The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 5, 1997 · Page 134
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 134

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, February 5, 1997
Page 134
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r p p F12 R WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1997 LOS ANGELES TIMES TODAY ON TV CHANNELS Los) Angala Oratgt County DKC8S(CBS)a2 dknbcinbcim anA(WB)a5 DKABCIABO07 aKCAL(lmla9 IBlCnVF(K)11 0HKC0P(UPN113 taKSOOndJ-rS BSKWHYN.I22 HDKCET(FBS)28 BlKMEX(Uni14 11 KTBN (hi) 40 O)K0CE(PBS)5) EKVEA(lnd23 OHMCtJndJS EQKLCS(PBS)17 0HKHCA(lnd20 Pah Springs HKMRINBQW 2KESQ(W7,25 Sate Barbara aiKm(Aac)07 2iKVCRFBS)24 VhnknCsurty Cable Services AM 39 El 63 SCM87 AMC35 ESPN 34 SHOW 41 BET 57 ESPN234 TBS 43 WW 5 fAM 47 TIC 51 JJUf FSWZ7 TMC 58 SJ. HBO 33 TNN 49 HIST 30 TNT 52 IR 46 USA 44 DSC37 MTV 48 VH162 DISK 53 NKK38 WGN 55 Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. A indicates advertisement. Movie Ratings A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS (TVY) All Children (TVY7) Directed to Older Children (TVG) General Audience (TVPG) Parental Guidance (TV14) Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVM) Mature Audiences Only MORNING 7:00 a.m. fl KCBS News O KNBC 3ft KMIR Today Beauty tips; Martha Stewart 70501 B KTLA Morning News Don Ho in Hawaii; the Beardstown Ladies investment group. 14717 D KABCLT KEYTI42 KESQ Good Morning America Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon ("Unlimited Power"); consumer report fitness. 94105 OKCAlThe Mask 58327 fSKTTVGoodDayLA. The Rev. Bernice King; Dr. Ruth Westheimer. 49679 IB KCOP Mega Man 55853 EKWW Marketwatch News ED KCET Barney & Friends (Repeat) 19679 B3 KMEX Hoy Mismo EQKTBN Rod Parsley ED KOCE Government by Consent SKVEACBSTeleNoticias (33 KDOC News (Japanese); JUi Business News (7:20) SO KLCS Learning English OS KRCA Little Saigon Television News SIKADYBullwinkle AMC Movie "An Act of Murder" (1948)3050940 A&ELovejoy BET Hit List CSPN Public Policy CNBC Money Wheel DISN Goof Troop E! Melrose Place ESPNSportsCenter ESPnUKiana's Flex Appeal FSW Fox Sports News HBO Mows "Little Women" (19941(1 hr. 58 min.) 208037 HIST The Real West LIFE Everyday Workout MTV The Grind NICK Weinerville 855969 SCt-fl voyage to the Bottom of the Sea SHOW American Heroes & Legends TBS Three's Company (7:05) TlCPappyland TNT Giliigan's Island USA USA Action Extreme Team 477105 WGN Andy Griffith 7:30 a.m. OKCAL Masked Rider 37834 IB KCOP Samurai Pizza Cats HKSCIIran-Sima 63 KWHY Marketwatch News ED KCET Storytime 21414 EQKMEXGirosTV 03 KTBN Marilyn Hickey ED KOCE Tai Chi: Innerwave W KVEA Hola Los Angeles 85698 B3 KDOC Ohayo Salon BO KLCS Putting English to Work S1KADV Underdog DISN Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers ESPN2 Crunch Fitness UFE Denise Austin's Daily Workout MTV MTV Jams NICK Alvin and the Chipmunks SHOW American Heroes & Legends TBS Mama's Family (7:35) TIC The Wisdom of the Gnomes TMC Movie "Stir Crazy" (1980) (1 hr. 51 min.) 10436376(7:45) TNT Giliigan's Island WGN Empty Nest 8:00 a.m. D KCBS This Morning Heartscore: obesity; John Leguizamo. 29037 H KCAL VOR-Tech 62056 IB KCOP Pink Panther E3 KWHY Marketwatch News ED KCETLarrt Chop's PlayAtoig 64056 DO KTBN Kenneth Copeland EH KOCE Inspiration of Painting: Oils (3D KLCS Pappyland 88698 jfj) KAOY Tennessee Tuxedo A&E Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer BET Video Vibrations BRVO National Arts Calendar COM Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist DISN The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh E! The Gossip Show 792872 ESPNSportsCenter ESPN2 Cory Everson's Gotta Sweat FAM Highway to Heaven HIST Movie "Warned: The Sundance Woman-(1976)(2hr.)38230 UFE What Every Baby Knows MTV MTV's Rude Awakening NICK Looney Tunes SCI-H Dark Shadows 6024717 SHOW Movie "Quiz Show" (1994) (2 hr. 10 min.) 74024698 TBS Andy Griffith (8:05) TIC Elementary Spanish TNN Dallas TNT Knots Landing WGN In the Heat of the Night 8:30 a.m. 0 KCAL Bruno the Kid 61 327 IB KCOP Step by Step B3KSCI Today's Physician EQ KWHY Marketwatch News ED KCET Arthur 63327 S3 KMEX El Chavo EQ KTBN Lifestyle Magazine 694785 m KOCE Theodore Tugboat 807143 S3 KLCS Wishbone 87969 02 KRCA MBC News Desk 63IKADYLaverne and Shirley AMC Movie "The Great White Hope" (1970) 62794105 (8:45) BRVO South Bank Show CMAX Movie "The Hunt for Red October" (2 hr. 15 min.) 72859259 CNN CNN & Co. 230501 COM The Oaily Show 9809679 OISN The Little Mermaid E! News Daily ESPN2 Fitness Beach UFE Kids These Days NICK Looney Tunes SCI-H Dark Shadows 1661768 TBS Andy Griffith (8:35) TLC Geonauts 9:00 a.m. H KCBS Guiding Light (TV14) 89834 UKNBCLeeza Amazing rescues. 20330 B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TVPG) Paternity tests. 29476 ElKABCIXKEYT 92 KESQ Regis &KathieLee Timothy Dalton; match makeover. 47872 B KCAL Crook & Chase Perry King; animal actors; Cajun grilled shrimp; Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa. 67650 ID KTTV After Breakfast (TVG) Charles Shaughnessy. Benjamin Salisbury; Daniel Davis; Bert and Emie of "Sesame Street"; guest co-host Daisy Fuentes. 69018 IB KCOP Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ES KWHY Marketwatch News I24) KVCR Cat Paws 61 655 ED KCET Barney & Friends 54679 BDKMEXChespirito 36! KMIR Maury Povich 652834 EQ KTBN Dr. Cherry EH KOCE Instructional TV 63 KDOC Life in the Word ED KLCS T E A M S. 03 KRCA K.T.A.N. News; Studio of Love9:15) II KADY Movies Treacherous" (1994)(2 hr.) 34872 A&EQuincy CNBC Inside Opinion CNNNewsday COM Movie 'The Women's Club" (1987) (2 hr.) 2950785 DSC Assignment Discovery DISN Adventures in Wonderland El Talk Soup 782495 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2Kiana's Flex Appeal FAMTheWaltons HBO Mavis "Peggy Sue Got Married" (1986) 9939230 UFE Sisters MTV Music Videos NICKRugrats SCI-H Ripley's Believe It or Not! TBS Matlock (9:05) TLC Essentials TNN Creative Living With Crafts TNTCHiPs USA Murder, She Wrote WGN Geraldo Rivera (TVPG) Woman-abusing athletes. 128308 9:30 a.m. ES KWHY Marketwatch News 6?4 KVCR Body Electric ED KCET The Puzzle Place 90969 EE) KTBN Dean and Mary Brown 00 KLCS Math for Primary (9:45) BRVO Movie "The Beggar's Opera" (1953) (2 hr.) 903327 CNBC Power Lunch 956740 CNN Burden of Proof 941105 DISN Under the Umbrella Tree E! Uncut 428785 ESPNZBodyShaping NICK Richard Scarry 336259 TMC Movie "Lisa"(1962(1hr. 52 min.) 98148476 (9:35) TNN Creative Living With Crafts 10:00 a.m. fl KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) UKNBC Maureen O'Boyle Unprotected teen sex. 66308 II KTLA Little House on the Prairie U KABC 33 KEYT Caryl & Marilyn Hollywood stunts. 51740 B KCAL Movie "Perfect Family" (1992) (2 hr.) 78105 ID KTTV The Dating Game IB KCOP Everyday Living E0 KWHY Marketwatch News 24! KVCR Embroidery Studio ED KCET Sesame Street 27698 S3 KMEX Papa Soltero 96! KMIR Geraldo Rivera (TVPG) 203582 EQ KTBN TBN Today KESQ Northern Exposure m KVEA Lo Mejor de Sevcee 74582 ED KDOC Froozles 979969 ED KLCS Challenge of the Unknown m KRCA Golden Feathers (10:05) A&E The Equalizer CNN CNN Today DSC Home Matters 832018 DISN Groundling Marsh El Mavis "Shadows in the Storm" (1988) (2 hr.l 408921 ESPN Latin Futbol Weekly ESPN2 Fabulous Sports Babe 9935747 FAM Newswatch Today HIST End of the Trail UFE Debt NICK Rupert 108563 SCI-H Mysteries. Magic & Miracles SHOW Movie "Barcelona" (1 hr. 40 mini 64508227 (10:15) TBS Movie "Dangerous Pursuit" (1990) (2 hr.) 8459292 (10:05) TLC Homeworks TNN Wildhorse Saloon TNT Thunder in Paradise USA Movie "The Last Hit" (19931 (2 hr.) 956037 WGN News 10:30 a.m. 60 KTTV The Newhwed Game S3 KWHY Marketwatch News; Health News (10:50) 84) KVCR Creative Living 63 KMEX Dr. Candido Perez EQI KTBN Casey Treat S3 KDOC Southland Today ED KLCS American Frontier; Voices of the PTA (10:45) AMC Movie "Sally and Saint Anne" (1952) (1 hr. 30 min.) 972501 CMAX Movie "Jumping Jacks" (1952)74915037(10:451 DISN Pooh Corner FAM The 700 Club HBO Rosewood: HBO First Look (10:45) UFE Our Home NICK Muppet Babies SCI-H Monsters TLC Lynette Jennings Home 11:00 a.m. D KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV14) 51476 El KNBC News I I KTLA News fl KABCLU KEYT The City (TVPG) 73563 BJ KTTV I Love Lucy IB KCOP Jenny Jones 50308 KWHY Marketwatch News; California Stocks SI KVCR Quilting From the Heartland ED KCET Storytime (Repeat) 35969 123 KMEX Dos Muieres, un Camino 672037 m KMIR Sunset Beach (TV14) 290018 EG) KTBN James Robison (42 KESQ Jeopardy I 09 KVEA Guadalupe 243495 SDKDOCGunsmoke S3 KLCS Kratts' Creatures 59501 OS KRCA Know Your Favorite Artists A&EMcCloud BET Planet Groove CNBC Money Wheel COM Saturday Night Live DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart DISN DuckTales ESPN Sports Rodeo National Finals Spectacular. 298650 ESPN2 Sports Auto Racing ARCA Practice. 8225105 HBO Priestly Sins: Sex and the Church 207308 HIST Air Combat UFE The Main Ingredient MTV MTV Jams NICK Allegra's Window 171259 SCI-H Amazing Stories TLC Dream Living TNNVideoPM TNT How the West Was Won WGN Streets of San Francisco 11:30 a.m. 31 KEYT News 0 KNBC Court TV 7698 H KTLA The Honeymooners II KABC News Dl KTTV I Love Lucy DO KSCI Taiwan News S3 KWHY Marketwatch News 124I KVCR The Cartoon Factory ED KCET Shining Time Station 36698 EG) KTBN Benny Hinn r2 KESQ The City (TVPG) 42560 ED KLCS French in Action BRVO South Bank Show DISN Care Bears FAM FIT TV LIFE Handmade by Design NICK GullahGullah Island 132360 SCI-H Ray Bradbury Theater TLC Great Country Inns TMC Movie "One Foot in Hell" (1960)(1 hr. 30 min.) 805211 AFTERNOON Noon Fl KCBS News O KNBC M KMIR Another World (TV14I29292 H KTLA Hunter II KABC O KEYT 92 KESQ All My Children (TVPG) 69834 D KCAL News Dl KTTV Andy Griffith IB KCOP Montel Williams Con men prey on women. 19476 IE KSCI Mandarin Drama m KWHY Marketwatch News; High-Tech Report (12:20) Wt KVCR Cooking With Ursula ED KCETThe Puzzle Place (Repeat) 67143 G3 KTBN Jack Van Imps ED KDOC Perry Mason ED KLCS Real Science! US KRCA Daily Taiwan News KADY Sal Jessy Raphael (TVPG) 35414 AMC Movie Scarlet Angel" (19521(1 hr. 30 min.) 936308 CNBC Street Signs CNN TalkBack Live 964056 COM Kids in the Hall DSC Start to Finish DISN Dumbo's Circus El Talk Soup 702259 ESPN America's Horse FAM Rescue 911 FSW Sports Boxing Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Cedric Mingo, featherweights. 77105 HBO Movie "Iron Eagle" (1386) (1 nr. 57 min.) 575211 HIST The Real West UFE Martha Stewart Living 856563 MTV Music Videos NICK Little Bear 670105 SCI-H Incredible Hulk SHOW Movie 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" (1989) (2 hr. 6 min.) 92012969 TBS Jonny Quest 1 136969 (12:05) TIC A Wedding Story TNN America's Country Hits TNT Wild. Wild West USA Major Dad WGN Beauty and the Beast 12:30 p.m. B KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV14) 22389 GD KTTV Andy Griffith m KWHY Marketwatch News; Show Biz Report (12:50) Jl KVCR Oceanus: Marine Environment ED KCET Mister Rogers 94785 B3 KMEX Baio un Mismo Rostra 774834 EG) KTBN Dino EH KVEA Cine ED KLCS Newton's Apple IS KRCA Life Style BRVO Movie "The Last Metro" (1 980) (2 hr. 30 min.) 367921 CMAX Movie "Made in America" (1 hr. 50 min.) 520563 COMTraceyUllman DSC Interior Motives DISN Adventures in Wonderland El Coming Attractions ESPN Racehorse Digest UFE Our Home NICK Blue's Clues TBS Flintstones (12:35) TLC A Wedding Story USA Major Oad 1:00 p.m. B KCBS As the World Turns (TV14) 43872 D KNBC M KMIR Days of Our Lives (TVM) 38940 B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael Heroic acts. 83414 B KABC 131 KEYT S3! KESQ One Life to Live (TVPG) 78582 B KCAL Maury Povich Female impersonators make over their mothers. 80940 ID KTTV Beverly Hillbillies-IB KCOP Ricki Lake Friendly flirting. 28124 m KWHY NewsClosing Bell Report 2i KVCR Oceanus: Marine Environment ED KCET Reading Rainbow 40650 EG) KTBN John Hagee , ED KDOC Barnaby Jones j ED KLCS Reading Rainbow 66940 ffl KRCA Fatal Attraction m KAOY Pat Bullard (TVPG) 1 1834 A&ELovejoy BET Rap City CNBC Market Wrap CNN Inside Politics 485124 COM The Daily Show Montel Williams. 3270969 DSC Home Matters 397360 DISN Gummi Bears El Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ESPN Ski World ESPN2 Strongest Man Competition FAM Home and Family 392940 HIST Movie "Wanted: The Sundance Woman" (1 976) (2 hr.) 29582 UFE Designing Women NICK The Busy World of Richard Scarry 847940 SCI-RBionic Woman TBS Flintstones (1:05) TLC Gardening Naturally TMC Movie "Bagdad Cafe" (19871(1 hr. 32 min.) 763495 TNN Dallas TNT Movie "Heaven With a Gun" (19691(2 hr.) 305360 USA USA Live 470292 WGN Beverly Hills, 90210 1:30 p.m. CO KTTV Beverly Hillbillies CD KSCI Tea Time m KWHY Market Wrap-Up; Chart Watch (1:45) 81 KVCR Something Ventured: Small Business Management ED KCET The Magic School Bus 93066 EE) KTBN Marilyn Hickey ED KOCE The Swamp Critters of the Lost Lagoon 537872 ED KLCS The Kidsongs Television Show 84360 AMC Movie "Slightly Scarlet" (19561(1 hr. 45 min.) 6427747 CNNEarlyPrime COM Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist DISN Charlie Brown and Snoopy ESPN Sports Snowboarding American Snowboarding Tour. 784872 UFE Nurses NICK Papa Beaver's Storytime 306018 TBS Brady Bunch (1:35) TLC Hometime USA USA Live 121940 2:00 p.m. B KCBS Gordon Elliott Pornography; guests include Larry Flynt. 40872 O KNBC Sunset Beach (TVM) 35940 B KTLA Blossom U KABC U KEYT I42 KESQ General Hospital (TVM) 82872 B KCAL News 03 KTTV Bobby's World (TVY) 6308 IB KCOP Jenny Jones 32414 DO KSCI Panda TV Drama m KWHY You're on the Line 68698 M KVCR Something Ventured: Small Business Management ED KCET Faces of Culture ED KMEX Pecado de Amor 85834 m KMIR Ricki Lake 589414 EG) KTBN Praise the Lord ED KOCE Newton's Apple S3 KVEA La Hora Lunatica 50414 ED KDOC Cannon ED KLCS Read, Write and Research GH KRCA Fatal Attraction $9 KADY Jerry Springer 251 24 A&E Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer COM Soap DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart DISN Donald's Quack Attack El The Gossip Show 736056 Please see TV LOG, F13 Prime-Time TV Rankings NBC's Truth' Slips While Fox's Promos Pay Off NBC scored a routine prime-time ratings win last week behind the strength of "ER" and "Seinfeld" but watched "The Naked Truth's" ratings cloak unravel a bit, according to results issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. "Naked Truth," the sitcom starring Tea Leoni, ranked in the Top 5 overall but lost nearly a quarter of "Seinfeld's" viewers its worst retention of that audience in three tries. By contrast, all those on-air promos during the Super Bowl appeared to yield dividends for Fox, as its new animated series, "King of the Hill," actually exceeded "The Simpsons'" audience an unprecedented feat for any show scheduled in that slot "Millennium" also unearthed its best rating since early November, while the special "World's Scariest Police Chases" ran down big numbers at 7 p.m. Sunday, doing particularly well in the Los Angeles area. ? Among early scheduling stunts for the February ratings sweeps, Andy Griffith's guest shot as Matlock on CBS' "Diagnosis Murder," starring Dick Van Dyke, produced that show's highest rating in nearly two years. Meanwhile, ABCs "Family Matters" posted a season-low rating Friday the same day it was announced that the long-running comedy will move to CBS next fall. -BRIAN LOWRY National Nielsen Viewership Here ere the rankings for national prime-time network television last week (Jan. 27-Feto. 2) at compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average number of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates that there are 251 million potential U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Viewership Is listed here In millions. Program ftot- 1. ER NBC 33.64 2. Seinfeld NBC 33.50 3. Friends NBC 28.03 4. The Naked Truth NBC 25.71 5. Home Improvement ABC 24.64 6. The Single Guy NBC 24.40 7. TheX-Flles FOX 21.44 8. Touched by an Angel CBS 21.25 9. Amer. Music Awards ABC 19.72 Spin City ABC 19.63 3020 ABC 19.44 KtagoTfMHI FOX 18.93 NYPOBha ABC 18.58 60 Minutes CSS 18.54 Th Drew Carey Show ABC 18.47 3rd Rot From DM Sun NBC 18.39 "TnaOent" NSC 17.90 DatamtiN8C(Twj NBC 17.82 "ScariMtPofceOiMei" FOX 17.74 "FamsyofCopsll" CBS 17.62 TneSmpsoni FOX 17.49 Wakar.TawRanfar CBS 17.06 Rosaarm ABC 16.33 Coaly CBS 15.89 Otagnoals Murder CBS 15.73 OateftwNBCIFfl) NBC 15.48 SaMna,maTeanaeWltcn ABC 15.34 Ufa's Work ABC 15.04 UroolvadMrstarM NBC 14.68 'The Joy Luck Club" NBC 14.50 Osteite NBC CWad.) NBC 14.31 Eton ABC 14.18 '-WMHapcwoyBob.Earrr CBS 14.12 Coach ' ABC 13.97 Frailer NBC 13.88 Touched: fYnnlied Land CBS 13.86 Bov Meets World ABC 13.70 Nash Bridges CBS 13.50 48 Horn CBS 13.58 AFCNFC Fro Bowl ABC 13.52 Canine In vie City NBC 13.51 Famr Matter! ABC 13.45 Mad About You ' NBC 13.29 Gran Under Fn ABC 1325 Queues ABC 13.14 Frasier(Wed.) NBC 12.72 Or. O, Medicine Woman C8S 12.63 EariyEdraon CSS 12.60 FDmeTlmeUve ABC 12.53 Moloney CBS 12.49 ft CBS 12.35 Beverly HWa, 90210 FOX 12.28 Mekoae Place FOX 12.09 "Groundhog Day" ABC 11.96 Millennium FOX 11.98 Cybi CBS 11.93 JAQ CBS 11.91 Chicago Sons NBC 11.65 10. II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. IB. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 4a 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. If vX 1 ProajraM work era 100. In the House (8:30 p.m.) UFN 187 101. Unhap. Ever After (9:30 p.m.) WB 378 102. mttia House UM 3.70 103. Homeboysm Outer Span VPN 3.64 104. The Parent 'Hood WB 3.37 106. 7th Heaven WB 3.21 106. Sparks UPN 3.11 107. Brotherly Love (Sun.) ' WB 3.03 108. The Bun Zona UPN 2.97 109. Goode Behavior UPN 2.75 110. The Jamie Fou Show (Mon.) W8 2.59 112. The Steve Harvey Show (Mon.) WB 2.41 . Dick Van Dyke 59. SometrigSoF)lght NBC 11.62 6a TheNamy CBS 11.58 61. Pretender NBC 11.47 62. HcfflWde: Lrteon the Street NBC 11.46 63. Ajnertca'aVldeoB (7:30 p.m.) ABC 11.33 64. Profiler NBC 11.27 66. Murphy Brown CBS 11.04 66. Coast to Coast CBS 10.92 67. SMers FOX 10.74 68. Men Behaving Barjy NBC 10.73 69. IMng Stage FOX 10.68 70. Martki FOX 10.44 71. Party or" Five " FOX 10.43 72. "SovftUaw" FOX 10.37 73. Coos (8:30 p.m.) FOX 10.35 Dave's Work) CBS 10.35 75. New York Undercover FOX 10.34 76. Everybody Loves Raymond CBS 10.11 77. Chicago Hope CBS 10.05 7a Dstene:N8C(Sun.) NBC 9.85 79. Orleans CBS 9.77 80. MwsRadio NBC 9.59 81. Mghtackjent ABC 9.58 82. Peart CBS 9.51 83. Cops FOX 9.43 84. Arnerto'sFurirfcsiVldeoi ABC 9.26 85. "Who Makes You Laugh?" ABC 9.15 86. America's Most Wanted FOX 8.84 87. Married. . .With Children FOX 7.12 88. NadandStacey FOX 7.11 89. Dark Skies NBC 6.89 90. Star Trek Voyager UPN 6.51 91. "FreejadT ABC 5.42 92. The Jamie Fo Show WB S.2I 93. The Wayans Bros. WB 5.10 94. Moesha UPN 4.80 95. Sister, Sister WB 4.72 96. Sentinel UPN 4.87 97. Nek FrenoAlcensed Teacher WB 4.47 98. Unhappily Ever Alter WB 4.40 99. The Steve Harvey Show WB 4.26 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. LattWeek NBC... 15.84 ABC 14.12 CBS 13.81 FOX 12.16 UPN 4.18 WB 3.74 Season to Date NBC 15.44 ABC 13.94 CBS 13.9! FOX 12.28 UPN 4.51 WB 3.65 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs In the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. 1. Seinfeld 2. ER 3. American Music Awards 4. TheX-Flles 5. Friends 6. The Naked Truth 7. "ScarrestPrJoe Chases" 8. Home Improvement The Simpsons 10. NYPDBkie KNBC 1,181,243 KNBC 1.151,589 KABC 1,013,200 KTTV 963,776 KNBC 958,833 KNBC 914,351 KTTV 835,272 KABC 820,445 KTTV 820,445 KABC 790,790 NEWS Shaw Breathes Life Into Old Standards mum By DON HECKMAN SPECIAL TO THE TIMES HOLLYWOOD-Never judge a book . . . , at least not in the case of jazz singers. Ian Shaw looks a lot more like the kind of gay with whom you'd like to lift a pint or two at the local pub than an English singer who can deliver a first-rate jazz performance. Shaw, who made his LA. debut opening a three-night run at the Hollywood Roosevelt Cinegrill on Monday night, somewhat resembles Van Morrison in both appearance and sound. But Shaw has moved well beyond Morrison's urban jump band blues style. And he has done so in an unusual fashion, incorporating blues and pop references, a wide r;ange that escalates to a pierc ingly high falsetto and solid R&B phrasing into harmonically sophisticated, rhythmically urgent interpretations. Shaw's program had few surprises in its choices. Rich with standards, it included such familiar; items as "I Concentrate on You," . "Until the Real Thing Comes Along," "Dearly Beloved" and "All or Nothing at All." But almost every reading was approached with imagination and insight. The most appealing aspect of Shaw's talent, in fact, is his capacity to exercise his musical ideas without sacrificing either the lyrics or the message of the songs. His rendering of "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most," for example, a tune that has been mercilessly overdone by lounge acts, restored some of its inherent tenderness. And, when he reached the songs's final phrase, a point at which most male singerejredictably follow the melody down to the bottom of their range, Shaw mis- . chievously tossed the line up to the top of his falsetto. Gilbert O'Sulli- ' van's 1972 hit, "Alone Again, Natu- i rally," was done as a slow, almost ; mournful dirge, powerfully captur-' ing the song's dark subtext I Shaw was accompanied, superbly, by pianist Cecilia Coleman's trio, with drummer Willie Jones III and bassist Danton Boiler. Generous with his space, Shaw gave the musicians ample opportunity to solo. The result was a musical interaction before a moderate but enthusiastic crowd that provided the ideal setting for this talented English artist. Ian Shaw at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Cinegrill, 7000 Hollywood Blvd., (213) 466-7000. Tonight at 8, $12. In addition, there is a $10 per . person minimum purchase. Appetizers and desserts available. Continued from Fl producer who has been producing the NBC newscast since last February. But ABC executives say the ratings changes are largely due to NBC's powerhouse ratings for its prime-time lineup, at a time when ABC is declining in prime time. "They've benefited from NBC's prime-time ratings and strong local 'lead-in' programming," said Paul Friedman, ABC News executive vice president "We're always concerned when there's a change in ratings, but the best thing we can do about it is to keep doing the best broadcast that we know how to do." Doss said that NBC began making changes in its newscast a year ago. "We looked at the program in the context of all the news that's' available to people on local news and cable news," he said. "We cover the main news of the day at the beginning of the broadcast But we're trying to focus on news that is vital to people's lives, and information that isn't redundant to what people have already heard earlier in the day." One analyst who studies the content of the network newscasts says NBC is moving away from the traditional turf of the evening news programs. "They have far less foreign coverage than ABC and CBS, and they had the least amount of coverage of the 1996 presidential campaign among CBS, ABC and NBC," said Andrew Tyndall, who publishes a newsletter, the Tyndall Report, that keeps track of network news coverage. "And, while they're de-emphasizing these stories, they're . giving more attention to high-profile crimes. They've had the heaviest coverage of the O.J. Simpson case since it began, and they've had more coverage of the JonBenet Ramsey and Ennis Cosby murders than ABC and CBS." According to Tyndall's count, ABC devoted 631 minutes in 1996 to the presidential election campaign, compared to 679 on CBS and 577 on NBC. In terms of stories filed from overseas bureaus, NBC had 327 minutes in 1996, with ABC logging 577 and CBS 592. To date, NBC has devoted 1,020 minutes to the O.J. Simpson story, versus 693 on ABC and 967 on CBS. The day after Cosby's slaying, "NBC Nightly News" led with the story and followed with an "In, Depth" segment on another family 1 whose daughter had been killed. ; NBC also recently devoted several i minutes to an American Dream 1 segment on Debbie Reynolds' comeback. But NBC News Vice President Bill Wheatley says that such examples are not representative of all of the features on the program. "We do fewer 'in-process' stories out of Washington, but we've done important series on policy such as a series on HMOs," Wheatley said. "There have been a number of high-profile crime stories in the news recently, but I don't think we're being 'tabloid' in our treatment of them." Part of the story of the nightly newscasts is that, while they continue as profitable flagships for their networks, all three "dinner-hour" programs face declining viewership in the face of changed lifestyle habits and a proliferation of alternative news choices. From a heavy viewing year in 1995-96 (including the Simpson case, the presidential campaign and blizzards in the East that kept people home), the season ratings for "Nightly News" are off 1 from the same time last year, "World New Tonight" is down 9 and CBS by 5. CBS has been hurt by the network's weak local station lineup. But some at ABC News believe that "World News Tonight" is losing viewers because it replaced its award-winning "American Agenda" segment with the smaller-focus "Solutions" series. "Solutions," which began last fall, has focused on topics such as programs designed to increase teenage fathers' participation in their children's lives. But after "Solutions" focused on house rebuilding and snoring recently, the TV critic for the Wall Street Journal wrote that ABC was imitating NBC's "soft-core" tendencies. Kathryn Christerisen, executive producer of "World News Tonight," disagreed with such criticisms, saying, "We're news, first and foremost. 'Solutions' is an important segment, but it's one among many." While ABC and NBC duke it out for first place, third-place CBS is trying to make its mark by breaking news and doing investigative pieces. Jeffrey Fager, a former "60 Minutes" producer who began producing "Evening News" last Janu- ary, cites stories on the Unabomber" suspect and the abortion-clinic bombing in Atlanta as examples of where CBS has broken news. Last week the newscast featured an investigative series on a plant containing toxic nerve gas and a report on young street criminals in Peru. "We think it's important to cover the hard news," Fager said. "In many ways, CBS has become the most traditional newscast among the three," Tyndall said. "How that will translate into ratings, of course, remains to be seen." "AEHAKfl seniai" tiffin Tr!r rawarr nmsotMiDT NW llffiCTQinSnuJXHiLTFS Tbnfehft Pwf Betjns Prompt at 81 A byToniStoppard 11 MAWOAPHWKJM mm FEBRUARY 7, II, IS, 18 TRIST7IN JdISOLBG WA6N6R MHtTSnNO, HOCKMET, SCHULER BEHU.JEU1AUM,HCINTYM TKUTI AT IOX OFna OR-nCUTHASTEK (213) 365-3500 meoPERA LIT IT HAPPEN TO YOU PImm net tnrhr curtains: kiO om itvejninR. l? VlivNm.rtnU ParioniwKsB wrtvi &i0asS Mspenlte. 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