The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 2
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NEWS ; Clever Play E-.u^s Grand Slam in Radio Bridge Game JVEDNKSDAV, JANUARY 21, 183!-'. ! them* North would have ansivered - * si Marriage Makes Two Families As One A (Club bid was not made to give , CHEHAL1S, Wash, W,-< c]s .f' North a choice between two d- i- 'f k ° ( UnU1 " g lwo . £1a »" !l M '<> mat- rations, but to show a n™,! u^rv, rlmc ">' lvas con'P'ctwJ '^re when with two No Trumps. After Ncrl.Vs j I I wo Diamonds, South would bid I four Hearts, lo show that her twj- I -• . The 'Young ' Peon's class of 1 the First " : Preibyterian Sunday school -is baring a buffet supper at the hoir.e of Mrs. George 11. Cro-.-Kett.' ./• '•' : ' • : ' • ' Friday The Woman's club is meeting rUj the ; ;cl'ub -house at '2;30 o'clock. The Men's club 'of the First L'res ; 3-10-9. . ' 8-7 bytcrian cburch Is having a dlnnci j n_j]j. 5 meeting In Use social room cf the i o—O-T-4 church. . . iC-A-9-8 'Saint-day ! There-will be ri story hour at the ! Blythev-nie library, . | Piescnting the ninth Radio S.-Kl-s:, Sh BRIDGE Bits of News Moslly Persona! ; .Dealer, South, fiom Dummy cashed Declarer's Ace BENERIED After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound i,rfs lnformntory rtoiiWe. and East's Society Calendar Wednesday Mrs. W. M. McCorab of Little Rock, state president vrlll be trw honored giiest at a Delphian luncheon .meeting at the Hotel Noble. Mis. Harvey 'W. Stewart Is liav-j j ing the Matinee Contract club. Tile Parent-Teacher association of the Central Ward grammar school is meeting al 3 o'clock. Thursday Mrs. J.' N'eai Gesell Is having the Young Matrons Bridge club. The' Mid- Week Bridge club is being entertained by Mrs. Cecil Shane. ; • • The Jewish Ladies aid society is meeting in Oscebla at the home I l> nrln " o ( nny additional high cord- ijtnvevcr. niter West's minimum of Mrs. E. M.' Jatfe. -• [strength and this can best be ac- „„,, , 10 „-„„,„ Ks|)on5e to h | s . mt _ ' complishcd by first doubling Hie adversary nnd later I'lowlns your: J|,Y C r "I'akco'ut own suit if partnc-.'c bid Is not ac- ' ceplable. . KOSTK—DEALER S-A-K-6-4.3 H-K4 D-6-6-2 C-K-7-3 SOUTH S-0-5-2 K—6-3-2 D—K-J-3 U--S-5-4-2 EAST S~J H-A-Q- 10-98 D-ii-1033 O-Q.J. . 10 Wi-st hns a much dl(ler;nt plenum c-I his pin-liiei-'-i strength. West now : flutes il:nl East's direct. Infcrcnci! ot high curd strength by his hi, loir.i-.ilory clcuule now Justlfic-s n i rai'.e lo thrc-j hearts which, ut i course. Enst carries lo u game j coin-? contract.. j 'l he nefiitive inference which on: cnls'-s from li!« partner's i-efii.siil to ' double :>n i'dv:rtary's bid !r,i! ^ir-ply m-ercalls. Is or.c (if HID 1 ni".i - important nrlnclylcs ol con- ° j triicl bidding, and the expert inu- ' ! ip.Ls ih:."; Iniivciicc with marvelous ! sticci.-s. I U n well lo call attention to (h;j Royal Neighbors Instill' 'Officers: ,: "Officers of the Royal Neighbors j The- Kidding lor this'year were'ni>i>roprlately it>-! First round: • North one sinde, : fact thu; ?. bid ot three liemls bv stalled in n meeting last evening, I East double, South puss. W?sl one i f---r Koitli's original one which was attended by n large ho trump. -1 - ; spadj, nUhoiifli tt Jump overcall. Is niimfcer of meinbers.' These will Second round: North pass, East: not n forcing bid. Mr. Sidney I-c:iz. serve: two hearts, South pass, West three i one of lie country's great urldjc .-Mrs. J. K. Fisher, oracle; Mrs. C. \ hearts. . i players, has the- following to say In O.- Hires, vice oracle; Mrs. J. n.! Third round: North pass. East i this connections: "As nothing can Elves Allen is attending to bi: EES in Marked Tttjc lor sevc the Sunlrs East, p3s;c:l; and Mrs. Hnbbard. sauth. nary player. It would wsm'th^a I **$??*. I.'V™ ° f I 1 "",**' , , , Grand Slam depended upon wheth- L Q ^ , Wlm fapa;le ih;uld e.' the finesse oMlie Jack of 1 nd s , ^ c " ! J ^, Ironl ^ S ° U <" wculd be succc.-stiil. M " ",,,.1,,..., tn l'"^ on -Mrs. Hnbbard, keen encugli to per- Me and Mrs. J. E. Cite cu:l -Miss llndlo Moon Bunting ,sp.-:;: yesterday in. Memphis. To the first trick,- Mr. BrueU'.fltie, - . . .West,-led t'r.e Jack of Diamonds. D: 1 . A. K. Wnshburn Is altenrt::i: f rc:n NDrth's hand, which became to business in _Oiccolu today. Ogle, recorder; • M.j. i.v. w y Ayres j ;ne other hand, should East over- games can be made unless the part-' flagbearer; Miss Mildred Jj.W. mti-! cal1 North's one spade with two ; ncjse. • If Mr. Bruelheirle had led from a five-card Diamond suit, a trick could bo made with Duimny's Queen of Diamonds, as Mrs. Tubbs would have to play the King en the third round. So. Mrs. Hubbird I • - — • ••«- "--- "xv ivisn- nianlpulated ,^2r Clubs most, skil- s|ins to tnkc Uic most rsmote chanc: | full 5' to produce three Dummy en- i(;f i'avinj an adverse trump win. i trics w ith an- Acc-Jnck-4-2 al- njclarci- IsJ e-it t!ie Acp, King and i though the closed hand hcH Kin"- Unnmy. Mrs. Hnbtunl, C: and Djcbvcr the Ace. NoVwisii- Mr - ancl -- .- " cr|sBijict °p r « ii '«»™« m °«iioiT : ^ Eiclan; Dr. P. p. Smith, physician; j hrarts, West has.a right to infer than one quick trick, and then he' e ' tnls artQ1 "- 011 '<>> l1 '™ I"-:- 1 '-: Graces, Mrs. Bob Copeland. cour- lhnl tnc lln »d Is only one of aver- will respond voluntarily." age; Mrs. Ben Hamuer, faith; Miss "Be defensive strength, about iwo (Copyright, 1030, NEA Service. Inc.) | rt . v Diana Saliba, modesty; Miss Anns "^^ ' — ~~ '• Mao. Sallta,-endurance; .Miss Lena Saliba, unselfishness; Miss Luctla Salita, outer ssiitlnel; Miss Mar- tb'.a Copsland, inncv. sentinel. For a brief prcjrnm Miss Mildred Judd and \Yocdrcw Fisher rendered 'several piano nnd violin selection. Mrs. Grcjne Buha'nninj, of Louisville, Ky., former member of the local chapter, was a guest of honor in the social meeting which the Deuce ot I monds did not work out as she [hoped. ,,,,,„ „ ... . The trumps beiiif; exhausVf-J'c\-j Por bi[|dl n!?-ttis iur.d at Can! i 1 :.- 00 '!!^. a . r . l . c .':.. v . 1 . 1 ! :!n ? M|1 - w: i:"P'- *• ''•'••' «n>au,ln B In the clcs-!'"«.' Ml - Work said South followed the Installation.:- Delicious Lange school. PareiU-Tcachsv assa- Charleston, Mo., Sunday to meet elation- Tuesday afternoon'. Ollur relatives of Mrs- Whltiicr. numbers ot the liitcreftm;; j)rri;vuni The Ladles Aid met with Mrs. Included Hie reading of ssvcral orij- Nichols Monday afternoon, 'nnl pDcms coih- 1 >?:c(' by Miss Cor- 'Mrs. Anders™ and Irene Nichols s'.'.'.ea Rogers and read by Miss wer( ? Osceoln shoppers Monday aft- Anns Clements, and a piano Ec'lec- crnhcu. lion by Miss Leone Cnlllcott. ^' r - ""d M^rs. Harry Weidman Miss Anue Clemenls' room won 01 Blytheville wore guests ol Mr. the dollar prize for having the alul Mrs - c - L - N'diols and fnmlll'l visitor"'tadiy" -• • Klnvlnu' ' "' " "--... ^ r -v •.. J ' Guests, Mrs. Marvin Robinson and Mrs. Wi D. ChambJin-jr., thh j Men's Club Will week. In the'games Mrs! W. LsaniliaVp Dinner Mceliiif Smliii won the prize. Hosiery. The Men's club ot the First Pi-s- uehcious refreshments we're serv- byterlsn church-will have the ilrsl ed to the eight ladies present. [ meeting, follouing organization last Tn n~,~*i r, ' ' i'nonlh. Friday evening. The dinner To Orpmhe Class. ; is to be served at 7 o'clock, fol- Theyoiing people cf the --First Icwcrt witli a brief program and Presbyterian church will form Sunday-sthocl class' of bays and girls which will meet at the hamj of tes teacher. Mrs. George R. Crockett, Thursday evening for n buffet supper and business meet- in?. Has Bridge jP.-irty. business session. Zal B. Harrison, president, is to be toastmaster. Mr. and Jlrs. Jolin 1». I-ani Given Party. The Wilhelm Union of the B. Y. P. U's in the First Baptist church tendered Mr. and Mrs. John Miss Magalene McKlnnon hid i B- Lane a party Tuesday evening 16 guess for a bridge party Tucs- at the home of Mrs E E Alex- day evening at her horn; at Arms- j andcr. Mr. and Mrs. Lane arc leav- rel. In,the card'games Mrs. James | ing Friday for New Orleans where Rioenour received tu: prize, hand 1 they will attend school after hav- made handkerchiefs. Later dancing I ins b;cn here for five years while was enjoyeS fcr -fevjral hours. Mr. Lane was director of rclig- The iost' appetizing! bus education in this church. talad .course- with sandwiches and! 1» a game of-making Valentines, hot chocolate. .. - | (he prj'e. n bD.v of candy, ivns p-warded the guests of honor Entertains Rook Club. Members of the Tuesday an-J • fee was seryed to Thursday Rcak clubs were guest-1 of Mrs. A. M. Butt Tuesday at- i . Delicious Individual pies and cot- •' IT. "> »f "77 , ipumiiiy- When East also .followed ;• t'jkron News Notes ! to c ! :lh; - *™ w ™sm- c a she cbnid Sunday! . The W. Nf. U. met, with Mrs. Lee Williams Monday iifterncqii.? West Midwaif : Notes'' Mrs. '!', M. Long called OH Mrs. H. n McOridt! Saturday evening. Misics Mary Baker. Ida Mcl!:ide and T/zle Bell Undcnvood wove guests cf Fannie and Evvie Tale Saturday. Craiulma- Hudson has becn'vU-i itir - ' ' for E.'j" 'BnliCi' Slid George Blay- I S». tl '^?J' nisht ^ivitli Jlielr (l;i:yh- lock transacted business in Lnxorh"''" """" " ••-"•--"Saturday. play w"culd give her an 'extra 'entry ir llmillSn' \T7lir.v -n-^r .1 ... .??Mr. and Mrs: Tcciford have iii-JV-'|. r (fd.'on the .EfoViil:e're tann..: .- • ' visited her mother,: Mrs. Ins: Saturday. - get in:3 the.Dun-iuy hand tWice. lo irlck s?vrn Dum jnd tWice. y"l^l'the 1 nmy -Mis. Tubes, East,.die! nt! c:, 1 .ILJLI:I:II ""- "- ^..^ »uio iuiu n'*r li-yinof?'}"" 11 ^ ' :ri!l led conventionally i f)0:1! Jack-10,fl. Mrs. Tubbs cxpret- Mr. Wilconsen has moved from > K> Dei-lnvsr to trump this Diamond Mr. Broil-Mice's'fin-in tn Dell. ! trick; rind with tmoUier club en- Mlf's Muriel nnd -M^yrtlc \\yatt il! 'y l» Dummy. It \vas very imuDi-L- - ..„ were Uicir biv-thd- M:-. "nl that ih? keep the wimiinf n'»- iiE friends in this community ] I!nllv - and familyU-Mday nljlil. j mi>ml i!i !:or own han;!. Declarer the past week. ,. : . Ah '- and Mrs.'Bill Stone .-|ien'.i<l«l tnimp. with the Jack of Hearts- North had ut least an Ace and n King. N'orth might possibly have the Ace of Clubs and King of Diamonds. flcrth u-culd answer the two with Iwo.- Dinmnntis. which wculd show that she did 1131 held the Ace and Kins; Qu£:-'.ion 10: Which he led to trick tv.-oV Wigs were commonly worn ''' outside ivovk on our fnviri. After my lest.c-h!M was born, l.'lJcfan to Buffer M .iimnj' Egypt some 3CCO years ago. suit should toM me to try L'ydia" E."'.. i egetuble Compound. I uivl aiidi:pu- X am n IIG\V ivomanand I knmv thti^ ^-ncd liuallh is better than riclir-s."—i'l ii'f T LandretSi Tomato Seed WiseTomito Growers should insist upnnCanocissappIv- mg them wi,|, Tomato Seed grown by the rdinklo firm of Undraih. We have a reputation to sustain, built upon .r..i • _ _ /-_ . , . .' _ CERTIFIED SEED of Marglobc-^Greater Baltimore—Bonny Best Our Tomato Seed sold only in Cardboard Iitho R ra Packages of M and 14 pounds. All certified Tomato Seed scslcJ with ihe Government sea! of Pennsylvania. Growers of all Varitlits cf Garden Suds D. LANDRETH SEED llr.MI EttaUhncd 178* BRISTOL, PA. I'Mr. the Miss Orf-nc Co'.e visited Mi's ! Clyde Sexton Saturday. A number o£ young pcoiile enjoyed the dance at McBrliics Saturday night. Mrs. Roy Hudsni. Mrs. T. M. Long and Miss Ruby BlaylocV. were guests nt Mr. anil Mrs. E. J. Bilker's Sunday evening. Charles Lou;; ami Willie Tntc visited li. It McBricle Sunday nft- cnioon. Mr. nnd Mis. O. A. Boswcll nnd. Arthur were visitors in this community Saturday night Misses Ida Mefirirtc ami T/r.iel Underwood visited Mrs. T. M. Lcngi Monday. ' Miss NSildred Sinnit was the] i Buesl ot Miss Bcunic Culjr! Sunday. Emmetl:.Tedford. .Mr. Moiihi" Ledbcllcr and Paul Sf-ymurc -,vn'c vlsi'tbr.i'al tiic Ball- Mt_ ( and Mrs..'puslc.y .eiUcrtuuKd n huhibL'V-'of. you'iis talks'--with a dnncc Monday n'iglit. Mi. J. L. Church Is :-ick iliis week ie -I of Di.-Vm;;ids. ', w?s- 'folloxe-l v-i(i| ""*ui» t*l Ult.l e:eht DscJarcr Jen „.. 10 of Clubs; West discarded the' 5 • or Diamonds; Dummy, won- with the i JacK of Chits:.ami Bist'. fo'llowpfl 1 suit led i!-. •Dumm -' the- 8. Aiis. Hnlib.ircl I'r.en " cf Diamonds fro:n the !::ind. Mrs. Tubbs. Eas'.. 30 present. " jf^ CaUlo Btaylock has been visiting her sister Mrs Luhi Mack- Keiser News Notes > lln for lh - !>; ' s! wei ' k ' . The 20 guests enjoyed several ! Wr ' zad Mrs OUo K ''re!er of games. Tn the 'delicious salad cheese i (vcrc Bl "' sls ° r tll Mi? Grace Wyatt nnti familv. Miss Annie Ma-j nnd Cliidlc llnil- py visit:d Mrs'.'Mabel Scymoiv Saturday. May mvp:tt .in "- llave Mr. Jc= 5 in0 "" l ° wafers, rosettes and offc- " there «s a note cf Valentine' Day also seen in the tallies -'- ' '• ' • ! U ™ 1 JIr ' ljl tlers par- nnd Mrs - "• ''• Duna- To Abandon IfcWiVjiiif' '.'. ' • Ctmcttry fcr the Trfsent rnc Maple GrbV.:ceWte ! T'' ciatlsn; -in 'a "meeting Tue<da ternofe-,, (He •herhTc^ Durham, voted :tq' continue tte m « a i ^ Mr ?n<1 M «' clovis Crockett of u:cccla spent Salnrdny night and | Sunday with Mrs, 3. i' Wilson and ( ' lU " lnill(;d 1 '" r ' :>! " ivll)l 1 Mr. and l.ti.^. Albert Jrnksir. -.ind ton wcro s>'>"-s;s nf Mr. and Mrs. Hocar Salurtlay nighl. u/.77^T i Mr - nil1 Kil!g was a vlsilG;i m flail-itlOOn [the Sternuerg fhrm Moday rve- Alnnn; those who iiilcnricn the!''•'"?• dance at U-.irdette Saturday nishtl Mr. T. II. Vannihl'.n- o; ii;>'lie- were Rush Austin. T. J. Rickvnl-' vll; e vl.s'.tcti - his Mv. ;:u<l! auri rsm Atkins. i Mrs. W. C. VanBlbtei last S-.;:,:!.^'. j Mr. a:nl Mrs Tn.-'i'.inKii and so:i, ~ Eniy (•[ Loo O.-.l; srmU Sunday ' v -huncirrci years ;>ea ";. with Ki'rtnie J.-ncs. - KK.iiar.d r.:c™iake-,- vi-::-. Mrs. L;i;l!tfcot is movlnj lo Cii - s-i ci! * lo!1: <'" rvwy fyrlns ,-in,-\ :. ' :-.:IC-.T. for all :h? Mr. arti Mr^. H 1.-. Hnwkiu? nnd mythevillc STEELE THEATRE Slfflr, Me. Thursday — Friday Ji'.nt-ary. ->2-23 ' Taylor _.....- . '• Temmie Sherick. AIM: The nine n^mters present hrsrd i and Kallicrine Cox WLTO sws's c/ reports of the officer? and ccmtnli- i Mr.:. ,Irr Mounts'Satii:-d?.v night. " T. J, and W. 3!. R!r!!~.- ( i5Cii ;it- ndcrt the card p.ivtv ni Mr. .sru rs Claurt Duncan's M -iid.iy r.:r;ht- Mrs. E. F. B^mcySr in ! cd to Cteola Friday' aftviiioon"' i lo^T'-dHniT 'vvl'-T ''"r ''^I'T ? ^n •"" KeUer Basltetbiill team was l-e r aunt'. " tee ch.lrmen and it r,-as aecid.'d . Mr. and Mrs Ed Wi.t.,un i The hostess served a dainty dessert, with coffee. • - • » * To Entertain a j Nalitrzl Officer. ) 111" local P. E: <j; e 1 . • ^:er \\ill i cnttrtaln Mrs. Zora T.. Knight of! Tecumich. Okta., supreme vice | the na'.lcnal P. E. O. Saturday. . - ] Planj-arc KOI cc-mplste but there ; i-iil be a- social functicn cf ?••«- '• kind lor the rr.embjrs to meet M.S. dent of the Bl.v;>:f>vT<!c ehaptsr. is i Ui chavje cf the p'.;:is. • ' .W.lre.'s by Pajicr Features- Program. j An address on -Ihe \V:rth cf a' Boy" by the Hev. Marr.'-i M. Calii- ! way-fcaturqd the meeting cf thei defeated by the Tm roil te.i H .,.,-• Mr. and Mrs, Ten: luvo" ,i nigm. - moved to Ekron com:nu::i;v. ; rcm Puiman 01. Oscio'.j was a! Mr. and Mrs John nicinrtNsn I 'si; er v" 10 ^, 1 ,! y - i Dnd f " mll >' ttcrc G^-'-f'i > •' lr - v - Whilner ir.otcred -,o last week. OFFICIAl BOX-SCORE As auilluJ !>}• CerURea Publfc "I li?rcl:y ccrtily tha Ifxiltift ^ n true nn-.l nudu <il ttic i*^t of Ic.iiUnlcliarcUes.con ll:>l'<n Hl[>ky. In Cli O1.T1 GOM> W) Bra You save in using KC. Use LESS tne.iof high priced brandj. llir Slernhci'ii (;in will (>|)cnilc Sal- urfby nionvin.j;. Bring i^ your col ion to bo ginni.Ml.' Wii] buy col Ion also. JANN^fi IS v i!ie Blue Angel" f.f (,.•«:••:;>.-at ,<..,-„ Tun i.'i\-;ll ]lii'HHV ton :1!11L1V.- i n n 1 y (iitTiT.v,! I ••> i\-:fcw< . i n WINDY CITY GIVES O.Gs. BIG PLURALITY IN RIPIEY'S NEWEST CIGARETTE TASTE-TEST By KOiiERT RIIM.FY, Himself It didn't lake Chicago long to. noon I had given the "taste- dccidc vhich cig-.ircltc it likes best, i got (lie-answer in six hours. I nrrivcd ;it the Windy City nt lil£li IITOII . .. with a supply of (he fonr liMclintJ bnuidsof cijia- rettes . . s masked with bl.ick b.inds to onicoal the names. Before the close of the -.iftor- fo.ff" to every rank and file hi the town . . . from the cntvlc licrJcrs nt the .stvH-'k-yiirtls lo mouc fans in the loop. And ;is nsvial, 0. G. ran away "itli (he vote. Tiilic i; from me ... or loavc it ... :,o fjr. I haven't been i'.Wj to make OLD GOLD lose. NOT A COUGH

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