The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS , APRIL as, Blytlieviile School News Fbuv Candidates Opposing Senator Pepper, Ardent Roosevelt. Man MIAMI. Fla., April 28. (UP) ~ Flencia voters on May 3, will Oallot en five candidates lor the Jjemo- craiic nomination lor U. 5. senator in a primary election expe:tcd to indicate Uic state's sentiment toward, the New Deal. A record vote is believed likely as youthful Sen. ClaiKie 1'cpper, ardent delcnder ot the national administration, seeks a full term. Pepper, nominated without opposition two years ago to llll toe vacancy treated by the death ol ' Een. Duncan U. Fletcher, tills has lour challengers In Die Held agtfnsl him. He is the only out- H1C1I SCHOOL NEWS Elected President Thomas Seay was elected president of (lie National Honor society for 1938-30, at the meeting of the society. Tuesday, April 10. At the same time Joyce Bomers was elected secretary-treasurer. The other offices of the organization are to lo keep the building clean and decorated. Sue Eainey was the pip- gram chairman. After lire business meeting, Mav- jorie Wnrren, president, served candy to the group. i • * * faculty Meets In Study Group pupils iiatl perfect-, attendance records for the six weeks term end-1 jug April 15: 1 Eight A-l: David Boone, Owcm Ernsneld, Donald Este's, Johnnie! While, 'Dorothy Corlew, Elizabeth) Davis, tura Davis, Ethel Mae F.bcrdl. llu Rogers, Louise .Vance. Eight A 2: Haywood Clarence Johnson, Billy Hnrdy. Jon I z, be filled in the iall. Then, tlie dut- 1 "Voice Culture an<l S|>eecli Prox " ies of secretary and treasurer will was Ihc topic for study nl be divided and one of these offices t»c professional meeting of the will be among those to be filled. Junior-senior WgJi school faculty, The retiring officers are: Bonnie Monday. Jeanne Buchanan, president; Hetty Mlss Mnl >' Bal », tliairiinin, In- itberdt i'lce-prcsldenl; Sue Uamey, Iroduccd the topic by a discussion secretory; and Morton Tompklnv of ' ilc Personality and cliarni ot llie voice. Following Miss Bain's introduction, Miss Dora Coppedgc reviewed the book "Your Speaking Voice," After tills, a questionnaire treasuercr. mid-out New Deal candidate, his major compstlnon is W(\E Elvon each member, and Ilic Mcniluis Selcrtcil J. Mark Wikox, fourth district' congressman, mid former Oov. Uave Bhouz. Two lesser knoivn camll- dnivs are Finley Moore, Like Oily abstraclor, una T. C. Merchant, Maaison newspaper, publisher. :\V>lcox Denies Htlng "Anil' 1 • Wiitex, foe of president Koose- velt's court and government re- orftanizaiiorr bills, tne vugcs-and- hours measure and the Cubaii trade treaty, counts on support in a number of quarters from forces opposed 10 tne new Deal, uut-noug'n V/ucox lias contended lie Is "not . nnu-hcw Dail or -anl-l-imylhlirg." ishoitz,, who as governor from IDaa lo 193U • worked closely wlln me Huosi-i'elt administration, has enUclud Pedernl spending ana of many New Deal uoll- •cics'iri his cani))algn. 'inc national aummistratton has Mmtaled Us jiollcy- in the fiorlfla 13. seii'acoiittl contest Is "hamls-olf." 'ihe .only declaration from administration spokesmen was a personal enu'prsemcnt last winter 01 Pepper by James Roosevelt, son.and Bccn- lary^ of lire President. Wllcox critt- cric-i tlml endorsement .as "un warranted meddling." 'fnc polcmiaily-powurful Florida Townseud .clubs vote has been eoiynt by- 'Pepper and Slioaz, n-uii their approval .of Hie Tbwnsena orgunizaubn's '-."general welfare aci.V,WilC : OX J3 opposed lo Ihc WOU- a-mbmh 'old-age pension plan. '':• Kun-OfJ Vote Likely Tlie May 3 vote'Is not" expected lo;<ii.'Ciuc ilic nomination. It is urn impjpoaplc lhat any.ot .the three : major senalc aspirants might receive a majority. As a result, l-he •> IwoVlugh men will go Itilo a runoff. ; May 24. ":..-; Tne record vote total anticipated by.elcetiou officials Is attributed in part, to the interest generated by the .strenuous campaigning of tlie senate candidates.' Even more so. however, it. is expected as the result of abolition of the ill poll lax as a voting requirement. Anclher Inctor enterlivj predictions lor a vole exceeding Ihc record , 3*3,001* cast In the first prl- mary of June, 1936, is based 0:1 the use of voting macnlncs in mosl of; Hie heavily-populated comities. Election officials believe a large number of voters will go to tne jialls merely lor the oppurUinily 01 cpsrating the voting machines, wnlch are t& be used for the first time in a major Florida election. Three lionse Seals Sought Three congressional seats arc at . stake In the election. Mlllarcl Gald well of Milton, third district congressman, is opposed Oy I'arknill Mays ol Monticc'llo, a slale legislator. R. A. (Lex) Green ol Starke veteran second district congressman, is challenged for the Democratic nomination by H. \V. Farnell, former mayor ot I^ike City There are seven candidates in th field for the nomination to smcctec Wil;0x In the fourth district. Three state supremo court jus -tlccs'will fcc nominated, as will l\v railroad commissioners. In addition, there will he a statewide - Republican primary for Hie first lime In Jlorida history. With Iwo candidates qualified. Republicans will vote on Allen E. \Vaiker, V/lntur Havni.nnd Thomas E. Swanson, Ft. Laudcrdale. for U.S. senator. Eemociatlc nomination in Florida .ordinarily (5 tantamount to election. The Republican jiarly usually, nominates Its candidates by Elite convention. Junior Gulden Club iHecls The Junior Garden chib met in i business si-sslon in Miss l.una Wilhehn's room, with Jcanctla Seabouch presiding. Plans were proposed for clciui-up campaign. Committees for each licmc room nnd for Ihe grounds | New assembly monilor.s were were appointed. Ueniuse of the ( rclccled by Ihc sliident council, at 'ack of vases In the rooms, mem-, (he meeting; Iield Monday. They bsrs of the club plan to bring vnscs. were Garnid Caudlll and Horace from lliclr homes and to supple- ] Wallers. ment this collection by purchnsingi At this meeting the council voted some. Keeping the balls clean and I lo join the Nnlional Association ol keeping vases of fresh (lowers In the halls were oilier plans formulated by Ihc club. Joseph McClure, Lergy Ross, Vtr- filnla 111)1, Margaret Holland, Jcl- lyc Claire Huffman, Bulonnc Jng- ecrt. May Lovelace. 8al)le Mathls, Jane Mcdlln, Bobble Ann PUIT!:;. Eight A 3; Billy Carter, Warren Clark. Milton Patterson, Loulte Rice, Maxlne Reid, Marjorie Rl- mcr, Shirley Hojers, T, D. Rhodes, diaries Bmllli', Billy Stovall, Al- Lerl Salica, Klllott Ballba, Jua- nlla Slielloii, La Nelle grrmrl, Hays fjpradlcy, Kvelyn Shlblcy. Edward Thompson, Mary Wright. Seven A 1; Charles Al7llck,i Gregory Alklns, Hcwhell Be-;. EhnriiC, l.lcyd Illomeyer. fiay Brtwu, M. L. BuiUIll, Bobby Wal- LIBERTY CASH GROCERS FRIDAY & SATURDAY I'riec, (iiiHlily, Ouaiitily at Uic City's (''oreniosjl Food Stove FRIDAY & SATURDAY reslof the meeting bcctunc n round .,,„,_ nick' Wilson, Barbara Bobo. table discussion ol .sneccli nroblcms. [T,«I.,. H....I.„.,,... A« f, M.. Student oniccre. Slnrly Scnlrli Cuslums Marjorie Mays and Uorolhy CrobS Scotch customs, clans, and music «-ere elected reporters for the Ely-j ore fonniiis a (rail of (he study ot hevlllc Courier News nnd the ol "Lady of Ihc Lake" in (he fresti- CMckasaw, respectively. Recently the club sponsored men Many cltisscs. of Hie students liavc candy sale, Ihc proceeds from brought, Scotch plaids lo school, which are being used to purchase nnri u study of clans and their phiids is being made. Talks dciil- flowers to set o»l around Ihe sun- iinl and the ccnlcr plot of the driveway. * • • Hand 1'Uns Spring Aftlvitk's Two of Hie activities planned for ipiin0 proBrnm lor Uic BlyUicville jigh school band are a spring con- ccrl al Ihe high school auditorium, with the legends and history of Scolland have also been included In the .sludy, The rvc-fjlmmn English classes arc taught by Miss Mary Bain. Buchanan, Agnes Callis, llu nelds, Elmn Hopper, Kathrine •iudson. Seven A 2: Ralph Davis, Roland Davis. Donnlrt Hickman, D. J. HcHlgc, Carl Hood. Jack Hood. Harris Hunl, Jhnmlc Parks, Beu- lali Mulllns, Mary Jo Ncwcomh, Blilie Emllh. Jack Smith, Beverly Thomas. Seven A :i: Geneva Sample, Verna Wlical, ^flllnlfi Ruth Woods, Dcnald Carlcr. Robert Mucry, Lois Eaton, Billy Schmuck. L. E. Stafford, Hill '['tin Walker, George Evans. Stewart, 1'arvlii Workman, Stella Cliinrsc Customs Discussed April 20, nnd nttendnncc at lhe| Collon Carnival hi Memphis, Mny "Chinese I cussed by Customs" were Milton Beckwltli Under the rilvcctiim of Charles Mcorehead Iho bnncl meeUs for rehearsals on Tuesday and Wedne.s- dny ailernooil al four o'clock and ngiiin at seven o'clock. Tliere urc now 29 members in! the band. Since there urc , only 24 •inlfonns. efforts ait! being made U present to provide u means for furnishing uniforms for the oilier Ivc members. The members at Ihc band and the Instruments played by each ire: John Hnrp, Uob Holt. Gerald Cnrler. Eugene Johnston, T'odd Harrison, Billy Jonlz. Jack Bishop, Elolse Ramey, lUclmrd Roberls, Bill ChnmbUn, trumpets; Coleman Stevens,. Jfobcrl Jonlv.. Edward Edds;.: ?Frca- Rullierford, olarincls; Bob Herrick. Wyiwllc Khcphcrd •axcpliones; Bill Morse, Vcnioh Thompson. eiiplionlmus; Jatnes Cozart, Irombonc; Mlllard. EdtLs k ,asson; George Hubbanl. Don Wll- helm, rhillip Blsliop, AJIIIC Crook Eomiln Jc'nnc Buchnnan. drums; Sue Ramcy. cymbals. Drum majors are: Jeanne Altliek. WinlfrcO Crawford, nnd E. M, Terry. Tiaek Eiilrics Arc Announced Entries Tor Ihc track meet lluU : s to be held In Parugould, Thnrs- (luy. arc: Broiut jump. Russell Afoslcy nnd Nortnan Moslcy; high jump, James Cozarl ami Jack Jenkins; 100-200 yard dash. Russell iuid Norman \losley, Starling Bunch, and Homer talk to the high school students Wednesday, April 20. Mr. Beckivitli, although of American parentage, w:is born and reared in China. Since he has been in Din United Stales ho hns become acquainted with the Amcr- can habits and customs, so m Ins lalk lie stressed the difference between these and the Chinese customs. Mr. Bcckwlth was introduced by Joe K. Poocli of North Litllc Rock, Ark. Study Clothing Unit Kccoud year classes in home economics arc beginning « mill In clothing. In tills unit, each mem- licr plans, selecls. and makes a tor a special occasion. .Sheer cotlon tatisles, muslins, 'and voiles arc Hie mosl popular materials as fhown by the class selcclion. T'lie flrsl year girl.-; urc ready to begin simple cotton school dresses as lliclr final clothing project tor the year. SCHOOL Mrs. Quellmalz's third grade room ranked highest In tlie tliiicl grades, in a recent Intelligence leu. Thirty-two of Mrs. QiielhnalK's pupils 'recently nt(ciidn) Ihc pic- tiirc "Snow While and the Seven Dwarfs" nt Osceohi. Mrs. Marion | Williams imrl Mrs. Lay Ion heliicci wilh the transportation of tin; pupils. This group was glad to have Patsy Ruth Allen for a visitor recently. She formerly lived here but has moved lo Portagevillc. EnglishPeaslbSJc Cabbage B IJc 'I.. Apples l'"cy Delicious , Mod. Size, doz. 10c Bananas a 1 15c EGG PUNT 7 WHITE SQUASH 4j CUCUMBERS 7 1,1). I 2 SHORTCAKE "5 ', 10 Corn - 4Sc I'OTATOKS No. 1 mm BEANS, I'at'kage of Ifl Fur FRESH A8 " A "iS 5' CflULIFLOWER, J5 . l/ai'K<-' Delicious, 2 for CESECU TOMATOliS 7 1 e reifccn -\><mw\ * 2 POUNDCAKE 15 II Cherries .. Dog Food "• 4c JUN10H HIGH SC1IUUL Twenty-three students in junior high school were mimed on Ihc honor roll for Ihe six weeks lerm ending April 15. They were; Eight A-l: Jack cimmblin. Mary Babcock, Ann Crook, Lura Davis. Eighl A2: Gcovgc Hubbard. Billy Jonlz, Jcscph McClure. Bill Merer, Doris Muir. .Sjillic Muthis Eighl Maxlne Millon I'alterson Marjorie Rimer Bcsharcs; 440 yard d»sh, Eugene Shirley Rogers, Albert Salion, locd'. 3uncli. ISvercll- Alfred Craie, Starling' Ncllc Smart. McTCdill), Lloyd Seven A-l: Lloyd Dlumcycr. Florman and John Charles Bright, yard dnsli, Raymond Bickerstaff; hurdles, Jack Jenkins; javelin throwing, Dan Wui-rlnglon and Alvin Jiinllce; discus, Carl Hughes ind Kill Godwin. Those placiiiB firsl and second ill be eligible to alteml tlie state mcel. Rrd I'ciiperx Ifiive Red Peppers hold Ibelr and business mcellnj; 'I'liui'Mlny. April 13. At tliis meeting Dorothy Cross, Sara Kvrard. and Marjorie Mays were jleclarcd pleiljjcs by Ilic Tlie lYpiwrs made |)lans Seven A-2: Veni Non-ell, Bclt.v I 5 hillip£, Luvonno Redman. Mar- jcrie Stevens. ALL DAY SPECIALS l''riday-Saturd«y- Sunday Hallimorc Dip liaycr Cahes, Ka. Oatmeal Cookies Nul Hrciid l,«af (.'itramcl Nn( Uu/.. . 19 W If- I 'as try Cu»s Shorlcake, for 2" Filled Eiich Htais \Vc S|iociali/.c in special orders. BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Syrup 21c JDO Assorted CATSUP Large -Iflc Hot tie iV Chum No. I Can AQc 2 For fcV APPLE BUTTER - 13 SCOTT TISSUE : ,,,, IS Pickles s I2Jc Wesson Oil pint 2 " , B11ra " ! Tomatoes ror Bclleu'c ol' ».r 6c Cut Beans 6c Pint 40c Peaches-:~20c POTTED MEAT Can TEA Tender Leaf 1-1 Pound Tilings To Support Homes NEW ORLEANS (OP) — Hereafter bis; office bulletin;!; won't be the only structures lo sit exclusively i .en,pilings, yreflerich LcMieiix, local ftirettry r-njiinccr.-lias deveir>psc! ,ft.,"pint rf/:'-(!V fiiu <irivor w n\ci':ilfi on a liuck. lliu.> it the clement.-of rest, wh'.cl liilo_driving- piohlbitlvc for HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY Doclou MT jTur kldniyi conla-n \;< ji-,].> « hny tubja cr tillers vhich MI, tonuri'r th« Wtod kitil k»p fad htalltiy. Mo>.l pc^jilc !>]•> BKWJl u yin^B a driy or about 3 j>o;inrls o( pasfr rwnoml-M Bf»«y pi-Mtr-s »-it •nd buralns iho«s rt«o may ho WTOIVJ with your IvitlnQ-B ft btAiUlcr. An «rf3« of anOa or hH*i>M in yfiur »a«n OU6 to lUDHintt^l klouty diaoHr In tta'MuH ot mmiifi l»ckuhc, rhcumsic leg pAih», loas cfucp odd cnerey, s ,\. P ."k ll 'i ^teaiM. puffinoT ur?Jcr knidadm - , i itonv. ' ft»t ™>i A«k roirr JraoltUl tor il.o ' Fillf, .irtfl jupcwfuUjr liymfflinta £,sr over >•*"«• J*«-I K" 1> " >t '? rflit( Jt " 1 *i ' !i^ "* "^W '!*" 5u>l! »"' PS ; VK«lrom your bl«>d. Gel Doan'i Ttlls. Olhcr MIRRO Spring ValuOS SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE 1'HOGHESSIVE STOKE" J. W. Shousc Phone 35 Wilson Hoiu VAHIUA >VA ", I! S Corn Sliid. No. 2 Can 6c FLAKES Qe 1'ki?. ' EXTRACT 8 »/.. Kotllc VINEGAR Loose 1C^ Rolilc l'o|>pcd Wheat I'kg. MAY 2 TO WAY 7 Irradiated !'of Slilk I! (all, G small 20c l{cd I.aljcl Karo Syrii|) No. HA Gin Ilk J.ibbv's Strained Vegetable .'i t'ar.s l''or 25c Cream of Wheat, f5ox lie Quaker Super Farina DC California Oranges I,urge Size, J)oz. ^!lu J.ibtiy's Tomato .Inii'C Large Can Sc I Leal- Mary !>cc Taylor's Special Babv ^'cek Hroaritasti AVKKC Thursday, fllay 5, 9:0(1 A.M. ARM & HAMMER ,v: 4 PEANUT Pint Jar - 12c BUTTER Quart Jar - 20c LiptonTea}j,r 4 l c e Snowdrift 3 lbs 52c 6 Its. 98c SP.LAD DBESSING ... 19 UPTNTU- MU V, LI). ...... 1U' SNOWDRIFT Picnic Ham lb,19c Ham 35c 25c Bacon 25c 18c Spring Lamb Chops, Lb 22'/ 2 c I^oreijiiJirlcr, Ib . . ISc VEAL BREAST Lb. 15cROAST Lb. STEAK Lb. 20cCHOPS I.b. 175c Salt Mackerel, ea, Back Bones, Ib. SPftBE BIBS . ....... i 15 SAUSAGE 1>ure 15 r CHOI'S, Center Cttl 25f KnA Ciil, II). •'»' BACON SKINS, IIAM 39 C I'ountl PIG LIVES 1'iMiml HIUSKKT Km- "Iftl u Hoiliuir. LI). I4 K.C. STEAKS ,„ 32 BOLOGNA I'onnil 10 I 14. STEAKS Mcd - C. C. itr APPLE JUIC1 <- N0 - VIENNA SAUSAGE cwl 5c 1,0(1(1 Every Day for .'!() d;iys 1,200 ICmcrson ftiitlio.s. I! Camay 'In fa NEW] WAXED WRAPPER} FRESHER «''•""• SUDSIER . . " ar ti'iii Suds Gel Dili I'tolrrls Clnlhes Oats »» 19c Mustard ?9c Uculilc Hox Lb. Fniicy, M). Crackers ' A •* Alaxwcll m- f|A Coffee i 26c I'ancy LI). LIMA BEANS 5 Ul Kidney, Hi m. Ce • , Can 9 I ! is

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