The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press ,LE COURIER NEWS PAPFt? HP ISJmrrUrHAfiT AI7V1VQ1O > «*•» C^T™-™.,,,, ., rnnn .. n . ' * ^*^ VOL. XXVII—NO. 20:5 THB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST. AKKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blytheville Courier, lilythcvllic Dally Nc-vs. . ,,, J,,,7,,,,.,',", , " " JJlythevlUe Herald, Mississippi valley leader. HI A i lll'.V 1L1.K, ARKANSAS, \VKDN I'.'SDAY, .lAN'UAHV 21, 10:51 _. • 5IN6LE COPIES FIVBOENta ! Reserve Board Approves ! First National's Plan Cue more, nnd presumably Ihe last possible obstacle to the reins of tl:e First National bank, has been eliminated. The federal reserve board, al a meeting yesterday, gave formal ap- | uioval to the bank's plan for re. diictlon of its capital stock, lo bo Lcachville Farm Tenants!™*" on " a slockholdcls mcct <~ luiui iiiidiii!>i ln g ^biliary 'i. Members ol the board had previously given informal assurance that such wculd be forthcoming, but formal action bv tlic board was ncccss- Suing R. D. Wahl for Accident Injuries. Pioliably the most Important personal injury suit, slated fer trial at the term of civil court "ere, cot underway today with D. Wahl. wcl known planter H. of the v,-e.stcrn section of llic county defendant. B. P. Arnold and wife. Daisy Ar- ;icld. and iheir small daughter as the plaintiffs, seek damages total- Ins S35.000 of the planter. Tile Arnolds contend that Wahl was rcsuonslbki for the al'cjed negligence of a driver of one of I his (arm trucks. The recklessness and negligence of I'hs- driver. Wahl's son, caused an accident resulting iu extreme personal injuries to Hie plaintiffs. It is alleged. Uolh Are Crippled Young Arnold and his wife sat directly behind tlieir counsel, C. T. Carpenter of Marked Tree and Judge Zal IS. Harrison of this city, 33 the trio! opened shortly tefcre noon. Mrs. Arnold used a crutch us her suprnrl in moving about the courtroom v:hile Arnold wore a wooden brace, replacing his right leg, which was amputated as a re- suli, of the accident in June, 1525 near Lcachville. Judge Bradley of Kennett, Mo., chief of counsel for the defendant Now all that remains is for the stockholders to give tlicii 1 ratiflc.v : tion to tiie plan, after which the final authorization of the reopen- . Ing will be forthcoming. The plan : has been approved in all Us dc- , tails, but the final order be issued until after holders have tided. planter, conducted a cniaul ex- aininallon of the prospective jurors. Shortly before noon a jury was impaneled and opening statements of tile fltlorueys v.-er.-; com Fifteen Mile Paving Project \ Will Get Underway al Bnnkley. i BY MRRRILL E. COMPTON '' United Press Staff Corresponded | BRINKLEY. Ark., Jan. 21. (UP) i —The city street Gang, a rake aid i j broom crowd thai was hastily put • lo work here several weeks ago as ; an aid to unemployed, will probably { become an .army of workers within j a few weeks. j This will come about when steam I rollers, dump trucks, cement tubers • and what not arrive 1:ere to begin pleted. Claude F. Cooper. Blythe- j construction of a 15-mile stretch of ville lawyer/' is assisting Judge I paving that will-go through this Bradley in the case. .[town. The. contract for the road A Icng profession of witnesses; work is to t.e let in Little Roek am; filed into the anterooms when the j specifics that Arkansas workers arc case was called and .there was]toj>e used on the job. every iadicaticn th: would occupy the co remainder of the day and probably < part of the state and federal gov- scveral hours tomorrow. : ernment's road building campaign. Frisco Suits Up Thursday | Brinkley. the half way point b?- Thursday will be "railroad day", tween Memphis and Little Rock. Is with a series of damage suits | a cotton shipping town-fringed by against the Frisco railroad sched-j colton plantations with rice farms nlcd for trial. Plaintiffs in seven I „, the distance. Unemployment suits allege that the Frisco °°- caused by closing of railroad shops slructed the natural drain of stir-! , umber nlills Kd f , ^ face water during the period o!. dustr i es lm ad the 1927 high water and crops vrcre| whl j h ha ,. ^ destroyed as a result with damage ;j- - nts Grocer company;,- How Niagara Looks After Break S|K:;iker'.s Cm Asks Legislature to Adopt! Now Program of Farm lo' 1 Market Roads. Discrepancies Reveal Last Minute Change in Wick- ci'fhnm Findings. triri.K HOCK. Jan. 31 IUI'1- lii n message, to a Joint session o! the swiernl assembly (Ills titter-1 noon Uoiernv.r Pnrnell submlttc:l! 11 plan for radical revision of Ihcj county road system. | The chief executive told meui-i bcrs of tiie two houses thai » now system of financing nml of currying forward conslrucllon of fiuiu lo nmikn roads in the sltili! lie offered In a bill to bu Introduced .during the present session. Tha entire message was devoted dies included in plan. Musi 1 i ihe memory of man was caused whe the The greatest change hi the contour of Niagara rails h of Ions of stone, undermined by the constant erosion of u-.e watcrs/broke olf from Ilie'pa7ai>et'in",h'e7meri- S!> !{L .,.....„„, ,,.., u ..,. , v , .„ can tails and tumbled to the gorge below. The brcH-nge left a U-shapod Indentation approximately 150 for the foTwiu, ' feet wide and 15 lo 200 feet deep. Tlih shows iiow the . . -.. , lo n discussion ot llic evils of pros- wilh increased Uomocintlc sirenvlh enl county road system and tcmc-!| lllllei -ui n8 speaker Nicholas long- iworln's position, the question ol fu,. i tiirc owucrshlp of tho lUHomoM!" .Him wlll -. •- coimly ,, 1e '"" s^^«.H^Sr£^: man n. Parks, above, of Arkansas, proposes to solve the problem bj Lima Island. The dotted line sho new contour of (he American falls looks from I 1. Creillun nf 'n coimly road'! l . !lvlu . g tho rar Kol(1 lo swc " t;ic .ows where the old crest van. commission to be composed oi ; lolm fu " ci lm ~ Aroughi relief. relief. 1-I< three members lor each county ,* ms lr *t™duccd a resolution cm His Own Trainer jLocal Automobile Mechanic ! Perfects Ingenious Devices . James H. "Jiinmic" Roberts, 41-1 Already Jimmy has had inquiries ! -old Blytheville mechanic,; regarding' his invention. KotVrts . hat ihe .easel The ^construction is\ being rushes ourt' during therto'SHe/iiate unempIoyirt'Sir'and'is a pas' l " pas - its suit against Myrtle Sevier, ct »!.', no . se " ous , «>, The plaintiff company was suing! ll " cs . or de ™°"slrations have occur- for approximately 5200- Reid, Ev- j Tea ™''c. and that by a carefully rard and Henderson represented "^'"zed plan of aiding people th: the plaintiff while Neill Reed wasi ln > rcl1 of farmers to town mer- counsel for the defendants. cnants for supplies has been done A settlement of the smt of John ! nwa i' Ki 'h. The farmer instead of B. Trex'^r ajainst the Arkansas- 1 ra '"ng on town merchants for help, Missouri Power company, a per- ; surrenders the data pbout his fam- so:'.al injury suit, was reached by.j ^ a| id his needs to a local commit- Harrison, Smith and Taylor, at- ' ee "nd his fO"d ration order is torneys for the plaintiff, and C. M.| " !! '-d near his home. Buck, counsel for the power com- 1 --- - --- pany, this morning. The P 1:lin -: 1 0 ice at Los An?eles tiff, who was asking S3.0M in his. , „,, • 8 „ , , : complaint, accepted S300 in sst-i UlSDand Hunger March ! t!en-.,5iit it is understood. j " _ _ j Ed Milhorn. plaintiff In a $25.-: Los ANGELES Jan 21 (UP)— ! CM personal injury action against : Scve . . : • I the Chicago Mill and Lumber cor- 0[hfn j , ^ n *™™ p-ration.lcs.lih chance or . rial {ron| ( ,, e which will have charge- o! spending all 'county road revenues with certain restrictions 2. county judges will serve us chiilvniitn of these commission. 1 ! i with one member named by trj •" sheriff ot the county, and Ihc other to he appointed by the respective county clerks. 3. The commission shall deter-; bodying that plan. . as not unduly disturbed when a; say-, his Invention will lower the ' ntnD ln B'rwsrm the county road • C'.uri: r News reporter Informed rn-.l of rav repair by ellminatin" Wl*'" a »d when this has been j him that he had been granted R n -" "•• -' °- • • ° j;:.i'em for e, i:nivarsal coupling. : The patent was the third gran(- Ihe necessity of new parts when the universal coupling is worn. «•»-•» i , - . Roberts waited more than '.wo *•*« ,' \f- • local mecnanic I" the pas,t years for action on his application ^.^:'i1 ->•- ••c.irs. and r.lUiougli-he h,s for the universal coupling'''filed '••-'• tn realize any financial reward July 27, 1H2C One claim for new ' Jur.mifl still has boundless faith in ideas was allowed itlie future of his. invcnllons. The Blytheiille mechanic has The first was an internally hib- been in the garage and repair i.c.iiuti spring for cars. A patent' business long enough to give the fcr this invention was eroiilcd| wisdom of experience and prac- IWberls about five years ago when tlce to his Ideas—and they all he lived at Osceola mid operated a I sound practicable when explained garage there. Roberts says he has' as jimmie can explain them wilh- o;:n "dickering" with one of the'out the technical phrases of Ihe ! biggest' motor corporations In the country on this invention. Robjrts' second pntent was frantcd rnly a lew months ago and gave him a claim for new ideas in the way of a lire lock- Tiie tire lock would put an end to the prac- patent bureau. Robcits started learning about automobiles thirty years ago and lie's still learning. He operated .T sarnsc in Osceola for 17 years before moving here four years ago. Before going to Osceola he was at I Cairo and other clllcs. His first done the highway department gineers shall survey out the exact, ro;ita of the county ronds. 4. In awarding contracts the WASHINGTON, Jail. 21. (UP) — report that President Hoover had lerstiadcd the. Wicket-sham, coin-.. illusion lo abandon a tentative i'cc- itnmondatlon for revision of the. iRlileenlh Amendment was con- flimcd today in authoritative rmari-, ers. - ... -;'.; Tiie rciwrt followed speculation.' . concerning discrepancies between : Ae scpnralc reports of the com- nlssloners and the commission's generni nuri!i-i < jii. Hod Kccommcndcd Ilcvlslon The commission In Its general rc- ]WH stated I f the eighteenth nnnndmcnt Is revised It should be changed lo give congress povyer to 'iCBiilalc" the llqu-ir traffic instead of inukliii; prohibition mandatory flc now. However. In Ms separate report Judge William R. Gmbcsald lie concurred In all the conclusions "except that recommending tlio amendment be revised Immediately without awaiting further trial." Judge Paul J. McCormlck sold In his report he was in accord with the recommendations "except that In which revision of thr crjltlc^nth amendment Is suggested immediately." Eliminated From Report No such suggestion was con- •' (allied In the flinl general report , either for action Immediately or 'at •"• an other time. Tho commission Find It.Difficult to Mee Bond Requirements and j ™RTir l ",fAV i' ^'' Keep Money ^it Home. President Hoover dcsc-.lbed 'thU pclnt In t!:c commission's report as " commls-ilon and chief ciiElncc The problem of properly bonding 6. Funds will lie raised by levying locations were Hint, the comp a Ic extra gasoline tax, eifecfive lii. tlo " s of lllc .situation would j ma to county offlclnls today tut In- compllcn- u n, i:All 11 guoujiui; V»A, UlitUilVU 111 i 1933, and using $1,000,00-5 of mo 1 Beared up in the near future, existing tax for construction and I Shnver Has Made Boiul borrowing SS.COO.OCO annually in! sherifl W. W. Shaver has made 1933 to iP37 by Issuing a s«rl?s of: s n rc ty Uomls In the sum of S150000 iice of petty thieves in sirippini __ „ j i'ii''or.iobi'.Ti u'. tires while the ma-f association with ears was as a n chines were not under surveilancs. [ year old youngster in Chicago In place of an ordinary lug. one of i That wss back In the days of tl'e | several that hold the tire and rim ( first Cadillacs and Ihe real old ••••xi I ° n the u ' nce1 ' Roberts simply puts nuns Jimmie still remembers ~" his lock on the bolt and tightens! his first ride down Michigan Boulc"" '' n 1U 5 wrench. But; V3r d In one of those early Cadil- >» "lug" won't come : | ac s. Asked what he would do if . without being released by a j i, e sllould rKC i vc n smnll fort , mc it up with , when its on the The unhrr.-al coupling, for which , ! the patent was recently granted, .j for ona of his Inventions, Jimmie fromptly replied that he would use the money to market his other t (• Ilio locsl mechanic's latest Idea, patented inventions Lane to Leave Friday lor Baptist {nslihite of his case at this lerm of court when he failed to 'appear when the J^ he had a little spring train- ibandini! bv 200 nollr-" : I"!, ° f Ws oxv " lo do - Anyhow, j of a "hunger march''in which 1.MO ; Sred te'n ^ Moilntain Land!s '' J B ' ^^ f ° T Tm y " rs dl ' Hughes Off Bench for Clark Decision Appeal V/ASHFIINGTON. Jan. 21 (UP)— Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes today withdrew from the Supreme Court bench pending argument of state road'bonds for county road' ror „,„ ofnccs of shcr|1I nmUii;iv _. cor.Ftructlon, mak ng annual coun- to| . TJlc )X j ntllnB company is tlw tl, rnnrl f/lnct rn/»l n.\ Tllt^rfr frr-.Ttl - o .. ~...i..»..j tj ...^ ty construction funds this source alone S ,,000.000 for flv e J*-"'^, governor pointed out that It mall bonds, of the Georgia Casualty company. Farmers Bank mid of this city haA made depository tha: will mak; the office prove successful." However, Chairman Wlcksrsharn hliiifielf. In his separate report referred lo a revision proposal 95 "the one recommended In cur Ks'-vrt." Commissioner V/Illltim S. lOn-on referred to "modification of the eighteenth amendment as suggested by Ihe comnilESlgn." tax would never be necessary as se ° n - In n1 ^ CV( »«. Sheriff the present gasoline tax and auto J" 11 be Properly protected in hand- license lax would be more than lln B t,hc funds of his office, it ,1s sufficient lo take care of this 1 . Free Text Rooks stated. I W. W. Hoiiipetcr, who assumed T h r ny j Girl to Face Charges for Courtroom Killing DEWITT, Ark., Jan. 21. (OP) — Charges proably will be brought asalnjl Mrs. Helen Sponce Eaton. 17, here today by an Arkansas county grand jury, who Is said to Two measures of utmoH impor-'thc dulies of the office of county have shot and Uilbd Jack a courtroom here Monday as Worls 1'cinir tried for the siayinj of tancc to the slalo at krge, a bill treasurer January isl. has not yet .Mrs. Eaton's father. providing for free text books in Ar- made bond. Mr. UolliixHer stale/: kansns public schools and the ad- that he is In a position to make D ministration's proposed rcorganlza- surely bond of S200.000 nt any tim- tlon of the state government, were but that the bonding companler before committees today for con-, will not allow the funds lo be dc- sid era tion. I posited in the state. The bills were Introduced yes- County Judge Zal B. Harrison tcrday afternoon during ca; of the has refused to approve o.f a f.urelv busiest session:! of tho general as- bond which will require the removal fombly thus far. The Parnell bill of funds frcm the state, polnti'i? Th; woman appeared calm today as she continued to sjy she was not sorry she shot Worls. Guard Negro Murder Suspect at Paducah HOPK1NSVILLE, Ky., Jan. 21. (UP)—Thirty deputies Against Mix Dismissed though he has already obtained a master's degree. Mrs. Lane, who recently resigned as a m::nbsr pf t; Sudbury elementary school faculty. Five cases of smallpox reported Mis-issippl county MEMPHIS. Tcnn.—Funeral ser- j vices wers to be held today for! NATCHEZ, Miss., Jan. 21. (UP) Introduced out that t 1C statutes rcnuirc tba: i officers, armed h sub mahine so-called national prohibition cases , ,,, , on «C?l cps ' 1 found Its way to tho committee on from Rhode Island, argued In 1920 when the courts upheld the amend- Seattle's Nice Jail ty. Although the time limit for the filing of officials' bonds expired yes- i Nice Jail : tcrday It is reliably re;iorted tint | Clark. 18, during a ho!di:p in rhi-h' Wn-i-loc Rnnrlcmon Govcrnor Parucll Ins endorsed tie: Clark's fatrcr-ln-lav.-. C-^orge Roc\ VrOiriSS DOnasmen policy O f county officials In a;ir--.vm- :l:ct anrt kiil:d !'A-o >the nnnrnval nf hnnHc tn rjims'n . . " 3 Etowah and Stl.Iman. In i 0 5 i «d ta these communities t brgo number of the residents have already been i vaccinated 5 to Ilbel * d *"" damag - 1 1 Announces Subject of two'ed lo the extent of $50,000 when ' Mix allegedly broke a contract to -,- ' 'he appear with his show and instead >. running along a third floor: appear with Sels-Floto circus hall with a stiCK in Jils mouth,! Attorneys for Miller appealed th- slumWcd and fell against a ban- • case, saying they would fate it to nister which gave away. The stick the supreme court Ihe roof of his mouth, mediately. assuming charge o work in the First Baptist church, n j T | : the approval of bonds to remain tttds lerm i SEATTLE, WASH. <UP>—Kinj in a tentative state until the prob- i £,V P County's new jail on top of the: lems confronting comity officials i' (UP) — When' count y building, is so nice thai can oc worked out. i 'ed recently bcotl.gscrs and other prisoners: • -- > .as custodian of the Stark County • fharg.-.d with minor crimes don't: Q,,,,!., F r .,j:,, a (. n jjatl, which office he had held the:show any particular deslie ; 0 j ui ' UKCa _ " le last four years, a public testimonial: leave, and as a result professional, sent out by prisoners In the' Da " bondsmtn are beginning tb| 117- r "i r> ' ^"" to " lc eflEct t:lal no better i ca st t-kaal for new lines of cm-' Win favorable Reports man than Gloson had ever filled iploymtnt. : 1 the office of sheriff and that they | When prisoners were kept in' sincerely regretted his retirement. I' n e old Jail, more ccmmonly William Preece, a turnkey on the j "the rat hole," they clamored was brought here by Pa- aulliorltles last night just a mob stormed th? Padueah. jail bent on lynchin? the negro. Magee Is accused of killing Chas. Af Goodv,-m Resiclenco "' " Ot te Wic Building Bills - WASHINGTON, Jan. 21, ,„, Jackson im- Two bills, one authorizing an a Ti'e Rev. E. K. Litimer. pastor. ! A fiur fire caused tiight damage at the residence of M. C. Good. win, police chief, early this r.iorn- I in?. Firemen responded to the GREAT FALLS, MONT. (UP) j ahim but the fire \vas extinguished basking In the sun has led Chief Goodwin's r;$idcnco Is lo- i dB n, O f no- we t^rn Hontan. r '""'ans of northwesfrn ..fontana tlonal SIOO.OOO.OM for public oulli- ' Ings construction thrcu^.iout th; ! country, and the othry authorizes I t^T fVlrt AAA P-_ . . ™» ' morning shift, was also lauded In'"lease, and business rus'.iins. The cold co'd"vlnt«r for which +K^ in^Hn.^.^iAi ...i,i^\. _ii ft\r hnii Krt«^r™ n » _ " q cum, co.o wmier lor \\mcn catcd at 117 south Tenth il.xet. teen R::«!is fcr Christian Baptism" for :'..e usual mid-week rcrvlce wiilch has replaced the prayer m«ting «irtcc in this con- ^te simon. to be preached . to El Dorado MSWOOOior'posromcVwcre'vo:-! ; FlighUo_Little Rock: by Death of Mother nt4 f " NEW YORK. Jan. 21 (UP)-' Mr. and MrsTc E ' , ^Vill Rogers, Capt. Frank Hawkes \ were called to El Dorado ! [1T1Q C. S. "CftSPV* 1 Jon?. 1 !. Sfnrtnfl ' fovl•^ft/^>^ Kit J^^f. ^t testimonial, which was cll- maxed as follows: incarcerated In Jail for boll bondsmen. Bondsmen don't like to take a i this country Is noted, usually sets WEATHER ™mt.iivii 00111 IIKC 10 lane a , , {n tnJanuary. reaches Us fury I . - . il un- chance on the more dangerous ,„ February and ccmi''^ ARKANSAS-Fair and somewhat n favorable report today t.- th; ' dcr , mciv 0[ s " c!l " !;bei ' J las gene cr Imhials, considering them "poor flnto , t » „ , warmer tonight. Thursday partly ' '' ternocn by ths dcatli of Mrs. At- Stuttgart Bank Opens a lonj way toward , morale and Ideals of those of • who arc criminally inclined." Urjcs Small Farm ,OrdvuAs , r|sks ,. - i into '^ Apr"- STUROEo^f BAY. wis.. (upi-tBurglars Blamed {or A stove which Antnine Thompson Con nnn RJ- • .' _' brought here from Green nay on aj ! ^ < -W'M Mississippi Tnursday partly I cloudy and warmer. According to the official weath- rj; v jer ebserver, Cliarlis Phillips, thD 1 llR ; minimum tcmpcratu.o hero yes^er-

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