The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHRVnj.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rnl* per line ror crmwutivi 1 Minimum 2 tlinos pei- Hue prr rtnv !?•• 3 tlmt-5 per lint 1 p**r (iriy* So fi tlinrs per line p>v rt;iv 7c 12 tunes per Jtue JICT d.iy , 5r Month per line , . 9^c Count .tlvp iiv<*rssrp weird-- TO ihc line Art ordered [or rhrer or <\\ tirurs it rid stopped before expiration \\-\\\ tie .-lim^- etl tor tnc ijiunher of tim^s tlio »rl appeared n titl aclju.'tmrnt of bill mndc mined by por^rms i ho city rmi5t b<- a Hales may easily bt above table Advertising or-lcr for irrc.inlru lii"<*r- llons ta>;>»s tin 1 one timi- :LI!J]P No rt-spon^lblllty will lie tufcen lor more Uirin otin UH'orrfct iti^'-j LMH ol anv ad All -id? are* se. tMrUd lo i?:r!r r-r«ip.-r ri:isFific:uion Ntylp nii<1 ivpc T h e Courier Nesv? tf^s'Tvof the ri^JU (o eon Services eunisoji 1'n (,'JUKi Port i one VN60 AUTO ANU FUJ1MTUIIE LOANS Prompt PejsoniU Service Oeii'Tnl Coninu'i Purchase Corp lu<i Souili 5(U Phone B03 >rltiK : Linn Service Is yours , PKKRI.KSS CI.KANKRS l l lu>ne 24'J3 Blyihevlllp LTSTKH.N S STUUIO. ' service 16-rk-U PLASH-RING BOB M ALONE 'all IITi!) JJlytheville or •107 Osc-eol:i T>-2 pk 8-2 lor vuvir clilldrcn by ' 7,27 ||K 7, \V.- will cn .>', nij!Mt, or Notice Typewriter \\ : e '.vi^h to think :i 11 11 LO> r Kindness and bi-Autii ul f loiul "' hroir-iht us s TYPEWRITERS ItoviH, Smith Cnrnim unil Rflmln^ton 'DON EDWARDS Apartment tor Rent "° N Kc ™ ml ^' ^^r™r^r; ^|HZI^""' Spo"l'pssU- 1V rLp"n cWlr' anlv Kr.i^on- p 11 orj able jinco Pli 2C71. nfti-r 0 r.ill ^..^ , ' (U1 J) - ) ~' ''"^ i' k hJ Fin- (!omn Want one or iwo w sliaro 4-room apt He: y&'A6 attpr 5 2-room fnrjilshed npl ly dccorfiiert Ph. 2^)62 J furnished apart n xitchpn. Adults nnl'.-. West Ky. Business Service Directory 3545 'omrilete FnstM-anco I'roli-clion \V. J. Pollard Agency Plan nod Protection 12-1 'A' Ash st cl.fcSC'OK HOTKl. HUII.UINO 4 8-ek-tI For Sale, Misc. Nlrely rvirnlFhLd tv/o room ;ipt with prmtte Ijntti. Iti^ht Mouscki!, pln^ lor two person* Ha.s scrcejicti 3n jiorcn. 514 \V. \Valnul St. ; -Jj |>X 7 Jl Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. We can 1111 all your nerrtB OCT. genuine pnrts from our complete tine El.IS POOLK. OWNER A: OPEHATOIl SoQLti Htk-hwny 6] a i Ktcetc, Mo Phono Stecle 49 1112-rk-tf CHAPATAN SERVICE STATION Main <t Division Plionc 25011 Don't endanger your Jainlly with laulty tires—BUY LEt; TIRKH.' 12 Ll-ck-tr iid h:,(h outfit r.; 00t i ct.n- o tnc Plumber" Phone T,6-ck-tl UOOKING .AND SIDING t!iit \\ r ai-d's low prices! I'op quiiJiiy ,u a [O w pj ice ;Varcl'i • i-pnnit rooriiiK and siflini; IP (i,i»»ratnrj' tt'stfi] trivt-s inni; nnrcl service Kl[Ly^ nriKtii n»u rotnrlul Cnnvi-nlont montii Iv t ^rnis Hnniiup, a wide viirl^iy m Mvifis color?- find wrlt-hts Chi>OFp tf.i(Jny lr»r nn nitrrnnivc hniisc at low cnst MONTOOMKIY-WARD tt'li ck C3 National U'indow Ouarcls funiisli silent, sturdy barriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at BUrLDH SUPPLY, INC., p]i. 2-l^>.l. G-2S ck tf ft Loans •'e<H?ral tnpiil mspmy cases try scales Meat dlock.R. one ',, inpat ehnppei rvnp Trlt;rcl air [miipd display rn^e. one wnlk-ln rooier 6\8 All tdrpe an- prartlcnlly nrw anil ni a K.icrlflce Pli ^900 Money to Loan 13o you need a loan to rrpoar or model? No down on gage, no red tape. FHA APPROVED RATES 5",, ASK FOR DETAILS ' Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2034 Lynch Building Blyihcrllle, Ark 923-ck-tI i:s FA MI LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low r;ife of interest. Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. R1ALES LAND CO. CAKK EQUIPMENT: Castle -l-lt. CIK- i tir c.ise. 4-.s]lce Ton.stmnMet Eff-clrle re- i Tnastor. sllvermire. nil kinds or dlsn- mrc- [<•». .1-Snrjl Cory Elcctilc Cotfee Mnker •!»• Hunter attic Fan (hrnnil ni-wl Ifi" Aitlc i-nn. istutnlr.u steel Unll Trees 1 Abies and Chairs. Deep Fnt Fryers Ni.pkln Hokl.jrs Islamites stcell. Water' I'itrlinrs. Illsh Trnys. 16 cu ft neep i-tre/e. 1 mrnn olnckboartl. memi lold- rrs. Gable k .S'elsnn Pmno. I Hal>y- B ihyti CIKilr. Frumrh Prj- Potnto SLlrer CAI.t, IffH 7:20-cl(-n!20 STK1' lo me phone and «slt lor t Lim rd.iin rn« and npliolstery cleaner Dears Faint Store fi ,2!i c k 7I2U Save on Garden Tools! Now is I he time to buy your hoes, rakes, etc. WARD'S have reduced all garden equip- ^^. , nioiil at least 50'r, and some Office across from City Hall'at sharper prices. Save now Phones 3322 or 41 TO : while they last. J10NTCOM- 7-s ck ti' I-:KV \\ - AKD co. 7-21 ( -k 8-1 USEE2 CAH,PRICES CHECK THE QUALITY . . . CHECK THE PRICES OF THESE Till! I'lyninulh 2-ihinr Si-dan, tiri-s and motor arc prai-ticiilly new . . . ^.pivial s:>!i;>. HH7 liuick -l-(l(ini Sc'dan. only Ki.OOn actual miles, radio and heater, a nnod (iiK--t»vncr i'ily-di iven far . new low price. IK-IS liuick -l-tii.or Si-ilan. eiiuippuil nidi nil the iiuporl- iinl accessories, a inio-ownt'r r;ir wliidi we helicve is the cleanest used car \on\e ever seen. . . IMUCKO TO HH7 FJnick l-dooi Si-dan, only 1 fi.niid actual miles, radio J9I!) Mercury -l-dimr Sedan, lias only l.i.OOO actual miles, cily-driven. ciiuipped with radio, healer, nml seat covers. . .now only . . . .$).s I,V 13-16 DeSolo -l-clooi .Sedan, excellent condition, radio and h pater. . . SI-12,1. 10 II liuick 1-dnor Sedan, specially priced at §025 1911 Chevrolet 2-dm,r Sedan, newly painted, engine has just been overhauled. . SSlo. 1910 International Pickup Truck. . .$V>r,. 01110 SlanficW S. \LKSM K\ , llu | cl , ich Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnut at Broariwav Rial 555 for Service Check These Prices 11)17 Plymouth Four-Door Sedan, a beautiful dark blue, runs and drives fine, has heater and 1!M<> Arkansas license. . .§1195. 101(1 Chevrolet Knur Door, maroon, etjnipped wilh radio, healer and '-('.t Arkansas license. . .§1050. J!)l! Ford Tudor, has new paint and interior head lining, radio, healer, and '111 Arkansas license. . .S«<>5. l!i:ifi Chevrolet Coach. . .?!!.). l!Cil Find Tudor ?!)5. Pickup & Truck Values IDIfi Ford Pickup, good mechanical condition and new paint, lias '-I!) Arkansas license... SS-l.j. l!)l(i Chevrolet Panel, a nice, clean, useful Iruck; has '•!!> Arkansas license . .S7(lo. HMfi Ford l'/ 2 -Ton Truck, an excellent value al the price. . .$S95. 5th at Walnuf Phone 4453 For Sale, Keal Estate ANV KIND Of UUSINKSS WANTED OK hOIl KAI,E. UIIOCEHY HTOIilii) tTO. I'HONE HKL.D. 23M 23 pic 8 0 HOMES KW UP. 1.OT5 »3KI bUMK U.I. AND fit A. HPfcClA 111. V 1 II KV ILL.E UEALTV. IMIONfc MKI.U ZJ'Jl. 23 pt 86 Business lot on North lli- way 61. Near Corner. 1'h. ^UG7. 7-7 ck tf WAl.KOU-l'l 2W ,crcs oi loam solZ Ji acres in womts, ualunce open HOJJ v.'ire leiu-e aroimo farm l»caled 7 miles SoinnwcM or Marluna, Arlc 20 neaa llerclord canto. 6U acres couun I ',a ton lu« u,i<ii!» trucJc. new V A o cat,e tractor anu e(|ul[urient Two-bale trailer never been used T'elepnone ana electntuj scluwi bus and mull route Uiavcj road under construction I'osa- Cft,sloii at once I'nce ^41>(XK) VI TAhT JOHNSON Ttli-pnono 610-WI "t J. lion 111) Manann. Ark. 7[21 pk 7|2a Real Estate I-arms — City Property LOANS II mu-ri'sied it) Huytng Or AeJIltlg 6LB Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil KarLs K. B. Joyner tilc-Dcoe Blctg. pji. 819 l-hiiliy bassinet, pad A: condition I'll. 347J alter 2055. I i: 7.25 ilk 7.J1 j I'll. hnlnn Good 6 p.m. 7.25 1>X 7,28 vVKSTINGHOUSE RANUE Excellent condition. Ileasotmble. Phone tiJIIH. 7(25 ]ik 7,i» |K\llltCd. Uitr^nln. THOMPSON I1OAT. newly tftrptuilin case, wood trnllur. Cull 21171 days. 2059 nl s lits. For Sale, Misc. Office equipment for sale; Have 2 large all steel desks with linoleum top. 1 small all steel desk with linoleum top. 8 J-clrawei- all steel letter file cabinet, all Hie above equipment brand new. Will sell all or any part at a very low figure. One large office safe, 30" deep 72j. high. This safe is latest "type safe only used about one year. This safe lias money drawer, lias file for notes, also letter file and space for storage with special lock on drawers. Will sell all or any part of the above items. Call 8G1 TOM I,TITLE RICALTY CO. 7-26 pk 8-2 drapes are ready — won't long. 6671, North Hwy. fit, Major Little. -It Plywood no-it Good Condition _^ KV ^ 7,26 pk 7;29 Une liu-lory tnilll camp trailer meiF >i- new l-uwull Scooter. Price to sell >"ni' Yaw 0 ' P ° WC " c '"-"""-«vmc: > in. itiBw. i -ic .,.- a n 1 American mum sllcen 1" riiwlon "•"It-: I 1U- Hill meat eo.mter, wil" f'h""5naT'-- Al "" y i ' lck " r<1 Oi<x.'ery in. iU4.1. days. 2011 arter 6:30 p m. 7[26 cli a,2 Hoston Screw tnll terriers. Col! Mrs ,.'™," y ' ""°" c 2902 - 2: '"a Mar- 7|20 ck «LI PEACHES FOR SALE •Ve have Just received lot) bu o' L^3 No. I ELBERTA CANNING PEACH- We will deliver them to you any- eie in city limits. Plume 2032 Joe IlL-ster Grocery. 7,26-|,k-2U New J5 K al not water tank with norcncc neater. Complete with pipe . "ttlllBS. (jive-away U.ra cr.113.rn. Pli ' Child's Maple Unhy Bed/Also BMort-" nt'in ol incu's clothlns;. atoned Melnl i-ojKlny tools. Phone 2760. 7|27-pk-30 USED eiANO Cheap, "pimne 3109. Concord jelly grapes. Come or tall GG7I, Major Little North Ilwy. 61. 7-27 ck 8-4 7-27 ck 8-1' CO. \VINDO\V SCREENS Save money at WARD'S now. Screens in perfect condition, originally selling for ?2.80, now only $2.17. Others reduced as much as 25';i>. Styles to fit any window in your home. See WARD'S today. MONTGOMERY WARD It's nice, it's cozy, it's well- wall and new. A 4>/., room house well located on Lake Street. Close to church and school on lins line. If you will -sec me quick, I'll sell it to you for $6500 on 100% G. 1. Loan. 50.\MO' lot on Willow Street, $tiOO. 50x140' lot on JIollv Street $1GOO. lOOx-100' corner lot on Hiway 61 North. $3250. 100x200' lot on Hiwny Gl North.. Country Club Drive Addition, ?;JOOO. 70x1(55' corner lot can Avenue, ?1150. See or call on Pe- JOHNNY MARR Phone -1111 or 25516 liy South Second St. HOUSE FOR SALE Nice laii;o live room house on chick- siuvlia Ht. AM modern and newly dec- Taicd. Completely furnished fit S10.500. •'urnltuie tiers with the Iiouse. Hlales Land Co. I'lione 3322 KK. Wtlllatns Phone -1809 7 27-ck-^S for Rent STUDIO. 6-rooni house, nirnJsh it,.. calJ Hoover's Cafu- 4 5-ck-tl :d. 826 Clnrk 7|2t nk 28 Office space 19x24 on second I'luor in our new building on South Fifth Street. Gas heat and electric lights furnished with this office. This office located in the southwest part of the building, have awnings on the windows. \Vill lease it either on a years time or longer. Call SGI TOM LITTLE REALTY CO 7-26 ck 8-2 \V e have store building 20 x 75 located at 421 West Main Street. Would like to rent this property on long lease to desirable parties. If interested Jill ^ 1 J"i l\ LJ 7-27 ck 8-1 Call 861 'TOM LI'lTLE REALTY CO. 7-2G ck 8-2 BEFORE YOU DECIDE SEE THE USED CARS AT T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 1917 Chrysler Windsor I-door Sedan, green, radio and healer, white sidewnll (ires . . . special low price. Ifllfi Nash "fiOO" -l-door Sedan, black cohir, new tires. Don't miss seeing this bargain. 1915 Plymouth Special DeLuxc .|-door Sedan, maroon, luw mileage, has new tires, radio and healer. You'll like the price. 1911 Chrysler -l-door Sedan, completely reconditioned, new I ires, new paint job, radio, healer, and seat covers ?965. 1917 Chrysler Coupe in fine running condition, equipped wilh radio, healer, and a new set of (ires. 1917 Plymouth Special Del.uxc 2-door Sedan, has all the things you want. .. .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and healer. 1916 Slack Truck. 2-Ton Model wilh 161 inch wheel base, excellent condition, vcrv good tires—see it yourself. T.i. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 Edit Main Phone 2122 Wonted to Rent -1 or or tow l'»one 5 room house in good section . Or will buy worth the money »"Female Help Wanted Kxccllent opening for experienced sales lady. Apply i: person Miss WhilsiLt Shop. in 7-27 ck tf Help Wanted, Male W e arc interested in securing Hie services of a man as general manager of our store located at -110 West Main Street. This store has bean closed several months because of illness. \Ve plan to open I his store not later than Sep- letnlier 1st with new merchandise to fill in with the stock j that we have. Will pay salary part of the profits from the operation. You must have experience in store management to handle this position. Call 861 TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 7-26 ck 8-2 For Sale, Cars and Trucks USED CARS Save Money on These 19-18—Jeep. Low price. 1942—Kord. Exceptionally good buy. 19-11—Ford. A Bargain. 1940—Chevrolet. K a d Ii o, heater, a truly clean car. 1941—Chevrolet. A bargain 1941—Pontiac. Radio, heat- or. 1947—Kaiser. Radio, heater. A real buy. 1940—Plymouth. Radio, heater. s 1940—Buick. Radio & heater. 1946—Chevroet. l'/ 2 ton truck. Steel bed. Good 825 x 20 tires all around. Also several others to choose from 61 MOTOR CO. North Iliway 61 Phone 2142 6-16 ck tf '47 PLYMOUTH Scclnn i n excellent. i-omliuon. has good hrater, license, . $Jiy5. Call S-L- Simpson, 4452. 7,27-<:k-3(J U46 Chevrolet Four Door Sednn . S105I). Hiis radio anil heater. O 3 Dowdy, 4181. 7[2 p l-ck-30 MAKE AN EXTRA $150! Gltn Hftr- rlson Motor Co now offers you $150 more tor your car when you imde (oi i new '-ly Hudson Plfiii now to rlele In Uio only car yon stop down Into . . ihn sleek-, smooth 19-19 Hudson . . you'll s?t> why it's the car lor you, And rcineinner, you save a bljj $150 GI.IN HARRISON MOTOH CO.. 517 West Ash Street. JJlyinertlle. 7127-ck-&j 3 1!I4! Kord, Inst painted, has radio nd nrrtter. Will sell for JG95 Call 4-15-1, Krty Cole. 7[27-uk-30 Private Rooms Nice cool ironc bedroom 603 W Alain fJione 44J2. men only -f|18-ck-tJ ucmoom. 110D Chlckasawba Phonr St:> 7|16-pk-S|16 bedroom—private bat-h Phr>ne 4643 A comlonable bedroom l>h 2615 7)13 pk fi| -nrKe. cool bedroom, close tn Men only, ail) W. Walnut 7[2l pX 8j2J Nice heriroom. Adjoining bach. Men only. t>13 walnut, ph. 24U6. iiedcoom for employed K irl. Kitchen privileges If desired. Ph. 4603. 7j26 pk 2H Nice cool lurnlshed bedroom. Kitchen privileges Ph. G30Q. 7j27-clc-:iO Read Courier News Want Ads Notice Notice I factory i.ainea luuei nnci oulldei j oi Fiano ioi nvt'/ twenty years j (J EH .\LD W FOG LE 108 West Ken cucky Ht Phone 3109 ti;28-pk:-7i2J ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6M2, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 Personal Tftlny minute pholostatlc service ObTEENS STUDIO. l|8-clc-t[ Wanted to Buy Highest price paid for CHICKENS- :uua. Ash street Grocery ,t Market Rent! Courier News VVnnt Ads. Salesman Wanted MAN- WANTED (or Railelgh buslnew in Northwest Mlsslsflppl Countr. Pro- itncis sold 30 years Sell to 1500 f«m- 1HM. \Vrllc tod*y. RKwIrlsh's. Dent AM,-21H.SAA. Mem,ihlv Trim., or see VVC "iicfianan. llfi Clark, niythrullc " ^ 26 pk i 30 Lost 6'a.Mes. Doyle Hentifr- •-n pounds Duapprarrtt Thurwlav Tti- »«fa. 1-nonc 21S3. 2J ck 8 I NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like jour present lloors beautifully reflnlshed. or 1! you wish new hardwood, u- phalt oi rubber Ule, or Inlaid linoleum floors • Charles Wood can do the work expertly and at a reasonable cost Call 2272 FREE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Painl Co. Phone 2272 WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 1949 THEY'RE GOING FAST THE BEST SELECTION OF RECONDITIONED TRUCKS IN BLYTHEVILLE 1917 Chevrolet Long \Vheelbase 2-speed axle, 700x20 ean Th!S lrUCk JS '" Perf " t COB Chevrolet Long- Wheelbase 750x20 front (ires, 82M20 rear. This is a real clean red truck for only v 1 v Jo. 19-M Chevrolet Long Wheelbuse Truck, 700x20 front fires, S2ax20 rear. In A-l condition. . .only §795. 19 1C Chevrolet Short Call & Chassis, 2-specd axle c?f!<,' r<mt tlres> 900x2 ° rear ' mechanically perfect . > . •> 1 U J o . 19 | ir> ^ h nn« 0le - 1 , :!/ -'- Ton Slakcbody, one owner, driver only 32,000 miles, has targe hot vvaler heater. . .§895. 1918 Chevrolet 3/i-Ton Pickup Truck, ori K inal blue limsh, driven only 8,000 miles. Looks and runs like new. Bargain. 1918 Chevrolet «/ 2 -Ton Panel Truck,, low mileage, 2- tone hlue finish. Sec this one today. Many others, '/ 2 , 3/4, 1. I </, and 2-l.fn. Pickups, Slakes, regular and 2-specd, Chevrolels, CMC, Fords, Dodges. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always :Hake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company West Walnut Phone 678 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All types Kxcepl Cancer) Clinlr 514 Main Klvthrville Ark Phont YOU CAN'T MISS AT BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. We've Got the Car You Want At the Price You Can Afford to Pay 3918 Chevrolet Aerosedan .has radio, heater, and seat covers, 9,0(10 actual miles. 1'riced lo sell. 1947 Dodge 4-door, radio & healer. 19-16 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, engine has been completely overhauled, has radio & heater. A real buy. 18-17 Jeep, has 4-wheel drive. Bargain price. 1937 Graham -l-door Sedan, has new paint, new tires, excellent condition. . .5391 3 Model "A" Fords priced from §50 to ?1 25. Blyfheville Motor Co. "South'* Finest Service" Broadway & Chickasawha Phone 4422 Then Choose Your Car From STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. 1916 Ford 5-Passenger Coupe, equipped with radio and heater. 1919 Plymouth Sedan, low mileage. 3947 Mercury Converlihle, has radio and heater. 1947 Pord 4-door Sedan, radio and heater. 1949 Mercury -1-door Sedan, has overdrive, radio and heater. 11)42 Lincoln-o-Passenger Coupe, has radio and heater. 1010 Mercury 2-door Sedan, has new motor. 1939 Plymouth 4-door Sedan. And Several Other Cheaper Cars for You To Choose From. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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