The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1930
Page 3
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'_MQNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, . 1980 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Washington-I^e ' , Swing Is Rudy's x New Feature Hit LEXINGTON, Va. fUPj-Ttv Washington and Lee swing, for y;ars the "mosl popular college sonj In the United States," has been 'chosen by Rudy Vallee as hi, next feature hit. Vollee and >rils Connecticut! Yankees will play and sin< It as the slar number on al) Ihelr piogrants, and a new orches- Iratlon In a 0-8 time has been prepared by Archie Blyer; a full military band arrangement by Gc-orgi Orlenel has also been l«fued re cenUjv . The Washington and Lee Swiut was written by Thornton W. Allen, M. W. Sheaf and C. A. Robbins when lliey were students a' Washington and Lee, and has bcei the most admired and mosl copied college sonve ever since its lover sa'y. Preparatory sc'nools all over th Mnilh adopted it first, but soon universities followed suit, and 'the fo'nif was heard en camouws and . f'ftbnll fields of both classes of rrhools from the Clulf to the Great Ljkes and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Universities (hat copied the 4 "Swing" Include: Albania. Titlark;. ,/'i>xas. Sewanee. Amiria, Southern ^California, Virginia. Florida. Colo.' rado. Louisiana Sim?, Chattanoo- KK. blclaiioma, Wiu<-nter?, Dicken- run, -Cwnrtbmore, Goucher SuocE ntiar, and Smith. BRIDGE By WM. E. MrKEKNGV. ircrrtary American ttttift l/»ru? The declarer In today's hand >eeded an extra trick to go game, le must make a cagey play early, out West, by breaking the rule of "cond-hand low. defeats the t!e- •hrcr'n strategy and sets the contract. eluding St. Vltus 1 dance, rlieumat- io fever, and Infections of the heart. Apparently St. Vltus' dance was affected by removal of the tonsils, occurring just ns often In thaw children who were operated on n.i ....,,.-, , In those not ojieralcd on.' There uit by leading tlie three of dla- was a lessened nmoum of rheu- monds which the declarer again re- mnt lc fever in the children whose uses to win, playing the tour spot, | OU sUs hod been removed ami a West wins with the ten of dla- lessened amount of Infections of monds, dummy playing the live.,1110 hem I.'However, the dtliorencc WEST t-7-5-4 H-A-9-5 D—K-l- 108-6 C—10-7 XMTH f~«-9-3 H—Q-IO-8-6 0-9-5-2 C—K-J-8 CAST S-I-IO- 1-6 H-J-7-2 WHOE MILLION • ALBANY, N. Y. (UP) — Sime bank'depositors in New York state h.ive overlooked an aggregate balance of $1,000.000 according to Secretary of Siate Edward J. Flynn. In announcing the banks of the stale have that amount on deposit with no claimants, Secretary Piynn said many clubs, societies and similar organizations often deposit money and then foVget aboii', it. C—9-5- SOUTH-DEALER 3-2 S-t-K-2 H—K-4-3 D—A-7-4 C—A-0-04 The BW-lint At contract. South/ the declarer with a count of 20 and all four suits stopped, should open the bidding . with two no trump which would shut out a bid from West. Norlh would carry Ihe contract to three no trump. The Play Holding a five-card suit headed by the king-jack-ten or the ace- lack-ten, the jack is the proper opening, therefore West leads'th jack of diamonds, dummy play? the deuce and East unblocks th- suit, by playing thc queen, declarer refusing to win. playing the seven. Kast returns hk partner'r Danger of— Typhoid Fever Scarlet Fever Diphtheria Tuberculosis and Diarrhea! Diseases can be greatly reduced by using Pasteurized Milk from West continues with the king of diamonds, dummy plays t!ie nbie, In the figures wns slight. Dr. Kaiser is convinced that the eswited with n halo orotuxt Ills lead, a s|x>nr iii his hand, nnd rumpling on the fallen Uiclfcr. At Imps, he has a banner suspended 'roui a cross; tills rupresfiitiUlon >elng a reminder ol the prayer In .he Miany "to beat, down Sutan .niclpr our feet," :in-.l typifies the spiritual triumph of goad over evil. In England, MIchuehuns Day has been for centuries an Impartum laty us u (HtnrU'1 1 (Irty antl thc be- giniiliiK of Icunl and university a»sl discarding the deuce of clubs,, removal of the tonsils influences declarer winning (he trick with I appreciably the Incidence of sore ace.. ' throats and renders chlldieu less The declarer can now count four club tricks, three spade tricks, und iuie diamond trick which would .nly give him eight tricks, lie inusl endeavor 'to win' a heart trick susceptible to scarlet fever iunl diphtheria. It clues not appear to be especially Important for Hie prevention of head colds and infections of thc cur, aiid It infiueiic- :|iiickly In order to B'O eame. If East |es unfavorably the occurrence o: holds the ace of hearts, he Is per- , bronchitis and pneumonia, feclly s;Ue, tis East cannot return | Tire wholesale removnl of ton- a diamond. Bui If Wesl liolds the ace, he must endeavor to deceive iilm, EO declarer plays the three of hearts. sils, wh'elher diseased or related tc dlseasp, li». not, warranted,'In cer- lain condition., they may be re,moved for. definite effects, which While (he general rule Is to experience ^has shown may crr- play second-hand low, this is one tainly be secured. At present, tir of the limes that the rule sho'uld I vast majority of physicians art be broken. West absolutely knows j convinced that the correct method that If he goes up-with the ace of ] for'removal of the tonsils Is coin- hearts he can cash his two good|r'ete surglcnl. removal, rather than diamonds end defeat the contract, the use of slow destruction by elec- Whlle It looks as thmifjh. the de-itricily, or any other recently Intro- clarer may flne,ss? the ten spot ofjduced nipthod..' hearts, the risk Is too great, and ; West wins the trick wlih^ the ace | cf hearts. He now cashes his two \ao ddiamonds, the eight 'and slv, snd has defeated the contract cne trick as the declarer has all the I rest of the tricks. If West were to I play a small lieart, the 1 dummy , would win with (he queen and the > declarer would then yo game. PAGE...'THREE : .'/-S FELT BLUE AND DISCOURAGED l.iuly Wits \Vi-tik and In I'ain — Took C'ar<lni and Kiiys It Helped Hev, FOHREST CITY, AHK.— "I was weak and vun-duwn, anil had seu-re pulns In in}' side and buck." writes Mrs. L. 11. MlUon. who lives on Wiilmil Street in tills city. "1 \uis in bed for about live works, not nbU- to do a thing. This caused lie to be blue ami dlscoiiriHtc-il.' ' "My mother yavt- mo Ciu'diii wlirn I was ii girl, and It holp«l ir.e. so I decided to try It uyuin. Removal of Tonsils at Early Age DAIRY Phone 74 (Eleven ience plants.) years exper- in pasteurizing By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor,' Jonm»t of the American Medical Association, and of Hy- icia, tb« Health . ' MICHAELMAS DAY On .••September '29, Michaelmas Day Is-observed in commemoration cf St. 'Michael nnd the oilier angels. The observance of the day is -p^ • /. .-. » TV« '•» icommonly Iraced to an apparition | J l»ri\r/-ivit-c I It HPT" |.llGAaCG'' of lllc arcl >angel which is supposed A lVvV^HLf5 \JL11C1 l-/lnt/anS|-[o have taken place In Apuliu in .";' .i|*-r<9.3, or more prob.ibly in 520. ~ > j\ • , /- i- s ', I According to Jewish and Chrls- ichool a«e, and his informatlop af-1 tian teaching. Michael was the Ten years ago, 1000 children in Rochester, N. Y., had their tonsils removed at the age of five or six years. They were examined al that time and complete records of infections previous to the operation were noted. Ten years ago, the parents of an equal number of children were recommended to have the children's tonsils removed, but the operation was not performed for various reams. These two groups of 1000 children each represented children In Ule same schools and from the same homes, living, under similar conditions. Now Dr. Albert D. Kaiser has looked into the records ol these children, who are just of high ng. cae was e fords dennlte evidence of the value t cnle f ot Ule arc - nangels and thc of the operation in those children heft(1 of lhs celesl i al mU | Ull Hc operated on for the control of cer- te; believed to be the- direct Inspire! lain conditions studied in both roups. Ii^ order, to make the comparison,, the complaint . usually associated with Infection ot the tonsils were tabulated, thc history of infections of each child was obtained, ami any. physical defects in any way related to the tonsils and adenoids were lecorded. The figures show that soie throats, a common- childhood complaint, does not occur as. frequently or as severely in a child from He ipirei of Joan of Arc. The great English "writer Milton, makes Michael the leader of God's loyal angels, who vanquished \M- cifer and his legions and consigned ihem to thc dark pit. He Is rcp- I font f-.-r It and taking It. "After takfiig one bottle o( Cor- diis I fell, better. I kept on inking It and grew stronger. By (ho lime 1 hud ifiken. three bottles. 1 was up und able to do my work. "Now 1 am \vcl! Mid sit 0115, cnre f:r the house, and have lime to leli my friends' v.'lmt splrodld things Cnidul did- for me." If you are run-down, nervous, or stiirir every-month', take CJuhlul, a purely vegetable, reconstructive mi'diclnc of lone established value. • Experience of several generations hns shown, ihnt C'ardul liclus women to- health. Sold every.' where. P* Tr«ut*m >u CARDUI USED BY WOMEN .FOR OVER fOYEARSj iuil HMEN I 2!*b! Take Thectford's Black-Draught ] for Constipation, Indigestion. I Biliousness. 25 cents a TALK WITH US ABOUT FEED AND COAL A General Line of Dairy, Poultry and Mixed Feeds Hay, Ear Corn, Oats Special prices in carload lots. 16 and 24 percentdairy'feeds. Tankage and Meat-Scraps. We have complete equipment for grinding-Meul and'Feeds. . . ' . -,'.', Call Us for Prices nn Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky Coal WhenYou Are in the Market We Deliver Everywhere We also buy corn and hay C. L BENNETT & CO. - PHONE 64 - Located on Frisco Tracks Near, Court House I F have been re-: in whom they | No More Piles (^^-••-^.i 1 -.- • -*-•-• "fc'.-j.-ji-*- •——^- • HEM-ROID, the prescription of Dr.'J. S. Leonhardt, is guaranteet to banish any form ol Pile misery It gives quick action even in old, stubborn cases, HEM-ROID succeeds because it heals and strengthens the affected parts and removes blcod crngestion in the lower bowel—the cause of piles. Only B;I internal medicine can do this, that's why'salves.and cutting fail. Ktrby Drug Co., and druggists everywhere sell HEM-ROID with guarantee that it cost you nothing if It whom the tonsils moved as .in one have not been removed. 'Only 10 j per cent of the children whose tonsils were removed had any complaint of sore throat, whereas 35 per c*nt of the others had such a complaint. iPrequerit h«ad colds occurred in 4?li*r cent of', the children before operation. Ten years after the" operation, 22 per cent'of those'bper=' it£d on still have head colds, whereas 30 per cent of those not ot>erated ori have head colds. It was found that measles occurred with equal frequency in both groups of children. Diphtheria occurred in 28 cases among thos2 children operated on, cases among those not operated on. Scarlet fever occurred in 73 cases of those, operated on, and in cases of those not operated on. .One of ths chief rea-sons , , - the tonsils are removed'is to nre- idcesn t end Pile agony.-Adv.-No. I v £ nt rheumatic, manifestations, in- iHE puffing, .straining rugs hose Iier in . . .The gangplank's lowered ... Friends and families g.iyly reunite... Excitement reigns... thc big ship has made another record crossing! ANNOUNCEMENT .Wo have recently secured the exclusive agency in this territory for wholesale 1 distribution of the well known WHITE WATER ROSE and HOME QUEEN FLOUR MERCHANTS GROCERY CO. Blytheville, Ark. Chtsterfifld Cigarettes are manufadured by ( LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co. | i/c<j ONE will alt 7 ~' / stand out! NEW FACES, new places, new scenes,.but now, home again! ''• How good it seems . .. And everywhere you went, 3'ou found Chesterfield—in every quarter of the globe. Everywhere, because everywhere Chesterfield stands out as "the cigarette of better taste." In Paris, in Rome, in London, in Shang-hai, in Bombay, in Rio -de Janeiro—-the world over— smokers look to Chesterfield for: MILDNESS— the entirely natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness or bitter-s. BETTER TASTE— such as only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. -that's Why! •' :

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