The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on May 10, 1987 · Page 55
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 55

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1987
Page 55
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Sunday, May 10, 1987 The Beacon Journal E3 Tait or Chandler might be answer to WWWE's needs By Terry Pluto " Beacon Journal staff writer Now that Pete Franklin plans to call a schmuck a schmuck in New York, who will be the next host of Sportsline (6-10 p.m.)onWWWE(1100-AM)? This much is obvious the station needs a broadcasting heavyweight, someone who is a name in the Cleveland market. Art Modell reportedly is in the process of selling WWWE for $14 million to Jacor, a radio syndicate that owns WMJI (105.7-FM) and WBBG (1260-AM) in Cleveland along with WLW in Cincinnati and KOA in Denver. Jacor reportedly considered Franklin' to be an important asset at WWWE, because of his consistently high ratings for the last 20 years. Along with Cavaliers, Indians and Browns games, Franklin was a sure I .w I I if M- AW Tait Chandler draw for both listeners and sponsors. Jacor reportedly wanted Franklin and is more than a bit unhappy about his departure. Here's a quick check list of possible Franklin successors, starting with the leading candidates: Joe Tait. He does Cavaliers games on WWWE 1 and Indians games on WUAB-TV (Ch. 43). Tait is in the last year of his contracts with both WWWE and WUAB. Along with Franklin, he is the most well-known and respected name in Cleveland sports broadcasting. Nev Chandler.' When Franklin made his ill-fated switch to a morning show in 1979, Chandler took over Sports-line and the ratings held up. Now a sportscaster on WEWS-TV (Ch. 5), Chandler also does Browns games on WWWE. In the past, he has broadcast Indians, Cavs and Force games. His contract is up at the end of the year. In the case of Tait and possibly Chandler, money could be an issue. Franklin earned about $100,000 at WWWE. Tait's play-by-play income is greater. Chandler is well-compensated for his television and Browns work. At WHN in New York, Franklin will receive a 2-year, $600,000 deal. He has been called the nation's best sports talk show host by Sports Illustrated, Mutual Radio's Larry King and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to his ability to insult callers who he said deserve it, Franklin's popularity was due to his knowledge of sports and his ability to get big names to appear on his show. Only Chandler and Tait seem to have that type of credibility in the market. If the station wants to take a more frugal (read: cheap) route, here are some more candidates: Dan Coughlin. Currently a sports reporter at WJW-TV (Ch. 8), Coughlin is a former Plain Dealer reporter who has had several radio and television jobs in the area. He filled in for Franklin Friday and seemed to be endlessly promote himself for the job as he worked at being outrageous. Bruce Drennan. If nothing else, he's available. Drennan once did the Indians (1980-82) on WUAB and a sports talk show on WBBG. He nows owns a tavern in Parma and does fill-in work at various radio stations. Gib Shanley. Like Drennan, he's open to suggestions. Shanley once was well-known in the area as he did Browns games on radio and was the area's highest-rated sportscaster (WEWS). Shanley has spent the last three years in Los Angeles, where he has worked only sporadically. . Greg Brlnda. A nice, hard-working guy who has been doing a Saturday morning sports talk show on WERE for the last five years. So far, all that is sure is that Franklin is out. As for who will be ivstay tuned. READERS RESPOND Letters to the Beacon Journal sports department must be originals, have a signature, contain an address and a phone number. All letters are subject to editing. If you have a comment to make, send it to Readers Respond, Beacon Journal Sports, 44 E. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 44328. Goodbye Chip Banks I APPLAUD the deal that brings us (Cleveland Browns) an awesome linebacker. I don't know if, in his senior season, Chip Banks had 188 tackles (as did top pick Mike Junkin). A player with that one statistic should be feared and also highly touted as the coach and the rest of the staff thought! The only qualm I have about the deal is that we didn't get just a bit more. We could have gotten at least San Diego's second pick instead of swapping them. They must have picked up on the trouble we were sending them. Still, we got the better of the deal by getting rid of a headache. Stanley J. Dodrill, Barberton Too much on Akron U IT APPALLS me how some Akron fans think the Beacon Journal should cover University of Akron sports more to help attract students and fans. I am sick of reading commentary and analysis articles on Akron U football. Akron U sports do not deserve any more newspaper attention than any of the other sports teams in the area. Now, if the football team turns out to be great, then I can understand a little more coverage. But up to now, I have not seen much that deserves more sports page space. The university would like to rest on a newspaper "crutch" to do its sports promotion. It is up to the university to market its sports teams in the community. Akron U is not promoting its teams like it should. I have been a devoted fan of Akron U sports for the past six years since I began attending Akron. I have done some reporting on Akron football for the campus newspaper and have talked with many in the community about the football program. University marketing of sports has been sorely lacking both on and off campus. No newspaper should be counted on to do it for the university. Ray Herbst, Massillon Remove Corrales LET US HOPE that the Jacobs brothers were watching the latest episode of Tribe tribulations in Texas Tuesday night. If they did, they must certainly realize that the responsibility for this season's horrors rest with the man they employed to manage their team. A manager's job is to use his players properly, and Pat Corrales has too often shown that he knows less about bis job than the average fan. In a 5-1 game, you do not remove a starting pitcher who was superb for 8 innings (10 strikeouts, 5 hits, 1 run) because he walked one and threw two balls to the next batter especially when your bullpen has regularly demonstrated its inability to do the job. Walking Pete Incaviglia (AL home run leader) is not always a major sin, and the two balls Swindell threw to (Ruben) Sierra were close enough to give him the benefit of a doubt, especially in light of his strong performance. Yet, instead of letting Swindell get out of the jam, Corrales decides that it's time to let his pet project, Ernie Camacho, prove his worth to the team once again. Camacho, whose confidence is shattered because he is misunderstood by the fans and media who don't realize how hard it is to play in the major leagues and make thousands of dollars, allows three base hits and two runs in a matter of minutes. Having already started the damage, Corrales compounds it by calling for this year's project, Steve Carlton, who again showed why he has been a starting pitcher during his career and not a middle or short reliever. By the time he finished, the score was tied, runners were on first and third, and Swindell was in the locker room searching for a revolver. Enough is enough Messrs. Jacobs and Jacobs. Corrales and his crew of projects, (including Otis Nixon) have got to go. Please show the fans in Northeast Ohio that you know something about baseball by sending Corrales packing. Thomas Af. Musarra, Akron Support Zips' goals I HAVE been a lifelong resident of the Akron area and have witnessed the ups and downs of our community for many years. Recently we have had two examples that represent the types of events that demonstrate the roller-coaster ride the Akron area has been on during the past 20 years. On the downside there's the recent announcement by Firestone to move its corporate headquarters to Chicago and impending layoffs at Loral (Goodyear Aerospace). On the upside there's the tre- r n Lifetime Mufflers 91 Drum Brakes w Per axle installed. Most cars. Replace shoes, Inspect springs, resurface drums, inspect hydraulic system, add lluid If necessary, road test vehicle . Disc Crakes Per axle installed Most cars. Replace pads (semi-metallic pods extra), repack wheel bearings, inspect grease seals, resurface rotors, inspect hydraulic system, odd fluid if necessary, road test vehicle. . 2 Locations nearest you: Akron 984 S Arlington Rd 773-9157 W Waterloo and Manchester . . . 753-0305 W Market and Hawkins 864-4538 Cuyahoga Falls Rt 8 across trom Rick Case Hondo 929-1465 Tallmadge l75WeslAve 633-0313 Stow Rt 59 and Fishcreek Rd 678-481 1 N. Randall 4748Warrens'villeCtr Rd across from Randall Mall 663-0900 Canton Whipple and Fulton 492-0040 12th and Market 455-8865 Massillon 3632 Lincoln Way, East 477-2227 Check the Yellow Pages for your local Speedy Multler King Lifetime Mufflers, , Brake ShoesDisc Pads, ShocksCoil Springs Guaranteed For As Long As You Own Your Car. See manager for details. Otter ends 51687. Most maior credit cards occepted. 1987 Bloor Automotive Inc. muffler king5 mendous opportunity presented our community through Gerry Faust and the University of Akron football program. Many of the downside events are largely beyond our control. , However, the support of Faust and the Akron U football program can be greatly influenced with our local support and, with time, can provide a very positive asset that the Akron.. The Akron U football program is currently experiencing some growing pains much like those pf a new company. Budget problems and personnel difficulties are a real fact of life in every institution, both public and private. However, if the long-term objective of a first-class football program is supported by this community, these intermediate problems can and will be solved. A strong influential university will help attract business to this area, and a first-rate football program under Faust should play a major role in this effort. . Robert A. Harris, Akron "Bump-Aire" BOAT FENDERS UfeHm (varaMM o.eiml bunHnf m iptMnt Ixtie-llikli wsfc prefect even H punchmd kttotM rh Ul lypt vohrt M tho Keren you tote MANY SIHS FROM J"x13" to 10"xJ6" Priced from only 3.50 to 39.95 Additonal discount for package quantities AUo avalleMc ol kg Mvfcip DOCK BUMPERS ASHLAND INDUSTRIES INC. 69 Robinson Ave., Barberton (Behind 6&W OFFICE Slag.) Opn Mofl. Hwu Fri. 9a.m. o 4 p.m. 753-0304 mm m mlwtfImm a a Pfi 2nd fire when you buy one 8 I iTf j iP af regular price! i:fM New steel-belted Firehowkl Buy I ? 1 Traction, handling and while jYl M Save on steel-belted S-21 1 j-QK 2 3 OI reg. pr,Ce, get 1 FREE f ! Ietter mean great performance JtyfSja HS though May .6. through' June. 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