The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1938
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 1938 UIA'THEVII,LE (ARK.)' COUK1EK NKW8 PAGE SU CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I3aily rale per line for eonsccu- IIi'c iiisertiou.s: One time ppr line lOc Two times per line per day ...OBc ttirce times per line per day ..OBc Six limes per line per day 05u Montli rale per line Me Cards of Thank* pOc & Vjc Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for llncc or six (imps and stopped before cxnlra- Uon will bo charged for Ihc number of limes Hie arid appeared and Ailjiislinenl of hill made. I All Class! lied Advertising com 1 (.ubinllled by persons residing oiil- sicle of til cclly must, tie accotn- panlcd by cash. Hates may be easily computed Iroin above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rale. No responsibility will \ K taken for more than one incorrect inser- lion of any classified ail. Business Directory Iliii'rv ffiiiloy's CURVE IN CAFE (iotxi rood a( Good Prices FRESH HI5EKKOOT Crappie KXI'EKT AUTO KEI'AIKS (Jarage operalcd by l-'loyd llargeit (Jigart'tics 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Jioii.imi, MO. I'lioncs 5-F-l & 873 Wallpaper Notice NOTION hereby y I veil Iliiil ROOM l.O'l'S WAI, $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson UJMUKR CO. Real Estate rTTT77777- tireyhound Lines has filei Hie UCKNSKI) RICA I, ICSTATK BROKERS We list farm and city Properly. It 5011 would he a buyer or a teller, scu T K R !t Y ALISTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut Phone Gl 1 / I ... "• *,' HVMIJIK uull'o linn Illvll illl a|)" Ml plication for a permit to erect a i one story Iwlc'k, tile and steel Iniildini! of commrrclnl type on l.ols l mid 2, Block 7 of the Davis Addition io Dlytlicville. rtrkiin- IKIS for the purpose of nstns a iwr- lion thereof as wailing room and bus donol. Permit for the erection of said building will lie Issued after thirty days from Ihc date hereof unless protest, in liled us provided by law. Hated Ihls April 13, 15138. JOK C'AllNliV, City Engineer. For Sale CIIKAl'—Anloinalic Uelco Lie III 1'Jant n-illi «ti equipment. Oocil condition. J. A. Uajje, Manila. aiut soiivfiilr collectors here received a break when "wooden nickels" Ksned In- i-oiinrcllim wllli Ilio Northwest Territory Cclebm- tion conlnlnod an error, On the Hist J.tlOO coins issued, Ihrouiih an error of (he plalc de- .siuncr. Itie word "Sesciui-Cenien- nlal" wan Incorrectly spelled "Ses- <l>il-Ceute)inlnl." When liie error w»s disco\ere;l new plides wer« made. died 'M yeai:; ai;o. 'I'Uelr valui' mis c.siiiiiated in $mn.u;io. MY IIO.M!<: and emra lot. 100 ft. frontai;i\ On Highway Ii) jusl oiilsdc city limits, City water and lights. A real bargain. Applv 2319 Highway !i) West. Between'c.iite- vay and Ainoiv fjros. L'2-pk-W hall and beer parlor on Highway 81. 'Doing food uusi- ness. K H. ChiUvooii. 12-pk-0-12 U room white .stucco house. 512 Wo. 1st. Call quality shoe Shop, 121), 11. IS. Campbell. 5-ck-U Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. Sec W. L. Talc, Armorel, Ark. 1- Batteries BATTER 1' SKRVIt'B J. Ben Clune Phone a at Toin Jackson's Used Furmlure WE BUY & SELL USED FUKN1TUKE UUY NOW - - PAY NKXTFAM, HUBBARD 2nd llanit Furniture Nest lu Gofr Hotel Tailors Phone I'll. aO-ck-1-30 Seed cow _ ,„,„ SliED CORK. SOYBEA'K'S Wholes ilc fc Rciai! W. 0. REEVES | ]e«. R.. n. SI. UlyllieviUe, Arl: v Phonos 555 .t 5C9 •Modem.-'S 'rooui .apartment. Newly f ^jroratej.^"' ifrifurnislied. Corner Piano Tuning 1'ianos tuned and repaired. Call George Ford at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware Let us moth-proof your clothe;; closets & living room suiles. Guaranteed prelection 1 year. Mn- nile process. Band Box Cleaners, Used I,;i\vn itiinvers S2.50 up Used Oil Slnvcs S'i.Sn nil I'scii Oil Cook Stoves S'i.50 up Used Bicycles SMil) An in I'ulr Ctiudilioii SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWAHK CO. (.loal <Sr Ji-c illy f'iral Is I'.lai-k Bui 1 '(real You H'liilo ICE MXMI, HAUUiVc John Buchanan Blytlicvillc, Ark. IMione 101 Repairing t So. 2nd. LAWN MOWERS hiiriicnc(l i^c Kci>airc<< Bly. Machiiie Shop I'houe. !WB Halcliery. Baby Chicks / PUBLIC irATCHlNLt. Marilyn \ Halchcrj'. Klythcvlllc. Ark., Il.W. Al North. I'honc 1«. Shoe Quality Shoe Shop NKW KvcrylliiD Vhnno 120 SHOES 1'or Your Shnrs V'rcc Delivery ouJ. try WE BUY POULTRY Highest Market Priors t'aid. J. W- S1OOKK Ml K. Main SI. Auto Paris For Rent I'T'ltMSUKI) UUOM.S. atlc. Call fll-J. Hcason- •JB-ek-29 I'llKKE ROOM unfurnished apnrl- ninit with hath. Newly decorut- •'.•liom.i.i Land Company, phone ed. NO'l'R'i: Noticn Is hereby given thai Ihe Chtircli of Christ has liled an np- jillcutiou for ii pcrinll. to erccl n (one slory frame huildlng. 'JO feet srvenly feet, on Lots II and of Ihc Clyde Robinson atlill- ion to Blylhevillc', Arkansas, in lie 1200 block nu Main Irrcl. Io lie used as church. Point lor Ihc erection of said liulld- ig will to issued after Ihlily days rom the cialc hereof unless )irb- esl i;; tiled as provided by law. Dated (Ills April 18. 19118. .IOE CAliNKV, City Engineer. 8-2fJ-23-27-May a-i-0-ll. Ohioan Waits 50 Years For Phi Beta Kappa Key CLEVELAND. (UP) — alilncy S. Wilson, treasurer emeritus of Western Deserve University, has ticcn awarded his Phi Beta Kappa (ey 50 years after lie earned H. Graduating from Western Reserve a half century a§o, Wilson vao told his grades adniiUcit him to tlic scholastic fralenilly, but since no initialion cei'einotiics were )eld Hint year lie was not for- nally inducted into the organization until recently. Old .Sleek Win IK l'ut(iiiii> KIUKLAND LAKE. Out. (Ul'J — A local man was iinnmui;hi|; (lirouiih an old trunk when ho nmio ii|x»i n pile of ,s|( K -k certill- enles. yellow with aiic. They had been left him by n brother who I'UHNl.SHIil) aparlmcnl. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone .6$}. 'JS-pk-28 3 room unfurnished apartment. 700 W. Walnut. Miss Elise Moore. ai-ck-tr. Niccl.v furnislicd bedroom. Inncr- fpriiig'iiiullrcss. Miss Hall, plionc 2EO^ 18-ck-tl Auailinonl. anil office in Jiisjriim Buililiug. lii(|uirc Parklntrsl Co •l-ek-tf • or 3 furniEhcd rooms. 2 upstairs. 0.14 ICearri. 2-pfc-5-2 -1 1 *': • * •Wain &, and. I?. Simon, phone 7C4 " 2-ck-5-2 Store and residence combined Modern conveniences. Near lac lory. L. Fowler, Blytheville Motoi Co. Call «88. 30-ck-t, Comfortable bedroom, J017 Wai- nut. Call 102. IQ-ck-t Lost Lnrgc yeilow 1'er.sinn <:al. Answers to the name of Tony. Call Car Davis, Jr.. at C3Q. ' 2«-da-da FOWLER DKUG CO YOUK I'llKSCRII'TlON DRUGGIST Alain & Ht 1'liunc 141 WELDING AT HliST I'lUUKS HtOMl'T 8KKVLC1! Barksdale Mfg. Co, •R93Q3MVHPBEKKUBIS5H HIDT r>(l1 ' ilni YAUI) Sand & Gravel I'lidiu- 711(1 SCREEffwORK AT A KAVINCi lEi'iniiiluj; A- Nf\v Si'ioi-ns MA1JH I'OH AIJj I'llltlHIiil. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Centennial "Coins" Err; Collectors Are Happy Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETIllSTS Over Joe iBaacs' Store "WB AIAKR 'EM BKE" Phone MO OAK LUMBER for Sale—100,000 ft. i)f couil hill nak lumber iklivcml ill very low prices. Sec J. W. Bar run Illyllievlllc, Ark. I'lioim 3DB SEED We have on hum! lor i,nlu w ln«!<>. for cither proiluvls, Ikuns -•Laredo, liidstw, Maminolh llrmvu, Wilson and Vii'ululn (iron n. I'ras -Whips mid Now Kru, !.r.s|>i-iUv.n - - ICvmni, Col- Inn Seed -i). p, i,. u-A nml KtoncvlMc >I-A. will sell for cash «r Irndv wltlt you tor other kind:, ni beans or culton need, I'. R, Matthews Gin Co. til. II-I'll, Yiivlirii, Aikimvis Cullo'i, Oilli'ci Seed A: <.'t»al HORIZONTAL "Womlcrlimu" 8 '1'iils little WAS created by Carroll. lOKihiciil. 11 Compiiny I2Ni|iht fcefore, 13 Was victorious 14 fodder, 15 Pennies. 17 Srnoke, 20 Hour, '-it Kticli. 2<! Gi'iiprfitiit. I'I nine VI 'oiiiinrK! I,Hit' Of Kixdiri'.s "'ibe Complete I'.lcclriral Sloni" llll Su. ^nd I'luinc :II1 Now Located at 101 North t^cond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKUS, rroprlclw Calculators—UcpaUinB—Vartit—Itllibnus AU makci of Rebuilt Typcwrlttra, Adding Mncldnet uni Calculators—Kcpairliit—rarls—Uili lions JMSCENT mm CLUB Floor Show Every Slai'llin; 'I'ui-Mlay. April 111 lluu Hniiihiy, Aiull :M. •mi; IIOMI: w (ioun I'OOll Hut 1'ii Ibiilimiv. l>:in:Ulo Cdiikctl Steaks, I'rk'il Clilikfil 15 Ads~2 Shows Nightly—15 Acts EUu.sii! \\y (!ctu'f;t' V'onl's "All- ltli|lll'sf l li;llul diver (;IIIUBC <!rie. per iierstin I'm 1 UrMTvalions Cull lldl- land 17—Iliiilnvny til, lllll- laiul, ilo/.e, 29 Nnmi 1 of iiny- .11 Toliiis. M llr.ilini.ii) hull .1,1 Choking lijIn, 3J Uoutiil. JSSced hat!, 39 Silkworm. 37 Weight. HSUakitit! dish, 39 Father. 40 South Amcriean iinlmtil. 42 One Ilial 44 Corpse frame. 45 While of an 47 And. 4fl To relieve. 4!) l!;mi|iu'l. 50L;ibt word of ii prayer. 02 One of her companions (lie "Mtid 53 Another character In Hie book (he " Cat." VERTICAL 1 Koi in of "be.' 2O|H>oscd Io higher. .'I Metal. 4 .Soldiers' flasks, f. KU,. «Jk'hold. 7 Knfecliltxl. aCliinbin« bin lib. 9 Southeast. 11 IJoriy of a man. 14 Skirl edge. hcUjhls chaffer in • fiction; j ; 23 Rennet. ' v 24 Prize' fighter. 35 IJuilroacl transpor'ta.iioa 26 T hought, ' 27 QIICCJ-. 30 Rowing too). 32Girdle. 34 Male- cat. '. 35 Breakwater, 37'Sailov. 38 Uanai, : 0[>To become exhausted. •HXIsl. •12 Long plash. -13 Half, 44 Sheep's cry. 40 Lacquer ingredient, 48 Sound of 50 Sound of pleasure. 51 Northeast: Room and Board Room and Ix-unl. H03 West Ash phone 151. ;2-dc-5-12 Nicely rurir.sticn rooms. Board if desired. Pliciw C02. 112 E. Clicr- r.v M-ck-1-28 Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers lldicecs 6IIIno«UfA«, CftTiBtfiial'^T] 1ii.».|actip<. Adite J.lrer l'ill> Bel renf ntisp <>t Jour *lii(!frtfhnei8 »no m»l(H you feel lu« n new rerflnn. Rid •f>ur sjr«f«>iu nf inrpliiN pniioill T!lb Arlirp l,Uor 1'illN. TlMntTp*8, gentla «nlil «1 »ll Klrljj llm.rr Sloro. Wan! fid To Buy \Vnllh lit USKJ) KUFWITURK All .llakr? llatllDN Iteiiairci) WADB Ii'UKNITUIlK CO. 112 W. Main i'bonc 155 CHILLICGTHB. O. (UP)— Coin HY V. T. HAMLIN -LOOK!?LAMP PEAD AHE^P! IF WE CAKiHDLp HER AGWMS CURRENT, T THINK WE CAM IT,' WHAT WAS THAT YOU ) J ^EH, WHEM ] WERE SAVIKl' /-T^-SH THERE'S LOTS ABOUT X AW| LEr5 VOF IT — LAMP? /TALK ABOUT ABETWEEM AH! ON l.ANt> — /'BOY.VOU ^T^/SfMo-^ooO// GOSH! lOOKf i KNEW WHEKE WE WERE 6ONNA PLENTY TBE FOR\T! icorr. 193BBY MCA SERVICE, INC. ;,;? «Y KDOAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER 3BUDDIKS \_OOU.... !,T^V4t A Pout W t-AE , Tl\' PROPER MOOD ,WltWA ,PAY. ? \'v)E fttEW VOOWSi' ?QWftRO I' ^» , r^w.-/v. Land For Kent GO iVCKKS. Will elvc lilwral rent n.iutrocl. for 3 years Io right party. Delta Implements, inc.. Phone «03. 20-ck-tC Wauled To Kent 'iirintlial Iwu:;':. Uatl r. w. Hwcel- Nian. 5.'i5. 27-rt:-l Chef Who Served Kaiser Barred From Own Kitchen USED AUTO PARTS i-cr JFord-Chcvrolel-Plymoiitli .City.Auto Parts Co. Next to Bus Slalion Call Sll Mass. (UP) _ K. Camillc. Den Dr.nvon, whnw cook- j inp war, npprovccl bv royalty when I he was chef for Kaiser Wilheiin'o!! Gcriuiniy and King Albert ot Ihc Belgians, is banned trom the kilchrn of bis o;vn home—because lie uso.s loo murh butter. He spends littlr time reminiscing over the years when lie cooked for rvownetl heads, so busy Is he with his present duties in Hie laboratories of a Boston company manufacturing bakery and conicctions supplies. Of the former kaiscv. pen Doo- vcn says: "He- always insisted on having his menus in French. I never saw him arrogant and severe. He was courteous and friendly." I DON'T WANTA GIVE UP MY LEASE AS)' GET N\Y MONEY BACK? 1'U. 8E 316-HEARTED. HERE'S VOUR EXTR^ TWO GBAWD FOR VOUR, TRMM, DISHES AMD IWODEWTAL^. VJODPA yA SAV, PAL ? BUT THIS PLACE 1-3 A GOLD MIME, 1 KiH CLEAR THAT MUCH MOWEV IM NO TIME. TAKE IT. OR LEAVE \r, STUPID! AIM'T THE u.s. MAYBE YOU DON'T CATCH 0(0,\/ EITHER \ YOU 60T 60HNV. VVE60T A MONOPOLV ) VOU SELL \ 12 HOURS OU THE MIGHT CLUB RACKET </ OUT, OR \TO THIMK 1U THIS TOWM, AND YOU'RE A WE'LL PUT "" RUINIM6 OUR BUSINESS^VOU FRKCRT/ES '/"~ ANGLE IS GETTIUG IW SOME AND HIS FIUBM)S (tssic Sin'iilis His 1'i eci! HY MERRILL BLOSSER V. TO SEE HIM AGAIN) i I'VE NEVER BEEM SO HUMILIATED IN MY LIFE MOW LOM6 HAS FRECKLES KNOWN MER? IMHfS CAMPAIGM "P. COT FRECkTLES OUTWfTH JUME V/AYMAW... NOT Lowe, Bur LONG EMOOGH TO FALL HARD , FOR HER! IF ME ^ij EVER 'COMES HERE AGAIN , I'LL CLOSE THE DCXDR IM , MIS FACE .' HE CAMT TRIFLE VJITM MY AFFECTIONS / WE HASMT _ EVEM ASKED f THAT ME TO (30 , \ CiSE. TO THE PROM i J 6A5Y, I'M MAD AT J WHY HIM S MOT GO CLEAR \ ToTME THROUGH.' j PROW WITH ME?

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