The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1939 Starlets Ready For School ••aa^ . ... . _ . .._. ._ .. (AP.K.V COURIEH NEWS Pet of the season is Bonita Oranvllle's lambskin hooded jacket with broad shoulder.? and f u l! sleeves, it is buttoned with oltl-fashionta silver bells and lined with bright-colored, Scotch plaid wool r — Frcshman Jane Withers gives two tips for pepping-np .-, gingiiam dress: a peasant boy-a ml-girl lapel gadget of red, wiifie and°uttie leather, and a white waffle pique set, including bolero, wcsxu cona and cnfFs. Accident Costs Truck Driver Loss Of Finger Woodrow Maynard, 23-yctvr-olc truck driver of the Local Trucklnp Company, lost half of one finger in an accident which occurred laic yesterday. The middle finger of the right hand was so badly mashed that, it had (o be amputated. The patient is resting very v.ell at the Blythe- vllle hospital. The accident occurred while Maynard was assisting in the loading of dredge machinery, a part of which fell on his filler rwo voyn De _ engineers who left ^ Two Engineers To Hunt Gold In Inca Mines DETROIT trail mining the United States to seek" their fortune will return to Colombia soon in search of gold To the state of Narhio, in southern Colombia, otto Small 31 an<1 Charles Basso. 21, win takc ' ; mcnt, purchased with capital raised here to be set up at a g,- om , of fold mines once worked by the In cas. They acquired the 'workings near those of large American' firms, after exploring the territory for a year and operating one nilil run with water power. Return of -Small and Basso will he by airplane to a lauding , field three hours by pack horses from their workings. A gasoline engine- driven crusher and mill and washer, they hope, will .enable them to retrieve a concentration ot Mm < \vorth of gold to a ton, permitting its shipment by plane to Tumaco nnd by ship to New York. Small, a former high school football star, once worked on a Brazilian rubber plantation owned by the Ford .Motor Company. Basso is a graduate of the University of Detroit. Kinder Used 42 Years MULTON, Mich. (UP) —Farmer A. W. SIKXHIOCT sees no reason why he should buy a new binder. He s"ys (he one he bought in 1897 operates well although'It has been used annually since that time. Bonita Granvillc And Jane Withers Have New School Togs BV i.ucir. NF.VH.LK NEA Service Stall' Correspondent HGLLYWOOD.-Hollywood's high school aue girls have very decided views on what they should and shouldn't wear—ideas that young movie fmis, who want to be popular, might well follow for style umi good instc. Two of the best-dressed nnd test-liked girls In the film colony nre 13-year-old Jane WlUicrs, beginning her Freshman year, and Bonila Oranvllle, Ifi, who got her high .school diploma just Inst June. Their gmigs Include as many public school ns studio-tutored youngsters,- so they know exactly what "we" will this fall. For classes, (hey say, sweaters and skirts 'first. Bnhny Grauville calls them "the Hollywood uniform." She knits many of her sweaters so they won't look like wybody else's. Jane is delighted Iliat she can wear the uniform too Sold she was too fat for sweaters until this year. Bolli enthusiastically okny Tj- roleim styles, but say don't overdo them so that you look as if you were going ( o a skiing party New Variants of sweaters and blouses, they report, arc brilliant colored silk jersey shirts and lumberjacks oJ suede or plaid wools Two-piece wool Jersey dresses are good, especially if the skirt and blouse are different colors. White pique collar-culf-nnd-bolero or "weskit" sets nre swell if you keep them clean, PERSONAL TOUCH IMI'OHTANT IN DKESS Jane, a:i avicl knitter and struggling seamstress, believes In the personal touch nnd had a lot of ideas for pepping up the "uniform. 1 "I usually yet some novelty pins to put on the front of my sweaters" she said. "1 knit lot.s of little wool dolls, in pairs, and fasten them on crocheted cords, to tie under my collars. I had crocheted a- big purse of multi-colored yarn nnd'when I saw how popular the postman bags were, I made a two-inch strap of the wool, too, so I could sling Hie purse over my shoulder." Their pet of the season Is a! jacket of lambs wool, just like the powder puffs, buttoned in silver bells., with diagonal slit pockets, wide endless sleeves and a 'hood. .It's lined in a Scotch plaid wool, but Bunny Granville said if she can get it with a solid "colored lining, she'll wear hers for an evening wrap, jane plans to keep hers for her vacation, a trip to New Zealand and Australia as soon as she finishes "Highschool," her current picture. The jacket is above the average budget—about $50—but n 'tcen-nger svith a rich mid indulgent relative might start hinting about it now for a Christmas present. Trial Census Takers At Work PAGE THREE Mrs. Russell Weesner of South clinics eight boys, debt girls. Bend toils census inker nil about her 10 children. Mrs. Clark To Attend Southern Vets Reunion Mrs. James B. Clark lea Sunday for Trinidad, Colo., whore she will attend the Confederate Veterans Reunion as official representallv from the stale of Arkansas Bin as matron of honor on General M D. Vance's sUxft. General Vance 1 commander in chief for life of th United Confederate Veterans Mrs. Clark joined the Arkansas delegation in their special car n Little Rock. While in Trinidad, sir will be a guest of Hie state o Colorado and the city of Trinldn at the Columbia hotel. 1'ln.unut Sign Warns Drivers OTIS. Mass. (UP) _i This IHllo town Ims n unique way of greeting visitors. Signs at the lown line proclaim: "You arc entering God's Country. Don't drive (lirouuh like hell." TH OF NEXT '5 CENSUS Indiana Town Theater Of Dress Rehearsal By Government BV I-.I.1XARKTH WALKER N MM Si-rvlco S|>oi'lal Corics|>omlenl SOUTH m;Nn, imi., AUB. io,_ Uncle Rain's innminolli question beo show-die 19-10 ix>inilation census Is yotdniE a dress rehearsal here as a cast of I'M InlciTOBiitors procures (|iitolng technique on residents of St. Joseph and Marshall counties. Already some surprising facts me miiiK to light. One South Ucnrt family contains so many children that the parents can't renumber nmnes of (he kids; without looking Ihein up in the mule. St. Joseph raunty luis a surplus of umvcd 128- year-old women. Many wives are older limn their husbniuls. The average wife knows us much about her husband's flimnees us he does. In nine out, of ten homes, It's Hie Inrty of the house who speaks ui> with Iho answers. ThiU uoes oven when hubby is also present Not nil of liic subjects lake kindly (o this rehearsal business. A housc-palnlei- called It, "u lot of ilnmu foolishness," declined to lillmb down oil his ladder when tin Interrogator found him nl work. One little old lady would only see the census Inker through the window. Supervising the work is Gerald Ryan of Washington, D. 0., U, S Census Duron 11 field director, llo tolk us why this particular area Wfls selected for .'the test. "In these two counties," he says arc the answers to every tiuestion, ' sociological or economic, which the census cnn raise. Marshall county Is agricultural; St. Joseph county contains n targe city population, 'llie tivo counties provide an excellent crass-section or Industry, agriculture,-trade, and the professions." . , , The scene shifts from house to house its (lie questioners—Hoosier school masters on vacation, housewives, unemployed clerks, farmers college students-do their door-bell ringing, purpose of the stunt Is to iliMormlne whether (he planned census <niMl!oiis nre acceptable as lliey stmid or must, be revamped before being shot nt the nation next year. • . • Mrtuy' of tlie questions arc of a personal nature. And some of the census Inkers were a bit afraid of (lie results when they began sticking their noses Into their neighbors' business. Thanks to a. pre-cam- iwlfc'n publicity rive by the U. S. Census Bureau, however, the questioners are being met, in most cases, In friendly fashion. Anioiijf (he "danger zone" questions nre: is the family home free of debt? What was your OKC at last birthday? (Ticklish with the' ladies only.) If not working or seeking work, what's the reason? How many times have you been married? Girl Fingerprint Expert LOHAIN. O. (UP) -Miss Alma Daniel, 29, Is the most expert fingerprint render of a clnss of 60 believes police Inspector ae'oroe Knupp. She tcok up the work as a hobby, but became so Interested In it thnt she now plans to make it her profession. Cojjrler News want ads. GOOD> LABOR DAY 2-TIRE SALE! 12 '«»* 4 Into beauty parlor goes Conrad Shnmel—not for treatment, but for census inforinnlion. Miss Sonln De Sonla'is proprietress of shop, which is connected with her South Bend home. 1 COURTS Australia Likes Candy CANBERA, Australia (UP)—Aus trnlin has n very sweet tooth There are 145 confectionery factor :cs to cater for six and three ruiar 'er million Australians. Last yea they turned out nearly 100,COO,0« ijounds of chocolates mm ot'he weds, worth more than 525COO' 000. Read Courier News u-nnl nas Get Relief From Chills and Fever! Don't put up with terrible Malaria. non( endure the wracking chills nq fovcr. At first sifin of the drcaci riiseasa, » G , rovc 's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless quinidine and iron Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac' al ft C0 , mbl ? l f. !UaInriil infection In e blood. Relieves the awful chill? "s1 "' PS you leel bctler rh 1 in 0 Jr sal ? t ' s / !lke Gr °ve's Tasteless '!- S?' c (or ^'"ia and swear -i'!' * lcn , s;1111 io lak <=. loo. Even children lake it wilhout a whtmocr. .J}on't suffer and suffer. At Ma?«?? fir A l .,, s l sn - u>k « Grove's lasteJcss Chill Tonic. At all drug- slorcs. Buy t!-.c large size as it gives you much more Xor your ir^ney BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! FIRES, TUIiES, RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY & FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 63S Always Open Willie; Mae Utstc, negro woman, was fined ten dollars on a cliargc of nsstuilt nnd battery in a cnsc which involved Georgin Ferry, ne- gress. who wus acquitted of a-similar charge, In municipal court tu- <l!iy. W. M. Hurst has filed suit in chancery court for a. divorce from Mrs. Mnrj' Ruth Hurst. Nelll Reed is tils attorney. Mrs. Carolyn Varnell lias filed suit against Billy Vnrncll asking n divorce on the ground of Indignities. Reid and Evrard are her attorneys. Elmer Elnm is seeking a divorce from Mrs. Fannie Elnm on the ground of desertion. Virgil Greene is Ms'nltorncy. Tulofrntphs With t'liotos SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) — Ciiiy Tcombcs, manager or Hotel Utah, gets a new point of view with every autograuli he collects. Signatures without pictures mean nothing lo him. Photographs of notables, including (.wo Prcsidcnls of llie United States, nil Autographed, line the walls of his office. CURRllJT tlST PRICE PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate' Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main A- First Phono HI BLYTHEVILLE'S MODERN WATER SYSTEM SAVES YOU MONEY The modern facilities of (he lilythe- ville Water Company not only cut (lo\vn (he public health hill by safeguarding against general contamination nnd disease, but .serve to mini- mixc original fire hazard and enable (he quick control of fires, culling heavy possible costs to taxpayers. These savings arc incidental to our main function of supplying you \\itlv plenty of pure water for every need at, lowest possible cost. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Btrnard Allen, Mgr, "Water Is Your Cheapest CommoilUy- NOTICE! Theso are NOT unsafe "bargain tires". All are genuine Goodyear "firsts". At these savings you can't afford to pass up the chance to Sum in your dangerous old tires. You'll SAVE and be SAFERI No .Charge for. mounting. GOODYEAR'S 1939 "PATHFINDER" Size 4.75-5.00-19 5.25-5,50-18 5.25-5.50-17 6.00-16 6.25-6.50-16 4.40-4.50-21 4.75-5.00-19 S.2S-5.50-18 5.25-5.50-17 6.00-16 6.25-6.50-16 UtTir« $ 7.20 7.45 8,65 9.50 10,35 12.60 2nd Tin $3.60 3.70 4.30 4.75 5.15 6.30 YOU SAVE '3.60 3.7S 4.35 4.75 5.20 6.30 Net price;—wif h your old tire. Otiitr slits at proportionoU savings. FLASH! EXTRA! More good news! Tho "G-100" ALL-WEATHER — the sleok, streamlined Goodyear Centennial iiro you've teen reading about in Iho magazines — the tire which gives you up to 33% more tread mileage — is included in this BIG SALE1 GOOOrtAR'S "It must be riqhl 01 OUARAHTEE .make il righl!" Every Goodyear Tite in guaranteed to give Mitiifaelory service—NOT lot only U months, ot 18 months, or 24 montbi— but lor the FOU. LIFE ol the lire, wiflj. out nay tuno or mileage limits) SPECIAL ON MARATHON TIP PC SAME H ALF I I IV CJ OFF DEAL Here's a rugged, extra-value tire that runs and runs and runs! Sample Saving SIZE 6.00-16 UtTire $11.95 2nd Tir. $5.95 VQU SAVI $6.00 N.t price.— wim y«r old flr«. CHW ih«i at proportionate savings. A NEW TIRE NEEDS A NEW TUBE GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES •110 W. Main Phone S9S EASY PAY TERMS Paymenfs as low as 50*

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