The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JTJT,Y 27, m.YTHEVrt.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Arms-to-Europe Plans Outlined U.S. Would Assist Allies in Placing 1,500/000 in Uniform Ply John M. Hithtower WASHINGTON, July 11. on — President, Truman's arms-for-Europe program was de-scribed otticial- IJVtoday as designed to bring up t^iombat strength a total of About 1,500,000 fighting men in five countries. The strategic purpose behind this objective is to prepare the countries of Western Europe to defend themselves against any attack by Russia until American forces could be thrown Into the struggle. The five key countries fn the Western Europe rearmament plan are Britain, Fiance, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. To get her they form the Western European union and have already planned the co-ordination of their own military power independently of any U.S. assistance. In addition to these five, the arms program U supposed also to strengthen the combat effectiveness of the relatively "small forces Norway. Denmark and Italy. Figures available hero showed the nature of the problem that mill- I tary leaden of the United States i and Western Europe have 'encoun- ' tered In trying to 'letermlrte what j the objective of a rearmament effort should be. Reds Havr 4.000 (KM fn Army Against the 1,500.000 available troops of the Western union powers the Soviet Union is reported now to have a total military strength of more than 4.000.000 men, incl"ding 2.500.000 In the ground forces. . The Red Army ground forces tn Germany are reported to total about 350.000 men organized in 20 j^P^2S divisions. Another 10 to 15 fusions are said to be distributed elsewhere in occupied or satellite nation!* of Eastern Europe. Some reports have reached Washington in recent months that the Russians have been increasing the strength of their divisions In Eastern Germany: present estimates arc based on estimates of Increases On the American side of the picture, the United SIate.5 now has under arms a total of 1.6 00.000 men divided among the Army. Air Force, Navy and Marines. Administration officials were requested to explain how the proposed arms program would work out In types of weapons to be supplied other countries and Eo tell how much of what each country would pet. They declined to disclose any except general Information, giving sernrStv us their reason. No New Type Weapons Offered They .said that heavy, strategic attack weapons such as battleships and very heavy bombers would not be turned over to the other countries. -Th« aid plan would run to defensive arms, they said, on the theory that if attacked the Europeans initl..,.}- would have to fight a. holding operation. Weapon <• w' ich would be fur- nfshed to the European nations. It, was said, would include tanks and anti-tank guns, armorert ve- Jjjtcles. aircraft, harbor defenses, radar, trucks, ammunition and the like. Thf President is forbidden by law to give the Europeans any atomic bombs. Asked whether othrr wrret weapons ml?ht be provided. officials jaid that there were no iuch secret weapons. One authority explained that even Improved types of World War TI arms are not now in mass production, He said [hat all (he wea- 'pons available in this country ar« In seneral those which had become publicly known about by the end of the last war. Bell Laboratory Official Tells Of ATT Work PAGE NINE Dallas, Tex., Man Lays Claim to Gold Horde Reported Buried in Arkansas THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS—YOU PAY THE BILUS-Uncle Sam is spending a lot of money these days—in fact, more than he's taking in. And you're the guy who's paying for it, through taxes. This map gives a breakdown of how much you and other tax-payers kicked into the federsl kitty during 1943. The fiiand total collected for the year, $42,302,864,000, is equivalent to the total wages o/ all persons working in factories and mines throughout the country. Model Airplane Enthusiasts Complain Of Too Much Air in Big Auditorium KANSAS CITY, July 27. (/Py— They opened a national airplane meet here yesterday in of all places —the Municipal Auditorium—and still the fliers complained there was too much air. All the doors were closed. The ventilating system was shut down on this hot day. Still too drafty reported one of the contestants, Joseph Elgin of Cleveland. They were the "rubber-band" crowd of ihe model airplane builders. About 200 of them started off the eighteenth annual Model Airplane meet. Their plane.s are too fragile for outdoor flying. Tlie rubber-band propelled craft weigh an average of only 35-1,0001115 of an ounce. The planes—they require about 45 hours to build—floated around the auditorium at about head level at a speed a little faster than a man can walk. Elgin waved a hand alongside his wavering model to show how a little air motion affected the flight. 1948 Champ Entered Competition centered In two events, the hand-launched stick models and the cabin models. | Last year's cabin class ; plon, Walter Erbach of Lincoln,, Neb., saw little chance of his repeating. He explained he had three crackups In test flights last week. with an endurance flight, of 16 minutes and 15 seconds. His entry has n 26-inch m'ngspread and weighs 53-l,OOOth.s of an ounce. Construction of the indoor models is inexpensive. They cost only 15 to 25 cents each. It's the ]mins- Three Weeks in Culvert Pipe Costs Elmer the Bull a Mere 300 Pounds SI'OOl'E. Va., Jnlv 27. <AP>--Elmer the bull last 600 pounds :o 21 days—no bull. Elmer go, napped in a railioart culvert pipe, where he'd gonn to escape 'he heat. Flocks washed up JKKKKRSON CITY. Mo., July 27. f.-iv- Ice si in (ii n-pulr work last wmtpL \va.s cited yesterday as proof that American Telephone nut! Tcle- RI iiph Company $ervtr<v; are valuable (o the Southwestern Boll Telephone Company. GeurKr D. Kdwarri.s of thp Bi»ll Telephone* Liihnratoi IPS, NP\V YoiV, made the claim before the Mls- yonrl IVbltr Krrvico Commission .The p.SC Ls lu'.Trtnp noil's request I for a Sfi.OOO.UOO a year sec-ond round I'fttf increase. Howards salrt a Immtrrd vrpnlr ciew^ from nfhrr IV1I Systems were brought- ITI to tlie storm mv^ed .SnvK h\\ e.sfern Rcll area. They ijiouirht (heir own niufpnietU and supplies — staurinrd!?.ed with M.«,crt bv Southwrstmi Hell — and wtMii richt to work . They repaired Ihr brokrn lines iusf as I hey would have in their home firms, Edwards said. Because they ii.-pri sf;*ndiirrt:/.rrl equipment, they wnc nhle to pet phones back in npeTfUlon much quicker than It (lipy had been forced to order KpfrlaJ rmU-rhils. Hnstrfrx developing sin mint di/ed rniupinrnl tor nl! thr Boll Systems, Fthvrml? paid Ihe lahorniorlcs work <'nns(;uiflv to Improve equipment to RIVP hetirr 5.01 vice. That means, he said. Hint thr lahm rxtorv .cervU'p Is vahinbtr to Hie telephone user. 1 ? and , thf-y should help pay for U. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 27. P>— A Da (lax, Tex., man yesterday claimed that $200.000 in ROM coin* reported buried in Ai'knn.s:is belong to him. The man, W. U. Wilcox. Jele- phoncd Attorney General Ike Murry's office and reojueMcd the .slate sea to it that no one else removes tlie alleged treasure, He said the money was bin led by iii.s fnlhfr, that he knows where it IK hidden and that he will fly here this week to recover it. Wilcox said he is related to MJS.S : Helen Wik-nx, i'lnladeljihm at lor- 1 ney, who first mentioned the gold i cache to .state officials. In reply to a irqutva for i n formal Um on Arkansas law pertaining remove it, Atloir.ey Gonna] Murry niso said th'it K Charlotte, N.C., coin collfe- tor. Krcd E. Tiptoii. IJHti v.'riuen him that, ho would pay twice the. face vnlue lor fcuUl coins in «<KK| condition, "I .slit! don't know uhai it's all almut." Murry sn:d. "If I knew where (hi. 1 ! treasure u.i.s bin led. I'd be out. their diguing lor it my.sdi." in the next election with program* for belter roads and belter schools," Hopkin.s said. He an not Hired that the Partners * Union's annual convention wilt b« in Little llock AUK. 9-10 and that tiovornur McMaih ha.s ueen invited to speak. Tlie reri wolf lias recently befn ex I e Limn a ted in Ihe American -Sfjulheasl. Stare Farmers Union To Take Part in Politics LI'lTLK HOCK. July 27 </P>— Tin- Arkansas fanners Union plans lo liiVte p:ut in politics "im rc;ison^ of self" kjculnnmu in 1950 Fresh Slock Guaranteed Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores , )V lo romovnl of buried ueasme. tlie j TMs lvns „„„„,„„.„, A |,, I)(i . !V at orncy general wrote Miss Wil.-ox ] ,|. A1 ,iert llopkiiu. nrrsulrnt of m asking (or more ctelalls. In Plilla- i orBiini/aMon nidi 13 niw inciiiDrr tlelphia she (lecliuril lo Rlvc any i }{,. , sa j,| lh( . lmi()11 [ 1( .|. Plo f m . p ( u iiirorinatlon other than llml slip ' IHKJ -iii> iutm'si hi stale imlltu-s knows nr tlie treasure and wanu. lo --WP w j|i i, e L ..sjio< [ally cmirerncd RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Voti t'le.ise Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 taking work that counts. They arc I behind him. blocking ihe w:i\ made of featherweight wood, tungsten wire, strands taken from a nylon thread and special microfilm. Most of the model enthusiasts— „.. there ate about 1.200 here for the National ] national meet—awaited the start of I the outdoor competition at the neafby Olathe, Kas.. naval air sta- 1 ion today. These a re what are known as the buz?, boys who run the gasoline-powered craft noisily around on a tether line. They go much faster. re- Heorf Attack Is Fatal ROME, July 27. U'i—The last minder of food shortage in Italy- bread rationing cards—will rtisap- , pear Aug. 1, Ihe government decided c . _ yesterday. Singapore Population up Chucked into the waste basket and there Elmer stood for tlncc weeks, up (o his shanks in wnicr, Railroad workers found him in the 35-mch pipe, a mere shadov, nl himself at. an undcrnout Lsiird 301) pounds. Around his famished \v:iLst they wound a rope, hauled away, and out came Klmer. Elmer's astonished owner readily identified him as [lie yen r-and half old Angus which had disappeared from his fnrrn July 1. Then he put Elmer on a build-up diet of milk, cge.i, wheat bran, cormnertl, and other such delccLable.s. Elmer's doing fine, thank you. ' But his owner won't identify hnn- j self for publication. "It's miner's, story," tic suys. Highway Builder Blames Fast Driving for Bad Condition of State Roads UTTI.E ROCK. July 27. r/I'i-A hiahway constructor saitl yesler- day motorists arc making the Arkansas road .sIMialirui worse by Ta!!! ing to observe speed regulations. ' V. Li. Smith, superintendent or » ' resurfacing job on Highway 64 bei liveen Conway and the White County line, snid that by traveling too fast motorists are knnr-ktng "riot ! holes" tn {.IIP road base, rlelayinc: and adding to the expense, of the project. fait Firemen WEBSTER, N.Y.. July 27. (AP) — Webster firemen were leading an annual carnival parade down Main St. \vhsn the alarm rang. The volunteers broke ranks, raced a mile snij put out a fire in a parked automobile. They were back in time to (all In smartly at the rear of tlie pi-o- ce.=sion. Radio Repair Ml work done by a licensed ladio-Telephnne expert — 5very job guaranteed. Why pay more for less? Piano Tuning )one with the famoire 'SI roboscope" — Exclusive o this area. Why take less han perfect timing when he hest is available? Sheet Music - Records Supplies-Repairs PIANOS New and Used Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 07 B. Mint Tel SI! Erbach trophy InsL year tion. .... wnste along with the bread cards will be cards for rice, wheat paste, flour and related products. Normal grain supplies and a good wheat harvest have eased the once-critical situa- FRANKFURT, Germany. July 27. lAP)- The Army aniiounccd yesterday Hint Sgt. Jack A. Reed of 1 Hartford, Ark., died of a hcnit attack in Germany July 21. Postmasters Nominated WASHINGTON. July 27— l,n— PiesideiH Tinman ha.s sent to the Senate postmaster nominations for Aikiiii5as: Wlllinni f.. Nabors. Donaldson; Roger p. Klie. Gnidy; Paul E. Wlll- iatnMin, J]\, Hotly Grove; Avcry A. Knylor. Laiara; HamM \r. jinks, PiKgott; Anna P. Essary, Slate College; Lois O. Wright. S'Aeel Home. Read News Want Ad3. It s our family's whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price! M °P e y vhat yo sit-down strike most every morning ! rsonally I never m«t up with anybody that h»te« lo jet up und go lo work in the morning lh»n (hit old donkey on Fre.ldie Ail pl. Thi . »how» you m« and Freddie pulling, nnd my brolher- in-Uw Turn Heaving »t Mopey'i rear end. Over to the rigSl it', part of my brother William Harry E. Wilken out he don't jet « Hidden kick. alchil Being stubborn is a grand thing —when it comes to making tasty whiskey! In making Our Family's Recipe we've never budged an inch from Grandpa Wilken's teachings Neighbor-when you taste this Family's Recipe of ours, I miss my guess if you don't say it's got a tastiness to it more than any whiskey you ever got ahold of! And you want to know why? It's by reason of Our Family sticking to Grandpa Wilken s rules of tastiness through thick and thin— never slacking up for some sixty years or so. Yes sir—we're stubborn as a mule when it comes to making every balch of Our Family's Whiskey just so. As maybe you've heard -we folks have been distilling ever since anybody can remember. And in putting up Our Family's Recipe for you, we use all the secrets of extra tastiness that Grandpa handed down to Pa, and Pa handed down to us. In that bottle of Wilken Family Whiskey you buy off your dealer, you get the exact same as us old-time distillers enjoy amongst ourselves. And as you'll find out —neighbor —we got a heart when it comes to price I 15 PROOF. 70% CHIN »EUTRil SMHI1S 1H£ WIIKEK f«XtU CO.. l»»«t«CtJU««, WO. PEOSON4-..IY B» T(n£ A.uKCN TAVtlLV IT'S THE NEW LAW! In Arkansas, and in every State now—that in case of an automobile or truck accident today, you must show'proof of financial responsibility or lot* your driver's license. Owning a United Automobile Liability policy is the simplest way to comply with the law. And as a result of the law there are NEW LOW RATES and lower rates for drivers over 25 -OPEN NIGHTS- H>r (en (lays — '(ill 8 p.m. as a special .service for llnise of ynii who can not call rlurinir regular hours, (hat you miglil he ahle lo comply. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. F. "Dee" Dietrich, Mgr. Fastest Growing Agency in Arkansas— 1st & Main—Rear City Drug—Ingram Bldg. All Types LOANS — All Kin-ni.s Insurance (Uyllicvlllo, Ark. Before you go ANYWHERE— Km- Travelers Accident Insurance — Only Z.'ic prr ilny ENDS SATURDAY! TIRE SALE/ NEW "COLD RUBBER" RIVERSIDES WEAR LONGER'THAN EVER SAVE WfTH SAFETY ON TRAIL BLAZERSI Mot as v/tde or deop o )r-«n 01 Ward's Ri/«rs?d» buf ev«f ounco firsf quntity niaferiats Yfti, Troil Blazer or« den^nrj oble -you con Irusi ih^m 1 An ol ihi^ low wle prii_e y^ sav FIRST OUALITYI WARDS RIVERSIDES Truly a firjl qualify lir»! f Jot only is the Riverside made of Tint quality moferiols, il's fir^l qualify m Trsad depth and •width and cron-i-ction or.d li^«! Corr.porfl if oof f wilh PREMIUM QUAL1TYI RIVERSIDE DELUXE (not pictured) Deluxe is be"*r frian fir it-line, or'a ra'. jqij ,5. •"•n( quality tires! '«'*>,? It's premium qualify Ihrougf-iOut! Yef you pay r»o .rrye tor prq- wuun; qijality ot Wor-U /O'J pay ,'««—nsuC/1 fe:i— a-r.rg SI/I 4.75/5.00-19 5.25 5.50-17 6.00-16 6.50-15 6.25/6.50-16 7.00-16 TRAn* BLAZIR 11 ( ) ") *IVI». SIDE* - __ _ 10. HO i •) (i- Hi. '.M DfLUXE' I 1 ..>•> 17.1.- TIRES MOUNTED FREE . . . $1.50 WEEKLY BUYS FOUR ON TERMS

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