The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST 2T, WB1 Mass Jumps by Paratroops May Yield To Big Assault Landing Aircraft Soon Army Tactics Outmoded, War Games Indicate to Officials FORT BRAGG, N. C., AIIR. 27. <AP»—Army and Air Force generals predicted today that mass paralroop Jump* by airborne Infantry may soon be outmoded by big assault landing • Ircraft. They were Impressed by the first testa of the C-122 ax » faat carrier of heavy equipment in the war stamps which reachtd IhMr final pha.s« here this morning. And they see no reason way infantrymen couldn't be landed with the snme eiftclency. 'Inventor Dies in Curio Air plane Built at Home WARNING OBDEK IB the Chancery Court, Chleka- «awb« DMrict, MlwMppi Co«»tj, The ina.« jumps and .dropping ol heavy equipment by parachutes are daring the spectacular—but sometimes they are costly in both men and equipment even conditions. under ideal Lt. Gen. John. Hodge, commander of the maneuvers, told reporters he believes the C-122 assault aircraft 1 has "tremendous possibilities" for ' transporting both men and equipment Into battle. "We should do all we can to develop the assault landing craft," he fatrf. Air Force MaJ. Gen. W. R. Wolfinbarger, deputy maneuvers commander, said the assault craft have "great possi bill ties in eliminating th* mass pnrfttroop Jumps-" "And we should work toward this end," he added. This wouldn mean the end of the cocky and well-trained paratrooper entirely. For partroopers still would be needed to 'chute to the ground behind the enemy lines In small numbers to prepare crude landing strips and guide the planes in. "There will always be some situation where paratroop jumps are needed," Wollinbarger Raid, "but developing an assault landing craft would mean we could move the bulk of equipment and men by air." Army Changri Habits Elimination of mass paratroop jumps would be another sign that the Army i s changing fl&htlng habit* It used extensively In World War ii. Over the weekend it WHS learned that the famed Rangers are being broken up and assigned to Individual Infantry missions, There still will be Rangers, but they will b« trained and assigned as Individuals, not • at units, That marks the end of »n era (or the daredevil boys, this country's equivalent to the dashing British Commandos. Authoritlve sources here •aid the Rangers in Korea have cea.ted to as a unit, . But to get back to the C-133, the •peedy assault alrcrnlt— • The big shtps were used to land Jeeps, howitzers, and other heavy equipment during the drops of 6,000 paratrooper* and their equipment In the past two days. All the ships landed safely on a makeshift land- Ing strip and the airborne infantrymen quickly got the equipment Into action. Some Equipment Smashed In the parachute drop of equipment, some was badly smashed. One paratrooper was killed and 26 others hospitalized with serious Injuries during the mass Jumps, Hundreds of onlookers watched in horror while 2D-yeai>old Salvador Camarena plunged 1,200 feet to his death. HLs parachute failed to open. 'Camarenn struggled to open his emergency chute, hut it did not open in time. Camarena was the tone "combat" casualty among the 110.000 men who took part in the two- weeks exercise. His mother. Mrs. Marcia Camarena, Uve.i at 209 Clover St., L o.s Angeles. Oalif. Thirteen other deaths during the games were attributed lo non- combat causes, Reviewing the exercise, General Hodge fold reporters the Army nnd Air Force had been able to settle • 11 their disputes amicably At she operational level. "There Ha« Been No Dispute" "At the operation level," he salrt. "the Army and Air Force have worked well together. There has been no dispute we hp.vrn't been able to settle very amicably." Hodge declined comment on the Army-Air Force high level disput? over the control and use of tadical air power. He said these disagreements "are above my level" and Involve policy matters on which he ctJiild not comment, Some top Army men believe the Air Force should concent rat* tar Meal air in close sup;>ort of groun troops as the Marines do. And they think Ihe operational control of the aircraft should be in the hands of the Army. The Air Force doe* not want to give up operational control of its planes nnd insists the problems of tactical air support should be handled by Joint control as It now Is being done. A ho, the Air Force insists close tactical support should mean hitting enemy targets far behind the front lines as well as giving the infantry help against enemy guns. tanks and troops. Roads Restored In Hurricane Area MEXICO CITY. Aug. 27. </P> — Highway commtmlcatlonn tn Mexico's hurricane area around Tampl- co was re.stored today and tourists were able to use the pan-American highway from Texas to Mexico City. Flcon-stAge rivers were falling us heavy rains left by the storm ran to the sea. The threat of further floods In Tamplco, Inundated when the storm hit last Wednesday, wris decreasing. Authorities said It appeared the Hood waters would pass without damaging the town If good weather continues. Residents of battered Tamptco kept A wary eye, however, on the Pannco River running full as a result of hurricane-borne rains, which fell in the mountains to the west of the town. TORRANCE. Calif.. Aug. 27. ItPl— ,« For five years James P. Martin, worked In his spare time on a cur-1 tons little airplane which he hoped I •ould some day make him famous. I Yesterday he crashed to hU death I i It. With his wife and two children nd hi* parents looking on. Martin, 34-year-old aircraft, mechanic, ook off In his home made craft at, •orrance Airport. At 250 feet alti- ilde he banked it Into an 180 de- ree turn. Suddenly, it went Into a pin and plunged Into an open leld 300 yards from the runway. The squarish plane, which Mar in had nicknamed "The Roadster," was only about 10 feet long with a wing span of 11 feet, ft had a 40 horsepower engine and no tall as- rnbly. Before the fatal flight, Martin had proudly told his friends how ie would prove the worthiness ol his plane as a hovering craft for emergency wirk. It would fly slowly as 30 m.p.h,. he had said and needed only 50 feet to take off He hud hoped to interest the ar my in It. But Martin's attempt* io U-it hi. nventlon met with coastant rebuff. ON CRASHED PLANE - First No airport would allow him to tak Stewardess Marilyn Murphy °"d A d u ^r~ M uxl lt up ^r^r^tfd^s^ and down th/"»»'»>•• whlch crBS ,,ed into a hilltop and le had dene lha several times exp i ode d into fragments near Oak- pu,f±e' of^en™ £^.\ A^Z^X? ^ ™' he eased back on the stick and let v ' the plane take Io the air. Although the craft was .damaged only slightly, Martin killed. DASH OF SWEDEN- Two pielly crew members of the Swedish steamship Stockholm use the tin-bucket method of beating Ihe heal as the liner docks in New York. Pouring Is Maj-Britt Dimberg, shop manager aboard Ihe Stockholm, and on the receiving end Is Stewardess Elsa Nilsson. Margaret N«al, Ptf. vi. No. 11. TM Johnny Heal, Dft. Thf defendant Johns v Neal l< hereby warned to appear within hirty days In the court named In he caption hereof ind answer the complaint of the plaintiff Margaret Neal. Dated this 17 day of Auguit, 19*1. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee, D. C. 0. T. Cooper, attjr. for plf. Oene E. Bradley, attorney ad I item. • JO-27-M-10 plaintiff, Harry Taft Wataon. Dated thU 11 day of August. 1941 Harvey Morris, Clerk . By Ruth Magee, D.O. (Jen* Bradley, atty. for plft. fl. F. Cooper, atty ad lltem. Sjtt-CT 91-1* WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlcka sawba District, MlulHlppi County Arkansas. Harry Taft Wataon, Plf. vt. No. 11.787 Mible Jenklru Garlic Watson, Dft The defendant, Mable Jinkim Garlic Watson, Is hereby warned appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereo and answer the complaint of th Read Courier New* ClaulflM Ada, MMOVE DANDRUFF Kirby Drug Store o,un».. st - Of al.l the foods packed, in tin s Instantly I cans, more canned milk is sold in volume than any other product. VFW to Vote on Move to Free Oatis; 'Stop Pussyfooting/ Commander Says Lenient SelectiveServicelnducts Only One of 16 Registrants NEW YORK, Aug. 21. (/P>— The< Veterans of Foreign Wars, her« for their S2nd national encampment, will vote tomorrow on a resolution i After High Cost of Beet urging president Tnmwn to act inJCance/j Beefsteak Feed Masons Register Beef OMAHA. Aug. n. Mi—Selective i the Korean Service officials have been si) lenient with deferments to date that only one of every 16 registrants has been Inducted, according to Brig. Gen. 1/juls H. Ronfrow. deputy director of Selective Service. Addressing the convention of doubterlly was responsible for influencing mnny mnre to enlist voluntarily. The strength of the armed forces now Is .some 3.500.000 men, ne added. Ihe case of William Oatis. associated press correspondent imprisoned beijan and un- j by lhe Czechoslovak government on Barber F«*/t 25-Cent Haircut at Good Today Ai ft Wai 50 Years Ago SMYHNA. NY., Aug. 27. T/P)— A barber In this central New York village ha* 'been cutting hair for M yenrs—at 25 cents a head. And. lie says he sees "no reason to change." "I made a good living 50 years ago and I'm making a good living now," John Widger maintains. Wldger works 15!4 honr« a day. He takes only a half hour for lunch and a nap. Service Organization, last General Renfrow aatd, h< that If draft calls go up, Si Service officials will have to put much tougher deferment policies Into elfcct. . Lend-Lease iJeiOffer Under Study WASHINGTON, -Allff. 27. f/Pj— The United Slides is studying He predicted that draft calls riur-, fourth "final offer", by Russia to th« coming year u-oulrt remain | settle It* long overdue lend-lease spy charges. The VFW resolution asks that Mr. Truman Fig point a. committee o f prominent lawyers or businessmen to Investigate and recommend appropriate steps to obtain OatiV freedom and "to prevent Almllar actions of this nature." Charles C. Rails, VFW Commander-in-chief, predict* that th« resolution "undoubtedly will be approved by an overwhelmingly large. If net unanimous, vote." j After a six-hour discussion account, this time lor J300.000.000. '•The fourth . to pay iri^the rJin^ ' |60.pOO,OQO tn willing ris Karnvaev, at least as high as they are now and "probably would climb. The October draft call, the last one Issued, was for 41,000 men. The larg- ut call since Korean fighting began was 80.000. General Renfrew said the Sclec- Icnd-Icase meeting with an Ameri- tlve Service had delivered 650.000 lean delegation headed by Frederick me." 'o the armed forces since the •- Hcinhardt at the State Department. , Soviet fcHarge d'a'ffalfes. marte the offer yesterday at the close of ft MONROVIA, Calif., Aug. 27. f/Pj -The local Masonic lodge registered a beef today about having to cancel its 25th annual beefsteak feed. Reason for the cancellation: the high cost of beef. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlckl- sawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas.. Eleanor Post. Ptf. v«. No. 11.186 Edward L. Post. DU. The defendant Edward L. Post 16 Aiier a SIA-IIUUI uiamaniun jco- ---- terday. the VFW. tail-man leglila- hen-by warned to-appear with n live committee accorded the resolution Its unanimous approval. Commenting on the resolution, Rails said It was "time this government stopped pussyfooting with Russia and her satellites and gave Americans in those countries the | protection to which they are entitled." thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complatnt'ol the plaintiff Eleanor Post. > *-. Dated this 17 day of Aiignst, 1951. Hflrvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee. D. C. C. r. Cooper, atty. for ptf. - Gene E. Bradley, atty. ad litem. 820-27-0;j-10 McCarthy Soys Truman 'Thanked Daily Worker' LINCOLN, Neb.. Aug. 17. VPt— Senator Joseph McCarthy IR-Wls) declared that tn IB44 the Communist newspaper Dally Worker made * friendly gesture toward president Truman and Mr. Truman thanked the newspaper for it. McCarthy'* statement was made tn a network radio address yesterday In answer to President Truman's Aug 14 attack on "scandal mongers" and "character assaslns." McCarthy Interpreted this to Include htm although the President mentioned no names. Regardless of conditions you still have to MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS Writ* . . . GEOXGE S. MAY COMPANY O GAIN NEW JOY IN LIFE TK«r* !• no ni«d far yaw To bt lltid, ntrvaisi, cranky »r t»nit!pnt«d if du« to di»1ory J«fici«nct«t wKich o«ur only wh«n t>i* J«ily Inlatil of B-v!t«mmt It you've resigned yourself to R life with out companionship .., without fun and parties . . . simply because you haven't the necessary Bexel Special Formula the *onrierful new vitamin compound, may be exactly whai v ft « nfpd to put you on >'our tttl n^nin * if you . . . like *o many, rnnnj olhera ... ar* luiTerinjf from common symptomt of ppeciTic d«fici«n- Where xuch condition! DTI du« t« phvsticAl power and energy . . . BKXEI. 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