Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 12, 1982 · Page 13
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 13

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1982
Page 13
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i in 01 I i:ni k jm kn i, Tii !ld , January 12. 19o2 A-13 eievision Moyers ' Series Begins Tonight HOLLYWOOD More by accident than bv grand design, January looks to be a banner month for public television; it certainly doesn't look very bannerry for anything else, except maybe influenza and frostbite. Public TV has long suffered from a creative frostbite of its own, but this month will see the introduction of more auspicious new programming than PBS has ever unveiled in such a brief period. The undisputed highlights are the premieres of "Creativity With Bill Moyers" (already airing in many cities); "Life On Earth," a magnificently photographed nature series from England; and "American Playhouse," a 25-week anthology that PBS calls "the most ambitious drama series in public television history." "Creativity" is the last public TV project Moyers completed before bounding back to CBS to be the Eric Sevareid (though definitely not the Eric Sobersides) of the '80s. His tick will make "Creativity" tick as well. The first prog ram, tonight (at 9 on Albuquerque's. KNME-TV 5), accompanies black poet Maya Angelou on a moving journey back to the small town in southwest Arkansas where she grew up; some memories were painful, some were hallowed, and all contributed to her need and talent for self-expression in later life. Angelou, who had a small role in the ABC TV version of "Roots," recalled childhood pleasures like discovering Shakespeare for herself ("I couldn't believe it that a white man could write so musically!") and such anguish as being jeered while walking through the white part of town and, later, the terrible trauma of rape. Another Moyers show (Feb. 2 at 9:30 p a) takes a sprigh-tlier look at another aspect of creativity; the inventor, whom Moyers calls "a very special breed." Harold Black, whose "negative feedback brainstorm" make long-distance phone calls possible, recalls euphoricaliy of his great moment, "I discovered it in a flash! I'd been working on it for six weeks, but the idea came to me in a flash!" Moyers asks, "What will be commonplace 20 years from now because some inventor is having a creative flash at this very moment?" Other inventions persued range from the sublime a machine to breathe for infants with respiratory arrest syndrome to the patented ridiculous, l'ke a spill-proof meatball sandwich. About the only complaint one could make of this show is the cutesy-wutesy acting troupe that pops up to illustrate various pivotal inventions, and the fact that in the studio portions, when he is on camera, Moyers is called upon to move and waltz and sashay about the room, no doubt in the interest of visual variety. Somebody should bolt old Bill to the studio floor so we can listen to what he's saying. Tom Shales is the Washington Post's syndicated TV columnist. KLKK-TV For About By WILL HOFFMAN Journal TV Editor A sale is pending for Albuquerque's first independent TV station, KLKK-TV, Channel 23. "There is nothing in a con-tract yet" but the sale is pending, said Greg Merrill of Logan, Utah, a represent ative of Chapman and Co. of Atlanta, brokers who have listed the station for sale. Neither the owner, Grants businessman Eddie Pena, nor the prospective buyer, Malcolm I. Glazer and Associates of Rochester, N.Y., could be reached for comment. Merrill decline to give details of the sale until it is completed. However, sources close to the station said the asking price is about $7 million. They also said Glazer plans to invest in the station to improve it and would take over operation 40 to 60 days after the sale is completed. Pena recently confirmed that he had placed the station on the market. Milt Ledet, the station manager until he was fired Dec. 13, said a sale of the station for $7 million was pending. TONIGHT KOB KNME KOAT KGGM KQSW KLKK SIN KTLA WTBS Sports Religion nick Tir CH.4 CH.5 CH. 7 CH. 13 CH. 14 CH.23 CH.48 CH. 5 CH.17 CH.S CH. R CH. N A'-- Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque New York LoiAngelei Atlanta Network 6 I 05" News TScfc" I News News The Carol " I Little I Movie: I This Week Grace Livewire Cavert " " Incredible Burnett " House "Hell- In The NBA Worship 30 PM MacNell Happy Days Enter- Hulk Benny El Show On The lighters" Sports Hour " Magazine Lehrer Again tainment " Hill De Iris Prairie " Forum " " 7 I 00 Father Illustrated Happy Simon Movie: Movie: Chacon Charlie's " Basketball First ARTS Murphy Dairy Days & Simon "Nicholas "The " Angels " Cincinnati Southern Progranv 30 " Business Lavernei " And Pink El " " Vs. Baptist ming Report Shirley " Alexandra" Jungle" Idolo " " Memphis 8 I 00 Bret American Three's CBS Movie: Part 2 " " Happy Days " State New City " Maverick Playhouse Company "Greased " " " Again " " Television " 30 " "Shady Hill Too Close Lightning" " " 24Horas Lavemel News " Tell Kidnapping" ForComlort " " " " Shirley " " Them 91 OO Flamingo Creativity Hart To " Odd Basketball " Movie: " Sports St. Jude " Road With Bill Hart " Couple Notre Dame Reporter 41 "The " Center Mission 30 " Moyers' " " INN News Vs. Noche Day Time All In The " The King " " " " " San A Noche Ended" Family " Is Coming 00 News P3S Late News News Saturday Francisco Movie: " Movie: Best 01 Jim 1 (I " Night " Night " "Asl " "Agent The NFL Bakker IV 30 Tonight M.A.S.H " " " Es Buenos " For PKAFull " " " " " Aires" " H.A.R.M." Contact Ul 00 " Doctor In ABC News Alice Movie: Wanted: Dead " News " Karate Pattern The House Nlghtllne " "Five Or Alive " " " " For Living 30 Alfred Fantasy McCloud Branded Thriller " " " " The Hitchcock Island " Women" " " " Movie: " Camerons 00 Tomorrow " " ' " Saturday "Omar Super Bowl "jim 1 9 " " " Night Khayyam" Highlights Bakker JL fcrf30 News " " Sports " Center 0 Being Sold $7 Million Glazerowns three VHF network-affiliated stations: WTWO, Terre Haute, Ind.; WRBL, Columbus, Ga., and KQTV, St. Joseph, Mo. Pena owns more than 90 percent of Channel 23's stock. In 1980, when the station changed its call letters and dropped its affiliation with the Spanish International Network, Pena said he already had invested about S3 million in KLKK-TV. In 1978, he began buying out the station from its previous owners, Spanish Television of New Mexico The station began broadcasting in 1975 as KMXN-TV, with studio and transmitter at the Western Bank Building. Its original owners included former state Sen. Odis L. Echols, D-Curry, president; Clarence L. Holgerson, vice president; and, as board members, former state Sen. C.B. Trujillo, D-Taos; Herbert J. Taylor of Gallup; Albuquerque attorneys Lorenzo Chavez and Arturo Ortega, then-Bernalillo County Democratic Chairman Ed Romero and educators John Aragon, Sabine Ulibarri and the late Leon Marquez. y J 2 Author Maya Angelou In "Creativity" " ft II II li CREATIVITY Join Bill Movers for the premiere of this exciting 17 part series exploring creativity in America. Tonight. Bill Movers accompanies Mava Anuelou. .i star of the television series "Roots" and renowned XK-t-actress and singer, hack to her hometow n of Stamps. Arkansas, to uncover her own creative axils. An L'.xtrdonlimin TV event not to be missed! TOXIGIIT: "PORTRAIT OF MA YA AXGELOIT J:00 PM CIIAXXEL 5 Chevron MADE POSSIBLE BY A GRAXTFROM CHEIROX N TELEVISION TV Previews (Sportson TV and radio are listed ia Page 2 of today's sports section.) NEWS MAGAZINE: "Illustrated Daily," gubernatorial candidate interview, Fabian Chavez, former state senator. (7 p m. Channel 5) MOVIE: "Greased Lightning" (1977, Repeat). Richard Pryor gives an authoritative performance in this respectful biography of Wendell Scott, the first black professional racing-car driver. There's not enough grit but there are wonderful scenes, when Wendell comes home from World War II and encounters a hostile Beau Bridges (who later becomes his good friend). Sincere and enjoyable. Filmed largely on location in Georgia. (8 p.m. Channel 13) AMERICAN PLAY . . Wlmt television could be, should be, and perhaps must be" -Kenneth R. Clark, United Press International WITHBILL MOYERS Cg5 Todty'i lop Itienuoa tKnrt trt prmrmtdby TV Key't ntff at tiptrts who tlltod nVamli, fcrnmuov ind tntlyv tcnpt in Stw York. HOUSE: "The Shady Hill Kidnapping." (Premiere). Bravo to PBS for bringing original plays back to weekly TV. For the next 25 weeks, this ambitious series will present original works, adaptations of Broadway and off-Broadway plays and a miniseries which viewers should welcome with open arms. The premiere selection, a teleplay by John Cheever, takes a satirical look at a suburban family involved in what they think is a kidnapping of a 5-year-old boy. Cheever refines the ingredients of a routine sitcom with sophistication and wit. There's one false note Cheever's introduction of commercial interruptions hawking a youth elixir. All in all, however, this marks an auspicious beginning of a promising series. (8 p.m. Channel 5). O MB 1 y. A,buH .rr..- O K N M K 1 ' Q KOAT -TV (D K',(,M TV (QKGSU TV. OJKI.KK IV ni ''-jutrLit Ait'iiut'r'.ir A;tn;i4-jf jc Aibuqut'r.,f CD SIN. Nt a V,rk 6:30 0 BLOCKBUSTERS (1J ffi JIMMY SWAGGART Q SCOOBY DOO tfj MORNING WITH CHARLES KURALT CD EL CHAPULIN COLORADO 'H. PINWHEEL 6:35 MY THREE SONS 6:55 H VIDEO JUKEBOX 7:00 O TODAY (U WOMAN'S DIGEST Q GOOD MORNING AMERICA tB CARTOONS QD EL CHAVO 'S; ALL-STAR SOCCER 'L MOVIE "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" (1981) 7:0517) MOVIE "It's Love I'm After'' (1937) 7:30 (5) GALLERY CD CARAS Y GES-TOS h; CHANDAR, THE BLACK LEOPARD OF CEYLON 7:45 O A.M. WEATHER 8:00Q LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU (5j O 700 CLUB (D ONE DAY AT A TIME (R) Q) TENNESSEE TUXEDO AND FRIENDS GO ANA DEL AIRE CD SPORTS CENTER ill) C-SPAN CALL-IN 8:30Q OVER EASY CD ALICE (R) ffi GREAT SPACE COASTER H MOVIE "Coal Miner's Daughter" (Tj MOVIE "The Har-rad Experiment" 9:00 O TIC TAC DOUGH O SESAME STREET LOVE BOAT(R) CO DONAHUE G3 ANDY GRIFFITH BONANZA ($) SUPER BOWL V HIGHLIGHTS 9:05 MOVIE "That Funny Feeling" (1965) 9:30 0 BATTLESTARS (S3 HOT FUDGE CD ACCENT CD HOY MISMO ($') COLLEGE BASKETBALL 10:000 PASSWORD PLUS O MISTER ROGERS' (R) QD RICHARD SIMMONS O FAMILY FEUD GD THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS ANOTHER LIFE (UJ HOUSE DEBATE ON FOREIGN AID 10:30 0 THE DOCTORS O ELECTRIC COMPANY (R) LEAVE IT TO THE WOMEN O RYAN'S HOPE (D LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE ffi CHARLIE ROSE :T; MOVIE "Pete's Dragon" (1977) 11:00 0 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 0 EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING 1 5 1 BIG VALLEY O ALL MY CHIL DREN (D AS THE WORLD TURNS GD ALL IN THE FAMILY ffi MERV GRIFFIN CQMUNDO LATINO 'Hj MOVIE "The Nude Bomb" (1980) 11:05 MOVIE "The Smugglers" (1968) 11:30 0 DICK CAVETT INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS $ WOMEN'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL (N) DUSTY'S TREE-HOUSE 12:00 0 MIDDAY O MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT (D BONANZA O ONE LIFE TO LIVE CD NEWS (D IRONSIDE ffl PEOPLE'S COURT CD CARAS Y GES-TOS vNl VEGETABLE SOUP 12:30 0 PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H O ILLUSTRATED DAILY QD MOVIE "Living It Up" (1954) CD ESPEJISMO N. ADVENTURES IN RAINBOW COUNTRY 1:00 0 TEXAS O 3-2-1 CONTACT () TWILIGHT ZONE O GENERAL HOSPITAL JOURNAL TV LOG Ixcal and Cable Channels 5 k :ltv.u,s 1' V I HS. Atij-.r R Ktiininn N-!A.,rh-H H .mt H otf.if L L" S A CD THE PRICE IS RlGHT CO MOVIE "Wives And Lovers" (1963) CQholapelusa LH, MOVIE "The Miracle Worker" (1979i (T. MOVIE "The Eie-pnant Man" (1980) ri WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT? 1:0517 FUNTIME 130 O EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (5) TWILIGHT ZONE C$; ALL-STAR SOCCER N SPREAD YOUR WINGS 1:3517! THE FLINT- STOMES 2:000 ANOTHER WORLD HOUR MAGAZINE Q EDGE OF NIGHT CD GUIDING LIGHT 60 LITTLE RASCALS CD JUEGOS DEL DESTiNO U, C-SPAN CALL-IN N THE TOMORROW PEOPLE 2:05 57) THE MUNSTERS 2:30 0 MOViE "Poco" 9 MAYBERRY R.F.D. fSl 1981 POWER BOAT RACING (N) THE ADVENTURES OF BLACK BEAUTY 2:35 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER 3:00 0 HERE'S LUCY O VILLA ALEGRE (R) (1) JOHN DAVIDSON CD UP TO THE MINUTE CDPOPEYE 6S THE FLINT-STONES CD Ml SECRETARIA CH CHER IN CONCERT CD MOVIE "Little Darlings" ( 1990) (Nj LIVEWIRE 3:05 THE BRADY BUNCH 3:300 GILLIGAN'S ISLAND Q MISTER ROGERS (R) CD HOUR MAGAZINE G3 BATMAN 0) BEWITCHED CD QUIEREME SIEMPRE $ TENNIS 3:35 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 4:00 0 TOM AND JERRY O SESAME STREET Q GD THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY 6S BEVERLY HILLBILLIES CD MUNDO LATINO g CALLIOPE CN ADVENTURES IN RAINBOW COUNTRY 4:05 ANDY GRIFFITH 4:30Q LAVERNE & SHIRLEY & COMPANY (X) RICHARD SIMMONS QM'A'S'H CD YOU ASKED FOR IT CD MY THREE SONS MCHALE'S NAVY CD NOTICIERO NACIONAL SIN MOVIE "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" (1981) N SPREAD YOUR WINGS 4:35 GOMER PYLE 5:00 Q BARNEY MILLER O 3-2-1 CONTACT (5) EMERGENCY O NEWS CD CBS NEWS ANDY GRIFFITH 6) SANFORD AND SON CD EL HOGAR QUE YO ROBE IS; SUPER BOWL VI HIGHLIGHTS CU; IDEA N0TE800N IT) MOVIE "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" (1981) (N! THE TOMORROW PEOPLE 5:05 CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS 5:30 Q NBC NEWS O THE WHALES THAT WOULDN'T DIE O ABC NEWS CD NEWS THE MUPPETS 6DG00D TIMES CD ROSA... DE LEJOS ( $ : SPORTS CENTER Ij: SPORTS LOOK N THL ADVENTURES OF BLACK BEAUTY 5:35 SANFORD AND SON 6:00 0 0 CD NEWS O DICK CAVETT CD LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE $ t.Si'N- 4 Wf,- 11 K'l TV. Un Ar ,j,-;fS- T 1 ht- Mn it. C r-.-ir.nd" N . ; K t'iuJfM. ' THE INCREDIBLE HULK Q) CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS $ THIS WEEK IN THE NBA H HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN'S MAGIC ADVENTURE U COLLEGE BASKETBALL N LIVEWIRE 6:05 MOVIE "Heil-f qters" (1969i 6:30 0 PM. MAGAZINE O MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT O HAPPY DAYS AGAIN CD ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT BENNY HILL CD IRiS CHACON $ SPORTS FORUM !Ti MOVIE "Up The Academy" (1980) 7.00 O FATHER MURPHY O ILLUSTRATED DAILY CD CHARLIE'S ANGELS O HAPPY DAYS SIMON 4 S!MON MOViE "Nicholas And Alexandra" MOVIE "The PinK Jungle " (19681 COLLEGE BASKETBALL N HOSTED BY ESTELLE PARSONS AND ANNE BAXTER 7:300 BUSINESS REPORT O LAVERNE H SHIRLEY CD EL IDOLO H, CHANDAR, THE BLACK LEOPARD OF CEYLON 8:00 0 BRET MAVERICK O AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE CD HAPPY DAYS AGAIN O THREES COMPANY GD MOVIE "Greased Lightning" (1977) Lj SPORTS PROBE ,Tj MOVIE "The Elephant Man" (1980) 8:30 5: LAVERNE & SHIRLEY & COMPANY O TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT G3 24HORAS ,H MEADOWLARK LEMON'?; BUCK- ETEERS U RIVER OF THUNDER 8:35 NEWS 9:00 0 FLAMiNGO ROAD C3 CREATIVITY WITH BILL moyers CD MOVIE ' The Day Time Ended" O HART TO HART THE ODD COUPLE U COLLEGE BASKETBALL '.$ SPORTS CENTER 9:30 INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS CD NOChE A NOCHE H MOVIE "The IrMed'bie Shrinking Woman ' 1 198 1) 9:35 ALL iN THE FAMILY 10:00 OO NEWS J PBS LATENIGHT SATURDAY MGHT CD MOVIE "As. Es Buenos Ai-vs ' C$: BEST OF THE NFL J, MOViE "The Ircrede Shrinking Woman" 1S81 10:05 MOVIE Agent Fcr HA R " i 1966) 10:30 0 TONIGHT tl MASH NEWS ;$. PKA FULL CONTACT KARATE 11.00 0 DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE 5 NEWS O ABC NEWS NiGHTLlNE ID ALICE MOVIE " F . v 3 Branded Wo.nen" WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE H MOVIE "Night Ot The" (1930) CU COLLEGE BASKETBALL 11:30 0 ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS Q FANTASY ISLAND BORIS KAR-LOFF'S THRILLER T MOVIE "Pete: Dr g'- 11:35 0) MCCLOUD 11:50 MOVIE Oma- Khavvam" (1957) 12:000 TOMORROW (5 SATURDAY NIGHT 9 ' MOVIE THE JEFFER- SONS CD IRIS CHACON $ SUPER BOWL VI HIGHLIGHTS 12:30 THE ODD COUPLE S SPORTS CENTER

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