The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DKCI5MBBU 14. 19-14 NOTICE OK SALE, Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mort- gagee in n mortgage executed by Bur ey Johnson to the United States Tt ni ? day ot Marcli ' 1944 n '»< only Oled in Hie office of the Recorder ,„ aild foi . Mississippi Coun- ly, Ai-kimsns; the said Hurley Johnson Imving waived all rights of up- Jjraisomcnt, sale and redemption tin- ner tlic laws of the State ol Arkansas; imrsimnt to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned iiioi tsfige, and by (he s of llic State of Arkansas, will the J5 dny of December, I9-M between tiie hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock lii the urtonioon of said date, at 2';. ml west of Marie, Missco Homestead Association Headquarters, In the °nj."Wy of Misslssipnl, State of Ar- w>s»s, o/Ier for sale to the highest *7<1 best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wll: 1 horse mule, gray, wt. 1000 Ibs., age 4 Ms,; 1 horse mule, gray. w t. 1100 los., age 5 yrs.; i white Jersey cow, 1 John Deere cultivator; 1 John Deere middlebiister; 1 me tin-nine home remedy for relieving miseries of children's colds. plow; 1 wagon; 2 collars nnd 2 sets plow genr. Witness my hand this the- 13 dny of December, 1944, united Stales of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. »IA'T11KVILLK.COURIER NEWS NOTICE OF SALE. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned mort- gagee In 'a mortgage executed by W. c. Dnrrett to the United States on the 7 day of June, 1944 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and fur Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said W. C. Barrett hni'lng waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State ol Arkansas; pursuant, to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on (he 15 day of December, 1944, between the hours of 9^0'ilock lii the forenoon and 5 o'clpci; In the afternoon of said date, at 2K miles west of Marie, at Missco Homestead Headquarters, in the'County, of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for snle to the highest and best bidder tor cash, the following described properly, to-wlt; 1 black horse mule \vl. 1300 Ibs., age 8 yrs.; 1 black horse mule, wL 1300 Ibs., age 8 yrs.; 1 John Deere mlddlebustcr; 1 IHC turning plow; 1 John Deere cultivator; 1 Shoumiide harrow; 1 John Deere planter; 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear. Witness my hand this the 13 WASHINGTON Time To Get Mad, Mister 11Y I>KTKK KDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent Any way you look at the current fwrtngsjs of munitions thcv nrc difficult to understand and In" many respects they don't make sense. You may rend all the Imndouls on critical Items, lislen to all the speeches about them, memorize nil the statistics of demand, supply and consumption, rationalize nil the nlibls offered by military ov civilian production experts, develop blind staggers rending their graphs, curves and pie charts. In the end you are dizzier thnn n blonde who has been through the works in the tunnel of love, and you still don't know the answers. This Is where you came in, All the columns of news dispatches you now rend from the fronts and from Washington, S |l (he editorials trying to Interpret the shortages of ammunition, tires, trucks, guns mid even manpower are the snme tenor as 1940 and '41. The cumulative impact of the n merca, y day of December. 1S14, United Downs, FSA Supervisor. Stales of America, By Hubert W. Here Are A Few MORE O-GET ITEMS This Merchandise Will Be On Sale Saturday .$2 6.95 Wall Can Openers Carpet Sweepers Flashlight Batteries .. '. Miner's Lamps 1.35 Universal SAUSAGE GRINDERS 5.50 Large Box CLEANSING TISSUES Large Ironing Boards . ...- 5.95 Enamel Dishpans '. 79c Enamel Wash Basins 39c Enamel Combirjets 1.19 TERS HARDWARE CO. 126 W. Main Incorporated Phone 575 cm-rent production crisis reports Is thnt this Is » blKKor national <ils- Bi'iice than Penrl Harbor three years n^o. Tryln« lo fix the blnme for whntevi'1- U Is thnt has happened on the home front may be about ji.s fruitless «s trying to fix (he blnme for what hnppened at Honolulu on Dec. 7, ism. nut Isn't it about lime that everybody In the United states, collectively, stnrl Rotting mad? WK'HK <!00l>, HUT— Uoiuls Imvc been bought by the billions, Production "13's" ' and "A's" iijiil "MV mid probably All's nnd 9h's have been nwnrded by the convoy loud (o management for the swell Job It hus dune. Labor with a capital I, hns alternately bccnklck- I'd on I lie backside nn ( | pntlixt itself on the back for (lie Job H hns doiii'. The Army und Nnvy aro blg- Bi-r and belter (linn any Army or Navy nave ever been before. "'Hie women, God love 'em hnve rocked the kiddle ear with one linnd while We're good-there's no denying It, iet fruin the reports of i;eucnils from Elsenhower <md Mai-Arthur lo Somervell, we linven't bcBim to JiKht nnd ivi>-tMii'|. until die home I rout passes not only more ammunition but a conjile of production miracles as well. What happened? u isn't enough lo kiss this off us mere misfortune of will'. Why should there bo billions of dollars worth of surpluses lo dispose of when there are billions of dollars worth O f shoitnges of critical hems? Why millions of surplus, over-niie riry c e» butteries , when the dry ceil battery prortnc- ! lion progi-urn Is behind sdliedule? Was tlmt bn,i plnnning? Why should supply ships have to riiJe at ntielior unloaded? If a people is smart enough to piny in advance for "mulberry" unloading docks and build portable rnllroiul bridges In Englnn ( | lo replace those bombed In France, why hasn't, Ihe same people enough genius lo lick thc supply problem to the Siegfried or Gothic Lines? WHO IS THE ItKAI, VILLAIN'? Were civilian production chiefs and private business men too eager to plan too much reconversion too soon? Were service chiefs wrong In cutting hack production of .such things as small rmns and coUomluck? Was (lie Senate Committee In vestlgnllng the War Effort n bit off base when It criticized the Army for ordering loo ninny trucks nnd tires—in view of (he present shortages? Was Congress wrong in „:.„.,„,„ to consider a National Service Act a year ago, in view of present manpower difficulties? Was tlie White House laggnrd' in demanding n substitute? Were appropriations committees [ snon-sighted when they retusM me wn r -Manpower Commission sufficient funds to reorganize the Employment Service and enforce then- certificate of Availability pro' Emm lo control job transfers? Have labor leaders, now claiming so large a share in shaping rmtion- al policies, been as .smnrl n s thei c aim to be In their opposition t stricter labor regulations? Von may blnme everybody or nny- botiy for (his thing that hn s hnp- penrrt on Hie production front but finding sacrificial goats to offer on iday Glamour In Sparkling Clothes Cleaned By Hudson's! Don't send your glittering holiday frocks and suits to just anyone—oh, no! Send them to Hudson's where you know they'll get the careful handling they deserve the painstaking hand-finishing that adds so much to the fresh appearance of the garment. . . . Buf don'r wait until the last minute! Garments with sequins and other bright trim require extra hand work and more time. . . Call f us today and be sure they're returned when you want them. 2612 For Service Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier Asks For Repeal Of Divorce Law Prominent Educator Calls Attention To Need For Reforms HOT SPRINGS. Ark Doc 14 Dr. Mntl KIMS, president of' Henderson stute Teni-hors 1 College A'-kn.lelp),!,,, ndvottilrd Ihe rc|,?, i Afk " lls ' is ; M -"«V <»«.rcc tow In bt '? t '° ""' liotl "y Club y- xinre ho K ,,|<1, Tlierc wore more tlmn moo ,11. in p,,l lls kl connlv ' ' ' COI "i |:irrcl i-innn'Vi" "'* Bl "' c '"•' il >'''"'' .,000 divorces were Kinnted, com™ i , ,, M12 m '"3. nr. Kills also ™l ed nttenllon to tlie mnnner in vlilrti mn,rlnr;c licenses nro Issue In Mississippi comity, wlieie he said, jusllees of Ihe pence hnve been dispensing (hem. C'alLIni! Off 1'crlnil Vrojioscil "The answer to (he divorce evil in Arkansas." u r . ,.;i| ls Bll | (1 .,, not so much In divorce lenlKlation thai' ,'! S 'i", e " (tt '"" ent "' ICBlKlntlon inni .woulil compel couples upplyim. for mnirlnfjc licenses to ivull ih'c'' to live days. A 'coolhii; oil' period siitiuifl .be mndc mnndnlory." Mai-rfiiiiu (s n sacred Institution ">« OMatc years (lie urowlh of tlie Imtii / /""I " Inrkei1 «-M>n"slon of iii«i|Mi-v nIK i pvofcsslon are respon slWi'j-for taking timiiy W0 )ncii out oijpnios to earn their livelihood. l|ie.\var hns caused n mucked '""-cfisc. In thc number of uppllcn- iions^fgr mnrrlnije licenses. In ion here V erc..3500 .sneli licenses Issued In Piiljgikl'Comitynlonc. In Arknn- hii!- Ihure ,wcre .H.1K5 issued in the suite, compared to 31,517.|n ]o;in." Or. Kjlls also, ndvocatcd straiiulv n dlvorc-c law which he snld wonlii up n Grentcr safeenard for Hie preservnllbn of Hie home" Notoriety To Stale Dniloil n Wnller. Ebe.l Hot S|)rln K s ' news- Paper man. sn!d;,lhal the record in Onrlnnd ColilUyi illipmvcd one of <lin ^A.. I j i _"•. . ' -"V" 1 i .•*-" \IIH, l)| of 'those :ndvociitlni! liivnlcr restriction reenvdliit; mnv- rlnijc nnd nut repi'nl ot the divorce Inw wns favored by .court olllduls. E. C. Appier, president, presided. Duvlil linwlniul. (wife nll-sliite Inekle for the Trojan (emu, was n BUi'sl. PAGB.FlVJJ.. The California desert him a native rrpUlK which lives under the sand and moves Ihrouuh It ivlth a lnmiltif; motion. NOTICK OP SA1.K. Notice is hereby ISiven (hat (he undiTOtunrd morl- RKBi'e In a moi'luuge cxccnti'd by N. 1C. llardln to the United Klules on the •! day of rtinll, lil-ll and duly filed In (he office of (ho Itecovder hi and lor Mississippi County. Arkansas; tlu> mid N, K. llurdln linvliig waived all rliihls of appraisement sale and redemption under (hi, laws of the State (if Arkansas; pursuuiil U> the powers i:ranlcil under Ihe terms of (he iifori'metitloncd morl- BIIKB. and by (he laws of the Hliile of Arkansas, will on Ihe ]!> dny of December, inn, between the hours of l» o'clock In llii« forenoon and r> "'clock in (he afternoon of suid il'ilo, at 2',i miles west of Marie, Missco Homestead Ass'n. lloadmiar- iCTs. oirer for Bale to the highest mill best bidder for cash, the following described properly, lo-wll' i blnck Mom- mult', wt. 1100 Ibs, age II yra.; I black mare mule, wt 1200 Ibs, age 0 yrs:; 1 mlddlebuskr; I John Deere turning p!pV;, 1' Jphii' Dcero planter; 1 Mollmj cultivator' 1 wagon; 2 collars and 2 sets plotf gear. Wllncss my hand'this the 13 day of December, 1014, United"Staffs $f America, By Robert w. Downs, FSA Supervisor. ' DRS. MIES & MIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS > 0 ., : Rectal Diseases a Specialty EXCEPT CANCER) •'.'.,'•': ."T-. OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30:5:00 Clinic r.M Main HlyUicvlllc, Ark. I'hone Ih , nc n, 1 ", " f , tllu \?0-'l"5' dlvprcc Inw Mint It brings nnJclj nolorlAtv to the stntc. lie Mid. court oftichils Imd infonnea him Umt',,1,1 Ob per cent o> cases nenrd hi not Sprites re- fnrdlnB settlement of mutual )„. MKH n h "'! 1 , lljcc ' 11 W<*<l "imn nnd that the . litigation Involved only personal appearance ol either m«n or wile. He nlso suld u\ni 70 per cent of suoi, ||t] Kn[1[)11 i m , olvc , nersons who hnd been mnrrled tor more than five, ycnrs nnd conl.l no longer live together. He adctcct tlmt the nltars .of nnttonnl wrath will not remedy;: the situation. All you cnn do ,Bf."' recognize (lint jt j lm hii|ipcii^aii<l then— ', t Isn't' It every Indlvldiiiit's rdspoii- • '.'- YOUR ENGINE 'MANUFACTURES* <rCV;'' t>!^W$? : '•:• /'\ PIR" "" , r % 1 STOP |I "" ' , r fc\ % ef pcieM* &* ' y AH o THE ^\, OF WATER-VAPOR FOR. EVERY GALLON OF GAS If BURNS.' SOrt'ie OF THIS WATER GETS INTO OIL/ CAUSES SLUDGE, MAY DAMAGE BEARINGS. GET OLD, DIRT/ "SUMMER" OIL OUT MOW. PUT GOOD, FRESH ESS'O WINTER-GRADE MOTOR OIL IN FOR COLD- WEATHER PROTECTION.' -^ L '.*<>w ' *\\\'. <••, y, —^• Vf ~ n ' ' • i '.v < J.jfr i ^ STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA i£T y ° UR esso \S?T»uT^ *.-. DEALER DO IT, 1 , ' ?* " ^^ __^_ [ , , vc -CMC. SAVES w£ MINCEMEAT PIE (8-Inch pie) 1 Vl eup« flour ,, Vi cup Mayroso lard 74 leoipoon sail 3 tablespoons wolcr 3 cupt mincemeat Sift flour, mennure, ndd salt nrd sift again Cut in fhilicd lard, using n jinstry blender or twokmves, until course and Brnnulnr.Siirinklo cold water over mixture, n littlo nl a lime tossing lightly with n fork until dounh K nthers nrountl fork loosely. Shape li«hlly in(o hull, place in bow! and cover lightly. Chill before rolling. Roll two-thirds ofdougli ^-inch thick on lightly floured board or canvas. Fit loosely in an 8-inch pic pan. I'rcwf firmly jimimd sides nml bottom. Trim edge leaving 1 inch ovcilinnging. Fill witli 3 cups mincemeat Holl out remainder of pnstry. Cut into utripn about y t inch wide. Pluco on lop of filling. Fold edge of crust, under nnd crimp Bake m a hotovcn (.125° F.) for 25-30 ininuies I " ' •"' ••'^ T 'v>T'/V'.r; — ; i^* WHEN YOU'uSrM^^^Mjij^, t »hlZ,i!;?'nr t0 rcc ! : P s , i;nU *<* MayTosckroLwdiasnovvy.WhHA 1 - Bliorlcin, g of exception,!! LuxUiriJ ... mm)o of C,,™fc 'i^tfLiP-W' and purity, Miiyrosu Lnnl iidds n imiKic; I ouch of dclicioua (Iiivor. I'lccrusLs turn out crisp, Unity, with n special mdl-in-yoiir-mnnlh goodness. You'll honm with pridu wlioii cookic.s nml cukes taslo bot- (or Lliitn over Ixjforo! ... inado of finest s., expertly prepared 16 bring .you"' fiill-flnvored freslinesa. Not rn- '- tioncd ... buy all you want : for ' Iwknig, deep frying and nil recipes where a high qunlity shortening : 13 roqtiired. Ask yotir fiivonto rncat" : •merchant for Muyrose Pure Lard.'"' '. s^m-^

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