The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 28, 1938
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VOLUMK XXXY-NO. an. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ADV-ANDAC, .vtr> o^,^,,™.,-™ .. Dlytheville Courier Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhevllle Dally News I1E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI I-it-email Seriously Hurl When Passenger Train Plows Into Freight RlKRS.TTjN. Mo., Apr. 28. (UP) "-The .southbound Pii.sro p;is>;en- MH triilii Memphian crashed into DM? n-ar ol a 48-car freight train No. K'i'.t u-hllc it was taking water lii-iv- caily today. .Ichn .). linker of Chnffee. Mo., fireman r;n Hie passenger train, .MiflVrul M-rloux Incerntton.s when )io jumper! from the c-nyini> cub i.ii' ni> one f-l. v :rr was hurt .seri- i.u.sly. ICnylnpcr Jack Green, also of Chnlti'i!, stayed with the engine ns It plowed through (he caboose nnd treifiht ears. 'Ihe engine, lender nnd baggage car left Ihe tracks, tearing up the rails for 100 yards. The train ..ached Sike.ston. investigating officials said, ahead of sr-hedule. Trains were re routed while (he tracks were repaired. Civil Service Employes Barred From Committees L1TTLK ItOCK. Apr. 28.-- Stale employe'.-, under civil service are prohibited horn membership on county or slate polilieal committees Dr. Kenneth o. Warner, dlrec- lor HI the personnel division de, clnrod yis,tfi-day. I .Dr. Warner said there was iicnli- U)» in the civil M'.Tiw; law (o prohibit classified Mate employes from wcoiuiiiij members ol any poliilcul club or parly but the tnw dill bar service on tnc cummillces of iheso BI/rTIII-;V.U,l<;, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, Al'Hlj, 28, .. "The attorney general has 1 1*0 occiisions passed ,j,j 0 jj <|iie.stloi)," tl,e dm-jior sun on In Bleak No Man's Land of Chinese War SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS A train, carrying passnegers from the Memphian. which arrived here at 12:20 o'clock, was routed through Brooks June! ion and Keimett. So far as could be lean:id there were no Blythcvllle who were passengers. Miss Icy Wheatley (.1 Bernie. Mo., wno WPS en"»-,.. If. here to visit her niece. Mrs. J. Graham Kuclbuyy, and family, .'-wived an injury to her back X-rn ."pictures were to tie made this- afleinrwn t-> determine Die "J.lfilt of her hijuriis. Says Someone P u t Something Over Won't Say Who NEW YORK, Apr. 28. HJF) — Henry Ford, without specifying lo whom he referred, .said today ihat the people hnve a leader "who is putting something over on them." He wns nsked whether he referred to a labor leader or lo someone else. Ford declined to answer. Ford made tlie s'nieinenl in nn interview when he wns nskod nboiil general conditions. "There's n lot of jwople who arc half nsleep," he said. "They nre looking for n lender and they have ' one who is pulling something over on (hem—and they deserve it. Peo- ntire Loyalist Brigade Reported Wiped Out In (lose Range l r i No Man's --*-•-'- ••— i. j,. ti .111 i7n ii uiuii); uu> i PllOw riVPI" U -no, ^ holdin,, one bank, S ome of ,he nen-e.,1 l, s h „»« of ,he e, live ™W b „, |>r ^J nl 1 h(> Mil,., Vrttf^lnl II... ; 1 l .... iJIUbll.W ol the new respec.1 the jnvaders hnve gained for ihc Chinese river where, with Symbolic «inrtors Ls the altitude of . . , . ~ --•- •"»»....' yiiiiiv.^- umiLurs is the altitude vntchful wnilme s ,,own by ,he .soldiers pictured ntovo nt an onlposl high above oriv,,- " Hmnsi province, wi.h formldnble mountain, forml-w n ,loon|y baekdro, for the bllod drn a -or centuries the VeHow river h,s bee,, the K oour R e of China, ki Ing coimt ,s s na ,v s I , 0 3' CLUB IS HELD Four Pemiscot Students Seek University Degrees CARUTHERSVfLLE, Mo.. Apr. 28 —Four Pemiscot, County students will be candidates for degrees at the University of Missouri in June. "Ihere are 352 candidates for degrees, which is one of the Inrgcst graduating: classes in the history of the University. Pemiscot county students who are candidates for degrees nre.- .George K. Reeves, Caruthersvlllc ..Bachelor of, Arts; John Herlingeiv Cartilhe'rsvillt. B. s. in Agriculture- Miss Annabel!) Limbaugh, Hnyti ( Bachelor of Arts; and William ..•Carter, stcete. B. S. in Education. ^ V. E. Snyder Is Again Divorce Suit Plaintiff V. E. Snyder. who obtained a divorce from Mrs. Mandie Snyder -••evcral months ago on the ground of indignities, has filed ' suit in chiincery court nsklnx for a divorce 11 cm Mrs. Angie Snyder, who is! :ilso accused of indignities. The present Mrs. Snyder nnd Mr I Pnyrler were ninrrird a few weeks . after he obtained a divorce in his first suit, which Mrs. Snyder unsuccessfully contested on a cross complaint. Claude V. Cooper is atto.-nev for Snyder. pie ought to be tlieir own leaders"! A • , I CA n " 1e Rot!U 'J' ^ llt > ' lt the Hotel Following his luncheon with ("PPI'OXimalely j(J reVSOIlS today. Mr. David discussed President Roosevelt yestcrdav Ford I l\'l;tk-p Tnin- nf I?)...,.-.. wolk of "« Arkansas .stale i: previously had expressed belief lhat 1 " , 10U1 Ot Ilowel Ihere i.? "too much government in- j Gardens Here tcrference with, business and too! 1 much financial interference with government." Approximately 50 neoole were TiinmLvc „! \\ i ',. . nuiuiy cnni linuerweiH an Ciller- v - n-",',^ ^J?5"r£ «?'«y OP^"0" »t 'lie city hos- „„ . . . ; t ° '• ° ~*>" gcucv optrntion n\, tne C W IlOS- trsM^^iSssSuS d r,, fliid - IKW in n criti ™' ™. The only guest of the club was Is Guest At Celebration ol Removal- of Toll Bridge rees LITTLE ROCK, Api-. 28. (UP) — Gov. Carl E. Bailey left here early today for El Dorado, where he i club in cooperation wilh the gar- 11]L . ml den department of the Woman's Ear i v B vrd nt rviwit.oiii,. club, the Dell Home Demonstration 5 ' Pa > e « cvl "«club and the Number Nine Home i Demonstration club in observance | of national Better Homes Week which is being observed this week. The affair was under the direction of the Dogwood "Better Homes" of which Mrs,, W. J. i F-aiight IS'president. * ! ' Those participating in the loin- met at the New Liberty school al 9:00 o'clock yesterday morning for a program which featured a one acl play. "EducathV" Mary", presented by New Liberty students, Arelicr Bags Wildcats EAST TAWAS. Mich. (UP)—Ed Anderson, local Robin Hood who hunts with bow and arrow as a liobby, has bagged four Wildcats this winter. Two of the four were 'Vliot on the same day. Jlridge K a || Hurdled as Fence BOSTON (UP)—Trying to outdistance three holdup men. James O'Conner hurdled a small fence- mto what he thought was a vacant lot. Instead, he said, he vaulted the gnnrd rail of Castle Square bridge He fractured his left ankle in the unexpected plunge to the Boston & Albany railroad tracks 25 feet below. i IL T€LL *^ I believe our court system is the finest in the world nnd a man could always get Justice if the case wns tried honestly and fairly, but when lawyers start pullin' In witnesses to prove their point, anything can happen. One lime down home n man \vas arrested nnd accused of breakln' inlo my Uncle Orchie's house nnd icbbln' him. Wheel the trial come oil. Uncle Orchte wns called as a witness and the minute he looked nl the prisoner he says "That's the ninn that come inlo my room that night." The prisoner jumped to his feet nnd he says "Judge, these people sre trying to frame me—how in the world could tills man recognize nic when he kept his head under rover nil (he time f was In his room." - ----• •_•••-.--, ..~ ..... .^-iiiv M w) in:» ^.lueiiy sluaeuis, attend a celebration m observance l nnd .several - talks. L. H. Aiilry sii- of Ihe removing of tolls from .state j perii,teiulenl pf -schools 1 at Bur- owned bridges nl Gallon and Mnrie dette. aiidlthc'Hcv. Mr. King- pas- Sahne Innding - loi . [ of lhff ' New Liberlv I'mnist During the afternoon the gover- cliurch. explained the influence of nor wns to mnke n public address'.'"Better Homes" on the character at (he Onion county courthonsb,fbf children and their future, fol- Tpmght he will be principal speaker, lowing which Mrs. S. S Sternbere "'' " '"""'"" -'-•• ••" '- - told briefly of the stale' Induslrlal Girl's training school and Mias ... . Cora Lee Colemnn made nn nn- Atter remaining in El Dorado' nouncement of Ihe 4-H club rally overnight the governor will motor j to be held nt Walker Park Friday to Hot Springs lo attend the nn- At Ihe conclusion of the New £,';"„ ^fL 1 """"" or Ulf> sla " ,^ ert> ; fpir ^,T ",, nuinber of - Bni " . (lens of Blylhevllle were visited, ' Among the gardens inspected were ; Iliose of the Coca Coin plant. Mr. i nnd Mrs. Frank G. Douglas, Mr. at a banquet which will lie attended by southern Arkansas civic leaders. bar ion. Negro Assessed Fine On Obscenity Charge'"^. Tc^ ^VL'S! | G - Hubbnrd, Mr. nnd Mrs." Carrol Albert Krojer. negro, was ' fined i Blakcmorc, Jlr. and Mrs. George $50 in municipal court today on a'W. Bnrham nnd Mr and Mrs B P charge of obscenity, T!<e negro. Kiger. who resides on a fnnn between Al - "oon there wns a luncheon on Varbro and number Nine, was ar-. the grounds of the B. A. Bugg rested after an invsetlgntlon made nt the request of white families who live nearby. Stock Prices NF.W YORK. Apr. 28. (UP) — Adverse business reports and a depressing statement by Secretary of the Treasury Morgenlhau brought a sharp decline into the stock market tcdny. Losses ranged to more thnn four points. AT&T .... Anaconda Cop] residence, following which the group went, to Dell where they visited in Ihe homes and gardens of Mrs. B. Gill, Mrs. Earl Majors. Mrs. M' i W. Lewis.-Mrs. E. M, Woodnrd. Mrs. 1 Russell Greenwuy and Mrs. J. M. Stevens. Tlie day's lour ended at Ihe home of Mrs. Stevens where (he members of the pilgrimage were served punch and cake. Wew York Cotton !2fi 1 ?' NEW YORK ' April 28 (UP >'" 27 r-4 I Cotlon closeci steady. - ' open high low close May Jul! Oct. Dec. 882 88S 834 856 891 905 Associated D O 57-8 Belh steel -16 1-2 Boeing Air 28 3.4 Chrysler 411-8 General Electric 321-2 General Motors so [nternationni Harvester .. 551-4 Montgomery Ward 30 1-2 N Y Central 117-8 Packard 4 Phillips Pet '.;;'. 33 7.3 Radio 57.3 Echenley Dist n Simmons 171-2 Socony Vac . n 1-4 . . ^ .. Standard Oil N j ".'.'.'."" 45 3.3 to a ° cenls a bal °Texas Corp 36 3-4 U S Smell ... 54 3-4 u ssteci ::;: 435 . 8 Oct Dec 883 887 894 89G 897 905 871 879 888 893 897 000 875 881 890 8OT 895n 901 Spots closed quiet at 881 off 9. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 28 (UP) —New Orleans cotton futures closed steady today with losses of 40 . open high low close May Jul Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III,. Apr 28 (UP)— Hogs. 6.500. Top. 820. 170-2.10 Ibs., 8.IO-8.IS 140-ICO Ibs., 7.75-8.00. Bulk sows, 7.00-7.25. Cattle, 2,500. Steers, 8.00-8.75. Slaughter steel's, 6.50-9.75, Mixed yearlings & heifers. 7008.25. Slaughter heifers. 6.00-8.75. Beef cows, S.50-6.25 Glitters & low cutters, 4.25-6.00. Jan Mar 838 906 907 910 91C 890 898 907 507 910 916 884 891 899 902 907 910 887 894 aoi 903 906 910 Six>t,s closed quiet m 897, oil 8 Chicago Wheat May Jul. May Jill! open high low close 803-4 813-8 805-8 807-8 791-2 801-2 791-2 Chicago Corn open 581-4 CD high 581-2 601-4 David Tells Rotarians Of Stale Police Work Eddie n. David. Arknnsus slnlc pnlrolman, was the guest speaker at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary club at the Hotel tvoble the police. Following Mr. David's Inlk, the members wrote notes of .sympathy to .1. L. Guard, who on the day of his election to the presidency of Uic Rotnry club underwent an emer- Two P r o j e c ts Totalling $25,338 Approved By President Roosevelt Two WPA projects totalling $25.338 have been approved* by President Roosevelt for Mississippi county, it was announced yesterday at •"«""•••> »V(.-IM, lutnesL-nung sui- Washinglon, D. c. The sum of \0enl body; Mrs. Sidney Doster $ 17,580 is designated for Mississippi' President of the Dyess " 111 NDAYI-:. PrniH'O-Sipnnlsh Froi\- HIT, AJM-. 'M. (Up; -,Spiii) im- llimnllsl forces wiped out tho 22ml loyullst brlnnde In n "bntlle ol hinul t;renn:les" noi-lli oi CsiMellon ill- In Pimm today while wnrshliw, <Jll the Medlleriniienn slioro, slinl- tr-ivd loyalist couMnl defenses and hulled coinimmlaulon nlnns Hie rnllrond a:-.;! hluhway. The loyuljsts iidvaneed ii(jnln.U Hie iintlonallsl. llne.s nslni; only hand Kri'imdra. I'oor vhllillity of ln» luinglnt; cloiuls prevenled the ,m' or itilllli'i-y nnd aviation, Ihousnnds of rases of hand (jre- nniles were brought up to the front in relays nnd (he loyalists went over Uic top. They were met with .such Intense fire Ihnl, most of Ihe 22nd brigade wns killed, wounded or captured. Prisoners raptured by the nntluu- nllsl.s snld (hnt between (10,000 uncl 40,000 tnt'ii had been brought up to re-cnlbrcc tlin Castellon front. It wns estimated that one third of tho entire loyalist, army In central Spain was conccntrnted between 'lerucl and the sen In an ntleiupt lo check Ihe millonallst <lrlre soiilh on Vnlencin. Auto Testing Law To Be Enforced Again MTTl.B HOCK, Apr. 28,-ImtM- dlnle resumption of enforcement of llu- stale unto testing Inw wns nn- Duinu'ed yp.slcriUiy by Clrny Albright, .superintendent, uf Arkansas Kind 1 police, followlnc a ruling ol Chnni-i'llor l-'rnnk H. Dodge Hint Ihe section of Hie Hnriioy act which ii'priilnj (he (<>.stliiK lav/ wns lu- vnlld. Testing slulloiis throughout (lie stud- preimml lo reoiien. Tln> stu- lions hnvc been closed since approval <il ihi> net which removed tlie fill reiil.s Inspection fee for , ' HHIMINCIHAM, Ain,, Apr. 28. UuilVs ruling will he nussrd on J, up >—"""i college, of bishops' .of l)y il.i' Mule .supreme i-ourl, nt- ', hc Methodist Episcopal Church, loriieys uniioimrlng ihnl Uic' lest 8ovlln ' wus spill today for ' tha « would be curried to (he hlah ' lrst ' llme '" tl!e ccnWlry-OM his- mint lory of the church—by the' in.- Oiu-iiliif llni ImlHliiH,' lilythevllle's nulomoblle testlnc htntlon, operutod by Tom A, Ullle, will nut bit opened ror several iluys. ||. wns nnitounvrti this mom- liib', Tho slntlim hus been closrd for rid dtiy.v temlduy Lssuo of Two of Use 13 bishops of the southern church refused to sign I ho traditional episcopal address because }l Inferred n recommendation for consolidation of Ihe three hrnnches of Methodism, • The dissenting blsltops-Warreii A. CnndlDi- of Atlanln and Collins Denny, sr., of Richmond, Vn.^-at- tnched n statement lint they could not put Ihclr nnnies to His document because It could be inter-- prclcd ns "nothing other than a rccommciiiJiilloii Hint tlie pending plan of union be approved by thUj "iBicrnl cotifcrcnce." Tho \vns read to ; the Deliver Addresses at Dyess School Building's Dedication Wednesday Objectives nnd policies of Dyess colony were outlined by Floyd C. SJmrp, state WPA administrator . ., - cipal address yesterday afternoon ~>ijni IIKUICOO >u-.-iLuiuuy uiLernoon ^ UM *>' oi.i\. ^i,-:m.-uui.y uini- ir at Dyess when four school build- ccss| ty of mutual' consent lugs were dedicated. John O. Plp- kln. business manager of the Little Rock public schools, delivered the dedicnlory address. In a general messngc to go for,... ward-In their aims for .'improving ~1 their minds and bodies.' 1 • About 1,000 colonists and visitors, in addition lo 800 students of the schools, overfloived the gymnasium of the new high school nt the community center for the program In which" high 'school students were also' featured. Other speakers were: Q. 0. Floyd of Little Rock, representing the state depnrtment of education; Jnmes Kern, representing the slu- coiinly roads but most of the money will be used for the rebuilding of culverts for ditches crossing "the roads, instead of nctual rond work. The other appropriation of $7.758 Is Inbeted for Osceoln street Improvements. This action docs not necessarily mean (he projects will be carried out, however. After WPA projects hnve been approved by both the president and the comptroller general, they nre ndded lo an eligible list from which stale WPA administrators may choose those lo be executed with funds available to them . Ihe total approved for Arkansas wns approximately $207,000 with Mississippi county receiving the largest appropriation except for Gnrlnnd county, which received nn appropriation of almost $98000 for roads. Miss Dollye Robinson Leads Women's Group CARUTHERSVILLG, Mo., April 28.—Miss Dollye Robinson wns named president, of the CariiUi- crsvtlle Business and Profession^ Women's Club at Its regular meeting Tuesday evening. Other officers presented by the nominating committee, of which Mrs. Raye Stroud was chairman, nre Mrs Gertrude McElvain. first vicc-pre,-,- Ident; Miss Lavonia Greemvell, second vice-president; Miss Pauline llamra. recording secretary; Mrs. Lloyd Rogers, corresponding secretary; Miss Ruby Kelley, treasurer; and Mrs. C. D. ivfarlin. par- — —j-^-. Parent Teacher .association; A. H. Sliel- lon. secretary nnd treasurer of tlie Dyess school board; J. E. Mcduire superintendent of (he Dyess schools, and E. S. Dudley, resident manager, who presided. The rhythm bnnd of the school played and the glee club sung. The Rev. Harvey Grny, pastor of the Dyess Baptist church, gnve the in- vocntion. E. W. Packnrd, tcaclier in the Osceola high school, sang n solo. Tlie benediction wns said by the Re. L. P. Burger, pastor of the Dye.« Methodist church. The three grade schools, which are in outlying districts of the colony, nre frame buildings while the high school is a brick structure with a gymnasium-auditorium and other modern features Included. The schools have been In use al of this school year. Caruthersville School Selects Honor Students CARUTHERSVILLE. JvfO.. Apr. 28 —Doync Michie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Michie of this clly, has been named vntedictorlnn of the Cnruthersville High School for the 1037-38 school year. He maintained an average of 9G.79 for his four years of high school work. Miss Dorothy Petty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Petty, and Bobby Rhodes, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. A. B. Rhodes, lied for salutatorlan honors with nn nverage of 96.2 for their four years work. Supt. n. M. Pierce and Prin. II. L. Bales said the work done by the graduating class this year was of yhtgh type, with a number of the students ranking , ,, . . -- "" i"- above SO for their four vears' aver- stnlled by Miss Jenel Williams, age out-going president, who has serv- In addition lo his excellent scho- ed in this capacity since the club lastic record, young Michie Is also was organized two years ago. at la talented batilonc singer, having I.!.... 1 ?! ".. V? mecll "e Tuesday entered a number or district nnd " '"" " state-wide high school solo contests, also belonging to the various high school music groups which won high district and state honors this year and last, and also being a. member Ol Ihe Junior and senior choirs of the Methodist church. liamentarian. The new officers be In- evening. May ]0, Indians Rent Tronl Stream PORTERVILLE, Cal. (UP)—Indians on the Tulare reservation have decided to charge ell outsiders 50 cents a day for trout fishing on (liclr stream within the reservation. 801-8 Brillsl1 Sccrcl Service Larger 8 LONDON <UP)-vrhe British Secret Service is to cost more, in the estimates for civil and revenue departments for the coming fiscal low close year, an additional $500,000 Is 681-8 581-8 budgeted for, bringing the total for OOi-s Hie Secret Service up to $2,250000. Pelican Robs Fishermen OAKLAND, Cal. (UP)—Fishermen are complaining about the pelicans that stand In the water or along the piers where they flslj. They insist the pelicans have become so i az y (.hey no longer hunt their own food, but stand around and when a fisherman pulls a flsh out of Uie wtiler they grab It off the hook. McHaney Dissents In Divorce Case Ruling UTThE ROCK, Ark., Apr, 28.- In n dissenting opinion to a supreme court decision Monday, hold- Ing tlml « three-year separation wns ground for divorce only when " wns by content of both husband nnd chairman of the board of ill- UIU ' wife. Associate Justice E. 1 rectors of Dyess. Inc., in tlie prtn- McHnney ol the Arkansas suprer court said yesterday that (he ne- sillier slnl«l nor Implied in the slate's 1937 divorce law. Declaring that the majority opinion In eifect amended ,the, new law "so ns to make 11 meaningless" mid thai the decision "emasculated and destroyed .whatever, good there Ls" in the law, justice McHaney wrote: "I have always been of the opinion Ihnl the public policy of Hie stale IK declared by the Icjrlslnlure and tlml, whether u given act of lliq '.legislature Is wise or otherwise Is a' matter of no concern 'to;the courts.- if the legislature lips the power to make Hie written laws of the state,; then the 'c.oijrls- under the guise of conslruclioj)/ ought not lo amend or change thp meaning of nn unamblglous o"ct."' "•' '' Act 107 o : f 1937 added a seventh ground for divorce In Arkansas by providing that Ihree years separation, without cohabitation, should be . lhe;A>nst.s for divorce proceedings. Thb;majority opinion Monday held thnt such separation must be In "concert of purpose" nnd voided a decree given Dr. D. E. white of El Dorado by n Union county c.hnn- cery court because Mrs. While wns an unwilling parly to the Reparation. iiiu uviuir.v* WHS rciul IO ' ItlQ Ullcv's Illnrs'; Milrps Pro °l )clll "« Msslon of the historic 2W uut} s Illness makes lie- niindrennlal conference, of the limmary Fnday Appeal- Doubtful Now CARUTIIERSVILLI3, Mo,, Apvll 28—Authorities hero toiluy express- doubt that preliminary hearing ed for 1lurry held here Unlley, would Friday morning. It IK doubtful If Hubert Ulley, night club nnd IKjiior store operator of the Hotlnnd-Slnlc Line region, would be able (o appear ns a witness against Bailey. Bnllcy is out on bond of $13,000. on two different charges, one ol them u first degree murder charge growing out of the clcolh of Luther Bnrtoil, 24. Burton, Utley and htmn Campbell were shot during a gun light In Bailey's tavern near Holland early Thursday morning, April ID Burton dying later that, afternoon In the Blythcvlllc, Ark., hospital. Immediately afler the shooting. Bailey surrendered and was released on $0,000 bond; $3.000 on Separ^ nle chnrges of assnult with Intent to kill on Burton and Utloy. After Dtirloti -died, Bnlloy was re-arrested nnd made bond for $10,000. Burton and Campbell, who received only a minor scalp wound from » glancing bullet, worn employees or TJtlcy. Increase Over 1937 Allotment Is Slight, Statement Reveals WASHINGTON. Apr. 28. (UP) — Tlie department of agriculture today announced state acreage allotments totaling 850,000 acres for this year under the new farm program. The allotment for Arkansas, Louisiana. Texns, California and Missouri was an Increase of appro*I- ratcly 17.000 acres over 103V nllot- mcnl.s. The allotments by stales for this year compared with lost year Ineluded: 1S38 Arkansas 155,7'8 Missouri 510 1937 152.MI Suit Testing Zoning Ordinance Is Filed Suit seeking an Injunction to re- slraln enforcement of the clly zoning ordinance and challenging (lie validity of tho measure wns filed oy the Cobb Undertaking Com- I'fny, inc., In chancery court Inlc yesterday. Mayor Marion Williams, E. A. Rice, chief of police, and Joe Cnr- ney. clly engineers, nre named de- tendnnte in their offlclnl capacities. The plnlmtff would restrain the defendants from inetrferlng with the erection of n funeral home at the northwest corner of Mnln nnd seventh streets. Permit for construction of the funeral home, which would have two residential apnrtmenls. wns denied by the council several ~.,v.,,i.«. imm IWM, ui months ago aflcr a number of | Burdettv. Tl-.s child, who was near- property owners in the vicinity '>• three years old hud ben In protested Its erection claiming that ' 1 " : "~ — - J1 "it would depreciate value of Ihclr property. Reid and Evrnrd are attorneys for Ihe undertaking firm. Lon Wnrnelte Vance, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Vnnce, died at the Blylheville hospital at 8:40 o'clock State Agent To Talk To 4-H Club Members What other rural boys and girls of Arkansas are doing in tlieir 4-H club work will be told members of the 28 clubs in north Mississippi county by w. J. Jernlgan of Little Rock, state club agent, when he speaks to them at the annual rally tomorrow at Walker park. More than 600 members are exacted to attend. The rally Is scheduled lo begin at 9:00 o'clock with games, contests, reports of activities, radio broadcast and Mr. Jemlgan's talk to be held before the horse races, lunch, Funeral services will be Ireld tomorrow afternoon, two o'clock, at the Promised Land church, with the Rev. Harmon Holt, pastor of the Rlversfttc and Garden Point Methodist churches, and tlie Rev. J. W. Harris, pastor of the Promised Land church, officiating. Burial will be made at Maple Grove cemetery. Two Refuse To Sign Traditional Address To 23rd Conference outhern church which \vos to. de- ide Ihe unification Issue .nut! thereby (ho religious affiliations .of 8,000.000 persons. . , In addition to urging action on the consolidation proposal the address Indicted President Roosevelt's ".solemn pledge" that fhe saloon would never return to Am- erlcn ns "nothing: but a mcanins- sfl scrap of paper." . -.;' "The administration that stabbed tlie temperance movement of n century Is doing nothing to curb the bcnst it has let loose upon the land," tho address, representing the combined efforts of the college of bishops, said. 1,1 hnd been nn open secret in church circles for weeks that Bishops Cannier and Denny, both retired, would dissent from the address, Iho first time In church- history (hero has been a, disagreement among bishops on the text of the address. Actual debate on the plan of union tentatively i s ..scheduled, tor Friday morning. A two-thirds majority Is required for passage, following approval of the required three-fourths of those voting In the annual conferences. Refusal of the North Mississippi Conference to adopt the union plan will be the basis of n ; legal attack on unification If the conference voles for the merger. All other. "annual conferences of Southern Methodists approved the merger. Hotels here were jammed as dele- Entes and church leaders arrived for the conference which many ob- sen'ers"bel!e've\l will bo tlie last for the Southern Methodist Church, Bishop Denny of-rtlq'rmiond, Va., cited tlie raclm issue ojj' a primary danger of unification in an address Monday night before tlie Laymen's Organization for Preservation of The Southern Methodist Church The mass meeting, prelude to" the 1 General Conference, voted "to con- , tinue the Southern Methodist Church forever." Bishop John M. Moore, senior active bishop In tlie church, took issue with his colleague concerning the negro question, contending It, wns not nn issue! in unification. Entire Faculty Hired Again By Cooter School COOTER, Mo.-The faculty for SOO Cooler consolidated district No. 5 lins been selected by the board of directors according lo Superintendent Jack Wimp the entire faculty gnged. The faculty Is as follows: superintendent, Jack Wimp; principal, Carl Hughes; Cooter high: Mrs. To Hold Funeral For ... ,.. " Lm •""•'*• "imp me enure faculty Accident Victim Thursday '" the dls trfct has been again en- J gnged. — -j »-*w"jin,' uwopinn m, o;iy o CH>CK •* «i --. D ... *iu UI this morning from Injuries received £?„, V , an * mber ° !l Wim P- Mrs. when, a mule kicked him In the ""'„ I " lnl '?, en ^ Mrs - **™ head yesterday noon at the family f°fr^ « etty ctemm °™ home on the Gllchrist farm east of "I,L? orda ^ ^°° re ' Cooter «™ AK n.irriA.-.. rm.~ _i. i. . . SCrooI. lirinrlnal \inr>iic T IM . school: baugh, principal, Marcus Llm r Mrs. Myrtle Limbaugh, •j »utc juurs ma, nna uen in a » f - t-n V, ., ' . ""••-»"»", dying condition since the accident „ lla ,, Mnslln . Mk s Elizabeth T?iir,/vrnt p Q ^..i^— ...M. i.- ..-,. . ' Renner, Afrs. Jack Ritshfc-iff QMH , enner, Mrs. Jack Rushtag and Miss Hazel Mullins. Tyler: Jack Rushing and Miss Doris Burnett.- No. 8: James Miller and Mtss Kiibye Barker. Lake Farm: Mrs. Thelma Thomason. Crockett: James L. Cassldy. Hollywood Calls Johnny Molr NfAOARA FALLS, N. Y. (UP)_ -iiittcij. *»t/»urtKrt ^AliLiO, JV. X. (UFJ — The child was playing In his' Jo'uiny Moir, Notre Dame ace bas- yard when the tragedy occurred, to" 1 *" ni««'»r ic h&,j«j r«> TT_H.. The mother, when she went to get mm for lunch, found him lying unconscious with his head badly crushed, Besides his parents !>e Is survived by one brother. Ted, who Is old. Cobb Funeral home is In charge of arrangements. Tournament of Roses Golden PASADENA, Cal. (UP)-In honor of the golden kctbail player, is headed for Hollywood and a brief screen career. He expects to go to the morie colony, late this summer to take part in n basketball "short." WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, cooler tontght;- Frktay fair, warmer in northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity— Fair anct cooler tonight; lowest ' Mrs o »"»«*«P and Rosy theaters. »«*«<«• torture here iiit —'-•*+ v,v*w* <u>vui , »b vv-* vii-iuc w OO-UIUCL f data will be engraved, on them, . ris, official weather observer.

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