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The Daily Journal from Franklin, Indiana · Page 16

Franklin, Indiana
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Monday, January 6, 2003
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MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2003 ACCENT DAILY JOURNAL. JOHNSON COUNTY, IND. Fox show too jaded The caustic American journalist H.L. Mencken once said that "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people." But can you go broke overestimating the cynicism of the American viewer? I am talking about the Fox network's curious new reality series, "Joe Millionaire" (9 p.m.). Clearly inspired by the success of "The Bachelor," "Joe" follows 20 women as they travel to France to vie for the hand of a handsome hunk they believe to be loaded. Only he knows, and we know, that he is a fraud. So we can look forward to the spectacle of women groveling and humiliating themselves for seven weeks only to find out that they have been hoodwinked. Who does Fox think will watch "Joe"? It lacks the obvious romantic hook that made "The . Bachelor" a hit among female viewers. Does the network think that men will really care enough to watch these gold-diggers be humiliated week after week? "Joe Millionaire" might work as a onetime two-hour special, but I don't see how this dubious exercise will hold an audience over seven hours. And speaking of exercises in cynicism that last too darn long, PAX unveils its new game show, "Dirty Rotten Cheater" (8 p.m. ). It's a new variation on the standard quiz show, with one key difference: One of the contestants knows all of the answers in advance. It's up to the others to detect the cheater and name him or her before they are eliminated. As game shows go it's amusing enough, but at an hour it makes the plodding "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" seem breezy. Of course, one of the reasons networks continue to experiment with game shows and lame "reality" series is that the sitcom as we know it seems to be a dying art form. Evidence of its demise can be found on "Abby" (9:30 p.m., UPN, TV-PG, D), starring the attractive Sydney Tamiia Poitier in the title role. Abby is a bright, ambitious television producer for a San Francisco sports show who finds herself mired in a live-in relationship with Will, a self-absorbed jock (Kadeem Hardison). Abby and Will break up amicably in the first episode. So amicably, in fact, that Will won't leave. Since they both have their names on the lease to their fabulous apart-' ment, they resolve to remain pla-tonic roommates, a decision that will be tested by their active romantic lives. Poitier and Hardison seem lik-, able enough but share neither romantic nor comedic chemistry. ACCENT ON PEOPLE The Associated Press LOS ANGELES Band receives award Country music band Alabama will receive the Award of Merit at the 30th annual American Music Awards on Jan. 13 at the Shrine Auditorium. Reba MeEntire will make the presentation. Twenty other awards will be handed out during the three-hour ceremony, hosted by the Osbourne family and broadcast on ABC television. An inscription on the Award of ' Merit, given in recognition of "outstanding contributions to the musical entertainment of the American public," will read: "For over a quarter of a century, the energy and excitement of this band's music has brought them millions of fans, an amazing 42 No. 1 hits and the most awards in any category on the American Music Awards." Previous recipients include Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin, Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks and the Beach Boys. CINCINNATI Activist's son against meal The son of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has asked the city to cancel a Jan'. 20 breakfast honoring his father, saying it would violate an economic boycott by black activists. The annual breakfast is sponsored by the city and the Cincinnati Arts Consortium. Martin Luther King III, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference wrote the consortium and sent an e-mail to Mayor Charlie Luken in November, "suggesting, requesting, even begging to use every possible means to prevent such a planned event." The breakfast kicks off the city's Martin Luther King Day celebra- could be for TV i Kevin McDonough They're not helped by predictable dialogue and a story that seems ... cobbled together from other UPN sitcoms. Abby's character would fit in well among the ambitious bup-pies on "Girlfriends," and her "Odd Couple" relationship with Will does not stray too far from the scenario on "Half & Half." " And Will's character, a vain hoop-playing cad, is not much of a stretch from Hex on "One on One." It's a pity the writers of "Abby" didn't lift any material from "The Parkers," a genuinely funny and vastly underrated UPN sitcom. The network will have to search harder for material to dig itself out of the ratings cellar. Back in 1973. the PBS documentary "An American Family" offered a vvarts-and-all glimpse at a California family. More than 10 million viewers followed the saga of the Loud family, and "reality television" was born. "Lance Loud: A Death in the American Family" 19 p.m., PBSi revisits the show's most flamboyant char; acter in the months before his death, at age 50, in 2001. Immediately following this film, PBS will rebroadcast episode 2 of "An American Family," in which Lance's mother Pat visits him at his home at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan. It's quite a piece of television and documentary history, as well as a time capsule of New York City in the early 1970s. Tonight's other highlights Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, James Woods and Jamie Foxx star in director Oliver Stone's 1999 drama"Anv Given Sunday" (8 p.m.. ABC,'TV-14, L). Ally is embarrassed by her grandfather's behavior on "Everybody IiOves Raymond" (9 p.m., CBS.TV-PG). "Antiques Roadshow" (8 p.m., PBS) enters a new season with a trip to Albuquerque. John Travolta is profiled on a two-hour episode of "Biography" (8p:m., A&E, TV-G). Amy awaits Colin's return from the hospital on "Everwood" (9 p.m., WB, TV-PG, L). Kevin McDonough is a TV columnist for United Features Syndicate. tion, which includes a march through downtown and a program a"nd speeches at Music Hall. King said the breakfast a "defilement" of his father's dream but made no request to cancel the march or the program. "I am alarmed when a city would take a breakfast in my . father's honor to violate the nonviolent boycott," he wrote. Sharon Hardin, executive director of the consortium, couldn't be reached, for comment. However, in an e-mail to boycott leader Amanda Mayes, Hardin said "the decision to go forward is final." She said the consortium board had discussed the boycott and decided they couldn't jeopardize the group's biggest fund-raiser. MELBOURNE, Australia Actress weds artist Rachel Griffiths married artist Andrew Taylor, a friend of 17 years, in a candlelit ceremony on New Year's Eve in Mel-' bourne. Griffiths, star of HBO's "Six Feet Under," was married in the chapel at her old school, Star of the Sea, her publicist, Maria Farmer; GRIFFITHS said Wednesday. The 33-year-old actress walked down the aisle with her mother, Anna Griffiths, in a ceremony attended by more than 140 guests. Griffiths and Taylor were married by Griffiths' uncle, 'Jesuit priest Father Andrew Hamilton, in a Catholic ceremony, Farmer said. The roromnny followed by party at the historic Palais Theater in the Melbourne seaside suburb of St. Kilda. "We wanted to embrace, the sensual," the couple said in a state- ment. "This is a midsummer night's party celebrating love." f' ... MONDAY EVENING I 7 PM 7:30 I 8 PM 8:30 9 PM I 9:30 I 10 PM 10:30 I 11PM 11:30 iwrni NBA Basketball: Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers Pacen Postgame 7th Heaven: Sunday. Lucy spies on Everwood: Vegetative Slate. (CC) ""' I Roxanne and Chandler (CC) . . WRTU rm Who WantsMil- Weakest Link I Any Given Sunday (R, '99) A football head coach (Al Pacino) and an aging quarterback (Dennis Quaid) clash with News (CC) iNightline (11:3 j wnu u Honalre (CC) the new, contemporary, money-oriented owner (Cameron Diaz) ot their team (CC) (PA) . JCC uiiru EXTRA (CC) Entertainment The King ot I Yes, Dear (CC) I Every body Ray- I Still Standing CSI: Miami: Entrance Wounds. (CC) News (CC) Late Show WL' "lan " Tonight Queens (CC) I mond CC terman UTun ro Wheel ot Fortune Jeopardy! (CC) Fear Factor: Contestants dine on Third Watch: Second Chances. (CC) Crossing Jordan: Ockham's Razor. News(CC) Tonight Show . winn tEJ (CC) horse rectum (CC) (CC) utcvi en Nightly Business Across Indiana Antiques Roadshow: Albuquerque. American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt (CC) Are You Being wrumj Report (Part 1 ot 3) (CC) ' Served? uunv m Tn '70s Show King ot the Hill The Parkers (CC) One on One (CC) Girlfriends (CC) I Abby: The Break iNews Tne Andy Griffith ICops (11 05) (CC) Spin City (CC) WNUT tfl (CC) l(CC) . T Up (CC) Show J . uitiii tn The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer (CC) Antiques Roadshow: Albuquerque Lance Loud! A Death in an American An American Family (CC) Charlie Rose (CC) "llu m (Part 1 ot 3) (CC) Family (CC) ; WHMBODLifeTele,hon i . . . . p i urn, 1 m Mark Chironna Bishop Jakes Behind the R.W. Schambach Jentezen Franklin Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord (CC) ; W1'LJ w (CC) Scenes (CQ (CC) JCCJ (CC) uiviu rr-i Friends (CC) EverybodyRay- Boston Public: Chapter Fifty-Three. Joe Millionaire (CC) News (CC) The Simpsons I Friends (11:05) iFrasier (11:35) m mond (CC) ; (10 35) (CC) (CC) ujidv m News (CC) Family Feud (CC) Dirty Rotten Cheater: (Series pre- Sue Thomas F B Eye: Bombs Away Diagnosis Murder: Rain of Terror It's a Miracle (CC) News (CC) i mrK w I miere)(CC) iCCl (CC) J UfTDH m The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer (CC) Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes As Time Goes By I The Brittas Circle City Jazz: Cynthia Lane Charlie Rose (CC) or American Justice: The Killer Within. Biography: John Travolta. Actor John Tavolta becomes an international Biography: John Travolta. Actor John Travolta becomes an international Wttc (CC) m celebrity in the mid-1970s. (CC). celeority in the mid-1970s. (CC) ; . .p . Breakfast at Tiffany's (5:35) ('61) Havana (R, '90) An American gambler (Robert Redford) loves a rich rebel's wife (Lena Olin) in 1958 Cuba on the Th Chase (10:55) ('66)' Marlon Audrey Hepburn (CC) verge ot Castro. Directed by Sydney Pollack , . Brando, Jane Fonda Drarria p Funniest Animals Funniest Animals The Pet Psychic: Magician's rescued Animal Precinct: Finding a Home. Animal Cops: Heat Wave Puppies The Pet Psychic: Magician s rescue tortoise. ' Menacing-looking mastiff. with heatstroke. tortoise. ; CNBC T News With Brian Williams (CC) Kudlow & Cramer (CC) After Hours With Maria Bartiromo The News With Brian Williams (CC) Kudlow & Cramer (CC) ; ; (CC) i ' . . PUM Crossfire (CO Connie Chung Tonight (CC) . Larry King Live (CC) NewsNight With Aaron Brown (CC) Connie Chung LouDobbs u"" Tonight Moneyline pnM Late Night With Conan O Brien (CC) Office Space (R, '99) An abysmal workplace disheartens white-collar Trigger Happy TV Trigger Happy TV Daily Show Jon Comedy Centrt workers (Ron Livingston, David Herman). (CC) . (CCJ (CC) Stewart Pres. niop American Mobster: Looking for Monster Garage: NASCAR Street Stings, Fangs and Spines 2 (CC) Human Prey: Wild-animal attacks Monster Garage: NASCAR Street UIJU whitey Sweeper. increase. Sweeper. p Saturday Night Live: Host Reese TV Tales: Charlie's Angels Everything you didn't know about "Charlie's Rank: Celebrity Oops: What Were Howard Stern Howard Stern C- Witherspoon: Alicia Keys (CC) Angels." i They Thinking ESPN College Basketball: Notre Dame at Pittsburgh. College Basketball: Kansas at Iowa State SportsCenter (CC) cepuy NFL 2Night (CC) NFL Films Pre- NHL Hockey: Los Angeles Kings at Minnesota Wild. (CC) ' NHL 2Night Karate I Pardon the Inte cor" sents Iruption FAM 7th Heaven: It Takes Two. Baby Preg-Picture Perfect (PG-13, '97) A young man (Jay Mohr) poses as an ad Whose Line Is It? Whose Line Is ft? The 700 Club (CC) nant Annie is miserable (CC) executive's (Jennifer Aniston) fiance. cur TheFox Report With Shepard Smith The O'Reilly Factor (CC) iHannity & Colmes (CC) On the Record With Greta Van Sus- The O'Reilly Factor rwu (CC) . Iteren (CC) COYCM Vou Gotta See Midwest Sports Fox Sports One You Gotta See The Best Damn Sports Show, Period (CC) Midwest Sports You Gotta See rUAatvi This!(CC) Tonight This! (CC) . Report This! (CC) upTw Extreme Homes House Hunters Homes Across Sensible Chic Public Places Designers' Chal- Design on a Dime Love by Design Homes Across Sensible Chic 1 America jlenge America uiqt Modern Marvels: Bombs (CC) Mail Call (CC) Mail Call (CC) Harem: One member ol a 16th-century Ottoman imperial harem proves that sex The XY Factor: Prostitution Sex in 1 nlal . equals power (CC) ; City (CC) irr Intimate Portrait: Manah Carey Unsolved Mysteries Her Deadly Rival ('95) Family man (Harry Hamlin) has deadly secret admirer. Golden Girls (CC) iGolden Girls C Llrc Singer Manah Carey. (CC) (CC) MTii Real WorldRoad Real WorldRoad Real WorldRoad Real WorldRoad Rules Challenge GoodBadNotori- Real WorldRoad Rules Challenge: How to Live Like a Rock Star: Life m 1 " Rules Rules Rules 2001 Wrap Special ous Battle ot the Sexes (CC) a rock star Uiril Hey Arnold! Rugrats(CC) SpongeBob As Told by GingerlThe Cosby Show The Cosby Show Cheers Cheers Coach (Part 1 of 2)Coach (Part 2 o SquarePants (CC) (CC) CCJ CCj (CC) nncy Dr. Ouinn, Medicine Woman (CC) Touched by an Angel (CC) Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story (PG-13, '96) Louis Gossett Touched by an Angel (CC) uu" Jr., Charlayne Woodard, Robert Guillaume. Docudrama. pi ru Barefoot in the Park (7:10) (G, '67) Newlyweds (Robert Redford, Jane The Princess Bride (PG, '87) A pirate (Cary Elwes) rescues his beloved Club Med (10:45) ('86) Jack Scali Fonda) live in cramped Greenwich village apartment. (CC) (Robin Wright) from a dreadful prince. Romance. (CC) cpirj Stargate SG-1: Fair Game Stargate SG-f : Legacy Machello s Stargate SG-t: Learning Curve (CC) Stargate SG-1: Point of View (CC) CrossingJohn CrossingJohn legacy inlects the team. (CC) , Edward Edward ypM Cause for Alarm (6 30) ('51) Romance on the High Seas ('48) A man hires a private eye (Jack Car- It's a Great Feeling ('49) Dennis Morgan. Doris Day, My Dream Is M,m Loretta Young. Mystery (CC) son) to watch his wife (Janis Paige). (CC) Jack Carson. Musical comedy. (CC) Yours (CC) ji p Supersleuths: Aileen Wuornos (CC) Trauma: Life in the ER: Passing the Maternity Ward: Balancing Act. Baby Stories From the O.R.: Dale. Meredith Trauma: Life in the ER: Passing thi IL" Puck. may have Down syndrome. . ' land Mary Kate. Puck TWM Taboo Blind Date (CC) Star Trek: The Next Generation: The WWE RAW: RAW returns; Big Poppa Pump continues to haunt HHH (CC) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Next Phase. (CC) ; (11 05) Face Lift (CC) yuj Law & Order: Phobia (CC) Law & Order: Amends (CC) Law & Order: The Collar (CC) Law & Order: Pride and Joy (CC) Law & Order: Sanctuary (CC) TnnM Tirne Squad Dexter's Labora- Johnny Bravo Courage the Cow- Pokemon (CC) Ed. Edd n Eddy Samurai Jack Powerpuff Girls Flintstones (CC) Tom & Jerry luu" tory ard Dog ; l-.l Leave It to Beaver The Andy Griffith The Brady Bunch Happy Days Sanford & Son Gilligan s Island The Andy Griffith Leave It to Beaver I Love Lucy (CC) The Munsters IVL Show : . Show ) . I ISA JG: Tne Brotherhood (CC) The Dead Zone: Valley ol the Shadow Peter Benchley's Creature ('98) A researcher (Craig T. Nelson), his estranged wife (Kim Cattrall) and their son uaH ' (CC) , (Matthew Carey) battle a deadly amphibious creature in the Caribbean. (CC) iiipu Home Improve- Will & Grace (CC) Rockford Files: Profit and Loss (Part Rockford Files: Profit and Loss (Part News (CC) ICelebrity Justice Rockford Files wu" ment(CC) 1 ot 2) (CC) 2 of 2) (CC) (CC) ui-rpq Friends (CC) Seinfeld: The In the Line of Fire (R, '93) An assassin (John Malkovich) toys with a White House Secret Service agent (Clint Guarding Tess (10:45) (PG-13, '94) "l0i Library (CC) Eastwood) haunted for 30 years by his failure in 1963 Dallas (CC) (PA) Shirley MacLaine (CC) Sister, Sister: The Lizzie McGuire: The Luck of the Irish ( 01) A teen-ager (Ryan Merri- Teamo Supremo Even Stevens: Sister, Sister: The Boy Meets World Boy Meets Wor DISN T"'or (CC) Obsession (CC) man) battles an evil leprechaun lor a gold charm. (9:40) (CC) Easy Way. (CC) Tutor. (CC) CC) (CC) Muppet Treasure Island (6:15) (G, Double Take (PG-13, '01) Framed for money launder- Blow(R, '01) In the 1970s a man (Johnny Depp) works with Colombian Die Hard (11:35 ENC '96 T'm Curry, Kevin Bishop, Billy ing, an investment banker (Orlando Jones) switches places smugglers to establish the cocaine business in the United States. Based on the (R, '88) Connolly. Children. (CC) with a petty thief (Eddie Griffin). (CC) book by Bruce Porter. (CC) (CC) Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical: (5 45) Curb Your Enthu- Curb Your Enthu- Curb Your Enthu- Curb Your Enthu- Joy Ride (R, 01) A mysterious trucker terrorizes TwoWeeks HBO David Hasselhotf stars. (CC) siasm (CC) siasm (CC) siasm (CC) . siasm (CC) three young people (Steve Zahn, Paul Walker, Leelee Notice: HBO Fii Sobieski). (CC) Look Substitute 3: The Winner Takes All The Last Castle (R, 01) A court-martialed general (Robert Redford) leads Bad Boys (10:15) (R, '95) Undercover Miami detectives (Martin Lawreni. MAX I6 3") (R. '99) Treat Williams, a revolt against a corrupt warden (James Gandolfini) in a military prison. (CC) Will Smith) switch lives while investigating murders linked to stolen heroin. (C Rebecca Staab. Drama. (CC) . - Real Men (6:30) (PG-13, '87) James My Own Country (R, '98) An East Indian physician (Naveen Andrews) Queer as Folk: Brian and Michael Odyssey 5: Astronaut Dreams Tag ' SHOW Belushi, John Ritter, Barbara Barrie. works with AIDS patients (Glenne Headly, Hal Holbrook) as an epidemic of the overcome obstacles to show their gart and Neil attempt to scuttle a NA , i Comedy. disease hits in Tennessee. (CC) PRIDE. (CC) satellite test. (CC) Playing Mona Lisa (6:20) (R, '00) The Princess Diaries (G, '01) A woman (Julie Andrews) gives her reluc- I Am Sam (PG-13, '01) A man (Sean Pehn) with the mental capacity of ( ! STARZ A jilted pianist (Alicia Witt) moves in tant granddaughter (Anne Hathaway) etiquette lessons as she becomes heir child hires a lawyer (Michelle Pfeiffer) to regain custody of his daughter. (CC) with her parents. apparent to a inrone. (CC) The Claim (R, 00) Twenty years after a town's founder (Peter Mullan) What Women Want (PG-13. 00) A freak accident gives a Chicago adver- Criminal Law (11:15) (R, '88) TMC ,rades his wife and daughter lor a gold claim, the two arrive in his town. (CC) tising executive (Mel Gibson) the ability to read women's minds. (CC) Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon, Karen . Vm inn C.rima Hrama Prison drama By Terry Morrow- scripps howard news service When a longtime series ends, its final episodes are no longer about pleasing new viewers or satisfying the masses. It's all about giving back to the folks who have been faithful, and writercreator Tom Fqntana.did that when "Oz" aired for the last time Sunday on HBO. He certainly gave longtime viewers richly deserved payoffs. The seventh-season opener picks up six months after last year's cliffhanger, a bloody fight between prisoners. At least one player from the show's first episode is dead. The body count is going up. As with seasons past, the show has no clear dominant storyline. So much is packed into its hour that what opened the show will be nowhere near what happens when ' it ends. Stories shift but in a seamless and comfortable manner. Knowing the end is near gives '"Oz" an even greater sense of urgency. Its flair for high drama is going thermal. "Oz" is sorely underrated. It boosts one of the best casts in television. .' It's a travesty that Rita Moreno has never won an Emmy for her role as Sister Peter Marie. That goes for Ijee Tergesen as the tormented every man prisoner Toby Beecher, too. , . Dean Winters has created a signature role with the crafty prisoner O'Reily. Kirk Acevedo has come into his own as the struggling Alverez. All have their moments in this season's first episode. Beecher, perhaps the most beleaguered character on TV, was set up for more heartache as his father takes on a legal case in "Oz." Because it has been almost a yearjbetween. new episodes, thcu dialogue here was stilted and awkward as it tried to jiggle the viewer's short-lived memory of what has gone on before. Once you get past the clumsy explanations, then "Oz" hit the pedal and resumed its business masterfully. ends series l Aii U -a-: Rita Moreno, left, and Lauren Velez, After all these years, "Oz" is still a nail-biter in a guilty-pleasure kind of way. The violence still overrides each scene and sets the tone for any episode. Knifings and rapes define even the most densely written, character-driven scene. Graphic acts are its credo and how it best conveys its story. Prison is hard. Life in there is the toughest living experience in our free world. It's never bright, pretty or hopeful. Fontana's "Oz" is a day-in, day-out prospect of staying alive until iL I, , ii m Matinee price for all shows until 6 pm. Advanced Ticketing available at MovieWatchercom or (317) 884-1780 R Rating requires (D. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (PQ13) 1 107 00 4 10. 5 00 720 800 PINOCCHKJ (O) 7 10 5 10 ABOUT SCHMIOT (R t VJ 4 20 7 10 GANGS OF NEW YORK (R) I 00 4 30 8 00 TWO WEEKS NOTICE ((K3131 2 40 5 20 7 50 THE WILD THORNBERRY8 MOVIE POM 20 3 20 ' THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (PG13) I 00 1 50, 3 00 4 40, 1 00, 8 20 DRUMLINEPQ13 5 40 B20 THE HOT CHICK (PQ13 800 MAID IN MANHATTAN (PG13) 1 40 4 00 50 STAR TREK NEMESIS (POIJ) 2 58 5 30, 8 10 DIE ANOTHER DAY (PG13) 7 40) HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS (PG) I 20 4 50 8 10 THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 (O) 3 10 5 40 3 with violence SCRIPPS HOWARD PHOTO right, appear in HBO's "Oz." characters either die or move. It's a hopeless commentary, but one in which we still root for anyone with ' a' glimmer of deliverance. What "Oz" has always done best . is push the limits of weekly television in a way no other show has ever done. And for that, it will be sorely missed. There likely will never be another show again that risks it so much creatively with a penchant for such bad taste. HaBHHHHHHH CANARY CREEK CINEMAS 8 lih Milr csi Hi Apflthre Min Mallnrv HarWa AI.LSHUV.S (il.H IKI h HV1 oMA SI CHIMIHINMIVSV) SI N,UKs. & ISI R M.HAVS VilKI . HTi R Mil I'M MM 1 .11(1 NOW OI'KN KV KRV DAY FOR MATINKKSI! THK HOT CHIC K (PG-13) v 12:30 2.45 5 (Kl 7.15 CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (PG-13) 12:30 3:45 7:00 GANGS OF NEW YORK (R) 12:30 3:45 7:15 THE WILD THORNBERRYS IPG) 12:30 2:45 5:00 7:00 WEEK mirr ix:ai . 12:302:45 5:1X17:15 LORD OF THE RINGS THE TW O TOWERS (PG-13) On 2 screens!!! 12.311 1 00 5.00 7.00 MAID IN MANHATTAN (PG-13) 12:30 2:45 5:1X17:15 All Slmltuni Vat in IMhv trmi Dij!iUi Mf It INMH INI- 7W-fMt calendar Today Meetings Greenwood Rotary Club, noon, Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria, Greenwood" ' Legacy Cancer Support Group, 7 p.m., Franklin Memorial Christian Church, 1720 N. Graham Road, Franklin ; Al-Anon, 8 p.m., Commugity Hospital South, first-floor conference room. Infqrmation: 357-9607 Tuesday Meetings Greenwood Kiwanis Club, 6 p.m., MCL Cafeteria in Greenwood Park Mall Franklin Rotary Club, noon, 1 Franklin College Campus Center Franklin Evening Kiwanis Club, 6 p.m. ..Masonic Home, board meeting Emotions Anonymous, 7 p.m.', Pebble Creek Community Center, 225 ' Pebble Creek Drive, "Greenwood, information: 859-9569 TOPS (Take Off Pounds. Sensibly), 7 p.m., Smith Valley Baptist Church. -Information: 535-7468 after 6 p.m. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), -7 p.m., Nineveh Christian Church. Information: 933-3146 Wednesday Christian Businessmen's Committee of Greater Greenwood, 7 a.m., Denny's Restaurant, Greenwood ALL STADIUM SEATING ALL DIGITAL SOUND BARGAIN MATINEES Shows Before 6 pm Senior Discount Advance Ticftef Sales SMiraJoj FrMajtJjrjJnl traughThjirsdayj J8J1, Itt Iiraej LnJritkiSlirifeLFiiiaiteiA&iidaj Only About Schmidt (R) 12:10: 1:00; 3:10: 4:20: 640: 7:30; 9.30; 10:20 Catch Metl You Can (R) (11:40a); 1 30,2:50,4:50; 6:15:8:10,9:20:9:45 Gangs ol New York (R) 11:50a; 3:20; 6:50; 10:30 Two Weeks Notice (PG-13) (11:15a); 210; 5:10; 7:45; 10:10 Wild Thornberrys (PG) 12 20; 2:30; 5:00; 7:20 ' Lord Of the Rings: Two Towers (PG-13) (11:00a); (11:30a); 12:00; 2:00; 3:00; 3:30; 4:00; 6:05; 7:00; 7:40; BOO; 9:50; "10 40 'There is no 10 40 showing Sunday through Thursday Drumline (PG-13) 12:40; 3:40; 6:20; 9:10 Hot Chick (PG13) 5:20; 7:50; 10:15 Maid In Manhattan (PG-13) 1:20; 4:10; 6:45; 915 Star Trek Nemette (PG-13) 4; :t& -430; 15,-10 00--Harry Potter t The Chamber of Secrets (PG) (11:10a); 2:40; 6:30; 9:40 Santa Clause 2(G) 12 30; 2 45 Gift Certificates AiJtf jZt Movie Money' available in KolUlpS5 increments at box oilier nr www Itprasntps mm IO! HIVU n h h n a

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