The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1934
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United ftp Me BOTBEVILLE COURIER NEWS *»«• rvsvftrm Akrt* htevtnen • k m-. ^.— .. , . .'. . __ . i T ^—^^^ w w •^»_^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI.—NO; 29 ithevllk D*llr News Blythevtll* Courier Jl5»ls»ipp( Valley Leader Blylhevllle Herald HLYTHKVILbK, AKKANSAS, KU1DAY, Al'KIL. 20, 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SCRirr TAX RELIEF PLAN LAUNCHED Movement Given Flying Start at Mass Meeting Last Night. ' The Blythcville Relief Committee's script stamp tax plan of railing funds for carrying on direct and work relief programs in j this community was in full swing | rived yesterday morning from the Initial Your Stamps When you attach a 2-cent relief stamp to a certificate, preparatory to spending It. :nncel ihe stamp with your in- :tials. You have made a two per rent contribution to the rfllel (und. II you fall lo cancel your stamp someone wlio subsequently recevics this piece of script may rifle free on your contribution. Your Initials on the stamp you affix make it certain that others Who receive :he script must also', do their part toward the success of the plan. I St. Louis printing house that pro- it- duced them. O. O. Harduway, lo- today. At noon 3.200 oi Ihe comm!. teu's certlflcatcs had been sold for cal cottoji man, gained the dls- cash at Jl apiece and were in cir- junction of being the first to pur- r:ulatlon. R. L. BanLslcr, the treas- chase a quantity of them. Harda- urer, had orders on hand for an way bought sioo worth of them additional J2.500 worth of the pa- before they were offered to the per, to b« filled as soon as he PUb'lc at last night's meeting and could sign the certificates, and it. started them circulating yesterday appeared probable that before afternoon. Sunday $7,500 in script would be No element of risX Is attached to in circulation. acceptance of the certificates. Not Success of the plan appeared °"ly ^ Ihere cash on deposit for assured today after scores of lo- the redemption of every dollar's cal business concerns, large and worth issued, but arrangement, has small, had pledged themselves to been made f °r the protection of acccjjt the certificates at face individuals or business concerns value. I who may receive -more of the pa- Just how much revenue opera- P er Ulan they can readily dispose lion of the plan will produce for ot the relief program depends II & recognized that whole- an d others who must of ' IS PIIITJFI5II Four Powers Vie for Dominance in Tortured Region of Centra! Asia. William I'lillio S'mms fnniM f rr**lirn affair* exuerl. begins herr l/id->v a series of five artlrlfs on '•h'na. the second country he h-is TrA on his Irlo around the for Courier News and other NEA Sfrvice newspaper*.. Simmy's firrt s«rie« on J:« "an was rrrent- in this ntusnaper. series is of unusual timelines-- .In view of Japan's new, hirp order la all other countries that thev stop Interferin in Chinese affairs I'Y WILLIAM PHILIP SIMMS fr'"i»ri>hf. 1SJ4.VF.A Kervfce.IniM WMNO, Anrll 20.— At first, ihe i"h"h!ttints of Slnkiang— Chinese T i"!te.stan. "the country God for- °ot" — are perhaps Ihe most primitive peo-le in Asin. if not on the Ac worst, they [ire fiends THK ROVIKT UNION looks m-riiss u u > |,,,,-. ;ler from llnssltin Tiirkostiui irul -s« i os in Slnkiung HIP ;,nswi'r 'o lior h,-, lu . ,,„. ., firmer fnollinlil In o n . Iral Asia, inn; Hun will Klvo. Ivor u .sp'ntilam-i' continent . u-nii iln- Jirlllsli i,l(, : , :,„,! i-hei-kmalc Japan. Trouble Ceil LIT ol' Central Asia OT TnrV<v<ian—Four nations Inok HlllTALX fpais Russian encroudiment nn Sink in UK as (i lie nl UK a way for the Soviet in strike at : lmli:i. London wntclici warily, ilRlucniiir. her hold on hnrdei countries, strcnKili her frontier ilef ami increasing sphere nf Influence in Tibet. . course, as much on the rapidity ' necessity make most, of their pur- with which the script, circulates as c hnses out of town are liXely to upon the volume of it in clrcu- « ceive more of the certificates lation, but on the basis of the lhan the >' can spend. All they Mart made today the more opti- 9 -' i11 llave to tl ° Is to place their misttc members of the committee .situation before the, executive corn' in charge ventured the opinion , which will take 'the sur- that it ought to yield as much as P lus • wri P t ° a tl)eir haml£ ana ; incarnate. Mohammedans for the most part, they naturally hate Christians and when not busv slaughtering "in- fiflo's" thev turn on one another. None of the tortures which ihousands of years of experience havr> lausht Ihcm have they forgotten, and every now and then thpy invent some new ones. return it to circulation. „, n,,.r,.,i ,!„.-,,r, »"«. LIU ovn, ,„„„>. ;„ JAPAN vies for nowcc In 'Stllkliini; KH a Ijiixu tf. uulllunk lliKihi in nisi- ol win-, to ham. airing Ilir Kovlr-i |, V i r mi 1 ' UK dlvi^luni near [lu. It u n s i ;i < nctniul, i', ri-rl.y il r :. w I n K S o v [ , i tlni Fur Kii»l. wh.-rn t li ft in » 1 n c(mllkl liillK. but lirM- rinl- iicnvi'rs nr« simply a forlorn liopc to retain nil urea ilmi Klic cna not control, waii'lng a K (lulu to proven! 11 new jiurllttnji niiivc liy tin-. nations tliat reaoh urecillly nut for nuoilier tllca ot licr _^\HLi£crli 0 I5^_ Oklahoma Girl Fifhti Sterilization Order NOHMAN. Oklu.. April 20. tUP) —Tin 1 desire of 11 ijlrl lo marry mil "Imvc I'hlliliTn" Unlay vvn.s uxulusi dotermliuillon by 1)11 olflcliils tn reduce by'illtaUlon 11ic defective puinila- lion of ihn slalo. ii'illi; Moiison. 20. was one of eleven yoiuuf women ordornl sterilized l>y llw sialo board of iillnlrs ntler hearings nt the Central Slate Hospital for, the In- Mine liorc yesterday. Tho younu woman, iittructlvc nnd n Irtish Kehuol Krudtintr. re- ci'Htly wns discharged from tho Iwsullnl after treatment (or dc- mcntlji pruecox. She inl^ht bear ehlldn'n wSih the Mime nihnent, I3r. 1). W. ailJIlii. state hosplUil Tlie girl objected to Ihe Ktcrl Uz.ullon order anil licr gunTiiliM Rk'lmnl Cloyd, Nimnnn legislator, said he will confer with her par 1-nl.s today regarding possible coiirt ncllon lo prevent the operation. POLICE DF GOTUE STREET KILLER OF TO Jury. Votes Indict- .-ment Against Man Sought by Mob. 51.000 per week. Stamps Produce Revenue Revenue from the plan is derived from the sale of stamps v which must be affixed to the script each time It changes hands. Oni 2- 1 cent stamp must be attached to each $1 certificate each time it changes _ hinds. _W.hen:' JO, "such . stamps have been attached u> a certificate it may be redeemed for; i 11 i cash nt its face value at the Arrested at Caruthersviltc Farmers Bank and Trust com- ; pany. Thus each »1 in script will j [j reduce 20 cents In revenue for the relief fund before it is retired. Fifty thousand dollars a week in script transactions will Apr. 20 (U jury for Distributing juana Cigarettes. CARUTHBKSVILLE, Mo. — A ton over the coals where he could Chan's confession'that he lur- T£ i^T ,«„' 'ed|16,year.£ld Mac Griffin from Then -he - was-cniclflednxiil-, ier - home tn the woods-on the striDS of flesh cut rom his hvin* td ft of .-, oml an(1 stftbhcj |lf , r \, jbody. were offered to him to eat. . rf f » * -» J ' FlBit Chinese Control These people are not Chinese. They are no more Chinese than the headhunters ol Borneo are; ['-' h -'"- v - r are theyi Orders Use of Convicts to Pull Planters Stopped LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 20 (UP) — Gov. l-"iitrrll todny ordered tin? Male penHeiHinry to ataunlon Ihe us. 1 ol convicl.s In place of mules to pull cotton planters. "The pulling of a hundred pound plainer." the Bovernor siild. "by MX abli' bodied men, is not harmful to Ihcm. Tlic thought thai H Is the vork cf a inuli; suggests thai ili2 practice be .sloptx-d. i have asked the stale jicnal board to stop this practlcD." iy. After all. there Is »l in cash on deposit in trust for the re- nth v.'hin she fought off hi.s nd- 1 " |C?S - LJ U { r II i r 1 tennedlary. Lcckhart will be immediately ar- Holders Ot Cancelled Lon-| j, ar drif>r, a mi Photograph o f Federal Convict Sent to "Jaisie" for Identification. BOSTON, Apr. 20 (UP)-Fed- crnl Rgcnts in Chicago were nsked lodny to locate and nuestlon a woman acquaintance at William Ixirdnrr. 37. Lenvenworlh penltcii- ttnry liimato and latest suspect in tlif I.lndborch baby kldnnninK. ' ^ photOBraph of Lardner has been mailed'to,Dr. John F. (Jaf- slc) Condon, Llndbertih kklnap in- tennccllary, ond. should , arrive, today at (he Bronx home of the in- Paragould Light Plant Bond Issue Held Legal PARAOOULU, ArX.— Porngould was victorious In tlie decision undcd clown by the United States Jlrcult Court of Appeals In St ouls when that tribunal reverscc he recent decision ol Fedora udt;e John E, Marliiioau of Ar- niisns, who Issued an Injunction gainst the city of Paragould to prevent the issuance of $100,OOC worth of bonds to construct ft mu- ilclpnlly owned and operatci •lectrlc licht nnd power plaul The Arknnsns Utilities cumnan oiiriht the injunction. Tlw city has applied for a PWj oan and grant to build the plan 1 inignKl. Tlic court, will order a( and he will go guardsmen kept vl II H^, x ren ep v under the Chinese Hag. and the a , olm[1 tlle bconrthoi;s ., w £ 1!c , he government at Nanking would gran(] , was ,„ scssiou _ Th . gladly gel nt and pacify them if werc mAnci 01lt Tucsday nlgtu it only could. the theme of this story. Here in the very heart of Con- af|c . r [nc tr , , tra) Asia, a spot so far nffav that I .y nigii when a mob threatened to lynch I ho soldiers will remain'on duty until nn of many aliases, tracts Unopposed for [ylajor Systems. WASHIKGTONTApr. 20 (UP)- Penitentiary at Leavenworth for Tcuhy kfrlnap Rang. Lardner Is now serving three years in tile federal Major alrllmf. whose contracts wers cancelled, were uncomestcd lodny in their efforts to retai i in I roimterteit, »1,000 bill "T 0 ^ Jn " ua ry K last Mnrslwt John J. Murphy average man sc of its existence, an seems almost to have forscitlen. is one of the control of the two central trans-." : " oston wnt tlle P lctllre to » continental jyslcms as bids were Condon, who is seeking the mys- openeci by the postofTicn depart- lBrlolls y 0 ' 111 to whom he pass- irnry contracts over ccl " lc "0,OCO Lindbergh ronsom in a fruitless attempt to recover a«c" upon mlinlci l >al clp(ltrlc I>° ffer Dlal11 ' mlttcVl lomiMrary Forty-five bids havo been sub-1 be required to produce $1,000 a man who gave hU name as Ches- week in relief fund revenue. ' er Casey, 24, of BlytheyiUe, Ark., The novelty of accepting as wns Placed under arrest here Wed- money the certificates, which looK nesday night by night officers Ausmore like cigar coupons than like .'rey Bohanan and Will Medlin, Uncle Sam's well known green- and 'odged in the city Jail, charg- back. 1 ;, promises to wear off quick- ed with peddling doped cigarettes. " • Officers said Casey spent Tues- 15' in this city passing out sam- ilemption of each SI of script in P lcs of ' ne doped cigarettes, fell- circulation, so no one risks the ln S those who took free samples loss of more than the two cents'hc could be found at a certain'" 11 ^ 11 ^ win. WUIM-H mu me nhin is ninvminn n *T^AIV\ i n . ""• iii - a '»• *'""-j "••« ....n.., i.~.. ,,„..,„„ t i ln vo ,, C n,,, t, * -, * ^ne^er £ K £,fH ST " ^ *** * "* ^j'^to't STSSTlu, U'^~' ^"S^ffU^ ^ ^f e^slo^s 1^%^?^ ^^l business men agreeini; to accent! Th « cigarettes are about two'~"<3od land." the lamas call it— I ; months. cle tll!>( Joh n was a Bos..._ —,, . *• !,_-.--_ . nr, orl t n c roof of the \vorld. a minister at St. Petersburg remarX-i Thf process of opening the bids """""• "of the large ed Into Ihe of"Our position In Turkestan is flee of Steven U. Clslcr. purely defensive, considering thai tcndc;H of air mall. Cold and Heat Intense stolen baby. was recalled that while Jafslr Labor Renew* Drive for 30-Hour Week Bill Vi "April "20. (UP -^Organized labor leaders startec a resfiie drive today 'for the Con ncry 30-liour work week bill 1 an effort to obtain passage of tli bill at this session. of, congre<9. They were J earful the measure which carries a provision glvtni labor an equal representation wit Industry on NRA code authorillf would be pigeon-holed. It is no on the administration list ot pre ferret! 'legislation. ' . A group of labor executives ha held a series of conferences with reach Communists and Socialists Cooperate in Demonstration. f'AHIS. Aiwll 20 (UP)—Violent uhtliiK 1'roke out Ijite today b?- rcoii jxjlice and communist dnn- TlH! flr-t outbreak occurred at :40 P. M. when ;>ollc? clmved ominiinlsts with llwlr Rsb. Tlie m ol bloody February 0 liav- n<i been Irarued, the aulhorllles Ispenrrd will) i:lubs and firearms. Scores emerged from Die con- • ,l:l with blooil streaming from heir faces. Another serious clash occurred hen 600 communist war veterans, 'd by Ihrce one-logged war h-rocs, rlei! lo smash" thrmiizh the police ordon In the Hue rle Rlvoll. The slrccts were sllupr-ry from driving rain nnd many went- Irmn In tlin rfriigs'l''. Fearing bloody disorders in Manifestations by nowlf rcconcll- d Communists nnd Socialists, the ovcrmnent slcnilv forbade street demonstrations scheduled for to- Lendcrs were warned that force would be used. But Die newspaper, Humanite, rKan uiul liaison agent for the communlsw, Issued a call for the ilomonstrntlon. as scheduled. The government issued its order because It tared emotion would become more find more turbulent between now ami May 1. Communist-Socialist labor ay. President Circen of the American Federation of Lnbor. urging a" harder fight, for the bill. Voliva Mobilizes ,Forces to Save World from Satan the certificates at lace value theyi'nches long and sell for ten cents U P on 'he roof of the world, a minister at St. Petersburg remark-1 Tntf process of ope will soon be as common as dollar 'apfece. They are doped with Mar- 1 tableland 12.00 feet high, a shelf ed In his instructions to the Rus- ; was tedious because bills in BlytheviUe. and as readilyjiJJuana. a drug used by smokers:™ the s 'de of the Himalayas, lot- slnn ambassador in London: 'crowd which swarmec negotiable. The only exception to this Is j western states, that merchants can hardly be expected to take them in payment o; purchases so small- as to require a substantial amount of change, rt will cost the merchant two cents to pass the script along 'In Mexico and some of the south- Doit Spray Effective i in Mosquito Control tiest mountains on earth. we have neither the intention to _________ Bordering It on the west Is Rus- menace nor any interest in men- Ti t t-k!<;}i sian Turkestan, with its glamor- Being England in India. .But i l ' urKls n ous cities of Samarkand, Bokhara, gives us a base for operations Kulja. Khiva. Tashkent, and Kash-' which if required can become an j gar. bosom of the empire of Tarn-1 offensive one." Sterilization Is Unfair Closinn Stock Prices NEW YOHK, April 20 (UP) — The stock market staged a smart recovery near the close today after moving In n narrow, Irregular course. Gains runccd to more than three point*. Ths American CHICAGO, April 20. IUP>—Scl- Thc meaning of this Is clear of ' , £ rcctlvc , , s dollar broke below Its new cold erlane. the Magnificent. Cunning- green dust sprays over Reelfoot 1 J nj\M " mls a " d 100 ° ln * ZION. III., April 20. (UP)—Sat»n and his Imps will seek to bring about the end of the world some lime in September, Overseer Wilbur Glenn Voliva warned today as he set about recruiting a hast of followers to fight .the peril. Voliva admitted that he had learned of tlie Impending doom by divine warnings. His recruiting plan calls for building up an organization "like Hitler's." As leaders In his host Voliva will have the pupils of his parochial school, who must now- take an oath of allegiance to him . Presbyterian Revival 1 • to Close Sunday-Night An active week-end Is planned by si»nsors of the revival meeting In pro'srcss at the. First Presbyterian church. In bringing the ten days of special services to a close Sunday night. This evening the Rev. W. Mooro Scott, of Little Ro:k, wilt speak on "Mcdcin Day Excuses" at 7:45 o'clock. The Booster Band will broadcast over KLCN'Saturday morning, 10L30 o'clock under the direction of Miss Lycla Bess Atkins and L Scott, also of Lltt!c...Rock. More than 100 boys and girls have teen nlicndlng these afternoon services nnd It is expected that almost that many will participate, in the radio projram. Immediately before the broadcast they will have Ihelr pictures made nnd later' .here will be a pecan hunt. Pecans will bo hidden tn the woods so that everything .will b^ like an autumn pecan hunt. W. D. Anderson Heads Cotton Manufacturers ham, chairman of the committee lake in Tennessee. This spray in charge of Introduction of the Le Prince said, proved 100 per Flan, B. A. Lynch, chairman ol cent eflicient arid cost less than the executive committee In charge,half what oil treatments formerly of its administration, and Mayor'cost, The spray acts as a poison Cecil Shane had explained the only to mosquitoes emergency which requires «*i — raising of a large local relief fund I A... P i and how the script plan will op- WK-tyea er.tte. Mr. Cunningham put the certificates on salt. E. R. Mason, In behalf of trie men, onlv a thousand each came against Britain In India. iack alive. Arkansas- Power company, i There is no reason to believe 'he unfit. , [• th 8 " 1at 5oviel Russian policy has ma- Turkish laws at the present' Tfnh h re8ls i° ove rnmenLs change but theprob- la' defectives, but it is suggc-slcd noon 'tne 'i^nS.^^. *™ ° f ™ 11 ™' ««™ ««« «" ^ t ™^^? .^of I at 10 an Fish Caught at Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark.— Lee Orayson a subscription of »500, an ws fol Ser ^of lowed by E. B. Lym»n, who »n- : .f£ " nounced that the ton Oil Company would a«£ PTts." JSHita^K turr^'n:-™*.^ Si^ that ln " lhese heah $230 subscription the Farmers ' 1 half of the Federal Compel, and 1 Warehouse company, E. B. Vy-l man took J250 for himself, and A. B. Falrfleld announced that the Blythevllle Laundry would take $200 in script. Numerous subscrip- o ue tt to bear Institutional treatment, and he ivocates the sterilization of all | ceasing to register. • • • Four Nations Manmver I Britain on Giard Certainlv Great Britain, Russia, and China. For China, it simply represents a forlorn hope to gain control over I Britain docs not' usslan perturbed couples Intending lo wed. beforf a ; marriage HKWP is granted. General American Tank General Electric General .\fotors Inlernntlonnl Harvester' iMontjomery Ward N'cw York Central ... Packard Phillips Pctrobum Simmons Beds Standard rf N. J Texas Co 41 3-4 23 7-8 39 1-4 42 1-4 31 1-2 35 7-8 5 3-8 20 1-2 21 1-4 27 1-4 Rat* Furnished ' \X<l over the fii- . .» , . „,. , _ Icontvmips to tighten her hold on • countries. Students With Funds FREMONT, Neb. <UP> —Caring territory which geographies mark! f° r > . ca j s the Panchen Lama,'for rats during the past fuor years »s hers spiritual head of Tibet, has been has netted Wayne Gardner hand- Por Japan, It Is a far-reaching!""^ 110 . from Lnasa . the , effort to outflank her traditional i a " d .,^ Bs1 nn i dal ; C(1 rot « rn "c was : Wayne raLwd the rats In his , some returns. U. S. Stool 52 1-4 U. S. Smelting 127 1-2 New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 20 (UP) Cotton closed steady. enemy, Russia. hostile to Britain. ' basement and sold them to labor one eve ye ' followed. Blllle Hessle, filling station and tourist camp proprietor, announced a $100 subscription and lollowcd it up with a gift of $10 in script to be used by the Red Cross in relief work. Hardawajr u frm Tlic certificates and sUmpr; ar- surance' Manila.Home Burns For Britain the motive is India. I s 'nce the death three months atorlcs, schools and Individuals for Britain fears that If Russia should' aeo of th e Dalai Lama. pro-Bril-, Purposes ranging from dissection e\fr assert herself In that vicinity, i |5tl ruler of "Ood Land." Britain's |'» pets. The- average price was India might be lost to the empire.:watch over Central Asia has any-, SI. Time and again Britain and Crar-l |ni "S °»t relaxed. There avc ai 1st Russia were on the ragged couple of wars now on Tibet's 1 open );'sh low close : Nfay 1143 I1C3 1147 1162 I July 1159 1174 1158 1172 ,,!0ct 1172 1189 1172 1187 Dec 1183 1200 1183 1197 1189 1203 1188 1203 CHARLESTON, 3. C., Apr. 20 UP)—W. D. Anderson. Macon, On., was clectfd president of the American Cotton Manufacturers association at the concluding session of hat body's 38th annual convcu- lon here today. T. H. Webb, Concord. N. C., was 'lectcd first vice-president and Donald Comer. Birmingham, Ala., second vtce-pre.'tdont. Opposition to "restrictive legis- atiou," voiced yesterday by C. M. tfarchant of Cireenvllte, S. C., retiring president, and George A. Sloan, of New York, president ol he Cotton Textile Institute, also was expressed today by W. M. McLaurlne, secretary of the association. McLaurtne said passage of the national recovery act relieved a certain amount of apprehension and distress present last year on account of various proposals tor government action. edge of war over the mountain passes along frontiers. India's northern tral Asia is nrcessary to maintain ^rouble. some semblance of balance be- destroyed by fire at 10:30 o'clock this morning. The flames, believed to have originated from a faulty flue, spread rapidly and very little of Ihe furnishings were saved. The total loss Is estimated at Threat Over ...... about $2.000. There wns no In- Russia does not want India. Flf- frontiers and there are that Nanking might order' lhe Pnnchcn Lama to return to M reports A. IKn 1 Chicnrjo Wheat Wllll-La. .v.-.^.^vn I.KMII.I vu ll-vutu W t"* , r For Rum., a foothold In cen-'!»st. And that would mean more Ma V open ' 3-4 liijh low close 76 1-2 84 1-8 75 5-8 I July 74 3-4 76 1-2 84 1-4 75 3-4 tween the lion and the bear. Chicafio Corn ty years ago the czar's foreign Chinese p4c. Thus in Central Asia's "heaven"! and "hell- international intrigue goes on. ' j open high low NEXT: France's slice nf ihf May 43 1-4 44 1-2 4.! 1-8 44 1-4 ,. Snut, rinsed s Spots clo-^d sio 1190 1210 : 1180, up 6. New Orteann Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 20 lUP> — CoKmi closed steady. open high \\i close 1153 HG7 1162 1165 1100 1174 1159 1171 May- July Oct Dec close Jan Caruthersville Band Will Play at Cotton Carnival CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —The Caruthersville High School . band, under the direction of Prof. R. L. Morris, is to ntter.d the Memphis Cotton Carnival, which will be held In that city next month. The local organization will play Ihere two days, Friday nnd Saturday, May 181h and 19lh. While there, tlicy will be guests of the Carnival Association, with hotel expense, etc., lo be paid- Prof. Morris Is planning to take about 28 members of the band, made up of those . who practice most laithfull. Tlie band will play a 45-minute concert at Court Square Saturday morning. May 19, and will take jart in three parades dnrinj the two days it will be llicre. Will Lecture Tonight on Bible Fundamentals An Informal lecture on r-! : ^» fundamentals will be given this ?venlng, 7 o'clock, at I'M Pilgrim Lutheran school with the Rev. H. J. Kleindlensl as the speaker on the thime "Prayer". These talks on Bible subjects are held each Friday. WEATHER College of the Ozarks , Way Lose Its Rating CHICAGO, Apr. 50 (UP)—Seven colleges would te dropped (torn, the accredited list of the North Central Association of Colleges and 1173 11S6 1171 1183 l Secondary • Schools under recom- I July 40 45 7-8 48 1-8 1183 1196 1182 1193 1200 1200 1200 1197b 1197 1207 1197 1207 Snots closed steady at 1180, uu 3. March mendatlons reported today by tl\e organization's board of review. Among them wns the College of the Owirlcs at clftrksville, ArV. Arkansas—Fair, somewhat colder in southeast portion tonight. Saturday fair. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and cooler tonight, possibly frosu Saturday fair. According to the official weather observer. Saimiol P. Norrls, the minimum temFer'at.urc here yesterday was +3 degrees and the maximum 71 degrees, clear, with north 'winds.

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