The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1949
Page 11
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f WEDNESDAY, TOLT fT, 194* BT.YTHEVn.LB (ARK.y COUKTER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams .' ItXTLL ee M3U STABT BEFORE TM' CALF CROSSES IK LINE. Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople wiu.,Goooey/iU MIS» FA«*4eu.riW LET'S GO, V0O-— 3OST Lltifr ^^^MAiTHA?WBtLj8O5TaZ-~—^Ir* IS OFF Ttswr ^B TREAio«e voo *see IF voo • THAT swoes.' IF you GET W id OCR FoMoesr/CAiJ BETTER I MOTOR LOST ifi-rue V/OODS, rA -tHouGHTS-— ^-TKE SPEED PORCuPiMe* ACS >2:9 Ak» DID Yoo TASTY -~-THey Jf/ PACK -ME- •CHKiSTOPUES)-TrtOSt COMt tQUiPPEO/H CORDED TOl^GOEr J COLOMBOS/ JCOWBELL4 WITH TCOTHPllXS.V (SANDWICHES? / ^—Smte^' UWOBR ^Wfe -£?£• <fv « . OF YOU AT DMCM TIME - A4on Hits Lawyer, City, And Policeman's Car COLUMBUS, O. r.? 1 )—The driver, police decided, was most unfortunate In his choice of victims In hi.s automobile accident. Fir*t, he crashed into the rear of an flllorney's automobile. Then, he side-swiped a city garbage truck. He wound up by crushing aRainsI tree a policeman'.'; car which had been parked at the curb. - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO ^SIMPSON'S CAFE lrk-Mo Slate l.ln. A C(K>] Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 lo 3 • Crappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Clone • Service — That's Our Motto/ W« spare no eHort LD providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service which meant extra convenience to you Feel free to can on us at any time Prompt de- jjXtn service Phone SOT WOODS DRUG STORE THR STOHYi Mal.Mr. a wlrf.M. II »»« the WOMAB M-.» lire. 1* |. v Ir.flrr. Mr*. Kv*r»OM. RM.y, ••« • nlferMc. r.B««te.r «r tke cr.ek. • VCM Mr*. Nal« n r the Job. SoMr- • n«i M.. 7 lw«,fc» familiar 1* Mr*. • f l.r fault wktt !• leaving. l»»l Mem- Kvrrto. I. rrai?. Hr«. Ma- lop** r*k«» [ar BoaMlo.. Mr*. r:»«-r- FOR SALE Concrete cnlTerU. 12 Inch I* 41 Inch, plain or mnforccd. ALw Concrete ttnildlnt Blocks cheap er thlD lumber for bants, chicken houvv pump honsrx, Lenanl houses, tonl shedx We delJTer C«U n> for free estimate Phon« 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. S«.V it FLOWER SHOP With *'luwcr> THE Phoiw M»l at 4741 A,fRS. EVERSON had crossed the compartment and now opened • door in th« far side of the vestibule which folded back upon itself like a fan ... a compact and space-saving contrivance. Beyond, there were two rooms with an op«n door between: a Kitchen, ami a bed-sitting room. Farther back, another door opened into storage space and a lavatory. Everything was brand new, shining, of the finest quality, convenient, workable. The kitchen itself made Mrs. Malooe's mouth water. She thought a chef from a swank hotel would enjoy cooking over nich a stove, using such utensiU within arm's reach of «uch a Tariety of spices, flavorings, condiments and essentials. The window, curtained daintily, now framed the familiar desert. th< dark clumps of mesquite, the distant blue of. hills. "As you see," Mrs. Everson said, using the phrase again and with her own particular emphasis, "the room you would occupy has it* own radio, a place tor your clothes, a reading light." She turned and looked directly at Mrs. Malone, as if searching lor some clue to her personality. "You seem to be a sensible woman," she said. "Not like that fool who just left. I warn you. there won't b« any amusements where I'm going. But I'll pay you well. Three hundred dollars a month. How about it?" • • • 71TRS. MALONE realized that she must make her decision quickly. Her mind tried to encompass all the evidence at once, but there wasn't much to go by . . only Ihese obvious facts: here, manifest, were wealth and power. Here was luxury. The expensive freedom available only to the privileged. . . . Adventure, perhaps. Not Joe's kind . . . not the humane exploration, the search for truth. This had something uneasy about it. even a little sinister, but also exciting. Mrs. Malone's senses tickled with apprehension and with desire. "1 wonder." she said, "if you would mind my asking a question? Is this a scientific expedition?" Mrs Kverson smiled. Her long fingers caressed her thighs and she shook her head so that the heavy weigh! of hair swung from side to side. "Not exactly," she said. "I'm going hunting. For peace and se- PAGE ELEVEN care. i»w iy KU soviet, me. 1, u. "It's been several years sinca ha found anything wrong with me—I only hope he isn't losing his enthusiasm as he grows older!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL JBLOSSER Com Also Livermore 1. SWOW.D K»W LIKE .518 \ JUST 8OARD OF DIRBCTORS TO 1 LEAVE COGITATE UPON file MOTER /7HAT TO WHYJS A BEAN LIKF A BANJO? BKAOSE 1MEVRB &OTI-I STRINGY//-YUK, ' THAT REMINDS M I MUST ORO£R, SCWE Mo«e HAM/ I'KISCIl.LA'S I'OI 1 Touch System BY AI, VKK1MEER SAY. 1 MAT'S WONDERFUL I'M REALLY 'SURPRISED' BUI DON T TRY GOING INTO THE DEEP WATER PR'SCILLA.' LOOK, POP/ I CAN SWIM.'; A Timely Arrival MICHAKL O'MAU.KY and RALPH LANE MM ? WHY. tUCY. YOU'RE TOO fOUNS Ciednwhile, a couple of Hie creatures under discuwiort were approaching. . . I 6Ei _ NOBODY BOf FATHER EXCEPT WHEN WE SUP AWAY TO THE RAH. AND BOYS AREM'T SO AWfUl act THEY TO WORRY YOUR HEAD ABOUT MEN.' I KNOW, MISS SLADE. THAT'S WHA1 I KEEPTELLINC MYSELF .-.- WE ARE, TACKY, ANO NO rElLING WHAT EXCItEWENT WE'It UNO AT tAKESIDE LODGE . ALL r HOPE ISTHAT YOU FIND THE MURDERER YOU'RE All EC. VIC "I'm ll»d Ihe sthrr one went sway," Victor said. •he was scared and unhappy. Bui yoa Me brave." "Already curitr. Does that answer your gratin, penis, cake small code* question?" mint*. "Yes," Mrs. Malone said. Suddenly, she decided. "I'll take the job." "Very well. And please call me Mnclam. All of my servants do." A sensation of sharp anger rose in Mrs. Malone like a snake coiling to strike. She was. normally. an even-lempcrcd woman, not given to resentment, but she despised arrogance. She controlled herself, now. with an effort"Very good, Madam." she heard herself say. She sounded so c.v.iclly like a professional domestic that she laugher! inwardly. All at once she began to enjoy herself. "plfE trailer swayed slightly when in motion, and there was a faint, faraway sound of deep- treaded tires. The outside world seemed non-existent: it appeared in flowing variations across the windows, but had no more reality lhan a series of pictures. The interior itself was air- cooled. Mrs. Malone noticed the blurred whirring of small fans set in ventilators, and as she moved about the kitchen she felt wisps of wind that stirred her hair and touched her cheeks. She was not expected to prepare lunch An order scribbled on a piece ol blue paper crested in gold called for dinner promptly ai six. to be served in the "mam salon." Chops, peas, potatoes au "OfSfrnl" Ts Mormon Word SALT LAKE CITY -H/TV- The unusual name "Deserct" Is widely And, as ah apparent afterthought, bui underscored: "For two. Myself, and my house guest, Marchese Dellacasa. Victor will set the fable and serve." W7"HO Victor might b*, Mrs. Malone liad no idea until, toward sunset, when the caravan bumped cautiously ofT the road and halted. Mrs. Malone saw the driver, quick, catlike, walking back toward the second trailer. A few moments later her kitchen door opened and Victor entered her life. He was a Filipino, of medium height, young, with an immaculate skin and very black eyes and hair. He seemed nervous, apologetic. "Are you the new cook? I am Victor, I am pleased to meel you." His English was Impeccable, with a fresh, childlike enunciation. "Hello, Victor. My name'! Malone." Her cheerfulness pleased him visibly. He gave her a shy. quick smile. "I'm glad the other one went away," he said. "Already she was scared and unhappy But you are brave." 'Nol brave. Just reckless." Mrs. Malone said. "You see. Victor. I'm not one to care much what happens to me. Now show me about the labte . . I'll help." "Thank you." Victor said. (To Be Continued) WASH TUBIJS Do You Have (u Tell [Js? JiY LKSLIK TUHNER hmhe £ " y llls[lt " tlons and.dcscrct is the- honev ben. The svm- busmcsses. n comcs from |hc 8ook , nol of t| - "•• of Mormon, in which the word bee hive GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on .vour ff Soybeans, Corn, \Vheal and olher Grains. Our Kins are Government Approved, Gnv- cmmciil Financed, 5 years to pa.v For Full Particulars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVILIE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville, Ark. Phones 856-857 HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expected Place your order now for your requirements, to insure your needs fom first car. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phones 85K-857 RIylheville. Ark. THF GUMS COMPANY \\\ \l Ui, Fhon« 3075 E EVER SO NICELV. m DA.DDY ISGOIUGTO TEACH ME QUITE soon 1 . f DIDJ6.GET VsHE'S 4, ENGLISH KID I I THM? EAHTHa, \ GETT* BANG EvEE' TIME STRA,UaE 1 ,.BOy, J SHE OPENS HER. VAP! MN'T THAT HICK /BUT WMT'LL I TELL SOU 2 -^ ABOUT H6U OLE MO.U! I5UGS HUNNV HOW LONG HAVE/ OH, I BEEN YOU STUPIEP •f KNOCKIN 1 AWAY SCULPTURING, ) AT IT PER AWHILE/ YAK/ ONE O 1 THESE PAYS I'LL BE KNOWEP AS TH 1 BEST CHI56LER AROUND SIT RIGHT THERE/ I'LL MAKE YA A BUST/ There She FJoIls ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN &0 l/tt: COU\_O _

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