The Courier News from ,  on January 21, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 3
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JANUARY 21, ;_JAN;UAHY 21. inai K] mn In Quest of World's Automobile Speed Record . (ARK.) COlliOER NRWS PAOB'THRRf- News of iho Blyiiievillc Schools Smlbnry School In raponse to talks on (coding the blah through the winter, Harvey Morris and Herman Poscy, pupils of 11! grade, worked for ulnioit "m:;^rk,«^s^ asr ;xirt re ^ 1 r;v Mni ! f ™ 1 ^"^ Ironn Hi.lnh. 11 ,.'... ""'•>• «]K".ll|! I'M'H'lv. Die last til IK on Tim nfih n ...i. Irene lielolc. lluili'scc'oy" • The 11 Emi.irc club nut Jain.,irj 8 imrt elected the following .-.rm-c!' for (ho yt-cjijiit si'moter: two \vwks"to '"initV'r'larBe'Tlni'l j"" b ^ 1(|Kvhl ; :1|llls - l'"---Wcm; E«lu oil and the ,„, . . . , - -•- aflsv lhc c " r '""I t«n assembled In Enjlnnd. Note the tl..- m..chine on a strain course at high speeds, and the devices built lo reduce air pressure co.!Ln 3 roimratns. lo»ev limn the ,- C sl of the cr.r. Captain Campbell, who will attempt to b'-llcr the y ..:,',ave. „ the only living pnnai who has driven more (lum 2CO mil:* nn hour. chc,;>i)?r. Harcly' cover cnrrols and lemon rinds with water and cosh O'vmoic rim, ^r r-.,i.f n . , "'.""' '" V " f b> " ' Jocl0 ^' but thcsc 3'°«ng men, membars of the C.Mnp.c Clnb of California, swear by it. The Olympians gather on a 'Frisco beach frequently to induce '_" toP-floPs. alter which they flip into the Pacific for a bit of swimming. $1,000,000 Temple in Desert , mull lender. Cul orartje in very j thin slices and remove seeds if ne- ; cessary. Combine sugar nnd lemon ' juice and add 1-2 carrots, lemon i hid. orange slices, cuj) boiling wa- ler. Cook limn n little of the mixture tried on a cold saucer Jellies. Pour intc glasses and cover with pariiflne when cold. Cumhtiinlion Marmalade Th? lollo\s-ini; rcdiK Ls for a combiuaiiou marmalade Uiat is less bitter ihan a marmalade made entirely with oranges. Onr> large grap- triilt. f large orange. 1 large lemon, 1*4 cups cold water. 10 cups granulated sujar. Wash fruil tiud wipe dry Cut into quarters, cm the rmnrters through the peel and pulp into very thin slices. Discard seeds nnd whits pith In t^.e center. Add cold water ami let stand over night in the morning cook until p?el is very (euder. li will take several hours Set aside again until the next morning'. Then add sugar and ccok until synip thickens. Turn Into sterllizi-d glasses and cover with parsfine when cold. This will mak" about 12 large glasses of marmalade. * * • Orange Martruladt Six oranges, sugar. ' Wash irult and cut in halves. Scoop out or squeeze to remove Juice. Cook peels two or three hom-s in plenty of water until very tender. Tne peel should be easily pierced wllh a brcamslraw. Drain find when CM! enough to handle scrape off all the white, leaving only the yellow outside. Cut into match-like pieces. Weigh juice nnd pulp fre; from membrane. Use an equal amount of sugar Cook »uk> if- ""\ rm!:lade '••'" be particularly S and juice, sugar and rind for two relished later when -Jaded spring i hours! Turn into jelly glasses and appetites need toning up. j cover with parafme when «Hd One vei-y cheap and excellent I Kumqiials can be used In piaci marmalade- 13 mad; v,1th carrots. °' oranges. The kumqyals are cu Thn Is we:i ftavoicd but not quite 1'" thin 5 ' lcps with seeds removed "" -' , i fnvnrrvl tfL»l 1 -/.n. ^.__ _ _. , '.. They brought It to school Monday [ 0: - induction. The cla^s was much noised w |tji this home, nnd iiwi- plans nit going forward j for the construction of tivrrnl more | bird houses In the near future Cirrulc IB luid only three (ardies tor the month ending January u When t.-e 1A i-Mlilrcn wore weighed for January It was Joum! thai all had gained nnd only iwa were sllll ix'low normal. Mary Joe Fisher has presented the 1A library with two story b»lti The 2H child, en have lately had a reading contest. Peggy mirks w;l!v votetl «:o Lest reader. She won the | prize which was a cliiy modeling • set. She has a pleasing reading voice and the children like to hear her re.icl; however, she has numv » «" close , bi In her class. as sharp and distinctive as pure orange variety. » » • Carrot Marmalade One- pound carrcUi, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 4 cups sugar. Wash and scrape carrots and put through food chopper. Squeeze juice . e from lemon and put rindi through covered with- co!d water and allow ed to stand 24 hours, simmered un til tender and again set aside for 3-1 hours. Measure and use three cups sugar to four cups fndt and jute. Cooi unlll thick and pour into sterilized jelly glasses. Cover with parafine when cold. The Mormon Temple, at Mcsn, Ariz. ny KKA Service ; Christ of the Letter-Day Paints T.,e massivo 51,000.000 Mormon! Tarcc panorama pnintinss deptet- Temple at Mesa, Ariz., resting -ins events in the Iif> of Joseph c.n the banks of an irrigation canal Smith, founder o£ the Jvtormon inn through the desert thousands church, decorate the walls tolnv' , Many larger and more costly, i woe and terror ofi structures h?.ve been built. But i v-iih its de°erU " few of them provide as striking " I mountaiL and h>int tngs spectacle. The green floor of the! one another • central valley ol Ariznna where the •-i.^ ^ leii-le stands V.TIS once uu:n : .r.- f ,f^. ,{^ 1 fKmy( - radlanl in white ssncis, hurlinj a defy la the f,^" tfeanuns ivory and " ' '" 4 hardy pioneers who sought" to CDII- •ii. ( , , Mier the desert. Edcn It was a little more than a half' century ajo that n f«w Mormons — tct out from Salt Lake City to ex-1 plore the then comparatively unknown southwest. They round in the Sail River Valley abcr.t 20 miles from Phoc-nix, tr:ux- 5 cf a \a-;t irrigation system near the ancirnt city of Los Mucrtcxs. There were 238 miles of canals and laterals built presumably by n lost r.ics "COO' to 5COO years before. " i With ths as a nucltiis, the Mor-i moiis hewed a homeland frcm waste ! lauds and built a prosperous o'gan-' izaticn. In 1922. after years of promotion, the lempie \vas started It was five years in the b.iildin' : Tue ttmnlc is T terra cotta structure 184 by I2S le,-t and in the center of a -io-acre r.avk' The lower floor is devoted to lecture rooms, corridors, oflices and th- !np(i5lij-. 13 paid:' brloiv ground.' The upper part ricniflrs the living.: the lower part, the ccnd. : The foundations are 12 test illicit' and the walls cf concrrte a:id s:rol' arc four feet (hick—stroll? enough. it is believed, lo defy the of time and disaster. Treasures of the temple inclu^r a ! macslve baplinna] font cf bronze! nnd tile tornc upon the. back of 12 • life-sized oxen, georgeoits rooms ex- • qiiisitely dorcrat.-d in gold and' mrMc. cm-red rocms wi!h their great altan where are pc-iforir.e, 1 ;ie msnlagc.5 of those high In the ^•wrs cf th? temple are closed "'ever to all but Ihosc who ar? fi 'cmbers of the Church of Jcsi;s rn ,..i-,, -, . i '' dc P' c ' in B. SISTER /HARY'S KITCHEN "^ XEA Service Writer As the jelly glasses arc emptied why nol fill them up with mnrma- i lades and dried fruit butters? citrus fruits are in their prime andj nre inexpensive at this season and i ion hna a b.i<f an.l even >--"igwous effect if il i3 Delected. Alivnys us o a miM, purely vtgc i.ixativo lo restore normal func Honing s a bowel AC lion ly if. .•« froo nnd ' Nature Itoclf. We are now writing applications for crop, loans and would be pleased to have you come in and discuss your situation with us. Our office in the First National Bank is open and can be reached through the side door of the bank on Second street. Agricultural Finance Corporation Sam Thomas, Secretary. Jack McCiiistlon, Jack C!ils!iloui and Jack Taylor are nil In'Ihe same grade. Their teacher tried to call Jack Chlshlom "Ullly" Uut when Billy Uvcrty and IJIlly Varncr come u> the 2B grade, that woi.kln't do, so they nnmcil .lack ChUhlom 'Jackie Dow-Wow" us he Is sum n Jolly, happy mtlc boy he reminds them of the Jolly Uncle Wleglly stories. On Friday, Jan. 9, the pupils In 3B grade were weighed. It Is pleasing- lo note that almost everyone had made a decided gain. Only two pupils were found lo be as much as five pounds underweight. Mrs. Davis, Margaret's mother vlslter the 3B grade Tuesday afternoon of last week. The 3A grade has finished their weekly readers and more tlnn three-fourths of the class here scored above the standard average grade lor silent rending. 'Hie 3A grade is glad lo have L T. Bates Join their class. He came from Garland school of Little Rock. The children ol (he 3A gnd- vere weighed this week and only two out of thirty-four chlldiVn were seriously underweight. On Monday, Jan. lain, the -IB pupils gave the following program In chapel: January's Garden—four boys; The Year Is a Clock—fourteen pupils; song, The Slelgh-rlde-clnss- the Psalm ol Winter—F.iy Ramsey; playlet—the Anniversary; characters: Father —Bdmond Collins; , Mae Moore vke |)ivsk!cn(i Willl , Mviclaiy; Nnncy Klrsh- - ner, treasurer; Kv u iee Nush. report - J, 1M . n. -.„,.,, 'itt.v.11 IVfjlll.S UUII. I (, "i'll/UI' The 511 boy.s were defeated by (lie '^"il'H nl • •> -- . '1'he last tiling on the pruKiniii was- a practicing or the Hi? d.lll. AS Die me alarm «•« Kivrn the iimlent;-. nude a rnplij uidnly ixn i, om llu , 5lng( ,_ Junior . Kxaminai!cn*. begin uxluy. Junior HlKli p. T. A. had a "hcb- by ' imntnm. \V«Ini's:l:iy altermran. 'I'lu- hobbles of the inmlK ivm cm in- ,-rhool Mr* Mr. finish's' 5A boys In a foccor gimirj Monday I ''"i"'" mid afternoon Jan. |^ The 5H R iMI, ,,|ijoycd new ucnk "Auny Hoys 1>5 ',,! IO , l ,"' l '«"" llal1 ' 1M WNk - ' ''I'" :"' <l " lrm M»»"'lny"iiisirt'"it the 5A-rooin quid. „ ^ O f I ll:t ' Armory. N. Ii. Meuartl •• ,raniis tUd lor the $1 for the roam ioycd re.idhi.-j n . Il '" lv ' ll iv i!u> most mothers pres:>m. }y.s In Fni'.u-?."' Troop 31 Hoy Scouts held un e!,!> liitercsl is ble iraUliiB. Tju .s| 10 «- n in ,),,, m . ! children Imve luul "Aisled of Hlblo stories, un- swiTlnii Ihe roll call with u HII,U, vcrsp, and si-rlpturo readings William |] lm .|, |,,, s relumed from st, Louis. ; DlcSt Duncan lias moved lo !Mena, Ark. s by the boys Therr were no i of the till ructi-il fi-ninr loader; Cior- don llaniey. lioi"e llurp, llal Moore wi-re I'lr-clril [inirol lenders.' Lattfje School Li: i wt-ck th;. sixth g,.|,,i c hn ,| Ihrli- mnn',i:ly chib im'cllng i'.( which tin, following program was fiiven: Music, l.avelln llls i „,„„„, The Oil buys won over Hie am \, ,,' ' ""cite; Jokes. Howard Moore; story, i-aiillne Ma- songs. "Around the Corner 1 a .soccer jjaine Ins On Wednesday, Jan. 15, •lid -"I'ho Moon I lx>w", group of to tor n ii = r * P-" •noiith Some of them had nuither (mined nor lost, while other had made appreciable gains ' — • - J'"H.> «* llllf U1J.I grade, .has been absent from school this week on account of Illness The students of gradj DA recently were given a chnncc to give n demonstration of ti, e | r aM .. mg Brrnin. Members of the cln.4 rep- resenlcd the various members of opVrtuuh'-' U """•' " lc sll " lw " sn » standing elmrnclcrlsUcs of tnc teachers. The students who appear ed on (he program us teachers were tinninnnc 1'r,^, Mary Sue Willingham, Nancy Claire McCaiily. Ruby Sjwck. Dick liuriis, C. A MnrMn ••ml Dime Heed. Olher membns of he class who tonk a prominent purl In lhc program were Mnry Louise 1'osey, who gave a list of the prln- ii Ihe life or one- wall" Jackson; Lorraine Sccoy. who told the story of u, c Hf c of Ro ,j, rt . i ci.diui'.-••[\ m81 ,c " Tied", ic Turner; sonj—"Uiider- ni'iilli KlIlilCI! Evrnnl. The prosram was fallowed by u business mccllng al which plans for the second semester weru dlscusrcd. With money from citiuly sales Uio sixth grade has bought a sled cabinet, of which they are very proud. The blsth grade soccer team played Sudbiiry Tuesday, T!:e score wa.5 11 lo 12 In favor of Sudbury. A program Is bc1ti|{ planned for the o.itBolng GA's. It Ls lo te given some'.lme next week, The third grade pupils brought thlmblM, bends, match IIDXCS, small pieces of tin, and wood to school. With these materials they made ii miniature toll course on Ihe sand table. The boys whittled out golf clubs from pieces of wood. The children have fun playing during recesses and the neon hour. The fourth.grade has a new'pu- pil, I'lUilinc Pcmbcrton, who came The fifth orade pnpll". have'b-ln making penmanship bxfclels These booklets nre now on display i n a,*' class room. Till 1 fourth grade pupils are preparing their penmanship booklets Wo were sorry lo lose -Jewel Shanks from the fourth grado has entered the Cntljollc school," Next week , is National Thrift week, The fourth nvadc Is planning a program lo observe tlr ivo-'. The following is a review of (lit i tirade activities for Ihe past sc.nws- The Thrift Club was orannli-'J. tn encourage (he children i» save (heir money. The club during ire piwl semester has add;d qulf a nil of new material to the ram, nchidlng a slesl cabinet, 0 new liooks, n year's subscription to Ihe i Gcogmpiilcal Mugazinc, and chorts lor history and geography work 'Hi 5H history chiss makfs rcsii- l:ir weekly reiiorls on their library reference \york. •I'ho soccer- ball team with Dan Wairlngton ns captain has won 'ill of its games with (he exception of one. The Thrift Cl.ih. hud its meeting liicsday atUrnoon and the. following program wns given; who LM; nnd Colin _ gave a resume of a Benjamin Franklin. These ineii were bom nurlnj; the month of Jaiumry. , The program slurled very calm- ; ,ly with a rending from the lilble a giving of the Lord's prayer Tin ™"™"M v^Huib, . »iiu n Hiving oi v.;c Lord's nraver -Lala Bell Roa; Radio an-!The first, thing on the program was if Pun down take DrPIERCE'S Golden Medical Discovery AT All OBUOSTOarS > (fie Giant's Sarah Pauline Evrard; Christine Turner. Eat Everything without Fear of Indigestion ts ° f foixls n t ' oanj. in tho stomach and bowels? i,-ii -avor;c hilo the rest enjoy them? °. s '« n Von need TanlBc! «,lnn yCftrB ana « **, restored to VIKOTOUS health thou- s juit as you havt to. Mrs. Arvena Bowers, of 1230 Jackson St., Topeko, Kans., siya: ™. £i yc .? rs " 1 VM troub 'cd with gas, bloating and diiry spells. Dut Janlnc toned up my whole system and increased my. weight 10 Ibs." If you sufTei 1 from indiceation ?3, diKineea headaches, constip,"- • , . <• in ° v°. Ip you! ^ he flrst little often brings the needed relief. - Tnnlac is a good, pure medicine, rrmdo of roots,, barks, and hcrb^ that arc recognized by the United btatcB Pharmacopoeia. Get it from . rom u ; d/yqlst toihy. Your money ck if it doesn't heb you. OF OVERDO YEARS has madspossibU : BE SQUARE ; \tabiliied MOTOR OIL C l^jUBrZERO cold of winter or tropic heat hold no terrors for the motorist using the new BE SQUARE Stabilized Motor Oil— the perfect lubricant in any season of the year. Made of Barnsdall's own selected crude, refined and doubly purified and filter finished—here is the motor oil motorists have been waiting for. Barnsdall's answer for the all season motor oil, made possible by the exclusive Stabilization process a result of over 70 years pioneering. The oil you should use for the sake of safety and economy .. . obtainable wherever you see the Blue BE SQUARE. IHC Guiding Symbol OVU 10 rEAJTs PIO'KCIING •<»?".G.> ETHYL Hi SQUARE Civ,:.,, BE SQUARE Stabilized Motor Oi) leads all others by S points of superiority in refining that make it (he outstanding motor oil, triumph of Barnsdall's 70 years of pioneering. Obtainable wherever you see the Blue BE SQUARE Nignl to jou Illtron, 9:JO 10 10:00 ?. M, Clatnl Slir.dirJ Time, our ihe Co!\ira bi> Nenvojl foe the maikil proguai of <hc BESQl'ARf on MOTOR OIL THE WORLD'S FIRST REFINER

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