The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1930
Page 2
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irS:-'"^-'?"'',-;-'"'' r "'""-.' • • •.- PLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUBIEU NEWS <rf QflPIFTV PI I IRQ gUult I Y-uLUIjo Activities and News of Women . .**«* club, r .-•>,•' •-.-:• Hitmnttj Tie Dnhtani tit meeting at the Hoii NflWe. : ' ( Ttie B. Y. P. .U. council of tho •Firp, Bnptbt cuuxcb,-b meeting at "' . 1'bip Sudtury l>«r as- socfiilou will p»ve its first meeting ol pie year it the school. • . . A, B. FatrfleW is entertalu- . 'lie Thursday Luncheon club is meet in? with Mrs. R, J 1 . Klrsliner. «rs. <J. E. Attosoh' will have tiw Uauoas club. • The America a' Legion' auxiliary is jbeet$( with Mrs. Harry W . Hamcs,. Mrs. C. H. Babcoclc aiid lilri. W?lch 'Focter it the home of Mrs, Hairaes at 3 o'clock. . 'f]lt marriage of Mlts Idota Wheeler "and'-Mr. H. B. Morris, of here, took place Saturday wlji) tho .the K?v. A. J. Hill per- torming' v t':ie cerewony. : . - » » * Cr«lg-F,unur. Aline Farmar and Mr. Richard Craig, both of Ilaytl, were in nils city Saturday by the Rev. A. J. Hill. MlUer-*4urian. A marriage license was issued Saturday to Miss Willie Lee Morgan and Mr. Jesse Miller, both of Dell. at P. T. A. An Interesting wedding was sol- emoized' Saturday evening, 7:30 o'clock;, at the First McUiodlst chtich when Miss Bonnie Virginia Pajrotte'- became the bride 01 Mr. Dan Thomptoo Schrum, 01 Fort Smith. •','._ . l}ic bride, who "Is the attractive daughter c4 Mi. and Mrs. Fiaak- lln^Mlchle, of Stce,le, ha,s made her horie in this city with hnr^irand- fiffntt, Mr. and Mrs. John A. biulth, since finishing her schooling- at Memphis. .'"•' ' At. Schrtinv 'who'ij connected wijfi the 'Southwestern Bell Telephone company with headquarters aVosceola, l5~ihe'5on' of Mr;.'j. Q. BcprumVpf Fort Smith. -• ~- • . |%r« bride wore au.'ensembie of 'navy georgette with accessories of the tame shade and hej: arm bouquet was of bride's ito$es and valley, lilies. H<;r. .travel* tnj; costume was in' green 1 tri'vel- «r£ tweed v ' ... . • • - .' '. The dfliy • attendants were ' Iifr. and " Mrs. ft. E. Jones who' •Served as matron pi honor and best' mar)'. Sirs. Joaes' frock was also riiyy blue crepe Elizabeth made 'with 'a • flare silr't." " . '. ". : ' The Rev. P. 9. Rorie performed the ring service and • immediately afterwards tbe 'young couple left lor a motor trip to southern points. After October ..tenth' they wiU be at home lii Osceola. • . '""" ond sons, Jack and Don, visited relatives In Memphis Sunday. Misses Jessie Srlte nnd Nell Harris are visiting in St. Louis for several days. W. B. Tanner has returned from a business trip to Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Hob Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Medlln, Miss Ella Morris, Miss Marie Hainish, accompanied by Mr, and Mrs. Fred Alexander oi Lcaclivllle, went to Memphis Sunday to bid Morris Uoivlnc larcwell before he sails from New Orleans tomorrow on the steamship Nlnnah for Leltzlg, Cicr- muny, where lie will attend the Lcllzlg Conservatory .for a year. | Mrs. Barnes, Miss Morris and Mrs. .^Alexander nrc his aunls and Mrs. . ] Medlln Is a cousin. iy- < '•• ' i Jcc Appletauin ami Bonnie Bcr- JVClSCjf field were Jonesboro visitors Sunday as guests o'[ Misses Louise Golctteln and Marguerite Anil. ' Miss nonlin Bruce, nurse at Hie Blytheville hospital, is convalcsc- Ing from n tonsllectoiuy performed, Friday. Glcim Klnncll, ot Chattanooga, has accepted a position as designer ami assistant grower at Henton's Home of Flowers. Mrs. Howard Proctor Is ill at SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN A timw'l'iiir. » . Attenuaiice KEISER, Ark.—The Kelscr Par- enu'rcachcr association held Us meeting of the school year Wednesday. September 23, iu the school auditorium. There was u good attendance and several new members were enrolled. Alter greetings from the new president, Mrs. h. H. Robinson, the' her home on Broadway. meeting went Into a business session, 'me points necessary for recognition os a standard f. T. A. were discussed, as were plans lor a, ! Mrs study course. •Delegates to the state P. T. A. and the county council were elected and appointed^ , , ' Following are. the officers' and committee cnairmen: president, Mrs; R. H. Robinson; vice-presl- Mrs. Welch Foster, Miss Martha Reynolds and Bernard Jaggers spent Sunday in Memphis with sister, Mrs. Byron i Marthplomew, and family. '•Misses Opal and Marjorle Powell have been in Memphis for several days visiting their sister, Nora Amos. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Landrum accompanied by their son and MONDAY, SEPTEMBER. 2d, 1930 he chops are tender. If will take about an hour. After carrots hav« been cooked mtll almost done, they are put In he orange sauce to cook over hot water until tender. Dally Menu BREAKFAST—Bak«! apples with irunes, crisp broiled bacon, creamed potatoea, graham muffins, milk coffee. LUNCHEON—Cream of corn ioup, croutons, celery and nut sandwiches, peach bread pudding with hard sauce, grape juice. DINNER^Breaded veal cutlets, tomato sauce, rlcc<l potatoes, ten minute cabbage, baked pears, ginger cookies, milk, coffee. dent, W. E. Pigg; secretary, Mrs. j Daughter, Milieu and Winifred, are J. W. Watts; treasurer, Mrs. J. K. moving to Jonesboro this weekj. Chllds; program committee, Miss Tommye Sherrick; finance, Mrs. H. P. punavant; hospitality, Mrs.'W. M.' Taylor; membership, Mrs. Ed Cook; publicity, Miss Minnie. Belle Mi's Nollle Kerr was a Memphis visitor Saturday. Tte Rev. and Mrs. J. Allen Webb, of Osceola, Mo., arrived Sunday for a two weeks stay with Mrs. Webb's Shaw; publications, Miss Allene j parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Al- Bbwlcs; child weliare, Mrs. Fred 'ord. .Crockett;, historian, W. L. Cassa- 1 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Herrlck have day;'music, 'Miss Lucille Moore; | moved from West Main street to sciapbook, 1 Miss Kntherlnc Cox. [the Edwhi Robinson apartment on At the close of the meeting the j Chlcknsawba hospitality committee served de- By,SISTER MARY rt£A Service Writer 'I lie American menu of today shows a decided tendency to avoid Hie heavy meals of our grandparents. Their too hearty meats and too rich desserts nude the herb teas and "bitters" of spring ncc sary to repair the overtaxed bodies oi their lamliles. Our menus arc made with at lenlioti to a balanced diet. Calories, mineral content and vitamins, are carefully considered. Age and occupation of members of a family ulso play an important, part in me planning ol meals. Modern snipping facilities make our choice 01 roods Independent of season. Our closer contacts with other countries have taught us many new dishes to give increased variety to ulenus. The excellent commercially prq- parcd products have-lightened the preparation ol meals for the nouscwlfe. U aimed fruits and vegetables are an economical measure toward maintaining a balanced uitt. The broadening knowledge of home-makers regarding lhe v value of various foods lias a sigul r recant Influence on Vhc cclectlon 01 the daily bill of fare. . ''•'- Tne following dinner menus are unusual, seasonable and perfeqtly aalanccd. Planned for adults, a few minor changes In serving will them suitable for children. HAVE you 1 HEARD?-.. Children who take lunches to school fliul their sandwiches moix- appetizing if mother takes the (rouble to cut them in fancy shapes ever and anon. licious refreshments terla. In the cafe- Art Clas, Officers of. 'IIbe !-B art class of junior hlgh : seJbujpi'H»ye been elect-' ed with these.results: Isabel Brandon, president; .'Anna Margaret , .Pent, vice president; Frauces Hol- ttqd, secretary; Gene Arfnanlrout, treasurer;' Luclle' Bburland, reporter;' Miss .Velda, Adcock, sponsor. ', There are » members with Jane HolUpister, Lucile. Bourland and Bill McKenxie members of the program committee. .Officers Naacd. Miss Cwii Lee Coleman's Sunday school class oi.the First Methodist church has elected: "these officers for the new" church year: Luclip Bourland, president; .•Chiquita Dou-: glas, vice president;'Louis-Lut'tre!!; secretary; Gene Seyler, : treasurer; Miss Cora tee CeJemiri,' teacher. * .'• '••'T» Have Zone XeeUnj;.. Women missionary socleti' i am the Methodist churches at • 'li- ville, Manila, Osceola, Luxo.... ,': II, Promise Land, Yarbro, Fir;! :.!id Lake street' arc existed to ai the quarterly zone . meeting LeachvUIe Friday ,for aii-all cession. - . .'".." ' -' •" As chairman, Mrs. O. C. Ganske will be la .'charge with Mrs. E. R;. Bogan'of Liixqra os- tlsting in carrying "out the" program on mlssiowry. problems.'Mrs. E. K Ecwell of Marlon, district secretary will be a visitor. '_.;.'..; A number of women from city are planning to allend. * « - » MfCaiB-Gikc. ' A marriage license • was. issuec Saturday to Miss Cordla Belle Glle and Mr..Lois McCain, both of Ma nila. Bits of News Mostly Personal avenu?. H. Hlghflll was a visitor in Memphis for the weekend. 1 Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Deactte have BS their guest for several days Mrs Deaette's sister, Mrs. Harry Green, of Tujunga, Cal. J. F. Lentl Is attending to busl- 'ness in Memphis today. i Mr. and Mrs. Tom Neal Slmp- j son and children were guests of • Mrs. Neal Simpson's parents at ,,„ „„,. .. T , .,„, . ,. . i rjnlon City, Tenn., for the weekend, r^ H S n ,1 "" vMtcd I Mrs. Henry Humphreys and Mrs. ^s pS* !!»' L) Mil' 3 ^ n H. Brooks spent Sunday rKn.?fc^ed.t,S ^ Ce "^^A^ ' Os r ce^n Uam La ' 1E ' SPcAt SUhda5 ' $£ -mlther! Mr? H^A.'ZnS. ce "• -'- 1 - had been at Rlplcy for ten Maurice Rosenthal and Loulo j j,;.. saacs visited Iriends in Caruthers- .. ille Sunday. , v Miss Era Wright and brother, n, of Osceola, were guests of Mr. no Mrs. j'.'o. Buchanan at Parm for the weekrend. Mrs. J. W. Morse \leiu to Cape iirardeau today for an extended Islt. She has been with her daugh- er, Mrs. .Otto Kochtl'tzky, and fam- ly for several months. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Chnmblin r., and son, Bill III, spent the veek-end in Memphis. Miss Jane Kochtltzky, who was 11 with fever ror ten uays, is able o be at school again. Mr. and Mrs: L. D. Chamblin and Mrs. Floyd White havo as'their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert White of Champaign, 111., who are enrontc to LUUc Hock. The two Mr. Whites arc brothers. Sandwich cutters come In al tinds of shapes; card shapes, sucl is diamonds, clubs, hearts and ipades, iu animal shapes and in other fancy shapes. You need not ake the trouble every day to do such extra work. But a single Icily and cheese sandwich cut like i diamond might do much for a child whose appetite lags. Menu .No. 1 Chicken ragout, stuffed baked (onmtoes, Parker House rolls, jeU lyied cabbage salad, pumpkin pie, milk, coffee. A disjointed chicken Is rolled In flour and browned In hot fat. It Is then cooked hi an unusual tomato sauce In a casserole for oven. Serve on a hot platter in-a bonier of courricd rice molded in two or three 1 hours In a moderate limbalo molds. •- ffhls chicken ragout owes its unusual flavor to the orange juice and raisins that arc added to the tomato sauce. The tomatoes are stuffed with a mixture of celery and almonds. Menu No. Z Bak^d lamb chops, twoce baked potatoes, »ew carrots in orang.^. sauce, crisp cookies, milw, coflce:/'; " Thick lamb chops are used for the incai. dish. They tire broiled or one side and then arranged cookcc side up in a baking dish or cnsser- ole. A well seasoned stuffing is placed on each chop and the whole is baked In a moderate oven unti "ounty Teachers to Meet Saturday The general fqll moling of Mts- Isslppi cqwty teachers win be held n Osceola Satimjay,' beginning at 10 o'clock for the morning p:6:ram. The principal speakers are to be E<1 McCuistlon, formerly auperiii- eiident oj.the Wilson.sphoola and now 'state, high school supervisor: ?njiold MacQiieen, of Joiiesbubro; Charles S, Lemons, vice present i .'.l)ic First Na'Ippal tank; Miss Willie A. Ldwson, .county superintendent, and Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county supervisor. in the two pi'ojfrims' these ad- 1 dresjes will bo featured .with generr nl discussions: "What the Business World Exacts of. the Teaching Profession." Charles S. Lemons'; ".What the Profession Expects of Us Members," MUs Willie A, Law-, son; "What Is Your Philosophy of Education?" Ed ilcCulstipn; "Professional ethlc.Sj" .Donald 'Miics Queen; "Program 'Msklijg," Miss" Winnie Virgil Turner. ^ ployces took the bulk of .the ot> : ligatious, a total of over 320,000,000 rubles. ; '•"..• . .' : " The wh'ok! amount of thli loan Is 700,000,000 rubles, which roes'ns ttwt » little ever 50 per cent already has been absorbed. The press complains that the plans are'no: tSilng carried out bijt It Is likely that the loan will be fully subscribed eventually, Soviet Pheasarjtry Refuses to Subscribe State, Loans MOSCOW, (UPMThc ereal mass of the Soviet peasantry arc still refusing to subscribe to State loans, the first exhaustive figures on tiro flotation now under way indicate. Of the first 358,000,000 rubles sub-, scribed In the entire Union, only about 20,000,00 rubles were tak.?n by the agricultural population. Organized city workers and office cut- HE WON THE PRIZE KENDALLVILLE. Ind. (UP) — Frank Holsliiger, 80, Wolcotlville, who had not fired a gun for 20 years and who was so deaf he ccukl no'.'liear the powder explode, won first honors In a' meet held by the Kcndnllvllle Gun club. Hospital Notes Mrs. L. V.'-Giles, Manila, and Mrs. Marie Karris, Senath, Mo., were admitted to the Blytheville hospital. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank cur ; many (rlends for kindness and sympathy shown in the loss of our parents. Frank ami Lucile Santv, ' . nncl Relatives. POOPING^COUGH '•• Ho "cnie"— but helps to re' - dues paroatyttas. of coughing. VAPQRUB MIMlON JARS USED YEARLY YOU SAVE IN BUYING 70 horsepower 114-inch wheelbase and STUDEBAKER I TliBnew^iudebaktrSixo&riatltHe comfo rtandbrautyofabigcw •f 114-uitli wbeelbix • . .plui the thrilling ptrfarmaact of » great 70- borwpon*r«ngiiwuf true Studcbakrr champion tumiiu— tfc» matt powci ful «ngip« in any car of its price. BAKING POWDER You save in using KC. Use LESS thanof; hjsh priced brsndi.' IT'S DOUBLE ACTIMO MILLIONS OF POUNDS USCD 0V OUR GOVERNMENT Man Jumps.From Bed, Feels Gas On Heart! "Stomach gas pressed so hard on! my heart I had to get up nighUs. 1! began using Adlcrika and have been entirely relieved."—JR. F, Krucgci. Adlerikii relieves GAS and sour stomach In TEN minutes! Acts on! BOTH upper and lower bowel, removing old poisons you never knew' were there. Dcn't lake medicine. which cleans only 1'AUT of bowels.! but let Adlcrika give stomach and! bowels a. REAL cleaning and see! how good you feel! city Drug' Store. —Adv. 7.' Eat while you are unending ; the Fair CTrnc Sltro aiicl other Sea Food. Short Orders ; ^ and Regular Diimers. OBRIEN'S : . ."A'pUc*- away from home" During the Fair and For : October Only! Bargain Prices on Prime Cotton Seed Meal B»Iow £1000, there ii no comparable car-pcr-dollar value. Cixck iu qualiry. ( Consider *uch featiirea aj Thctmostattc control gf, Doubifjrop frlmt, Seif-adju»ting5pring thackln , Full powc r muffler, Cax>Un< ptunp, Liochj*ec vibration dsmper, Cam-iixi kver steering, Qtttrhjtonicmal damper, and Tjmlien tapered roller bearings. But set the car, Jrirt it, verify its many fine-car iVatutc.} before you cUcidc. Let ul »how you motordom's biggeit bargain in quality! A 4-pOOR THREE- WINDOW SEDAN AS LOW AS $895 Roociilef for 4 . v . •. »795. ' Tou.-«r ...... M9J Club Sedan . .... 8.45 Re sq l Tourer f6w,Vt wlnol.) 993 Coupe for 2 . §45 895 Segol Seda/i'W wire worcjjj 991. Lar,dauSedan(4»if«»h«.li)'/95 * factory Studebaker Auto Sales Eric Fletcher • ..'".'. Osceola, Ark. The Premium Coffee of llic Mid-South Blytheville Cotton Oil Co. A HOME PRODUCT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY UNEOUALED IN FLAVOR AND TASTE. Roaslctl ;md I'ackerl by THI; nt Coffee Co. Hlylhcville, Ark. Edison Mazda Lamps i" Toy Railroad Stations • •:-"•' Stores and Homes WOU can now buy Edison MAZDA lamps in attractive toy cartons (or any room, any fixture, or any portable lamp. This ne.w railroad station, carton contains six Edison MAZDA lamp}—of any de- sired, size. It provides you with the lamps you need, and the children with a novel toy, A chart on the back of the station tells what size lamp to use in each of your fixtures. ., . You may secure thest house cartons * ' iLl •/'••.'..-' 'containing various' sizes' lamps at the ; following new prices: PRICE LIST 6-100 Witt Lamp- 6— 60 Witt Limp. . 6- 50 W«tt L«;7ij». 6- 40 W*tt 6- SSWtttUmp*. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. ' ' • " * Hubbard Hardware Co. •M

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