The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1931
Page 6
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I'AGH KTX Rl.YTJIIOVII.!,!•:. (AUK.) COUUIKK NKWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lauter Visiting Five Springs Surmise, Coming from Bn-| hind to Win, 26-25. ' The Osceola Independents, who for some reason were not cxpcclvd' to do much with the niythevillo) .'All-Stars, turned out a victory cvrrj the locate in o thrilling and closely fought gnme at the Armcrv lu:-'i night. .The score was 26. lo 25. A field goal by Hampton in the last two minutes of play Hut Uie . Osceplaiis out ahead of the Blv-j thevillc boys and 'visitors fought| off the desiierate offense of il'el -; locals until Hi? whistle sounded. It was one-of three Rnmes tb:ilj provided &1! the essentials of an - lnteri?sllng- encounter on ihc maplr-i court. Sensational goals, fast floor work -and some fast and furious .Guarding. - The Blytheville five saw ibe vis- •Hors score the first three paints of' •the game and then rjot busy to lead 9 to 8 at the end of Ihe first quarter. In the secr.nd period th? . ; locals laid the visitors scorelc.« and ran their own total up for a 16 to 8 lead.'Although the B«me j«-»s interesting there 'really didn't -.seem to be any dcubl at the half T.-ay mark but that the Blytbjvillc learn would coast through with :i victory. .. ..With the second hnlf the scrap- j..plng. Osceolans started their fin 1 - I.work5 but were still trailing when .theithird quarter ended. 17 to 21. ,:In the last quarter the visitors ,lorged into a tie with the Dlythe- /ville'-boys at 21 all with a couple of minutes lo go. Then Hampton. [ Osceola center, tossed in a lony one to break the lie. Abe Ken-, • nlngham, Blytheville ace, mad? good a foul toss to bring the locals •within one point of the visitors mid the game ended. Abe Kenningham, . Blythevills -forward, led the individual scorers wilh 16 points but he was closely pressed by Talum of Osccola with 1* points. Six ot the OioMlan's • points -were, foul goals: Incidentally £the ace'of the visiting team has recently \moved to Dlythevlll-? andf.n'ill to elieible to play with the .Blytheville aggregation in the fiHure. ... ' In an abbreviated preliminary affair'-with a 1 miscellaneous assortment ot city league players the ?Apes" trimmed the Outlaws. 0 to 3. ' Line-up of the town game follows: Osceola 26 Dacas 4 TUESDAY. JANUARY 20, The Umpire at Home Tatum.14 Burton Watson 1 Himptcn 3 Rhuebush 2 Pos. B'ville 25 RP - Burge 8 Kinningham, .1 2 IF Kciiiilugliain 15 C HG Swims Length of Mississippi Grimes! Honvy Stewart Smith 2 LG Elliott : Referee — Greene. Tinickecuer. Crawford, Scorer, Sudbury. Tin-.? of .'quarters; ten minutes. OOKS AND • UDES ,1JAH PSflUCHER Eill Can Tcaoh It When the committee of the University of California went scekln; » successor to Nibs Price, (he aim expressed was to find a man who yould teach the Notre Dame system. Finally it was decided to hire . Navy Bill Ingram, who has been'teaching the Navy the Warner, system for several \.2ars back. Bill..however, will be able to teach One suniriifr day nbout • five months ago lucre \v,is a big splash: in the headwaters of the Mississippi near Minneapolis. The other day the cause of the splash emerged from, the "Father of Wnters" ni New Orleans, succsssfully complctUicj an attempt lo swim 'the length of ih? river. Fred Newton of Perrlday, La., accomplished Ihe feat. Here he h us ho slcppcd up on a New Orleans wharf to receive the concjrntulations of admirers. Newton visited Blytheville one of his rest days during the long swim. .Captain Kiki !There Is No Reason for' Reel Ormsby To Be! Lc.'iesome Off Job. ". i . BY WH.I.IAM BRAVCIIKK : NKA Service Sports Edllar i CHlCAOO-Maybe it's true that, an uimlre "ain't got no frirnds." j but that's no rea--:on for his bslriB j | lonc-tme. 1'rcof ol that is Einm^tt i 1 "Hcd" Ormsby, father of ci'.'hl i bouncini! Iwys and girls. There Isn't a lonesont: moment; iirouncl the Ornuby home here, uli 3S11 west 95th slrecl. In the stib- iiih of Everercen Park. The oldest of Keel's eliiht children is Rita and she's 8; the youngest Is Robert, and! he; Is not tiultc three months old. | Eight children In eight yca'rs proves i ihat even umpires have elflclent ways. Toinny Connolly, oldest of the American lA-a^ue umpires, tised to be a family man in a small way ilmself, nncl every few years he would suite j'rexy Ban Johnson Ip llic effect Ihat a new name had been uctdecl to the Connply roster, m] iicldltlaii would = have • to bo InilH to the old homis in Natlck, Mass., and it might not be an inappropriate gesture lo give Mr. Connolly 11 raise. In pay, Hut i! Red Orm,sby had received a nii'e in pay for every addition to jls family, the man would be Independently rich.- * V • '• Oul in Cleveland in the summer of 1929. Umpire' ISick Campbell was behind Ihe plate. Brick Oyens was al nrsl and Red Ormsby su third. II was a close game, the A's and Indians battling along on liretty even terms. Late in thej name Lew Pomcca buntx;d and | oddly unough. bent it to firsl. Mr. j Campbell ruled Lew out for run-1 iilncj out of Ihe baseline on the way '• ,lo the bag. , Considerable heat thereby was'! i engendered among- the : merry. vil- | layei-s in the stands, who tossed .a j j few bottles indiscriminately at this , umpire and that. Over at first boso, i I Mr. Otrcns. actuated by a pure bull dumb design " for furnishing some j comic relief, did a windup with one of this bottles and went through motions as though to throw R back ! at the customers. i Mr. Ormsby. over" at .tlilrd base, I made no untoward gestures, merely pursuing his way calmjy back and forth alon^ tho third base line, looking neither lo right or left. After Mr. Owciis 1 silly- panlomime, Ihe patrons started throwing In ', real earnest, hurling onto the field ! whatever conveniently fit the hand.j Still Ormsby pursued his way leisurely alcnj,' the baseline,- the very picture of calm indifference, under • Tire. The other umpires kept an eye on the stands and ducked occasionally, but Ormsby nevjr turned his head. Suddenly a well-arched throw descended plop on Ormsby's head, and lit 1 went down like an oil stock in p. selling wave. . • .» * . ; I often wondered at his • cjlm- IIMS that day under fire, and gave credit for Ihat brave noncha u , lanco lo the fad Ihat Ornviby had b:en up there In • the front 1 lines' with the United States Marines during the \\ar, and was Inured to Campboll Wasps .Hand Defeat ' Dexler Vikh !i-> visitors CAMPJIKI.L. MC. — \Vh ;ll yj.'haps tlio jjrfatwt (jalixv "c- liotijj artist t: XLi'.hur oil one-''c':«ri in .',ou'.h:-asi .Missouri v.u- ncssBil in Uir AiiiTlcasi i.»-.'jo-i BJ'iu here Saturday niyht when"ini? Dexter viking sci.'fiTrci iliciV I'-st <ieli?at of lli» yi us- after oiijtii ovi'i- Eeciiiive victories, 'l he Campbell Wasps won. 37 to :12. The contest was close thrcu?h- j cut aim nsvfi- :;'. :-.!ij Uui-i-j'/ 11'o faille- VK i IIP v;-:ie sspaui';.^ by a wider maran .than 5 poini': At tho end of Hie half led 20 to W. ] The victorious team, tin- Gump. Ml Wasps, was in idi- up iJ foi.'.i. er and present culic-v.e vlars i/nin over southeast Miss-iiui. On 'die team were Prof. Aubrey Simon or Canuh'.n-svilic 1 . former a^]-cinii>r- 01102 Slav at v/ W. y. Olcnn of Campbell, last jvar all- Souiheast Missouri forward. Gilbert Conn, present center of tlie Carulhersville Junior col! !•&. Loui-.. ! Meyer of Gideon. Herb Mi/sre o! | Poplar Bluff, Me Adams of Central j College. Dexter'5 llmvip inciudM '. Poinsett, Anderson. Heaey, D.UI---JI- I erty, Hart McAdums and V.ingii. f Here Is the little family of Emmelt "Red" Oriiuby, American League umpire. In the-: jpicture* are, left to right: Kmmett, Jr.. 4;' Byron Bancroft (named for Ban Johnson, former president of the American U>:ig»e), 3;' Dolores, 2'. Second row: Helen, 5; Mrs. pnriBby, holding Robert, two month's; Daddy Oriusby, holding Edward, l: Rita. 8.''In the rear is Rosenuuy, 6. CLASSIFIED ^B^ ' ^^r"^^ ff ^^mr^~- r DID YOU KNOW THAT— When the Nats so south- they'll taXe along a bunch of bats treated by a new process which will add 100 points (ei-'the batting averag,? of every; man who uses one ... at "least, that's what the salesmen say 1 . . . the wood Is dried by baking and Is subjected to an oil treatment that Is said lo add power and bounce. . . . 'Australia is holding a swimming jimot 'this season in shark-infested waters . . so the swimmers will be protected by n wire net. towed by' a pow.-r?Boat. . . . Knute Rockne says'his son, Bill, cught to develop into a good quarterback because the kid has curiosity, originality and initiative . . . one night whlle'the family was In Rochester, when? Rockne underwent overhauling, Knute woke up at 1 and noticed his •7-yeaf-old son missing from his bed . . . Rock dressed and went hunting for -him .;. . hs "was passing the elevator shaft when the elevator • whizzed past, and Papa Rockne got a fleeting glimpse of hia son ... he rang the bell. . .-•. tho machine de sc'ended, stopped . . . there was Bill, operating the lift Just to sec how it worked. JOHN COOLIDGE IN-FLORIDA ST. PETERSBURG, Fla , (OP)—. John Coolldgc, son of the former- president, is here on his first visit.' accompanied by his wifa, the form-1 ej;J Florence Trumbull, daughter of; ex-Governor and. Mrs. John Trum-1 bull of Connecticut, who are m-[ eluded in the party. U. S. Senator! Marcus A. Coolidge and wife have' mac!.:; reservations to arrive here Feb. 1. February had • five Sundays in 1880 and will again in 1948. USE*PBONE the young men the Notre Damcl'lko nn armless athlele; Ihat If ho system, too, as his Navy teams have ' 1! >s a left jab it remains n secret, lost-four in a row to the South'""d that oiten when there Is Benders and Bill.knows Rocvne's wide opening In nil adversary's de- 1 feme v.hich is visible to \n on:- eycd ny. Mr.x m!s;cs It entirely. Critics !\l=o vicrf aghast fit his embryo Dempsey, who is to meet: FAST AIK TRAVEL FOR SWEDKs — - •• - ...-.-• STOCKHOLM. (UP)-Alr travelers from Sweden to the Continent will soon be able to hove their breakfast In Mnlmo. in the south ern province of Scania, mid tea in London or Paris seven hours later, with a tanning In Amsterdam, for luncheon Tills scliedulv Iras just been announced for the next flying season by the Swedish Aerotrans- port Company. When Ihe Chicago Cubs lieud west for Catnllna mid. the major league spring tinlnlns season, Hazen (Kl- „ ,_ „„. _.._ ..._ „ kl) cuyler, above, fleet outfielder,; voliejs of various projectiles whlrz- will bo one of the best conditioned Uruins in the squad. Klkl has been Tern Hccii?:.' in a scheduled 10- rcunc; bout nt Madison Square Garden, advised the fighter to run an electric vibrator over his skull ftt frequent intervals to sllr up his brain bi-fore engaging in matches with first flight heavyweights. "They observed that'he blocks system inside oul. . « * * lUs Angeles A. C. Talent .When March rolls around and AMERY, Wis. tUPt—Karakuls, playing biifkclball several nights a week with his Flint Flyers, a Michigan semi-pro outfit organized by the Cub star five years ago.' HILL 51 FEET LONG BANGOR. Me., (UP) — If you think your grocery bill Is big, consider this one: A s,-roccry bill 51 feet long. Itemizing everything ing about his ears. Now I know differently. What are a few pop botUes tossed at- a nuni with n family like Red's? An umpire's job? Pshaw! That's a vacation!' Marqufttc Takes the Air Interesting Marquctte University alhlclic personalties—coaches, players and former stars—are- presented weekly in a series of radio luter- from a yeast cake lo" a barrel"ofi vlcws conducted, by WHAD. tie flour, was presented in court here! Marquclte station, each Tuesday at recently by n merchant, seeking to 7:45 P. M. recover $983 for grocrles sold over plorable footwork." t'ly.l ~i>.», njo. .„. ,*,,.,.mtl;j,. dc .| sacred sheep of contra] Asia, are a ! " P" 10 " of^two years, source of farm lucerne to A. A.! FATHER RESCUES OWN SON WORLICH, Me., (OP)—Far out on the ice near Arrowsic bridge, the. national basketball tourna- \ All of which might be very truo. Svvn l e . who introduced them to ment is held in Kansas CV.y, tho'Biit isn't It also true that when i\.. northw!;s 'crn Wisconsin- Expensive Los Angeles Athletic Club will send • promising young fighter Vm't so Persian rugs, karakul and Persian _ .„ .., a team-that Is tough. One of the. Is maichid with a punch-dizzy hay lambs coats are made from their Frank • Carlton espied the strug- players will be Hyatt, of the Unl-jbag like Hjtncy. It doesn't, hurt P 01 ' 5 nll d wool and the mutton is gllng form of a little bey under versity of Pittsburgh, one of th^j the gato a bit to infer that the hi demand at restaurants, hotels whose weight the frozen surface greatest floor men In the country, premising yhms flghtci Isn't so . *"« packing houses. All of the had broken. He rushed lo his aid tcday. Another will be Wileox. from 1 S'ccl as he might bo? | sheep have sprung from importa- and pulled him to safety, to the Unverslty of Towi. Still an- -lions directed by Theodore Rcos-:- discover that he had rescued l rank; CAT THAVEI.5 5,000 MILES FALL RIVER, Mass., (OP)—After traveling michiiperoned more-than 5,000 miles from Honolulu, a whits cat arrived here recently. Mrs. El ton W. Qrenfoll of this city, making a world tour, "adopted" the cat Grenfell home here. R1TZ THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday, and ' ; Thursday. . : RAILROADED! ; V.OT Crime She Didn'l other will be Pickell. of the Phillips 66 t«am of last year. It sounds like ; an. All-America. Coufrars Sixteen Are Tram cf Ginnts of Washing n:i Slate's, veil. i first string football team that met j -.-.. ••:• ' 1 Alabama in tho Tournament ofj Dempsey Picks.Striblinjc Rose? Game New Year's JV.y were | Jack Dempsey picked Willie-sir: fol or more ui hi'ijlit. ,-Kivc, Stribling as the best heavyweight others were 5 feet "II Indies' tall"in the country in his ratings the and another pair wi,- s feet 10.;.other day. Mr. Dsmpsey was given Inches In height. '{ a ride In Willie's airplane recently.': i_ It Just may be possible that, Mr-| WARNinG ORD'tr. Dempsey expects to take another! tide In Bill's plane one of thes: | CHANCERY days, and .it's always nice to be friendly with the pilot. Those Long Shots You can't pick up a. newspaps these days -without noticing that some skate paying $9,876.543 for $2 ' ..* Just popped in New Orleans. Such, things happen only in the winter at New Orleans, where Chi-: court nafcod cago handbock operators sleep with ; of nnrt znswcr COURT, CHICK.V- SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIP-. FI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Fxjuitabie Building t 'c Loan Association. Plp.lntllT. No. 4883 ' vs. Reginald Sears, el ol.. Defendant. the horses., The defendants. Reginald Srars, end Orel'.o Bears arc w.iriifl to appear within . thirty days in the Uio caption the comport ot • One of the quaint old dodges usa<J by publicity men is exemplified In copy recently received from Madison Square Garden, which ran something like this: "Some wise men of whack who nav« attended the training aclivi- ties of Max Adelbert Baer, the the plaintiff, Equitable Builciing Loan Association. Dated Jan. 13, 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. • By Harvey i!orri5, D. C.' Nell] Reed. ' Ally. Ad Litem I 13-20-S7-3! Kcad C.ijrier News Want Am. -« rdncsrlay Thursday The Screen's Sensation of the Our AVanl-Att Service is like a- community Switch Hoard. You transmit your desires to a News Ad-Taker . . . (hat ad forms the connection between you and a special of interested iwrlirs . . . (h c quickest and most direct con- lad with results. ANN HARDING-MARYASTOR EDWARD EVERETT HORTON! ROBERT AMES HEDDA HOPPER.' \ Listed aa one of Hi* Ten Best Pictures of 1930. Classified 306 — For an Ad-Taker — "SIN TAKES A; HOLIDAY" with Constance : Coming infer can ? l; harm your motur when usiiig P/4ID The screen sensation from Bayart! Veilkr's Bio.;tiv.ay hit, "Williln t h e I.aiv." with Robert Armstrong and Marie Prevost A SAM WOOD Production Matinee—10 and 30c. N'ight—15 and 40c. MOTO DEW AXED PARAFF1NE BASE POURS AT ZERO rotm motor is safe with Socony under any weather •condition. Even at below zero iemperuLures this perfettecl motor oil circulates freely to every vital moving part'the moment you step on the starter. You'll get 25£ to 50£ nlore mileage and save the winter vcar and tear on your battery by changing to the IKW Socony JS'OW' John Boles in "ONE "HEAVENLY NIGHT". MAGNOL PETROLEUM COMPANY STATIONS ANP PEAIERS THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHS. t

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