The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1951
Page 9
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 1951 BLYTHEVTLLK, '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS ?AOE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Y6 ? i TicWeo THAT B'AR'S L=ARTOT£LL HIM IT WAS TIME-TO so.'—we SOT A TKeAry WITH w AIORE ASTOUMDING TK Trt' C(?iTT£R6-~ NEMGR xlILL 'EM I YOUR PACT VMITH THE CE6SEN1 TH£V DCWr OSeV BETWEEN THESE TWO AMD CHECK FT WITH TH' LITTLE FINGER--AND IT ALLOS CATCH i OM.' HANlDSOMe MAML THE WEAK El3p „, „ ,„,..,,. „ , „ '. Total weight of metal In the hull and machinery of the Queen Mary, transatlantic liner, exceed, 1 ; 50,000 tons. Some men always prefer a blonde, Others don't give a.hoot, But when you serve them Meyer's Bread, They think nil gals are cute! THE GILA MURDER • BY JULIUS LONG • tMl tft KEA ttUVtCE. INC XII Check Your Speedometer! It Will Siva ¥•• Money Are you sure your speedometer eatls correctly? It's no excuse foi ipeeding 'Come in tomorrow >ne day service lor Ail cars >nd trucks. T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Chrysfer-Pljmavth Dealer 121 C MniD Phane 2122 7AM COLTON dropped his automatic. The silhouette moved .earer and Johnnie McAdams .ood close behind him. "Turn c;r the will, Sam." Sam laughed. "There's no will, ohnnie. I knew you'd followed Tie here, so 1 talked for your ben- ftt just to get you to show your and to Paul Baker here—the >unty prosecutor.'* McAdams swore, then lifted his and and brought the gun it con- ained down on Sam's head. The nan dropped in his tracks and ly there, As her father fell. Pat ilton clutched Baker's arm. McAdams came close to Baker's oupe now. the gun in his hand :veled steadily. "Sam didn't accomplish much," te said, . "But I'm glad 1 came Song to see what he was up to never dreamed you'd come here yith Pat. 1 thought you'd have ad occasion to reach into the love compartment by now. D< •ou know what's in there, Paul' .'11 give you one guess. Sure. Th nate to the Gila Monster that go •oar Laura by the hand. I put [icre this evening. I also loosenec n valve in one of your tires. bought it would go flat tonight anc 'ou'd need the flashlight in you love box. I figured the odds wpr he monster would hang on U. 1 ou were dead, especially if yo jd the flat in a deserted place "You Hg'urcd optimistically Johnnie. Why did you think jcessury to eliminate roe?" "Because you'd guess my motiv for killing Laura as soon as yo round out about the new will sh meant to sign, i visited your lice today to convince you that th old will represented Laure'i la. wishes, You'd never have learn different it you hadn't tricked c with that story about two kids see ing me at Laura's car. 1 had to t about in« new will then—it was e only story Pal. her brother and er father would believe." "But it ivasn't o will you left in ie glove box. It wijs the Gila onster." • • • /fcADAMS chuckled. "Sure. You didn't think 1 v<\s going to ss a hundred and eighty grand oodby. did you?" 'Why not? That would be hicken feed compared to the bo- you'd get if you married anza at." "Me marry Johnnie?" Pat ex- .odcd. "Having to date him was ie worst ordeal mother ever m- icted on me!" McAdams laughted bitterly ''1 new the score with Pat. I had to et mine in executor and attorney ees." "How did you find out about the Gila Monsters. Johnnie?" "Lawrence brought me out here ne lime and showed them off." "Where is he now. Johnnie?** "Tied up inside. He never knew vhat hit him. I'm Keeping him uiet with chloroform. When ne omes to, he'll think his old man onked him. His old man won't be able to deny it because he's gong to suicide with his own gun." "What about Pat and me, Johnnie?" You'll both be taken care of and Lunged against the door. It burst outward, slamming McAdami backward. The gun in hia hand went off, but the bullet went high, grazing Baker's tie ad and tearing through the roof. In a continuous movement. Baker went on after the reeling man. The gun barrel raked his face. He grabbed at it, missed, then concentrated on punches to McAdams' midriff. McAdams wasn't thinking about using the gun then save to ward off the blows. He seemed to realize that m-tighting could do iiim no good, and he faded back. lifting the gun as he did so. Bakei . threw himself toward the still inert body of Sam Colton and trieo desperately to feel (or Sam's gun on the ground. He failed. The roar and flash oJ McAdams gun blinded and deafened him, bin he was rolling, and the bullet went wild. Then his hand found Sam Colton's automatic. His fingers grasped it; he lifted and fired at t he spot w tie nee the fla s h h a ti come He knew he had missed, but the shot had taken the courage out of McAdams. Instead ot running to his own car, he jumped under the wheel of Baker's coupe. Baker thought of Pat, and he shouted: "Get out, Pat! Get out!* 805- FRMCKLEt AND HI* FRIENDS fey MERRILL BLOSSER Think Nothing of H "But my daughter caught the realty big fish on our tior>—a young man 22 years old!" THIS MUST M new AM . LJRJIOe-DOVYN OKI FEELS/ riWAS WOTHIMG/ I ALWAYS LOWER BERTH/ PRISCILLA'S POP Sounds Reasonable BY AL VERMEER when Pal opens the glove box and ets the monster out. It he doesn't kill both of you. it will make you unconscious and more of my chloroform will. I don't think the coroner will be looking for chloroform when be finds the monster'd got to you,** Pat stiffened at Baker's side. McAdams said: "Open the glove box door. Pat. It won't be pleasant, but ii you don't, 1*11 blow Baker's head 08. You wouldn't like that, would you. Pat?" Baker felt the pressure ot Pal's fingers on his wrist. "I'll have to open it," she said. He waited no longer. With his left hand he lifted the car door catch r.TE could not see whether sh* obeyed or not as the coupt was turned about. Then Me Ad aim tried to run over him as he roarec away, but he rolled in lime and managed to clear the wheels. "I'm here." Pat's voice called back- He ran lo her, found taei behind some bushes, where her brother's car was hidden. "Are you all right? You weren't REMEMBER! HOLLYHOCK AND MERE'S AM APPLE FOR EACH OF YOU I WWPMSC/LLA! YOU TOOK THE BIGGEST APPLE! TMAT'S NOT NICE!' ^ I KNOW] •THAT'S VVMY I GAVE HER IS YOUR GUEST!!j SHE'S SMALLER VIC FLINT Louie Ts Uncertain BY MICHAEL, O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE hit?" "No. What about Johnnie?" 'He Cook my car. He must hav« left bis own at the Highway. He'll change cars, but be won't get far." Pat shook tier nead. ''He may not even get to his own car. You see, before [ leaped out ot your coupe 1 opened the glove box door. The lizard's loose in it with Johnnie." Ai she spoke there was a screeching sound at tires and then the crash or metal as 11 a car were turning over and over. THE END . - - FIFTV T JUST TO S-TAABUD/ I SlA/iME A AT HIM/ IP IT l£ ME WA* WEARLN' FUNNY LOOKIN' OUT IN THE LIKE THE6E/ I I £OUNO..* I DON'T KNOW, VIC. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN TH6 6UY THAT i-POKE TO VOIBAU. BUT... CAPTAIN EASY Nobodv There BY LESLIE TURNER North Carolina's spruce pine »rea supplies about G5 per cent of all the feldspar mined In th« United States. 1 REPAIR SERVICE ll appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, and washers. Kadios and smaU appliances. All oar work ts guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. ri 225 N. FIRST Phone 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All Typ«) • • LAWN MOWERS All kind mowers and mower engines repaired. • WELDING (Any Typ*) • Bicycle Repair (Cnmp.cte line of parti) Authoriitd Service A Parts TOT Clinton Engines. See as! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP FOR SALE LUMBER Oak & Cyprest All Dimensions BULLINGER'S STORE at Gilberts Crossing or Call 6645 V** Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. fll IIIW»T 8». BljtheTtlte HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchase Orderg Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone — 6856 — 6857 WANTED , MEN and WOMEN to Tallow leads on Hospital Insurance Great Demand — Good Pay When In the Hospital friends send ] Flowers — We Send You Cash SeeiinitedlnsuranceAgencyi 106 S. First St. Blythevillej "Rverything in Insurance" At Lower Rales What Don't You Need? : Old rlckcly furniture, worn I clothe*, fishing equipment. Anything on earth that you I don't want la worth money in trades and swaps at H & M Sales Co. Bring U down— I Tou'll find something yon DO H&MSalcsCo. Ill7 E. M»ln Phone 6859 A. P. Die-trick Stepped Up! I DID. TH- WINDOWS WERE LOCKEP !MSI!>6_.rH' UNDISTURBED OU THRESHOLDS M!t> FL0CE6iJ*OMW IN THW HOUSE FOB * MONTH! MOCEV MUSfA LEFT y THANKS, SUH. *?U EESORf WO OWE W*S JUST BEFORE! HIDING IN THAT HOUSE WHEN vou AND IS FElLJi *IEWT THERE V McTIGG EXAMINED THE OUTSIDE? l|-*5 P.M. TH' CAR AS GONE. AMD TH 1 IOTHES STILL BURNW M TH' FIREPLACE! IT OMFIRMS EMMETte STOR.V EXACTLY L , NOW! 'OU SEE, I HAD »> MOTE FROHH TH' OWJEC. ODAV, EWeiOSIUS A EV. VK5 RETURHiUG HOME TOMORROW, MID IF I'D AIR. OUT TH' HOUSE... EftSV? WE'RE BACK WHERE WE STMWTED BUGS BUNNY HOW /sgOLTT A PEE- > TWe OUT PER I LltaHTER ELMERS CORNET PON'T BE BASHFUL HKNPFUL/ ENOUGH, 0L>T WITH THftT'S vewv THOUGHTFUL BY V. T. HAMLIN .OOK)H!SNIBS ] T'HECK WITH THAT... BUT.OORI I >-'-"-Y IS'JGSSST 6VVEAK. I UO i TH' OFFICERS' CLUS? THEY SW TH' FOOD ISTH'BtST IN ROME r (W OFF, YOU GUYS. THAI ENDS TH'FIGHT! MY BOVSCLUANEDUP GAVE ME A \LOOKVWAT'S COME ..N.TOKE.'AIWQFAT LAURELCKOWN WAS N'T THAT NICE OF 'IM? MOT KNOW WHERE IN HrCK GONNA GO! Concrete culverts, 12 Inch (« inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump hoiiKex tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SHEET METAL WORKS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to '/i inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Milek Extra Power (ftf Get The Best 'I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089

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