The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE ; TWO 'Clever Play Earns Grand O I . T» 1 • --\.--i Slam in Radio Bridge & JVKpNKSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1931-'. U '° Diamonds, South ivould bid .Society Calendar Wednesday Mrs. W, M. McConib of Little Rocfc, state president will be the honored guest at a Delphian luncheon meeting at the Hotel Noble. Mrs. Harvey W. Stewart is having the Matinee Contract club. The Parent-Teachor ' association of the Central Ward giamiiiar school Is meeting at 3 o'clock. Thursday Mrs. J. Neal Gesell is having the BRIDGE ARTICLE NO. Ill iiv i-:n\vAHn c. woi.n: Member of the National cliain- rlonshlp AucKun Team AfUr an adversary has opened the blddin^j- an Informatory double Is indicative of much greater Mrenzth Ilian a ' simple overcall, A simple overcall iiEiinlly slg- hoiin: 1 [ricks, and of course Ih.'cavd :,n:t. North a choice between two d n ;lathe ninth Fl^dio D,:d ; :;Slam assured, Mrs. llufcbart putl"^^ Wct^' Aft^ *^ l , h > the =,i-™? »E:^S • a. a^^-' - »» ""duller family "re the w! of News Mostly Persona! ,„, ,. , ' ,~ '•"• "• " — <- v,,uuj irutn c used nan IM.ciu'cd as Ih, cxhibUUn P b : > uk,,^ with Dummy's us Mi,. IMen M. Hubtard. c! Eiv. ! leading Dummy's good Fianckco; Mrs. J c .:n K. Fonuirr.' ~ ' 4. Then by Queen of cr trick cither monds or the naving a sure trick in th- ..-..".-- •, -..^..i.-j w ~ Clubs and probably ". K - ,1 i >' cu "S t£t " r f;ve s!1>tCT5 i! < the cither in the Queon of Dla- ! 1K ' S y ' '. 3r the Jack o! Clubs, wcu'd ! ka«renc3 Haduallcr «as mar- Clubs or five Hearts to in- rlcii ID Gerlructl -' Kirp;s. . -. .. . D. Chainplin jr 'c,r- Q, hi thin event. West must pass fur. Ml s. M. A. fsaacs are spvdiu- ; Q the icason Ihal his Jiearl support I today in Memphis "' ' : lu [J-7-r>> Is Insufficient to Justify a Mr. and Mrs. B, J. Allen tnnni'2: in:-e If his partner had only a mli-.i:ir,:m ctcrnitl bid. In ord-r ./or West lo have rated chls tuo slioiilti li'm It'id Dlumoixls.' Declarer got a discard bidflve"Clubs "or"'Are He7r7s to7n 'ind'V V i rB S™., 1h1 ^ 1 :; t , t rt hc ^ ck ° f ,tf te fr ° m '"wSltate slam h°! f ,.&Sh ou d 2' of Ke.,v York "uy Blu - lh =' i '';*«* '^ " volAdll « Hthcfrl$k0of a | s '- lre «'« K«th'l five Clubs was an Mis. Hubbard, as .Dealer. 6=nth. |from D.mmV'ealhe'd"Dear's'Ace I f« fceTf Clubs^L^taW- "" mon'k' ? C "rh,i^' £'>",?,£'£? Ol Sl> a d*5. * lvln 3 *" «: some other assistance. This "anon--' Klrpcs ' 3. M, M^ .^,5-ffl ay^rw -Siss^r .rr a a *s Thj other fc: crs l;ad previously Josephine, Minnie married and El: Anna. ing entertained by Mrs. Shane. ' ' .The Jewish Ladles aid society is meeting in Oscebla at the home of Mrs. E. M. Jnffe. ; The ' Youn? ' People's class of the First • Presbyterian Sunday school is having a tuffet supper at the home of Mrs. George R. Crockett. •' • • - ' • .;/•••' Friday The,Woman's club is meeting at the-club house at '2:30 o'clock. ! Th'e Men's club of the First Pros- i byterlan criurch Is having a nlnnc: ' meeting in tlie social rocm oi the j church. Saturday There will be a story h6ur-nt ihc BJythevi|le library. Royal .Neighbors I&iall 'Officers. ! " 1 fair In contract, however, It Is exceedingly Important to advise your of any additional high card strength nnd this can test be accomplished by first doubling the advenaiy and later t'loulr.; your own suit if partner's bid is no; acceptable. WEST S-IO-98-7 .— DEALER S-A-K-64-3 H—K-* D—C-D.2 C-K-7-3 SOUTH S-Q-5-2 K-6-3-2 C—K-J-3 U--5-5-4-2 EAST S-J H-A.Q. 10-98 C-H. lo- r—O.I la •]&Vai Officers. , v-,-,,.,-1 I.SUCUH. 'Officers of the Royal Neighbors i The nidiliiiK I U i; well lo for.this'year were 'Appropriately in- ' First round: -North i>ni> spaile,' fact that. i>. b stilled,in a meeting last evening. East doubie. South pass, Wrst one I Et!£l ov?r ! which was 'attended by a large *-io trump. I I spat!?, puiiou;; by P high honor and high card u !d:>- of distributional tricks on thp side. i However, after West's minimum • one no trump response to his pait- .'s informntory double, and Host's . later takeout bid of two hearts, iWfsl lias n much different plclurj i cl his [iiirliier''! strength. West now •' figures (liAl Knst's direct inference : of high card strength by his Ini loiii:-.ilo:'i diiubtc now Justifies n , rni'i- to Uirci Jicnrls which, of ! course, carries to n j coln-j cunlracl.. | The negiitlvv Inference which 1 cnlsii Iroin hU ixirtncr's refusal to ; douKe an wivrrsary's _.. bii! !>i:vi>ly iivercalls, Is one o! (lie !»•.:•>' jmpoi-iant princliilc. 1 , o! i-on; lih;t fcidcliiv. a:icl (lie expert utli- | izis th:s tnlrrcncc with marvelous play.. When uncle initia North ham's Vegetable Compound Miss" Relle Whitsitt. v;lio been jn 1-,'c.v York city for ten purchasing, stock for hci will nrrivc home tonight. rith. so I Hear; 'Truiiiii IjL'caii 1 and iils-j ljtc.iir.-o '" that such a Ipad would a suit contract; b: made ;l,er3fo:-o. r3o:-o. score, Mrs. HubbavJ p!- ml e'l h-- play 110- gave these Jmnils for Probl?n>s 15 and l(i hi his Handicap Test S°- lii-.,: SOUTH—Spades, A. Q. 10; Kcar:s, Q. J; Diamonds, A, Q. 10, well lo call attention to the bid of three hen:is !>:" NO) Ill's original cue n Jump overall, is - . , . Second round: North pass, East | not a forciin; bid. Mr. Sidney two hearts, South pass, West three | one of he 'country's sreal bridge players, has the following lo suy in can neeting last evening was 'attended by a large | *->o trump, number of memticfs: Thes: will serve: '.•Vis. J. H. Fisher, oracle; Mrs. C. hearts. _ _ G.-; Hires, vice-oracle; Mrs. J. B. ] Third round: North pass, Eust lihls conncrllom: "As noihln;, Foster, past oracle; Mrs Geneva i four hearts, South puss, West pass.' IK gained bv forcing my partner to i TucEdey Mai;ey, clianrtellor; Mrs. Arcv Xotc that East has the necessary' "-•-•- ' • • ' - - . : Lindsay, .marshal!; Mrs. Herman n 'Bh card strength inamcly. no\ Walpoie, assistant marshal!; Mrs. I ' ;S5 t:mn three honor tricks) lo •Jim Bums, receive-: M:- ii'vr,:; j Justify nn informatory dcuWe. On Ogle, recorder; Mu. :..v.;y AJTCJ • tne other hand, should Ensl over flagbearer; Miss Mildred Jj.'.d. inn- \ ca " N Blclan; Dr. F. .D. Sinilh, pliyiiclair i hearts, Grace " -.:-.. > ">~. n game was!on tlio basis that Hie o-.^iml Rives'Allen Is uttenulng to !>usl- s ro the a,t trick, M, BrucUfcWe. . m yoslorday in Meniphis. «';;: l t <[ t:e Jack of Diamonds, j trick could be : made with Dcunnij-s u,. A. ^,. Wail-.ourn is attciidm; : i-:'c:n Narth's liand, which became \ Queen of niamonds as Mrs Tulib', I business 111 flxcpaln (rvinv .-U^tnv.iv -\f v o Tr.-k.^^^.i >i.-> ______ H^IT.I.I i ----- ._ . ' lo business in Osceolu today. Mrs. C. E Crhjser er.. Mr. nn- •Ui:inrny. Mrs. Tlubb.ird, Ujclaicr. ., _. , _ ---•-• - Played the Trey; L'.isl played the Mr.. ChurlES Crlcscr }i'-. and Mi>.;ti; nnd D.-c!srer the Ace. Net wish ij. W. Gosnell ' ivould have to play the King „,, the third lound. So. Mrs. Hubtard manipulatsd '-• • -* L | • """ ^-v--an:i IJJL- rt^f. A^UL wisn- ""rtniputmsa irer cinbs most ^kil •cie in Memphis] Ing to take- t. : ;e mcst remote chanc; f " !1 J' In produce three Dummy'en- Wd^iiula dmims'taViceLri do : '^* MA M.-, n !' Moss w r-'r-h^'"? '" f^'"'' tnimp « -1 »'! !f ics Kwlth an Ace-Jack-4-2. al- net believe it 10 be sound tattles lo j \vonut! RWpe i-dav on buses'. : r.f,;, n ,"/•", tne Ace> Klns and'^'gh the closed hand held King- use tins r,s a demand bid. After ihe A Coiway is aUr™,w o b, i- olh I ?' '" """ El5t '^ n - 10 ^ Eti11 l«"<"nff the Snide ' e=s hi L'ttlc Hock n S> I ' ' !ml °" tte tnil ' d lead I """ in reserve '» case u '^ Dia- L>S in ij.uic KOCb. Uumniv lt':r.ivdr-rf i>i» n n ,,.., _ r ' innnris rtM n«t 1. -.., _. ,-- IIJL- iui» ii^ ti uLiuiiiui um. mui MIL-i /i. (joti\vay is at enemy hnvc opened the auction, fs'.v | ness in Little Hock out other and sister :i!:il 1 did all. the ffini.iiirt work <m u (jl-.; i.? farui fnrclmr.;,!-nr.i. [ in.ini.>il a farmer nnd now in addi- lion to i!-v lio woikariti'M:;:,..^ of my riiiLlrrn [ help liii.i svhli ih oulsldc wmk oil our fanri. .-\fter my kit, cliilil v.-as born, 1'licgan to suiter lia .nianj- f ' ouuut H.T .11 women do. Finally our fer.ilv.iio <o!d me to try I,ydia E. I'inkln,,;, :; VegetableCuinpoiiiul. I cli<l amli-.tiv I ,,,- am anew woturmand 1 .krr.v; lka> "ncrl W;gs were commonly woui in lipslll, is better than neli-; "—fliT, ^smoJCOO years ngo. CLYDE I. SBEHJIAS, R. f 1', JLickitpIr-, P:,! , honor in the social meeting which mo.--, mothers in attendance. followed the installation,,. Delicious met.wUHMrs. LCC I'Jkroh News Notes - - -."iii.u :, rr.e wn; assured she could JEEI inln the.U-jmmy hand (.Wice J ".' irich s?v?n Duinm^Jd'the Landreth Tom mato ee _ __ ...», -••u>.uii»vt-^iii; iJviii_iuLi^ use grt/up voiti lo Hnrciii! ei c n. refreshments.^wbre.served. _, ^ . .!rops^[or Ills fjag pole ct the school. Mrs. M.-'-A the Tuesday Contract club and lira I iectcmy operation guc-sts, Mrs. Marvin Rctinson and I • Mrs. W; D. GhumMln -jr., this 1 Men's Club Will week. In thf games Mrs. \V. Lean i ilaVo Dinner M Smilii won the prize, hosiery. The Men's club of Ihe First r Delicious refrtehmenU were serv- bylerian churcli-will have the first ed to -the eigiu ladies present. | meeting, following organlzAtUm last * ' ' i ira>"lh. ™dny evening. The dinner" ls , y ' ralVlIlnil ' To .Organize Class. : _The young people of the .'First rrcsbyce'rian- church will form n Sunday sfchool class of boys and Birls which will meet at the home of ths teacher, Mrs. Georjc R. Cr<)ckett, Thursday evening for a buffet supper and business meeting. Has Rridje (Party. Miss Magaleiie. McKlnnon lud 16 guess for a bridge party Tw:s- day evening at her home at Avme- rel. Iri ,t'hc cai-d 1 games Mrs. James to!. and Ri . enour received the prize, hand is to be served al 1 o'clock, lowed with a brlc-f program business session. ?al B. Harrison, president, is to be toasirnaster. Mr. ;md Mrs. .lolin B. l.nn= Given rarly.' The Wilhelm Union of the 3. V. P. U's in tlie First Baptist church tendered Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lane n parly Tuesday evening at Hie home of Mrs. E. E. Alexander. Mr. and Mrs. Lane arc leaving J-rlday for Jv'eiv Orleans where they will attend school nfler hav- iny b:en here for five years while Mr. Lane wns director of religious education in [his church. .Hudson hns bcen'vls- Mi-s .Muriel and Myrtle \Vyntl llr - v »' n '-immy. it' was very linpTt- were SHesls .gf .Ihelr biv-lhtr Mr. ! a "t Hist .<!ie keep the- winning D! a . n '- ' nifimi i" >•«- - ..... > ..... • - • monds. wculd answer the twa j with 4wo- Diamonds, which would show that she did iiat held j the Ace and King; had sh? held' ' Wise Tomato Growers should insist upon Canncrs supp.v- me them with Tomato Seed grown by the reliable firm of Landrcih. We have a reputation to sustain, built upon 147 years of successful growing for the American public. - Landrcth', fled Rock/The Bloomsdale" Delaware Beauty Tlie Landreth" and =11 other Standard Varieties CERTIFIED SEED of Marglobe-r-Greater Baltimore—Bonny Best Our Toniato Seed sold only in Cardboard Licbograplicd Packages of Viand i4 pounds. ' . All certified Tomato Seed scaled with the Government senl. . of Peiinsylvania. Groutrs of alt Varirliti of Garden Seeds D. LANDRETH SEED CO, made handkerchiefs. Later dancins was enjoyed 'for -seven! hours. The .hostess_.zerved-.nn appetizing salad .course,- ivtth sandwiches and hot chocolate. '- - . ;:, Entertains Kook Club. Members, of the Tuesday anil Thursday Rcok clubs were guests.. li^n. *• "• Bmt Tlirsday "-| Keiser A'cws Notes The 20 guests enjoyed several i - Mr ' a!lcl ' Mrs otto Kreclcr of games. In the 'delicious s; . . IIO l'S' and family '-Friday U!E)>;. lock Sal Miss Oroie Cole visited Clyde Sexton Saturday. A number of young people enjoyed the dance n; McBrldcs Saturday night. Mrs. Roy Hudsrn. Mrs. T. M.I, Long and Miss nuby Blaylock were! cues'.s at Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Baker's Sunday evening. Charles Lang and Willie Tale visited H. R- McBride Sunday alt- - no ! ob!j , .„ ,. - ' on; nifTril lvU1 ,' hel . las , t . a £ j and vfet followed suit o cf '' Mr, and Mis. O. A. Boswcll nnd Arlhur were visitors in ihis community Saturday night- Mls=c-i Ida McBridr nr.t! frae to ISr^S*^ 1 '™ ~:d v-sitcd M,, T7M.£Si Iawel . Mi<s Annie Mas ey visited Mrs.'Mabel Scymore Sat nrtlay. Mi. D. S. Vran is moving lo Ar ('.warded ihe guests of honor. Delicious individual pics and cof- jfec was served lo the 30 present. Miss Mildred Smart was the ^US. 1 ] IVUIUIIU CMIKI! I UaS lilt •• r. finest of Miss Bonnie Cuba S;mtinv.1 f". ! 'l>soii. teacher ',„__ ^-,.,_ «,._,..,. ,. ' tin:, cr.mnuniilv. Mrs May 'Haivolt and Mr. ,lcs have muvi'd as. cheese wafers, rosettes and codee serv;? there was a note cf Valentine D.ij also seen in the tallies. : To Abandon Bciulifyins Ctmclery fcr llic Prestht. ciati»n;^,in 'a hiei' k ing Tuesday-af- ternocii aJ.tVie home ct Mrs. John Durham, -vot'Ja'-'lo discc-ntinuc the care ot- the- cemefrjry for the next' two months'.oecause ,of a-depicted treasury. l-- e wxton will be implored again after so that the grounds maybe cleaned and Dell were guests cf ihe latters par- cm?, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. r. Dunu- tant Isst week. Mr. and SJri. Clovi.'; Crockett of Osccoia spent Saturdr.y night and Sunday wi;h Mrs. j. 1. Wilson and «, „• llll!lms a Miss Cnllie Bbylcrk hns been visiting her sister Mrs Lula Mack- lln for tl'.: past week. this cr.mnuniitv. > Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Jenkiiv. :iud foa ivcro Sibils of Mr. ;:ii(i Afrs. linear Snturrtay nigln. Mr Hill King was a visttr-r on .,,,,,,,. ] tlie Sternberg farm Mctiay tveAmoii: thcw who iittendcri [lie I''•'"&• dance al Uurdpiv- Saturday nicliii ^tr. T. H. VanDi'jl>:i „. wore Rush Austin, T. J. tiiclurri- ; villl- vlsltnrl • his parents. :on and Hn> Atkins. i Mrs. w. C. VanBibbei List Mr. nnd Mrs Yc:nlinsrn and Sv>:i STEELE THEATRE 'I 'liui'.siluy—1'riday .lanHiiry 22-23 ' OFFICIAL As ^u BOX r,,,, , ,, ?« w, -, "' ™ with iodine J.-nes. f',7'" '*" h "' : " ls - Ughticot is niovlns lo G.'.~ ,^ 1 ' ail<! Xtvs : 1:clv ' • 'J i 1 "" 15 1 ! !?h V -' I: - ""1 i!l ' s ' « '- "nwSins nn " fnil ' ;iy W "' c ™^ tbflvi> «u-s m-t .mii. ha." uf?c "n 'n^ - : , e -- cd } -ri n'r-""'Vf,'.r n':, ' ' per teautlfied fcr spring, if fund The'nine nV.nfe preset ,,3,rd i !HU P n, • " rn, of icu«io:iu-r rvcry sprln; n , , ' S ' lrenc P 8 " 1 " 1 Sp " nt C " "'"* "'' ? ' r ''' ' ! " : " ?r tun. i lie Blue Angel" The Slern hero- (;j n w ijj ui-rlay niorp.inj;-. Hring lo he ginned. Will buy colion also. OJMTJIIC our cot Ion c:l by Cjrtlfii Accountant I licrcl y certify cha ixUnA ii n Iruc an;l nudU it Ilic test ot liM.liniicUarctles, con l(.,l<rt Blplcy, In CM nim;pi.n.w> Uranil X ---- _'t>0 lim (S,,-«J) \VH\V. CerliStd I'ublic win for OLD CJOLU Iu new tostc-tcst. The local P. E: (]' 'c! :pcr entertain Mrs. Zora !",. Knight of I Tecumsch, Ofcla., Eupm.ic vie: president. cf the naticnal p E O Saturday. .. Plant a:c not complete but th'r? will bs a social funclicn cf ?~T kir.d fcr the members to Knlji-J. -Mrc. J. A. T .=-••>. dent of the Bly:he%nie e'.iaptei'. In charge cf the pbus. "' AddrfFs by Paster Feature? Program. An address en -The \V;riIi c Boy" by the !iev. Mars/i M. Calh- i way featured the nuethi; cf t:ie WINDY CITY GWES O.Gs. BIG PLURALITY IN RIPUY'S NEWEST CIGARETTE TASTE-TEST By ROBERT Kipr.r.v, Himself It didn't take Chicafto lonft to. <!c \ihicli cig.'irettc it likes best. I got the-answer hi siv Iionrs. 1 arrived :it the Windy City at hl£h noon . . . \vith ;i supply of the fojir leading brands of ci£a • rettcs . . i masked wiih lil.ick bauds to conceal tlie names. Before the close of the after- noon I had given ihe "taste-" {o ovcrj* rank nnd file in llic lown . . . from llic r:in!c IicrJers lit the Mock-yards lo movie fans in Ihc loop. And as usual, O. G. ran ;i\v;iy «ith the vote. Take U fi'o:u me ... or loavo ii . . . ^o t.i", I haven'; been .ilil-j to ni.ikc OLU NOT A COUGH IN A CARLOAD

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