The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1952
Page 2
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FASZ TWO BT,YTHEVrU,E (ARK.,) COURIER NBWS Head of Household Gets Special Break This Year By RICHARD A. MDM.ENS NEA Income Ta* Expert This year the unmarried taxpayer who maintains a home for himself and either an unmarried child, grandchild, stepchild or dependent, gets a special break, t It Is equal to about SO per cent of the benefit which husband and wife get by filing a Joint return nnd splitting income. To see if you are entitled to file new tax break, read Hie serllon called "Unmarrlfti Person*—Heads of Household" on page I of the official instructions. Note that the "household" must be where you live as well as the principal residence of the children or dependents for whom It Is maintained. You do not qualify as the head ol a household merely by sup. porting or maintaining children or dependents in some home other than your own. A married person who is separated under a court order can he the head of a household for tax purposes. [( you qualify as flic Vid of n housfliold. IKC Ffirm 1019. There Is no way (o t*''- adviTit-x-c ot tills la* break on Form 10IOA. The macstions and answers (hat follow will help you with this new COMPARISON OF TAXES Income 52500' 3000 3500 •1000 <I500 5000 Single person anil 1 other dependent $236 338 •138 5-18 659 758 Head of Household and 1 olher dependent $230 338 438 ' 543 648 743 .Married couple filing jointly $23fi .338 438 538 638 728 > the entire year, except, In the case of temporary absence. q. I am an unmarried girl maintaining a home for myself >rl<J my mother. My brother send* over half (lie money needed . fo supoort our mother. Do I qualify „ the ne , d of a household? A. No, You not only have to maintain the home but also furnish over half your mother's support to ' qualify. Q. I »m single and claim my - ••• *»»n* victim my mother, a?ni M, a, a rfepemlenl. Miy I claim an artilttlon») "over 65" CKCnnUon for her? I 05 CKCnnllon for her? MM H * 10!w f llo!d hut you are cri- A. No. You get onlv one cxcmn- tltlcd to claim the boy BS an ex- lion for a dependent other than ""if™"'»rd or wife regardless of how Q. I am a widow malnlalnlns a o''l hi Is. home. Sly daughter lived wllh me Q. I am a houseidfe r trnrVM imlll Hie Pall ,,f 11152 when she en- narl tlmf In I9S2 and Mined S'.«) i-rcil college. I)r> 1 imallfy as the Can my ImsLaiid <l,,| m m , as „ „,.' IICAC1 HI a Ji filltr hnl.l-J nni\i> nn l ». „.) j n . i_ '"I BUI! do f TUESDAY, DEC. 80, 195J ..... , . .. i..». nK ..»i(. f i^imc^i and no j i, nvf . ( o rtp nrl A. \os, fibscncc at stliool would i»iat Income even Iliou-h nn tax J COJlSiClGrrri fr>i\inni'oru wic ( »..j „» UK Rubinstein Must Surrender Self Financier Faces Deportation on Draft Dodging Count NEW YORK If, - DnKt-dodglng financier Serge M. Rubinstein, former "boy wonder of Wall Street" who first was exposed to finances at the czar's court In old Russia, must surrender today for deportation from Ihe United stales. If he fails to show up by 4 p m Eastern Standard Time, he stands lo forfeit the $1,000 bond In which he Is now free. The deadline was sel yesterday In Washington by Atty. Gen. James tax provision. Also Included below is more Information on exemptions. Use this along with the preceding article on exemptions. Tomorrow's article Is (or every taxpayer wlio works for someone 0. My irlfc and Tare divnrccj. Our son lives nllli my wife who furnishes ahnul tB per cent of Ihe amouril necessary to sinipun M,,. boy and over one-half of (be cosl ^blllf a±,\ n VV"°"ni I/?;';. w ?-,™ yr ,T •"" ' • 1 « <""/«"• ?"» « J olm rcU '™- If • JdKt «fum K nU^ Mn 'could n^b^'aTed ho,-. »PP.r(. n. £h,r'n.'Uu i'. dHdn' f *'talM! "y^ °'w" '„„!Iv/n^hoZh ll"""' T'. 'ft ** «""""" " S "'Or.norjr acted «fv as «h M ,l of Ihe household," ami „„» fies « lh, h.L ^ 5 , LlV' ™ I!!"!".'!'.?'!?!:. 'L™, s ""Iv «». A buller at Ihe Russian-born f|. irlio ean claim (he hoy as an ev- emnl'on? lo rtnortj p ' McOranery. who ordered the •44-year-old Rubinstein taken into tody on a deportation order ts- emnlion! A. Your H-lfc oimliflcs as the head Ic considered temporary. was taken oul of if? cuaioay on a deportation order ts- Tax Primer O & A A ' Tni; " n ' y m ? vo " r husband sucd lns l- February. H is based on n ,, „ , CIU1 claim you as a dependent is to B l017 conviction of draft dodging. Q. My wife and I are dlrorecil. file a Joint return. If n Joint return p..^—'~'- - . . 1 0 'At R C^L'll piVOn riKfnrlv nf nn^ f« fil/iri i»nn miiEl •»«._!. . L., '^n^M^-d us iMcurancry acted butler at (he Russian-born fl- .ancler's Fifth Avenue home here en or a i e year. Who rarnc even though It wns only «200 Him ties as (he head of a house- A joint return will be cheaper than ' ,l.l'> J "• v.rmj/vt until n.iJii,it:i ;» i- mn A VCIIUC nOniB >!PrP i'-rs »«!=.•«= —""•=.- WK sr s±Uf s a-ss c or cren return a must live In the household during pendent, Chickens Can Talk, Scientists Report; Clucks Have Meaning By ALTON L. IU,AKKSI,j;K AP Science Itcporler : ST. LOUIS Wi — Chickens talk, in a cluck-nnd-squnwk code ol re- inarkab!o meanings, two scicntlsis reporfed today. They can say, "Hawk coming," or In a different sound, "Dog or danger nround." The linby chick says an equivalent of. "Hey, mom, I'm lost," and the hen can say, "Come here," or "Dinner's ready." The study of chicken language even suggests a scientific melhod of chicken stealing—of which more In a moment. The sound signals of chickens were analyzed by Dr. Nicholas Collias, zoologist now nt Cornell University, and Prof, arltn Jooa of the University of Wisconsin, in research at Wisconsin. The chicken "talk" wns recorded by an electronic machine, (he Bpeclrograph. which translates sounds into wavy lines on paper. The lines give an objective record of the frequencies nnd Intensity. Prof. Joos mndc the recordings and Dr. Collias made the Interpretations, described today to the American Association for the Advancement, of Science. Wavy lines show when a chick is chirping in pleasure, or In distress at being alone, hungry, cold or thirsty or hurt.' The frequency or timing of the chirps Is different. The brood hen clucks as she ', .summoning her chicks to ly>r, ,Dr. c^]|i, s . S(1 i d: she about two clucks per second. : When.the hen discovers food, she 'clucks rapidly, about four clucks .a second, -to call her chicks to join the feast. At night, when she roosts, site gives a purring sound, lasting about 154 seconds, lo bring nil chicks under her wing. •_• If a hawk appears, chickens have on alarm scrcnm, loud and raucous, that sends chicks running to shelter. ' But If ifs danger from the Silent Night Quip Cost His Job NEW YORK (yp) - Playwright George, s. Kaufman has been dropped from the CDS television program "This Is Show Business" be- .causc he remarked: "Let's make this one program on which no one sings 'Silent Night.'" He made the remark on the Dec. 21 show. "This was not wittingly nn antireligious remark," Kaufman said. 'I was merely speaking out against, the use and overuse of this Christmas carol in consection with the sale of commercial products." M TWICE A PATHER-Faiher Patrick Norton, above, reads liis breviary shortly after the 69- year-old lowan wSs ordained a pricsl of (he Roman Catholic Lnurch in ceremonies at the Church of San Girolamo. in Rome. Father Norton bears the unusual distinction of being both a natural and spiritual "father' Berore the dealh ot his wife soms years ag0| , nc , hen pa(r Norton raised a lamily ot H Follosvmg her death, the widowed husband entered the semi- 5ft? l ?''"Ox/°r the priesthood. Olio or his sons Li a priest, and another is studying for Ho "y .Orders in the U. S, grounrl, n aog or a, tlie wnrn- Ing Is loud, repented calls of n l)it different frequency. TJic | )C n nlso seems to give nn alerting call low ami ralher brief arid harsh', Inal makes chicks stop and free/.e Or. Collins said. This is n .rapidly pulsed cull. As lests of the meaning O r the various calls, (ho experimenters used recording or nitilical sounds that showed (lie same spcclograph lines as did different slynal calls of real chickens. Tapping n pencil on a woocten table or cardboard box wns like the 'como here" clucking call, nnd attracted young chicks. And [ha! is your tip on how to proceed with some scientific chicken slonlltigT. Giggling Gal Changes Mind Of This Bandit ALBUQUERCJUE Ifl'i _ What Ihe holdup man didn't know was that Riilh London has a nervous hnblt of giggling when she's excited or scared. The bandit poked his revolver Into the window tost night ns red- hnlrcd Ruth. 25, sold tickets (or the wrestling show of husband-promoter Mike London. . : ; "Olve me the : money." he demanded. Ruth tittered. "I'm not kidding—this Is serious," he muttered fiercely. Ruth giggled again. "AU right," he blurted, nnovlng' SI.50 through Ihe window, "aimme a ringside seat." He grabbed It and tied. Read Courier News Classified Ads BLACK SHEEP" FIND THEIR WAY HOME-Congroiulating each other on safely finishing a long dangerous job, four pilots of the U. S. Air Force -1911, Fishier-Bomber Wine's "lilack Sheen" squadron join hands upon completion of their lOOlh and flnnl com- bnt misslo,, in Korea.' F rom lc f t: , st u , Robm L . c «ss O f Bow°£g BrTnn'l T l'° : l L ' ""''"' «/ P«et..of North Bergen, N. J.; M n j. Brian J. Lincoln, of M'incannlis, Minn., nnd Mnj. Brinn L. Irawcek of Grrrmi'ood, MJss. Federal Payroll is Down Again WASHINGTON Ifl't - In November, for the fourth straight month, there wns a decline In the fcdcrnl payroll, the Civil Service Commission said today. Its report covered (he executive branch of the government, nnd did not Include armed services personnel. The commission said that during November the payroll dropped by 3,700 to n total of 2,564,3(111 workers. Iron Orc:fpund KARACHI. Pakistan (>P) _ The Pakistan government, announced Union Merger Talk Scheduled NEW YORK <!Fl— AFL, President George Afenny says he and CIO President Walter Reuthcr have arranged to meet in Washington (o discuss proposals to merecthvtwo labor unloiis ' • * Mcnny, appearing yesterday on television, said the negotiations will start nfler the New Year noil-' day and are sure to be "long winded." totlny Ural n survey team of German geologists reported the discovery of nt least 3.700,000 tons nf visible Iron ore In Punjab province. They said the riepasits may even run as high as 20 million tons. The Priidcnlial man — L. E. Old — who serves your city is a neighbor worth knowing . . . a purliier in progress \vi(h you and your community. His work — selling ;ind servicing life insurance — helps protect you and your family today . . . provides security for a heifer tomorrow . . . and, in n meiisnre, creates new johs and 'opportunities that help your city grow. Uccause men like your Prudential neighbor arc devoted to bringing you personal security, hundreds of millions of Prudential policy-holder dollars have hecn made available for investment in the growth of business, industry nnd agriculture throughout the great Sotillnvesl. So, i( is well (o remember . . . your investment in your personal future through your Prudent in) neighbor makes you an important partner in the continuing progress of your cilv your state . . . your region. " - • • It will pay you and your family in many wavs (o call your Prudential neighbor (May . . . and you'll agree: LLE He is really a Neighbor Worth Knowing. L. E. OLD Special Agent Blytheville, Ark. Telephone: 36S3 W 1 liUDEJVTIAL INSURANCE tflXPANY Of •' SOUTHWESTERN HOME OFFICE Kmr Ollm ot « rudtnlu! Uiu,™,, Ccnp.nyol A«(|. f» hn treat thin one bi||, ofl ||u tt tt mil™ itltin in,M(,a in Iht S:ul!i.ii! (r n it,I,, ,1 :,:„.,— v x^,,, i-,,,,,.,, wjiioM,L np0i, OlliJwvm IAJ jtxif. "HOUSTOIV, TEXAS nd ,iot expected and that other members of the family were not available for comment. In Hollywood. Milton C7olden, nn attorney for Rubinstein, said his client had been In nearby Beverly Hills until last Friday but should he back In New York by now. Golden also asserted Rubinstein would appeal McQiancry's order to the Supreme Court "If -iccssary." Rubinstein has "done i more than many others." the attorney said, and he "has nnid his debt to society nnd conducted himself as a good citizen." Rubinstein has been fightinc deportation from Ihe United states for nearly 10 years. A 1013 dcporta- lion order, on charges that he entered the U. S. on a Portuguese passport obtained through fraud was reversed by Ihe Board of Immigration Appeals. On the current deportation order he has exhausted all his appeals within the Immigration service «nd Justice Department, He still can go to the courts, however. He has served a 2!,(,-ye!ir federal sentence for draft- dodBim- mposcd In 1041. A few years ago :o was tried and acquitted In Fcd- :ral Court in New York on charges if violating the Securities and Exchange Act. FIT FOR A KINO—Beaming royally over his tulmary triumph, Sweden's Crown Prince .Guslav Adoiph exhibits a gingerbread man which he fashioned with only a little assistance from his sister. Princess Christina. The royal baker spread more (lour over himselt and the king's kitchens, in Stockholm, than he managed to introduce into the gingerbread (Jougli. bill cookie connoisseurs claim (he confection was a princely treat. Family of Four fa Attempt 23,000 Mile Drive Overman-American Highway NEW YORK l,p,—On Jan. 1, the Walter J. Laments and their two children are about ready for their high adventure. They hope to bo the first family to drive the entire distance of the Pan-American Highway, circling South America in a rugged 23,000- mile trip which they expect will Inkc from 18 months" lo two years to accomplish. ; "We've planned a day-by-day itinerary for IB months," explained pretty blonde Dortia Lament airily •ami serenely. "We are going to live for short povjods with people in the towns and villages along the way. We'll start off with about 51,000, but. we're going to live off the land— hunting and fishing, sty husband Is an engineer, and he knows about Ihings like that. Our truck is a work vehicle nnd we can use It to help people who need it along the route." Waller Lament sold his Green- wich Village moving company, and the family has acquired a IVi-ton truck with n special steel body which resembles a king-size station wagon. It is equipped with a winch on the front, for use in pulling itself out of trouble and assisting others. "The highway is the highest and wettest road in the world." said Dortia. Among the equipment going on the trip is a Geiger counter, extra water tanks, altimeter, rifles, cameras. "We're taking clothing for climates from arctic to tropic," she said. "We're taking medicine for everything from snakebite to frost bile. We've rend everything we can lay hands on about the countries we're going through. I understand (here's a scorpion whose bite is, fatal to children, but not to adults." The two Lament children—Russell. 6, and John, s—will slnrt off wealing blue jeans and T-shirts. "When they wear out. we'll re- Plane Plunge Death Listed As Accident 8WEETWATER. Tex. W) — Th« death of Ollle William Cox. youn* rancher who told friends by aircraft radio, he was going to plung* hfj plane Into the ground—and then did It—has been listed officially a'l an accident. A complete report on the crash »nd death ot the wealthy 23-year- old rancher will be made later Ly Civil Aeronautics Board 1 * Bureau of Safety Investigation. Justice of the Peace M. C. Manroe, however, yesterday returned i verdict of accidental plane crash as the cause of death. The youth's father agreed. "The boy didn't Intend lo kill himself," Fort Stockton, Tex., rancher Ollle Cox said. "He was Just kidding his friends and lost control of the plane." Manroe said, "How do we know that the man didn't change his mind 10 seconds before he hit the ground? How do we konw he didn't black out?" After friends had pleaded with him tar three hours Sunday morn- Ing, Cox nicked out a gravel pit on a ranch near here as a target and dived from an altitude of 6,800 feet. "I'll meet you at the gravel pit," he told the friends by radio. Minutes before his five-place Plane plowed into mesctulte-stiidded terrain he had said, "If you had done what I did, what would you do? you wouldn't land " At inter- vnls he could be heard sobbing. Reds Want Building MOSCOW la-tj-Rualt asked Britain today td v i'aeate its embassy building withfn three montha and move to another elsewhere in th« capital. Soviet authorities offered another building. According to surveys, men ar» more apt .to talk In their sleep, but women are more given to dreaming. place them with whatever fh» natives wear," Dortia said. "I'll have to be their schoolteacher, I suppose, although I thought por- hsps • we'd send them to . local schools whenever it was possible. Some places we're going A stay as long as a couple of monthsV H[GHER POWER (165 H.P.) HIGHER COMPRESSION (8 to 1} HIGHER VOLTAGE {12-Volir(flltI»} This is the "Rocket" to top all "Rackets"! It 1 * OMcmobile'i new 1953 Ycraton of the mosl engine of modern timce! Th* " 1 is ncio with 165 com|iression horaepower! Mora power for brilliant new "Rocket" action! The "Rocket" is ncio with * rocketing 8 to 1 compression ratio! More compression for greater ga§ saving*! The "Rocket" is ncio with a sensational ]2-volt ignition system! More elrclrtcal power /or faster starting — smoother, high-compression operation! Watch for the nrw "Rocket" • — coming-' to our fihowrnom eo<m in llie new Clapaic .Ninely-Eight •nj brilliant Super "88" for L9531 THt NEW RULING POWER OF IH£ ROA01 YOUR NEAREST O U D S M O ft 1 l | D I A L I R HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO., 317 East Main

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