Charlie" Drake). I even enjoy the two of them together on the show until they start spouting Agnewian political pundits and taunting each other with their arch-conservatism and arch-liberalism. What rubs me wrong about this show is that its political message is done much better while being less obviously and blatantly labeled "liberal" and "conservative" on "All in the Family," "Maude," and other sitcoms. I hate being told too obviously what people stand for and should stand for because they are of either political extreme. "ExecutiveSuite"also premiered Monday night on KGGM-TVand the nicest thing I can say about that show is it could easily be called "Peyton Place Corporation." The series is about the trials and tribulations of big business. But the fascinating element of the opening show was how a man can be so naive not to know that his "wife" is a former porno queen? IT urn -- ? "1 fr I Pi-"-- l'v ('' ? v aSSg - li q (r S4 i.' 1 DORIS DAY o:co TO TELLTHE TRUTH I urn 1 X ''mxG"' 'if GOOD TIKES (sJ THE EXPLOSION YOU HEAR IS LAUGHTER. Teenagers can get themselves into and out of a lot of funny jams. But the Evans vwt inoctorc aro roalK cnmarhinrr ale-al Starring Esther Rolle, Jimmie Walker as J. J., Kaipn .tarter and BemNadette Stanis. NEW SHOW! BALL POUR 77r CATCH THE NEW COMEDY SERIES THAT'S ALL HITS AND NO ERRORS. America's national pastime gets the onceover-lightly. Hijinks abound in a behind-the-scenes look at a major league ball club. Jim Bouton and Ben Davidson star. r v x , 1' . kv ."..fV c ALL IN THE FAMILY fWO YOUR NIGHT UJ TOVISiT THE FAMILY HAS BEEN KOVZD TO WEDNESDAY. Archie's in there fighting dingbats, meatheads, and the human race in general. Carroll 0 Connor, Jean Stapleton, ;od Keiner, aany iirutners star. c:co TH2 CLUIE KNIGHT TH2 STREET CO? WITH SOMETHING EXTRA... HIAITTI George Kennedy stars as a neighborhood cop fiercely devoted to the people on his beat, and to keeping them out of harm's way. By BETTY CHILDERS If there was ever anyone who didn't want Rhoda to get married twoyearsago, it was me but I must confess that the separation of Rhoda and Joe on Monday's season premiere of "Rhoda" left me sad. I liked Rhoda when she was single. She and I go back a long way to the first days of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show." In those days, she was over 30, overweight and overly insecure. But she was growing as a human being. She was gaining confidence. She was losing weight. She was wearing fashionable at times still a little eccentric clothes. TV Review Then she moved to New York, asked Joe for a date and married him in the television "event" of the 1974-75 season. The thought kept running through my mind, "Rhoda, how could you?", as I watched the wedding along with the other millions of viewers. I didn't watch many episodes after that. When I watched, it was to catch Brenda, Rhoda's younger sister who showed some promise of remaining insecure, overweight and dateless on Saturday nights. But Brenda still wasn't the old Rhoda. So I confess I looked forward with glee to Monday night's show when Rhoda and Joe would separate. There was Joe being his gentle self, telling Rhoda that he wasn't happy. And there was Khooa, immediately assuming, "It's me. Is itme, Joe?".And thenshe did what the old Rhoda would have done she blocked the entrance to their bedroom and refused to allow Joe to pack a bag or to get some shirts or even some underwear in one of the funniest scenes in that funny, sad episode. Something was wrong. I wasn't happy that Rhoda would once again live the single's life. I don't know why. Maybe I always thought Rhoda would walk out on Joe. Maybe I always thought that was one marriage that would not go under for some reason that couldn't be put in words. Big deal: He wasn'thappy. Is that any reason to walk out on our Rhoda? Joe, how could you? Blood Mobile, Main Post Office, 1 to 6 p.m.; Kirtland AFB Hospital, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Alcoholic Beverage Control Dept., hearings, Municipal Bldg., 11 a.m.; Bernalillo County Courthouse, 10 a.m. Professional Guard Dog meeting, 8920 LomasNE, Animal Control Office, 4 p.m. Santa Fe: Mechnanical board, 1131 Siler,9 a.m.; State Investment Council, governor's conference room, 10a.m. Notices of public meetings with speakers of broad interest and special events are accepted for daily and Sunday weekly calendar listing. To be included in the calendar in the "Trends" section, notices must be received at the Journal by Wednesday. Edwin Newman To Lead Debate WASHINGTON (AP) -Edwin Newman of NBC will serve as moderator of the first campaign debate between President Ford and Jimmy Carter, the League of 'Women Voters announced. The debate Thursday will center on economic issues. It willbeheldat the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia. The League also announced that the three-member panel of questioners for the debate will be James P. Gannon of the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Drew of the New Yorker and Frank Reynolds of ABC News. TV Previews GOOD TIMES. (Season Premiere). The series' fourth season begins with the Evans family about to leave the ghetto for Missis sippi, and then a damper is put on the big move. (7 p.m. Channel 13) WORLD PREMIERE MOVIE. "The Million Dollar Rip-Off." A middle of the road caper with Freddie Prinze and four sex gals, tells the story of a big payroll heist filled with characters double-crossing one anotner. y p.m. Channel 4) THE BIONIC WOMAN. "The Return of Bigfoot" Part II. (Season Premiere). The conclusion of this two-parter which began on "The Six Million Dollar Man" last Sunday, finds Steve Austin suffering from sever radiation sickness which has left him temporarily out of Today's lop television shows are previewed by TV Key's staff of experts who attend rehearsals, screenings, and analyze scripts in Sew York. commision. Jaime battles the "bad guys," Bigfoot, and unbelievable odds to save Steve and the Pacific coastline. (7 Channel 7) BALL FOUR. (Premiere). This series is about the private lives and locker room banter of major league baseball players. Bill Mc-Cutcheon as coach Pinky; Jack Somack as "Cap," and Ben Davidson as "Rhino." (7:30 p.m. Channel 13) MACNEILLEHRER REPORT. Pat Ellis reports on the effort being made in Congress to pass the twice-vetoed strip-mining control bill. (7:30 p.m. Channel 5) 1 S"Jr p LET US BE THE ONE! KOAT ALBUQUERQUE ALL JN THE FAMILY. "Archie's Brief Encounter." (Season Premiere). Part I. Season number seven opens with Archie turning into a ladies' man. A waitress named Denise (Janis Paige) thinks Bunker is a wit, and soon Archie finds himself up in Denise's apartment. (8 p.m. Channel 13) BARETTA. "The Ninja." (Season Premiere). Strange, suspenseful entry opens the series' second full season. Baretta is on the trail of an oriental killer, driven by an ancient tradition to murder everyone responsible . for the murder of his daughter. (8 p.m. Channel 7) THE QUEST. "The Captive." (Premiere). Here's the 90-minute premiere show of a western series that dares to stand up for the Indians. The Baudine brothers - one raised by the Indians - are searching for their long lost sister, held captive by the Cheyenne. Joins up with the U.S. Cavalry, the boys find a white girl (Susan Dey) and her Indian son, and take her to town, only to face white prejudice. (8:30 p.m. Channel 4) THEATER IN AMERICA. "Forget-Me-Not Lane." Approaching middle age sparks an Englishman's vivid recollections of his 1940s adolescence in this comedy. (9 p.m. Channel 5) THE BLUE KNIGHT. (Season Premiere). The show's second season. Hero Bumper Morgan faces a strong adversary in a trigger-happy cop. Gary Lockwood is easy to dislike as the cop who's out to prove Bumper can't handle his beat. (9 p.m Channel 13) CHARLIE'S ANGELS. "Hellride." (Premiere). The three gorgeous stars, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Jaclyn Smith star as three ex-policewomen working for Charlie, a private detective. The "angels" invade the world of women racing car drivers to get to the bottom of the recent death of a young car racer. (9 p.m. Channel 7) daily 'jj1 L Wednesday, September 22, 1976 LISTINGS IN THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS ARE FURNISHED BY THE TELEVISION STATIONS AND THE JOURNAL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANGES THAT OCCUR AFTER COPY DEADLINE. Sri2 4 KOB-NBC - 5 KNMt-PBS 7 KOAT-ABC 13 KGGM-CBS 23 KMXN-UHF 63ff T5GF3E5 CBS Morning Vewi ' 7j5ff Good Moraiai Ajncrica Ciptnin Kmgaroo JO : S Surord&Soa TV Met k RlgU JO Celebrity Sweeptuku Sute Flir 7 So Wheel of Fortune Kaleidoscope" Goner Pyle Forum U iao Hollywood Square Sound-Go-Round HappyDqf Low of Life I IfrSSCBSMld-DiyNeiw IMPORTER'S CANADIAN HAS DROPPED THEIR PRICE... NOT THEIR PROOF! i memos, unmmn man s. ncor rrnire ami tT avMlia).iwioooi 10 11 12 Fun Factory Goat Show 10:H Mid-.Momlng Report SonKriet Dajnof OurUvei 4 ft The Doctor! FOR COLOR TV See AL SENTER of NEW MEXICO TV first 419 San Motes Nf 356-91?) IKK) AS JO :5 "IP85 2i s a KM :1S i -.30 :S Another World Sesame Street Science Potpourri Ulster Rogers Neighborhood Hablemot Etptnol Sound-Go-Round Hot!eat All My Children Ryan's Hope Family Feud itt Pyramid 1 One life to Uv MR. BUSINESSMAN This space it available for your advertising menage! Call 842-2329 for Details. Merv Grlfin Odd Couple My Three Sons Bewitched Nova State Fair 9 Ethnic Studies Black Perspective on the News Uliaa,YogaiYM Sesame Street Mister Rogers Neighborhood Mobile Home Park All Utilities Paid Move-In Incentive 1901 W. Frontage d. I9S-4SS0 Young a Restless Search for Tomorrow As the World Turns News ii: Andrews, Garceau Guiding Light WANT THE BEST sun General Hospital PI2ZA DINNER 1 DELI-MART MfNUAUSBNMATFfl UttTamuy UgeofS'lght LXaUiuforSMovK: "Virginian" GUhgan's Island breF'n things 111 PYRAMID COURT. WINROCK CENTER N.M.'$ exclusive Sueda-Life licensee for suede and leather items. KITCH CLEANERS 4o tctMAS, tmn. 2ss-cwva OS 101 Sandoval Wwwrorie RrrrtM a SMtman atrelea Ujb 4toyrs oay. Tiwobh BML BONONG CEFROrWCN Ptua tM4 Sol Suits) ( 1 5 2nd 4 Lorn t NW 342-2601 Match Game Marcus Welby.atB. Tattle tales I Dream Of Jeannle McHale's Navy Dragnet En Albuquerque With Atnparo uama TTZ CilATZ iki ft FIRST IN FASHION 81 WINROCK CENTER jWNK Nightly Ntwi - I Family Affair 1 CBS Evening Sews 1 Coco Prlla Cartoons '30 The Brady Buach Ewctrk Company ABC Newt Newt 13: Andrews, Garceau -Muno7ufuett" "SS1553 Morea. 5W BlK Chios. The Ma. VulaAlegre AdanVlT To TeU the Troth Avlaatari. jHSStSE VoosaHlspanu BionkWomaa Goodtimes lucha Libre 71 I was, 1 SAVE-WAY LIQUOR STORES 3516 MINAUL BIVD. N.E. S704 LOMAS BlVa ME. ' USE OUR NIVt-UP WINDOWS The Quest Premiere 1 ewttnass News: rukenra Uml ti.Mit.nd ItOgHHOW mWTwiunws Show 1:00 Eyewltneaa News Briefs Theatre In America ForiM-Mc-NotLaM Aayaaw For Tenayaoa) ' Captioned ABC Evening Nets Leas a New Fere PICKUP 94.9l per Mo. 36 MONTH OKN END IIASI CALL DICK YANZ 243-3501 FRONTIER FORD Baretta CWUe'sAngekr Actioa News: int. lUlpflna. MMusras MTnTbe Family Special IKMrnNOnXTUHS fURrwTURf A ACCtSSOtltS 1309 UNivissmr m.vd. n.l 247-2303 The Blue Knight News l& Aadrtwa, Garoaau Cojobo, Death Leads A TedroTariaa UCatiada Intperionaole' Norktera(News) Hareta Oe Prima vers"

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