The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP Nnm-HPAR-r '. Am™»<,,., ' . "** » •»-* » f K-/ VOLUiUR XXXVI NO. 131 Blylhevillo Courier THE DOMINANT Blj'tlicville Dally News Mississippi Valley U>a<)< ?r NEWSPAPEll OP NORTHEAST; ARKANSAS -'. ,v; '" LE, ARKANSAS, TUJ. AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Chancellor Refuses Injunction To Halt Oil Field Shutdown EI, DORADO, Ark., Aug. 22. (UP)—Chancellor W A. Speer today dismissed for want of equity tlie Lion Oil Tic- lining Company's pclilion for an injunction to prevent the Arkansas Gas and Oil Commission from enforcing its shutdown ior oil fields in this . s (ate Will Be Guest ID fill TV •Of Wilson Lodge! DflILt I ' STUNS WORLD At the same time the cliancellor ordered 14.000 barrels of entile oil produced by the company in viola lion of the order before sta troopers ctased the wells last wee to be Impounded temporarily. Lion Oil Company Attorney Jc Davis announced immediately llin he would appeal the ruling to tl state supreme court. Gasoline Prices Still Rise „ Okln., Aug. 22. (UP)— Gasoline prices at (he refine! were hiked an eighth to a quorte ot a cent loday ns a result of 111 drastic six-state petroleum shut down. Thc price increase had bee forecast because of the tighlnes of the crude and refinery gasolin markets. Higher prices generally for re tail automobile gasoline also ap peared imminent as stocks of crud oil and gasoline declined lo near thc depletion point in the mid continent area. Cuts Oil Allowables LANSING, Mich., Aug. 22.—P. Hoffmaster, state supervisor wells, today reduced the maximum allowable withdrawal of oil from Michigan wells in an attempt to stabilize the crude oil market. The orders, effective at 7 n. m. Wednesday, cut from 200 to 100 barrels per well per day Ihe maximu permissible withdrawal from wells in thc Walker Held, Kent county Columbia field, Van Buren count) and New Salem field in Allegaii county. ... The' minimum withdrawnl-.from ^ihe Reddljig field in Clare county will be, reduced' from 250 to 200 barrels per well per day in a 20- acre drilling unit, and the limit in the Freeman field will be reduced from 125 to 100 barrels per 10-acrc drilling unit. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 22 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close .. 872 878 872 877 ..857 .. 844 .. 835 .. 820 del Dec. Jan Mar. May ,July SC6 865 850 844 830 812 B5C 844 835 820 300 85! 843 844 829 Spots closed nominal at 927, up 8, New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 22 (UP)— Cotton futures rallied under favorable domestic nnd foreign influences today nnd closed with advances ranging up to 55- cents a bale. Senator Miller Asks Agricultural Department To Take Immediate Action SEARCY, Ark.. Aug. 22 (UP)~ today for . ~ £.. Mm «\ D-.' Ark., call- nn immediate announcement from Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace of a Plan to increase the price of cottonseed which he salt! is "disastrously low." "Since the marketing O f cotton and cottonseed is now. well underway," Miller said, "il appears necessary and important that definite action be taken lo bolster cotlonseed prices." He listed three proposals: 1. Diversion of surplus fats and "Is from edible channels lo the imp trade. 2. Purchase of lard for dlslribu-' ion to (he needy. 3. Additional increase In exports if lard under a program to be un- lertakeii :ank. i by the export-import J Unauthorized Use Of Salesman's Car Charged f.-- - "- • . '• -^ -,•/•Jaines Carter, 25,'negro, is being ield at Steele on the charge of irivlng an automobile without the Grand Master Albert Kemp above wi|l visit with Northeast Arkansas' Masons at Wilson tonight. The Carson Lake lodge is entertaining the other lodges of the district Distinguished guests besides the grand master will be Grand Master Undsey B. Phillips of Tennessee mid Grand Master John A. Dantv,- ler of Mississippi. Witness Tells Of Arrangements For Anti-Com- muinsm Convention WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 (UP)_ Henry, D..Allen, a.tormei- member of-the-Silver Shirts, told the Dies' committee today that a German American'bund'official helped ar- iwner's consent and his companion lan = e " au anti-Communist conven- Villie Hill, was returned to Mis- flcn " ln Los Angeles last year. issippi County after having been' IIe said "-was attended by rcp- eleased of this charge but was "senlatives ot groups "fighting ranted here on a charge of assault Jcwisn communism." n a case which occurred several [ Thc c ° mm 'Wee questioned Allen r ecks ago. i in an attempt to show that the Carter is alleged to have taken 1>l " lcl eoa P e rated with other groups car belonging to C. C. Tucker dcscribC( l «s "Fascist," ilytheville salesman, without Mr' Allcn tesllfl e<i that he and Arno 'ueker's consent and to have driven RisEC ' assistant west coast leader to Steele, where officers arrested ° C thc bllntl , "worked like d;gs" ' Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open 882 . 864 . 85B 845 832 815 high 888 875 839 855 840 821 low 881 834 858 845 &12 815 close 887 873 859 im. The case will be pushed in Mis- ciin because there is n: crimina Harge covering such a case in rknnsas, it was stated. The negro obtained localion of le car keys Saturday night from re<l Caldwell, service station op- rafor, who told him to bring the nr lo thc station early Sundav icimiig fcr washing. Instead of -itttng the car Sunday morning. rested him after he is said to'have created a disturbance in thc ne»ro section of Steele. 'Hill, who accompanied Cartel- had been s;ught by officers since „_ U *JJ VillLk. «»2 he is alleged to have struck #30 I woman three a negro Spots closed steady at 892, up 4. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 22 (Tjp)_ The stock market today readied favorably lo the news of the Russian-German non-aggression pact Trading was active A. T. & T. weeks ago in a fight. 1G2 1-2 55 3-4 18 3-8 78 3-8 34 1-4 Anaconda Copper 24 Beth. Steel ... Boeing Air ... Chrysler General Electric General Motors Int. Harvester . 51 I Mont. Ward '.'. .19 3.g! M- Y. centra) .... 13 i- Packard .......'.'.'.'.'. 3 1- i-4 Officers returned him here and he later made bond for his appearance in municipal court. Brooks Hays To Quit Democratic Party Post LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug 22. (UP)—Brooks Hays, Democratic national cotnmitteeman from Arkansas and regional attorney for the Farm Security Administration, plans to resign his party post because of the Hatch law, friends said today. The Hatch law curbs political 44 1-2, activity of federal employes. Radio . ...:.....:: 5 ;:j Schenley 11 TR Simmons '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 213-4 Socony Vacuum '..'.'.] 107-8 ... 39 3-8 ... 3-1 1-2 ... 45 1-4 Slandartl of N. J Texas Corp. Livestock EAST ST. LAUIS, III., Au( , 22 (UP)-Hogs: 10,300 Top, 6.35 170-230 Ibs., 6.15-G.30 140-160 Ibs., 4.65-5.10 ' Bulk s:ws, 4,40-5.40 cattle: 4,000 Steers, 8.65-9.00 Slaughter steers, 6.00-9,75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 800-900 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-9.75 Beef cows, 4.73-5.75 Cutters and low cullers, 3.50-4.50 Masons Will Meet , On Wednesday Night Chickasnwba Lodge, 134, will meet in regular convocation in the Lodge Hall Wednesday night at T:30 o'clock, for work In apprenticeship. Visiting Masons are cordially invited to attend. Neill Reed, Worshipful Master, said today in making thc announcement. Chicago Wheat Sept, Dec. cpen 677-8 675-8 high low close G81-8 665-8 663-4 68 6G3-4 671-8 Chicago Corn to make the convention a. C i Fears' For State's Revenue Afler Court Decision; Assails Opponents LITTLE HOCK, Ark., A\ig 22 rcTundh 8 ' nSt WMl<>S Sll|M ' cme Co " rl "uncertain condition""'in^latc'Vcv" enucs, Governor Bailey has announced n "drastic curtailment' of departmental operating expenses. I nm instructing department heads lo ciirtnll expenses In every nosslblc way dl , D (0 (hc unccrt ,f condition cf revenues In view of the refunding opinion," the eover- nor said. B He made It pinhi lhat his reference was to -Ihe court's ruling that Paul E. Guloiisohn of Port Smith was not a legal memlier of the Senate and to the effect that nil- ing might have on validity of the Nyberg revenue-producing act, which passed the Senate with -a bare majority Including auton- solm's vote, and other acts "If that opinion stands, of course he Nyberg act Is invalidated" Mr ualley asserted. r The Nyberg measure levied n nsutners sales tax- of $3.60 a and a three per Japan Is Isolated By Treaty TOKYO. Aug. Vi. (Ul')-MI!llnry ft»d political leaders, astounded by !n?V! mL ac ' mi "'y "'"I Russia (mended to ncjollale a non-aggression pad. foresaw (he pwslblllly today ot Japan being Isolated In ft hostile world. Immediately upon rcccljil ot tho Berlin and Moscow announcements foreign officials, cnWnct members nml army officers began a series' of urgent conferences. Neutral observers cxprcsmU belief tlmt Japan would be imrilcsl »t or nil the nntlons by n Russia- merman treaty. Puts Foot Down On Them Beer Pnlsch Things' o 3 hilaclelphia Publisher Is Accused Of Further Tax Evasions CHIOAG'O,, Aug. 22. (OP)—'Ilic ederal grand jury today returned second Indictment ugalnst M. L Annenberg, Philadelphia nubllshci charging evasion of Income taxes 'Hie five-count indictment named Minenberg and seven officials of hree of his cor|)cra(lons which con- rol a notlonwklc hrsc race In forum Ion service nnd oilier publications The government charged Aunon- *rg and codcfeiidants with failure o pay a lotal of $137,720 In income I "Just anothor a^mid penalUcs for the years thSSglit tK M \nncnberg Aug. 1] charged ban-el on beer cent sales tax on the wholesale mice of liniior. dedicating the revenues to the state Tuberculosis banatona. (lie University of Arkansas Medical School. Welfare Department and other agencies Mr. Bailey conferred with n dozen department hends yesterday Others 111 visit him Uday. The govern cr said the 'present Ht"hwny Department set-up was indicated on thc theory tlmt there vould be $0,000,000 a .vcnr available •or road construction but that "with 10.:construction money now.-avn!'- able, personnel will have to be- re<. luced and other e.xcehses cut." "Agricultural Extension Service fundsjhave been filsappc-lntine " he continued, "and they ore'likely (o )c further curtailed by the Itnnli- ntions- cf Hie Supreme Court dc- iisicn," ' i •• Welfare \Depnrlment ndmtuMrn- tve expenses, lie said, would have o be sloshed. The governor said he also had pj I c • nt o MO 'mit en notice" that suits named supervisor Ui Game nlzht be filed by "certain bondholders" toon, attacking validity. i^y-jyjy. i „ .. ' •" l "* ivj.vii umi An indictment returned agninst hall^ch"K5,C? ,.° f JIlT" '^ lth mllure to pay Inxcs cud pcn- wlse Buy who n hick town and Poland Remains Firm But Non-Aggression Pact Terrific Blow WARSAW Aug 22. (UP)' BERLIN, Aug. 22. (UP)- -71'olnml will light nggtm . Gattnhty willed un addition-^ won (topic announcement of thousands of resorvfstt totrnv »" impeiKhng Gonnan-Sovlut lor immodifHo serv CD Mvl Irenty, mlormcd Koum>» Haiti liable «ourcc 3 tlcclnred Puolt tlcnl maneuvers In the International poker game." 1'ollllciil quarters added Unit Poland never counlcd 0)1 Russian aid On Iho basis of In lhc event of conflict with Cicr-: obscrvei on as every inch of soil which "donned lo Germany before the World War. 'We merely counlcd on possl- aggression pact between ulo economic nsslslnnco from Sov- and Russia, let Russia, particularly In raw ma-1 .Rlbbentrop left Salzburg late in, torlnls and supplies," an unofficial (lay by alrplaiic for-Berlin enroula lioRcsmaii said. lo MOSCOW. ' It was reported lhat most mem- T1 >e calling up of Iho German b(jrs of Ihe German colony here, reservists swelled the ranks of Oer- imrtlculnrly bankers, were leaving man troops under arms already today mul-tonight for Germany estimated at two million, Thousands were called In I'urllHincnt lo Meet LONDON, Aug. 22 (UP) — The cabinet decided loday to convoke parliament In extraordinary session to hear a statement by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain on he government's policy In view of he startling change in Iho European situation caused by Germany's hall putsch things" | s whftt Pollcc Chief John c. Templcman, above of Webster. Mass., thinks of Frit?, Ktihn, left, below, loader of.,thc pra-Nnv.i German-American' Bund'. .Ktmti. ,\vas .arrested-'ln'- ; \Vcbstet charged wltli' drunkenness and' .Wearing nt an officer, 'with him nt Ihe time was his pal. Count Annslnsi Vonslatsky,' below, right The Coitiit, OTir-styled "fuller of IKussIn, " is the lender of the "All- Russian Fascist Party" with "headquarters" nt his home in Thompson, Conn. It was held at thc German house, bund headquarters, at Los Angeles. The Silver shirts have beeii described ns a "Fascist" organization .in testimony before the committee. Will Inspect Research Experiments At Marianna Thirty-five farm people from North Mississippi County will inspect research work conducted by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture on its Cotton Branch Experiment Station near Marianna Thursday, Aug. 31, when the branch station holds it's annual visiting day, according to D. S. Lantrip, county agricultural agent. During' Ihe morning they will be conducted on a tour of the branch experiment station farm, with stops nt cotton and corn breeding plots, corn and coltoji variety tests, n demonstration on a- three-year crop rotation, pastures, a demonstration on rates nnd methods of fertilizing cotton, and n plot showing the ellecls of winter, legumes. At 11 o'clock, the farm women will attend a special program at which Sybil D. Bates. Extension Special- st iu home industries, and Earl J. Allen, Extension horticulturist, of the college, will present a land- icaplng demonstration. . Speakers will Include Dr. Walter [J. Horlacher. dean and director of Ihe College of Agriculture, Gov. Carl E. Bailey, and T. Roy Reid, regional director of the Farm Security Administration. The branch station will hold It's annual negro visiting day Sept. t. In the morning negro farm men snd women will tour the farm, and n the afternoon they will hear ipeakers including Dean Horlacher, H. E. Thompson, assistant Extension director, and J. C. Carnctt. district agent, supervisor of Negro agents, of thc College of Agriculture, and Bishop W. M. Matthews, president of Southland-Walters Institute. success, i of acts appropriating $200.000 ,111- Broihcrs Halve Hole In One LONDON (UP) _ A wcrld golfing record was created by two brothers E B. Vaughan and c. Vau?han, on their home course at Crichel Park, 43 1-8 land ardent golfers. mially fir relief to bridge Imnrove- mcnt districts ; and $140,000 for farm-to-mnrkct road Improvejiier districts, "My Information is that thc suits • will seek to recover funds whlcl have been paid by the state to the bridge Improvement districts" Mr Bailey added. The payments !o bridge districts started with enactment of legislation at thc 1938 special session. The Williams acl of 1939 made the appropriation fcr road district aid. but no funds have been e.xix-nried under it. Governor Bailey said he had been Informed the suits would contend thc two nets were a violation of the 1034 bond refunding act, having no connection with last week's .Supreme Court decision, which voided (he emergency clause of the refunding act cf the recent special session. "It looks like the opposition Is determined tc attempt to wreck everything- cf a constructive nature that Jins been ' administration,' Wardens For I I Eastern Arkansas^ Counties done during my Mr. Bailey said. Makes Inspection Of Police Transmitter The first Inspection of Blylhe- ville's new police short wave raillo set was made yesterday and today by John G. Preslon Jr., inspector of the federal communication commission of Washington. Station KPBA was found to be in 'good shape" Mr. Preston announced before he left the city. Dunklin County's First Bale Is Ginned Today The first bale of cotton in Dur.k- lln county, Mo., for tlin I939 season was ..picked yesterday at the Treasure Island farm, four miles north of Horncrsvlllc. The McjTrs Bros. Gin nt Hornersville ginned the cotton today. C. L. Moore grew Die Stonei lllc 4-A variety. The new law regarding plugging of guns during- the dove season which opens Sept. 1 will be strictly WHICH opens tjepi. i will be striclly ., . . Russia ha enforced, according to Paul Damon National American LcPlOn' '""'-"Wcs of Blytheville, who has entered r , , , b I Grail Br Russia for a non- treaty. Preparation.'! were mnda for a issloii Thursday. Tho cabinet decided Hlso to adopt severnl new; measures which will show that Great Britain Is'deter- mined to stand firm on her pledge to dcfcii^ Poland against Regression. . Tho measures, It <wns believed, will Include new defense measures, possibly further - mobilization O f army, navy nnd air force reserves. Cabinet, circles Intimated that the general attitude of the Government was to regard the Gcrman- Stivlct negotiations ns merely another incident of "war nerves" nnd to show that Britain Is unmoved and ready to face any further Incidents. The cabinet decided lo ask Russia to clarify her attitude nnd signify whether Moscow still wants to enter a defensive military al"~ '" Clrcnt Britain and Thc cabinet met nfter Hie' announcement ihnl Germany mid Russia had agreed lo ncsollnle u upon his duties ns a deputy stale game warden. He is now stallonet In Mississippi County having beet given' the position of Olio Cummings. who was appointed district supervisor of U Eastern Arkansas counties, Including Mississippi County, Although Mr. Cummlngs Is now hendquartered In Blytheville, the district headquarters will soon be at West Memphis. Mr. Damon will be stationed in this city. Mr. Cum- mlngs, in addttlcn lo his new position as district supervise of lhc stale, is also n federal deputy game warden. The new law for plugging of guns s that all guns used for game birds must be plugged so as lt> hold no more than three shells. The limit or doves Is now 15 daily with the ieason to close NOV. 15. The same law applies to snuir- rels, thc season for which will open Oct. 1 snd continue unlll Jan 1 Under the old law, guns were '»Iy plugged for migratory birds Mr. Dnmoii Is now checking both commercial and pleasure fishermen and hunters, as well as minnow dealers who must now have licenses , t? •' Nudists' Camps Oddly Named LOS ANGELES (OP) — If efforts ..... tll)s bnit Other new laws of special interest to sportsmen of lhls section arc those that catches of ciYtpplc must new be eight inches Instead cf slx Inchos long before they can be kept by fishermen and the limit Is now 25 in one day Instead of the former 40. Commander Urges 'Minding Own Business' MEMPHIS, Aug. 22 (UP)—A plea sslon, ttnl » pncl threatened "ml France with for adequate what would be Ihclr gravest diplomatic defeat since lhc World War. French Call more Troops ')—As the tip tlion- to the ss of Seattle. "ml the lead of Great Britain nnd In- under Berlin and presumably thousands elsewhere The reservists telephoned their employers that.'thcy could not go lo work and hurried off to previously dcslgnatixi barracks, many remarking; •' Jv "If aermany.tand Russia sign a non-aggrcsslon pact tomorrow something will happen-sura Thursday" i Jubilant Nazis sft ld they had slruck a death;.blow'lo British and French hopes ^ or a Russian alii- ' mice; and that' a triumphant victory was now certain In Germany's dispute ''with .Poland. " That the diplomatic triumph was not alone occupying the minds ot • Nav.l-leaders was 'made plain by (he dramnllo nature ot the call for reservists. Many-received notices In -,lhe 7:30,11.111.-mall to report at once; ' Some city and .suburban elevated . and subway, stations-were crowded ' with reservists carrying "small suitcases containing a few civilian, necessities. ' Repented radio announcements of (he news caused discussions In cafes and restaurants of the Immediate prosiwct In Europe and of the fato of the Polish-Russian non- aggression treaty, the. French- Russian Alliance and even Germany's "anil-Comintern" alliance with Japan. Scon nfter the announcement was first made, a little before mldnHit lights Unshed on in the offices of foreign embassies and legations. Diplomatic cars, heedless of speed regulations, dashed though Ihe streets. For Ihe. present, the announcement was seen gencrnlly as obscuring (her•• international .situation nlhcr than clarifying it. But that It wns a victory for Hitler, another of his lightning strokes which have astounded tho world, nobody doubted. Newspapers smashed . the announcement on their first pages" ncncc idwick. strutted | lo Mo? cratlc ideals depends on our making them work at homp T nm nnuly convinced t.,at°'we cann cariy our ideas and ideals to the I .vorld by force." With the European situation :nking a grave turn for the worse Premier staff. Chndwlck said he still hoped that to co »ccntraticn pclnts within strlk- the French ambassador Holding oamincnt until bfficlally v to nsk Russia for an Inspired. ' . i In Tlial part of first pages not taken pact lip with these big-typo displays were devoted to alleged "Inhuman cruel- lies" against the German minority In Poland, Rlbbentrop will take wllh him (o Moscow lomorrow Dr. Frledrlch Gnus, under secretary of foreign affairs; Paul Schmidt, official-in- at Daladier ccnferrcd i General Maurice Ga- of the French genera Rci>orU in I'aris indicated that German troops are being moved thls nation never again would become involved In a European conflict. $17,535,855 Paid To Farmers Of Arkansas WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 (UP)-, ________ _„ The Agricultural Adjustment Ad- the reunion nliitstratlon reported loday (hat! ' ip lo June 30 payments assigned ing distance of Poland if Adolf Killer gives the word to attack. 'Within Week' DANZIG, Aug. 22 (UP)—Danzig will be returned to the Reich before thc end of Ihis week, Nnal quarters predicted tonight. It was thc first time the Nazis have mentioned even a t en 1 alive date for charming county map. .abolish seme, ' will go off the age of present nudist rectlon. Cobb Makes 369 M.P.H. But It Is Unofficial ' BONNEVILLK SAW FI.ATS Utah, Aug. 22. (UP)-^John Cobb roared through the measured mile of the Bonnevlllc speedway at the unprecedented speed of 3G9.23 miles an hour today but failed to get credit for a world record. The failure «- as caused by a false he tried to make a return slatt rules requite that a official ba the over- trips, one iti uach dt- colcnies are known as Fraternity F.lysla, Land of Moo and Shangilla. Cobb completed only cue run la the allcticd.hour's time. X) farmers under the 1038 $500,000,- . 00 agricultural conservation 'pro;ram amounted to $447,130,834. Most of the payments to cooper- itiiig farmers already have been llslribiitcd. Conservation payments by states Included $17,535,855 for Arkansas. Of Rnr n ; n Ul Burning "Wild" Allto Solved PINE BLUFI-', Aug. 22,-Officers lhls niorning that WEATHER car" which apparently was without a driver when It burst into flames and struck the home of oils Smith nt the Atkins lake turn-oil on the Arkansas — cloudy, scattered Tamo pike, Saturday night showers tonight and In east por- Officers said Hammond told them tion Wednesday; warmer in norm- thai he was driving Ihe carYisS cast portion tonight, cooler In west m:dcl sedan, belonging to Mrs portion Wednesday. Allen Scott, when It caught fire Memphis and vicinity - Partly He said lhat he was alone and be-' cloudy and warmer tonight; low- came excited and Jumped frcm the est temperature tonight, TO to 72; car, falling unconscim, into a Wednpsnnv mnctli, nlntix.. n.u\. i~ /m.*u IT- --,* . . .i™ Wednesday mostly cloudy with local showers and not so warm. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 87, minimum 65, clear, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer. ditch. He sntd lie remained In thc for a time and then walked , terpreter, and another Paul Schmidt who Is head of thc foreign office department. Several minor officials will go too. It was reported in well informed German quarters that a. non-og- gresslcn treaty actually would be signed during Ribbentrop's visit to Moscow. Officials would not say how long- negctlatlons for a. non-aggression pact had been proceeding, or where. Negotiations on the political side had been kept so secret that the announcement was an utter surprise to diplomats. Even though thoy had known that Russia and Germany had long been conducting their trade negotiations which ended in agreement announced Sunday night, ••- • How seriously Britain had regarded the situ alien even before the Russian announcement was shown by the disclosure that, • though they gave no voluntary advice, British diplomatic and consular attaches here were advising Britons who asked them, that there was no point In their remaining in Germany unless their business was urgent. Customer Right Again NEWTON, Mass. (UP)—A district court judge decided the customer „,.„„ ,, ». 1 m ™ had Bothered always Is right and convicted Dnig- around the burning car In thc yard gist Joseph Dei^on of assault on oi the Smith home. He said he did Clifford McCauley whom he eject- not know at that time that the cd from his store,for smoking In a auto had struck the house. telephone booth.

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