The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 16, 1997 · Page 155
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 155

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, April 16, 1997
Page 155
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rrm"iii mi g-jju mar -jfijnrrir"'r"T''f'"''il n-rr- LOS ANGELES TIMES , WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 1997 F11 R TODAY ON TV CHANNELS LosAngeks EBKVEA(lnd.)23 Orang County E3KD0CWJ56 BKCB3ICBSI02 BDKLCSFBS)17 IlKrCNBC)04 IBKRCA(lnd)20 HKTLAWB)05 pci OKABCIA8Q07 TT,M DKCAINJ09 "SSia IBKC0PUPN13 Santo Barbara IQKSQ(lnd.)18 3)KEfT(ABC)07 BQKWHY(lnd.22 Sa.BOT.nfao SSS? BDKTBNlnd.)40 hrturaCfJunh; BDKOCE(PBS)50 B3KADY(URg) 16 Cable Service ME 39 El 63 SO-H87 AMC 35 ESPN 34 SHOW 41 BET 57 ESPN284 TBS 43 BRV054 TIC 51 2f 31 FSW27 TMC 58 ZZl HBO 33 TNN49 HIST 30 TNT 52 S!lN42- USA 44 DSC 37 MTV 48 VH1S2 DISN 53 NICK 38 WGN 55 Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. A indicates advertisement. Movie Ratings A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS TVY All Children (TVY7) Directed to Older Children (TVG) General Audience (TVPGI Parental Guidance (TV14) Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA) Mature Audiences Only MORNING 7:00 a.m. fl KCBS News O KNBC I36I KMIR Today Authors SueEllen and Paula Fried. 58429 El KTLA Morning News 49451 . U KABC LB KEYT I42 KESQ Good Morning America Diane Sawyer; finding the perfect bathing suit. 901 67 fl KCALThe Mask 43535 HI KTTV Good Day LA. 34887 fBKCOP Mega Man 60055 fS KWHV Business News B0 KCET Barney & Friends 17581 E) KM EX iDespiertaAmehca! 9248149 BDKTBN Rod Parsley EH KOCE Government by Consent EBKVEACBSTeleNolicias E3 KDOC News (Japanese); JtJi Business News (7:20) EDKICS Learning English 09 KRCA Little Saigon television News fcSKADYBullwinkle A&E The Cosby Mysteries (TVG) BET Hit List CSPN Public Policy CNBC Money Wheel DISN Donald's Quack Attack El Melrose Place ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Perfect Parts FSWFox Sports News HIST The Real West (TVG) UFE Everyday Workout (TVG) MTV The Grind (TVPGI NICK Inspector Gadget 970413 SCI-FI Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TVG) SHOW Movie 'Turk 182" (1 985) (1hr. 36 min.) 33429697 (7:151 TBS Three's Company (7:05) TLCPappyland(TVY) TNT Gilligan's Island USA USA Action Extreme Team (TVY7) "Super Mario Brothers." 512413 WGN Andy Griffith (TVG) 7:30 a.m. El KCAL Masked Rider 59142 H9 KCOP Samurai Piua Cats ODKSCIIran-Sima ES KWHY Business News BO KCET Stotytime 71036 ED KTBN Marilyn Hickey EDKOCET'ai Chi in Paradise SKVEAHola Los Angeles 63790 ED KDOC Ohayo Salon SO KLCS Putting English to Work 168 KADY Underdog CMAX Movie look Who's Talking" (1 989) (1 hr. 36 min.) 11899622(7:45) DISN Goof Troop ESPN2 Crunch Fitness UFE Denise Austin's Dairy Workout (TVG) MTV Popular Videos People Prefer (TVPG) NICK Alvin and the Chipmunks TBS Mama's Family (7:35) TLC David the Gnome (TVY) TMC Movie "Beach Blanket Bingo" (1965)11 hr. 38 min.) 70815968(7:35) TNT Gilligan's Island WGN Empty Nest (TVPGI 8:00 a.m. D KCBS This Morning Jackie Robinson and the major leagues.. 14429 El KCAL VOR Tech 64500 ESKCOP Dream Big "A Day With Horses" fS KWHY Business News ED KCET Lamb Chop's Pay-Along 59448 CD KTBN Kenneth Copeland BD KOCE Best of Joy of Painting ED KLCS Pappyland 66790 iSS KADY Tennessee Tuxedo AMC Lilian Gish: The Actor's Life for Me (TVG) ASE Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer BET Video Vibrations BRVO Movie "The Big Town" (1987)12 hr.) 128806 COM Soap (TVPG) DISN Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers E! The Gossip Show 946264 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Cory Everson's Gotta Sweat f AM Father Dowling Mysteries FSWFox Sports News HBO Movie "Born to Run" (1993). (1 hr. 37 min.) 905221 HIST Christopher Columbus (TVG) (Part 2 of 2) 234413 UFE What Every Baby Knows (TVG) NICK Looney Tunes SCI-R Dark Shadows (TVG) 71 17806 TBS Andy Griffith (TVG) (8:05) TLC Elementary Spanish (TVY) TNN Dallas (TVPG) TNT Spenser: For Hire WGN In the Heat of the Night (TVPG) 8:30 a.m. Fl KCAL Bruno the Kid 63871 BD KCOP Step by Step (TVPG) CD KSCI Omid, Today's Physician ES KWHY Business News BO KCET Arthur 58719 ED KTBN Lifestyle Magazine 354326 HQ KOCE The Kidsongs Television Show 340185 03 KLCS Wishbone 65061 KRCA M8C News Desk 1631 KADY Laverne and Shirley CNN CNN 8i Co. 583178 COM The Daily Show (TVPG) 8989142 DISN The Little Mermaid El News Daily ESPN2 Fitness Beach UFE Kids These Days (TVG) MTV Music Videos (TVPG) NICK Looney Tunes SCI-H Dark Shadows (TVG) 7116177 TBS Andy Griffith (TVG) (8:35) TLCGeonauts(TVY) 9:00 a.m. B KCBS Guiding Light (TV14) 42546 LJJKEYT Regis 8iKathie Lee (TVG) 98952 O KNBC Leeza (TVPG) Estranged families reunite. 92622 Efl KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TVPG) Revenge. 41968 D KABC (42 KESQ Regis & Kathie Lee (TVG) Diane Sawyer. 32264 EJ KCAL Crook & Chase Kate Jackson. 89142 ID KTTV After Breakfast (TVG) Peri Gilpin. 74210 EKCOPQum,MedioreWaTBi(lVG) EB KWHY Business News M KVCR The Shelly T. Turtle Show 21 697 B0 KCET Barney & Friends 69871 B3l(MEXLoMejaaeCrepritor9:15) 3$l KMIR Many Povich (TVPG) 875974 ED KTBN Dr. Cherry SI KOCE Instructional TV B0 KDOC Life in the Word B0 KLCS T EA M.S. W KRCA K.T.A.N. News; Studio of Love (9:151 M KADY Movie "The Young Americans" (1993) (2 hr.) 29264 AMC Movie "The Gold Rush" (1925) (Ihr. 30 min.) 935662 A&E Quincy (TVG) CNBC Inside Opinion CNN Newsday COM Movie "Ninja Academy" (1990) (2 hr.) 6696993 DSC Assignment Discovery DISN Winnie the Pooh El Talk Soup 936887 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2Kiana's Flex Appeal FAM The Waltons (TVG) UFE Sisters (TVPGI . NICKRugrats SCI-R Ripley's Believe It or Notl (TVG) SHOW Movie "The Twilight of the Golds" (19961(1 hr. 33 min.3983448 TBS Matlock (9:05) TLC Carlo Cooks Italian TMC Movie "Pajama Party" (19641(1 hr. 25 min.) 9307719(9:15) TNN Aleene's Creative Living With Crafts (TVG) TNTCHiPs(TVG) USA Murder. She Wrote WGN Geraldo Rivera (TVPG) 292500 9:30 a.m. ES KWHY Business News I24I KVCR Body Electric BO KCET The Puzzle Place 78061 ED KTBN Dean and Mary Brown B0 KLCS Math for Primary (9:45) CMAX Movie "Eyes of an Angel" (1994)11 hr. 31 min.) 754210 CNBC Power Lunch 212622 CNN Burden of Proof 709332 DISN Mickey's Mouse Tracks E! Uncut 672177 ESPN2 BodyShaping HBO LifeStories: Families in Crisis NICK The Busy World of Richard Scarry 664582 TIC Biba's Italian Kitchen TNN Creative Living With Crafts (TVG) 10:00 a.m. H KCBS The Price Is Right (TVGI El KNBC In Person With Maureen O'Boyle 60264 El KTLA Little House on the Prairie 11 KABC ITJ KEYT Caryl & Marilyn: Real ftiends(TVG Camie Wilson. 15784 O KCAL Movie "Girls of the White Orchid" (1983) (2 hr. 81 719 ID KTTV The Dating Game IB KCOP Everyday Living 41974 83 KWHY Business News B KVCR Sew Creative BO KCET Sesame Street 25500 EQKMEXMaite i36i(MIR Geraldo Rivera (TVPGI 324210 ED KTBN TBN Today (42 KESQ Northern Exposure US KVEA Lo Mejor de Sevcec 69974 BO KDOC Froozles 116061 B0 KLCS Challenge of the Unknown EB KRCA The Doctor Brothers (10:05) A&E Law & Order (TVPG) BRVO South Bank Show CNN CNN Today DSC Home Matters (TVG) Headboards; Home Shop. 789090 DISN Adventures in Wonderland E! Movie "Tune in Tomorrow ..." (1990) (2 hr.) 589413 ESPN Latin Futrjol Weekly ESPN2 Fabulous Sports Babe 5847546 FAM The 700 Club HBO Movie W "Batman Forever" (1995)12 hr.1 min.) 523974 UFE Handmade by Design (TVG) NICK Rupert 338993 SO-fl Mysteries, Magic & Miracles (TVPG) TBS Sports Baseball Reds at Braves. 45417142(10:05) TLCHomeworks(TVG) TNN Wildhorse Saloon (TVG) TNT Thunder in Paradise (TVPGI USA Wings (TVPGI WGN News 10:30 a.m. CD KTTV The Newlywed Game KWHY Business News; Health News 110:50) B4I KVCR Creative Living ED KTBN Casey Treat BO KDOC Southland Today BO KLCS American Frontier (10:45) AMC Days of Wine and Roses (TVPG) DISN Pooh Corner UFE Frugal Gourmet NICK Muppet Babies SCI-H Monsters (TVPG) SHOW Movie "Snow White and the Three Stooges" (19611 (1hr. 48 min.l 93453697 (10:35) TLC Lynette Jennings Home (TVG) TMC Movie "Easy Rider" (19691(1 hr. 35 min.) 31000054 USA Wings (TVPG) 11:OOa.m. B KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV141 55332 a KNBC News I KTLA News ii KABC LiJ KEYT All My Children From 1989: Tad and Dixie's first wedding. 75245 ED KTTV I Love Lucy EE) KCOP Jenny Jones Infidelity. 58210 B3 KWHY Business News (11:20) 1241 KVCR Lap Quilting BO KCET Storytime (Repeat) 13061 B3 KMEX Oos Mujeres, un Camino 56852 86i KMIR Sunset Beach (TV14I417974 ED KTBN James Robison Z KESQ Jeopardy! EE KVEA Guadalupe 552326 BOKDOCGunsmoke BO KLCS Kratts' Creatures 44993 02 KRCA Getting to Know Your Favorite Artists A&EMcCloud ' BET Planet Groove BRVO Opening Shot 237993 CMAX Movie "The Desert Rats" (1953) (Ihr. 28 min.l 211061 CNBC Money Wheel COM Saturday Night Live (TV14) DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (TVG) DISN Gummi Bears ESPN Major League Baseball Films ESPN2 Sports High School Basketball Magic's Houndball Classic. 8607177 HIST The War Years (TVG) UFE Our Home (TVG) MTV Singled Out (TVPG) NICK Allegra's Window 547429 SCI-H Night Gallery TLC Dream Living (TVGI TNN VideoPM (TVG) TNT How the West Was Won (TVG) USA Movie "Hello Again" (1 987) (2 hr 1 835784 WGN Sports Baseball Colorado Rockies at Cubs. 8081 1806 11:30 a.m. LJ) KEYT News CI KNBC EXTRA 8072 I i KTLA Charles in Charge fl KABC News BQ KTTV I Love Lucy BD KSCI Taiwan News W KWHY Business News I24I KVCR The Cartoon Factory B0 KCET Shining Time Station 1 4790 ES KTBN Benny Hinn M KESQ All My Children From 1989: Tad and Dixie's first wedding; Adam is paralyzed. 25852 S3 KLCS French in Action BRVO Movie "Othello" (1952) (1 hr. 35 min.) 1840264 DISN Care Bears ESPN Big Ten Championships FAM FIT TV UFE Our Home (TVG) MTV Music Videos (TVPG) NICK GullahGullah Island 548158 SCI-H Beyond Reality (TVPGI TLC Great Country Inns (TVG) AFTERNOON Noon El KCBS News U KNBC M KMIR Another World (TV14I41784 EJ KTLA Hunter fl KABC 3 1 KEYT !42 KESQ All My Children 61516 El KCAL News E0 KTTV Andy Griffith IB KCOP Montel Williams (TVPGI Privacy violations. 19516 DO KSCI Mandarin Drama S3 KWHY Business News; High-Tech Report12:20) 8l KVCR Graham Kerr's Swiftly Seasoned BO KCET The Puzzle Place 52535 H3 KMEX Bap ir Misto Rostra 17158 ' ED KTBN Jack Van Impe BO KDOC Perry Mason B0 KLCS Real Science! W KRCA Daily Taiwan News & Special Report m KADY Sally Jessy Rar(1VPG39326 AMC Movie "Days of Wine and Roses" (19621 (2 hr.) 796993 CNBC Street Signs CNN TalkBack Live 626055 COM Kids in the Hall (TVPG) DSC Start to Finish (TVG) DISN My Little Pony Tales E! Talk Soup 949351 ESPN America's Horse FAM Rescue 911 (TVPG) FSW Sports Equestrian GrandPrix of Florida. 97142 HBO Anaconda: HBO First Look; Movie "The Power Within" (1995) (1 nr. 37 min.49128719(12:15) HIST The Real West (TVG) UFE Martha Stewart Living (TVG) Puff pastry; ginger. 627264 NICK Little Bear 436974 SCI-H Incredible Hulk (TVGI TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TMC Movie W "Things Change" (1988)11 rr. 40 min.) 90259852(1220) TNN America's Country Hits (TVGI TNT Wild, Wild West 12:30 p.m. B KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV14) 37581 ED KTTV Andy Griffith EB KWHY Business News; Show Biz Report (12:50) 84! KVCR Oceanus: The Marine Environment 53 KCET Mister Rogers 89177 ED KTBN Oino ffl KVEA Movie "El Hip del Otro" (19831(1 hr. 30 min.) 200326 S3 KLCS Newton's Apple GS KRCA Information Station CMAX Movie "My Best Friend Is a vampire" (19881 (Ihr. 30 mia 123326 COM TraceyUllman (TVPG) DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN The Little Mermaid E! Coming Attractions ESPN Racehorse Digest UFE The Main Ingredient With Bobby Flay (TVG) NICK Blue's Clues SHOW Movie "The American President" (1995) (1 hr. 54 min.l 349041 TLC A Wedding Story (TVGI 1:00 p.m. B KCBS As the World Turns (TV14) 38264 KNBC 1361 KMIR Days of Our Lives (TV14) 23332 H KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael Controlling men. 89968 B KABC L1 KEYT 82 KESQ One Life to Live 70264 B KCAL Maury Povich (TVPGI Online dangers. 97326 ED KTTV Beverly Hillbillies fS KCOP Ricki Lake Racist teens. 28264 53 KWHY NewsClosing Bell Report 1241 KVCR Oceanus: The Marine Environment 53 KCET Reading Rainbow 1 6852 HJ KMEX La Sombra del Otro 26806 03 KTBN John Hagee BO KDOC Barnaby Jones B3 KLCS Reading Rainbow 51332 GB KRCA Emperor of Chiehlung B 31 KADY Jerry Springer (TV1 4) 1 1 974 A&E The Cosby Mysteries (TVG) BET Rap City BRVO Movie "The Elusive Pimpernel" (1950) (2 hr. 25 min.) 17434968(1:05) CNBC Market Wrap CNN Inside Politics 693332 COM The Daily Show (TVPG) David Alan Grier. 6427448 DSC Home Matters (TVG) 21 4041 DISN DuckTales E! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ESPN X Games Trials ESPN2 Sports Drag Racing NHRA Fram Nationals. 3630264 FAM Home and Family 'The Young S the Restless" cast. 513622 FSW Sports Rugby Sevens World Cup. 90326 HIST Christopher Columbus (TVG) (Part 2 of 2) 964142 UFE Supermarket Sweep (TVG) NICK The Busy World of Richard Scarry 979784 SCI-H Bionic Woman (TVG) TBSFIintstones(TVY(1:05) TLC Gardening Naturally (TVG) TNN Dallas (TVPG) TNT Movie "Town Tamer" (1965) (2 hr.) 486852 USA USA Live (TVPG) 51 5500 1:30 p.m. ED KTTV Beverly Hillbillies 03 KSCI Tea Time ES KWHY Market Wrap-Up; Chart Watch (1:45) 24I KVCR Something Ventured: Small Business Management 53 KCET Tie Magic School Bus 88448 ED KTBN Rod Parsley S3 KOCE The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon 781264 S3 KLCS Zoo, Zoo, Zoo; Animal Families (1:45 CNNEarlyPrime COM Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist (TVGI. DISN Charlie Brown and Snoopy UFE Debt (TVGI NICK Papa Beaver's Storytime 160429 TBS California Dreams (TVGI "Ciao. Jenny" 1225245(1:35) TLCHometimefrVG) USA USA Live (TVPGI 295142 2:00 p.m. B KCBS Gordon Elliott (TVGI Fatherson relationships. 20158 El KNBC Sunset Beach (TV141 42326 II KTLA Blossom ilKABCl3IKEYT'42)KESQ General Hospital 66974 B KCAL News 01 KTTV Spider-Man (TVY) 6332 DO KCOP Jenny Jones (TVG) Vain people. 27806 H3 KSCI Panda TV Drama m KWHY You're on the Line 46790 i24i KVCR Something Ventured: Small Business Management 53 KCET Faces of Culture ED KMEX Quirpa de Tres Muieres 87516 36 KMIR Ricki Lake 602500 ED KTBN Praise the Lord B3 KOCE The Big Comfy Couch 155790 KVEA La HoraLunatica 45806 BO KDOC Cannon BO KLCS Read. Write and Research SB KRCA Emperor of Chiehlung AMC Movie "Touch of Evil" (19581(2 hr.) 646264 A&E Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer CMAX Movie "Ladybugs" (1992) (1 hr. 30 min.) 724719 COM Soap (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (TVG) DISN Winnie the Pooh El The Gossip Show 980448 ESPN Road to Scottsdale HBO Movie "Driving Miss Daisy " (1989) (1 hr. 39 min.) 7883448 UFE Movie "Memories of Murder" (1990) (2 hr.) 995177 MTV M2 on MTV (TVPG) NICK Looney Tunes SCI-H Six Million Dollar Man (TVGI Please see TV LOG, F12 DANCERS: Looking Ahead Prime-Time TV Rankings A Tiger Gives CBS a Boost but NBC Still Rules Tiger Woods' record-setting performance at the Masters golf tournament pitched CBS out of the ratings bunker, as golfs spill-over into prime time on the East Coast helped lift the network to second place in the weekly score-card issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. NBC was still last week's ratings champ, as "ER" returned from its spring vacation to emerge as the top-rated show, more than doubling combined viewing of ABC and CBS news programs in its time period. The network's "Fired Up," starring "NYPD Blue's" Sharon Lawrence, premiered after "Seinfeld" with results about on par with those for previous occupants of that coveted slot. In terms of other series premieres, Fox's latest Aaron Spelling soap, "Pacific Palisades," won its time period with viewers age 18-34 but attracted fewer people than "Party of Five" recently has in that hour, while ABC's dramas "Gun" and "Leaving L.A." got off to slow starts on Saturday. And CBS' "Orleans" continues to do poorly, losing nearly 30 of the audience that watched "JAG." CBS also experimented with some success airing "Chicago Hope" and "Early Edition" in place of its Sunday movie. Programmers are considering a shift to series that night next season, seeking to break up the three-way movie logjam on ABC, CBS and NBC. -BRIAN LOWRY National Nielsen Vtewership Here are the rankings for national prime-time network television last week (April 7-13) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average number of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates that there are 251 million potential U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Vlewershlp Is listed here In millions. Nt- Vtaw- Program wo an 1. ER NBC 34.38 2. Seinfeld NBC 32.22 3. Fired Up NBC 26.64 4. Friends NBC 24.36 5. Suddenly Susan NBC 22.84 6. 60 Minutes CBS 21.97 7. Touched by an Angel CBS 20.63 8. Home Improvement ABC 18.71 9. The X-Files FOX 17.98 10. Dateline NBC (Fri.) NBC 17.75 11. RlmeTimeUve . ABC 17.44 12. 3020 ABC 16.63 13. Early Edition (Sun.) COS 16.42 14. Dateline NBC (Tue.) NBC 16.15 15. CyM CBS 15.46 16. KKlgodhetM FOX 15.42 17. Walker, Texa Ranger CBS 15.20 18. Chicago Hope CBS 14.85 19. "Killing Mr. Griffin" NBC 14.62 20. The Drew Carey Show ABC 14.56 21. "Mother Knows Best" ABC 14.54 22. Everybody Loves Raymond CBS 14.33 23. Chicago Hope (Sun.) CBS 13.86 24. Home Improvement (8 p.m.) ABC 13.61 25. Early Edition CBS 13.54 26. Caroline kiltie City NBC 13.43 Cosby CBS 13.43 28. SpmClty ABC 13.32 28. The Simpsons FOX 1325 30. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ABC 13.24 31. Ink CBS 13.15 32. Step by Step ABC 13.10 33. Or. Quinn, Medicine Woman CBS 12.92 34. lew i Order NBC 12.74 35. Frasler NBC 12.60 36. The Nanny CBS 12.50 37. 3rd Rock From the Sun NBC 12.40 38. Diagnosis Murder ABC 12.24 39. Elen ABC 12.20 40. Unsolved Mysteries NBC 12.19 41. JAG CBS 12.13 Men Behaving Bady NBC 12.13 43. The Practice ABC 12.06 44. Beverly His, 90210 FOX 11.55 45. Ikarsclde: Lite on the Street NBC 11.49 48. Nash Bridges CBS 11.41 47. AreenJo ABC 11.30 48. Famiy Matters ABC 11.07 49. The Jeff Fonworm Show NBC 10.91 50. "My Very Best Fitend" CBS 10.90 51. Mad About You NBC 10.85 52. Moloney CBS 10.84 53. Boy Meets Work) ABC 10.79 54. Coach ABC 10.50 Nt- Vknr-ers Prafram Net- Mtw 55. Grace Under Fire ABC 10.32 56. Something So Right ABC 11.85 67. Wings NBC 10.08 58. "Addams Family Vakjes" FOX 10.05 59. Promised Land CBS 10.02 60. Melrose Race FOX 10.00 61. America's Most Wanted FOX 9.94 62. Pacific Padsades FOX 9.86 63. Temporarily Yours CBS 9.65 64. Profiler NBC 9.64 65. "Meteor Man" NBC 9.63 66. Boston Common (Mon.) NBC 9.48 67. 2020 (Sun.) ABC 9.47 68. Boston Common NBC 9.46 69. Cops (8:30 pm.) FOX 9.38 70. Cops FOX 9.24 71. Dateline NBC (Sun.) NBC 9.22 72. ArnerlM'sVkJeos (7:30 p.m.) ABC 9.21 "Major League r ABC 9.21 74. "Batman Returns" NBC 8.91 75. Orleans CBS 8.78 76. Feds CBS 8.71 77. Walker, Texas Ranger (Wed.) CBS 8.41 78. Peter Jennings Reporting ABC 8.29 80. living Single FOX 8.12 81. Gun ABC 7.80 82. Vital Signs ABC 7.77 83. High Incident ABC 7.69 84. Millennium FOX 7.59 85. NewsRadk) NBC 7.58 86. Martin FOX 7.43 87. 48 Hours CBS 7.40 88. America's FunrssstVldeos ABC 7.12 89. "World's Funniest Outtakes" FOX 7.02 90. New York Undercover FOX 6.88 91. Married. . .With Children FOX 6.81 92. Leaving LA. ABC 6.75 93. SHders FOX 6.74 94. Star Trek: Voyager UPN 8.48 95. Lolsaciark:Superman ABC 5.88 96. PauV FOX 5.54 97. Relativity ABC 5.05 98. Smart Guy WB 4.81 99. kittle House UPN 4.49 100. The Jamie Fou Show WB 4.47 101. The Sentinel UPN 4.45 102. Malcolm 1 Eddie UPN 4.42 103. The Wayans Bros. WB 4.40 104. Sparks UPN 4.33 105. Goode Behavior UPN 3.89 106. Moesha UPN 3.88 107. Sister. Sister W8 3.73 108. m the House (Tue.) UPN 3.68 109. Unhappily Ever After WB 3.52 110. Bun trie Vampee Slayer W8 3.42 111. The Steve Harvey Show WB 3.25 112. Social Studies UPN 3.24 113. mine House (Tue, 9 p.m.) UPN 3.08 114. 7th Heaven WB 3.01 115. I With Roger WB 2.65 118 The Parent 'Hood WB 2.52 117. Brothedy Love (Sun.) WB 2.06 118. Nek Freno: Licensed Teacher WB 1.85 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Last Week NBC 13.93 million CBS 13.04 ABC 10.76 FOX 9.68 UPN 4.40 WB 3.30 Season to Date NBC 15.26 million CBS 13.79 ABC 13.59 FOX 11.81 UPN 4.25 WB 3.65 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs In the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. Its- Homc Prtgraa Ilea koMs 1. ER KNBC 1,201.013 2. Seinfeld KNBC 1,171,358 3. Fired Up KNBC 963.776 4. Friends KNBC 929,179 5. TheXFUes KTTV 830,330 6. Suddenly Susan KNBC 815,503 7. 60 Minutes KCBS 711,711 8. PrimeTlmeUve KABC 677,114 9. Home Improvement KABC 657,345 10. Dateline NBC (Tue.) KNBC 637,575 , , w . , " ( J ... ' ' "'I ' itfiirraflg"iirr" r ' ft "1 ' ' ALEX G AFJCIA Los Angelee Times John Wayne "was playful and good natured," Clark Sharon says. From the Sands of Newport According to "John Wayne: On Board With the Duke," if the actor hadn't visited Balboa Island in 1926, he never would have been in the movies. He was a 19-year-old USC freshman on a football scholarship. He came down to Balboa on spring break and tore the muscles in his shoulder while bodysurfing. Because of his injuries, he was dropped from the team, lost his scholarship and was forced to leave school. He took a $35-a-week job in the prop department at Fox Studios, where he met director John Ford, who gave him his first roles, as an extra in several movies. D.M. Continued from F2 "I thought it was very fantastic and generous. That kind of generosity you never forget. I think it's important to help and to inspire young people to have the courage to stand in front of the dancers and say, 'Make a step here and a step there and try to do this.' "Besides, one day I will leave the company in other people's hands," TVS FOR TODAY 16:45-11:15 ijl-105.1 SmMts if liydi: "98th Symphony," Antal Oorati conducts the Philhar-moma Hungarica, KKGO-fM (105.1). 1-9:30 ija, 2-2:38 U-Tit AeVtitiriJ if PUti Mir-hw: "Tlw Promis to Pay," KNX (1070). 10-10:31 i.-Starrllm neittr: "Johnny Apple-seed," read by Garrison Keillor, KPIS (830). Kylia"n continued. "I see my duty not only to choreograph and bring the right choreographers right now but to ensure the company can survive. I want to leave it in radiant shape so that it can easily tackle the 21st century with new spirit and new ideas." mNederknds Dans Theater 2 and 3 will dance two programs this weekend at the Orange County Perform- HMUCOMCDTFaMILT 10-10:30 Mi-StirrtlM Tseatir: "The Ugly Duckling," read by Cher, KPLS (830). 9:30-10 2:30-3 iji-Tii lm liiftr: "Go-Between," with Brace Beemer and John Todd, . KNX (1070). MUSIC: CUSSICU II a..-t tM.-ttritmmi lerJay, KUSC FM (91.5). i ing Arts Center, 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa. The first program, Friday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m., includes Johan Ingefs "MeUantid" and three works by company director Jiri Kylidn.-"Trompe-L'oeil," "No Sleep Till Dawn of Day" and "Stamping Ground." The second program, at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, includes Ohad Naharin's "Off White"; Hans van Manen's "De-jd Vu" and "The Old Man and Me"; Paul Lightfoofs "Skew-Whiff; and Kylidn's "Un BaUo" and "Compass." $10-$59. (714)556-2787. 11.-50 pA-Mmtires k Good Misfc: "Hold On to Your Hats," particularly enthusiastic music, KKGO-FM (105.1). 1-10 pjL-Tlw Misk Rdm. KCSN FM (88.5). I-10 tJL-Ctretiii Ctwirt: Haydn (60th Symphony, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra), Tchaikovsky ("Fatum, Symphonic Poem," St. Louis Symphony Orchestra), KKGO-fM (105.1). 1 THE DUKE: Other Side of Wayne's World Continued from Fl friends to Alaska, Mexico and many other ports of call over the years. To help offset the high costs of operation and maintenance, Wayne began chartering the boat to such friends as Dean Martin and leasing it out as a floating prop for movies. Sharon was a newspaper reporter when he met Wayne in 1975. After Wayne's death, he served as a Wild Goose crew member on charter cruises. He hatched the idea for the documentary at Planet Hollywood in Santa Ana on Dec. 31, 1993, over lunch with an old friend, computer specialist Bill Le Due. Sharon had recently finished the book with Minshall and mentioned to Le Due that he still had access to "all these great home movies" of Wayne. "It would be fun to do a movie," he said, almost as an afterthought. Le Due asked Sharon what the budget would be. Sharon picked a figure out of the air, and Le Due said he'd "kick in $30,000 to get it started. I about choked on my hamburger," Sharon recalls. "It's funny how quickly your mind will shift gears. I said to myself, 'Wait a minute. Maybe this is possible.' " Le Due's $30,000 was seed money for the production, which cost more than $100,000. "As I forged ahead on the project, I'd run out of money and have to raise more," Sharon says. "I was surprised actually how people would jump in." He noted that all six of his backers lived in Orange County and were impressed that, for 14 years, Wayne had lived here too. In the process of making the documentary, Sharon made one foray to Los Angeles to have the Super 8 movies transferred to broadcast-quality videotape. The rest of the work was done at Orange County locations. Sharon, who attended Cal State Fullerton on a partial music scholarship, shares the musical direction credit for the video with an old high school band buddy, Jim Ishii,a musician, composer and arranger from Santa Ana. According to the video, Wayne once said to his daughter Aissa: "When I die, I don't want to miss the ocean. I want to stay here. I want to be cremated when I die. Then take me out and scatter me over the sea because that's where i my heart is." He didn't get his wish. He is buried in an unmarked grave on a hill overlooking Newport Beach. But the Wild Goose, sold about a week before he died, is still berthed in Newport Harbor, where it is available to the public as a charter party boat. m"John Wayne: On Board With the Duke" is avaUable for $19.95, plus shipping and handling charges, by calling (800) 333-2042. I RADIO

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