The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, 4PRIL 17, 1947 Soil-Building Chemical Blamed For Starting Series of Blasts In Texas City Killing Hundreds JAYCEES stufr - <l H.v 1'AllL T. KM.IS United I'ress Science Writer ATLANTIC CITY, N. j. ( A , u .;| 17 (U p ,_,,,, "which the "miumuu-o atomic bomb"' that wrecked Thc"suiwl"ncl 0 ' CM " |J ° • l) °" glU - f01 ' uboui S/1 ; AimiioiiiVi!ii ly i!i, L r H ,t 0 ''- expl0lSive>s ' «»eli«fi«S T. -N. T.' Ammonium mtiatc in the pure* | >nn is a while crystal .substance. ~~~— IL io<,k(i .something like sugar fs clcty. i-i obvious fro,,, i ls nnme _ , t ';. They admitted that little „.,-, -= marie Irani aiiimonin ana ,ii, rl= known as to what causes ammoii- ; '»« the •"•'"'• l ll "» nilrnte to explode. " •Aminoninn, nitrate Is one of this Onc source, high ii Continued from Page ]. and Dose Rooms, of Uie Nobli' A special registration desk h:is ;ec n 5 et, up in u,e Hotel Nolile lobby under the direction of Roland ISki'eler) Hishop, convention ret-ls- '•atwi, chairman. The conveiuio,, headniuii-leiv telephone number !s -'Jl and the Jaycee club rooms iili'iwrl control towel- 3'i miles flclnl s:il,| ny SIHV (he flush us tlia ItlKti Tin- exploded. musi mysterious ol all the exnlo-i ;' (n '^': J" P»"' lorni. you can shoot "'""ionium « wit), a liitmtncr, and it W j|| not or some ° ' X^lUle. 'I'D Mi II off. (here must be ••"me tremendous blast or shock. 'ions today ol expert° chemists "tu-mi,,,., the HID, !11)mm i llleci _•"!'. oi u,e Amerk-mi chemical Bo- f ,. o: explosive know-how, the ranks said today. To ivolcome visiting Jaycees, tin; Host dub's giveling eonmiHU-e, •( wearing hlnv red Jnyeee Jackets uegan nu-cling nil trains this morn- ! j»e ami will meet ull others during the opening of ihe convention. I Governors, l-'olsom ,-i»d law be , greeted and escorted nitrate mixed sce n., s: ,id thui downtown nlytheville wnn ini-idi-j The (jro Go 3 Tho|£ iT' C1 '?V X|>IOSiv ^ ' " venlion headquarters! Uovmi.i >c man if USCC ! 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Then, weiv 35'1 doctors on Iho scene. 151) embulmers worked („ | 0 :i B n, u ,<, lu rl .,„„,„,, mid Imsllly convened (o a movuu-- I IIP bodies, utter the <.m!,iilnu>i-x had finished with them weio placed In loiij. ,,,w.s on (!:e'tasfcc'- uall court In th,- high scliool EVIII- nasium. Airplanes winded mto ,he dls- Jisler ,ne :i with tliousmidi; ot pontuls of blood plasma and other I""!."'"',. S . Um ' l "-: s - A '"-""if-' Air-' l nallas iibiml a I more emhahnhm morilclans ;o l»e ' . swooping s i,,,, k ,, „„,, Unncs '»*'«'«» •so*"™™,,,,"™;" •out inti, ciiilveston »-w - snld „., IneriMs,. lhv , !>»>1 of smoke I'H.v, ImpMllii!- Tin- « uter UI shift WOllld ! ,,„,",,,,?, ' Bll , o ve, )," . work l v \ vn ', ,,„,„„ - n.rtto, « B « ll "'"' ' «l>»ini>v Hill done Hi^h i when iiho:inl dny. He s, , " skl ' 11 wll >' was , '"" to ""' rumors Hint with TNT or •'!'' . Bu " two days ihey will he 'here. Hie DISASTER •" j «"i i I'UJii uiiy i stuff in pure form for about M Imshel. This same authority recalli-d -that ammonium, nitrate was made in many plants during the war ami (here is always a utilization ol 1 Uie material nftcr a war. | Such could have been Uie case tlle al Texas City. One source speculated that the ammonium nitrate u . ^. which blew up could nave licenj 1 ""' •sullJlmr, .iiui the second substam* reclaimed from explo- disintegrated the sliiij Ihrcwi sivcs. Thai is, stuff that had beon chunks "' washed out of explosive. It is possible, he said that .some contaminate could have remained in the ammonium nitrate. •But what set it off? -Fire, ordinarily, will not cause detonation, the same mystery re- Contumcii from rage 1. long; series—occurred alnurd tin. tieighter 'Iliiih Fiver. Iseded with tliousiiiuls of tons'o: nl!n, It.lH'O Listed , ls fnlm-c.l A Unl (.-r <)s . s - (.ffj^,, ^nlj.jn,. from WashiiiRl.,,,. S1 ,|,[ il( ,,;.,,, r| Dill.' pns,,j,.s were injured, lie IK- itt-vcd si| leasi IQU bodies h ii|| "•i-rn to be recovered from '(lie debris. s,,me :tsu In 4110 m-rs,,ns JiHI w«ru ,„ lms|,!(i,| s , 111:IIIy , jf '•'em Ni-rlnusly injured. "I wariil,,,. .shortly after I "a.m. in us berth near Hie f,m-l,il| ,, f n, r ] y;' nc ,* ,'!. 1 ;'«'»<:li frrluhtcr annul ''"lie ii.snt] persons crowded lii'o WKS watchlnn llremen fu.|,t ., '"•''' In one of us hold.s The nind crimp i)| ;is t (oiiched off !ho of metal for killing and injuring Illnl had escaped earlier i-xplo-,, ...... Tlw third w as of less lul.-nrity oecurrbiy us another of tlu many' oil tanks which have been rtostroy- ed blew u|i. As thousands of rescue wwkei- cd [mm the ^ y t t]u , ' ( |; aboard Hi,, orand Cam,, W hic «-t off (he ehaln of trinsedv. -.-, its two nccujiam.'i killed 'j-jd'-/ was reported u,a(. another .,ri'v i I'Uine, also wil |, (yo nbo , lu j ,.,, . j "nve BOIIC ttown into Ci-ilvc-vii I liny ntlcr Ihe blnsl. ' " <"«i! 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Nitroglycerine,I ^ < eslroywl. 'Cifemleal^con^' 000 ' 01 ' 0 Monslnl ° Fifty or more burned out. Two oil refineries hem aged. Itiiildnig Wrecked 2 Mil, Most, of the docks w and office building -< my "I hnd heller cnll (ell he r r m okay." As he.tumeit to leave ti nah-Mtn,, sheriff p. j... Hla|!|;ni- said early today 33.0 bodies hnd i hern cleared IhrniiKh the emeri;en- <'J' inoi-j-ue sr( , lp | U „ RlU , nf .e At least one more man was killed In ,he explosion Uils mornlni'. w. K Tinpen. in i-hnrge «'I Ihe u-xjis city Bniergpiicy MorBne. said it Is possible lhal anotlu-i- inn ]«[•»s dtcil in nniii. [„ hospllals In rliy (owns. Thousands ol InHii-- r<I have been taken from Texas t-l'y. many ,,f ihrm nna,- death." Klijhl imndied persons we.-e worfcliig nl Ihe so-nere, $13,000.0(111 nilo Chemical Compnnv plant II was doslroycd hy of for instance, shatters. Of course, neilhe;- is there any significant' amount of radiation from an explosion of ammonium nitrate. There may be some toxic gases, but not, a significant amount ID the immediate area of the ex-jilo- ,,r hrl 5 , C ^ 8 so many H'ts if IjoUIca ot S.oono's. Knirrnlil Oil . vc be-on sol.1 to hel,, siilVprers finrt ," Ov case and comfort from ti,p Uch n K and lorturc of Kc"o. -^ ...ishrn l>iinpl<-H ami n> :n,y other Mtcr n .-,lly ca,,« r ,i shin eruptlS" we unhDsitatlnely say to you .Hv»- y f!°°"? s K'n--'«l'l Oil f,,r t?" ».i>s, u not completely .s money back—stainless—are WOOD DRUG CO. i'iy plant .'jlii-ncc: ^ "hollow shell." oil storage tanks A.v i(V and n piece liis rijtlii leu. sh^t"' "!"• ln "- vw ' s deputy i,, Hi cnec i" 9 ai' lCUl " '"' C "' iS ' C °" fer tliat the mahfpro'liem'now "UiHuii; and iiollclnu Ihe ti, M area. Hill said no more inalnr lenls wer c jittery fro th l blast , wntcrfronl destroyed | )U wrecked as fa,- as two' nillns houses shaken ami windows en over an area of ]w ' miles. fn P ')Sj ni .'li rert .. a i lU " n . OU l»P»'*0. -.,„ roli:" l).i,,j;erou.5 Firr s S(l|| Huging as and we me Jio( out of th woods yet," nil) said today A eight major oil lank fires were blast! h0l "' S aUcr tllc "'"«« np 1 "" n Sa n' UlC W = B ° SL WO1 '"' ™ S new oil .fires. A shipment of 'na.OW ised in fight- "otile froj. FOR QUICK DELIVER These Prices Listed Are a Fe Post-ToosHes, 6 oz box 5 C ! Tomatoes, No. 2 can, 2 cons ... 25cj Milk, any brand, 3 tall cans 36cj Hominy, No. 2 1-2 size can lOcj Kv&ut, No, 2 1-2 can ...... lOcj Karl's. Taysleo. Wonder [ ?'Brecsd, 2for 25rl *•••••*«-. AiaJ^s • P^s 7 No. 3 siffed Fai«m Brand lOcj Hot Tamaies, 15 oz can 19 C i Com, Ho. 2 can White Cream . 12cj Catsup, 14 oz bottle 21cj Krispy Crackers, 2 Ib. box 39cj Potatoes, peck (15 Ifas) 43 C ! Coffee, Happy Hour, Ib glass 51cj £ HEALTH HJALTH HEALTH ^Tf^ We have a complete line of h raU NO f/ALT OR SUGAR ADDED Sugar, spare stamp 11) 10 Ibs 92c V^lf. tC IL. I. 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Hundred's of Ihrm w-io still unnrcounled for. llull-,!o/rrs imsln-,1 through the SIM-)' debris nliniff Ilin wjitrr fronl (oclay, searclihif for victims. Mayor .1. curl Is Trnhim said \- noil had been treated In hospitals at Cialveston, Houston, n ,ul nenrby cities. . Hlock clouds of Miioke covered the coast or Oalveston Hay a.i I"'.' "" the city of O'.alvesloti. on an is-HI 10 miles away. n s day hrokn 0,1 (he town of twlsled steel cirders, "Hashed and bmnlnc oil siornsc inks and shells of ofilce and in- iKtrlnl biiltcllngs. The town was patrolled by 15,000 law eiiforccenieiit officers. The town wns slnit off for the merely eiirloiis. .survivors who had n« missing mcmlK-r.H of tliclr families were cnconrnf-cd to leave Oas ""•' shut off. ''IBs and meillrni supplies were rushed here from all parts ot Hie Southwest, The Army flew 12 DM) pounds of blood plasma from Se'otl. Field, St.. Louis, and 8.150 pounds "•0111 ncrgsiron, ncicl, Austin. Tex. 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