The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1949
Page 3
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THURSDAY, 'APRIL 2S, 1949 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.V COUNTER NEWS PAGE THREE THI NATION TODAY Inter national Game, With Peace Of Whole World as No. 1 Prize, Moves Chess-Like Into Future ^ H.v James Marlow ™ WASHINGTON, April IS. (;!•,— It's like an international game o[ tiv-for-tat, The cold war, It's been called. The Russians haven't been winning it. They started strong. Now the West is strong. So it's time lor a Russian move. That's why their talk of culling off (lie Berlin blockade Is no surprise. You can almost clinrl llieir moves by the timetable of events. When tlie war ended (lie United^ — States, Britain, France and Russia divided Germany into [our zones, each occupying one. And. although Berlin was In the Russian zone, they agreed that each of the four nations would one .sector of Berlin. occupy Uncle Sam Gets New Loud Speaker / To supply llioii' troops and the Germans in their sectors of Berlin, the Western powers had to send the supplies through the Russian zone. The idea behind the four-power occupation was that someduy they'd ' let the Germans set. up their own, new government. ; But now the timetable starts. By the end of 1047, after several hit? meetings, it became clear (he four wartime allies couldn't auree on the khiri ot fiovernment they wanted for Germany. Western Powers Gain mound The Russians wante 1, prncnilJv. a centralized government, The other three nations wanted one that was fairly decentralized. f|l Tn the decentralized kind a new Hitler or a revolutionary group like Communists would have a tougher time srabbing control. So early in 1948 the three Western powers began talking of setting up a separte German government in their /ones of Gcroiany. The Russians didn't WfitH that. The Communists grabbed control in Czechoslovakia in February. 1948, On March 1, 194R the Western European countries announced plans to set up a military alliance to defend themselves against attack. They signed the alliance on March 17. On March 20 a meeting between the rer 'esentntlves of the U. S., Britain. France and Russia broke down at Berlin. The Russians walked out. Meanwhile, the Marshall plar was ready. Communists ail over Europe denounced it. It started April 3 but on April 1 the Russians threw n blockade ov Berlin. H wasn't a complete blockade. But it made H a little tougher for the V- S., Britain and France to send supplies into their sectors of Berlin. ft On June T, 1948. the three big Western powers nQrecd on setting up a provisional German government In Western Germany. This angered the Russians more. In the meantime, the three Western powers and Russia had argued about the kind of money to be used in Berlin. Tt must have been a blow to the Russians when on June 11, 1948. the Senate passed a rx^otutlon which in effect snid the U ". oucht to take part IP a military alliance with Western Europe, Airlift Nearly Year Old On June IS, 1948 the three Western powers announced they'd reform tiie money In their zones. And —on June 19 the Russians slapped a real blockade on Berlin. Since then the Western powers have had to supply their sectors of Berlin with R n airlift. In the months that followed, this coin]try, Canada and the Western European countries huddled over (lie military alliance they'd set up for protection against Russia, The Atlantic pact. It's called now. Tliis made It clear the Russians weren't winning [he cold war. Am in February a representative o this country and a representative of Russia bcgii ntalking about the Berlin blockade. On March 18 the Westren powers announced they were ready to sign the Atlantic pact. Three days before that, with the world full of uew.s of the pact, the Russian representative In the UN talked again f Russia began talking about the Berlin program. t On Monthly it was announced Ihc ennans had cleared the decks for etting ui> a new government in the Vestern /.ones. And yesterday Rus- Newest addition to the U, S. Fleet is the USS Koanokc, at dock in Philadelphia. It is the most powerful light cruiser in the world, and armed with the new semi-mitomatlc six-Inch guns. Commissioning is set for April 4. dispense beer at retail on the premises described 401 West Ash Blytheville, Mississippi Comity. The undersigned states lhat he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been la began talking publicly of lift- j convlclrd of a felony or other crime ng the Berlin blockade. I involving moral turpitude; that r.o They may think by this they'll ! license to sell beer by the muicr- >lock setting up the new govern- signed lias been revoked within live nent but the Western powers say .hcy'll go ahead with the government, anyhow. Zzechoslovakian General Seeks Asylum in the U.S. WASHINGTON, April 28 (fl>) — Brig. Gen. Josef Schejbal, Czecho- slovukhtn military and air attache, has renounced his job and appealed to the Stale Department, for asylum in the [Jnited States. Diplomatic officials who reported this today said Schejbal quit rather thai, obt-y orders to return to Prague with ills wife. He i-s tlu: second high Czech of- liciui tn break with his government in the last few days. Hugo Skala, a key member of a visiting Czech slovak'E.n financial mission, gave up his post a few hours after reaching American shores last week. Sjlicjbal Inus been the top military and air expert in the Czechoslovakia:! embassy since January 1847 years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted ot violating the laws of this slute. o: any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st clay ot July, 194U. and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1950. II. T. Lewis, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this r? day of April. 1949. Elizabeth Mason. SKAI/i Notary Public My Commission expires; 4-28-50. Gifts for "Old at 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy _tol^*( j'rtiir sue! Tl'inuiiiil* at* p'lu'y »l 70. T/j ruml-itu r,,llii K OinVi'lfij- VlVib'^lM-^'orirl^ nl;n-|i many turn «,i,l wmiirn r.ill "..1,1." 'j r , u'rT'J"-""NeV"' " r ^M*iVV' m?K ' f r ' rlll f r * m ' Al all <lrus stores everywhere.—In lllylhcvtlle, at Klrby & Wmxts Urn* One of the groups of coramic tiles (lie British Museum is an early 14th century series tieplcing the infancy of Jesus. NOTICE Notice 1-s hereby yivcn that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and D.P.L. No. 15 COTTON SEED Delimed, Treated And Sacked 85Tc Germination 1 Year from Station A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY For Sale Mogers & Gill THIS WONDfRfUL it •• ** — PRlCfS / HOUR COUPONS! COUPONS D.nd INSTRUCTIONS PACKED IN IACH SACK OPEN AN ACCOUNT Honor Molher with brilliant diamonds, a beautiful watch, or imarl jowelry accessories Sho'11 treasure your Thought* fulness for years to come. S M O K I I t S S BJtOllSStTTl i'» by BiHtirt. F,-< EMJX. 120CAMIIA lor bal.l Detaili »ilh XtllyV P.'j. Flour. | STAINlill SIUl KI1CHEN KNIVIS ~[~r I Slo!nflll^e«1 paling Vnif*. VnlF«. vigtrobU knifB. llic. ing Inifa. Pe1ytlr«n« hond- t valu< alln . TaUi .Me ?', .J 1 . pidu'.i er > itondard 130 M^, Dflio-fi In «ach ;otV o( Ktll^'t Ptldt f\our. COMA1IC IASTII Dell. Ark. IMione fcASCO.TEX PLASTIC TABU COVIt "'DELTA HUSKY IHCTHIC LASTUN ice. Ihro*tbrigS»,600>rool v,lih borurltv DtlQili IK 1 ALUMINUM CRIDDll TOASTIt BaV*i vh.oi coVai. <om <ok«i, tk. GrilU land- inokt. BiTflrirlif potiih»d titan. DtfToili wifft Kellf'i Pride flovr. MOORE BROTHERS Highway 18 West, Blylheville MEN'S WEEK BULOVA $1.00 $rr)5 A WEEK 3Z. Lovely "American Bride." — 17 Jewolj. ELGIN .A WEEK J/ : DuraPower Mainiprlna . s —'7 jewels. W«?Mu ,$»*% W'' ^' J 3^^ 1847 ROGERS BROS. SILVERPLATE (*« tllM fl & Every Pair of Men's Shoes In Stock Reduced During This Week Only! Scores of Styles Shown NATIONALLY FAMOUS —BRANDS— EDWIN CLAPP FOOTSAVERS BOSTONIANS MANSFIELD STARTS FRIDAY 9 A.M. .1 S H O ES I 52-Piece Service For 8 $ 64" C/ieit Included GRUEN CHARGt IT *\ Curvex Charm — match- fng bracelot. COMMUNITY SILVERPLATE 52-Piece (Service Fork $69/5 BENRUS $1 ' 00 ...>OO 75 Cfiest Included A WEEK' Gold-filled bracclcl-17 Jewell. Bulova $1.00 ^^' J A WEEK J J "Albion," gold-filled, 17 Jewels. IHOLMES & EDWARDS SILVERPLATE 52-Piece Service For 8 W DREIFUS Dreifus , . . Wear Diamonds :uh\u:si \i\i\ si STOUS IN M.TTHIVIUI. MVWMIS AND DTIMMNtB $ 68 50 Chest Included CONVENIENT TERMS

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