The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BIB mm "Kidnaping" Al Fancy Figures Not So Hard On Youngsters By IIARRV GIMVSON Syorls Kdilor, NBA Service Howard Elimke, Al Mamniix, V/alle iwyt, Bob Peller. { No wonder kid pitchers are so j jwpular. San Francisco suspects that it has anotlier Feller in Roy Piltt-r. 15-year-old dealer of Albany High .School in the bay district. Indeed, I hear that the New York Yankees right now are will- Ing to give yoiini; Mr. Pitter a seven-year contract at STOOfl pel- year, permit him to finish his education, and take their chances. Filter, who conies in at 180 pounds and looks and acts 20 years of age, has l\vo more years of preparatory school. University of California, which turned out Orvle Overall of the old Chicago Cubs and numerous others, wants They really turn 'em out -o'.it there In that particular section of Ihe Golden Slope. MeiimvhfJe. which outfit Is going to land El win (Preacher) Roc. who, fans 21 collegians like breaking; sticks? The Preacher hits one move year; to go in Harding College of Sear- i cy, Ark. Schoolboy Rowe and UM[ Warneke comi! from down that] way. The Dope Bucket liy J. 1'. Friend on (tie Gltmt ttce ... In fact, lie fanned S times during Hint memorable 14 Inning 1-0 hurling duel with baldy Jabbo New . . . Speak- «'ie ol Kelly, DeBerry s«ld that Kelly was doing well at Fort Smith . . . He has worked oir tlic sore nriii mid should make Prank Draa line pitcher .In case HANK HERE— Among the Inter- 1 Brnv-lll didn't know it, we might esled fans expected to see the! miBgest that for Kelly to complain ilardltig CY'llc-t't':•• opposition limy; cilniits tuid Pilots pry off the lid j of an acliing not be UK' mast robust In the. m ( |n> Northeast Arkansas League '""* was a y, Giants, Pilots Clash In N.E.A. Opener Thursday i»>f developed it sore aim losing two retired, for (Continued Sfom Pn»» OIPI ( liij-X'; Freddie "nity" Mondon. i I.ncal !ioy On Mound Clyde "Spot" Reed, right, homier, Ulver HOURC, Midi., shortstop; and im<! a Blythevllle boy. has been en- Hu.ssell "Huss" Glldlg, New Or-1 trusted with tiie hurling duties for leans. Lo.; third base. Joe Shy,Uhe Uobomen. Reed was one of the WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 1038 i agcr Bobo ut (bird. Charles "Chuck", this summer. George Pratt has re- Oxley, Ponllac, Michigan; Joe Cur-: tired from the game and Is In btis- I'an, Mlnc-i's Mills, I'enn., and Steve; (ness at Memphis. Charles Byrket "Lefty" Tramback, Albany, N. Y.,. is at Newport for a trial. Clarence j compos; the outfield. i Hine Is teaching and coaching at Angel "Biiig" Aragon, hard lilt- [ Hoxle. ting catcher, arrived last islshtj rile probable slarttng lineups: _ ^ u ^ _ ^ood sign He nl-! "''' l ' l ''° '" l!lL ' I°°P last season, will iaiid, but n fellow must, hiw\ iomoTrow^nruinioon nl, "a o'clock,i ways pitched'Ills best when Rome- i'"' nl nls oltl |Xlst w " h ciUlor !to!) - .i-rl Hopper, Cape Glrimlcuii, Mo,, ! (iv Kdtllc "Fido" Filo, Detroit, Midi., from Port Smith, nntl will make ] Cimithersvllle brought in when Ben Turner quit leading pitchers in the league last! his. debut behind the bat. | Sacc-man, cf ll:e squad, will be In left, field. Al [ year. Despite a slow start, In which j Tied j,>cits 0 ii, outfielder, Is c>:-< Slanton, 2ij i of his first tenj peeled laj;l«ht fiom Port Smith, j Glldif, 31) names, lie finally found himself In ' but it is doubtful li;al he will break Leonhimll, Ib idling imn, sore toe, bruised s ' li(ll '» 111 ' 1 . 'he best tlcldlng center- he won but * of his _ to whtl) 21 dummies In! wjll (,„ Herman "Hunk" DcBcrry,' thing "hurt" him . '?. ln "'"* s :J!?.J llol .Y.',.£!. b "! lcl :! i .,.?! I c '' 1(lf scm>i " ll(1 " llnor lD() 6" e mn>1 - PKELS GOOO-HI mse you s any description, which Is what J al;l ,,. 0 , the New York Gliinus the last half, winning 10 of twelve Into the lineiiii for a few days. He ant) winding up will) a 2.8S earned j IK .suffering from tin Infected leg, run average, which was fourth i This lineup gives the Giants only (lie Preacher did Arkmi- .'. T.oule I.ansky, local merchant, sas College Hie oilier afternoon. Wliu wild llit'H' wo no more gcocf bull ijlujws? liul in view cjf Ihc Yankeos' vc- 'Ihe former star cnLcher who wearing mi oversized grin and not- caueht Dnz/.y Vance, ex-Brooklyn Ice vest buttons .straining under' fireballer, ciiine in yesterday from the impact of an extended chest ! Fort Smith where he has bt'cn here's the reason ... A rookie •™ e i in right. The .skipper himself will 1 best. Reed appears to have iniprov- tv:o starters who opened the sea- '"••jl«- bi'hlml tile but, |«) this spring, lie Is Irs fine con-1 son hist year, .fulirin irarringlon S4!).OOD lo 15-yi-ar-old I Roy filler, the big league (Wilt-is must be inking the supposed They'll lj<; up for kidnaping nt:Xt, but what infant wouldn't want lo tt switched ut a price like Unit? T 5 <">/"?.-'•? .v »« J ? f" »"!,. V , . .•<". ;.-r «-.,;.; >J **. **S £• a » ... W <..,- i s.; i , ;, s ; >.i * „• !jj 5 S'juthfrn W. I.. Little Rock 9 Chatiancogn .. . Atlanta Pet. .8)8 .750 .1 NC'.v Orleans j llinnin^hani .. Queried fn regard to what he KnuxvHle )iad been doing around the Gold-! Nushvllle en City, Joe Dcvine, the Yankee! scout, replied that lie had been American watching high school players. i "What high schools?" Devine Cleveland was asked. "Albany," he said. "What else?" ' 'Watching colleges." Hot Tips for Scouts "See any major leagu!.' pccts?" "Yes, -sonje good ones. Petnish- kin and Selling of Southern California, Sam Chapman of California." "Ever hear of a Mil named Roy Filter?" a (i 1 i 4 4 7 4 C :t :s T ,300 .401) .304 .400 W. U Pel 2 ,114 Boston -. 5 3 .025 W.i.")iJi)glon 5 3 .025 Detroit ..' 4 '•lew York -1 '3 SI. I.ouls Philadelphia .500 .444 .423 ,375 2 S .286 National W. 7 5 L-. Pet "Yes, but I haven't seen him : -Hobby Coltrin (another Yankee sleuth—the woods are full of 'em) fays' that lie's good, but he's only 15 years old. A kid may look good at 15, and. not be able to throw across the diamond at 20. Fitter is too fnv away." But the fact remains that Dc- ylnc knows all nbotil Hoy Filter H is significant that Albany is .the only high school Devine mentions as Imving- gone to observe. CoasI observers wonder how, having gone expressly to watch Albany, Devine failed to see young Mr. Fitter, and how, having tailed to see liim, he knows all about him? > 1 .There also Is some reason to uispect that a boy who Is able to throw at 15 will be able to throw .at 20. Cleveland had to lug a tn- •tor .around with Feller last season. TJie Indians' Dick Merriwell was; only 18, yet was in his second season. . ' -Jn the opinion of-'scbuts, one of •the great names to be added lo the; long list of baseball greats ; that have • come out of the San Francisco district is likely to bo that of Roy , Fitter. This Rne'.ls Good, Too : That's a formidable list—from .Bill Lange to Joe DIMaggio. It includes a lot of blokes like Overall, •Harry Krause, Harry Hooper, Duffy Lewis, Oscar Vitt, Dutch Reuther, Frank O'Dotil, Willie fCnmm. Prank Crosetti, Joe Cronhi, Ver- iiort Gome?., and Tony 4 -2 .067 I'ill-.burgh New York Bo<l'.m ] Chicago Ctn:!tmnll Broc!tl\n 2 Plitlnilelphin 1 s .1(57 St. Louis t 7 i2f» 5 3 3 5 5 Yesterday's Results Southern Lemiue Knoxville I, Nashville 0. Atlanta 8, Chattanoogn 4. little Rock 11, Memphis 5. night same. j Birmingham 5, New Orleans -I. Amcrlrnii I-rnfiio. Washington fi, Boston 4. Cleveland 10. Chicago 0. New York 5, Philadelphia 3. Cftrott V. St. Ixjuis I. Ctnelnnyll 8, 'at. fx>uis 7 (10 innings), • \' Chicago 5. Pittsburgh 3 (10 Innings). New York 12. Philadelphia 8. Boston 4, Brooklyn 1. Today's Games Southern l-capuc Memphis at Little Rork. Atlanta al Chattanooga. Knoxville al Nashville. Birmingham al New Orleans. Head Courier News Want Ada. supervising the work at (he Gltuil.s' by the name, of Roscy Rosen spoil- 'lewiwi farm . . . "Hank" Is hope- eel the no hit performance of Hal fill iliat the funs here will turn out Schumacher lust Monday and. Is kin One of the three holdover pitch(•'•». Ch:ii-les Fichier, at. Louis, Mo., Wilson Koewnlng, C'hesliTficId, Mo., . dilion and his assortment or was the starting pitcher ajjainsl "" "slulf" seems lo he better. Still seeking io increase the po Koopnian, Plyuioiitli, I tciicy «t the plate. Manager Her- !•'<!• third. • Cs!:et>la but guve way to Tliomas -1 PiiHit; after six innings. Hobo was Wis, all right I'.itndiTs. Is expected • lo net the cull Irom Simmons. He lielk-vrs . be cunvertf-d still to the Lanskys . . . Ixiute Inform- Blythevllle 0:111 cd me that Rosen was a product of! into u lopnolch the Toronto soft ball lei . . If lie and Bill got his start there. . . . the local officials "Ff.chlkngo" was the in« uf Chicago. Terry mid "Kidn'i li-otjiiht so they would I not have sponsored a team ugain this yeuf after taking a ler-i riflr: /Inunci.'Jl licking such as in' 1Q37 (In the excess of $-1,000) . . . | The chief ivory hunter had many fine things to say about some of the new boys sent here, but he held the torch highest [or Catcher "liing" Aragon . . . "Wlicn yon I see till. 1 ; Aragon you will bt> looklnc ' al the best Class b catclier in 1 baseball", lie snld . . . "When I make such a statement I realize I •(land a chance to two-time It, but I am not afraid to predict this about Aragon . . . lie's got it" . . . He goes farther to sny Hint Ariiyon is better than either Woody j Wills or Frank Mancuso, and that, | fellow fans, is saying a mouthful; . . . We'll lake your word for it, | Hank, and hope you're right. MAKES GRADE -- 2vcr since Carl Lnnck left here a week ago for Newport, after hitch hiking more than 1100 miles lo play baseball, I have been anxiously awaiting .some news from htm ... It KwwnlHif won 1!) imd lost 8. hnd limed, run average of :i.OG, and : was third in strikeouts with IC4. nri(l ! l-icliter, an 18-year-old youngster, wus credited with 11 victories and 15 de-feals In '37, with 4.18 in earn- runs. Kco|mian s;ariHi off nice- schell Uolto tinnouncetl that Jiilinnl Of the lilhers, Frmik llarritiiiton, listed it pltt-her but a; l.:ts gune lo Jeaneretu-, La., of tile betfer-than-average hitter aii:t FJvi:ii|;elhie Leiigui!. l-'rnnk Miller goiKl liclder, had replaced Ed Hag- j Is :.l biwinvoo-J but is not pluylng usktis and would open the season 1 tall. Russell Stewuii. ;s with I'ana- at first base. Robert, Woods, Ueloit.l ma Cily, ci Ihe Oc-oiuin-Plorida Wl.s.. sent here by the Greenville League. Pete I'avfch is at Port Bucks, will be tit second; Henry; Smith, where he recently mider- "Hank" Dvorak. New Turk City, a went a ttinsil'.'Cloiny, nut Is cxptct- i I , , . . ' ' "• •» w.vj. , it. .. i. in, ,i Lijiion- -v;t,iyj| iy, IJHU lit L'.\lJlTi;L- i ] >' "ist^year, wliuim^hls first two' brilliant fielder, at Miort, mid Man- ' t-d to do his sfiort stonpinn here Shy, If Sfiwnons, c Mondon, xs Hopper or \Filo, rf Ftcliter, Koewning or Blythevllle Woods, 2b Harrington, llj Bobo, 3h Aragon, c Tiamback, if Oxley, If Curran, cf Dvorak, .ss Reed, p American Lrague. • Uuslon at Washington. C]t-V(-litii:l .at Chicago. Dt-troit lit St. Louis. New Vork ill l'hiludcJ|)Jiia, National I.eaKiie Chlcafio at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn al Ooston. .St. Louis at Cincinnati, f'hiiadelphia al New York. came this morning He informed me he had signed a contract with the Cardinals and was ready for Ihe opener feeling fine and am In good condi-; lion. In fact, n whole lot better' than last season" ... I also hat'l n curd from Marshall Hemphil). another Giant castolT who is with the Ncwpovlcrs ... He wanted to know about the Blylhevlllc club then casually asked "reckon I can beat 'em?" . . . "Hemp" was plain, unadulterated poison to Hie Giants lifter being released ... lie fac- ?d them four times, received credit for three and did not allow more than three run.s hi any game . . . Two of his wins were near shut- wts . . . He hurled the first five innings against Batesvillo Sunday and gave up one run. which Indicates he is all primed for another good year In '37 he mnked second in elfcctlvcnrss, winning 11 and losing 1 ... KITTY LEAGUERS— Two of Os- :eola's leading players will not wear Ibe Northeast Arkansas League spangles this season . . . Hal Qeriinsck, and Bill James, outfielders. have been sent lo Mny- (leld, Ky.. for the summer . . . Benny Tale, who got his baseball il,art In Blythcville that finally let! ',o the big show, is managing the Clothiers » . . llernnsck will be remembered as Jack Kelly's lirsl "cousin" last year . . . Hnl Just couldn't got more limn n loud foul I Com!no [Jp Tomorrow . "I am ! »•. -» Designed to meet MORE than 90% of all hauling needs! ' • A A!/ 4V vl*A«% A •*•«*»•**•* «*._.•.? »•. ,u £ _ _ i« • TF Vf*m nrA T^rr\ncI*=n-ir\fT ftr\Tir m l^n.^,. *^ t,-!_ _ T? 1 i T n _ . . .1 Look at these money-saving features! 2 V-S ENC1NES-85 horsepower in HID Mfl Kor J Trucks ant} n rht-Ice of chc 85 II.P. or to H.!'. In iUc Oiic-Tonncr unit Omicncrclul (^irs. FILL-FLOATING FEAR AXLE-* money and tlntc-savrnri feature of nil ForJ V'-S haullnft tinlls cicept Commercial Car* — Important for d?p«nital>U[ly, RUGCEO CONSTRUCTION-BoJIes on,! BIO, LONG-WEARING BRAKES-In- namesv>l>tMs year « torcl V-8Truck» arc crtsucd tn slic nnd Impravn! In Je«ljn to stronger limn ever 01 vlwlputiitslmnrlm'. Mopa lu-avllyloiukxl truck with IKW pala! atlll longer lilt anj IOKCS upkeep costs. prcMiirr, anj reduce brake llnlnfi iveir. 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P/ione 820 Authorized Ford Dealers BASEBALL TOMORROW Blytheville vs. Caruthersville 3 p. m. Admission 41c t All Merchants Will Close

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