The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1931 m,YTHF,Vl),LE, (AUK.) COUIUER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word 'or first insertion ami ° nc cenlr a word lor ench subsequent insertion. No advertisement liken for less than 50c, Count the words and send the cash. I'honc 306 FOK SALE 1930 THE BOBBS-MEPRIjlCp; iii:cr.\ l.lfr In I lit FOK SALE — llupmobltc- co;ipe, j name your price. Ercadway IJav-1 ber Shop. *^1™ ! I/OK HUNT l-Qll RENT—Four room npart- mc'it 810 West Ash. Call 510. i 5t;-'IT int: YODAY Illtte limn of llnl mtn »n» (on iliii'.wllliir; cjMiuii IU.I.A •rm.u- hv t uiu'rlvi-d Mir lilr:t nl L; n Jimhir Ciiiinfrjr < lull uRifiift ill? ynun^iT «t I itlrtr linrfihini, Acrnnl- > n r ™ n K rd fur [fit- uu r- Ihr Mil) ULi*h fun;., n Mil!t i;n I FOP. KENT-REASONABLE—Warm tod room, Hriioining bath. Call FOR RENT—4 nx>m stucco house, modern. GG3 Nurch 5lh. lGp-k'21 j FOK RENT — Mcrifrn bungalow*; carage, on pcvcrt street. CaU L. j Fowler, G&8 or 450J. 2DC-TFJ I--OR RFNT—Steam 3:e:Ue;t frsnt bedroom. 603 West Main, Phone G42. 17e-tt j El. 11 in! »Kr l nlthJr.NKV KIKHIKS r liuOmud, lilinil IIIIV HiS. iii nr[ ns •.•liiitirriitin. n»i-il— linil l'i' tciMrs. ton »IIN IKMKH.V ni-riinil -..T'- h.tlmlil.'-, Ill) of r;: M'lrii-, In Kt<l Tliru \< tisnv \vi>n-:v int I'lTTV SK MIS, <;inut-r »:ix itir ilnii fnrni niifl farm , <;it>j;t-r t'rm-ccdfil FOR RENT—Furnshed npavtmcnt, newly (fucuratetl. 710ChickaEawba. Fhone 235. ' 19C-K23 l.': :iTtn n.] ll!f:i Ilir i-ilril ullti The- nl Hi. ,-!nl,. 1111V WANTED POULTRY V.'AKTED—Mcrket prl. ccj, any qiianlity. Marilyn Hat- chcij 1 . 'Jib S. f\>urtli St. 00-IT' WANTED — "amlly Washed ar.d ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 701 S. Lnke St. 17CK-TF .MIDDLE AGED LADY wishes position as housekeeper. Practical nursing. Luxora Route 1 Box 10. np-h21 i POULTRV WANTED— Market) prices paid al C. L. Bennett Co. i Fccrt Store, 310 N. Railroad SI. | \vest ol conrlhouse. Not Ijuyli^g al j Tishcr's place on First St. amiv.ore.! J. E. FISHER. IGc-xl LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place,- 213 Goutri First St. ' 23C-TF MHV i:u "\ « I'M '''in: si ClIAl'TEIl VI ^ ' Ginger hcgan firmly. "It Is customary to nair.c the child liist." snlci Eddy Ja> kson. llm upon tills iioinl :l:» discus-1 slim became so Involveil ilial ilu-y I ivcre obliged lo temporize. j "The naiu 1 of Ui[* club shnll he —[lash-dash," read Glnsi'r as siiei wrute. I "The purple comes next." said ''To iiave a good lime." said 1'atly. "To palm the nights of Iowa n deep rnse-red." yaiil Wesley. "To £ct rid of parents and At lhai point they (It-eiilrd not to hnilier with (lie fornml cir^aniza- lion Just yet—there would be plenty nf lin:o for that liter on. Tiit-y iniiiln out a list of 21 of lliell be£t friends 10 lie honored with immediate invitations to join the club OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern "The name o! this tlub .'hall it —ci'aj/i </rts/r." read Ginger ai iht icrole, "Ths purpoie conies ncxl." loU GtMji faction. "To have a good lime," said Paily. FOUND— Christian Science text book. Owner may call at Gofl hotel. ck21 —whatever it was eventually called.] !o l!io and whenever organised. inenls. free transportation and a llsbl si'P- per. Those wlio went merely fur Ihr- sccial side, of the enterprise ucrc churned for Iho ride. For adr.iisricu grouudy and for refresh ?':K-:I:U[]IK cavalcade wended tt^caiipctl juniors —anil cheap crmkles nt inward Mill Hush on the land plain cjkcs were nilo/cd us a New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. 20. (UP)—Cotton closed easy. Open High Lyx Closs Dec. nc\v 1103 1110 1031 1110 Jnn. new IOCS 1010 908 Jan; -old -1010-1010 1010 Mar 1015 1029 1010 May .... 1041 1051 1035 July 1063 1016 1055 Out 1078 1003 1015 Spats steady at 1025, up 1010 10101020 1053 1073 1032 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 20. (OP) — Cutlon closed steady. Open High Low Clos; D?c 1C83 lODI! 1003 1107b Jan SM 1C03 333 10031) Mar 1013 1027 1013 1027 May 1039 1C52 1036 1051 July IOS2 1073 10o3 1073 Oct Iui5 1031 1074 1(131 Spctb steady ;U 983. up 10. TOLEDO. lUP'— in the ylars huUistry is seen in the plans of the I.ibhey Glass Manufacturing Ccmpany to double capacity of its plant here and add oQuipmenl at a combined cost of SGCO.OOO. The! project will be completed, by March I 15. "In ihc meantime. I'll tie prcsi- <lenl anil ilo [lie lj?si I can." ariln OiiiKp;- chocrlully. "Now let's draw u[i the rules.". UIUMI tl;c£e Ihey were fntrly well Hfjrecn. r> bafiies, i:n prcaclier- 1 ; ami no parents were to he admitted. Y.IUUK people (jf t!:e upper years of liiSl 1 ^vii'.ul and iHlvale [irejiara- '.ory Eclionls could nttentl cllll) niceiinKLj iiy Invllalloa only, anil coijld nu[ im-lidpate as active niem- .hera unii] they v;ero either graciu- "atcd or had'left school. One lai'se fanaal function v.-ould h^' sivcu for parents an<l ot]ier married persons each year. Jeoky wns lo be tlie formal resident manager, chaperon and IIUUEC mother. Heiiny Urcoks was the lioiincer. "Thafs ei'oat." patil Kdily Jacl;• £0[i. "A liiimi hnnncer." "That." paid (Mncer wickedly, "is the only kind of ba' we'd have." that, every afternoon and atsaln at n .o'clock. Iry Ford, whose taxicab met all llatiMi Ilivcr. OINORIVS agreement with Hen *•' ami Jc:i!<y -,v,i3 pliant and workable. As (Jl'iScr said, "Wo never In-co'iiini; train?, cuiiiitcd on n great | ,,, V( , a|]> . ,, - mMu » F0 diey did not ileal uf ImslnrFS in coiuiorlliin ttHh ;ivllsil]pI . „ r ,,. L . cs?;lvy , 0 ],. lve a She now activities at ^Iili Kusli. i i,. : -ii smii-tnrni of llielr uriange- UUCLE AMOS/ SAID VOU VOOLJLP GO 5KA-rtM<3. WITH MS sHoui Me. A MEPAU 'FRQM van -THAT' /wv SKILL 5PE6D vJAS SUFFEREP TjlJMPlM<3 ASO ! "RECOUP 731) MP AfiP LAUPED A 5PO"T IHA'T SOWS RIWAL SPEEP A SKATfiM<3 -TELUMCJ AW 1 He SAlP , Ice IW A BARREU C'MOrVi BKA-TlnJO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES EH? By Martin He curried favor Hinder ..., Ella vlglit at the start by asklsp,, and fol|owi!it'. her advice in ruuan!', in rates, she d?eiding after carcJu'i-j consideration 25 cents each'., way or -JO cents the round I'Spi^ wnnld be nimnt rinht. with u rednt-!-, tion of live cents on each fare v;l;i:i J r more llian five passen^org were carried. i:ici:ts. tliii^er's Idea was to rim tlie Iliin;; esiicriinenlally at lirKt, pay- i!!^ e^iiens'os out of l!ic proceeds, ;unl dividinj: the pos.dhlo prolils, t' all of whhh .Icnky c-'c '-illy n/recil. trustliiE GiiiBCT in see Hint rl; (lid not suffer In the Ions run. Anything tliat she and Hen could make off the place ill Hie way ot Day after ilny the r^cir.a'.in^ , huit ami vct'tiUtble inoiiui'e was lo work of reli;ilil1HaUon svcul uiL-irily jbt; their own. ami Jcnky nmtle up on. As soon as tltc rolling svcro inltipr intnd tliat It \vonlrl IJG consitl* fairly hahilnhle condition. Hen a:i:l Uljlo. Jcnky Urcoks sjient \vcok-c;i-!=i :it I l-'roui ncL^lsljoi'iiis fncmlly farm;he coUn^c, Ginger ir.kini; then, o it ' ors the Doiintion Coitimlttco sc- iciiiuctliiitcly nL tlje*closc of school cured two small jtigs, a (lr>?.cu liens rjn Friday. [of R great many oil'l nii^Uirea nf Cars that had been trlor-.:"! ! breed, nml two elderly Li • stll) Iry Furd's old l ) stood at Liic northeast corner ol tlic square to convey to .Mil] Jtush aspirants for evening Lib or. Those willins to work ar.d work hard wore given had been reloj 1 '.'^'! principally 10 ll:e grnvoyaid of -;1<1 motors years before, \vuru tnv.-cd onl. oiied up a hit anil forced liaol: into uoi?y service. Discarded liicy- were nnc-artllcd from attic cellar recesses, re-tired and put lo work. And every afternoon .1? M":I .13 school o;!t at 1 belligerent roosters. v.i!ui;cr ale, in'ar beer and other hoitlcd drinks were bonfilil in la quantities and at the cheapest I ^ihle [irice fnr resale to customers and sncsls. Sninhvichos eutaitcd so much tabor and rcfi'iived so many I ..extent're and all day Ions on Saturtby ,-sndj price w.ns Sunday, creaking. llml the problbitivc 1 —the nnly FOR TRADE N'cw or Used Automobilps for City Property. I,. FOWLER Phone 3SS SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN ^ important sources of copper. In planning h:ct'us, it is tu^os- sary to keep in mir.d that one m;:i- eral is noi cjrcctive without tlic plhcrs. Eacli mliicrcil is dcpcndom inarkct hcin^ tiio financially handl-' 10 Us h?sl advantage. The body' makes belter use of the lime In ' milk if iron is included in the rt:ei and tl'.r iron gains increased potency by the addition of a food •ulistltnlc, pl.N'OKU'S early tiainins Blood ^ ber In coed stead. Site had a recipe for n iiarllcularly uooil nml inexpensive br.iiul of fruit cooky, one wliicli li;nl been a prime fnvor- Ite with Hie Tolllvcrs in •' : trnsnl old parsonage days, Fly a strict nmthemniicnl process she llgurcd out thul llK'.=e cookies f made up in ]:iri;c i]n:intlllC3 on the taa RIOVO ni llniiriidcc—with jooby cnltlns Ibe rntslus—cost ex- -ictly nne r.nil one-halt cents each. Tiie eookk'd \\cvo Inrjie nml fllliug and could be sold for five could ns fust us she contd turn tbcni out. On a balmy morning during liio llrst week nf May Bho v;as sj en- gnsed. Gooljy, al ber direction, uns elioiiping raisins by Iho pound. Gin : ;c'r was carefully measuring Ingredients Into the inlvlng-tiowl. There wns a smudge ot flour 111 her linshed face, a slrciik ot' It across Hie rcil h.iudkcrelitct lint hound her brow. Slic was well Into Iho sixth i! when a Eicp sounded upon tlie kitchen porch and a shadow fell nciosa tho room from tlie open door. Crxdty, who was opposite Ibb donr. raised her head. Ginger did, not turn. (To l!o ConMnuril) ! on the presence of some oilier mm-: rich in copper. " " Ihe human body is to me it : Many other minerals enter into the science ot foods and nutrition and Inve.sligntors continue to seek clenniic know'cdKe of their uses in the IjntJy. For Ihn present, the in- territed hoiiFcwife must bs sntis- lieei with a rather limited report of the results. , WOT '•& Ht &01M 1 SCKLES AND TUS KKIRNDS Red Hall Harbor Shop 31C W. Main Wiliiams & Damon, Prop. J-'clix Kyle. Krcd Boyctt. Guy Rogers. Virgil William:. Earl Damon. Cash Paid Fnr I.iitc Model Used Cars W. T. I5AHNKTT ! 17-110 East Mntu St. Flionc 838 or 887 ippr ct nil foods i antma 1 . livers are Local anil long disl.ince hauling. Special rates on cailold lots. Team for Icral hauling. Y. K. WASIIAM TKANSFER 14CH Cliickasauln Tlionc 851 can orr Siivc you money Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO I'AUTS 2020 Main Phone GO I5V SISTER T.ViiRY NKA Service Writrr Scientists are constantly in- \csUEaliiit' and adding fresh j dn'.n Ic farts Rlxmt foctis and | nutrition. That "a;inerals" avc a ; necessary factor In the diet has | been n;i accepted principle for | ! years and wo drank milk for its i jl'm; and r.te spinach for il.s iron, i i Now wr are learninj 111?.! ccppT | , Eliculd be present in Fmall amounts • i if full tcnofit is to te drrivcd from i j the iron content, of foods. I Ciicir.isls !)?-(•: fotinrl thai fresh ' caivos' liver contains tiic mo;: cop- 1 s'tudicd. All the' ric^i in copper. i calves' iwin? lire richest, beef next I land pig liver third. ] ' The University of Wisconsin has 'studied both the iron and copper: •contents of 'o ;i ' in extended re-; Ucarch. The rciuils are inlcvesl- : i ii:g and decidedly helpful to home- j makers uheu planning the family. i meals. | j Dr. C. A. Elvejhem. one of the! i chemists of the Wisconsin labora-; 1 lory, has ai-rcinsed, t'ic. following' ,lis', of foods in regard to their. I copper content: nuts, dried leg-j . • lines, rcots. tubers. Irnly vcRCta-j ; i bles. . fresh frtiils ami non-lealyj i vegetables. i ! liic lenly vegetables, altlioujh. .rich in iroii. are poor FOiirccs of j i copprr. Milk is low in both iron laud rapper. Celery found lj 1 have the luuo-l copper content of all the foo:b analysed. O:,.n:i:> have recently liCJii vcrojnracl LI.S FC? AUUW/S SS CXJT TO BliV A TU£Y CXJ2 STCSST Hol.ueH.iH EXTRA .'.' WOIUUKD oor HEAR VJHEC6 OScAttS UUCLE i 1S.-1 OKIS WvAM CAt4 STOP AND HO'-D OP OW6 OP THOSE BIS TRAILS..T. ' -rue COBBER T5y Rlossjl ,L DOUT 1UIKVCSO.— WHAT RILSy TOLP ^E ,1>lose ' AEG AU- VIASH60 UP.-- SAW HEPE IHAt' ^IE RASGED THE TSA1VJ WASH IS MISUNDERSTOOD By Cram TIA1 r Or.e -ale or a train lend. EMI CORN", shuck on. 83c bn. s;\;irk cK. S> ; c per bu.. in .car !o!s. Cotton Stiles Sales Co., Inr. Uiytlicvillc, Avk. riione HI or t-D 13CG. Re&aiced FAY 0. DAVIS I'hoiic-; 231 or I'M IA CO.'-ieC, TO SSU&RE H'-y^tLF TOR s? 'AH, MH eov 1 , MWERWUP. L KNOW VJM NCU WISE VOU A.F COME To REQU6S' THE U^ND OF MV CMK i IM M^RIftGE, MJO1 AM MOS' DELIGHT. I AM I JOY. O, WftRlA, CH1GRHTA, \ 50LOUE5, E.VJERVBOPV! CoMc V

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