The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT RI,rniEVIM,E, (ARK.) COIJItlKH. N Society Osccola — Personal THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1934 will remain nt the home o! Mr, spent last •week «nd Jn Trimble, I daughter, born April n it their and Mrs, John Tucker nt Cooler Term,, as guests of Mr. ind tin. home In Steele. until 'he is nble lo drive back nnd E. M . Brenkley. They wert' «c- Mr . nnd Mrs . .Mrs. E. A. Thome was re-elected clintrmnn of the Osceola Parent Teacher Association ut Hie annual election of officers yesterday. Mrs. C. C. Bowen was elected first vice president; Mrs. J. S. Mc- Cnnts, second vice president; Mrs. T:. S. Chiles, secretory and Mrs. J. '\V. Cirrtn-rlBhl Jr.. treasurer. Fifty members attended tlie meeting with mother attendance p-ires ?olni! lo t!ii> f.eroml Binde (••"I ll:e lili'h school sophomore An smriross. on "Bnlldint; World t'lidfrslnnvtliw" bv A. \V. Yoime • rv-milv ProscciilIiiB Attorney of r rf v>ola. was [lie feature of the arid-noon's irosram which Incliitl- r-*1 njso n ninno sel^eilon bv Mrs. K. S. Driver nnti nrescm.ation of ;i "irvfc wed'liiie bv sUnl'"its of tlie H nl 'ili crude. Smi'. Oeo. Deer(. inoiii. a vi'imrt of !'»• rcivit il!s'-''•! P. T. A. inoctigi? nt Marked Tree. The A cc o"i!il r nn vciVd tn exnemi * ffnni s*>o r.i-ikiiitr n tnlal of S120 i"'T..<irvi (hk vor in l™ks for tin' v'n't .sriiQCl liHmrv. mid nas?ed S25 tn a revive fund to lie uvd tn t>rt:-v thp o*tvns<'s next vcnr of i\ home of her mother. Mrs. O. E. Clellnn ol Canithcrsvllle. Helen M.-Cann celebrated until lie is able to drive IMCK nuu B. M. Brenieiey. 'iTicy wert'ac-' Mr nnd Mrs Elmo Mlr-hi* h>v, seventh birthday Saturday at ft|Iorlh for Iroalincnls by Ur. L. E. comuonlcd home by Minnie" Mac I cd t , ' " ?',„,„! • --'- IMooney, who had been visiting ".--'. Mrlu . A P tn 10 oi parly given by her mother for 25 friends. The internicdlHte 1). Y. P. U. of ccoter was reorganized Moiv.lny nl|{ht by ^frs. Pioyd Waqster anil Miss Knlherlne J^nei. The Senior to the stale Olmiratcd llinde of (he "; lo he " il ni^'fo"? 11 !!! h" ]>• niui Mrs. Ooi|i"r of Mr>mi(|i[ii. win n ..-i>h u-i" who w|)] /tk- iiirf\> tov'her mn in Africa "'">> mo'lcvi pidlli-l>< nr. Collier iimde while B. Y. I 1 . U. was ri'OrjinilzM last week. •Mrs. c. K. Miller entertained Hie O. K. s. c ::ipter I-'rWay ninlil with a parly at lirr r.oiiH 1 on Miln street. There wnv IR iiJ^mixTS prospul at tlie lioiiie ot Mrs. J. II. Smith Mnnd.iy aftemotn wlien she entertained (he missionary '.iiclety. T 'e society \vili meet nt'Xl week with Mrs 11. A. S)).'iiee. Mr. and Mrs. I-: W. McCatin and (HiiKlHers. Helen nnd Mary Anna. Mrs. sulllns nnd .son. und Mr. W. Reid spent Sunday In IJllli 1 Hock with Mrs. !;cid und Mrs. B J. llowilcn. Tr.e tatter. \vha de- veloix-d unriunoiila aftir belnx In- Inrod in AH aiifMnoijlle aucidjnl, 15 rr-itins as well as i-nn Ir expLTted. -Miss ICallicrlne Marie T.iylor of Brndford. Ark., spent lust week end here with her fnt HT. il. s. Taylor, and family. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Ju'nu-nn liuve moved to their new •.iiiArtiueni in the N. Johnson uparlinciil lio'.iw. j 'rank Harper, Mis. Hull Um ; -! hen an:l snn Elh'^rt ac'joi«i)ant';:l' iie'.on Kcl'.ctt Mann> mv.l son ', !o Poplar niulf Sunday after n \ week's visit her? with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mcore. They hod dlim»r with Mr. and Mrs. diaries Oiillirie and were accompanied horn f : by Mrs. A. J. Onl-rle. who .yLslled with them until we:lnes:lav, when Mrs. Uiw- I'.on oceo.moanlcrt htr.l'n li^r home at Laki! City, Art:. Mrs. Ruby Rusliiiv,' and Miss Opal Taylor nre ^[wndlng tills week in Memphl-3. Cooper. Misses Dorothy nnd Wanda Hodgcrs of Huffman, who intend high school in Cooler, spent last week end -In Tyler with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hcrrell. W. M., Arthur, Kdward andWnl- n-lallves there since Christmas. Mrs. G. W. Cook and tlilldrcn and Mrs. li. J. Burdlne of Hllls- maii-Taylor arc In Hot Springs, Ark., for tlirec weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Ruswll Prakes ler Mooney nnd Otto llundhansen 'lire the parents of si 9-pound ' '" Mrs. Conrad Frame Is visiting relatives in Fulton, Miss. The Hay of Fundy is noted loi its tremendous tides. i'nu'iiip ih[' tn >floH (1m llh lv\ol;5 hnll">»l Vrri for !rJ« -n [!|PT nrul M where til* 1 Ijoriks BIIZI Thursday- Friday WONDKR SHOW OF THE WONDKR CKNTURY workers. were tnirwd tn rrd. ' Mrs. nf v»"i>n(iv fnri]i«r Mrc. »fn|-v t\ 1l<l>- JlO'T»'l •Ml. Wr~ -vilV Dr. and Mrs. T. S. Cooper returned Ti]es;lny from Ft. Myers, I'lJ..' whore t::cy spent tile winter. Mr. and Mrs. T. c. lleisby anil Jce .\fnrion Michie. wru liave also bo'.Mi in Ft. Myers, returned hinni' | over the week end. j Mrs. Alma GrL<M3ni and daughter. Mai-llm Wilford. nnc! Mrs. V. I/. litackivfll slnppjd m Memphis Wednesday. I Mr. and Mrs. Otto Woods of Friendship' were dinner Kiicsls of . Mrs. Kiwocxl Drown Tucsdav. | Mr. ant! Mrs. R. I. Davis and children snent lust wrek end at. Mountain View. ! 'Mr. and Mrs. Elixir Fowler- of J-'ffcrson. Ky., are vlsitin-; relatives in Ccoter. ' Mrs. Dob liiirlon liatl as her Irene Ifalnes of Uniontown. Ky. Mrs. linrl liiclmioncl has returned (o her home at Advance, alter a. visit here in the home o( and with Mrs. Johnj ™ r \, M '/' Mtt * f ? °' &*** 'nnd Mrs. n. A. Qnlnn 'of Ilor- M"<»nViis. '-S. r.odfi-ey Bird. wns pmsnicd A and re^'i Jiq<; returned St. loul 1 : flttei- n Mr* White n\- "idav nft^r- t !"'" 1 '' cvlllr nltri >''cd Hie annual mls- ly nitJulliiB at Fi-cU- r f innary eriektov.-n ivtck. ... ,.-.. ,.,.-„ ;,„., ,„.., J - Aimer Ashcrofi. who has been Yo""" It) nriite'itieM Coimtv seriously IN. Is miicli improved. He i thev pnfcrlriinert loinilv Mr. nn-1 Mrs. W. n.'Biir'seK. celebrating their wed- Matinee 2:30 Thurs.-Fri. 10-25c Night, 6:45-8:45 Thurs.-Fri. 10-35c They meet the world's acclaim in the mightiest amusement enterprise under the sun! In one thundering pageant of (Iramn, sung.-;, girls, and ai-onic s|iec- fiicle, ^V n r n e r Bros, brili^- you tlie world's ifreatrst stitrs in the Show of 10,000 Wonders! Piling ihsill \ipnn thrill . . . sensation up-' on scti.-ation ... in (he irriiml climax of all thciv pt'tHlitcing iicliievemenls! DOLORES DEL RIO litdra*aamiu*uit;»»*Hi*ftl. RICARDOCORTEZ tn tftlenic Jrama tnj fatft! AL JOLSON .i* OHiJ, atJ ii*ii»t ,mt! HAL LEROy ti tla*rt **J t»aitJjl GiJY KIBGEE ,t a fitmedj lattlt rtjtlt HUGH HERBERT if cntlltr (t>*tJj tank r»jat f RUTH DONNELLY tnd 5,000 when in the *h(m-*tapptnj( [akni ihc •crcett bac ever knov\n! W Great Dramatic Stars (100 Glorious Girls 5000 Kntertainers Spectacular Numbers * Laughter! Song! Drama! Spectacle! Tonn/rroa! 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R'n 1 i« nu a n tiv^ w^krr in tbe Mstb- fTrni n«-4r n^nt n r. His mn:'i!s have h*»n dead In- y n " | rs nnr! '•" in'''!'' Ws twine with Mr. an^ Mrs. Dll- Hand. Kfimar-T-Trer. The weH.-iln^ of M^ss Untlv nimnt- fln^ nharle.s T.aeor "-^.i n^-forni"c* a*. Cooler Anril 8. T U O yonn? ixvi- iwnt families of th" Nnml^r pioi^i vinnily. Trev -,vi!l make the 1 ' h-ine "n tii" T.-,^,- farm. Mr. an' 1 Iheir honor P^!u r -iav .night. TPI B. Y P. U. otwl^llnn-i 1 me»tini nt MM citv Mon-iiv imt" Y. p. TF. v-rin t'- O'IOP^-,,,^ i,,,, n»r qnH lir-r) w i|i, t;,^ Bra i "vlo.-i- Banner. ThDSe ptr-ndin.-; f-om iw were Rev. and M's A. K K--ni~ and daughters. Bw 1 .- «n-t p-iii- ftldln*?. P^'v. Cecil M^irio?^. Ma'" f. McOanlcI. mrlrp JIT-SWI Brtif- pi"rce. Hazel Stout and Gladys M'oad. Mrs. Charles Durr v*s mlnfiill' 1 but not seriously inlured when >•<>• c»ir ovcrtunied" svinl f~ir m"r- 'his si'' 1 * of CaruthersvilJe FridT . • ni?ht. Mrs;. Durr WT.S tl>ro-«-n fm«' : the car. No bor.os »-ere broken bu 1 fhe was severely bruised ind OP' and a number of her tc-fth wer- brokcn out. If she had not been thrown rrom the car she mUht hav - lost her life as the machine plunt- cd into a ditch wbere it was aim 01 ;' submerged, ^rr.s. Durr 1s at th' iYartoJt'wi issued challenges, but you'll remember, too, That, finally, to his dismay, he met : '.. liis Waterloo! ' The owl avoids all ttoasts ani( claims— lie rests his case on facts; • : He says: "Try Esn>lvne yourself and you'll KNOW how it acts!" We invite you to compare Essolenc with any other motor fuel. Make your own test.. in your own car .. in your own wiiy. Try a tankful today und notice the difference. See for vourself why Kssolene guarantees smoother performanee. I Eisolube Motor Oil in the crankcam etiablet Essolene lo da its best] AT REGULAR •GASOLINE PRICI Smoother Performance 0 Special Anniversary Values in SILK HOSE While quantity lasti! (e Something to hurry for ... such a hose at this low price! 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