The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1949
Page 7
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THUSRT)AY, APRIL 28, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN New Labor Bill May Get Riders Backers May Accept Amendments to Save i Measure from Defeat William F. WASHINGTON, April 28— MN— House Administration leaders said today they will accept certain amendments to their Taft-Harlley repeal bill to save it from defeat by Republicans and Southern Demo* crat.i. The claimed a minimum of 210 votes for a modified version of the Le.sinski bill as a decisive vole approached—possibly late today but probably not until tomorrow. Normally, that total would be enough to send their bill Lo the Senate. The measure would repeal the Toft-Hartley Labor Act and replace It with a union-backed measure modeled a Her the 1935 Wagner Act. But opponents -still publicly claimed an edge in voting strength. They hoped to substitute a bill Introduced by Rep, Wood <D-Ga) which would retain most of the Taft-Hartley law's major provisions. Some labor spokesmen have called the Wood hill a Lnughcr measure than the orginal Tnfl-Hailley Imv. Privately. Republicans and Southern Democrats leaciinp the fight against the administration measure told newsmen "the pressure" being £ applied by labor and Democratic ^ leaders was beginning to produce results. Looks Like Toss- Up "It looks like a toss-up right now,' a top Republican said. "It all depends on lioiv many amendments the administration is willing to au- ccpl to save its bill." Administration spokesman indicated willingness to accept these changes in the bill introduced by Chairman Lesinskl (D-Mlch) of the labor committee: 1. A requlrmcnt that representatives of both employes and employers sign non-Comimmist affidavits as provided in the Wood bill The Taft-Hartley law requires only union leaders to sign them. 2. A provision allowing the government to obtain Injunctions lo delay strikes that imperil the national health or safety. The Taft- Hartley law and the Wood bill contain a provision covering this. 4. A provision requiring unions lo bargain in Rood faith, as contains in the Tail-Hartley Act and the Wood bill. But before those amendments were voted on, the House had to A decide whether it wanted the Wood bill, which was due for n vol ahead of the Leskinski measure. School Activities In Osceolo for May Scheduled A .schedule of Mny school activities m O^ccoln \vas released loday by C. Fi-anklin Sandevs, siiperlnlcnd- eul. The schedule shows that schools tlu'L'e win close, Mny '21, Tlie Mny schedule opens with a d'fshmnn party and the distribution of registration forms on Muy '2. The program of activities foj the Osceola schools In Mny includes: May 3 -1-H Chorus Conceit. May 4 Field Meet at. High School. May S Language Club Banquet. May fi student Council Assemb- C.rario School O|ierelR (01 PTA at 7 ;30. May 11 li;ind ROCS to Cotton Carnival at Memphis. May 12 Senior Recognition Day. Mary Ann Bradshuw Re cital. May 13 Freshman Banquet an< Dance. Ministerial Banquet la Seniors. May 15 Baccalaureate Sermon. Mny 18 Assembly, senior cla? day. Summer Roundup of PT. at 1:30 p.m. May 20 Graduation Exercise. Mav £< Kxanls. May 24 Exams and 6th a rat! Promotion Kxcrcises. May 25 Exams. Mny 20 Fowlston Music Recital. May 27 School Closes. Dance Recital. Trans-Atlantic Marketing Drop in Vet-Students In Missouri Is Seen Missouri House Votes o Enroll Negroes in State's White Colleges JEKFE'RSON OITY, Mo., April 28 iVi—Any Missouri Negro sliould be able to eo to any state supported vcrsily or college, the Mi.s.soml life said by » 100 to 8 vote yes- torriuy, The \)a.ssCd nnd sent the :nuUtion-bhi.stliiK nu'iisurc to Lhc Senate wilh little argument. T-A'o NVpro reprc.sent^tlvo.s spoke fecl'iiiily (ov the mcnsurc which they snlci would make rtinnocrncy a reality In Missouri. Sine* Missouri became B state back in IH21 nnd there has never been a ease in which a Negro could attend M'h<x>l with whiles. Florida House Passes Anti-Communist Bill •ducator Sees Shift in School Responsibilities I,. H. Auliy, stulc iTpiTxrntiU.w vom Mississippi Conuly, yeMeulixy I'viewi'd the Intest IcK-slnlivo srs- ilon before members of the Klwun- * Club ul their luncheon »t tlic Uolel Noble. Mr. Autry expli.lnpirt the flmindnl nicnsiircK, uiul lold the KIwnnLunn I hut the sttile hnd accopU'd the utc.sL possible nld to schools, i\m! thul loncl taxes and Inrnl rfforl would bo ncressnry for rmlher ex- isimi of rriucnlloiml pioKrutus ii Missourian Nominated As Envoy to Ethiopia WASHINGTON, April 28—(A 1 )— I'reMdcnt Truman ycsterdity nominated Cieorge U. Murrc.l of Missouri for promotion Irom minister to Ambassador to ftthlouu, The notion nil SCR the Kliilu.s o( this country's represent tit ion in lojm. Merrcll was H White House caller yesterday. McrrcH, R native of St, I-XHits, has been in the foreign service since 1G22. Hefore his appointment its minister to KLl.lop.u, Me IT ell w»s KCHTlnry of the office of the ncr.soiml iTpr<Vii»nlnl I ve of thr Piosl- tlent In India and litter commissioner of the United Stales to India. LEACHVI LLE , ARKANSAS. STARTING TIME Weekdays: 7:00 & 9:M F. M. Saturday & Sunday; 1 P. M. \VJth Continuous Showln* John Highmorc, left, of Sonttiuniplon, a waiter on the SH Caronin, and U. J. Barnes, also of So'.itiiampton, steward on the Queen Mary, ;4ock up on food supplies in a New York supermarket, Now that the lirilbh government nllows ils seamen to luive more American dollars while in port licrc, they're spcndini! their shore leave shopping for food nnd clothes to lake home to their families. TALLAHASSEE, J-Mn.. April 'IK— (/T)—The Florida ycslerd voted to require Antl-ConniumLs onUis from all nubile employes m stnrled nu inquiry lo learn If llu v r Is any Hfd tint to Lenchltig state college families. Without n tllsscn ting vote, th House pii.s.scd ftud sent to the Sen ite a bill requiring everyone who Irnxvis his nny from public funds to 1 iwesiv be Is nnt u Communist niul lot'.s not believe In iive.rlhro\vinn Hie ;overntncnt by foiTc, The Rennlc »lr?ady hits p:^snl u .lightly dlfferml bill, which vauild rtpiire r\lsci nn oath Hint the i-in- ,>loye has no sympathy wllh Communist doctrines. Fulton County Youth Wins Top Prize in Game Restoration Program JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., April Wi - The Senate Appropriatioi Committee was told yesterday tl jve state colleges in Missouri w ase over $135.000 by the lass of Jtcrar.s* enrollments. G. W. Diemer, president of Cen- ral iVi=£Oiin State College nt War- reiv.burp told the committee next | youth game restoration program, all u^H see about 30 per cent !csr> veteimis' enrolling. The committee was considering Holier-approved bill giving over LITTLE ROCK. April 28. M'(— Doiwtxxt Crouch of reeling, \-\\\- uni County, Ark., today was awarded the $1.000 scholarship as [ prize in the 1948 statewide farm S21.'X)0.000 to Ihe State University at Columbia, the five state colleger and Lincoln University for Negroes, to last for the next two years. Dr. \V. W. Parker, president of Southeast State College at Cape Girarclesu said from 1030 to 1949 only Sl.500,000 was spent for building piirprfes at the five schools. Temperatures over U.S. Range, from 25 to 99 CHICAGO. April 28 (.T-i— liter was rain and cool weather over wide a-eas of the country today. Temperatures dipped below free^Ing in Michigan, hitting 24 at Grand Marais and 25 at Cadillac, and Pellston. The cool air extended from Northern Michigan eastward to Northern New England. Titen: were several wet spots. One rain belt, several hundred miles wide covered areas from the Caro- linai nnd Virginia WBst-southwest- \vard to Texas. Tne mercury registered 83 at Wiliislon. N. D., yesterday. The nation'.' lop mark. 1 ;, however, were AT&T, Western Electric Deny Anti-Trust Charges NEWARK, N. J., April 28~-<flV- The Western Eleclirc Co., and American Telephone and Telegrapr Co,, yesterday filed in U.S. DisLricI Court a denial of federal charge., that they were violating the anti trust laws, The denial was in answer to a govenrniEnt complaint filed Ins January charging restraint of trade and monoply in the maiuifuctur and .sale of telephone cquipmenl Western Eelectric and AT. and T are defendants in a governmen civil suit which seeks to separat Western Electric from the Bell sys tern and divide, it into three com panics. 99 at Phoenix and Ari7,ona. 98 at Yuma, stock Since 1008, the MasJld-i-Sulaiman j par value. Little Rock Door Sales Company, Incorporates LITTLE ROCK, April 26—OPj— The Crawford Door Sales Cornpan of Arkansas, Little Rock, filed art icles of incorporation with the sec retary of state yesterday. The firm listed authorized i s 500 shares at. $10 Incorporators: B. oil field In Iran ha? yielded 92-4 t Howard, C. C. Hudson and L. R million barrels of cmdc oil. Donaldson, all of Memphis, Tenn Awards to Crouch and 20 other strict winners were mnde at a lint Umc-heon meeting of the Ar- insas Game nnd Fish Commission IK! the Arkansas Wildlife Feite- •Uion. More than 3,000 farm youth com- ted in the contest, dcMgnrd prin- ipally for quail restoration. District One winners included: Vfllinni Thornton, Brookland. 'ralghciid CounL- Rosa Lee Jones, 'aragnuld, Greene Count; and Boby StcLncr, Marvel!, Phillips County Match-Carrying Bird Blamed for Starting fire in Hest in House LYNN, Mass., April 28—<rt'j—A bird wdrf biumcd today for "strib- ng" n mtitch that caused a $'2,500 cottage fire. Deputy Fire Chlt-f James O' said the Imd evidently crinied the match to Us nest In the copi'H of the roof nnd pecked oil it unit It burst into flume. Read Courier News Want Ads. In a business session yesterday! ilio i-lnb voted to tlonnto $riil to the Mississippi County Mi'morlul A^sor- iulion for tin* ilrlvo to colLivt $5.1100 to oret'l a marker honoini^ llu- wnr dfnd of World Wars I niul 11, Thry ulso agreed to n.ssLsl In si'iu Kmlly J. WuiTi'ii to a Hot Hpi'ln^s Unspliul for I ITU t men t. The club nlso ri'cognl/.cti the birth- iluys of Cecil Lowe 1 nnd Willbm llnonc. Oucsl.s llH'huli'd Ira H, WrlRhl, l")r. 1-. HiiLiKlilnu, Ilex CnOn, A. O. llrlckey. of Oscooln. luul Jim- inle Ixnvc niul Hob Wnricn. A.s a NOpclMl nb.scrVivnco of llnys mil Girls Week, next week, eui'h Owunluti will brine u I'hlh! In [In 1 iixm nuH'lliiK ncxl, Wi'diu-sihiy. lAlMUINO nnd Kl.KCTKICAL WllllNC,' PSC Authorizes Telephone Company to Issue Bonds .rrriAO ROCK. Ainll i>n—r/iv- The Arknnsu.s Public Scrvke C'om- mlsslon the Smitluvi-sl- cni States Telephone Company to issue new storks mul bonds to t money for conslmclkm inirpttse The commission, however. l/od (he company's iinnnci for .suk 1 of the slock. The order Klves llic comimuy permission to Issue $ffl)0.000 of first mortcnec bonds nnd 611,000 slimes of $10 pur vnlue coinmon slock. NiaL'.an» l-'nll.s him became thi 1 inllni; elei'lro-rhenikiil mul elrc- u - tiU'lidluri'.it'ul Lnuinitucturhrj •nler ul the nulloii. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slovk (iunninlt'vil Hest I'rifes Kirby Drug Stores Last Time Today "SAJGON" with Alan Ladd • ncl Veronica I*aka News, Curlnon, &. Short Friday PAL NIGHT I 'I (or (he Price »t I | "DREAM GIRL" with Kelly llutton anil McDonald Carey Also Short Subject Saturday (BIO 1KHJKI.K FEATURE) PUBLIC COWBOY NO. t 'SON OF A BAD MAN" wllli Lush Liirue and Fuzzy St. John Serial: Sliorla Missouri Lawmakers Bonder Bonus Question JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. April 2'i :i i—Slioulri Missouri pay its World War Tl veterans a bonus? If so. how much? And how? Those- iricky problems face a Mib- corniir.ilee of a committee which last night appeared reluctant to tax surh luxuries as furs and jewelry lo pay the cost of n bonus. Members of I he subcommittee promised to rrrne up with nn Idea within :'. week. Mnan while, a different Houss committee approved another veterans' measure. H would set up in Mi5.-5or.ri the so-called Nebraska plan for aiding needy veterans. E. I. du Pont dc Nemotirs, friend of Thomas Jefferson, learned, to make Rim-powder from Lavoisier, chimist and Mmpcrintendent of Lhc French Government powddr works. CATERPILLAR DIESEL ENGINES 35 fo 500 H. P. for Rice Pumps-Cotton Gins-Sawmills J. A. Riggs TRACTOR COMPANY Woodrow Wilson taught history and political science at Bryn Mtiwr and Wesleyan universities heforc lie became a Princeton professor of jurisprudence. Open For Business Rollison Lumber Co. NORTH 10th ST. AND CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE Arkansas and Mississippi Yellow Pine One Board or Truck Loads OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT IF WE DON'T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT WE WILL GET IT 0. S. ROLLISON Little Rock - Fort- Smith West Memphis - McGehee Dial 4261 llux (mire Openn at T:0« Show Starts at 1:30 Time Today RAW DEAL" Shmv. 'Unit's JiiHt one thrilling =u (. yini Muy 1st ut ilic Hlytlic- vlllc Air Iliisc. I'liin In iiltciKl. Ail. . $1.00, children under i'i ndmlllrd free with Wulch for dclidls In Frldny's Dennis O'Ke«fe Chilre Trevor Alfio Short F ndiiy S Saturday PAINTED DESERT Gcnrjfe O'Brien Hay Whttle; al: Chapter T of KKX 4 H1NTV ALL OVER AMERICA SMART MEN KNOWi SCHENLEY GIVES YOU OLDER WHISKIES -that's why it tastes finerl Rare VW ^9 an d ^^ year old whiskies, skillfully blended with pre-war quality grain neutral spirits, make Schenlcy richer, finer, always! 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