The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1946
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE; (ARK.) COURJRR NKWS MacArthur Aide ReprimandsReds Russian Delegate at Four-Power .Council Hears Straight Talk. By RALPH C. TEATSOKTH Unll*d Yr^ui SUM Correspondent TOKYO, May 15. (U.P.)— Soviet Russia's delegate to the four- power control council was Informed today by Gen. Douglas Mac- Ai-thur's jwrsoiial representative that the United States does not favor Communism—either at home or In Japan. Qeorge Atcheson, jr., MacAr- tliur's council spokesman, einpiia- slwd, liowever, that the Communist Party enjoyed the same rights in Japan as other political groups. Council members were discussing an anonymous note protesting various Allied policies when Atcheson looked straight across Die table at Lt. Gen. Kuzma Dercv- yanko and said: "It seems to me patent that It (the note) constitutes essentially an attack upon the present jap. anes« government. AS that government has resigned, and Is carrying on onlv pending formation of a new government, the atlactc seems pointless und- the .-document accordingly seems merely to be un altempt to spread Communistic liropaganda." .. "I don't need to tell you," h«s said, "that the. United, states docs not favor Communism—either la the United States nor Japan.." Atcheson said he believed the control 'council "should direct Its activities toward the democratization' of japan. '../<;-."It is not consistent with oui 1 clear duty in that respect for any council member to give supiwrt In public meetings of the council- or otherwise—to any Japanese po lotical party," he declared. , Atcheson said translators haci J Informed him the letter in ques- • tion had been written by persons other than Japanese, and Hint it had not been signed with a "chop 1 In accordance with. Japanese custom. Pine Bluff Man Freed Of federal Charge He Aided Girl Stowaways PHIADELPHIA. May 15. (UP)— Tw 0 merchant seamen who admitted they hid two English girU aboard an oil tanker to help tlitm four-Way Accident Sends Two to Hospital and Another to Traffic Court MALVERN, Ark,, May 15. (UP> —Two [jersoiis were In the Hot Spring County Hospital today ni reach the United States In the hopes of finding American husbands were freed of federal thirties of aiding ctowaways today. Roy Harbor, 33, Sweet»»ter, Texas, and Elmer Tarlton, 31, Pint, Bluff, Ark., were released after, driver, commission mirt • Pulaskl circuit court ruling d«cl»rln( tfat AMt-Lf co-opemtlve a public utility. The change in co-operative rulM luuati following a hearing P*to. 5, IM«, went Into effect today, v By th e omission of om phrM*. _ _ .„.__. , ... commission requires co-opwnt- ter an assortment of trucks, curs, | " vc ' s to obtain Its approval lor any buses nnd ambulances tangled Inj'hic extension over thret mil** in a four-way accident at (he i.Mul- length. The old regulation, pfo-1 vein city limits'lost night. InuilgtUeil in 1937 when co-op«r«- B. F. wiUingharn, of onrdon, j lives were beginning, allowed U»e driver of th e aiitonioblle, and Car- .Sioups lo biUld a.s much Un« any- rol Koss of Malvern, ambulance [where they liked within Uw suffered slight injuries. they signed 12.500 federal peace State Patrolmen Quy Cimitt nnd bonds. Both face Coast Guard and ! Joe Woods said the accident began Merchant Marine hearings, how-.when wllllnghinn, driving a sedan-, ever. ' |ian into the rear of a trailer load Immigration officials said the of trucks, driven-by E. E. Jowers two girls, Doris Smith, 23, London. | of Beaumont, Tex. The car niut one pud Marca Kortinatos, 18, of Wales, i truck were demolished, ^vould be deported. They were din- Meanwhile, a Missouri-Pacific covered aboard the tanker Coyott* J TraiVways bus. driven toy C. W. Hills when It docked at Marcus " ' - • - - - • allotted to them. In Issuing Hi, new order, Uw commission pointed out that the. corop nre now a going concern and need no special consideration from the state. Reserve Officers Elect Department Leaders LITTLE HOCK, Mily 15. (UP) — Six vetcrnns, liendi-d by Col. Clyde MM. Brown of Hot Spvlnn. will to- Pri'si'iit Ihr Arkiiiuus l>i-p:irlment of Hie rtcsurvv Officers Asswliillon «t Hie Nhtional Conveitt'.un In Chicago May 31. The delegntes were- mimed here yesterday when IHr state' oruunlzn- llon WHS reactivated, col. Brawn was elected mosidcnl of thu sioup. Other • officers elected were 1A. Col. Euslng Klnkeiul 'of crossed, senior vice-president; hi. Col. William 13. Yiuicli of Hot Spilnijs Hook, Pa., last Friday. In Hollywood Orchestra Lester M. cooper, husband of the forme Miss Pegffy Long, is en route to Hollywood, where he will joil Art Jarrett's orchestra. Mrs. 1 Coop er, daughter of Mrs. John Long 133 West Kentucky, is accompany' ing'him." "' " ; <.' ' Mr. and Mrs.-Cooper had been In New 'York since his• discharge from ..service. " ..... Sheriff Criticized By Comptroller State Official Contends Settlement Should be Made for $1,892. LITTLE ROCK, ARK., May 15 UP)'—A rciwrl today showed (h»t Jr-the second consecutive year re- ords of Sheriff Edgar Baker of idependtnce Comity have drawn itlclsm from auditors of the state omptroller's office. According to the report. Baker wes the County Treasurer »1,8S2 mileage nnd fees collected In 945. 'Litigation from last year's dif- erences is'pemling in the Arkansas upreme court. ' The reix>rt showed Baker's total icome was'$6,659. He paid 14,165 o the treasurer withholding the emainder In lieu of actual expenses. However, the' auditors I x)lnte<i out that the independence ounty salary' law provides that 11 fees must be paid,Into the coun- y treasury. Under the law tlie h'eriff. draws his salary and expenses by filing itemized statements-with county court. Baker contended it is the custom ir the sheriffs to retain their mileage money In lieu of actual expenses. The auditors also reprimanded county treasurer Earnest Stround or alleged violation of the salary law by not withholding' 10 pel- cent of the total gross income turned in. by. Baker. ' NOTICE : ; Notice is hereby .given that th undersigned • will within the tim nxe4i_l»jr ; .law<i»pi>ly tot-the Commis Klon*t ftf Hevenlies oif'the State o Arkansas for a permit'to sell bee at rettiil at 11? W. Main, Blythe vllle,-Mississippi Comity. The undersigned states that he ! a citizen of. Arkansas, of good mora character, that he has never bee convicted of a -felony or other crim involving moral turpitude: that n license to sell beer by the under signed has been revoked within fiv IF'years last past; and that the under \ signed'has never been convicted o violating the laws of this state, o any other state, relating to the sal of alcoholic liquors. Lonnie -Boydston. Subscribed and sworn to befoi me this M day of May, 1946. Elizabeth Mason. (Seal) Notary Pub'.i My commission expires 4-28-50. Manila hemp, so useful In core age, is > made from a banana plan Co-Op Seeks Permit TLE jaylor of Little Hock, slopped at LITTLE HOCK. ARK., Vf»y 15. he accident and was shuck from '(UP)— The Woodruff Electric Co- .he rear by nn ambulance driven Cpornllvc Corp. of Auguata, Art,, by Ross. The ambulance was dam--has asked the. Public Service Coo>aged. ] mission for permlsulon to build 240 State police snld Wlllingham wlllimlics of electric lines In St. Frmrj- be charged with driving while drunk , els, Le e «n<| Monroe counties. The while Ross will fncc reckless UTIv- iconipnny estimated the line would sccie.Ury-U-e»»urer;,. Chaplain n. P. Abbott of Foil Roots in North llr Rock,,'department? chaplnln; MaJ. Tom Butt of FnyoUcvilie. Ige «dvoeiite; and Capt. Miin-|i\ Ovcon of Coiiwuy, Historian. Vandalism at Schoo/ Leads to Three Arrests UTITK ROCK, Ark., May 1C. HJI'l—Three yoiuns, iwu uf them with provlou* court records, [need bui'Khiry nut! gi'iiud larceny clm'iKs lo<luy In connection wllli llw run- surkltig of tli« Oakliurst school here Sundiiy nlglil. The tiio wns picked up by LlTue i. yesterday after.- niwn, and O.-N. Martin, chief p( del*ctlve«, expressed the hope that tlie(r arrest wijuld curb a §*rle« gfl vittUteliRtle outbreaks In the capital* city In recent weeiu. ^ Officers suld the school wu dam> aged U) sucli extent thu I, clum were dismissed |>jii of yesterday 'no workman cuuicl ulean up the debris. The school cafulerla' mid kitchen were wrccl&>tl,V|!|j» Broken, food caii» smashed, dlshus shattered mid an entire week's food supply ruined °J^jfe^rai*3& »' i<M *v* >- Munltloiu ate up most of the tilW.WXI.OOO.Ooy i expended during World War I. ; «j «r- 7^ Mrs Georv* 1 Va., *ho w4w titi«tj &4 h»re ep<l«L- Kathleen" i^aUohr. of TO, >A1«., w**., ' ' tlv* Kcretary: Mr*. MemphU, ,Tenn, 'b , Wilfred C, Tyler, Blue Mountain, Mtat, rtxxwdlpj »ecr«t*ry, apd. IflfL.AI. JullttU Mather, Birn»in«hMo, youa«,< v». peopi*', M<r«Ury '.y' KIRBY DRUG STORES MAIN AT SECOND BROADWAY-DIVISION ing charges'. Public Service To Supervise Co-Ops LITTLE ROCK, . ARK.. May 15. (UP)—Action of the Slate Supreme Court In declaring the Arkansas- Louisiana Electric Co-Operntlve no- a public .utility will not elfect the public service commission's recent order placing co-operatives on au equal footing with private, .firms. ?• Commissioner R. B. McCulloch explained yesterday IhiU the Ark- La firm, set up to service the Aluminum plant near Lake'Cath- erine, Ark., was formed under Loxtisiana law while the Commis- son's change, in rules applies'only to Arkansas co-operatives. Tlie supreme court reversed n serve 715 customers aswl co«t W*5,000. Lake Tlticaca, In 3200 square miles. • Bolivia, cover* BLYTHEVILLE ARKANSAS HuMto _^ TMi Dainty COOKING FAT Its Wonderful! OIGEST1VI TRACT And Stop Dosing Your Stomach With Soda and Alkalfzar* Don't expect to get read relief (rom headache, sour stomach, gas and bad breath by taking"soda and other alien- 1 izf?rs if the true cauae of your trouble m cdnatfnation. In t his caae, your real trouble ianot IB the stomach at all. But in the intcatlnal tract where 80Vo ofyourfood in iHxeated. And when it rets blocked it (aila to digest properly. ^ What you want for real relief w set »oda or an alknlizer—but soroethinj to "unblock" your intestinal tract. Something to clean it out effectively—help Nature ret back on her feet. Get Garter's PiUs right now. Take them as directed. They gently and effectively Vudblock" your digestive tract. This permits your food to move along normally. Nature's own digestive juice* canthenreach it. You get genuine relief that makes you Feel realty good afiijL. ' •Get Carter's PIUs at any drugstore— Z5*. "Unblock"yourinteatioml tract Joe real relief from indigestion. . FURNITURE Of course, we don't got nil we could sell, but as we get It our policy .will be first come, first served. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. COUPON i^^i | K*R9I In Cfoirt • 10' MOTH | • TABLET I YOU SAVE IN MAY! (Limit!) .. 301 East Main Phone 2302 All our Kmplnyffs are War SUPPOSITORIES 14< •LYCEUM, INFANT ir IBILT—V.S.P. *T MILK of MAGNESIA 33 C na PUT, «.$.P ; ^J^J EPSOM SALT 19 C U-OUNCE, REFINED .. . •• %f ( $1 a»n '— ! \ HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. 2«0 E. Slain, Blylheville, Ark., Phone 'i<M\ SALES AND SERVICE OF J. i. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 Inch $129.50 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Let us figure your totcri contract includ / ing labor. Service and Repair on wiring and accessories. Appliance Repair. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. Sec. Phone 3S71 Whoa, there...Have a Coke .. .fun and friendliness make the day ' } It's a whirl—and a merry one—with the whole crowd out to make the most of it. 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' ft^...~j

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