The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
Page 6
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' PAGF SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Six Important Trends Started In Construction By FHA Influence Six Important trends have been set up tn (he construction field ns a result of. Federal Housing Administration activity, declared E. .C. House, Colorado banker. In a review of the present trend of the mortgage-loan business. "First," he said, "tlierc is n- trend toward closer supervision and better construction. There Is H decided improvement In the construction practice of today over the practices of 10 to 15 years-ngo. E«(ter Design "Second, the trend toward belter design in housing. Freak plans and eiemelons are not eligible for PI1A loans, and, of- even more importance, the FHA Insists that the new house be properly located titid that the design be properly suited to that location. "Third, the trend townrcl a more careful selection of tlie morn! risk , nnd credit rating of tlie borrower . with particular emphasis on discouraging purchases beyond, ability to pay. < Fixed Charges "Fourth, the trend toward amortization of fixed charges for taxes, insurance, and special assessments, a practice almost unknown prior to the depression, correcting n situation which caused us more trouble ••than any'other one thing—delinquent taxes. "Fifth, the elimination of the sinking-fund type of loan with all of QIC bad reactions which It set up. "Sixth, the virtual elimination of costly second-mortgage financing and the reduction of monthly payments, Including taxes tad insurance, to less than the rental value." Repairs Are Made On Bank Building Among 'minor improvements being made tor.the First National Bank building: recently was the sound proofing of -ah. office and rederaratipji. Gay Colors Possible Now In Many Cements '•- The appeal of gay colors may bo extended to cement surfaces through the use of special cement paints. More .practical than ordinary paints for the purpose, special cement paint contains no materials that would be affected by thechem- ical action of lime, alkali, or water. Besides cement, the paint Is adaptable for use on stucco, masonry, cement block, brick, stone, and tile. Funds for painting cement surfaces are obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Widely used for painting the interiors of basements, some types of .cement paints can be applied on fresh plaster or concrete without waiting for the material to dry. Incinerator Useful Home Equipment Now A new type of incinerator now available, for homes requires no auxiliary fuel and little installation expense and may be built into the heating flue by any qualified mason. Funds for installation of such incinerators may be obtained •from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Ad ministration. Two separate combustion chambers are provided for garbage and dry rubbish. Two cast-iron shaker grates and a drawer type ash pan facilitate removal of the ashes. Heat from dry refuse burning in the lower compartment dries the wet garbage above and sets it afire. ^TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1939 Frame Colonial This dignified New England home represents a lypc of construction typically American. Its interior arrangement is as traditional as its simple exterior, rack of waslc stiace, a feeling, of spaciousness, and honesty of architectural design make this home preferred by many over leas convenlioHal plans. Given a valuation of $<j.700 by Federal Housing Administration officials, this Iiome was built in Massachusetts with the aid of a mortgage for $5,000 insured by the FHA. __ PI.SN JtCOHD rtOOR. Your Home ^CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Attle Rooms The attic Is usually nn easy and ecpnomclal place in which to add bedrooms .or playrooms. With such an addition room house one changes to u six- or seven- flve- - room house without adding si wing or becoming involved In serious structural changes. Adequate ventilation and light for these rooms can be provided by adding dormers and windows in the gable. If possible, dormers should be added In. both front and rear so that there will be thorough cross-ventilation. The Housing Administration, under its Federal Modernization Credit. Plan, insures loans by qualified lending iiistiln- tlons for remodeling attic space for this purpose. Door Closers Screen doors nre more convenient when (here Is some mechanism lo close them quickly. Door- controlling devices cnn be obtained which hold the door under control from start to finish of the closing operation and provide ft separate "slow or fast" adjustment nt the latch. Ttiese "no-slam" devices cnn be installed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. I'erlod Slmllcrs . Shutters often contribute much to the appeal of homes of colonial or oilier period design, if they arc authentic In style. Manufacturers arc now making shutters thai conform to 'the architectural stylo of all common period homes. They may be Installed with funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Screens for French Doors Screen doors of tubular metal framework are especially adaptable tainnblc from qualified lending Institutions luuler the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, Questions and Answers Full Benefits Of FHA Plan Unavailable Unless Land Controlled With the object of making Die lull benefits of mortgage imm-ancc available to all communities, the PHA's Land Planning Division encourages communities which lack adequate Kiting ordinances to set up such regulations and thereby provide Die necessary protection ••Added Impetus is said to have been given to rezonlng activities during recent years by the unwillingness of lending institutions to advance mortgage money for the purchase or construction oi homes located In areas zoned for commercial use. •nib attitude has been festered by the Federal Housing Administration's underwriting practice, which attaches great weight to hazards to residential investment resulting from this condition. The large vacancies, or use for other purposes, of land in commercially zoned areas have led city officials to realize that estimates of possible future commercial and' industrial expansion were unduly optimistic. Q. Is it necessary to "well" trees where tlie grade is to be raised? A. Generally, yes. Wells should ( be of sufficient diameter to permit i future growth and to admit air to the base of the trunk, in heavy :il the well must be drained nnd the area over Hie root spread should be thoroughly drained and aerated by placing crushed stones or cobblestones to n depth of several Indies over Hie old grade iround the tree. A subtle accent of color may be added to an otherwise drab roon by drafting doors to serve a decorative purpose. Doors may be painted shades that will liven up the entire atmosphere of the room. | In rooms where [here nre too many doors, it is possible to "paint' out" as many us is desirable by, making them the color of the mills.' Four Out Of Five ' Homes Have Garages Pom- out of every five new homes securing PWA-lnsumt moiiyases in 1038 had garages; almost s in 10 properties had garages of 2 or more car capacity. Among homes valued at less than $2,000, only 2 c»t of 5 had any garage; 1 in evcrv " ' garages of 2 Cedar Plaster Is Effective, Mothproof A cedar plaster, which is eligible for installation under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, is nonbeing manufactured for mothproofing closets and storage chests. Any usual wall surface can receive the cedar plaster provided sufficient bond Is available. The plaster is sold to cover about two square feet per pound when mixed with water. The finish when dry is of a pleasing natural red color and is said to be fireproof anil sanitary. to French doors, because the frame 100 properties had garottes oi 2 is narrow nnd Inconspicuous andj or more car capacity. In the 55000 Hermits a larger light area. They to $5 999 home catororv i m,i may be Installed in the home with of The ho.rS luu gara'4- funds obtnmnhln frnm minimal t, n .i n _.. ' B'"H O IA, funds obtainable from qualified'had' lending Institutions under the Mod-1- crnization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, | The metal construction assures strength and rigidity for the door yet carries n minimum of bulk nnd weight. The frames can be fitted with any standard screening. Telephone 1 Cjibinels Telephone cabinets which fit into n niche In the wall nre an Interesting feature of many homes and effectively solve the problem of where to place the phone. These citblncls, available In several styles, may be installed with funds ob- or move car capacity. , i m "Iii tlie Garden" One of the most perfectly kept yards in this section Is that of Mr and Mrs. E. o. Adams, who live cue-half mile north of Blytheville on Highway 61. The yard, with its numerous elm trees, and the adjacent small park, with its many shrubs, presents a picture of Immaculate care. Bed barberry bushes are arranged across the front of the little park- to form a part of the hedge, kept clipped, but the barberry bushes nre not. Although Mrs. Adams says she Is unable lo have many flowers because of the unusual number of trees in her yard, she has lovely white and watermelon crape myrtle bushes and a double Rose of Sharon bush. The lawn is planted in blue grass. - A church In Mlddletown, N. J., Is, supported by. money left by C«ptata Ktdd, the pirate. Even If Your Salary Is Small VOU CAN OWN A HOME Careful planning will enable you lo enjoy the satisfaction and convenience of home ownership, although you feel you cannot afford a big otiflay of money. With a comparatively small amount, phis FHA financing, we can help you build a comfort able and attractive small home . . . one that will suit your purse, yet complete enough for Votir requirements. .LET US HELP YOU BUILD THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 QUALITY SAND GRAVEL AT THE RIGHT PRICK ALSO ALL GRADES C9AL Phone 700 or 372 SUPERIOR COAL CO. Q. What should one consider In arranging walks and drives? A. Walks and drives should be arranged for convenient and safe access to the house and garage and •should be so placed as to Interfere as little as possible with the use of open spaces lor .yards and lardens. Q. What can 1 do to make my altic cooler In summer? It Is very hot, even though I have the windows open. A. The windows are probably too small to allow the licat to be carried cut' by natural circulation. The rendition may be improved by .nstalllng an electric fan in one of :hc windows to draw out the hot iir or by adding more .vlndaws or ventilators. Q. What causes damp spots on nside surfaces of outside walls? A. They are usually caused by eakages around window frames or n cold climates by condensation nf nolsturc on interior surfaces of the wall which arc below, the dew- point temperature of the air. Occasionally there may be leakages through n mascnry wall. These are generally traceable to defective joints or failure to provide an air space by furring or other means uamp sp:ts may also be caused by leaking or sweating pi pcs . '' ° rcier *» llc ' ' QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS- feaslble for me to have an apartment over the garage that would be vented? A. Rental apartments over garages t and similar arrangements rarely enhance the value of a property and then only temporarily. On the c:ntrary, they usually cause it to decline in value when viewed over n long period of time. China Ciosets Can Be Had In Classic Style Corner china closets, including reproductions of many classical styles, arc being manufactured and may be installed In the home with funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Mod- B. W. Thweatls Of Near Luxora Are Erecting New Home Here Work started yesterday on the building of Blytlievlllc's newest house, that of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Tlnveatt, which is being constructed at the corner of West Main and Thirteenth street, Tlie 75-foot lot was purchased from M. Pitzsinimons. The modern residence will have five rooms and two baths with a terrace opening off of the living room on the South. Other features of the house will include new type corner windows, a fireplace in the living room, numerous- closets nnd *<.Lkuint3 JnoiiLuiJUlJ^ lliJUCi Hit IVIUU- living J,\JU[!l f IlUjTlC' ernizatton Credit Plan of the Fed- butlt in equipment, eral Housing Administration. | Cedar siding will bo used for the A widely popular feature of many l outside walls and the roof is to dining rooms, china closets of'Col- be of composition shingles, the onial and other designs serve as functional pieces of built-in furni- . ....^viui.ui jji\,..vj ui uinm-iii luiin- *»i\. *j»yi.aiji:* uic nuw residing turc and at the same time contrib- en their farm near Luxora but plan ,,!„ .„ ,i,, ., ------ .!... ..i ..... . ., ute to the decorative scheme of the home. The One Purchase That Grows In Value YOUR FHA HOME Money put inlo a home of your own is invested, not spent. There is always a demand for GOOD HOUSES, like all FHA homes have to lie. If you select your lot with care, tititM in an established community with a future, use forethought in the design and plan of your home, then the passing years will acid charm ami value so that you can always dispose of your home at a urofit. Our service and experience plus FHA supervision will insure you full value for every dollar invested. 1'hone ion or see us Today. E, C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. New Stairs Safety Measure For Homes Prefabricated stairs designed for Installation in houses provide low- cost, firc-stife stairways and are particularly adaptable as a modernization device to replace unite worn and unsafe. The average unit weighs about 380 pounds and may be installed by two men. Eligible under tlie terms of the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, these prefabricated 'stairs are designed so the supports permit the installation of the unit In any type of floor fiaming. If desired, treads may be of steel, with linoleum or asphalt tile. color not yet decided upon". The Thweatts are now residing jo live in their new home expected to be completed by early winter. Approximately one-tenth of the slate of Maine consists of water. Bead Courier Mews want ads. EXPERT ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges and Water Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP Shopping Tire You? Will you spend weary hours of search, lose your temper in the jostling crowds, pay too much for a second- choice because you are too tired to look farther? You won't—if you take this solution! Shop first in this newspaper! % N Here the stores show you their stocks right in your own, colors, prices, things you want"to know. No magic carpet could whisk you past counters and aisles with the accuracy and success of the paper in your hands. And you save money too—because you can see by turning the pages where prices are what you want to pay. Watch this newspaper daily for the important shopping- news it brings you.

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