The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 4
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fAOtfMJI •LTHBTILLB. <AML)' COUEIKft KRWI THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1034 THB BLTTHEVILU COURIER NEWS m ooimnr wwi ox PUBUBHBU B. W, UWB, MmtNCoc DilUu. tee, »w York, own*. St. Uwii, Dtliu, Kan** City, Uempiiit. Punched Ertrjr K»ct>t 8«od*y. «s Kcooct cltis matter at the poet office at BirthevU*, Ar- hanta«, uwJer «ct o( Contra*, October t, 1117. Served of trie United Pre» . • BUBSCRimOK RATES By carrier in the Ctty of Blrtiicvllle, 15c per week or »6.&0 per jear Sa a*raoM, BT mill wHUn a tadlui of U roiJM, KlJOO pec war, I1A) (or «U oonUu, no for (Jote moctlu; to.mall in po«Ul wba two to six, Inclutlre, MM per year, In tones seven aw* eight, HO.OO per jitr, payable in advance. Senate Might Reoeal Profits Out of War The senate's investigation into tltu manufacture and traffic in arms and munitions touches on one of those subjects which float about near the surface for years without ever coming out into the light of day. The job of making weapons and gunpowder has been in private hands ever since such things were invented. • War has always meant increased profits to the munitions) makers. Modern warfare, which uacs muni- ^tions at an almost infinitely greater **'.rate than was the case a generation ago,' simply increases those profits to .,• astronomical proportions. Everybody hits known this all along. But so far no Koverumeut has taken any very definite step to find out just how this relationship of public lighting to private protit may affect a nation's chances for keeping the i>eace. An article in the current issue of Harper's Magazine by John Guntlicr touches up a few of the highlights of this situation. •He points out, for instance, that when the Japanese fought the Chinese at Shanghai a couple of years.ago, the Japanese soldiers ."took a one-in-three chance that if they were killed or wounded, .bullets made for profit by their own countrymen would do the job," ,,, U( . ,, , • . i Ffe points otit, also, tluit German munition makers helped finance the rise of Hitler—because, obviously, Hitler in power . meant more business for the munition firms, As a nutter of fact, munition m»km in France and Czechoslovakia are Strongly suspected-of having contributed to the N»ii campaign funds—for the same reason. • • • * • \Vhat all this comes down to, of course, is that there is * strong vested interest in the world which derives vast financial advantage from war and prep- . _. aration for war. Continued peace means bad business for these people; real disarmament would almost ruin them. Mr. Gunther puts it bluntly, as follows: ^^ "Two hundred-odd firms in the world earning cold cash profits on .smashed brains or smothered lungs make it clear that disarmament, fundamentally an industrial problem, is Imiwssible to achieve under the present economic system." Maybe that language is a trifle strong. In my case, the senate will do the nation a vast service if it looks into the whole subject very thoroughly. —Bruce Cation. On the Way Up One of the brightest siwts in the business picture right now is being contributed by the department stores. During March there was it record- breaking 44 per cent gum in the nation's department store sales, and there are excellent reasons for believing that this reflects a substantial rise in the general level of prosperity. The gain is coming hand in hand with a rise in national income. Kiuiires compiled by the American Federation of Labor show that the workers' total income has risen 41 per cent in the past year—from $1,78'1,000,000 in March, 1933, to ?2 > 520,000,0(H) in March, 19:R These Itgurcs indicate pretty conclu* sively that the nation is rapidly gaining its health, People have more money to spend, and they arc spending it. The industrial pump is getting primed at last; the pickup ought to go forward now rapidly. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s has been authorized to announce the following zf candidates for public olllce, subject to the Democratic primary next August: Fur ('ounly Judge HAl, B. 1IAKRISON UKORGE W. BARHAM For Mtmbcr <a Con^rtw CMNTON L. CALDWELL Kor Siicrit! an4 Collector CLARENCE K. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term For County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY KOLAND GREEN fur Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDIRON SMITH K. n. (SKEET) STOUT For County court Clerk FHED PLEEMAN For nc-Elcctlon for 2nd Term For Assessor K. L. lUlUA'i UAINES G. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of Chkkasawba Township JACK ROBERTSON :i she siys the expects to con- [you eliminate Hale Jackson [rom Uiiue IKT visit, until Joe admits j the bunch this success would liave that sh? is right. As neither oljbeen quite dicerent from what ii them ever no to church I can't see thai they are of any value to Ihe cause but mother says if has been, But Mr. Editor, the ; criminal part of the sheriff's office is very simple. The collection she cun convince Joe she feels that jot taxes nnd handling of the fui- hc n urcal huln to her uncial department is much more jl tlinrcli ami besides she 1ms made; important than running down '* it a rule of her life never to low i criminals, especially bootleBScrs, uu iu^umcul, '.crapshootcrs and other misde- imeanors. The coiritibles ami otli- ] ei- ofllcers can take care of ihcse I ,.small criminals. Of course the murderers and hisli criminals ought to be caught by nil meant. . Now, Mr. Editor, I wnnt to say 'I The Editor'* Letter Box this, that, when the pro|wr inves- '. • lisalion is made that it will de- , W'Uits Ji<*nesi uiuiuvi.iin i *•" — ............ - »•*-* •* >"*» «^ -.• iTo the editor-) 1 notice ;in item ' volop Hint the last six years Of jl in your paper of the 11! lust, in : l»? .sheriffs oltice have cost must J which you (lilt) me the watch dos i ""> rc ""»> it has ever cost before ;l '01 the county tillnlrs and ase the iduniiK the siimc length of time. I word venerable Now I oujccl to Tl>e hhisrid's oitice ami the trcar,- 'I the vene-uble. as 1 am simply «i ury ls mllch more i»'l»rtant ihan ;1 ' the >oung CHURCH EXCUSES JSj Gee. W. Barbioi g man yet, only lutsuil 83. all the rest 'riiey handlo a sreat 1 would toe 10 '.-email) heio f»»d ami they should be filled oy 83 more years, and l want to say honest and capable men. It the • (hat if llie eo<Hl Lord allows me |x?oplc would uet toaethcr and so- '_ lo it-main jus', that long 1 will be 'lect some good honest man for a thorn in Ihe side of the crooks slicrllf they can elect him, but : ami eiaflets it makes r.o dicer- I*'!" "«>• do it? This contention; mice who it is 5Wt I will say .of aivhiH a man two terms is sim- . this just here to that there will|l>ly rot. No man deserves & sec-; be no mistake hereafter. I want |0»<1 lerin unless he's fair and lion- no ollice and am not catei-iny to jtol- His en tolling criminals is no J Uniblie oiiinioii. The food p;ciple oi reason why he should ue reeleet- i.Mi^sissiniil county have liccn good "'• antl : "PPeal to the', loyal and kind to me r,nd appreciating Democrats of Mississippi county u> that fact I will at all times up- OCt together and syleet some hon- dek-iul their interest The Bankhead Bill Agreement has been readied between the conferees of the house ami senate DI\ their differences over the Bankhead bill. At this n riling the report of the conferees has not been published, but It Is known that the tax on ginning has been restored lo the house rate of 50 per cent of market value, and that the senate amendment which would have permitted etery cotlon produccr^lo Bin a minimum of six bales free of tax has been eliminated. In Its final form, the measure Is said to be satisfactory to Its original proponents. It probably will be in the hands of the president by Ihe time this reaches Ihe reader, and It is exjwclcd that he will sign It without delay. And so we arc going to make a start this year •t licensed farming. For with all Us circumlocution, this Is precisely what the Bulkhead bill provides for. It determines by law who shall trow cotton and how much. We already begin to get reports of displaced tenants as a result of the reduction ot acreage t by contract with lovernment. The B«nkhe»d bill will make such displacement doubly Hire. TlM circumstance that- nt this lute day the best that the gentlemen ol contre&s can do lor UM cotton farmers, Including the tenants and croppers, is to place their occupation under strict government license and control, without nlilnc a finger to restore their market;, Is a fine commentary on the condition of congressional statesmanship. U is Indicated that the ftnal form ot the measure wil\ provide tor Its extension (or another year, if the Secretary ot Agriculture should deem that advisable. We do not think that power will ever be exercised. for If Ihe measure is not Invalidated by the courts, we predict it will be the source of so much grlel during its first year that tlw administration will be glad to get rid of it. —The Texas Weekly. "Keep it a year—two ycttrs, and if you aren't satislk'H bring- it right baek here and net your mtmey." Discoveries Help Doctors io Combat Scarlet Fever Mother tays Joe's continual ^ai'Sinit all crooks and gratters ii laitniully ai jl know nt such. - l«l" cl ;,, a : nci !: j Now in reference to Mr. Wilson, [I will say this that with one ex : r ccption"Jie is. a -inpael in this respect and he may be ilie equal of lliis exception. I notice in the news n»pcvs recently that one of his harping on baplism as practiced j grafts have been cut-out, tins by b' til si :apcs the surgcoi- since her last mnjor operation montli for services rendered by that wlieii Joe begins to urins. up j Wilson. N'o-.v as a salaiy (jral)bcr whttt he culls positire yi'ouf ihal lie is a perfect success. 1 haven't the first person lo ever join the l.sten nny report since lie's been church was baptized as nil clear] in oflic!;. of what the-county .court Hiul rishl thinking people have 'nilows hi:n Tor deputy hire or how been she nets in such a nervous ] many hi- ha:: or whether he car- slate, that she begins to have vis- ! i':sJ hi:: wile on the payroll, giv- est man who will do his duty faithfully and let us stand to- init such a man 'in office. We can do it if we will. AsJ it is we have Republicans, ! boilers fI and grafters occupying the offices F| that should be filled by "Honest jj Demoerats. as tills used to be a ?| Democratic county, and when it^.l we had a good administration, 1 1 Th«* is the lirsl of two artkki lent [jeniis; liencc when they are Dr. Flahbeln on the cause and, in contact with those who have :nre of scarlet fever. BV ,DR. MOIIK1S HSIlBeiN Editor, Journal of Ihe American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Maiailne During the last ten years enough new information has been developed about scarlet fever to malce it possible lor the medical profession to offer protection against that Dropped Dead at End Of Trolley Stop I CHICAGO (UT>!— Molorman Ed- ions of mi operating 'room. Since'isig her. as 1ms been done before, -ward Engles. 51. Hearing ttie end mother tins only been visitlne \vlth t$1.6eo (eighteen hundred), psr nn- of ins run to Chicago's far north disease. Before that time the definite cause of scarlet lever by a germ had not been established, ^ow hat germ is Identified as n sterp- KOCCUS which, under the nijcro- cope • .looks in numbers life lain of beads. . A lottery Is all right in Spanish-American republics, but I don't think this country wants to go along such a line In raising revenue. —Speaker Henry T. Rainey. * « V Ours was the oddest, strancret romance In history. But she's going to slay married lo me whether she likes 1.1 or not. —Albert N. Hutchins, husband of Nila Cram Cook. These germs arc coughed from ic throat, or otherwise expelled -om the body of a person who as scarlet fever, nnd arc brealh- :l in by those who are well. • • • If the person who gets the germs ito his body is resistant to scar- et fever, he will not come down with the disease when the germs nvadc. However, the majority of chtt- :ren arc not sufficiently resistant o overcome the invasion of viru- ! scarlet fever, they are likely to be , themselves infected. Even if a child does not incur .lie infection, it is possible for him to carry the germs on to someone else. • • • As the germs of scarlet fever irow In the throat, they develop n poison which is taken up by the body and which produces ihej symptoms of the disease. These' symptoms include fever nausea, vomiting, and the brilliant," red eruption nil over the body which gives tin- disease its name. The rash, or eruption, usually appears on the .skin; first on the chest and abdomen, and then us for the past few years and not | num. Nov. 1 so far as a criminal really liring with us 1 feel that -riili-hcr is concerned, 1 must say Joe should not argue with -her. OI . that he has with the heip of oth- couree mother is partly to blame : crs been quite successful, but If side, turned and announced: "This is as far as we go." Then he dropped.dead of hcait' disease. KATHARINE UAViLAND-TAYlOU O "3*4 NCA E IO-K&. >*. 0 And spreads over the whole body except tnc fncc. However, the tongue and even the face may Imvc a red glow oi 1 flush typical of the infectious fevers. In mnny Instances scarlet fever Is a mild disease, but there arc some tflscs in which iL attacks the j cars, the kidneys, and the heart" and l.Lt'rcby jirnrlnccs permanent, clnmn&r, if u jhls theories nt the crim* Uhoy iver'e far rro»i ' fifcuviticlug i oroot. | A lew ycnn before Sir Aubrey iiaii Instructed Ulllinss to tell 1'ab- lilo the trulb and ask itbc youtti lo go Into hiding at Lowor Qlrt^ higV n'illinEE ba<t irrUcdjilt ttie qt,u | gymnasium only to leartfftlat Pab- CABINET CLOSEUPS DANIEL C. UOl'EK Secretary of Commerce OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams <J'H" ! ~i / WHO'S THEM? X1J — 1 NEVER SEEM •SO MANY SICK LOOKIN' MUGS IN OJE BUNCH IN MY UPE» WHUTARE THEY TOOL SALESMEN' THEMS STOCKHOLDERS! THEY PUT ABOUT -TWENTY DOLLARS APIECE IN,WHEN TK' COMPANY STARTED. IT'S PAID THEM FRDH FIVE TO FIFTEEN VEARS, BUT IT'S OWLV PAYIN' FROM FOUR TO MINE THOUSAN', SO ' COME TO SEE ABOUT IT. NEXT: Ki(htins Ilir disease. Delensc. Smithsonian Inslilutton. Executive Council .ir.ri Nnlional Emergency Council have added to them, in Roper's case, assignments lo the- Federal Board lor Vocational Education. Federal Oil Conservation Board. Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, Federal Em- »r:i:i.v nr:itu IODAY I'AIII.ITO. n«lsn«lp yoali im-n«|.o *>t m trtilntpr h* dirt mir rnmMill. e*r:iuri. fr*m KpJ 1\>»I In llnv^nn frith. two tblrvrft, lll:\*. nnrt (.OTTIK. -MAMOA TIMIMIWAY. t»ho ronld nrot-c JIRd ii-mjilii* Bllrnl. ™"hm™nvr"':sTEu"r I'IKI IP lj lo bad departed tor parts un- Onuehlrr of rlrk JIM FIKI.I). nnil • h* InvtM him. They mreT nnd lilnn to mnrrr. hm plplrt t.ittfj E>lt*llr on a yarhthis rrulhr. ntw yrnr» Imt-T. hrlicvlnp I'nlilTTr* Inn to her. »n* >)fr[>mr» cnciisi'd to Ai.Kt: invin.v Sin AtfURKY. n rtllrrt l-Tnf;IUh- Mnn niirt rnl)llto*i> fnl^irr. li:i« lircn tfnrrylnn on n Hrnrvtr fur hiiM. emyldTlNK HIl.l.I.VCS. ,\CIT Vnrk (Tcirrllvr. ll«llr«ln(: K.lrllr fnlllilr.ii. l';i!i- Illn uprniN nninrfL« In nhulr»* tTnvtl nntl 1Krn rrtrirn* In IT;i- T.lnn. llr »«k* l.ntrle lo m.nrry 'IT h[.« known. All Havana was aware that the bo.ter'a roraanca with Jim Field's daughter was at an end. Gossips voiced numerous tiona of tlie affair but none of llieaa CTpl.-inations came anyivhere uear the trutli. "06 damn!" Billings said loudly, surveying the total ot his work, i The dictation of bis nest letter to Sir Aubrey wn3 a slow and painful ordeal. j tmhrr Arcltlc to rcrurn lo I vnnn. ftlnn-in Trc.NiIirn 7. Irnrn- i I'.Thlllr. I. In Cell.:!. Imnnl- I ' tlie day after Paulito had 1 5bed Louie lo become bis i bride be bought a sizable plot of laml. That done, be Bought an co ox VVITII THE STOHV I arcvucci and told him the sort of . jf»ln» ilicm co clc:ir I ol tltr rwnrtlrr chnrco. CHAPTER Xl.tll ho wanted. A3 tbey dis- _.^ T ... , iiQUEe no wnnicn. Ag toey QIS- glvUNOS. tlie detective, sat at Cllssei i ft a breeze from the sea His desk reading for a foconcl ploymciu StaWU/ition Board. Clu- Hme ttie cablegram Hint tiart lust cago World's Fair ceiitenninl Commission, Foreign Service Buildings Commission, and the Public Works Adininislralion. Only Ihb past year tlie functions of trc United states Shipping Board were transferred, to RojKjr's department. . With (bis gees the U. S. Shipping Board Merchant Fleet Corporation .a .sort of "receiver" tor the war-time Shipping Board. Roper is a item-appearing, large man of 67. formerly active in the Cf.urcli. SCHilli. and its criucaUonal institution. American University, in tlie capital. su-ept o v er tbe Malccon, llulterln? the papers on Hie nrchitcct's table. BY Wlt.I.IS THORNTON NEA Service SUH forrtsnflii'Jcnt WASHINGTON, April 19.-N'car- y 40 years of conllmmss )»:ib:tc service In many Jobt culminatca in appolnltncnt as secretary cf coin- nerce of Daniel C. !>>pcr He was lecled to the south Carolina House ot RcsKeseiitatlves in I80i. mo l\ns NKXT: Kranres Ferkins. secretary ut BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From flics of Ihe BUUiertU* D»lly Courirr been delivered. For weeks and 1 "1 want n billiard rooffl." Pab r;ontbs fio hnd been trying to un- "". "<,i "n.,n ^ n^t rnn r ..-T.^rr, i tangle the puzzle behind the theft of tbe Jeffries' pearls. And 'at • very turn be had been baited. The caulc from Havana, sent by a arariby Cuban a>worliir. rend. "Clasp Sold by Girl Called Loa' r.ient. then continued, "spacious ! quarters for my wife." iito said, "and a lint roof where I can have a garden under the stars." "All quite simple. Ye?." "And a big pntio, of course." "Of a ccrt.-tlnty!" "And—" Pablito hesitated a nio tfic?o cords ! 'l'^ lc architect saificd a romance, lie had hopc.1 Hrau : " Ah —" nc murraurcd. "Ah. yes. Bin turn in that cl.isp. < ot . couisi 1 .". Tlien tic smiled daz- J'ollowlnB Trail." nilliiigs in;i frowning. himself might . lliilf nn hour later n F cco:id cable : zli "« ly ' a[ fabllto whom ns coo- arrifed. [lillinss read "l.ou j s ! slilcrerl a very somlwr young man Dcnu's Wife." for °"° who w ' 15 so soo!1 to **• ; conic a brldesro-jm. "V.'e vx-jll mal:e of this house a ['abllto thought it tbe Dor dlE»p- pcared. One could always 'come but one could not always pray. Five days latei M*rc1» Treadway. listolle aud lira Field^were among those who *allted down • narrow gan£-. plan$ .. to sie^p on Cubrm soil. . ' • • • bad found work .at the jt| ^* plantnlloD of a wnnlihy. Aniev t : lean on tbe Isle of Pines. Kvery sli or clghi weeks he boarded one |i of the few boats that stopped there for the ecstatic pleasure of lour- aeylng to Havana to spend a few hours with hf» son. The wealthy American, knowing Carllto's story, was Kind abnut granting tbe tfme for ibese hnli- ^| days and Carlito. krie\» someililns of content aa, with the child, h" strolled tbe twisting streets oT UIA {I section known as Jeaus del Monte. f| Yot hts dream of avenging the wrong done him by Jim Field nnd not dwindled; 'instead It had grown. Frequently durins visits lo (la. *1 vnna he journeyed Into tbe country to stand by the great sates which Knve entrance to tbo palm-lined roadway leading lo Field's burne. Standing there, he would remember bis young wife's agonies In ih9 dust of the puMic way; Hie litile. torture • twisted smllr she had given him aa she whiskered ?--> faintly. "Ah, Carlito mlo. bin I have ticen impriy Tith you'." They had had very little tiruo together and a very love. It sninetimca God knows Of course. Hillings realized. Heaii's story would he 0:10 of do- j ceivcil Innocence, lie would in-!!. I paradise." the Architect promised. >isi that, iti felling pearls occa- 'Ii^.».i51ic. he wns merely acting for a i'xnd. Heaii's pa^t record would Anil wo will hope tint In this paradise I here will be no snake!" Later Pablito. driving a shlnine new roadster, turned toward Ihe - . , .101 hois him. nut neither would It J Rol( , n c]1 , lrch ,,,, parkcd - [he cai ™"'' 1 ' t ..., l '!. n !.-.?!. th ° Jr ' Trt " r ° b 'i-''-.d all" he had wandered through [lie colonnade and pasi the small deeply as t< inner conn thai was beaut ilul with bery nnd murder. Hillings sighed itemized tlie scant bits of Snforma- j flowers and tree* he stnnd for some happoas. FIKI.l) found tli« ghost of her former self In u-- v Cuban house that was her fathers..' ; She stepped out upon the bulcn-.* 1 bRyonrl tlie windows of her aiming room aud saw below the £;u- dcn. Beyond was the uller hhj* nf the w^.ter. wbiic-rnpped today and glittering In the . Pablito was free now and ?be was free, yet fear hcM tier. Sb° wondered timorously wlictber she dared look track upon the ln«i (C.T lion u:ilbcrcd with EO much perse-| liuie in a doorway—Hie sunlight j years as a waking nightmare. 72r!::g effort, I hack of him and the dim, lovely I Nevertheless. Pabillo n-as 'rcu a The old RI.IU whom r.ibUto bad I 01 ' 1 cl-.nrcli before him. she wa? free. If lie still cared — Salurday, April in. 1511. T. J. Crowdcr and C. V. Cooper announced lotlny Ihe forinatiott of a new law linn to be Kncun as Crowdcr and Cooper, to conduct a general practice of law in Hlytr.e- ville. •clri public offlce or i>o£iucn almost ever since. He must suiwrvis; the large Bureau of Foreign and Uw.csltc Commrrce. ir.c Bureau of standards, and the. Bureaus of the Census. Fisheries. Mines, Navigation and. Steamboat Inspection. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Aeronautics Branch (licciisinj and. inspection ol plants and airways). Maintaining th« Lighthouse set- vice and, the Patent Office me l)lg Jobs in themselves. Ark.—Blyth.-.vilic liigli I contestants \\oii tlie North- cast Arkansas Liter.ivy .sweepstakes ; cup hero Friday niglu. h\a Har- gclt won first ]ilace in the siKllin; contest and blllian Uoyd was nwarrted first in reacting. Ross Marshall «on second place in 005-5- voice. Coriime Womick second place in girls voice. Berntce Woinack second place in v:olta. Claims Tallest Mule GARDEN CITY, Kan. (UP) Missouri may boost oi Us long- eared mules, but tills town boasts of the tallest mule. E. L. Davis, ' ' farmer living southeast of here, T.:en the regular cabinet assign-' owns i mule thai Is 17 hands meats to the Council o! National high. knocked unconscious had icstitlcd He saw women kncclius before Q11t llc musl carc! Sne cmllr| rifjl lliat ihcre lied been nnoihsr man ' v.irlnns side altars and craved Ibe I Cccl B3 5tl<! '"''• ?"° reasoned, nn. besides I'ablito on the scene. Norrl! j ICKpcranienl that finds p e a c e ; lcss nc cared. Sfie would send liim Noyes. whom Uilliuss had smicM ' lhron;l] tlie chanling of prayers. i n note—again! The thought out to question liio day after nis 1 Loi:;e bad said she wanted to Be i brotignl to mind Carlito. i'oor far- arrival in New Vork. had said anx-' married in (Ms church, so here i'I 10 - t " <ir a moment she foil « lously that he had heard a mao they would i:e marriod-be aad : cili11 '" llle "voczc lliosigii It cam* and gtr! la'.kiiiR In tbe swamp.' Lottie. j from the south, planniug somo nianucr of llilcrery. ! Th.' day sva= not overly warm . Meanwhile Marcia. who liad nr- Then Noyes had risen. ttcmhUng.! for one acius'.omed to L'ulin bin be ' Till red some clnthc= she ».> 1(i and talking rather Incoherently o! ' frjiinii a little dew of perspiration . "would do" until she could re.i'ii Cuba where Hillings bad said he on hi-, ami his upper ' I>Jrls ' han ' sought «"t " ie lcrisl would llnd Pablilo. lip awl |s.!;iis ^-cre damp. He-! rickety of itie tasicnbs at the en?e "Only one soul In all the world w.i? uncomfortably aware that ,»f ^ 1'arn.ue Central. Slie sleprcd speaks iny tongue." Noses hud s.ilil | rocmorici or K^tcllc were torment- j'nto Hie car nnd gave Hie adnrpss "Pablito Is the. only one who un•; mp him more than usual. Hej of I'alilllo's gymnasium, dcrstands uic." Tears tlcndcd the | could not seem lo keep the vision! "You know where tint Is?" she mrm's eyes. "1 have been jojof her away. j demanded In bad Spanish, lonely." ho confessed. "So rery) "Would you like to see the Ah. yes. the chauffeur knew H» nodded but tetraed to besltaie. MarcU said lu English. "Oh. I . kaow ladies don'l go thers but I'm ting In tlie swamp and there was' t-ank you. 1 am Cuban ) ! not a lady. I'm merely » cioox tbe testimony of the old who , "Ah. Senor. No one would dream ' turned bonesL Drive on. . " Mid I'abllto l;id uot been olon-? : that unlil yo>) apcals. LI-JI 1 jee! UnderElandlng • b« to" TU«3« *eia the ouly bits of evi • yc-'i come to rrsy." driier started b!3 uac 4«ccc Blllluu had to 5iib;tautlat« ' it a^J nut =o slmpte M tl:j[, | ('lo lie lonelyl I must fled I'abllio:" jchnrcb. Senor?" a oiack-roboil boy There was the murmuring ol the i asked in rather suited English, pair whom Xoyes heard plot | "No, graclas. Soy Ciihano." (No, y,nu fuel.' -! one. I!-' * J

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